Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

1 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



!'Iv &ncttom J. W. BOG EBS, .AUCTIONEER, VALUER, AND LAND AGENT, MOST respectfully begs to inform the Nobility, Clergy^ the Legal Profession, Farmers, and the inhabitants generally of Aberystwyth and dis- trict, that at the urgent solicitation of many old friends he will at once open an office in Aberystwyth in conjunction with his Llandndno and Conway Branches, and will now be prepared to undertake and ■sonduet Sales and Valuations of FREEHOLD AND LEASEHOLD PROPERTIES, LA.ND,HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, MINING PLANT AND MACHIN- ERY, SHIPS, TIMBER, FARMING STOCK PRODUCE, AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS, Ac., &c. J. W. R. having had a Ion? and successful expeti- ence in the profession, Parties favouring him with their commands, may rest assured of their interests, Saving his very best personal attention and super- vision. ME. ROGERS has much pleasure in announcing to the Public generally that since the issue of his business advertisement he has obtained the per znanent services of Mr William Morgan, who for many years acted as assistant to the late Mr G. T Smith. All applications, letters, and enquiries, to be medo at Mr Morgan's residence, Cardigan House, Queen's Road, Aberystwyth. PRELIMINARY NOTICE. 12, MARINE TERRACE ABERYSTWYTH. Highly Attractive Sale of Modern and Substantial Household Furniture and other Effects. MR J. W. ROGERS has been favoured with the instructions of Mr Jones, who is giving up the ionse to Sell by Auction early in October next, the -entire contents of the above genteel residence. NOTICE.—Several important Sales of FARMING STCCK, HOUSE PROPERTY, and FURNITURE ♦ will shortly be Advertised for early Sale. For all particulars apply to Mr WILLIAM^ MORGAN, Aue. "tioneer's Office, Cardigan House, Queen's Road, Aberystwyth. THE FOX VAULTS, ABERYSTWYTH." 'SALE OF SUBSTANTIAL AND MODERN FURNITURE. MR ROGERS, having been instructed by Mr Herbert, will Sell by Auction, upon the pre- rsnises as above, on Wednesday next,, July 12th, 1882, "the entire contents of this residence, comprising -Massive Mahogany Telescope Dining Table with loose leafs, Couches, Sofas, Seta of Chairp, Sideboards, Cheifoniers, Pier Glasses, China, Glass, Cutlery, Plate, Linen, Carpet, Rugs, Fenders, and other domestic requirements. Sale at 6 o'clock in the Evening, Terms Cash. LISBURNE ARMS, LL A >~FIHA2sG El-Y-CROYDDIN. Sale of Farming Stock also 8 Acres of Growing Hay, Ayrshire Cow, Crossed Heifers, Calf, Young Sow in I'ig, &c. JW ROGERS, under instructions of Mr Thos. • Griffiths, will Seil by Public Auction, on the Farm adjacencto th- above, on Saturday, the 15th -da-y of July, 1332, a Miscellaneous Collection of use- ful Timber Scantling Poies, Telleys, Spokes, Oak and Pitch Pins Boards, superior and strongly-nude Box ■ Cart, Joiners and Carpenters' Tools, Tool Chest fitted with interior Mahogany compartments, Lad- ders, Ash Planks, two Diaiag-raum Tables, Chairs, &e., &c. ——— Two months' credit upon all sums over X3 upon approved security. Sale to commence at 12 o'clock. I Auctioneer's Offices :— II Cardigan House, Queen's-road, Aberystwyth. SOUTH WALES. LOWER CARDIGANSHIRE. IMPORTANT AND EXTENSIVE SALE OF VALUABLE FREEHOLD ESTATES, lii the Parishes of Troedyraar, LJettws Evan, P enbryn Llaneranog. and Llangunllo. ani ;-IiitAnt ab,)at throe miles from the im- portant t-rwn of Newcastle-Ess lyn, the future ter- minus A the Great Western Railway, and about four miles frora Alibyoafan Bridge. MR JOHN" FRANCIS is instructed to offer for SALS by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the