Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

1 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



Sali,O fig auction. J. W. ROGERS, AUCTIONEER, VALUER, AND LAND AGENT. .•QALE3 of every description conducted with ability. SO Valuations made for Probate and Transfer of "Bvtstness. Efficiency combined with prompt settle- uteskts. Cash advanoed. Offices—Cardigan House, Queen's-road, Aberyst- ■■myth. SMiTHFIELD, ABERYSTWYTH. afcnIUy Sales of Live STOCK, IMPLEMENTS, &c ME J. W. ROGERS begs respectfully to announce th.vt he will hold Monthly Sales of Cattle, 'Morses, Sheep, Pigs, Agricultural Implements, rDkcciages, &o., in the Smithfield, Aberystwyth, on FIRST MONDAY IN EVERY MONTH, at Eleven -sfcJaek at noon. '"■■■ Entries for the SALE on the FIRST MONDAY lis next month are respectfully requested. To be .seat in at least a week previous to Sale, to be in- vaded in advertisements. BELLE VUE ROYAL HOTEL, • ABERYSTWYTH. MS J. W. ROGERS announces instructions to Sell by Private Treaty this first class Lease- '&■!< £ Property. This presents a rare opportunity for nmy enterprising Capitalist or a Public Company. For a;f1 particulars apply to Messrs Louis & EDWARDS, aM i-aitors, Ruthin, or the AUCTIONEER, Aberystwyth LLANNON, CARDIGANSHIRE. of a desirable Freehold Farm and Flour Mill (by order of the Mortgagees). MS 0. DANIEL will Sell by Auction, at the Castle Inn, Llannon, On THURSDAY, THE 26TH DAY OF JULY, 1883, Three o'clock in the afternoon prompt, subject to .•JS»Kf.dfitions then produced, the following FREEHOLD PROPERTIES. namely:— Jmv I.—The valuable and compact farm, called "ir.&Vborfltch," situate in the Parish of Llanbadatn "TVefeglwys, in the County of Cardigan, containing 27p. of excellent Meadow Land, with the mgifeal Farm House and Outbuildings thereon, in the ^Oecapation of Mrs Mary Davies, yearly tenant. Et>r 2.—All that Water-power Corn Grist Mill, ScMWR as "Llaanon Mill," situate in the parish of -EJjmsantNraed, in the said County of Cardigan, to.. with the Dwelling-house, Outbuildings, Gar- atens,, and Land, held on lease by Mr David Lewis, ■.ifac the unexpired term ot 16 years from September 16;33, at the Ground Rent of .£13 per annum. Wqv further particulars apply to the Auctioneer, or ":&1\ Messrs Hugh Hughes and Sons, solicitors, Aber. .-ystwyth, < CARDIGANSHIRE. ImportaBt and Valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE for sale. MESSES HAMER AND GRIFFITHS have BEEN instructed to offer for Sale by Public Auction, '^nMeaa previously disposed of by Private Contract), the Black Lion Hotel, Llanrhystyd, On WEDNESDAY, the 18th day of JULY, 1883, 'iafe2i.30 o'clock in the afternoon, the following very xferir&ble and compact FEEEHOLD PROPERTY, sa the following or such other Lots as may be deler- 4mined upon at the time of Sale, NAMELY: hÔT I.-The Farm and Lands called PANT. WKELOG, situate in the parish of Llansantffread, within half a mile of the thriving Village of ;, containing by admeasurement 76a. lr. 34p. aBmM! or Jess, of excellent Meadow, Pasture, and Arable Land, and Plantations, with a substantial ^Jwelling-house and Outbuildings thereon, all now in the occupation of Mr David Evans. Eor 2.