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Rhestrau Manwl, Canlyniadau a Chanllawiau

MACHYNLLEl-l. I NATIONAL SHEEP DOG TRIALS. On Thursday the National Sheep Dog Trials took place on the Common, Machyntlleth, under most depressing atmospheric influence., the rain failing in a most steady *ni per.wt.nt driztle all through the day. The first trials were run under ▼ery great difficult e«, owing to a .heavy mist which «nshr«nded the hill on which the sheep were penned and the adi*«*enc Llynlleodd wood,. Notwithstand- ingthi. ho^«r, a large number of spectator •ing thi*, wjtnes8 the sports. Amongst them assemble Nobie the Marquess of London- we notice^ Marchioness of Londonderry, Lord TXU Vane-Tempest, Lady Alexandrine Vane- Herbert Vane i^P sh. wmiam Williams, Peugwern, Flintshire Sir Charles Frederic, Welshpool Mr J. B. Emmerwa, «a„haa Harbone Mr Newton Apperley, lUinton, Durham (vi»itors at the Plas); Colonel Pryse, Peitbyll'; Mr Sackville Phelps, Newlands, Mach- ynlleth Mr Vaugban Davies, Tanybwlch Mr R XJillart, Mrs Gillart, Miss Gillart, Mr James Oillart, B A., Mr Duid Gillart, Mr R. Gillart,jun., Llynlleodd, Machynlleth and the following guests at the house, Mr Robert Jones, North and Soith Wales Bank, Newtown Mr W. Woosnam, Broad- street, Newtown Mr John Jones, Eyton Allerbury, Shrewsbury &«., &c. The followihg composed the executive Chairman of the committee, The Marquess of Londonderry, K.P. commit ee Messrs O. S. Wynne, Rliu;»t>on David Howell, .Dolguog H. Lloyd Jones, Maohynllet Wiggin. Garthgwynion, William Pug e, J y C. R. Ki-ynon, Brynllwydwyn J- Hu«h°s J,on*s> Aberdorey John Evans, Lion Hotel, Sackville ie,,t-Col. Strousber-, Nlach- Phelps, NelVlands; Lleut-Col. Strousberg, Mach- Tntleth • Edward Jeffreys, Glandovey; Richard Gillart Llynlloedd D. Gilbertson, Cemarth G. W Griffiths, Mount Pleasant Dr Davies, Macbyntleth David Jones, Garthgwynion Judges: Messrs Thomas Ellis, Henblas, Bala Edward Vaughan,Raf,,d"Llatierfit Griffith Jones, Gefn- gwyddgrug, Wm. Owen, Mathafarn Field Stewards Lord Henry Vane-Tempest Lord Herbert Vane-Tempest Mr Richard Jones, M »ch- yelleth Managers: Messrs Joseph M. Howell; Edward' Morgan, Machynlleth James Gillart, Llynlleodd; Joseph Evans, Fronygog; G. W, -Griffiths M iunt Pleasant D. Gillart, Llynlleodd R. Gillart, jun., Llynlleodd PeR Stewards: Messrs John Morgan, Rhiwlwyfen & Rowland Thomas, Mat-sypatidy; Thomas Thomas, Farm Bailiff, Plas Machyntleth. Through his regimental duties, Lord Henry Vane- Tempest, who has always taken an active interest in the sports, was absent, much to the regret of all concerned. THE SPECIAL LOCAL STAKES.-For all agod dogs or bitches. Entrance fee 10s. each. First prize £ 5, and a cup value .85, presented by the Marchioness of Londonderry; second prize, .£3; ¡ third prize, Y.1 10s; fourth prize Xl. Fourteen -entries. IMott-bia(-Ii and tan dog, 19 months, John Pugh, Aanty- fyda, Penezoes. 2 Cvmi-o—grev and white dog, 18 montht, Richard Jones, Tvddynyliei-llan, Towyn. 3 Tie—brown bitch, 7 years, Hugh Thomas, Dolgae, Machyn- lleth. 4 Handy grey and white bitch, 6 years, Lewis llichards, Cefllcynhafal, Towyn. 5 Jolly—black and tan dog, 1 years, William Howell, Nant- gwennill, Machynlleth. 6 Scott—brown dog, 17 months, Hugh Thomas, Dolgae, Mach- ynlleth. 7 Black-black and tan dog, 2 years, Robert Lvans, Maen- gwyn-street, Machvnlleth, price £7 7s. 8 Fanny—black and tan bitch, 21 months, Morgan Jones, BwlehhyddgeH, price £ 10. Q Fly-hlltck and tan bitch, 3! years, Richard Jones, iyddyn- yberllan, Towyn. 10 Hafreu— red bitch, 0 years, Lumley Thomas, Esgairfochnait t' Machynlleth. 11 Bonny-black and tan bitch, 4 years, John Williams, Bryn- IIwyn, Darowen. 12 Scott-hlack dog, 8 years, Humphrey Hughes, Huestyrhos. J3 Driver black dog, 22 months, Richard Owen, Hafodty, Driinlbvvrtion. 