Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

1 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



Salt,; Dv AUCTION* CARDIGANSHIRE. PRELIMINARY NOTICE. SALE OF VALUABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY. THE following Farms, Leaseholds, &c., forming part of Crosswood Estate, will be offered for Sale in AUGUST NEXT, unless previously disposed of -•— Parish of Llanfihangel Genen'rglyn. Gaergowydd Farm, Fields at Bow Street, Lease- Iiolds at Bow Street and Penygarn. Parish of Llanbadarn Fawr. Tyngraig, near Devil's Bridge. Parish of Rhostie. Oaedo. Cottage and Field. Parish of Llanddewi Brefi. Pengra.ig Sheepwalk at Llyn Eiddwyn. Parish of Llanfihangel Ystrad. Rhyclybeiie, Leasehold at Cribyn and Fields, Garu- ioel, Nanthenfoel Fawr and Nanthenfoel Fach, Sffafcgintach Field and Leaseholds. Parish of Silian. Shydygof Farm. Parish of Dihewid. Pantygwiel, Fronddu. Crosswood Estate Office, Birchgrove, Aberystwyth, 24th Jane, 1884. — NOTICE. JOHN B AKER, AUCTIONEER, PRACTICAL VALUER COMMISSION AGENT, &c., SHYDYPENAU FARM, BOW STREET, NEAR ABERYSTWYTH. J". B. efficiently conducts all kinds of Property Sales SMMi Valuations, and begs to annouce that his next -Mtmfehly Sale of Horses, Cattle and other Live Stock, Carriages, &c., will take place ON MONDAY, JULY 7TH, 1884. At. 1.2.30 prompt. Early entries respectfully solicited ■o be sent to the Auctioneer as above, as they may e daly announced. Horses and Cattle bought and sold on commission ESTABLISHED IN 1854. J. W. ROGERS, AUCTIONEER AND VALUER SALES BY AUCTION of Horses, Carriages, Cat- file and other Livestock, Agricultural Produce, <sii Owner's Premises or elsewhere. Valuations or Probate Duty and the Transfer of Business. ARBITRATIONS AND REFERENCES IMPAR- TIALLY CONDUCTED. HOUSES, LAND, ESTATES, &c., offered for SMe fey Auction on the usual terms, including the p-erious inspection of each lot. IMMEDIATE CASH ADVANCES Goods of every description consigned for absolute Sale. Bills of Sale, Assignments and Distraints enforced *:3$y fcrEstworthy Bailiff*, under strict supervision. —The highest references to a large circle of SJesident Clients, N. P. Bank, Solicitors, and others, .if required. Personal Supervision given to all Sales and Valua 'Stons. Bailiff under the Agricultural Holdings Act. Aactien and Estate Offices, Pier-street, Aberystwyth. SMITHFIELD, ABERYSTWYTH. WoafcMy Sales of Live STOCK, IMPLEMENTS, &c MEU J. W. ROGERS begs respectfully to announce that he will hold Monthly Sales of Cattls, Sfaffses, Sheep, Pigs, Agricultural Implements, -Curia-ges, &c., in the Smithfield, Aberystwyth, on Zhe FIRST MONDAY IN EVERY MONTH, at Eleven efdock at noon. ———* Estries for the SALE on the FIRST MONDAY ist next month are respectfully requested. To be mrnzL in at least a week previous to Sale, to be in- c £ ffi«ied in advertisements. NOTICE. IJIAKTIES haying Furnished Houses or Apartments Jl to Let should call or send full particulars as to asxE-tssber of Rooms, when vacant, rental, &c., to Mr W. Rogers, Auctioneer and Estate Agent, Terrace EeMMi. No charge for registering same. CARDIGANSHIRE. HEPQRTANT SALE OF FREEHOLD PROPERTY. PRELIMINARY NOTICE. TUB MOELIFOR ESTATE, situate near Llan- rhystyd, in the county of Cardigan, the property <Œ iL, P. Saunders Davies, Esquire, will be offered or Sale by Public Auction in July next, in suitable ,$lid convenient lots. Fall particulars will shorty appear. JENKINS & EVANS, < ^SssrSi^an, 22nd April, 1884. Solicitors. CARDIGANSHIRE. SEPOSTANT SALE OF FREEHOLD PROPERTY. PRELIMINARY NOTICE. 