Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

3 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



gaUs bp Outturn* J~W. K 0 GE RS, « AUCTIONEER, VALUER, AND LAND AGENT. ALES of every description conducted with ability. O Valuations made for Probate and Transfer of ISasiness. Efficiency combined with prompt settle- Eaants. Cash advanced. Offices-Cardigan House, Qneen's-road, Aberyst- wyth. SMITHFIELD, ABERYSTWYTH. "monthly Sales of Live STOCK, IMPLEMENTS, &c MS J. W. ROGERS begs respectfully to announce th.-it he will hold Monthly Sales of Cattle, Parses, Sheep, Pigs, Agricultural Implements, C«criage8, &e., in the Smithfield, Aberystwyth, en TFIFE-e FIRST MONDAY IN EVERY MONTH, at Eleven -,Qeeloek at noon. Entries for the SALE on the FIRST MONDAY im next month are respectfully requested. To be menb in at least a week previous to Sale, to be in- eladed in advertisements. CARDIGANSHIRE. THE GLYNGOLEU ESTATE, NEW QUAY. > jHIghly attractive Sale of a FREEHOLD ESTATE, consisting' of very excellent Arable and Pas- ture Lands, Cottages and Gardens, Small Farms with excellent Outbuildings, and Accommodation jLands, the whole of which is most desirably situ- sxted for building purposes, and immediately ad- Joining and facing Cardigan Biy, the property of the late J. J. Atwood, Esq., Solicitor, which B J. W. ROGERS has been instructed to JULL offer for Sale by Auction, at the BLACK LION I FIATEL, NEW QUAY, (unless. previously disposed of "5y Private Contract, of which due notice will be j&w&l,) on FRIDAY, the 29TH day of JUNE, 1883, Three o'clock in the Afternoon punctually, in 27 L, ots, or such other order as may be determined upon „a,t the time of Sale, and subject to conditions to be rfiissre and then produced, THE FOLLOWING FREEHOLD ESTATE, NAMELY, TOT 1.—Cottages, outbuildings and gardens, in "'iSSbe occupation of Gwen Evans, Anne Da vies (Peny- Jeakyn Jones, and John Jones, 23íp. LOT 2.—Cottage and garden; in hand (formerly 15ip. LOT 3.-Cottage, outbuilding and garden John ..Jhtmes; 27p. ZLot 4.—Gardens William Thomas, Gwen Evans, 3KS,<iothers; 24Jp* LOT 5.—Cottage, gardens and waste land Jane Mirsas, William Thomas, and others 23p. IJOT C.—Cottage, gardens and outbuildings John -Jiti'ffies, and in hand Ir.5ip. LIOT 7.—Cottage and gardens; Ann Davies, Anne «S§riffiths, and Jane Davies 28p. Lor 8.—Cottage and gardens; Edward Jones, William Thomas, and others; 23p. LOT 9.—Two cottages and gardens; Elizabeth "Williams and Martha Jones; 20p. LQ.T M.—Cottttges, waste ground and gardens JSSisabeth Williams, Martha Jones, and others; 18ip. JLOT n.-Cottage and garden in hand; 6p. SSOT 12.—Cottage and garden; Elizabeth Jones; 7p. 3LOT 13.—Cottage and garden John Jenes; lip. LOT and garden; Capt Thomas; 16p. JJOT U.-Glyngoleu Uchaf, house, outbuildings, yards, occupation roads, arable and pasture iiSigids, cottage and garden; John Davies, mason •SSft. Ir. 22p. -I.C.-Pastnre field; John Davies 3r. 8p. 317.—Garden; Thomas Davies; lr. 9p. 18.-Cottllges and gaidens; Thomas Davies and SeujaminEvans; 34p. 19.—Gardens Miss Williams, Eleanor Evans, and Suy Jones 38p. Miss Williams, Elizabeth Evans, ;¡.'rl Evan Evans; 37p. S.—Cottages and gardens; John Jones, Elizabeth <NM.M, and Evan Evans lr. lOp. 2&>.—Arable field; John Jones; 28p. 33.—Pasture field; Miss'Williams; 2r. 2}tp. OA.—Pastare field; William Thomas; la. 2r. 3p. 3S5.—Glyngoleu Isaf, house, outbuildings, garden, TKSffifele and pasture fields, cottages and garden, and 'IbreshoreMiss Williams and Jane Jones; 5a. lr. 7p. —Pasture fields, garden, and foreshore; John -clones; 4%. lr. 2$.