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,*alto IIv fturttom SMITHFIELD, ABERYSTWYTH. Monthly Sales of LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS, &n. ME. G. T. SMITH begs respectfully to announce that he will hold Monthly Sales of Cattle, Worses, Sheep, Pigs, Agricultural Implements, Carriages, &c., in the Smithfield, Aberystwyth, on the FIRST MONDAY IN EVERT MONTH, at Eleven o'clock at noon. ■ Entries for the SALE ON MONDAY, NOVEMBER 3rd, respectfully requested. To be sent in at least a week previous to Sale, to be included in advertise. m Term a 2i per cent. on amount sold; and a small fixed entry fee for unsold lots, to moet expenses. Settlement on Thursday after sale. SMITHFIELD ABERYSTWYTHT NOVEMBER MONTHLY MARKET. ME G. T. SMITH has been instructed to sell by Auction, at the rislc and expense of Mr T. Bevis, on Monday, November 3rd, at 12 o'clock. Six two-year-old Welsh oxen, Six ditto Welsh Heifers. 35, MARINE TERRACE, ABERYSTWYTH. Extensive Sale of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and other Effects, comprising the appointments of 13 Bedrooms, 2 Drawing and 2 Dining Rooms, House- keeper's Room, Kitchen. Pantries, Scullery, &c., the property of MK DAVID DAVIES, who being about to retire from lodginghouse-keeping, has instructed MR G. T. SMITH to Sell the same by Auction on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, the 28th. 29th, 30th, and 31st, October, 1879, at six o'clock in the evening of each day. Particulars in posters. Ten months' er edit for gums above £ 5 on approved security. PEITHYLL, Near the Bow Street Station on the Cambrian .Railway, and three miles from Aberystwyth. MR G. T. SMITH has been instructed by Colonel Pryse, who is giving up cattle breeding, to sell by auction, on Tuesday, the 4th day of November, 3879. the following very superior and valuable LIVE STOCK: 12 well-bred dairy cows, in milk and in calf. 1 pedigree shorthorn bull, three years old. 6 polled galloway yearling steers. 4 heifers 1 pure-bred shorthorn bull calf. 3 shorthorn heifer calves. 1 „ steer calf. 2 polled galloway steer calves. 5 „ heifer calves. 3 prime fat bullocks. 1 cow. 9 pure-bred young Shropshire down ewes. IQ „ ewe lambs. 1 f ram, 2 years old. 1 four-year-old roan cart horse, of great power. 1 yearling stallion «art colt, by prize horse, Glasgow Laddie," dam by Bobbie Burns," of great promise. 1 hackney mare, Beauty," rising four, by Cleveland." quiet to ride and drive. 9 store pigs of superior breed. 2 sows of black Berkshire breed, with litters of ten and thirteen respectively. A quantity of hurdles. Six months' credit will he given on purchases above £ 5 on approved security. Catalogues may be obtained of the Auctioneer, Aberystwyth. Luncheon at One o'clock, Sale at Twe. WATERLOO HOUSE, 26, MARINE TERRACE, ABERYSTWYTH. Superior HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, comprising feather beds, palliasses, spring beds, wool and flock mattresses, blankets, sheets, counterpanes, and a large variety of all kinds of chamber and table linen; mahogany, polished wood, and iron and brass half-tester and French bedsteads, cupboard ditto; mahogany, oak, and painted chests of drawers, mahogany and painted dressing tables and washing stands, chamberware, looking glusses, towel horses, commodes, linen press, bedside stands, and all other usual bedroom requisites; mahogany dining table with three extra leaves, library, Pembroke, and occasional tables massive mahogany enclosed pedestal sideboard, with large plate-glass back, mahogany and hair chairs, easy ditto, cane and American ditto; suite in walnut and green rep, consisting of lounge, 2 easy and 6 other chairs; gaseliers in ormolu and blue enamel, jardinieres and stands, pictures, pier glasses, fenders, fireirons, coal