'mHE HENDREFELEN ESTATE, situate in the JL Parish of Yspytty Ystwyth, in the County of -C&L,digo,n, the property of Francis Hughes Gibb, SSsiuire, will be offered for sale by public auction a August next in suitable and convenient lots. FuU particulars will appear shortly. ROBERTS AND EVANS, Solicitors. Aberystwyth, April 29th, 1884. EICK COVERS, RICK COVERS. SACKS, WOOL SHEETS. OIL SHEETS, TARPAULINS, &c., &c. McILQUHAM, ABERYSTWYTH IMMIGRATION TO NEW SOUTH WALES. THE NEW SOUTH WALES GOVERNMENT ■ -mil provide Passages to Sydney (by first-clabs Ships) aspoa payment of the under-mentioned REDUCED «ATES| to persons approved by the Agent-General. To consist of Married Couples not exceeding 40 years, wUh or without Children, and Single persons of limited age. Kates per each Married Couple £ 6, Single Men £ 4, SSqgfle Women £ 2. Children of 3 and under 14 years £1 each. Under 3 years free. Farmers, Agricultural and other Labourers, Vine. *««M3sers, Mechanics, and Female Domestics are required. Farther information may be obtained from The- «u«ration Department, New South Wales Govern- .■Sot Offices, 5, Westminster Chambers, Londsa or from the Local Agent: JOHN MORGAN, Office, 1, North Parade, Aberystwyth. SAUL SAMUEL, Agent-General for New South Wales Uufilic NO TIFFS* "Ä" UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF NORTH WALES. TO BE COMPETED FOR :-Six Scholarships of £ 50 a year, Eight Scholarships of < £ 20 a year, and 33 Exhibitions of .£10 a year; all tenable for three years. Syllabus and Regulations may now be had upon application to W. CADWALADR DAVIES, Bangor, June 9th, 1884. Secretary & Registrar. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF SOUTH WALES AND MONMOUTHSHIRE. AUTUMNAL EXAMINATION FOR ENTRANCE EXHIBITIONS, &c. THE FORESTERS' SCHOLARSHIP OF £ 25 AND TEN ENTRANCE EXHIBITIONS EACH OF THE VALUE OF .£11 Is, All tenable for One Year, will be offered for competi- ion at Cardiff on the 1st, 2AD, and 3rd October next. For further particulars apply to IVOR JAMES, Registrar. NORTH CARDIGANSHIRE AGRICUL- TURAL SOCIETY. NOTICE.—A Meeting of the Executive Committee of the above Society will be held at the Town Hall, Aberystwyth, on Monday, the 7th July, at 2 o'clock p.m., for the purpose of fixing the Prizes for the ensuing Show, appointing Judges, and making all necessary arrangements for the Show, and for the transaction of general business. WM. MORGAN, Secretary. NOTICE TO DAIRYMEN, COWKEEPERS, &c. The Dairies, Cowsheds, & Milk-shops Order of 1879. PURSUANT to the above-mentioned Order in P Council made the Ninth day of July, 1879, under the Contagious Diseases (Animals) Act, 1878. The Committee appointed by the Local Authority to act for the District of the Petty Sessional Division of Lower Geneu'rglyn doth hereby give public notice that it is not lawful for any Person to carry on in the said District of Petty Sessional Division of Lower Geneur'glyn the trade of a Cowkeeper, Dairyman, or Purveyor of Milk, unless he is registered as such. The mode of Registration will be as follows :—(a) A written application to be registered must be delivered to Mr W. Williams, the clerk to the Justices for the SAID Petty Sessional Division, at his office, 16, Portland-street, Aberystwyth (where a form of application may be obtained), thereupon the application will be considered, and, if granted,the applicant will be registered under the said order and a certificate of registration handed to him. Dated this 1st day of July, 1884. By Order, WM. WILLIAMS, 16, Portland-street, Clerk to the Justices Aberystwyth. for the, District of Petty Sessional Divi- sion of Lower Geneu- 'rglyn, and Clerk to the said Committee of the Local Authority. CAUTION. By Sees 60 & 61 of the above-named Act, it is pro. vided that if any person does anything in contra- vention of the said Act, or of an Order of Council, or of a regulation of a Local Authority, he renders himself liable to a Penalty not exceeding TWENTY POUNDS. NOTICE TO DAIRYMEN, COWKEEPERS, &c. The Dairies, Cow-sheds, and Milk-shops Order of 1879. PURSUANT to the above-mentioned Order in P Council made the Ninth day of July, 1879, under the Contagious Diseases (Animals) Act, 