Saluta- T. ~'tion. Hotel, Newcastle- tfimiyn, at 11 for 12 o'cioek precisely, on Thursday, July 2(Kh, 1882, the farms of .r, Panalltygwyu, Coedyperthi, Parke, Panfcybettws and Cilfargen, Esgereithin, Penknsaoth •CesttUpridA, Cef.ilt-;i«hdre, P' 'noompr-m, Cefawarren, 3Jwlchygroyon, Pantygroaw, Wainmendy, Pencaeau, Abernantbychan, Gelli, Cefnceirw, Blaenwaan, Gafn- bach, Tynewydd, Ffyaonfendigaid, North America, Waunlie, Giandwr, Perthygoppa, Penralltgoeh, 3?antyrhoiiad, SaU.vh, PenpwU, Penallt, Abei'bedw, "Waun, Bryahirlwm, Cwmbedw, Nantcoch, Salamanca Parklian, Brynhunlle, Llain, Ffytiouangleision, Gil- facalas, Rhowinglas, Fynondansley, Nantybrenny, JBrithiir, Briihsiir jtili, v'/eivgioddfa-wr, Rhydyrys, gwydd, and several small holdings, the whole lying almost within a ring fen<52, confining upwards of •3,300 acres, and producing an aggregate rental of up- ware 3 o? £ 2,290 per annum, being portions of the estates of Sir frvse Pryse, Bart., and which will be offered in aboat 37 lols, or in such lots as may be de. teraiiued upon prior to or ai the time of sale. Particulars, plans, and conditions of sale may be obtained of Messrs A. P. and S. W. Tweedie, solici- tors., 5, Lincoln's Ina Fields, Loudon, VV C. or of Ulr John Francis, land agent, Carmarthen. MELINDWR VIEW, PENLLWYN, ABERYSTWYTH. E. J. MORGAN, AUCTIONEER, VALUER, &c., BEGS respectfully to thank all those who have en- trusted him with their business for the past cisfht years, and to solicit a continuance of their r favours, which sha.Il hare his boat attention. All Sales an 1 Valuations of every description will, asia the past, be promptly attended to. Sales of Fur- niture, Fannin's Stoolr, &o., in Town or Country, cashed and sebtled with^t ie'ay. Monthly sales of Stock, &o., on the First Monday in every month. CWMSXMOGTCARDIGANSHIKHI. MR E. J. MORGAN has been instructed to Sell by Auction, at Cwmsymlog, on Saturday, July Stb, all th& HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, the pro- perty of Mr Henry Treuwith, who is leaving the ^eigiibourhood. Three Creait on Conditions. Sale to Commence at Two proupt. £ erdlwyn, June 28th, 1S32. Utifclip &otice$. CARDIGAN COUNTY ACCOUNT. ARTHUR JOHNSON HUGHES, TREASURER, IN ACCOUNT WITH THE I INHABITANTS OF THE COUNTY OF CARDIGAN. BALANCE SHEET and. ABSTRACT of MONEYS Received and Sisbursemeuts for the said County, with the Balances thereon, from the Easter Quarter Sessions, 1832, to the Midsummer Quarter Sessions following:— COUNTY STOCK. COUNTY STOCK. RECEIPTS. PAYMENTS. £ s. d. X s. d. JB s. d. Æ s. d. X- s. d. £ s. d To Balance in the By Salaries 121 18 0 Treasurer's hands 435 1 11 Bridges 153 11 4 County Rate. 835 19 2 Contagious Diseases Fees received from (Animals) Act 6 18 0 Justices'Clerks. 93 1 6 Coroners 36 0 6 Fines received from Food and Drugs Act 0 3 6 Justices'Clerks. 26 12 6 Gaol Superannua. i Militia. 44 11 3 tion 11 11 3 Lock-up Houses 4 4 0 Justices' Clerks' Pedlar'sCertificates 6 5 0 Salaries 138 10 0 Weights and Mea- Lock-up Houses 17 3 3 sures 10 13 5 Lunatic Asylum 227 9 6 Criminal Prosecu- Lunatics 30 14 3 tions 47 7 6 Miscellaneous 6 3 3 Cardigan Gaol Sale Printing and Adver- Account 645 7 1 tising 23 12 6 1714 6 5 Prosecutions 39 10 4 2149 8 4 Public Analyst 2 15 0 Reformatories 1 9 0 POLICE RATES.. Weights and Mea. w -D sares 21 0 10 To Balance in the Aberayron Bridge 585 0 0 Treasurer s hands 107 17 6 Aberystwyth Police Her Majesty s Pay- Station 400 0 0 master General, -1823 10 6 being one-half of By Balance in the pay and clothing Treasurer's hands 325 17 10 of police for the 2149 8 4 year ending 29th September, 1881..1582 18 7 Police fees received Ota*. ,™ti0e'' 22 1410 POLICE HATES. Her Majesty's Pay- By Major C. Bassett master General, Lewis amount of in repayment of Requisitions Noa. cost of escort and 152, and 3 912 18 10 conveyance of 912 18 10 county prisoners 381 12 8 By Balance in the -1987 6 1 Treasurer's hands 1182 4 9 -2095 3 7 -2095 3 7 jC4244 11 11 .