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BU0iitr00 Notiteø. WILLIAM EDWARDS AND Co., GROCERS AND PROVISION DEALERS, BAKERS AND CONFECTIONERS, 15, TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH. FLANNEL! FLANNEL!! FLANNEL! FOR REAL WELSH FLANNELS, WOOLLEN DRESSES, CLOTH SHAWLS YARN AND STOCKINGS, BOYS' JERSEY SUITS, MEN'S CARDIGAN JACKETS, GO TO THE WELSH FLANNEL DEPOT, Terrace Road, Aberystwyth. J. EDWARDS & Co., Proprietors. ESTABLISHED 1826. THOMAS WHITE, (Son and successor to the late Elizabeth White,) MANUFACTURING LAPIDARY AND JEWELLER, EGYPTIAN HOUSE, TERRACE ROAD, AND YORK HOUSE, MARINE TERRACE, ABERYSTWYTH. A Iplendid collection of Jewellery of the newest designs, comprising Necklets, Brooches, Ear Rings, &o., always in Stock. GEM AND OTHER RINGS. OLD CHINA IN GREAT VARIETY liT ANYTHING NOT IN STOCK MA.DE TO ORDER. DEALER IN SILVER AND ELECTRO PLATE. N.B.-No connection with any other firm in the town the same name. GILDING AND ELECTRO PLATING. Beach Stones and other Pebbles Slico into Slabs, Drilled, and Cut into any Shape or Form. Cabinets, Tables, &c., inlaid. Church Decorations. ALL WORK DONE ON THE PREMISES. JOHN EICHARDS k Co., TAILORS, DRAPERS, SX GENERAL OUTFITTERS, 4, Market Street, Aberystwyth. A LL Orders Promptly Executed in the Newest Style and of best Workmanship. SPECIAL attention is called to their 12s. 6d. Trousers, all wool and well shrunk. L IVERY SUITS, &c., made to order on the Premises ALL Goods marked in Plain Figures. One Price Only. Funerals Completely Furnished. ECONOMY ECONOMY I ECONOMY OF OF OF TIME. LABOUR. CAPITAL. A NEW GROCERY ESTABLISHMENT IS.. NOW OPENED BY WM. RICHARDS (For several years of the firm of D. P. & W. Richards), AT No. 6, Pier Street, Aberystwyth, (OPPOSITE THE TOWN CLOCK) Where GOODS of the Best Quality, of every description, will be Sold, at the most Reasonable Prices. This Establishment will be supplied from the best Wholesale! Houses, so that Customers cannot fail to be well served. A Trial Order is respectfully Invited. — — — | — INCREASED VALUE OF WATER-POWER. MACADAM'S VARIABLE TURBINE. FTHIS m*el (which is now largely in use in England, Scotland, and Ireland) is the only one yet X invent*! which gives proportionate power from both large and small quantities of water It can be made for using a large winter supply, and yet work with equal efficiency through all variations of quantity down to a fifth, or even less, if required. It is easily coupled to a Steam Engine, and in this way alway» assists it by whatever amount of power the water is capable of giving, and therefore saves so much £ MI. This Turbine is applicable to all heights of fall. It works immersed in the tail water, so that no part of tke fall is lost, and the motion of the wheel is not affected by floods or back water. References to places where it is at work will be given on application to MaeADAM BROTHERS & CO., BELFAST. TO MINE AND QUARRY OWNERS AND MANAGERS. WANTED TO PURCHASE—Second-hand Machinery, Wrought and Cast Scrap Iron, Old Rails, Condemned Machinery, Old Water Wheels, &c.; Metal, Hemp and Manilla Rope. ON SALE—Cheap, Second-band Smith's Bellows, Anvils, Vices, Chains, &c.,&c. APPLY TO -r- McILQUHAM, ABERYSTWYTH. • — —— —— i Bnstness Kottces ™Wriff7~PALMERi WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANT, QUEEN'S HOTEL WINE STORES, MARINE TERRACE. Per Bottle. I iJottles. s. d. s. d. Wf from 2 3 SHERRY from 2 0 IEI8H WHISKY „ 3 0 PORT 2 1 SCOTCH WHISKY 3 0 MABS1LA. .V.' 1 » PALE BRANDY „ 4 0 OLA RET 1 3 RUM „ 2 9 CHAMPAGNE 3 WINES DRAWN FROM THE WOOD. THF CELEBRATED EDINBURGH ALE—3s PER DOZER IMPERIAL PINT BOTTLES. SOLE AGENT FOR GLENROSA SCOTCH WHISKY. AND AT WELSH HARP, TERRACE ROAD. (xogerddan Arms and Lion Royal Hotel, ABERYSTWYTH. THE "OLD COUNTY HOiJSE." FIRST-CLASS FAMILY AND COMMERCIAL HOTEL. THIS HOTEL is close to the Castle and Clock Tower, and within three minutes* walk of the Railway Station. The Hotel is now replete with every comfort Spacious Ladies' Coffee Room. Well-furnished Sitting Rooms and Bedrooms. HANDSOME BILLIARD ROOM, CONTAINING TWO TABLES WINE AND SPIRIT STORES ATTACHED. OMNIBUS MEETS ALL TRAINS. FIRST-CLASS POSTING, STABLING, & LOOSE BOXES I Conveyances leave the Hotel at half-past Nine every Morning for the Devil's Bridge. Fare there and back 4s. Tariff on Application. JOHN ROBERTS, Proprietor. DYFFRYN