—Garden; Thomas Evans; 17p. Plans and further Particulars may be obtaine'd Messrs Hugh Hughes and Sons, Solicitors, -JSdsgar Atwood, Esq., Solicitor; J. H. Kavenhill, Esq., SMisitor; and uf the Auctioneer, all of Aberystwyth FINE ART GALLERY. TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH. .j £ Qghly Important Sale of genuine and guaranteed Pictures, comprising Oil Paintings by eminent .Artists and of known repute. HJP withfn h^alueTy1 f<>r Sale by Auction> ON WEDNESDAY NEXT, JUNE 27TH, 1883, Tflilnrble collection of Sterling and Guaranteed Oil Paintings and Steel Engravings, Artists Proofs, and works, NOW ON VIEW. Auctioneer's Office, Terrace Road, Aberystwyth. BELLE VUE ROYAL HOTEL, ABERYSTWYTH. R J. W. ROGERS announces instructions to P,EEt# Treaty this first class Lease- Property. This presents a rare opportunity for J -gray enterprising Capitalist or a Public Company. For & IFE88RE LOUIB & EDWAKD? Solicitors, Ruthin, or the AUCTIONEER, Aberystwyth MELINDWR VIEW, PENLLWTN, ABERYSTWYTH. E. J. MORGAN, AUCTIONEER, VALUER, &c., BEGS respectfully to thank all those who hare en- trusted him with their business for the past years, and to solicit a continuance of their '►Swrours, which shall have his beat attention. All Sales and Valuations of every description will, TSeem the past, be promptly attended to. Sales of Fnr. ■ssafcaare. Farming Stook, &c., in Town or Ceuntry, and settled without delay. Monthly sales of Stock, &c., on the First Monday ■-fet every month. TY'NLLWYN FARM, DEVIL'S BRIDGE. "fi FARMERS, MINE AGENTS, AND OTHERS. Xfeportant Sale of TIMBER, suitable for Mining irurposes, Fencing, &c.. and a quantity of FIREWOOD. ^?,?RGAN has been instructed to Sell by On SATURDAY, JUNE 23rd, 1883, .a.Ya.rge quantity of excellent OAK POLES, in lots to ^uit purchasers, for Mining purposes, Fencing, and. Eirewood. Sale to commence at two p.m. precisely „ TEEMS.—Three months' credit on all sums above T I Sale# bp Auction. NOTICE. JOHN BAKER, AUCTIONEER, PRACTICAL VALUER, COMMISSION AGENT, Ac., EHYDYPENAU FARM, BOW STREET, NEAR ABERYSTWYTH. J. B. efficiently conducts all kinds of Property Sales and Valuations, and begs to announce that his next Mouthly Sale of Horses, Cattle and other Live Stock, Carriages, &c., will take place In the SMITHFIELD MARKET, ABERYSTWYTH, On MONDAY, JULY 2nd, at 12.30 prompt Early entries respectfully solicited to be sent to the Auctioneer as above, as they may be duly announced. Horses and Cattle bought and sold on commission FREDERICK STEPHENS, LICENSED AUCTIONEER, VALUER, &c., PENRHYNCOCH, NEAR ABERYSTWYTH. Sales and Appraisements taken at Moderate charges Saturday, June 30th, Farming Soo;k and FarnitU re at Bwlchydderwen, Pontrhybeddau. CARDIGANSHIRE. SALE OF FREEHOLD AND LEASEHOLD PROPERTIES. MR EDWARD ELLIS is instructed by the Mort- gagees to offer for Sale by Public Auction, subject to conditions of sale, at the Auction Mart, 28, Little Darkgate-street, Aberystwyth, On FRIDAY, 6TH DAY OF JULY, 1883, at 3 o'clock (unless previously disposed of by private treaty), the following FREEHOLD AND LEASEHOLD PROPERTIES,— LOT I.-All that Leasehold Dwelling and Garden situated in the village of Chancery, in the parish of Llanychaiarn, on the Aberystwyth and Aberayron road, 1 mile from Llanrhystyd Road Station. This House is well adapted for Shop or an Ian, having a commodious Cellarage under the House, with en- trance from the Garden, and is held for the residue of a term of 60 years less one day, commencing 12th November, 1862, at the low ground rent of .