£J24A 11 11 Aberayron, 1882.-We have examined the above account and found same correct. CHARLES MARSHALL "GRIFFITH, Chairman, G. B. J. JORDAN, J. LLOY D- PHILIPPS, RHYS JONES LLOYD, J. (It ROGERS, J. R. HOWELL. F. R. ROBERTS, Clerk of the Peace. ARTHUR J. HUGHES, County Treasurer. ARTHUR JOHNSON HUGHES, TREASURER, IN ACCOUNT WITH fHE SUPERANNUATION FUND OF THE COUNTY OF CARDIGAN. SINCE the last Quarter Sessions there has been received by me on account of the said Fund the sum of k3 £ 37 8s 6d, making, with the sum of ^873 15s 4d then in hand, the sum of .£11138 10d, and I have paid thereout to Rumsey Langley for his quarter's allowance the sum of -87 6s 3d, and to James Piarce for his quarter's allowance the sum of X9 2s, making together the sum of J216 8s 3d, leaving a. balance in my hatds on account of the said fund of = £ 94 15s 7d. J. A. LLOYD-PHILIPPS. A. J. HUGHES, Treasurer. CHARLES MARSHALL GRIFFITH, Chairman of Quarter Sessions. Aberayron, June 27th, 1882. ARMY SERVICE.—YOUNG MEN wishing to JOIN HER MAJESTY'S ARMY will, on ap- plication at any Post Office in the United King- dom, be supplied, without Charge, with a pamphlet containing detailed information as to the Conditions of Service and Advantages of the Army, as to Pay, Deferred Pay, and Pensions. SERVICE OF SOLDIERS. Enlistment will be for seven years with the Col- ours and five in Reserve, or eight years with the Colours and four in the Reserve, if the Soldier completes his seven years while serving abroad. PROMOTION IN THE ARMY. The following positions with"the Regular Army and Auxiliary Forces are; held; exclusively dy de- serving soldiers, viz. Approximate No of Nature of Appoint- Rates of Pay in ad- Ap'-iointments. ment. dition to free lo1 ping f Qiiai'ierraasters i 600 Commissioned J and > 9s to 15s a day Officers (Riding-masters ) I Sioras, 6ec..„ 33,000 N'on-eoramis- sioned Officers., j gorporals j t» 3d to 5s „ There are besides several valuable appointments open to Soldiers in India. The Royal Engineers receive Special Rates of working Pay. PAY OF THE ARMY RESEBVE. Soldiers transferred to theJReserve receive pay at the late of 6d a day. Three pounds a. year, subject 'to deductions for misconduct, ia placed to the credit of every soldier during his service with the Colours, and the amosnt paid to him upon passing into the Reserve or being discharged. DISCHARGE AND PENSION. On completing 21 years of service, Soldiers who have been Non-commissioned Officers, beeome en- titled to pensions varying from Is 3d to 4s 6d a day. Men wishing to leave the Army during the first three months of their service may claim dis- charge on payment of < £ 10. Forms of application to enter the Army may be obtained at every Post Office. LIFE ASSURANCE. LOANS. ANNUITIES. L IFF, ASSOCIATION OF SCOTLAND. (Founded 1838.) CLAIMS & BONUSES paid to Policy Holders!.£4,600,OOO FUNDS IN HAND 2,507,000 ANNUAL REVENUE.