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The medical profession are now ordering Cadbury's Cocoa Essence in thou ands of cases, because it contains more nutritious anil flesh-forming elements than any other beverage, and is preferable to the thick starchy cocoa ordinarily sold. When you ask for Cadbury's Cocoa Essence be sure that you get it, as shopkeepers often push imitations for tha sake of extra profits. Makers to the Queen. Paris Depot, 90, Fau- bourg St Honore. To kill bugs, moths, Seas, and all Insects, use POWDER-Unrivalled in its certain action. Harm- less to everything but insects. Tins, 6d and Is. FIRST PRIZE FOR LAUNDRY WORK.—The Laun- dress who won the first prize in the competition for the best got up linen, at the Torquay Industrial Exhibition used Reckitt's Paris Blue and Starch; HOW MANY PEOPLE SUFFER. It is often remarked how many more people than formerly complain of feeling unwell. It is not that there is a greater amount of contagious diseases afloat, for there is proof that the extent and strength of such are far less than of yore, because of better sanitary arrangements and greater attention to cleanliness and other matters. The enormous prevalence cannot be doubted ef pains in the back, side, and chest; ener- vated and languid feelings; loss of energy; distress and fulBea of the stomach, with often a sense of deadly faintness at its pit, which eating does not stay; sick-headache, so-called biliousness; unpleasant breath a sense of werriness when ris- ing in the morning, with an unpleasant taste in the mouth, and loss of appetite, or non-enjoyment of food. These are hut I the mildest effects of feeling unwell," and yet how great is the distress and suffering, with hindrance to business and plea- sure, they give rise to. The cause is not far to seek it lies in the stomach and digestive organs, which have become impaired to the distress of nearly all the other functions of the body. Assuredly could the stomach always be kept in well-regulated condition through life. it would tend to far greater longevity than is now the case. The stomach is a wheel within wheels, and just as an erratic tendency on the part of a small but still important wheel of a clock leads to the disarrangement of its whole function as a time-keeper, so does the failure of so important a wheel as the digestive organs in the mechanism of the human frame throw, by their impaired vigour or inaction, all the parts depending on them-and they are legion-out of gear. Just as the wheel of the clock will require to be adjusted that accurate time may be kept, so must the impaired organs of the stomach be restored to their original vigour. Digestion must be promoted by increasing the flow and strength of the gastric juice, and this "Seigel's Curative Syrup" will effectu- ally do. It will impart strength to the stomach, invigorate the liver and impart tone to the bowels, to the greater enjoyment of life and health of all who use it; and that it so may be tested by a portyal of the Testimonials in an Almanac. which will be furnishOT free of charge to any applicant by the Pro- prietors A. J. White (Limited), 17, Farringdon Road, London, E.C. The syrup can bs obtainedfrom any chemist or medicine vendor.