1878, We, the mayor, aldermen, and burgesses of the town, borough, and liberty of Aberystwyth, being the Local Authority for the Borough of Aberystwyth, DO HEREBY GIVE PUBLIC NOTICE that it is not lawful for any Person to carry on in the said borough of Aberystwyth the trade of a Cowkeeper, Dairyman, or Purveyor of Milk unless he is registered as such. The mode of Registration will be as follows A written application to be registered must be delivered to the Town Clerk at his Office (where a form of application may be obtained), thereupon the application will be considered, and, if granted, the applicant will be registered under the said Order, and a certificate of registration handed to him. Dated this 1st day of July, 1884. By Order, Signed A. J. HUGHES, Town Clerk, and Clerk to the said Authority. Address 30, Pier-street, Aberystwyth. CAUTION. By Sees. 60 & ôl of the above-named Act, it is provided that if any person does anything in contra, vention of the said Act, or of an Order of Council, or of a regulation of a Local Authority, he renders himself liable to a Penalty not exceeding TWENTY POUNDS. HAXELL'S HOTELS, LONDON AND BRIGHTON. London Telephone, 2577. THEY are scarcely one hour's distance from each other. Their several situations are world-known The London Hotel in the part of the West Strand. The Brighton Hotel facing the sea, every Room commanding it. The Tariffs of both Hotels are the same :-Apart. ments, 2/6; Draw-room with Bed-room, en suite, 10/6; 12/6; visitors, en pension, 10/6 daily. No extras whatever. The best breakfast table and table d'hote in London and Brighton. Visitors at either Hetel can patronize the other without any further expense than their railway fares, their Apartments during their absence being retained without any charge. D. H. RICHARDS, BILL-POSTING CONTRACTOR, EMIGRATION AND ADVERTISING AGENT, 45, BRIDGE STREET, ABERYSTWYTH, BEGS to announce that all Bill-posting Orders will be executed as hitherto, in succession to his father, D. Richards, deceased. Passage Tickets, per first-class Steamships to the United States, Canada, Queensland, &c., at the lowest rates. Advertisements received for insertion in all papers IV OTICES TO QUIT, Landlord to Tenant, Tenant JA to Landlord, One Penny each, at the Observer Offioe- f Uufcltc Notice NORH AND SOUTH WALES BANK, LIMITED. NINETY-FIRST DIVIDEND. NOTICE is Hereby Given that a Dividend of Ten Shillings per Share for the Half-year ended 30th ultimo, on the Capital of the Company, and a Bonus of Seven Shillings and Sixpence per Share, will be paid to the proprietors, free of income tax, on and after the 11th instant, at the Head Office and the respective Branches. The TRANSFER BOOKS will be CLOSED from this date to the 11th inst. inclusive. I By order of the Directors. R. MEREDITH JONES, Liverpool Manager. Liverpool, 2nd July, 1884. ROYAL AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND. GREAT SHOW OF HORSES, CATTLE, SHEEP, PIGS, IMPLE- MENTS, CHEESE, BUTTER, HIVES, HONEY DAIRYING, TO BE HELD AT SHREWSBURY. A DMtSSION:—SATURDAY. July 12th (Implement A Yard only), 2" 6d. JULY 14TII to ISTH, 1881 (inclusive). MOMDAY, July 14th, 5S. TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY, 2s 61. THURSDAY and FRIDAY, Is. Non-transferable Tickets, price Half-a-Goinea ad- mitting the holder to the Show Yard each day, and available for re-admission may be obtained. at the Secretary's office, at the Show-yard or of Messrs ADNITT & NAUNTON, The Square, Shrewsbury. ARMY SERVICE. YOUNG MEN wishing to JOIN HER MAJESTY'S ARMY will, on application at any Post Office n the United Kingdom, be supplied, without charge, with a Pamphlet containing detailed information as to the Conditions of Service and Advantages of the Army, as to Pay, Deferred Pay, and Pensions. Great prospects of Promotion are offered to eligible Young Men. Applications can be made, either personally or b y etter, to the Officer commanding the Regimental District at Brecon, or to the nearest Volunteer Sergeant Instructor or other Recruiter. Reeruits, if eligible, can be enlisted for any arm of the Regular Service they may select. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. eRAND CHORAL FESTIVAL AT HARLECH CASTLE, on SATURDAY, July 5th, 1834. On this date Cheap Day Return Tickets will be issued to Harlech, at the times and fares named below Fares for double journey 3rd class #Aberystwytli dep. 7 55 3/7 *Bow Street 8 7 3/2 *Llanfih'mgel" 8 11 3/1 *Borth „ 8 17 2/10 Ynyslas „ 8 22 2/8 *Glandovey „ a.m. 8 37 2/8 Machynlleth „ 7 30 8 25 3/0 Aberdovey 8 0 9 0 2/2 Towyn ,,8 13 9 10 1/11 First class tickets issued at double the third class fares. Returning from Harlech the sam3 day at 8.40 p.m. ^Passengers for Aberystwyth, Bow Street, Llanfihangel, Borth, Ynyslas, and Glandovey, on the return, leave Harlech at 7.9 p.m. ROYAL AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY'S SHOW AT SHREWSBURY, July 15th, 16th, 17ch, and 18th, 1884. Return Tickets will be issued at Cheap Fares by ordinary Trains, to Shrewsbury, on Tuesday, July 15th, and following days daring the Show, available to return any day up to Saturday, July 19th, inclu- sive, at about the ordinary single fare and one half. Season Tickets, from Saturday, July 12th, to Satur- day, July 19th inclusive. Day Trips by special ex- enrsion train on Thursday and Friday, July 17th and 18tb, at the following times and fares. Tickets available to return on day of issue only. Fare for double journey I a.m. 3rd class Aberystwyth dep. 5 301 Bow Street., 5 43 ) Llanfil-iangel 5 47 4s Od Borth „ 5 56 | I Ynyslas 6 2J { Glandovey 6 17^ j Machynlleth „ Q 35 j- 3s 6d Cemmaes Road „ 6 47 J Llanbrynmair „ 7 5) „ 0, Carno „ 7 24) 3 First class tickets issued at double third class fares. The return train leaves Shrewsbury on each day at 7.25 p.m. SUMMER EXCURSIONS, 1884. Every Saturday S in July, Cheap Excursion Bookings to LIVER- POOL (Via Whitchureh and Crewe) and CHESTER (Via Whitchurch and Tattenhall Line), returning on the Monday following, from Pwllheli, Avon Wen, Criccieth, Portmadoc, Miuffordd, Penrhyndeudraeth, Talsarnau, Harlech, Pensarn, Dyffryn, Barmouth, Dolgelley, Penmaeupool, Towyn, and Aberdovey. SEASON EXCURSIONS, 1884. On Monday, July S 7th, Cheap Day Excursion Bookings to Towyn, Aberdovey, Borth and Aberystwyth, From Pwllheli, Avon Wen, Criccieth, Portmadoc, Penrhyndeudraeth, Talsarnau, Harlech, Pensarn, Dyffryn, Dolgelley, Penmaenpool, Barmouth, Arthog Barmouth Junction, Llwyngwril, Towyn, Aberdovey Tickets, Bills, and every information can be had at the above-named stations. EDWIN LILLER, Oswestry, June, 1884. Traffic Manager. BIJOU THEATRE. TUESDAY, JULY 8th. GRAND MASONIC BESPEAK OF BRO. JOHN LEVY. O.RAND Combination of Novelties and Attractions for this Special occasion. Tickets may be had at the Lion Royal Hotel, the Talbot Hotel, Messrs J. Evans & Sons, Masic Ware- house, and of Mr Levey, 29, Little Darkgate Street. PIANOS, HARMONIUMS AMERICAN ORGANS, FOR SALE, HIRE, OR EXCHANGE, I, Or on the hire purchase system of easy payments, at W. K. WHEATLEY & SONS, ORGANIST TEACHERS, TUNERS,IPIANOFORTE AND MUSIC SELLERS, 22, TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH Testimonials for Tnning, from BMNr.ET RICHARDS, ESQ., DR PARRY, D. JENKINS, ESQ., Mus. BAC., and the nobility and gentry of the midland counties and Mid-Wales. N.B.—Artists colours and drawing materials ways in Stock. RECEIPT FORMS, in books of 5? each, price 6d may be purchased at the Observer Office, 1, North Parade. Very useful. I Lqtlucattall. EDUCATION. GUINEASyearly for Board, Laundress, French -L# and Music. Every facility afforded for rapid progress ih English. Large recreation ground. References, prospectus, view of house (in a healthy village in Gloucestershire), on application to Gover- ness, Times Enquiry Office, Hereford. CAERLEON HOUSE, ABERYST\VYTB. SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES. PRINCIPAL.