— 450,000 PROFITS DIVIDED on systems highly favourable to GOOD HEALTHY LIVES. EDIloiBURGR-82, Princes-street. LONDON—5, Lombard-street, and 48, Pall Mall. AGENTS. W. Pugli, National Provincial Bank, Aberystwyth. W. H. J onu. National Pro incial Bank, Aberayron. J. Powell, London and Provincial Bank, Builth. R. Thomas, Quay Street, Car igan. W. James, North and South Wales Bank, Knighton. H. Owen, National Provincial Bank, Lampeter. O. Kouse, Grey House, Llandovery. EFFICIENT AGENTS required at Fishzuard—Llandysnil—HaneUy—Xarberth—St. David's Lod"ir £ -House Keepers and Hotel Proprietors will find it to their advantage to advertise their Houses in the Aberystwyth Observer, which, as the Conservative paper for .Central Wales, circulates largely amongst the upper and middle classes, who necessarily require apartments in the best parts of the town, and who consequently pay the best^prices IVrORTH AND SOUTH WALES BANK, LIMITED. EIGHTY-SEVENTH DIVIDEND. Notice is hereby given that a, Dividend of Ten Shillings per Share for the Half-year ended 30th ultimo, on the Capital of the Company, and a Bonus of Seven Shillings and Sixpence per Share, will be paid to the Proprietors, free ef income-tax, on and after the 12th inatant, at the Head Office tuid the respective branches. The Transfer Books will be closed from this date to the 12th instant inelusive. By order of the Directors, R. MEREDITH JONES, Liverpool Manager. Liverpool, 4th Jul" 1882. SUN LIFE OFFICE, LONDON. ESTABLISHED 1810. Very low Premiums without Partioioation in Profits Age20. £ 111 8 „ 30 £ 2 2 2 „ 40 =€2 17 1 Large Bonuses. Immediate Settlement of Claims. Agent at Aberystwyth—Mr A. J. HUGHES. Assurance against Accidents of all kinds. Assurance against Railway Accidents alone. Assurance against Fat^l Accidents at Sea. Assurance of Employers' Liability. RAILWAY PASSENGERS' ASSURANCE CO., The oldest and largest Company insuring against Accidents of all kinds. Rt. Hon. LORD KINNAIBD, Chairman. SUBSCRIBED CAPITAL, .£1,000,000. PAID-UP CAPITAL and RESERVB £:240,00C. Moderate Premiums. Bonus Allowed to Insurers after five years. .£1,700,000 has ibeen paid as compensation. Apply to the Clerks at the Rail-way Stations, the Looal Agents, or 64, Cornhill, or, 8, Grand Hotel Build- ings, Charing Cross, London. WILLIAM J. VIAN, Secretary- Agent—Mr T. KILVINGTON, Station Master, Aber- ystwyth. MR. POWELL, SURGEON DENTIST, JgEGS to intimate that he has REMOVED his place of Business from No. 5, Queen's Bo=>.d, to No. 33, TERRACE ROAD, (aaxt door to Mr White, Lapidary,) where he can be eesn from 10 to 6. Consultations free. JUST PUBLISHED, THE ABERISI WTT H ALBU M, Containing Nine Popular and Copyright PIANOFOST. PIECES by Kuhe, Bay ton Suiith, Benedict, Trekal, &o. Price One Shilling, nett free by post for Id extra, of the Publishers, W. K. WHEATLEY AND SONS, ORGANISTS, TEACHERS & TUNERS. PIANOFORTE & MUSIC SELLERS, 22, TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH, PIANOS, HARMONIUMS & ORGANS, FOR SALE OR HIRE, Or on the System of Purchase by Monthly Payments NEW MUSIC a.t HALF-BRICE. Several Puree!<3 of Copyright at THREEPENCS in the SHL^LINA Discount for Cash in addition to the Half-prios. Stock of Drawing Matertials and Artists colours. BRADBURY & co's CELEBRATED DOMESTIC MANUFACTURING SEWING MACHINES The Special Improvements we have recently iu- j troduced render these machines the best in tha Market. Machines from t4 Os Od, at 2s 6d W.-A1?. Liberal Oiscwnt for Cash. Office and Show Rooms. 5, Chalybeate Terrace, a"d The Corn Market, Aberystwyth. Sole Agpent at Abarystwyish—J. G, J0N33 t tm &uettom TO BE SOLD, pursuant to a Judgment of the High Co^rt of Justice, Chancery Division, made in an re lftvid Divies, deceased, Rowland v. Davies, 1S82, D. No. 471, with the approbation of Mr Justice Kay, by MR EVAN MORGAN, the person appointed by the said Judge, at the Talbot Hotel, Tregaron, in the county of Cardigan, on Tuesday, the lith day of July, 1882, at 0;03 for Two o'clock in the affcer.oon, in 7 Lots, certain FREEHOLD ESTATES, situate in the parish of Llanddewi-Brefi, in the county of Cardigan, comprising a Freehold Farm aDd premises called TYNLONK, containing about 4i) Ill: of arable, meadow and pasture land; Two small Holdings known