Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

13 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



2URAL SANITARY AUTHORITY. A meeting of this authority was held at. the Town Sail on Monday morning. Present:—Mr H. S. Hichardes, Bryneithin (vice-ehairm?.n) presiding Hev J. T. Griffiths, Llanilar Messrs Hugh Hughes Cilynpadarn Griffith Griffiths, Tynact; J. Mor-' gan, Pantrallad David Lewis, Llanrhystid Hugh HDghes,1 jun., clerk. Capt Joaes, Borth, was also fjreaent. THB IHSPBCXOE'S MPORT. The following report, sent in by Mr D. Jones, in- spector of nuisances, was read The nuisance near Midway is for the present abated, and the Llan- fcadarn bench of magistrates, on being so informed at the adjourned hearing of the case en the 28th ult. made an order to prohibit the recurrence thereof. I am happy to inform the board that there is no long. er say case ef typhus or typhoid fever at Goginan. Talybont drain The Caelanmaeamor vestry (as drainage" committee) met at the British school fcouse, Talybont, on the 38th of June. I attended the meeting, having been previously requested to è10 so, and the following is a copy of the resolutions passed: 1st, it was decided that thw construction of the drain should be left to a contractor; 2nd, that an open drain is found to be unsuitable to idrain the water from the back of the houses; 3rd, it was then decided to have a closed drain of pipes, under the directions of the inspector 4th, that they should constantly have seme one to see that the work was done according to the plans, &o.; 5th, that tenders should be sent in to Mr D. 'Williams, grocer, Talybont, one of the overseers of the town- ship, on or before July 18th, 1882; 6tb, that the inspector should get handbills inviting tenders, printed and circulated." The.Borth local commit- tee (on the 30th ult.), have considered and made formal ^recommendations as to the beach culvert, the Morfa culvert, the hydrants, the public taps, and also the question of apportioning the water rate. The report I presume has been sent to the clerk -1 liave to inform the board that the inhabitants of Smelting village, Deiil's Bridge, want to have their water supply improved similarly to what was doae At Pentre Park. On the 15th June, at their request, 3 examined the sources and made an estimate of the cost of a new and wholesome supply. The present supply is an exceedingly indifferent one, the quality quantity, and convenience being unsatisfactory. BHYDYFSLIN WATER SUPPLY. A letter was read from the Town Council stating that it was not their intention to supply that portion of Hhydyfelin which was in the borough with water from Plynlimon. The Chairman said he thought they were obliged to supply that portion which was within the borough with water. The Clerk said that was so but they would not join the Rural Sanitary Authority. TALTBONT DRAINAGE. It was decided to give notice for the rescinding of a resolution passed to make an open drain, the wastry having decided to make a closed drain. BORTH WATER SUPPLY. The following report was read from the Borth local committee, as to removal of hydrants, and other matters:—Gentlemen, We, the Borth com- mittee, being referred to by your board upon the following subjects, respectfully recommend- 1st, That the hydrant near the Friendship be put in order, being evidently deficient from some cause ixnknown to us. 2nd, That the culvert pipes at jRvan Griffiths' premises be cleared out, and the ground on either side of the pipes, that are bare now and liable to be broken, be covered, and a strong iron grating be placed at the ingress end of it to provent,its being stopped from accumulation and ^flotsam. 3rd, That the tender to abate the apparent suisanee at about ten of the public taps be accepted, upon special saaitary grounds, and beg to remind your board that Mr Preston, the road surveyor, very formally notified us that sinks were to be properly fixed and fitted, underja penalty. 4tb, That the cul- vert from the leet to the sea (which was opened, laid, and constructed by the Cambrian Railway Company something more than fifteen years ago ier their convenience, and has always been kept in re- jpair and working order by tbe said company) be pat in proper working order this, ana we give as our reason for the above recommendation that ahould we unfortunately have a repetition of last winter's storms the whole construction (culvert) will be swept away, thereby destroying the road (yes I we can add the only road we have), inundating as, and truly isolating us from trade, commerce, and communication with any other civilized community. The stagnant deposits will be, we need not demon- strate, detrimental to the health of the inhabitants and the visiting public. 5tb, With respect to the iqoeition regarding the system of the water rate, we cannot recommend anything more equitable than the list marked No 1, herewith enclosed we also enclose list No 2. A. L. LEWIS, post office JOHlI JONES, Tyraawr; JOHN FBAHCIS, Glanywern. With reference to the hydrants, the Inspector aaid that he asked on economic grounds and to pre- went an tscape of water, that they should be Soldered up. Captain Jones said it was not practicable. The Inspector said it was, and that he had con- sulted the contractor OR the matter. They were no good in the world, unless the reservoir was high enough to throw water over any of the houses. Capt. Jones said the reservoir was high enough, or else they would never haw* had the permission of the Local Government Board. The water would go over any house in Borth, except the hotel, and they bad their own waterworks there. The Chairman understood that the water com- plained of went through the course before ever there was a hydrant. Captain Jones said there had always been a pas- sage there, and all superfluous water went down that passage, and the road commissioners demanded it as a water course. The Inspector said that the people did complain, and they could not afford to lose the water when the dry weather came. Captain Jones said the leakage in the hydrant by hie bouse had been stopped by himself. When he came home he found that it had beec tampered with, and he had been told that while he was away it used to run like a brook but it was now as dry as this table. On the motion of Mr Hugh Hughes, seconded by Rev J. T. Griffiths, it was decided that the inspector be authorised to have the necessary repairs done to tha hydrant which still leaked. The suggestion of the committee was agreed to with regard to clearing out of the pipes in the mill Jeet. Also, the necessary work was ordered to be 4one to the leaky taps. The Clerk was directed to write to the railway company complaining of the matter referred to in the committee's report; and the consideration of the alteration of the propor- tions of water rates to be borne by different rate- payers was deferred. The question of supplying the village of Smelting was deferred, so as to give the villagers the oppor- tunity of meeting together in vestry.

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