—MISS TRUBSHAW, Assisted by Masters, and Resident Foreign an English Governesses. Pupils prepared for the Oxford and Cambridge JL Local examinations. For Terms, &e., apply to the Principal. The School year consists of three terms, beginning respectively January 17, April 22, September 17; but pupils cau be received at any time during the terms. OXFORD HOUSE, 4, MARINE TERRACE, ABERYSTWYTH. (In Union with Trinity College, London.) MRS and the MISSES MOUNTFORD, assisted by Masters and a Resident Foreiga Governess, receive Twelve young Ladies to board and educate. Pupils prepared for the Oxfard and Cambridge Local Examinations, and can be received at any time during the terms. REFEHEES.—Major Fulford, R. A. Stafford; The Rev W. P. Vincent, Vicar of Salt, Stafford The Rev W. Ostle, Chaplain of So Bartholmew's Hospital, London; The Rev W. Berresford, Vicar of St Luke's, Leek, Staffordshire; The Rev Dickens Lewis, Shrews- bury The Rev W. Eastman, Teddington Cottage, Streatham-place, London, S.W. Tne Rev T. Taggart, Vicar of St Mathew's, Douglas, Isle of Man. Prospectus, &c., on application. Terms—25 guineas per annum. 10. WESTFIELD HOUSE SCHOOL FOR GIRLS, GLOUCESTER. PRINCIPAL—MRS LEO. Assisted by an efficientstaff of Resident Governesses, and the following Visiting Masters. In English, by S. H. Platt, Esq., College School, Gloucester. In Scripture and Latin,'by Rev. E. T.W. Thomaa.M.A. In French and German, by Herr G. A. Schneider, Modern Language Master, Cheltenham. In Singing, by J. Hunt, Esq., Hon. See. Gloacester Chord Society. In Pianoforte, by Tewksbury GoodfelIow,Esq.,R. A.M. In Natural Science, by G. Embrey, Esq., F.R. Met.Soc. and Master of the School of Science, Gloucester. LADIES' COLLEGIATE SCHOOL, THE TERRACE, ABERYSTWYTH. PRINCIPAL—MRS. E. MARIE JONES, Assisted by the REV. E. P. JONES, M.A., B.D., and a Staff of Qualified Teachers. HOME Comforts and a Liberal Diet, as testified by the numerous expressions of satisfaction received from Parents. Dariug the last year 16 Pupils gained certificates from the Trinity College, London, and the Royal College of Preceptors, 4 hav- ing gained honours. Prospectus (with view) on application. YSTRAD MEURtG SCHOOL. HEAD MASTER The REV. JOHN JONES, M.A., Sometime Scholar of Jesus College, Oxford. MATHEMATICAL MASTER The REV. H. J. LERIGO, B.A., St John's College Call bridge. For Terms, &c., apply to the HEAD MASTER. GRAMMAR SCHOOL, ABERYSTWYTH. Founded in 1812. T,rmst,ce,s,-Tl,ic Rev. Chancellor PHILLIPS, Sir PBYSE PRYSE, Bart., and others. Head MasterMr EDw lRO JON8S, First B.A. London. Assisted by resident and other Masters. A Boy in this School taught in a class in connection with 5. Kensington was the only candidate in the Principality that took honours in Mathematics this year. The WARDEN of Llandovery College, speaking of this School in 18B2, said:—GREEK and Latin are not better taught in any school in the kingdom. French and the English subjects are efficitnllv taught, as witnessed by the Division Lists of the Oxford Local Examina- tions for 1S83. A list of numerous successes in Oxford, Cambridge, Sce., obtained by ca-ididates direct from this School, during the past ten years, together with prospectuses, See., may be had on ap- plication. LAMPETER GRAMMAR SCHOOL. (Founded 1805.) Head Master—MR THOMAS H. WILLIAMS, B.A. (Oxon), Lae tScholar of Jesus College and Second Class Hononrs Moderations. rf^HE aim of the education given at this school A will be such as to prepare young men for Matriculation at the Ui .versifies and Lampeter College also boys for he Oxford Local and Preliminary Examinations. Terms—6 guineas a year. 2 guineas a term. For further infermation apply to the Head Mast