scuttles, carpets, hearthrugs, mats and matting, floor cloth, hall clock, hall table, massive iron hat and umbrella stand, mangle, kitchen tables and chairs, sofa, knife-cleaning machine, filter, dressers, dish covers, cooking utensils, china and glass, lamps, Wedg- wood ware, dinner, dessert, and tea and coffee ser- vices, Ac., the proporty of Mrs Jones, who is relin- quishing xodging-honae keeping, and has instructed T. SMI1H to Sell the same by Auction, OH WEDNESDAY, November 5th, 1879 and following days, at six o'clock in the evening of each day. Ten months credit on all sums above X5 on ap- proved security. SALES BY AUCTION BY MR JOHN EVANS, AUCTIONEER, GOFYNACH.FAWR, NEW QUAY. 1879. October 28 Nantmeddal, Llanarth-Stock, Crop, Implements, &c., at 12 noon. Tircyducha, Aberayron—Stock, Crop, Implements, &c., at 1 p.m. Kevelfach, near New Inn Gate-Stock, Crop, Implements, &c., at 1 p.m. CRYG-GARN. parish OF LLANBADARN TREFEGLWYS. Important and unreserved sale of Milch Cows, Barren Cattle, Draught and Saddle Horses, Farm- ing Implements, Dairy Utensils, Furniture, &c. MB iSr' P?KrFlTHS has been instructed to Sell A thp 28t>, ^Action, at the above place, on '4'ne9i,^K TM Pr S,of October, 1879, the valuable ^RNnWE, &c MENTS' DAIRY UTENSILS, FURNITURE, &c. Credit on COaditioDs. The Sale to commence at 12 o'clock p.m., precisely. •Auctioneer's Offices Aberayron and Lampeter, DOLDREMENT SALE. TN consequence of the SALE being advertised to take pla he 29th inst., the above Sale is POSTPONED To MONDAY, NOVEMBER 3RD, 1879. Luncheon on the table at 12.30. BRYNLLYS, NEAR NEW QUAY. lftportant sale of horses, spring vans, harness, Agricultural implements, &c. ~TR G. GRIFFITHS has been instructed by Mr "1. Daniel Jones, (who is giving up his occupation ?? stage carrier), to sell by Auction, at the above r'ace, on Monday, October 27th, 1879, valuable ^°rses, vans, and other effects. Credit on Conditions. Sale to commence at Two w, 0l°ck^pjm^ TRADESMEN'S AND OTHER MEMO- RANDUMS. OBSERVER OFFICES, ABERYSTWYTH AND ABERAEBON. tfufclic fcTutiim TO ACCOUNTANTS, &c. THE TOWN COUNCIL of tke Borough of Aber. JL ystwyth will at their next meeting, to be liolden on Tuesday, the 4th November, 1879, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, appoint a person to fill the office of Borough Accountant, which will become vacant by the resignation of Mr David Jones, at the salary of X40 per annum. The duties required to be performed may be ascertained at the Town Clerk's Office. Applications in writing, accompanied by Testimon- ials as to competency and otherwise, to be sent to me on or before Monday, the 3rd November, 1879. Dated 22nd October, 1879. W. H. THOMAS, Town Clerk. BOROUGH OF ABERYSTWYTH APPOINTMENT OF INSPECTOR OF NUISANCES. THE Aberystwyth Urban Sanitary Authority here- by give notice that they will, on Tuesday, the 4th day of November next, at ten o'clock in the fore- noon, proceed to the appointment of an Inspoctor of Nuisances for the Borough of Aberystwyth, at the salary of .£70 per annum. Applicants must be com- petent to carry out the duties of an Inspector of Nuisances as prescribed by the Order of the Local Government Board, dated the 11th day of November, 1872. and the Public Health Acts, and obey all law- ful orders of the Urban Sanitary Authority. The appointment will be made subject to the approval of the Local Government Board, and will be held for the period of three years, or such other term as the Local Government Board may approve. Applications, with testimonials and qualifications, to be delivered at my office not later than Monday, the 3rd day of November next. Dated this 21st day of October, 1879. W. H. THOMAS, Town Clerk. BOROUGH OF ABERYSTWYTH. APPOINTMENT OF MEDICAL OFFICER OF HEALTH. THE Aberystwyth Urban Sanitary Auihority here- by give notice that they will, at their meeting to be held on Tuesday, the 4th day of November next, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, proceed to the appoint- ment of a medical officer of health for the borough of Aberystwyth. The salary is .