14 Carle—black and tan dog, 2 years 0 months. Evan Jones, Bugeilyn, Penegoes. I-Mott started well up the hill and brought the .heep down capitaley; and after several attempts penned them in ten minutes.. 2—Cymro had a like star:, quickly discovered her me, brought them down the hill in a very good style, and penned in five minutes. 3-Tie soon found his sheep and brought them up to the pen where he housed them at the first attempt in six minutes. 4-Handy went straight after the sheep to the top of the hill. When n« udy at the foot of the hill the sheep separated, but Handy, wth a decent piece of manaeavring, got them together again and brought them on to the flit, where she lost one of her animals and at the same time her chance of the first prize. 5-Jolly went direct up the hill, quickly found his sheep and brought them down the hill on to the plain without a single hitch. At the pen his actions were truly wonderful, and in four and three quarter minutes he had them in the pen without once barking, an important mistake mado by his predecessors. 6-Scott soon betrayed by his barking that he had spied what he wanted, but on beiug seen it was found that he had them over the hill where he lost the prize and the sheep together. 7—Black after a short action started up the hill and ispotted his prey which he scattered, and drove only one down, thus disqualifying himself at once. Some amusement was caused by the sheep driving the dog on the plain to the discomfiture of poor Black, who slunk off. 8.-Fanny started off very cautiously for the hill where she found her sheep and brought them down the hill with a deal of chevying, when she sent them adrift and all the shepherd's frantic cries of Fanny .come here failed to acomplish his hopes which were dashed to the ground. 9-Fly made a very quiet start up the hill and found the sheep, which she quickly brought to the pen. Here she set up barking and frightened the sheep who refused to be penned until seven minutes ha.d elapsed. 10-Hafron (the red) was ready to start at the word of command from her master and went well for for the sheep, which she brought down the hill by a Tery cirouitoas route very rapidly, but spoilt her work with incessant barking. For some time the sheep went round and round the pen the dog ultim- ately only getting two in before time was called. Bonny quietly started up the hill and found the sheep which she brought down to the pen in three minutes. Here the skill of the dog evinced itself by the manner in which it obeyed every gesture and call of its master, but owing to the exceeding wildness of the sheep it was nine minutes before they were safely penned. 12—Scott was off up the hill at the first word from his master, and having found the sheep brought them down in a. fairly good style, but not without much barking and many a wide detour. Ultimately how- ever he penned in eight minutes. 13-Dnver brought the sheep down in capital style as far as the pen where he worked with no incon- siderable amount or tact to secure for his master one •of the prizes, but this he failed to do ere time was ,called. 14—Carlo went off m a roundabout manner, and was, consequently, some time in finding what he ■wanted. When he discovered them he commenced barking furiously, which he did not abate until he reached the bottom of the hill, when he worked in right good earnest and penned m eight minutes. This dog had the advantage of working without the toist, which lifted just as he began to work. The prizes were awarded as follows 1st William Howell's Jolly. 2nd Mr Hugh Thomas's Tie. John Pngh's Mott.' 4 ) M^5ichard Jone8' "Cymro, I divided. C J" Humphrey Hughes' fecott, ) THE DOVEY-SIBE STAKES -Foll dog or bitch puppies of 1878. Entrance fee 10s. each. First ?,nZe' vl T»CUp7alneA presented by Lord Henry^ANE T es £ 3; thir(i prize, < £ 1 10s fourth prize, ^l. Nine entries. 1 Scott-brown dog 1J month., Hugh Thomas, Dolgae, Mac"- ynlleth, price ;t7 ;s. » 2 Liver—liver bitch, 11 months, John pUgh, Nantyfyda, Penegoes. 