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ABERYSTWYTH TOWN COUNCIL. A meeting of the members of the council was held at the Town Hall on Tuesday morning. Present— Alderman John Jones (mayor), Alderman Williams, Councillors Isaac Morgan, E. J. Jones, Peter Jones, E. Hamer, John James, Thomas Griffiths, George Green, D. C. Roberts, Richard James, and E. P. Wynne Mr A. J. Hughes, town clerk Mr R. G. Smith (from the office ot Mr Griffith Jones, corporation solicitor) Mr H. L. Evans, borough accountant; and Mr Rees Jones, borough surveyor. THE NEW AUDITOR. Mr J.H. Edwards, Great Darkgate-street, made the usual declaration, consequent upon his election as auditor, in the room of Mr Edward Edwards, re- signed. FINANCE. The usual bills and salaries were ordered to be paid. PAINTING THE ASSEMBLY ROOMS. Mr E. P. Wynne reported that the library com- mittee met, and had agreed to recommend the ac- ceptance of the tender of Messrs Gornall and Son of R9 6s 6d for painting the library, that being the lowest. He then proposed the adoption of the re- tommendation. Mr E. Hamer seconded the proposition, which was agreed to. PAYMENT OF INTEREST. Alderman Williams proposed, and Mr E Hamer seconded, the payment of interest, amounting to i6165 19s 7d, on the sum of £ 8,450. Carried. The Mayor said that it bad been suggested in committee that the payment of annuities should re- main in abeyance for the present, seeing the state of finances. Mr Peter Jones said there was a large overdraft. TREASURER S ACCOUNT. The following are the overdrafts on the several funds at the bank :—General district rate fund, ^8334 3s 4d harbour fund, £ 669 9s lid water rate fund, £ 1,172 Is waterworks loan, £ 225 Ss 7d; borough fund, < £ 117 Os 6d; total £2,518 2s 4d. MONTHLY STATEMENT. The Mayor called attention to the fact that the monthly statement of the rates collected had not been handed in for this meeting by Mr Watkins the collector; and Mr Evans, the borough account ant, was directed to remind him of that fact. FINANCE COMMITTEE. Mr John James (convener) read the following re- port :— Finance committee held at the Corporation offices, June 28th, 1882. Present-Messrs Peter Jones, I. Morgan, E. P. Wynne, G. Green, and J. James, con- vener. Your committee met for the purpose of con- sidering the applications of Mr Green and Mr Griffith Jones for an extension-of leases, and they recommend that a lease of 75 yearsof ..£2 per annum be granted to Mr Griffith Jones for the land at the corner of Custom House-street, as per plan submitted and to be hereafter put on lease. Mr Green's application was deferred for the purpose of ascertaining who paid the ground rent under the original grant. paid the ground rent under the original grant. Mr John James proposed, and Mr E. Hamer sec- onded, that the lease be granted to Mr Griffith Jones on the terms mentioned. Carried. Mr Peter Jones, in supporting the motion, I thought it would be advisable that a record of the fact should be placed on the minutes, and that they should have every particular eoncerning the extent I of the land, &c. They experienced great difficulty at the present time owing to the lax way in which information was supplied. I The Town Clerk promised to see that a full mi- cute was entered upon the materials supplied to him. 1IIR STOOKE AND THE RESERVOIR. Mr Peter Jones stated that the committee iecom- mend that they should take the opinion of the legal gentlemen whether Mr Stooke could be called upon to furnish other plans free of expense, and inclusive of any remuneration already fixed upon. The Town Clerk and Mr Smith had promised to look into the matter. The Town Clerk said that on the 20th June, after the list meeting be wrote to Mr Stooke, and in- formed him of the resolut on passed that extra de- tails were required of the cost of executing the scheme, and he had received this letter 36, Belle Vue Road, Shrewsbury, 23rd June, 1882. Dear Sir,- Your favour of the 20th, conveying- the particulars of resolutions of council meeting held on the 13th of June duly to hand. I am quite ready to do all required for the completion of the service reservoir, and to submit detailed estimate as early as practicable, and shall be glad to proceed with the work at once; but in the event of new plans and specifications being required, I regard such an extra, for which I charge accordingly. I am, yours very truly, THOMAS S. STOOKE. P.S.