£50 per annum. Candidates must be duly qualified medical practi. tioners, registered under the Medical Acts, and be prepared to enter upon the duties forthwith. The appointment will be made subject to the ap- proval of the Local Government Board, and will be held from year to year, determinable at any time by either party giving, with the approval "of the said Board previously, one month's notice thereof. Applications, with testimonials and qualifications, to be delivered at my office not later than Monday, the 3rd day of November next. Dated this 21st day of October,!1879. W. H. THOMAS, Town Clerk. In the matter of the Companies Act, 1862, and of the I Towyn Pier Company Limited. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a. Petition -Ll for the Winding-up of the above Company by the Chancery Division of Her Majesty's High Court of Justice was on the 20th day of October, 1879, presented to the Lord Chancellor by Charles Elliott, of No 7, Abermarle-street, in the county of Middlesex. land agent, a creditor of th« said Company, and that the said Petition is directed to be heard before the Vice-Chancellor Sir Charles Hal], on the 7th day ef November, 1879, and any creditor or contributory of the said company desirous to oppose the making of an order for the winding up of the said company under the aboveAc)- should appear at the time of hear- ing, by himself or his counsel, for that purpose, and a copy of the Petition will be furnished to any creditor or contributory of the said Company requiring the same by the undersigned on payment of the regulated charge for the same. A. R. STEELE, 21, College Hill, London, Solioitor for the petitioner. IJENKIN JONES, of Llanrhystid, hereby give 9 notice that I thall not be answerable for fny debt or debts which my wife, ELIZA JONES, may contract in my name after this date. Signod-JENKIN JONES. Witness-EVAN DA VIES. October 22nd, 1879. ONE POUND REWARD. STOLEN or Strayed from Dinas Mawddwy, on 1 Wednesday, October 15th, Two White Bull Terrier BITCHES. The above reward will be paid to any person giving snch information as shall lead to their recovery.—Apply to Mr Weir, Plas, Diuas Mawddwy. Mawddwy. MONEY WANTED. THE Aberystwyth Public Baths Company require to borrow the sum of £ 1000 on security of the New Baths and other buildings erected by them in Newfoundland-street. Applications from persons I willing to advance the amount, stating' rate of interest required, to be sent at once to DAVID JONES, Secretary, 19, Baker-street. GOSEN CHAPEL, RHYDYFELIN. AN ENTERTAINMENT will be held at the above chapel, on Tuesday, the 11th of Novem- ber, 1879, when a CDMPETITIONin Reading, Sing- ing, and Recitation will take place, and Prizes awarded to the successful Competitors. The chair will ke taken by H. S. Richardes, Esq., Bryneithyn. Admission—Front seats, Is.; Second seats, 6d. Doors open at 6.30, to commence at 7. The proceeds to go towards liquidating the debt on the chapel. JOHN MORGAN, STEAM PRINTER, OBSERVER OFFICE, 1, NORTH PARADE, ABERYSTWYTH. SALE BILLS. PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE. CATALOGUES. &c., &c. FIVE PER CENT. INTEREST, And the SECURITY OF MORTGAGES OF REAL ESTATE, Bis <nven by PISTOL AND B CLIFTON PERMANENT BUILDING SOCIETY Which (Established 1864, Incorporated 18/4), „ <o the Parliamentary Returns, 18-7," ho d9 as puaianiee a amount ot'nrofit aiidreserve in proportion TTUCKOTHER SOCIETY OF IVtilJS Irs AGE IV TH P KTVfJ I)OM (see Parliamentary Return aud P^pb^V^Bri^ol B Societies »). exceeds £ 100), repayable in 5 to 51 ye,r atrate» lo„er th*n in most other societies, and covering all chal e. Ths Bonus Return to Borrowers has been regmarty in the pound of the interest coargea. J Last Annual Report and Balance Sheet on application. J" {J- lOW, Chairman. «• W. LUCAS. Deputy-Chairman. .A «-« 4 SHERWOOD SMITH, Secretary. Offices, No. 80, Clare-steeet, Brutol. Agent at ABEMSXWTXH—Mr, 2, aLLIS, Auctioneer, c'lrrticm ¡¡'¡¡llIrtøtøø. I MUNICIPAL ELECTION, 1879. TO THE BURGESSES Of the Town and Liberties of ABERYSTWYTH. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, At the solicitation of numerous and influential Burgesses, I have consented to offer myself for one of the vacant seats in the Town Council. For thirteen years I have been a. heavy ratepayer of the Borough, and am deeply interested in the prosperity of the town, especially as a Watering. place, and, whether honoured with election or not, I shall at all times further, so far as in my power lies, the prosperity of the town as a first-class summer resort. I If elected it shall be my earnest desire to keep down the rates as much as possible, compatible with the carrying out of necessary improvements. Our town is in excellent condition as regards the state of the streets, the footpaths being in splendid order; the drainage is perfect, according to sanitary and engineering requirements; and the public lighting is on the whole satisfactory. The Public Libraryia a highly beneficial institution, and deserves more extended support. I would ad- vocate free admission to the Reading Room as well as the Library. In the Shipping interest, I would advocate the maintenance of the Harbour in a state of safety. Speaking generally, I will devote attention to the welfare of the Commercial, Mining and Agricultural communities. If yon honour me with your votes and confidence, it will be my earnest endeavour to promote your welfare. I remain, Ladi. s and Gentlemen, Your obedient Servant, Terrace-road, Abervstwyth, THOMAS GARNER. October 13th, 1879. TO THE MUNICIPAL ELECTORS OF THE TOINN, BOROUGH. AND LIBERTIES OF ABERYSTWYTH. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, At the request of numerous ratepayers, I beg respectfully to offer myself as a candidate, at the forthcoming Municipal election, lor one of the vacant seats in the Council. Should you confer the favour of electing me as one of your Representatives, I shall, to the utmost of my ability, being wholly unfettered by any particular party or section, be able to represent you as an independent member. I hope to have the pleasure of waiting upon you before the election, yehen I shall be prepared to ex- press my views upon any question which is likely to be a subject for consideration by the Council in your interest. I have the honour to be, LADIES AND GENTEEMEN, Your obedient Servant, EDWARD HAMER. 2, Queen's Terrace, Aberystwyth, October 13, 1879. TO THE BURGESSES OF THE TOWN AND LIBERTIES OF ARERYSTWYTH. LADIKS AND GUNTLJCMKN, In consequence of my Father, Mr. Thomas Jones, having resigned his peat at the Council Board of the Borough of Aberystwyth, after a service of fifty.nine years, I have been induced by the request of numer- ous Rate-payers and Friends to present myself as a Candidate for the vacancy occasioned by his retire. ment. If the Burgesses think right to elect me, I pledge myself, to tke best of my ability, to promote the interests of the Rate-payers irrespective of any party considerations whatever. Hoping soon to have the pleasure of waiting upon you, and of personally soliciting your vote a. and sup port. lam LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, Yours faithfully, EDWARD JOHN JONES. 