as LLWYNDERW and TYNEW- YDD, containing together about 7 acres or there- about#. A Dwelling-house, Shop and Premises, known as LLANGEITHO Shop; a Cottage and pre- mises known as ALBION HOUSE, a Dwelli-ig-house find premises known as the POST OFFICIO, in the village of Llangfitho, in the parish of Llanddewi- Brefi, and 3 Freehold Cottages. Particulars and Conditions of Sale may be had of Mr ThoJnns Lloyd Edwardes, of Lampeter, in the county of Cardigan, solicitor; John! Win Phillips, oi Carmarthen, Solicitor, of Messrs Crosse and Sons, of No 7, Lancaster-Palace, Strand, London and of the Auctioneer, at his Office, at Gaerlwyd, Llangeitho, in the county of Cardigan. WILLIAM BINNS SMITH, Chief Clerk. CROSSE A .ID SOXS, 7, Lancaster-Palace, Strand, Agents for T. LLOYD EDWARDES, Lampeter, Defendant's Solicitor. NOTICE. E D W A R D~ H A M E E AND J. J. GRIFFITHS, T the request of numerous influential friends, respectfully beg to announce to the Loyal Pro- fession and .1.2 Public generally, that they have decided to open business ia Aberystwyth as Aile. tioneers, Public Accountants, House Agents, and Valuers, under the Name or Firm of « HA MSB. & GRIFFITHS," ar.d trust by carelul and diligent attention to the interests of their Clients to be honoured with a share of their Patronage and support. The business of the firm will be eonclncted on such terras a-i cannot Tail to give the fullc-ss satisfaction. All communications to be addressed to the BELLE VUE HOTEL, or 45, PORTLAND STREET, ABSRTRT- VrT-H. CUSOP COTTAGE. ABEYSTWYTH. GEORGE JONES & SON, ARCHITECTS, BUILDING AND LAND SURVEYORS, EESPECTFULLY announce to the public gener- "k, ally that in addiii na TO their ordinary oKsjinos;? they will in future be pleased to undertake the valu- ation of all kinds of Property, References, ti.*ns, Trusteeships, Accountancies, and Land aud Honse Agensies, 16th June, 1832. RHYDYPEJTAU FAEJI, Bow STREET, R.S.O., NEAR ABERYSTWITK. J OHN BASS R, I PRACTICAL LICENSED VALUER, ARBITRATOR, &c., HPAKES this opportunity of returning his sincere A. thanks to the Landed Proprietors, Gentry, Legal Profession, Agriculturists, Mining and Shipping Communities, and the Public generally of A ;?ryr;t- wyth and its surrounding districts, for the past favours bestowed upon him in his business since he has resided in the district (a. period of u of fourteen years), and wishes to inform them t he has added to his former business that of AUCTIONEER AND LAND AGENT. He respectfully intimates that, being so well known a-; a practical igricalturist, &c., it is scarcely -> v- s:*ry to say that hi:, long exp,,ricilce aiid of Land, Live and Dead Farming Stock, and utIle: -ig Properties, will quality him for, and give him I u :1 1- E; 3 advantages and facilities in, conducting t, businesses in ail "their branches. He trusts, by M" ting commissioners aacrusted to luca with :iije::J-")-y and uprightness, to merit a ooin-inuafioe of pit <* >-ro aud support, and assures his friends thafcth^n + tTrr commands and interest will have his prompt ,J attention. ABERYSTWYTH PUBLIC BATH3. TITE SEA WATER SWIMMING BATHS, Are OPEN from 6 a.m. till 8 p.m. Entrance in Newfoundland Street (out of Terrace Road and Queen's Road.) The Gentlemen's Bath is 77 feet long by 32 feet broad and the Ladies Bath 72 feel long by 23 feet Uroad. Both are well fitted with Dressing Rooms, &0., and lighted wit:: Gas. The Floors are of Portland Cement, and the Gentle- msn's Bath slopes from 3 feet 9 inches to 7 feet 3 -i inches; the Ladies' from 3 feet 3 inches to 5 feet 9 inches. The Buildings are well lighted and ventilated, and the 'va:i1r. which is daily pumped from the Sea, is kept at a temperature of about 68p Fah., or about 10 