—All those Two COTTAGES, with the •^Sardeiis thereto belonging, adjoining Pantwhllog. aforesaid, and called by the name of WAINFACH. Farther particulars may be had on application to ■3Eessts Hngh Hughes and Sons, and of the Auc. all of Aberystwyth. MELINDWR VIEW, PENLLWYN, ABERYSTWYTH. E, J. MORGAN, AUCTIONEER, VALUER, &c., B. EGfg respectfully to thank all those who have en. trusted him with their business for the past loicrht years, and to solicit a continuance of their "wroars, which shall have his best attention. Ail Sales and Valuations of every description will, the past, be promptly attended to. Sales of Fur- 'Jsafcmre, Farming Stock, &c., in Town or Country, "iItaa'àed and settled without delay. Monthly sales of Stock, &c., on the First Monday eve ry month. NOTICE. JOHN BAKER, AUCTIONEER, PRACTICAL VALUER, COMMISSION AGENT, &c., 1ETBYPENAU FARM, BOW STREET, NEAR ABERYSTWYTH. S. B. efficiently conducts all kinds of Property ',Wes and Valuations, and begs to announce that his ,Izewt Monthly Sale of Horses^ Cattle and other Live vSSfcoek, Carriages, &o., will take place "-I= *,Ue SMITHFIELD MARKET, ABERYSTWYTH toll MONDAY, JULY 2nd, at 12.30 prompt Siss-Iy entries respectfully solicited to be sent to the ■ ^wefcioneer as above, as they may be duly announced. Horses and Cattle bought and sold on commission FREDERICK STEPHENS, MCENSED AUCTIONEER, VALUER, &c., FENRHYNCOCH, NEAR ABERYSTWYTH. Sdes and Appraisements taken at Moderate *«feaigeB •NSiifeirday, June 30th, Farming Stock and F orniture at Bwlchydderwen, Pontrhybeddau. ==——— —————— "CAPT- THOMAS DOUGHTON COAL, OIL, AND GENERAL MERCHANT, SHEIDOL COAL YARD, And 1, CHALYBEATE TERRACE, ABERY STWYTH. MottoSmall Profits and Quiok Returns: M. COMPLETE HOUSE FURNISHER WV AINE SECOND-HAND FURNITURE w»rth, NBW, at low price«. Furnishing Drapery, Carpets, &c. .181 to 139, NBWIXOTOH BUTTS, Lokook. Salto by auction. CARDIGANSHIRE. SALE OF FREEHOLD AND LEASEHOLD PROPERTIES. MR EDWARD ELLIS is instructed by the Mort- gagees to offer for Sale by Public Auction, subject to conditions of sale, at the Auction Mart, 28, Little Darkgate-etreet, Aberystwyth, On FRIDAY, 6rH DAY OF JULY, 1883, at 3 o'clock (unless previously disposed of by priva te treaty), the following FREEHOLD AND LEASEHOLD PROPERTIES,— LOT I.-All that Leasehold Dwelling and Garden situated in the village of Chancery, in the parish of Llanychaiarn, on the Aberystwyth and Aberayron road, 1 mile from Llanrhystyd Road Station. This House is well adapted for Shop or an Inn, having a commodious Cellarage under the House, with en. trance from the Garden, and is held for the residue of a term of 60 years less one day, commencing 12th November, 1862, at the low ground rent of .£1, and solely in the occupation of Morgan Evans. Lot 1 is sold subject to the Lessee's covenants and conditions contained in the Lease thereof. LOT 2.—All those 2 Freehold Dwelling Houses, Office, Limekiln, and Yard, -situated at Trefechan, adjoining Bridge End Inn, and now in the respective occupation of C. White, R. Morgan, and Richard Jones, lime mershant. The Houses were built abeut 4 years ago, and eachlcontains large Kitchen land 3 Bedrooms. Weighbridge, Office, Limekiln, and Yard. LOT 3.—All that Leasehold Dwelling House, com- modious Joinery Workshop, Outbuildings, and Yard, held for a residue of a term of 99 years, less one day, commencing 29th September, 1866, at the low ground rent of .£12 per annum, and now iu the occupation of Messrs R. Williams and Son, builders. These pre- mises are conveniently situated in King-street, within about 30 yards of Pier-street, the College and Marine Terrace, and containing 2 front Parlours, Kitchen, Office, 5 Bedrooms, Scullery, Pantry, Sheds, W.C., and Yard. For further particulars apply to Mr H. L. Evans, borough accountant; Messrs Griffith Jones, and Co,, solioitors; or the Auctioneer—all of Aberystwyth. Lot 3 is sold subject to the Lessee's covenants and conditions contained in the Lease thereof. P. & W. GrORN ALL, PLUMBERS, GASFITTERS, PAINTERS, PAPERH ANGERS, AND GENERAL HOUSE DECORATORS. All orders promptly attended to. All sizes of Iron and Lead Pipes, Paints, Varnishes, &c., in Stock. Sanitary Pans and Trap from 2s. 9d. each. A LARGE STOCK OF PAPERHANGINGS From 3d. per Piece. 