9, Queen's Terrace, Aberystwyth, October 16th. 1879. ( MUNICIPAL ELECTION, 1879. TO THE ELECTORS Of the BOROUGH OF ABERYSTWYTH. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, The term for which I was elected is about to ex- pire and I appeal to you for re-election. During the period I have had the honour of being your Representative I have diligently and faithfully endeavoured to serve your interests by close and con- stant attention to all Public Works, including Drain, age, Paving, Lighting. Ac. I have also supported every effort to bring to the Town a plentiful supply of the purest Water by gravitation, and have been in in favour of the erection of a Steam Flour Mill, Brick and other Works, in order to afford employment to Artizans and Working Men now idle in this Town for want of work. I have done my utmost to reduce the Rates, more particularly by lowering the rate of Interest paid en money borrowed by the Town. When I first obtained a seat in the Council, six years ago, the Town paid 5 per cent. Interest. Soon afterwards it was reduced to 4.} per cent., thereby lowering the Rates a.bout .£180 2 yearly, or a reduction equal to a two-penny Rate. Last year after considerable efforts, in which I took a leading part, the rate of Interest was further re- duced to 4 per cent., or a further saving of about .£180 yearly, equal to a Rate of two-pence in the pound. Between the two reductions in Interest, a sum of £ 370 has been saved to the Ratepayers annually, which is equal to a Rate of over foarpence in the pound every year. I have in addittion paid great attention to the Shipping Trade, &c., and the wants of the Harbour. I have been instrumental in diverting the carriage of a considerable quantity of Ore from the Railways, and in having it shipped at this Fort, thereby benefiting the Shipping interest and adding to the Harbour Revenue, which is steadily increasing. I now respectfully solicit a renewal of your confi- dence and support for the third time. If elected I shall to the utmost of my ability persevere in pro- moting the advancement and interests of the Town in every possible way. I am, your obedient Servant. JOHN JONES. Bridge End, Aberystwyth, October 16th, 1879. TO THE ELECTORS OF THE BOROUGH AND LIBERTIES OF ABER- YSTWYTH. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, In accordance with my promise, and compliance with the wishes of numerous friends, I again offer myself for one of the vacancies at the Council Board, and in doing so I have no new policy to deolare, and if elected shall strenuously oppose all needless expenditure of the Public Money, and use every legitimate means to reduco the present excessive Taxation, consistent with and in view of actual required improvements carried out at the same time. As heretofore I shall always be ready to explain my views as far as I am able, when called upon so to do. I am, Ladies and Gentlemen, Your obedient Servant. GEORGE GREEN. Aberjatwjth, Ocwber litt, 1879, Uufiltc jautirra. CARDIGANSHIRE COUNTY ACCOUNT. ABSTRACT of RECEIPTS and EXPENDITURE, JULY to SEPTEMBER, 1879. COUNTY STOCK, COUNTY STOCK. RECEIPTS. • EXPENDITURE. £ s. d. £ s. d.. £ 8. d. £ 8 s. d. £ s. d. To balance in the By Salaries 12118 0 Treasurer s hands. 1/7 1 o Bridges 106 10 1 To County rates ro- Lock-np Houses 8 15 3 ceived *-l lo Reformatories 0 19 G To Fees received from Magistrates' Clerks 153 0 0 Justice s Clerks 122 8 5 Coroners 31 11 0 To Fines received from Lunatics 32 19 8 Ditto 20 12 4 Printing and Ad- To Amount received vertising 28 6 0 from Her Majesty s Public Analyst 1 5 0 Paymaster General Miscellaneous 73 8 9 for Criminal Prose- Prosecutions 43 10 7 cution Expenses for Lunatic Asylum 244 16 8 the half-year ended Prisons 1304 0 10 31st December, 1878 42 2 10 rrisons g g To amount received from the Public Works Loan Com- missioners, being the amount of the Loan advanced by them, less interest .1251- 0 0 To amount received from the Clerk of Peace, for Registers of Voters 1 10 0 To amount reeeived from Major C. Bss- sett Lewis, Chief Constable, for Ped- lars' Certificates 6 17 0 To Ditto, for Rent 1 By Ba] in the of Lock-up Houses. 