Fah. above that of the Sea. The Private Baths, supplied Hot or Cold, andFreph or Salt Water, ace handsomely fitted, and always ready for use. TERMS: SWBDIING BATHS- Sinnlc Tickets 0 6 Books of Twenty-five Tickets 10 I) BOOKBINDING OF EVERY DESCRIP- TION AT ED WARD ED WARDS, GREAT DARKG ATE-STREET, ABERYSTWYTH 0 Back numbers of Serial Works Obtained. T^XC SLLENT OPENINGS for Gentlemen's Sona ..t=J in N.W. America—EMIGRATION PARTIES conducted by a Church of England Clergyman. •Youths 'ocnt-d with select American Farmers, wh ;■ e they will loam Farming practically, be self-supportm from the first, and entirely independent of help from their parents after the first year. Premiums, .§.)<).— For full particulars of scheme, by pamphlet, pi'Kie Is, 'dd'e^s Viv-vr," W. Harp tree, Bristol. bV TROEDYBRYN HOUSE, ABERYSTWYTH. D; P. DAVIES & HOWLAND B) EG. to inform their numerous friends and patrons that they have deeided, in addition to the business of Surveyors, Valuers, Land aud Estate Agents, &a., formerly carried ou by them, to com- raenoe business as Auctioneers and Accountants. &a. The firm henceforth will transact business attler aie name of D. P. DAVIES, HOVYLAND AND Co., and hope to receive a continuance of the patronage hitherto accorded to them. PPRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. A rare opportunity of combining profitable farming, pleasure, and sport. rrO BE .SOLD by Auction in July next, the farm of Llwynowen, in the parish of Ciiyc-vm, Car- marthenshire, containing by admeasurement 392a. Ir. 14p. of meadow, pasture, arpble, upland sheep, pasture, and woodland together with extensive right of Common on Mallan mountain, adjoining For farther particulars apply to D. -P. Davies, Howl-mid. & Co. L Aberystwyth, June, 15th, 1882. Urlisiou* Serbit£ø+ ENGLISH PRESBITB RIAT CHURCH. Newfoundland Street, Aberystwyth. PULPIT SUPPLY FOR THE SUMMER OF 1832. Jnlr 9,—Rev J. Enas Hughes, St Asaph. July 16,-Rev Principal Edwards, M.A. July 23,—Rev J. R. Owen, Pembroke July SO.—Rev Griffith Davies, Cardigan. LLANBADARN FAWR CHURCH. ,ENGLISH SERVICE.I AT 11.30 A.M. On Sundays, Christmasday, Ash-Wednesday, Good Friday, Ascension-day, SERVICE, WITH SERMON. Celebration of the Holy Communion on every Third Sunday in the month, and also on Christmas. I Easter-day, and Whit-Sunday. HYMNS ANCIENT AND MODSKN, I Offertory at each Scrvice towards the Restoration Fand. Over < £ 5,000 alresdv expended. Present HeM £172 18s. 2id. hST. MICHAEL'S PARISH CHURCH ABERYSTWYTH. ORDER OF SERVICES. SUNDAY :— Full Service and Sermon at 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. Holy Uoriimanion on the 1st Sunday in the month, at II a.m. o it 3rd at 8.80 am. WESK "DAYS:— Morning Prayer on Wednesday and Friday, and on Saints'Days and Holy-days, at 11 a.m. Hoty Communion, according to notice. HYMN BOOK—"Church Hymns," (S.P.C.K.) ST. MART'S (WELSH) CHURCH, k Leading out of Bridge Street). SUNDAY W-d'-h S-;ivieo and Sermon at 9.30 a.m. and 6 m. h:H>i Communion on the last Sunday in the ¥ luont'i fit 9.30 a.m. or 6 p.m. according to notice WKiK DAl'si: — :ElJ ;lisil- Evening Prayer and Sermon, Wednesday at 7 p.m. Evejiing Prayer and Sermon on Thursday at 7 p.m. Comrannicants' Meeting every Tuesday, at 7 p.m. OfS'KK: LOT? Y AFTER ALL TilE SUXDlI..f 'S'i&VlCES. SUNDA y SCHOOTJ?? :— At; tho National Schools, at 2.30 o.m.—English Girls' ditto ditto at 2.30 p.Ul.V!'JIsh. Y'sg-oldy at 2.30 p.m.—Mixed, I i'euyparke National School a,t2.30p.m.