5 Jerry-black and white do6, 22 months, David Jones, Vol- 4 Driver—black dog, 22 months, Richard Owen, Hafodty Drainllwydion. 5 Prince-black and white dog, 9 months, Evan Jones, Gar- ehon, Machynlleth. G Fanny-biaek and tan bitch, 21 months, Morgan Jones, Bwlcheyddgen, price X10. 7 Cymro-grey and white dog, 19 months, Richard Jones, Tyddynyberllan, Towyn. 8 Jeannie—black and tan bitch, 11 months, David Kewland, Hendre Muwr, Llanllwchllyn. 9 Bonny-black and tan bitch, 9 months, John Jones, Maen- gwyn-slreet, Machynlleth. 1—Scott made a capital run for the sheep, which he brought down the hill with a deal of noise, very quickly, and penned in four minutes. 2—"biver shot off like an arrow from the btfw, direct for tne sheep, which she soon drove down the hill, and penned in six and three quarter minutes. 3—Jerry made a good start, taking too wide a circuit, but scon found what he wanted and brought th u down i. good style part of the way, when he lo one of the sheep and the prize r( J. I 5-Driver started well, but instead of going to the pen he went to the store sheep, and so lost time. In a. few minutes he found the sheep very cleverly hidden in the fern down a. ravine, and brought them to the foot of the hill, where they scattered, and all was over. 6—Prince had a sorry start, which he made worse by loosing one of the sheep as soon as he found them, and had to retire vanquished. 7-Fanny made direct tracks for the sheep ia good time and style, but on reaching the sheep scatered them hopelessly, and lost all chance of a prize. 8-Cymro worked well to the sheep, which he soon brought down to the foot of the hill in good form, from whence a cross the field he made very short work, but having a litcle difficulty at the pen it was nine and a half minutes before the penning was completed. 9-J eaRnie made direct for the sneep which had reached the top of the hill. From their coign of vantage ground she quickly dislodged them, and off they went helter-skelter down the hill. Without one word from her master, or a single bark herself, she had them on the flat, and penned them in nine minutes. 10—Bonny went off to the place whare the sheep were let loose, but failed to bring them to the pen before time was declared. The prizes were awarded as follows :— 1st Mr David Rowland's Jeannie." 2nd Mr Hugh Thomas's Scott." 3rd Mr John Pugh's "Liver." 4th Mr Richard Jones's Cymro." PLAS MACHYNLLETH STAKES.-For all aged dogs or bitches. Entrance fee 10s each. First prize X5, and a cup of the value of X;i, presented by Mr Joseph Evans, Frongog second prize, £ i; third prize, £1 10s.; fourth prize, .81. Thirteen entries. 1 Speed—black dog, three years, J. J. Edwards, Bwlcheinion (ilandovey. 2 Handv, grey and white bitch, six years, Lewis Richards, OeincynhatVl, Towyn. 3 Bonny—black and tan bitch, four years, John Williams, Uivnllwyii, Darowen. 4 Scott-lJro\yn dot-, 17 months, Hugh Thomas, Dolgae, Mach- vnlleth, I)i-ice :£7 7s. 5 Jerry—black dog, VV. Roberts, Wenffrwyd, Ponterwyd, price £,)0. 6 Tie-black and white bilch. three years, Richard, Hengwmanedd, price £ 10. 7 Bob —black an t in dog, Edward Rice, Dolelve, Rhayader. 8 Don—black and white dog, six years, Rutherford, Maesinie- lor (did not compete). 9 iladdie—John Thomas, Alltrhugog, Bala. 18 Carlo—James Freine, Wepre Hall, Flint. 11 Sharp-black and white dog, two years, William James, Xantymoch. 12 Fly -black and tan bitch, three and a half years, Richard Jones, Tyddynvberllan, 1'owyn. 13 Jeannie—Mack and tan bitch, 11 months, David Rowlands, Hendremawr, Llanwchllyn. For these stakes the field was altered, and instead of working from the hill downwards, tha dogs had to take the sheep from the flat to the hill round three flags, and back again, no facile task. I-Speed started well, and took the sheep in ad- mirable style to the hill, and round the corners from thence the run home was easy, and in fourteen minutes the sheep wera penned. 