3 18 0 band ef the Trea- 4 r sarer 198 17 0 5 ° 2350 5 5 POLICE RATES. POLICE RATES. To Balance in the By Major C. Bassett hands of the Trea- Lewis, as per Re- surer 904 7 5 quisitions Nos. 1, To Police Fees re- 2, and 3 1011 9 2 ceived from Justices' 1011 9 2 Clerks 33 8 2 ion 9 2 33 8 2 To Balance against the County 73 13 7 1011 9 2 £ 3361 14 7 X3361 14 7 Aberayron, October, 1879.—We have this day examined the above account with the Vouchers, and have found same correct. CHARLES MARSHALL GRIFFITH, Chairman, GEO. B. J. JORDAN, J. B. HOWELL, L. P. PUGH, HERBERT VAUGHAN, G. H. N. EVANS. F. R. ROBERTS, Clerk of the Peace. ARTHUR J. HUGHES, Treasurer. lttlígtoUØ ST. MICHAEL'S PARISH CHURCH ABERYSTWYTH. ORDER OF SERVICES. SUNDAY:- Full Service and ^Sermon at 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. Holy Communion on the 1st Sunday in the month, at 11 a.m. „ „ 3rd at 8.30 a.m. WEEK DAYS :— Morning Prayer on Wednesday and Friday, and on Saints' Days and Holy-days, at 11 a.m. Holy Communion, according to notice. I Evening Prayer and Sermon, Wednesday, at 7 p.m. HnIN BOOK—"Church Hymns," (S.P.C.K.) ST. MARY'S (WELSH) CHURCH, Leading out of Bridge Street). SUNDAY Welsh Service and Sermon at 9.30 a.m. and 6 p.m. Holy Communion on the last Sunday in the month at 9.30 a.m. or 6 p.m., according to notice. WEEK DAYS: — Evening Prayer and and Sermon on Thursday, at 7 p.m. Communicants' Meeting every Tuesday, at 7 p.m. OFFERTORY AFTER ALL THE SUNDAY SERVICES. SUNBAY SCHOOLS :— At the Boys' National Schools, at 2.30 p.m.-English. Girls' ditto ditto at 2.30 p.m.—Welsh. Ysgoldy at 2.30 p.m.—Mixed. Penyparke National School at2.30p.m.—Mixed. (Service and Sermon at 3.30 p.m.) Rev. Canon PHILLIPS, M.A., Vicar. Mr T^pprras^8,} Churchwardens. LLANBADARN FAWR. A SPECIAL MORNING PRAYER AND SERMON, IN ENGLISH, Will be held in the Nave of the above Church, EVERY SUNDAY, At 11.30 a.m. during the Summer Months, com- mencing on the Second Sunday in May, and ending the last Sunday in October. HYMNS ANCIENT AND MODERN (Old Edition). Offertory towards the Restoration Fund. WHITE STAR LINE ROYAL AND UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMKRS. NOTICE.—The Steamer. of this Line lake the Lane Routes recommended by ■fflilitWlrfBanb*' by Lieut. Maury on both the Outward and Homeward Passages. LIVERPOOL TO SF,W YORK Forwarding Passengers to all parts of th. United States and Canada. Thfsp well known mngniflreot Steamers are appointed to sail weekly as under, carrying Her Majesty's and the United State* Mails. FROM LIVERPOOL. Adriatic Tuesday, 28th October. em a Oemanic Thursday, 61h November. Baltic Tuesday, nth November. Celtic Thursday, 20th November Britannic Thursday, 271h November. FROM NEW YORK. Germanic .<t Saturday, ISth October. Baltic yj Thursday, 28rd October. These eplendid Vessels reduce \he passage, to the shortest possible time, and afford to Passengers the highest degree or comfort hitherto attainable at cea. Average passage 8i days in Summer, 91 days in Winter. Each Vessel is constructed in seven water-tight compartments. The Saloon, Ladies' Boudoir, State Rooms, and Smoking Keorns are amidships, and are luxuriously furnished and titted with all modern conveniences: pianos, libraries, electric bells, bath-rooms, barber's shop, ic. Saloon Passage, 15 ]* and 21 guineas; Return Ti,],,t, reduced rates. The Steerage accommodation is of the <ery highest charac- ter, the rooms are unusually spacious, well lighted ventilated, and