—Mixed. (Service aad Sermon at 3.30 p.m.) Rev. Canon PHILLIPS, M.A., Vioar. l, Mr T. GRIFFITHS, 7 r,-t Mr. ED V7AED J. JONES, ) ^rohwardens. I r.i •• jii '• -c'iil; if. TELYNEGION, Il AR DESTUNATJ AMRYWIOL. CIN DANISH, SILYAM EVANS, B. D. Ail Acgr.tffi-.v], gyda Chwanegion. Aberystwyth tioha Morgan, Argratf/dd, Swyddfa yr Observer. A uotiee of the T.11ync,gÎ0n," bearinsr the "3 -)f the auditor, M. Gndoz, appears in She FoOru- j ary issue of the Revu-e Golilqaa, m which the work is highly eulogised. Tdynegion have also been reviewed in Tr Haul, 'AimU*, sVdclvmvr,, 8-mth Wales Weekly News, Co.r- ■r.Mriheti, Jo-urnid, Ownarriien Reporter, Cardigan, Herald, Montgomeryshire Express, Genedl Gymraig. NOW READY. LIFE -,LVD LETTJUES OF TEE REV. THOMAS CHARLES OFf BALA. EDITED BY THE Eav. WILLIAM HUGHES, Vicar of Llanuwchllyn, Bala. Rhyl: J. MORRIS, 30, High Street. Pri:e 7s. 6:1. By Post 3j. All Orders to be sent with a remittance to the Her. William Hughes, Llann-.vohllyrt. Vicarage, Bala. Opinions of the Priss. The emineut apostle of vVaiea will live over a-eain in I>A?OSS, and all who wish well to the best iater^;ts of tile Pri:>no?Hi;y w;lJ give this book a hearty receptioa, and desire on its behalf a wide cire-ihition."—Liverpool Marcu.-y, The story of tha life and labours of Mr Charles oi IL.\I. tnust have a L,:c;a.tio:l for the deTout por- tiOn ot his countrymen, and they cannot fail to have historic interest for Weishsnea generally."—Liverpool Courier. i'ho puryyes of the editor of thU volume are so dearly good tin h wa oannot refuse him our cordial :-ytap».tay. We revo amend our Welsh frieuas, -and es, onr Welsh Methodist friends to the book." —Liverpool DcUy. P, -Air ilighes has -:mtired into Ms subject with en- thnrins-n, and he has succeeded in writing a very rc-dibie life of the ux^at Apostle of Wehsh diase<it. The r>ook written with no earning tendencies. Tuore i« » ma-ness of spirii". observable tlttoaghoat. '»Mir«»ad^'»lo oook on tbe life of a remarkable ma" gliC'hj be read b;y .-e.:n.■•••.in'■= Clic:L- rn^abte; both ot fut deriving beiii'di tLe;•■> from.' -Vor'ft W-l O an. "Cynwysa y crtia;n bortread prydfetva o'i wrtb :-dd'y?h;"— F G 7 7 Fclysgri?enyd' Hughes yn ?,rd.;a3:7o=. fibw-e'h ddiitrn, ae y iruOu v.'3 STail a v>»-i-vd« fwth/(itiiedl u m q J b!) ZturÜDH. OffS 3 D A N I 8 L~. AUCTIONEER, T;A-D VALUiij, {.¡c,- HAVING long ooss^aed v business c. > ine,;i;on in Cardiganshire, has (owing *-o deet-a.-m of the late Mr G. T. Smith) opened an office at 7, NKW S C P. ABHR iST vV¥ TH. and the services have been sooared of Mr i'iwa,? Davies (late Rhiwl ts) as clerk, and it 13 to be hoped that a c-jnsiderabld addition .v iii i.'I:: iiiud • to t,n Otisi- ness already done by O. Daniel in the county. He desires to ail tnose wuo in ciie past ;-iavo entrusted him with their business, and tj ;.s-,nrc chern and others taat ae wili cjre. ulh commissions placo in his hands in tee fu .uie. Villi Si Ii» ABERAYRON GRAMMAR SCHOOL. Hbad MASTER—REV. J. WALTER R Late Scholar and Prizeman of St. Dav PUPILS prepared for Local and 1 ro -&- Examinations. Special-attention cat to young men preparing for St. D wid's C peter, and the Theological Colleges. Good iocgiugs very cheap. Terms moderate. CHESTER. HOUGH G R E E N S C II O O L MRS arid the Misses Morris receive a few young; Ladies to boar I and edu:.ite. Terras and. references on application. ARNOLD COLLEGE, SWANSEA. OT PBIMCTPAIJ :— RBV. EDGAR WILLIAMS, M.A., (Glas.) B, D. (Sdia. > THINE SEA VIEW, Sheltered sitnatioa, 3i=o-lfchj» JD school-room, spacious playground, well veubila- ted dormitories, separate bd for ea, 'h hoy, iibesa1 and wholesome diet, dis. ipiine striet but kiud, acupk; leaching power. Backward pupils have spe -iai at- tention. Twelre pupils p issed various es&uua%tiaar. in 1831. Terms strictly moderate. HILL HOUSE COLLEGE FOR YOUNG LADIES, HAVERFORDWEST. PRINCIPAL-—Mrs AkgtJ3, M.C.P. (-rl: ? of th Ei-r Henry Angus), Assisted by ■.