3, NORTH PARADE, ABERYSTWYTH SPRING, 1883. NEW GOODS FOR THE SEASON. Trimmed and Untrimmed Hats and Bonnets, Flowers, Feathers, Ribbons, Laces, Dress Materials, Mantles, Jackets, Scarfs, Real Welsh Shawls, Real Welsh Flannels, Boys' Jersey Suits, &c., &c. Inspection Respectfully Solicited. Terms as usual. One Price. Ready Money. Small Profits. C. M. WILLIAMS, General Drapery Establishment, PIER STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. W. K. WHEATLEY & SONS, TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH. PIANOS, HARMONIUMS, AMERICAN ORGANS, ETC., On the most advantageous terms, may be hired at moderate rates, also on the easy system of hire and purchase, by weekly, monthly, or quar- terly payment, as per agreement. PIANOS, &c., TUNED AND REGULATED Singly or by Yearly Contract. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS REPAIRED. LESSONS given on the Piano, Harmonium, Violin, &c I A Quadrille Band supplied for Balls, Parties, &c. WHOLESALE & RETAIL PAPERHANGING WAREHOUSE A Choice Stock of ENGLISH and FRENCH Wall Papers from 2|d per piece: VARNISHED GOLDS Is 2d. Great Variety of Borders. A selection of Chimney and other Glasses, Picture Mouldings, Picture Frames, Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Glass, &c. T. THOMAS, PAINT RR, PLUMBER, GLAZIER, HOUSE DECORATOR, &c., 20, GREAT DARKGATE-STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. CANTON. HOUSE, 2, CHALYBEATE TERRACE, ABERYSTWYTH. THOMAS FRANCIS, WHOLESALE and Family Grocer, good sup- ply of Provisions, including Jams, Jellies, Pickles, Bacon, Cheese, &c., always in stock. Agent tor Peek Frean and Co., and Huntley and Palmers Biscuits. MORTON'S NEURALGIC DROPS Cure Tic, Nervous Affections and Debility. ONE TRIAL Only needed. Thouwni* of Testimonials in additloa to Prince Bismarck's, who sent personally to thank the Proprietor. Best strengthening medicine known, Established over 20 years. Bottles, carriage free, 2s 9d and 4s 6d. Mr PRESTON, 28, Southampton Buildings, London and all Chenigts. ftulilic Nottm. CARDIGANSHIRE. MIDSUMMER QUARTER SESSIONS, 1883. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the next General Quarter Sessions of the Peace will be held and kept at the Town Hall, Lampeter, in and for the said County, on Tuesday, the 3rd day of July next, at Eleven o'clock in the forenoon, at which time and place the Coart will proceed to the adop- tion of the provisions of the several Acts of Parlia- ment relating to the assessment, application, and management of the County and Police Rates, and will pass all Bills examined and approved of by the Finance Committee, after which all other County Business will be proceeded with. And Notice is hereby also given that after the disposal of the county business1 the- court will pro- ceed with the other business of the Sessions, in the following order:—Firstly, Trials of Prisoners; secondly, Trials of Traverses and thirdly, Hearing of Common Motions and Appeals. And Notice is hereby also given, that all Appeals and Traverses to be tried at these Sessions, mast be entered with the Clerk of the Peace at the opening of the Court, and all Grand and Petit Jurors, Bailiffs of Hundreds, and persons boand by recognizance, must attend and answer to their names, and the several Magistrates of the said County are