—I purpose being in Aberystwyth in the course of a few days in order to make necessary arrangements for proceeding with the work. He (Mr Hughes) wrote to him in reply to that letter stating that be bad forwarded his letter to the convener of the waterworks committee, and that he had better incur no expense until he heard from him (the Town Clerk). Mr Smith, in the absence of Mr Griffith Jones, and himself had looked over the draft agreement entered into between Mr Stooke and the council, and they had come to the conclusion that the council were entitled to call upon Mr Stooke to prepare these plans and specifi- cations without extra remuneration. The Mayor That it is within the contract? The Town Clerk replied ia the affirmative. Mr George Green took it for granted to at in passing that resolution it was understood that the previous plans would be condemned. Mr John James Quite so. Mr Peter Jones understood Mr Green's remarks to be in the form of a catechism, which might be answered by the whole council, as well as by Mr James (laughter). The Town Clerk said that Mr Stooke was to bring in amended plans. & The Mayor said that Mr Green's suggestion did not really crop up at present. The question was whether Mr Stooke was to do the work without extra renumeration or whether he was entitled to do it as extras. The Town Clerk and Mr Smith were both of opinion that it wis within the contract, and that he should furnish them without extra charge. Mr Green: I should think so, and pay for the blander he has made. On the suggestion of the Town Clerk, Mr E. J. Jonesjproposed, and Mr John James seconded, that Mr Hughes should write to Mr Stooke requesting him to prepare the necessary plans, &c., as part of his contract. Carried. MEMORIALS. The Town Clerk 'said that he had a memorial with reference to traction engines; and another with reference to the taxation of ground rents. They were ordered to lie on the table. OSWESTRY DRUIDS. The Mayor said that he had received a request from the Order of Druids at Oswestry, stating that they intended having an excursion to Aberystwyth on the 29th of this month, and asking permission to have the use of the Castle grounds, so as to amuse themselves land have a dance (laughter). He re- plied, referring them to Mr Grove, and they bad apparently been in communication with' him, be- cause he had received another letter stating that Mr Grove'e terms were rather high, and asking him (the Mayor) to lay their request, before the Council. They also asked permission that their band should be allowed to play through the town. Mr Peter Jones proposed, and Mr Isaac Morgan seconded, that the request be acceded to, subject, of eourse, to the rights of other people to enter the grounds on that day. Carried. SIP- PRYFIN PRYSE AND THE RBSBRVOIR. The Town Clerk read the following letter :— 5, Lincoln's Inn Fields. London, W.C., 22nd June, 1882: Dear Sir,-We are requested by Sir Pryse Pryse to communicate with you with reference to the reser- voir which has been made on his land at Llanbadarn by the directions, as we understand, of the Corpora- tion of Aberystwyth, and for which no compensation has been made, and which is moreover in a very un- safe condition. We shall be glad to know what steps the Corporation propose to take with reference to re- storation and maintenance of the reservoir, and what proposal they have to make as regards compensation for the land occupied in connection therewith.- Tours truly, A. F. and R. W. TWEEDIE. Arthur Hughes, Esq., Town Clerk, Aberystwyth: u. T.J 41..4. L,.f. 1. placed before the committee, and it was thought that the Town Clerk should write to Messrs Tweedie, giving them a copy of the terms sent in by Mr Fryer, on behalf of Sir Pryse Pryse, and accep- ted by the Council. He proposed that instructions to that effect be given to the Town Clerk. Mr John James Seconded the proposition. Carried. FENCING THE RESERVOIR. Mr John James proposed that the Town Surveyor be instructed to fence round the reservoir, so as to present cattle from falling over. Mr Hamer seconded the proposal, and it was agreed to. THE RESKEYOIB CONTRACTORS. On t.he suggestion of Mr John James, it was de- cided to adjourn the meeting till the following Tuesday, so as to endeavour to come to terms with the contractors. THE MAYOR IN LONDON. Aicertnan Williams moved that the thanks of the Council hlí given to the Mayor for representing the town in London at the Lord Mayor's banquet. Mr John James: Was it at the request of the Council that he attended? The Mayor It was not to represent myself. Mr Isaac Morgan Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to second that proposition. The proposal was carried, followed by a general clapping of hands, led off by Mr Peter Jones,




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