£1, and solely in the occupation of Morgan Evans. Lot 1 is sold subject to the Lessee's covenants and conditions contained in the Lease thereof. LOT 2.—All those 2 Freehold Dwelling Houses, Office, Limekiln, and Yard, situated at Trefechan, adjoining Bridge End Inn, and now in the respective occupation of C. White, R. Morgan, and Richard JtoneSjlime uaershant. The Houses were built abeut 4 years ago, and eachjcontains large Kitchen land 3 Bedrooms. Weighbridge, Office, Limekiln, and Yard. LOT 3.—All that Leasehold Dwelling House, com- modious Joinery Workshop, Outbuildings, and Yard, held for a residue of a term of 99 years, less one day, commencing 29th September, 1866, at the low ground rent of £ 12 per annum, and now in the occupation of Messrs R. Williams and Son, builders. These pre- mises are conveniently situated iu King-street, within about 30 yards of Pier-street, the College and Mariae Terrace, and containing 2 front Parlours, Kitchen, Office, 5 Bedrooms, Scullery, Pantry, Sheds, W.C., and Yard. For further particulars apply to Mr H. L.Evans, borough accountant; Messrs Griffith Jones, and Co,, solicitors; or the Auctioneer—all of Aberystwyth. Lot 3 is sold subject to the Lessee's covenants and conditions contained in the Lease thereof. Kelifujuj* gevbice*. LLANBADiiTiwF^SRCH. E NGLISBTsE RVICE. AT 11.30 A.M. On Sundays, Christmasday, Ash-Wednesday, Good Friday, Ascension-day, I SERVICE, WITH SERMON. Celebration of the Holy Communion on every Third Sunday in the month, and also on Christmas, Easter-day, and Whit-Sunday. HYMNS ANCIENT AND MODERN. Offertory at each Service towards the Restoration Fund. Present Expenditure, < £ 5,650. Present Debt-On Tower and Transepts, £ 105; On Chancel, which is incomplete, £300. ST. MICHAEL'S PARISH CHUROH ABERYSTWYTH. ORDER OF SERVICES. SUNDAY:— Full Service and Sermon at 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. Holy Communion on the 1st Sunday in the month, at 11 a.m, «> 3rd at 8.30 am, WEEK DAYS:— Morning Prayer on Wednesday and Friday, and on Saints Days and Holy-days, at 11 a.m. Holy (Jommumon, according to notice. HYMN BOOK—"Church Hymns," (S.P.C.K.) ST. MARY'S (WELSH) CHURCH, (Leading out of Bridge Street). SUNDAY Welsh Service and Sermon at 10 a:m. and 6 p.m. Holy Communion on the last Sunday in the month at 10 a.m. or 6 p.m. according to notice WEEK DAYS: English—Evening Prayer and Sermon, Wednesday, at 7 p.m.' Evening Prayer and Sermon on Thursday at 7 p.m. Communicants' Meeting every Tuesday, at 7 p.m. OFFERTORY AFTER ALL THE SUNDAY SERVICES. SUNDAY SCHOOLS:— At the Boys' National Schools, at 2.30 p.m.—English Girls' ditto ditto at 2.30 p.m.-wflsh Ysgoldy at3.30p.m._Mixed.' Penyparke National School at2.30p.m.—Mixed (Service and Sermon at 3.30 p.m.) BEV. CHANCELLOR PHILLIPS, M.A., Vicar Mr T. GRIFFITHS, 7™, Mr. EDWARD J. JONES, 1 Cbnrchwardens. COMPLETE HOU8S FURNISHER J AINB SECOXD-HAND FURXITUitE ,ooo worth, NEW, at low prices. Furnishing Drapery, t Carpets, &C. to 139, NBWINGTOX BUTTS, LONDON. THE 3 ESSENTIALS LETTS'S DIARIES Endless Varieties. Prices 6d to 14s LETTS'S HOUSEHOLD MAGAZINE Amusing, Instructive, Useful, and Artistic. For Young and Old, Male or Female, Week-day or Sunday. The best Magazine for the Family. Monthly, 7d. LETTS'S COMPLETE POPULAR ATLAS; Absolutely Unrivalled, says tha entire Press. I Prices from X2 2s. Particulars of Bookstalls, of LETTS, LIMITED, London Bridge. Notices to Quit, from Landlord to Tenant and from Tenant to Landlord are sold at the Observer Office, 1, North Parade, at one penny each.

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