requested to cause all depositions taken before them, relating to Felonies and Misdemeanours to be prosecuted at the said Sessions, to be transmitted to the Clerk of the Peace on or before the 26th day of Jane instant, and in all eases arising subsequently, immediately after being taken. And Notice is hereby also given that all persons having any claim against the County must send in their Accounts to the Clerk of the Peace's Office, at Aberystwyth, on or before the 26th day of June in- stant, and must attend before the Finance Commit- tee of Magistrates on the 30th day of June instant,at the Police Station, Aberystwyth, at Twelve o'clock neon, for the purpose of having their claims audited, if required, otherwise they will not be paid. Dated this 14th day of June, 1833. F. R. ROBERTS, Clerk of the Peace. 4 THE PUBLIC HEATH ACT, 1875. ABERYSTWTTH. WHEREAS the Town Council of the Borough of Aberystwyth have applied to the Local Government Board for sanction to borrow £4,000 for Works of Water Supply; and the Local Government Board have directed Inquiry into the subject matte r of such A pplication :— NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Major Hector Tnlloch, Royal Engineers, the Inspector appointed to hold the said Inquiry, will attend for that purpose at the Town Hall, Aberystwyth, on Thursday, the Fifth day of July, 1883, at Ten o'clock in the Forenoon, ana will then and there be prepared to receive the evidence of any persons interested in the matter of said Inquiry. HUGH OWEN, Secretary. Local Government Board, 22nd June, 1883. THE BANKRUPTCY ACT, 1869. In the County Court of, Cardiganshire holden at Aberystwyth. JANE PUGH, of Number 31, Shipbuiders' Row, Aberystwyth, in the County of Cardigan, widow, was adjudged a bankrupton the 28th day of June,1883. The first meeting of Creditors will be held at the Registrar's Office, Town Hall, Aberystwyth afore- said, on the 19tn day of July, 1883, at eleven o'clock said, on the 19tn day of July, 1883, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon. Until the appointment of a Trustee all peifeons having in their possession any of the effects 'of the Bankruptimu,st deliver them and all debts due to the Bankrupt must be paid, to the Registrar. Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar. Given under the seal of the Court this 28th day of June, 1883. By the Court. JOSEPH DAVIES, Joint Registrar. SUMMER EXCURSION AND TOURIST ARRANGEMENTS, 1883. TOURISTS rICKETS are issued from the 1st May to 31st October, 1883, available for Two Calendar Months from the date of issue, and can be extended at a small cost to the 31st December. SUMMER TOURIST AND EXCURSION ARRANGEMENTS. The CAMBRIAN RAILWAY COMPANY has pleasure in announcing that, for the convenience of Tourists visiting the various places of interest on the Welsh Coast of Cardigan Bay, they have arranged to issue Cheap Return Tickets by Railway, and also in con- junction with the Coach, &c., Proprietors, to issue Coupon Tickets, entitling the holders to be conveyed by road to the following places at Reduced Charges, viz. To ABERYSTWYTH, FOB DEVIL'S BRIDGE, „ DOLGELLEY, FOR TORRENT AND PRECI- PICE WALKS, „ PORTMADOC, FOB BEDDGELERT. Parties holding these Tickets would, on Production of the Return half of their Railway Ticket, be pro- vided with Refreshments at a Reduced Tariff at the various Hotels specified on Hand-bills. The Railway Tickets will be available for Return on the day after date of issue. For further particulars see the Company's Hand. bills. By Order. EMIGRATION TO NEW SOUTH WALES THE NEW SOUTH