warmed, and passengeis of this class will rtnd their comfort carefully studied, and the provisioning unsurpassed. Stewardesses in Steerage 'o attend the Women and Children. Drafts issued on New York free of charge. Drafts issued on New York free of charge. For Freight or Passage apply to ?'ni\ l, Kailway Terrace, Aberystwyth. J HOMAS CORBETT, Tailor and Draper, Llanidloes. ISMAY, IMRIE, AND Co., 10, Water-street, Liverpool, And 34, Leadenhall-strcet, LONDON. E.C. JOHN EDWARDS, BUTCH MR, MARY STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. Families supplied with the best quality of Butche Meat on the most moderate terms. rMKLBD AND DRIBD NEAT'S TONQUK3 ALWAYS In STOCK. THE NATIONAL BOOT & SHOE WAREHOUSE, 29, GREAT DARKGATE ST., ABERYSTWYTH.! Stead, Simpson & Nephews, LEICESTER, LEEDS, NORTHAMPTON, &c., The Largest Manufacturers of Boots & Shoes iu the World; ALSO TANNERS, CURRIERS, AND LEATHER MANUFACTURERS. SINGLE PAIRS OF BOOTS AT MANUFACTURERS' PRICES. All Goods Marked in Plain Figures. EVERY PAIR GUARANTEED BEST WORKMANSHIP. The Largest Stock of Boots 8c Shoes in Aberystwyth. Purchase direct from the Manufacturers, and thereby save intermediate Profits. REPAIRS BY EFFICIENT WORKMEN. MESSRS. STV,AD, SIMPSON & NEPHEWS 40- would call special attention to the NEW and SPLENDID ASSORTMENT OF GOODS which they have jnet, received from their various Manufactories, suitable for AUTUMN and WINTER Wear. TERMS — CASH ONLY. STEAD, SIMPSON & NEPHEWS, 29, GREAT DARKGATE STREET, ABKRYSTWYTH. "THE GEM" COOKING STOVE. THE BEST^ STOVE GENERAL USE. Will Sarc its Cost in a few months in the extra- ordinary small con- ■UBBI sumption of fuel. MADE IN ALL SIZES. PRICE LISTS, with ILLUSTRATIONS, TESTI. MONIALS, and full Particulars, post free. These Stoves require no brickwork, can be fixed anywhere, and will bake in the open air. They cure smoky chimneys, are adapted for coal, coke, or wood, and are perfectly portable. W. MATTHEWS, ST. NICHOLAS STREET, HEREFORD, ¡ Gunman. Hill House College, HAVERFORDWEST.' THE attention of Parents a»d Guardians ia earnestly directed to the above College for YOUNG LADIES, which has been established f«c more than sixty years, and is stili cendrct-ed 'a m thoroughlv eifieient manner. Modern lmproTemeiita are adopted and appreciated by the Principals, who have resided tor many years on the Continent,ana am accomplished linguists. Good principles are care- fully instilled into the minuls oi the pupils, who^s»- ceive a really cultivated education, capable of fitting them for any sDhere of life. Hill House College is situated in a. most ho-JMy neighbourhood, a ven miles from the sea, and ii ac- commodates fifty b orders it has extensive grcaada to the back. The climate being mild is well adiptsd for delicate girls. An annual Concert is held for the encouragement of mnsic. References on application to Principal. ARDWYN SCHOOL, ABERYSTWYTH. Head Master-The Rev LLEWELYN EDWARDS, M.A., of Lincoln College, Oxford, and Graduate in Classical Honours. Second Master—J. F. TYE, Esq. Mr Tye has re- cently passed the First Examination for the H.A. Degree in the University of London. TVird Mast, r—L. PROSSER, Esq., C.M., M.R.C.P. Fourth Master—T. JONES, Esq., A.A. For Boarders from 40 to 45 guineas per annna, Day Scholars. 6 to 8 „ The Ardwvn School Scholarship of X20 to be competed for at the next exaiuiratiun of tte University College of Wales. Also a X5 scholarship tor the best boy who enters. ABERYSTWYTH GRAMMAR SCHOOL* FOUNDED IN 1812. If VERY Boy in this School is examined oac* J a year by examiners not connected with tb« teaching staff. Six Exhibitions of k5 each are awarded yearly. Three of these will be competed for at the Schoolroow on Friday, the 8th day of August. GWBLL DYSG NA GOLUD." LADIES' COLLEGIATE SCHOOL, L ABERYSTWYTH. Principal, MRS. E. MAKIK JONES(F.C. Coll.,Glasgow). Pupils are prepared for the Local, the CiTi) Service, and ths Training Colleges Preliminary Examinations. History, Geography, and Literature Mrs. Jones. Arithmetic, English Grammar, and Analysis, by Rev. E. P. Jones, M.A. Latin, Bible History, and Domestic Econowy —Mrs. E. Marie Jones. French, Italian, and Calisthenics — SigaoriD Charubeaud. Geology, Botnny, and Astronomy—Mrs. Jones. 