•i .jL.o, and a French Proi'easar. MRS ANGUS has Had a lengthened experenee i Tuition, and 1 e the highest Testi- monials as to charact .,11< lity ;is a Tea-ivr. The situation is e: healthy, the hoa^e iarze, and the recreation grounds every wa;i e> venient. The college is in union with the College of Precep- tors, London, and passed 12 pupils at tiie tions of 1881. References-Revds. Dr. McLaren, Manchester; J. Pearson, S.A., Vicar of Fleetwood; C. Wi iuu-i.5 Accringtou; J.Owen, A. J. Parry, Swansea; W Edwards, B.A., The College, Pontypool; Dr. Bari-.s.. J. H. Lochore, W. Davies, Esq., M.P., Bowcn xl* huds, Esq., Q.C., Haveriorawest., etc. The Term Goiumeaces September 2o?h. T ST. JOHN'S COLLEGE, YSTRAD MEURIG. PsjiNcrp vL and H,;A;) Mast?s—The He" J'JH >ç JONLS, M.A., sometime Scholar aud Priaemai:. oL Jesus College, Oxford. ASSISTANT MASTSS8—C. A. LESLIE, ESQ., B.A., John'3 College, Cambridge, second CT'.ssui. It Honours in the -eeaih; e: the Loudon Uuirir^itv. A. T. BRYALNT, ESQ., B.A late Scholar snd mati oi Wadham College, uxfor^, second CI-n in H-cioars in Ciassical Moderations, and p.urA tiwsuiiu in Honoursinche Final Classic-ii S"i >j:~ OAERuEOTS HOCSF. AT.V3RYSTWYTEU SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES. P aiNGXPAi..—MISS TRUBSH.t W, Assisiel by Masters, and -i-ienu Foreign an# English <roTeL-nes.-v. s. T-Jupils prepared for the Oxford and X Local exariiinations. X Local exariiinations. FT Terms, Ac., apply to tho Principal. The School year consists of three terms, beginning respectively January -'iha, May -iih, S^pvamber lUt:' out pupils can be received at any time dnrin* the berms. LADIES COLLEG-iATE SCHOOU VICTORIA Ti-PvRACE, A3EBYSTWYTH, (Ill Union with Trinity College, London;. PRiNClPAi. MRS. E. MARIE JONES, (F. C. College, Glatgo^), S'-nio' ^rithieieiic and Analysis—REV. E. P. JONES, M.A.. B.D. Harmony—1>. JrlN lilNS, Es-1-, Mus.Bac. (Canv..i Pi.iaoforto and Calisthenics—Mius S>fEAi'il. Languages—2J.AD.LI/E. BER I'HE LAN i'ETGii rf. Junior French—MaiKjIj> £ AURELItO DutSlijch Dir wing, Pain sine, and Errnsn Iater->tnr E. MAitlE JONES. Commodious and well-ve™ "ilaf" *n5 :-a. ani. Dining Hall have recently been -mj- to the nV.-»e sp £ .c:ous iloiise, which is so \l¡'!isd fcr purposes. Spccial advantvageaar^ oil rrc'- •> c, t r.lo k- ward pupils. Prosooatuses wiuv t 0 1.-uonu^ > plication. THE ABERYSTWY ril COMMERCIAL & GRAMMAR SGHOOU. Conducted by MR THOMAS OW ^INS, Co "T, honours of the London University, aud lite Scholir of the Uniwrsity College of Wales. Pupils prepared for Commercial pursuits, ths L Service, the learned Professions, the £ Tniv.-tr*i.'i;e?» and the various Training-and Theologicai^Oohe^ J. Special attention paid to English and Com >»•■■.u Jia*. Training at moderate charges. Terms (which are Reports, acti fa ences on application. -u. NANT EOS HOtrsn, 11, LAURA FL.1CE, ESTABLISHMENT FOR YOUNG. LAOi.S.. Conducted by Mis. HAUtTMAN r« & Miss MOSiiiiS,, v.-ho have had mnch e/u> in Toi-ic-.n.. Punik prepared for th i Oxford. aad Ca,z:>r' Iiooal lfixamiuations. Drawing Roc m and Bedrooa;? t OXFORD HOUSE, MARINE TERRACE, ABE'uj.^ aud the MISSES MOUNT!?. iD, 4 -LTJL by Masters and a Resident .For. G <r 1 receive twelve Yoang L-dii3 to Bo d ad i- u »- Pupils are prepared for the Local Ex .a* j* > n-. Prospectus, &c., on application* T'U; Present 'Terai comuieniied Jsua- :1, LAMPETER G-RAMV A->W LIO (F'junded -S.: Master—Ma THOMAS H. WILLIAMS, «'Oxon», Scholar «f^J«s«« Ooikgs ana I-Ionoars i will be such «■ 'i.1 young snen .for I r RE aisi ci the «dacv.t<' ••« th.s suhao Tuat.rionlation- at tM fTnirersiti: :;vad Cobvge ? ate? ho** /'M.' the T«k.4*s -i guineas a yeav. I « '2 vs a s, Foe ba iiiv Hia-a ha. ae