WALES GOVERNMENT will provide Passages to Sydney (by first-class Ships) upon payment of the under-mentioned rates, to persons approved by the Agent-General. To con- sist of Married Couples not exceeding 35 years, with or without Children, and Single persons not exceeding 30 years of age. Kate per each Adult £ 5, except SINGLE FE- MALES, who will be taken at A REDUCED RATE OF iC2 EACH. Children of 3 and under 14 years ,£210s. each. Under 3 years free. Farmers, Agricultural and other Labourers, Vine- dressers, Mechanics, and Female Domestics are required. Further information may be obtained from The Emigration Department, New South Wales Govern. ment Offices, 5, Westminster Chambers, Londea, S.W., or from the Local Agent: JOHN MO KG AN, Qbserver Office, 1, North Parade, Aberystwyth. SAUL SAMUEL, Agent-General for New South Wales DOMINION LINE. REDUCED FARES.-From LIVERPOOL, every THURSDAY. This Liae books Passengers through to all parts of AMERICA At Special Low Rates. Saloon, £10 10s.; Intermedi- ate, from X7 7s.; Steerage, X4 4s. ASSISTED PASSAGES are granted to Manitoba, the North- WAst Territory, and to all parts of CANADA. Assisted Oeean rates for Agricultural Labourers, their Families, and Female Domestic Servants, JS3 per Adult; Mechanics, Navvies, General Labourers, and their Families, £4. For Passage Tickets, apply to FMNN, MAIN and MONTGOMERY, 24, James Street; Liverpool; or to the Local Agent—DAVID H. RICHARDS, Observer Office, Aberystwyth. UutiltC Nroticco. Cheap Plans, Vacancies for Pupils, Sporting, Rights, &c. DP. DAVIES & Co., Aberystwyth, who have • vacancies for Pupils, to learn Surveying, &c., can supply lists of Houses, furnished or unfurnished, with or without land, Sporting rights, &o., also cor- rected plans, at reduced prices, of any tenement in the unions of Tregaron and Lampeter, or the parishes of Llanpumpsaint, Llanllawddog, Abergwili, Llan. arthney and Llanddarog. — THE "ABERYSTWYTH OBSERVER." SERIAL TALE. We have pleasure in announcing that a Serial Tale, entitled 1 "EVE AT THE WHEEL," By MR. MANVILLE FENN, will be published in the "ABERYSTWYTH OBSERVER," commencing on Saturday, July 7th. Orders for papers should be given early, either to the Agents or at the Office, 1, North Parade, Aberystwyth. fteltgtou* Serl)trro. ST. MICHAEL'S PARISH CHUUCH ABERYSTWYTH. ORDER OF SERVICES. SUNDAY ■ Full Service and Sermon at 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. Holy Communion on the 1st Sunday in the month, at 11 a.m. »» »» 3rd at 8.30 am. WEEK DAYS:— Morning Prayer on Wednesday and Friday, and on Saints' Days and Holy-days, at 11 a.m. Holy Communion, according to notice. HYMN BOOK—"Church Hymns," (S.P.C.K.) ST. MARY'S' (WELSH) CHURCH, (Leading out of Bridge Street). SUNDAY:- Welsh Service and Sermon at 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Holy Communion on the list Sunday in the month at 10 a.m. or 6 p.m. according to notice WERIK DAYS: English-Evening Prayer and Sermon, Wednesday, at 7 p.m. I Evening,Prayer and Sermon on Thursday at 7 p.m. Communicants' Meeting every Tuesday, at 7 p m OFFERTORY AFTER ALL THE SUNDAY SERVICES SUNDAY SCHOOLS:— At the Boys' National Schools, at 2.30 p.m.—English Girls' ditto ditto at 2.30 p.m.—Welsh.' Ysgoldy at 2.30 p.m.-Mixed. Penyparke Nationsf School at2.30p.m.