r. rrHE ABERYSTWYTH COMMERCIAL & GRAMMAR SCHOOL. QUEEN'S SQUARE HOUSE, QUEEN'S ROAD. Conducted by MR THOMAS OWENS, C.M., 1D honours of the London University, and late Senior Scholar of the University College of Wales. PUPILS Prepared for Commercial Pursuits, the Civil Service, the learned Professions, the Uni- versities, and the various Training and Theological Colleges. Special attention paid to English and Commercial Training at moderate charges. c: — 4 DO YOU REQUIRE A WATCH? If so, note these facts, which are world-wide proved realities:— -83 buys from us a Five Guinea English Silver Lever, the very best that can be made. X3 10s buys the same watch in Hunting cases, positively worth retail .£6 30s. £1 5s buys a splendid f-plate improved Horizontal Sterling Silver Watch (the Defiance), worth X2 10s. 45 10s buys our Centre-Seconds English Chronograph, worth .£10, unequalled. Our position as Manufacturers of the best, enables us to serve you better than all others, and add you unlimited satisfaction. This announcement is small, but it gives you the Address of a firm than can save you much. Send two penny stamps to pay postage of a Large Illustrated Pamphlet, and prove to yourself facts beyond dispute. Address-STEWART DAWSON & CO., 3, RANMAGH PLACE, LIVERPOOL. One Huadred Valuable Prizes given away gratis on December 31st, 1884. WHELPTON'S VEGETABLE PURIFYING PILLS, ESTABLISHED 1835, Are one of (hose rare Medicines which ESTABLISHED 1835. Are one of those rare Medicines which for their extraordinary properties,have gained an almost UNIVERSAL BE- PUTA 1'ION. Numbers are constantly bearing testimony to their great value in disorders of the HEAD, CHEST, I T««DE mark(ntcgTEREDi (ROWELS. LIVER, and KIDNEYS: a'so in RHEUMATISM, as may be seen from the Testimonials published from time to time. By the timely use of such a remedy many of the seriously afflicting disorders which results from proper means neglected might be avoided, and much suffering saved for Prevention is better than cure." Sold in Boxes, price 7Jd, Is lid, and 9d, by G. WHELP* TON and SON, 3, Crane Couit, Fleet Street, London, and by Chemists and Medicine Vendors at h ome and abroad. Sent fret by post in the United Kingdom for 6,14, or 33 staiaps. I Bu0ci«00 Xotier* NEW SPRING GOODS. C. M. WILLIAMS IS now showing the Latest Novelties in Dress Materials, Black & Coloured Cashmeres, Vel- veteens, Brooche Satins, Ottoman Silks, Straw and Chip Hats and Bonnets, Feathers, Flowers, Tufts and Aigiettes, Spanish and Blonde Laces, Chenille & Silk Fringes, Gimps and Ornaments, Hosiery, Gloves, Ribbons, Corsets, Silk and Lace Scarfs and Squares, Frillings, Collars and Cuffs, ¡ Umbrellas, Sunshades, &c., New Woollen Clotas for Suitings, Gents' Hats in newest shapes, Shirting, Flannels, Shirts, Collars. Scarfs, Ties, Cuffs, &3. Cags,&3. Special attention has been paid to the Millin- ery Department, in which will be found a Splen- did Assortment of Hats and Bonnets, trimmed j and untrimmed, at prices which cannot fail to please everyone. A Visit of Inspection will oblige. C. M. WILLIAMS, Drapery & Millinery Establishmen PIER STREET, ABERFSTWYTH. A GREAT CLEARANCE SALE Of this Year's entire STOCK OF WALL PAPERS!! FOR READY MONEY. Chimney and Other Glasses, Pictures, Pic- tures Framed, Pici are Mouldings, Paints, 0 Varnishes, Glass, &c., &e. T. THOMAS, PAINTER, PLUMBER, GLAZIER, AND HOUSE DECORATOR, 20, GREAT DAKKGATE-STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. —:NO NAME OINTMENT: — This Ointment is confidently recommended as an old, tried, and successful remedy for Scnrvy, Scrofula, Glandular Swellings, Kii-igworra, Old Wounds, Ulcer, alert Legs, Snail Heads, Bot li'S on the face and body, St. Anthony's Fire, Burns, Chilblains, Bruises, Pile;, Fistuli, Rheumatism, Bunions, &c. It will heal up the most obstimte eruptions of the Skin of any kind.