1\1 usic- Miss Turner and Signorina Chambeand. Drawing, Painting. Book-keeping — Mrs. Jones. Elocution-Mrs E. M. Jones (late pupil of Harcourt Beatty, Professor of Elocution at Glasgow Uni- versity). A TRAINING CLASS FOR GOVERNESSES. CAERLEON HOUSE, ABERYSTWYTH. SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES. PBINCIPAL.—MISS TRUBSHAW, Assisted by Masters, and R. sident Foreign and English Governesses. Pupils prepared for the Oxford and Cambridge Local examinations. For Terms, Ac., apply to the Principal. MUSIC AND THE FRENCH LAN- GUAGE. (ACQUIRED IN PARIS). PUPILS received by MISS EVANS, 9, Pier Street Aberystwyth—Terms on applicatioa. PIANOFORTE LESSONS. TJ. CASHMORE gives PRIVATE LESSONS • on the PIANO and HARMONIUM. Terms on application at I 34, BRIDGE STREET. 11, LAURA PLACE. I ESTABLISHMENT FOR YOUNG LADIES, I Conducted by Mrs. HAUPTMAUN & Miss MORRIS, who have had much experience in Tuition- T he aim is tu impart a solid and useful education, combined with the usual accomplishments. Particulars on application. BRYNARVOR HALL, TOWYN. PRINCIPAL .— MTf. EDWIN JONES, M.R.C.P., Assisted by qualified RESIDENT MASTERS for Classics, English, Mathematics, Modern Languages. Mnsic, &e. BRYNARVOR HALL, commodious and well-fitted, B has been specially erected for the accommoda- tion and tuition of boarders. It is beautifully situated in an eminently healthy locality, with extensive play, groonds, cricket field, and gardens attached, alto, gether making the finest and most desirable school premises in the Principality. Pupils are prepared for the various examination* connected with the universities and colleges, for the learned professions, bankiagand commercial pursuits. Classes are held in connection with the Science and Art Department, the examinations being held in May in each year. The school year consists of Three terms. For Terms, Ac., apply to the Principal. THE ABERYSTWYTH COMMERCIAL & GRAMMAR SCHOOL. CONDUCTED BY MR. THOMAS OWEN, C.M., (In honours of the London University, and late Scholar of the University College of Wales). PUPILSpreparerl for Commercial pursuits, for the P Civil Service, for the learned Professions,^ for the Universities, and for the various Training and Theoloarioal Colleges. Speciil atttntion paid to English and Commerce t Training, at moderate charges. Terms,.on application, 16, Queen-street, Aberystwyth. BRIGHTON HOUSE, ABERYSTWYTH. PREPARATORY SCHOOL FOR YOUNG BOYS; LADY-PRINCIPAL-MUS. II. N. GRIMLEY. Assisted by resident Masters and Governesses. npHE Third Term for 1879 commenced on Tuesday, JL September 23rd. Pupils received at any time. Prospectuses oil application. -_c- LAMPETER GRAMMAR SCHOOL. (Founded 1805.) Head Master—MR THOMAS H. WILLIAMS, B.A. (C'xon), Latt Scholar wt Jesus College and Second Class Honours Moderations. THE aim ot the education given at this school will be such us to prepare yownjf men foe Matriculation at the Lniversities and Lampeter College also boys for the Oxford Local an4 Preliminary Examinations. Terms-6 guineas a year. 2 guine.-is a term. For further information apply to the Head Mastef EYANS, PASTRY COOK, 8 CONFECTIONER, I MARKET ST. MARKET ST. Dinners, Teas A Coffee Pastry and Confectionery "at any hour. of every description. Wedding Breakfasts, Public and Private Dinnof .fartiw gupplied in the beat ityle.