—Mixed (Service and Sermon at 3.30 p.m.) nEVe CHANCELLOR PHILLIPS, M.A., Vicar. Mr T. GRIFFITHS, Mr. EDWARD J. JONES, j Churchwardens. LLANBADARN FAWR CHURCH. E NG L I S H~E RVICB. I AT 11.30 A.M. On Sundays, Christmasday, Ash-Wednesday, Goad Friday, Ascension-day, SERVICE, WITH SERMON. Ck^ration of the Holy Communion on every Ihird Sunday in the month, and also on Christmas, taster-day," and Whit-Sunday. HYMNS ANCIENT AND MODERN. Offertory at each Service towards the Restoration Fand. Present Expenditure, .85,650. Present Debt-On Tower and Transepts, £ 105; On Chancel, which is incomplete, £300. W. P R O B I N, RELIANCE WORKS, GREAT DARK GATE STREET, AND 15, PIER STREET, WATCH MAKER, LAPIDARY, AND JEWELLER, DEGS to inform the Nobility, Clergy, and Inhabi- -L* tants of Aberystwyth, that he has, after nu- solicitations, consented to take in WATCH and CLOCK REPAIRS. Having altered his pre- mises and employed practical workmen, he is now able to take in the most complicated repairs, and hopes, by strict attention and moderate charges, to recfflve a share of their patronage. Watches rated free of Charge. SILVER WATCHES JEWELLED IN 8 HOLES 26S HALL MARKED CASES. GOLD AND SILVER WATCHES EQUALLY CHEAP. ALSO A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF CLOCKS ENGLISH AND FOREIGN. ESTABLISHED 28 YEARS -^YFEKDAVID THOMAS & SON iglsl atchmakers, Jewellers &c GREAT DARKGATE ST., ABERYSTWYTH. EMIGRATION. Those intending to Emigrate should write for the GUIDE TO TEXAS AND CALI: ;-«;NIA before deciding where to go. Post free. W. G. Kingsbury, 41, Finsbury Pavement, London, E.C.' I Entertainments, etc. THE PROMENADE CONCERTS ON THE PIER, ABERYSTWYTH, WILL COMMENCE ON MONDAY, the 25th day of JUNE. SEASON TICKETS, 10S. 6D., Which will admit the holder at any time, and not transferable, may be had on application to MR. W. H. PALMER, QUEEN'S HOTEL. BIJOIT THEATRE, THE EINK, ABERYSTWYTH. OPEN EVERY EVENING CROWDED Honses! Enthusiastic Applause nig-htlj greet Mrss EMMA. KAItfBOW and her talented Company. Everybody should see the BROTHERS HAYTOR in their Wonderful Entertain- ment A LA MAJILTONS. Varied Programme each evening. Doors open at 7.30, commence at 8. Reserved Seats, 2s; Front Seats, Is Second Seats, 6d; Bick Seats, 31. ABERYSTWYTH LA. WN TENNIS, QUOIT, ARCHERY,AND BOWLING GROUND, SMITHFIELD ROAD. A. J. GROVE, SADDLE AND HARNESS MAKER, 39, GaEAT DARKGATE STREET, PROPRIETOR. LAMP OIL! LAMP OIL!! FINEST Quality Imported at Prices hitherto -L unknown, will be sold in single Barrels. Royal Daylight Brand Oil delivered at all stations free any- where upon the Cambrian system for 9d per Gallon.— Apply, JAMES WILCOX, Oil Merchant, Newtown. TERMS-CAS H. Time and Money Saved by nsing RIPPINGILLE'S Patent OIL COOKING STOVES. Od -ufless. Smokeless, Portable, dale ».n.l C eanly. THEY will roast joints or poultry, boil fish, vege- tables, JEC.; fry chops, steaks, or bacon; bake bread or pastry, toast, heat fiat-irons, and in fact do the entire work of a kitchen fire, over which they have the advantage of being lit or extinguished in a moment. For domestic use and economy they are unequalled. Three meals a day for 4 to 6 persons can be cooked for a penny. Prices from a lew shil- lings. Write for Illustrated List and full particulars to the HOLBORN STOVE COMFANF, 118, Holborn, London, and say where yoa saw tliis a iveroiseiaint -0- BRISTOL STEAM CABINET WORKS, Estab/'islied nearly jo Years, AS EXTENSIVE MANUFACTURERS OF SUPERIOR FURNITURE, ARTISTIC, USEFUL & INEXPENSIVE, UNPRECEDENTLY LOW IN FRICE. LAVERTON & Co/8 ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUES CONTAINING OVER 1,000 ENGRAVINGS. GRATIS AND POST FREE. Complete BEDROOM SUITES, best manufacture, from SOLID ASH or PITCH PINE at GUINEAS. Hundreds of Bedroom, Dining and Drawing Room Suites, unparalleled in price and quality for selection from. LAVERTON & CO. UPHOLSTEEERS, D