—No family *>houli be without it.' —:NO NAME PILLS:— For Scrofula, Scnrv-y, Ulcerated Legs, Erysipelas, ill) tches on the face, Eruptions on the body, Piles, Fistu la Q la-duli Swellings, &c., &c. They may be taken by persons of either sex, are tonic and invigorating, and, acting on thj, »ecretions, they are a truly valuable blood purifier, and may be used in conjunction with the, No Name Ointment of any of the above diseases. Sold in Pots and Boxes by all Chemists, price 741, Is I i d and 2s 9d. SOLE PROPRIETOR- J. WHITEHOUSE, 194, DEKITEND, BIRMINGHAM. THE BEST BRANDS OF HAVANNA CIGARS, LAMBERT & BUTLER'S CELEBRATED TOBACCOS Can only be obtained from ALFRED NOYES, aTHE WEST END STORES, ¡ PIER STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. NOTICE TO SMOKERS. "LAMBERT & BUTLER'S" I. and ALL OTHER FAN0Y TOBACCOS. CHOICE HAVANAH CIGARS. Note the address—J. PURTON, JEWELLER AND SILVERSMITH, 18, Terrace-road Aberystwyth. DAVID JONES, CIVIL AND MILITARY TAILOR, BREECHES MAKER, LADIES' RIDING HABITS & JACKETS, LIVERY, &c., 4, NORTH PARADE, ABERYSTWYTH. Suits Made to Order from 50s. Good Workmanship. Newest Styles. DENTISTRY. MR. A. C. POWELL, L.D.S., (LICENTIATE IN DENTAL SURGERY,) SURGEON DENTIST, Honorary Dental Surgeon to the Aberystwyth Infirmary aad Cardiganshire General Hospital, appointed by the Committee at the speeialreq ueilt of the Honorary Medical Officers), HAS COMMENCED PRACTICE AT BANGOR HOUSE, 18, PORTLAND STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. Hours—9 a.m. till 6 p.m. Consultation Free. MR POWELL will vis t MACHYNLLETH, at MR MAR- POLE'S, Maengwyn Street, from 2 till 5 p.m., on the 1st and Srd Wednesday in each month. L AM PETE K, at MB RODERICK EVANS', Chjmist, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. every Friday. ABERAYKON, at MR E. LDIA TONES', Chemist, from 10 a.m. tillS p.m on the 2nd ani 4th Wednesday in each month. HONEY OBTAINED EASILY AND PLEASANTLY WITH DAWSON'S BEE HIVES. Bar-frame Hives, Sections, Comb Foundation, Smokers, &c. CATALOGUE POST FREE. A. G. DAWSON, Alma. Buildings, Macclesfield. CAPT. THOS. DOUGHTON, Coal, Oil, and General Merchant, RHEIDOL COAL YARD, And 1, CHALYBEATE TERRACE, ABERYSTWYTH. Motto :-SmallProfits and Quick Returns; Mtiitlr,tr, etc. DRAPERY.-W ANTED. a respectable and well- educated Youth as an APPRKNTTOE (Welsh)- age from 14 to 16.-Apply to C. M. Williams, Aber- ystwyth. APARTMENTS. — To be Let, furnished, oaef Sitting-room, and one or two Bedrooms, lerms moderate.—Apply to Mr J. A. James, 27. Pier-street. rO LET, House and Shrp, 13, Terrace-road, first- class Easiness Premises; best- part of town.— Apjsly, R. Watkins, 50, Marine Terrace. HE NATIONAL ENCYCLOPAEDIA. — To bo. Sold a Sacrifice, a complete set of this valu- able work qmite new.—Address, A.B.C., Observer*- Office. TO BE LET., with immediate possession, Yaenoc.- House, North Road, Aberystwyth.—Apply tot I John Evans, 10, Vaenor-street, Aberystwyth. TO BE LET, the genteel Country Residence JL BLAENXiirADER, situated about; 5 miles frota < Aberystwyth, and 2 miles from Llanrhystid Roa>c £ Station, and It miles from Llanilar, The House con- tains Dining Room, Spacious Drawing Room, Break- last Room, 4 Bedrooms. Study, 2 Kitchens, Pantries,, and Dairy. There is also a Coach-house, 4 stalled Stable, Cow-house, Carfc-house, Hay shed, and mtny other conveniences, together with about 20 acres of. land, ia a good state of cultivation. Possession ia September.—Apply to Mrs Roberts, 20, Marina Terrace. TO BE SOLD.—A smperior shut-Hp Pony Carriage* Bath built .• also Pouy and Harness. Can ber seen at work every day on Marine-parade, Aber- ystwyth. Price X25 15s for the lot.—Apply RichMit Starling, Aberystwyth. APARTMENTS.—Wanted, from July 2ist t<s August 21st, a Sittiag and 3 Bed rooms.—Ad- dress, stating terms.. O.P.Q Observer Office. SPANIELS.