CASTE LL HOTEL, PLYNLIMON MOUNTAIN. THIS ESTABLISHMENT has gone nnder thorough repair with new Management and is nowopeac to receive Tourists, and visitors at very reasonable charges, either by the day or week. The Hotel is in close proximity with the Plynlimon mountain, and about 4 mlies from the DaviFa Bridge, and on the Tarnpike road, leading to Aberystwyth, Bhayader, and Llanidloes. Every accommodation, including good Stabling, Src. Guide and Ponies for the convenience of Visitors RICHARD HARVEY, PROPRIETOR, PONTERWYD, (Near Aberystwyth). VISITORS! VISITORS! VISITORS! THOMAS~GRIFFITHS, GROCER AND PROVISION MERCHANT,. Opposite the Gogerddau Arms and Lion Hotel, Aberystwyth (Established 1858), Begs to call the attention of Visitors and Others to his Extensive Stock of Real Wiltshire Smoked Bacon, also Home-cured Bacon and Hams. Fine Old Rich Cheddar and Double Glo'ster Cheese, &c. Fresh Butter and Eggs from the principal Dairies in the neighbourhood^ The Sea Side New Season Tea at 2s. is not to be matched. SAMUEL ALLSOPP & SONS, BREWERS, B (TRTON-ON-T RENT. Season Brewed ALES and STOUTS in Prime Condition Aberystwyth Office-Hampton House, Railway Terrace, Do. Stores-Railway Station. THE SERIES OF ARTICLES "HOW THE POOR LIVE" BY GEORGE R. SIMS, Illustrated by FREDERICK BARNARD, NOW APPEARING IN THE PICTORIAL WORLD, Should be read by all those who have at heart the interests of their fellow men, as they show, in a powerful, graphic, and truthful manner, the hard- ships and privations endured by the London Poor. .¡ m C? First-Class Beverages."—The Orceer. I t* TB Hjr'i BC 1 I "Have an established reputation."—NmemfiamhSt, ■ ■ » I law' leeBeH«Ki | I "Exceedingly pleasant."—The Sock. SLACK CUKRANT, RASPBERRY, ORANGE, piMi ■■■¥■ f1^ V* I It IIX LEMON, LIME-FRUIT, GINGERETTE, F-Kl 11 | I iKIlNSK WINTERINE, &c., &c. 6d,,l/,&l/9 per bottle. I I lUI ■ HI l»VVf 1A/AI Offl CV I 1S1IIK?B m< As supplied to the Great Temperance Masonic Banqput WV \J L& tLt 1 LI CI U EU rr S at the Free Trade Hall, Manchester, March 38,1883. TUr nDMU» AC rue *ec A CAM "A capital combination of moot tasteful THE DRINK OF THE SEASON Church Standard. manufacturer, W. BECKETT, Heywood, Manchester: London Depot: 96, Farringdotl BtIWl. 10M.. Chemists, Grocers, Confectioners and Coffee Tavern Companies. n lTr„ W ototr^ WHOSE OCCUPATION FORCES THEM TO vm TSimnTr^Tn npo WEATHER, SO CONTRACTING BHE17. iNUllLu 1 MATISM,_ AGUE, AND RHEUMATIC GOUT, PRICE'S ^HI1UMATIC 01LS," WHICH ARB HARMIJE8S AN» «• -m /» SS GIVE YOU IMMEDIATE RELIEF AND TO.TI- TM flSinPWM IfT 1\T IN THK most ADVANCED STATE OF TOOTH JL U& JL lfJLJ2j*Jy • AND PAINFUEr MALADIES. THIS EP IB CERTAIN'TO Da PROCURE A BOTTLE AT ONCE FROM AND 3TOUR NEAREST CHEMIST. PRICE 2s. »i>. WHOLE8AJUK AGENTS, BARCLAY AND S0N9, S5, FARIUNQDOH J) T Tnisi 71/f" #7* \T fcONDON,. BE CAREFUD TO ASK.POR I fJJLl iyJojJflJjjJM, -'PRICE'S RHEUMATIC OILS." Gold Medal Paris Exhibition, 1878* KINAHAN'S PURE, MILD and MELLOW. DELICIOUS and MOST WHOLESOME. I I THE CREAM OF OLD IRISH WHISKIES. LL Dr. HASSALL says—"Soft and Mellow,Pure, well Mature, and of very Excellent Quality. I WHISKY. The Gold Medal Dublin Exhibition, 186S. 20, GREAT TITOHFIELD STREET, LONDON, W. FELTEN AND GUILLEAUME'S PATENT STEEL BARB FENCING WIRE. H -V mom", SOLE AGENTS FOR CARDIGANSHIRE— WILLIAMS & WHITE, i ABEliYSTWYTH.~ Wh Et VEGETABLE PUR.IFYIKQ; VV PILLS. ESTABLISHED 1835. Are one of those rare Medicine* which, for their extraordinary eafiitt properties, have gained an al- IMifsws. most UNIVERSAL REPU- .jpJLA TATION. Numbers are eon-' T ffikSa MA«k JfcfwMtollTatantly bearing tfiatimony their Lr-at Talue in di<order< of the HBAD, CHEST". BOWELS, LIVER, and KIDNEYS; also in RH13IIMATIBM, as may be sten from the T st:m 'tdtttt publinhed from time to lime. :'y tht timely useof-ueh a remedy many of the ten- ously afflicting disorders which result from proper mean- tieslfcfea might be avoided, and much suffering sared, for- Preve;ition is better than cure." Sold in Roxes, price 7jd„ Is lid., and 011., by G. WHBLVTON and SON, 8, Crane Court. Fleet Street, London; and by Chemists and Medicine Vendor* at home and afcroaA. ffnt free by post in the United Kingdom for S. 14, or 3ft Stamps. » Printed by Steam Power and Pnbluoaa Oj ions MORGAN, at the Observer Office 1, Korth FANRFMR Aberystwyth. SATURDAY, JUNE SO, MM.