DICTA I Mary-le-port St. & Bridge St. DIIIO I UIM THE STRANGE AND PREVAILING DISEASE OF THIS COUNTRY. Like a thief at night, it steals in upon us unawares. Man persons have pains about the chcst and side. and sometime in the back. They feet dull and sleepy the mouth has a bad taste, especially in the morning. A sort of sticky slime collects about the teeth. The appetite is poor. There is a feeling like a heavy load on the stomach sometimes a faint all-gone sen- sation at the pit of the stomach, which food. does not satisfy. The eyts are sunken, the hands and feet become cold and feel clammy. After a while a cough sets in, at first dry, but after a few months it is attended wi'h a greenish coloured expectora- tion. The afflicted one feels tired all the while. and sleep does not seem to attord any rest. After a time he becomes nervous, irritable, and gloomy, and has evil forebodings. There is a giddiness, a sort of whirling sensatior in the head when risiujj up suddenly. The bowel* become costive; the skin is dry and hot at times; the blood becomes thick and stagnant; the whites of the eyes become tinged with yellow; the urine is scanty and high-coloured, deposit,ng a sediment after standing- There is frequently a spittixg up of the food, sometimes with a sour taste, and sometimes with a sweetish taste; this is frequently attended wilh palpitation of the heart; the vision becomes im- paired, with spots before the ey-s, there is a feeline; of Teat prostr.ition and weakness. A11 of these symptom arc in "turn present. It is thought that neariy one third of our population has this disease in some of its vaii^d f"rms. It has been found that medical men have mistaktn the nature of this disease The disease is Dyspepsia or Indigestion, tor which Se'-el's Curative Syrup is a certain remedy. Seigel's Operating PU's are an effective remedj for Constipation and Biliousness. Those afflicted with Asthma will find immediate relief by using the Kosi.iweed Tar Mixture. Genuine has A. J. White, Lira" on the stamp. Mourning CardB, in variens patterns, printed, in Welsh and English, at the Observer Office. 1, Nerth Parade, Aberyetwjth. ration. CAERLEON HOUSE, ABERYSTWYTH SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES. PRINCIPAL.—MISS TEUBSHAW, Assisted by Masters, and Residant Foreign English Governesses. Pupils prepared for the Oxford and Cambriiggt Local examinations. < For Terms, &c., apply to the Principal. The School ye&r consists of three terms, beginning respectively January 19, ApriJ. 26, September 2J. but pupils can be received at any time during ti:« terms. L A D I E S' COLLEGIATE SCHOOL, THE TERRACE, ABERYSTWYTH. PRINCIPAL—MJBS. E. MARIE JONES, Assisted by the REV. E. P. JONES, M.A., B.D., aua a Staff of Qualified Teachers. HOME Comforts and a Liberal Diet, as testified by the numeroas expressions of satisfaction received from Parents. During the last year IS. Papils gained certificates from the Trinity College, London, and the Royal College of Preceptors, 4 ng gained honours. Prospectus (with view) on application. Next Term will begm April 30ch. OXFORD HOUSE, MARINE TERRACE, ABERYSTWYTH. MRS and the MISSES MOUNTFORD, assisted by Masters and a Resident Foreign Governed, receive twelve Young Ltdies to Board and Eiacata, Pupils prepared for the Local Examinations, Prospeetus, &c., on application. Term commences May 3rd, 1883. The Half-Term commences June 11th, 1883. WEST OF ENGLAND SCHOOL FOR GIRLsT" GLOUCESTER. Priucipal-Mrs G. M. LEO. MOST beautiful and healthy situation in ther coantry, one miie froai Gloucester. Excellent Premises. Recreation Grounds two and a half a3N5.. Preparation for the Oxford, Cambridge, SoutbL Kensington and Royal Academy Music Examinations.. The Modern LaiigoagesyMasic,Drawing,and Painting receive especial attention. Careful moral traiaia-j.. First-class references. Moderate inclusive 'n. iiia. During the past five years, ninety-tsvo certificates, forty-tnree with honours, a,nd seventeen prize*, wera gained in the University uooal and Music Eximi na- tions by Pupils from this school.