—To be Sold, 8 Spaniel Pups, liver ani. f.J white. For price and particulars apply to ths Coachman, Aberliolwyn Hall, Aberystwyth. AIJ fcEYSi'WYTH — APARTiiENTS. — Summer AL Residence, PLYNLIMON HOUSE, No. 5, Vic- tori a Terrace, facing the sea, best part of the terrace-, Terms mod-ei-ate; good cooking and attendance.— Apply to Mrs Pierce. 1^0 LET, 31 and 38, Bridge-street, containing fiv<? Bedrooms, Drawing Rooms, two Parlours, W.C. Bath Room, Kitchen, Scullery, Commodious Cellar, Yard, and other conveniences.—Apply at 27, Bridge- treet. rO LE 1'—^Five-roomed House, Cellar and large Garden, sit uate in the best part of the town.— Address or apply to G. Wilkinson, North-parade,. Aberystwyth. CATTLE FENCING.—For Sale, 100 Iron Cattle Hurdles, six feet long, with fire bars, ani screws for fixing ,• quite new. Price, 3s 8d eacht carriage paid. Sketch sent.—Staff and Co., 31, Great Western Buildings, Birmingham. TTTINDOW BILLS, This House to Let," may f f be obtained at the Obsirver Office, price oaa penny each. HOUSE and SHOP to Let, No. 31, Pier-street,, JLJL commanding position, suitable for Fancy Drapery, Grocery, Confectionery, Jewellery, &c., or for Refreshment Rooms. — Apply to D. Lloyd,, on the premises. (CHALYBEATE TERRACE, ABERYSTWYTH THIS Ho-ase and Shop to be Let.—Apply to Mr John Thomas, draper, Great Darkgate-street. BERYSTWYTH.—TO LET on or after the lst of Jaly next, No 4, Laura-place. This well-fitted up house is openly situated in the best parI. of tha: town close to tiie sea and Castle ruins, is in ex sellenb condition, contains dining, drawing-rooms, six bed- rooms, w.c., kitchen, back-kitchen, and other con- I venient offices, with flower garden.—Apply on that premises. TO BE LET, with immediate possession, York House, 64, Marine-terrace.—Apply to Thomas White, lapidary and Jeweller, Terrace-road. lichgtouø Serbtceø. ST. MIOffAEL'S PARISH CHURCH ABSRYSTVVYTH- ORDER OF SERVICES. SUNDAY :— Full Service and Sermon at 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. Holy Communion, 1st Sunday in month, 11 a.m, 3rd „ at 8.30 aur- WEEK BATS:— Morning Prayer on Wednesday and Friday, and os Saints' Days and Holy-days, at 11 a.m. Ho. Communion according to notiee. HYMN BOOK—"Church Hymns," (S.P.C.K.) ST. MARY'S (WELSH) CHURCH, (Leading out of Bridge Street). SUNDAY :— Welsh Service and Sermon at 10 a.m. ap.d 6 p.m. Holy Communion on the list Sunday in the. month at 10 a.m. or 6 p.m. according to notice WEEK DAFS — English—Evening Prayer aad SermoB, W i.jv at 7 p.m. Welsh—Evening Prayer and Sermon vIj -r&day at 7 p.m. Communicants' Meeting every Tuesday, at 7 p.m. OFFERTORY AFTER ALL TEN SUNDAY SERVIGSS. SUNDAY SCHOOLS :— At the Boys' National Schools, at 2.30 p.m.—English. Girls' ditto ditto at 2.30 p.m.—Welsh. Ysgoldy at 2,30 p.m.—Mixed- Penyparke National School (Service and Sermon at 3.30 p.m.) RET. CHANCELLOR PHILLIPS, M.A., Vicar. Mr EDWARD J. JONES, 1 n, Major C. BASSETT LE WIS, j Churchwardens. LLANBADAUN FAWR CHULIOH; ENGLISH SERVICE- AT 11.30 A.M. On Sundays, Christmas day, Ash Wednesday, Ga»cL Friday, Ascensien-day, SERVICE, WITH SERMON. Celebration of the Holy Communion on every Third Sunday in the month, and also on Christmas, Easter-day, and Whit-Sunday. HYMNS, AseixNr AND MODERN. Offertory at each Service towards the Restoration Fund. Total Expenditure, abont J6?,MG. Debt, about £850. NOTICE. T. E. MORGAN, 48, NORTH PARADE, ABERYSTWYTH, HAS resolved, at the solicitation of numeraas friends, to practice as ao ARCHITECT ia the town, where he has opened an Offije at ths above address. He has obtained fall inark-i for Architectural Drawings at South Kensington, and rusts to receive a measure of Public support. G. WILKINSON, EGG MERCHANT, SEEDSMAN, GAME, I DEALER, &c., 8, NORTH PARADE, ABERYSTWYTH^ PARTIES requiring any kind of Qarden &*&q. 1- best sorts of Early Potatoes, apply to W son who has just received a large stock of the QUALITY,