2—Handy went well to the hill and round the cor- ners, after which she, in a. very handy manner, lost the sheep. 3—Bonny started in a very creditable manner, but took a long time to get round the corners. When the dog got the sheep on to the flat all was plain sailing, but it was eighteen minutes before they were penne -l. 4—Scott worked well up the hill, and round the flags on the hill, when he ran the sheep nearly to the summit. This was soon remedied, and the sheep were brought on to the plain, where his working was the admiration of everyone, but sixteen minutes bad elapsed before the penning was done. 5-Jerry refused the summons ef his master at first, but afterwards tried to retrieve his former misdeeds by chevying the sheep over the hill; thia, however, was condoned by the manner in which, he brought the sheep down to the pen, and after a short struggle penned in fourteen and a half minutes. 6-Tie made a good start, and took the sheep well up to the foot-path towards the woeds, from whence the sheep refused to proceed, but after much effort Tie moved them too late to be of any service to his master. 7-Bob made a very fair start round the first corner; on the hill he chevied the sheep all round, but soon brought them down again, and penned in seventeen minutes. 9-Maddie's master called forth much laughter by the manner in which he called his dog, or rather shrieked to him. This notwithstanding, the dog took the sheep over the hill in good style, and down to the pen, but failed to get them in. 10—Cario drove the shop round the wrong side, and had to return, after which he took them well up the hill and down to the plain, aud in thirteen minutes had penned. 11—Sharp came down sharp to the sheep, and drove them over the hill on the opposite side of the road very sharply, towards Cader Idris, and the last seen of them was the sheep, with the dog following, going over the distant hills. 12—Fly flew along until he reached the sheep, when he drove them over the flit to the hillside, where he changed his tactics and proceeded cautiously up the hill, when they turned towards Machynlleth, but by a sharp movement Fly turned turned them back in th3 right direction, and down the hill they came, full swing, when she went wrong, but ultimately retrieved her fallen fortune by pen- ning in fourteen minutes. 13—Jeannie.—During this trial the fog came down and hid the top flag.—This dog excited universal admiration by the way in which she worked, without a word from her master, up the hill, despite the mist, where he got lost for a time. When he came to light again he was driving across the flat with no effect, however, on account of the fog. The prizes were awarded as follows :— 1 Mr J. J. Edwards' "Speed." 2 Mr Edward Rice's "Bob." 3 ( Mr James Freme's "Carlo. ••■, •> 4 (Mr Richard Jones's "Fly." /amaea- THE LONDONDERRY PRIZE.-To be awarded to the best dog in either of the above stakes- value £10. Owing to the lateness of the hour at which the last race was finished this event was not tried for, the winners in these trials agreeing to divide the money rather than have another day's sport. The prizes were distributed on the grounds at the close of the trials by Sir William Granville Williams, in the absence of the Marquess of Lon- donderry, owing to the state of the weather. The various officers worked most indefatigably to make the meeting a success, and so far succeeded that all who witnessed the sportg expressed them- selves satisfied. Amongst the hardest workers we must mention Lord Herbert Vane-Tempest, Mr Richard Jones, J.P., and the Messrs Gillart. There was no luncheon this year, but this, we are informed, was no fault of the officers, who did their best to secure a supply of food for the inner man. Before separating three cheers were given for the whole of the Plas family.


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