—Prospectus 4«d full particulars on application. NANT EOS HOUSE, 11, LAURA PLACIS ESTABLISHMENT FOR YOUNG LADIES. Conducted by Mrs. HAUPTMANN & Miss MORRIS^ who have had much experience in Tuition. Pupils prepared for the Oxford and Cambridge* Local Examinations. Accommodation for one or two Ladies. LESSONS IN MUSIC. FOR Terms apply to Miss DAVIES, Troedybrya House, Aberystwyth. ABERDOVEY GRAMMAR SCHOOL. Conducted by Mr J. DAVIES, C.M., (Late StnSeafc of St. Bees College). CLASSICAL LECTURER-Rev. E. T. DAVIES, B.A.R. 1st Cl. Classics, Scholar and Prizeman of St. David's College, Lampeter. SPECIAL Attentieu will be given to young meBE ks PrVpariig fo- Theological Colleges, St. -D.lvid'a- College, and the U.C. W. Pupils are prepared for the Civil Service and Com- mercial Pursuits. -Boarders are. received at the Master's. Terms on application. ST. JOHN'S COLLEGE, YSTRAD MECRIG. HEAD MASTER The REV. JOHN JONES, M.A., Late Scholar of Jesus College, Oxford. MATHEMATICAL. MASTER: The REV. HENRY JOHN LERIGO, B.A., John's College, Cambridge. The School will Re-open on Tuesday, May 3 at 9 a.m. Apply to the HEAD MASTER. ABERAYRON GRAMMAR SCHOO^ HEAD MASTElt-REV. J. WALTER REES, HJL, Late Scholar and Prizeman of St. David's Colitga" PUPILS prepared for Local and Profession^. Examinations. Special attention can tte given: to young men preparing for St. David's College, Lam- peter, and the Theological Colleges. Good lodgir»8 very cheap. Terms modertl.te.. THE ABERY^WYTH COMMERCIAL & GRAMMAR SCHOOL. Conducted by MR THOMAS OWEISS, C.M.. II" honours of the London University, and hte Ssaiir Scholar of the University College of Wal^s, Pupils prepared for Commercial Pursuits, Civil Service, the learned Professions, the Uyi and the various Training and Theological Coi Special attention paid to English and Com.niireltJ Training at moderate charges. Terms (which are moderate), Reports, and Rof ences on application. gIT. THO HAS'S COLLB(-E,RE'Y' A Soond and Liberal Education for Boys, based on Evangelical Principles of the Church of Inclusive Fees for Board and Tuition, THIRTY GUINEAS A YEAR. ENTRANCE AND Ol'HER SCHOLARS THE RESIDENCE IS FACING THE SEA. Prospectus and References from Rev. LAMPETER GRAMMAR SCHOOL (Founded 1805.) Head Master-MK THOMAS H. WILLIAM v. A c°"^ •»« THEWISV»^ RT1 Matriculation at the Universities and TmwI1 f°r Prelimmary Exammations Terms—6 guineas a year. t*. 4.-L • 2 guineas a term. For fllrther infermation apply to the Ffead Master DAVID RICHARDS, THE "OLD BANK," BRIDGE ST?BESr ABERYSTWYTH. BILL POSTER IN TOWN AND COUNTRY. MEN AND WOM? £ N Of all classes resident in villages and. towns, can earn a few shillings weekly. No charge. ADDIV W Standing, 167, Fleet-street, Loujon, B.C. P R I N T your Cards, Note-paper Envelopes Cheques, Invoices,"Rooks, and aH Sh»rt Notices -with IMPROVED INDIA-RUBBER STAMPS, and rea'uco vou? printers' bills. Also Pocket Stamps, I>«,f,ers, Linen Mart*™ Ticket-Writing Sets, See. Cheapest, best, and promptest" Specimens free,—-Write at onee to ARTHtTR w Pni T,A nt,* Rubber Stamp Works, 30 and 32, Hill, London, B O," Agents Wanted.