Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

1 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



gales Ivp Ettctiou. 'PEN N-ear Aberystwyth, Cardiganshire. DESIRABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY FOR SALE. kR. OWEN DANIEL has received instructions t)," to offer for Sale by Auction, in Two Lots, at e Talbot Hotel, Aberystwyth, ON MONDAY, JUNE the 22nd; 1885, tinn o'clock in the afternoon, subject to condi- ^nii which will be then read or produced, the UUO^lng. FREEHOLD PROPERTY, V VIZ., 1-—All that Messuage or Dwelling-house FL.,7 'MAELGWYN COTTAGE,' together with the II Oildin-s, Garden, and 3 Fields belonging thereto, Qea > at Penygarn, in the parish of Llanfihangel tL rglyn, in the County of Cardigan, and now in tlj0 ^^Pation of Mr William J ones. And also, all j°iui HREE COTTAGES and GARDENS situate ad- j the above premises. '•Qjg pf 2.—All that piece or parcel of LAND on which ^etiv yj?arn Methodist Chapel is built, situate at aforesaid, and held on lease by the Trus- ty °f the said Chapel for the residue of a term of «tUh?efrs from the 15th day of February, 1833, at an f» ^ronn!3 rent. And also a piece of Ground Chan^'Offices a: joining and belonging to the said *P6L. S&^ther particulars apply to Mr Joseph Davies, •^Jwr^or the Auctioneer, both of Aberystwyth. TBE ABERYSTWYTH MINES PLANT AND MACHINERY, Yy "be offered for Sale on TUESDAY, the 16th JUNE Next, 0 o'clock noon, on the Alines, near Ponterwyd, bowing are the particulars:— AT BWLCHGWYN— Water Wheel, 40 feet x 3, good condition Launders, pitch pine; Wheel Pit Frame, -& £ wae ^0-inch Crusher, with Tumbling Shaft, new ^allo Machine 100 fm. 5-8 Chain; Stands and Jtnj Js j 10 fm. 8 in. Pomps, Complete Lift; Round ^I&fT?8' 6 ft. Water Wheel; Jigging Hutches; tVaQa "i^dle, Launders, Tanks, &c. 150 fm. Ladders ofrJ; Waggons, Wheel and Hind Barrows, Quantity r°a and Timber; Bell, &c. AT PENRHIW— Se»^ ^ater Wheel, 35 ft', x 4, Cast Iron Socket and {jj" eats; Launders, good conditioa; 30 in. ^11 r > Drawing Machine 100 fm. 9-16 Chain; SW,.ri and Stands 300 yards H Round Iron; 20 fm. 8 in. Pumps Jigging Hutches, ine}3.*lat Buddies, Round Buddies, Smith's Tools, good Bellows, Anvil, Vice, Handrian, IroD, ^aila snd Sin £ le Blocks, &c., &c.; 400 _frns. Bridge Screw2J in., capable of raising 10 tons Jigger, nearly new, by "Colman," 10 ft. IW Jo drive ditto New Dolly Tubs, Span •ISOfm YC-) &c-; 50 fm. Ladders; Tram Waggons; 4EC,j Pump Rods, l- £ iron 20 fm. 8 in. Pumps, ,W £ Particulars apply to Capt. Trevethan, Maes- tioQgar' Aberystwyth, or Mr E. J. Morgan, Auc- -Melindwr View, Capel Bangor, Aberystwyth. CARDIGANSHIRE. DESIRABLE AND VALUABLE BEHOLD ESTATE FOR SALE. u—, 0 CAPITALISTS AND OTHERS SEEKING SOUND INVESTMENTS. ^1- for sTl' has been instructed to offer ^°FCEL, ABERYSTWYTHUBLIC ACTION' AFC FCHE LION KOYAL M?NDAT' tIie 13th day of JULY, 1385, t61'? dp«'^ l1,00* Afternoon precisely, ail that £ IRA"LG AI1^ compact Freehold FARM and Known as NAVY HALL," tfle village of Lledrod, in the county of thp~a',compris,mS 146 acres 1 rood and 26 perches tviMbouts of Arable, Meadow, aad Pasture v^Uinoa ft an^a^- dwelling House and Oat- vMatpn, ;ereon! &nd also all that piece of Land r Mynydd-baoh, Lledrod, in the parish of K_> 0resa^j an^ near to Navy Hall," afore- ^>8tp p ° an encroachment from the Common ^10 Crown Lordship or Manor of Mefenvdd, :sra. 5 acres 1 rood and 26 perches or there- ??Pa.tin a which said premises are now in the oc- ,^y3ar^ °f Me John Williams, under lease for ^th 3» °| which 10 years were unexpired on the °* September, 1884, at the annual rent of inq», eop;r of the above-mentioned lease may k 'he ^i10 °ffic0 of the Vendors Solicitors, ~|;e&ared +erment*oue^ address, and the Lessee is t0 surrender his lease and to deliver up ft ^^eejbsU tlle Earui and Lands on the 29th day of 'eaip^nes. on beiug compensated for the im- effected by him thereon. There is a lle Quarry on the property. ^ghes^o01' Particulars apply to Messrs Hugh 0r ^onsi Solicitors Mr Isaac Morgan, Land e Auctioneer, ail of Aberystwyth. A CARD. 4(S P. DAVIES & DAVIS, ULTURAL & SANITARY ENGINEERS, AUCHITECR'?. AUCTIONEERS, AGENTS, SURVEYORS, & VALUERS, 8ERYSTWYTI1 & LAMPETER. Jj^SSRs. D. P. DAVIB3 & DAVIS beg to in- Clergy, Gentry, Agricui- tne £ ubiiJ, that they have services of Mr WILLIAM MORGAN, of 1^o^sej Queen s Road, Aberystwyth, fer ■W^Q ^!ie to whom any 0aiDf- „I?f,{'i0n may be addressed, and it will receive NOTICE. ^AJ-OH-EBR, PRACTICAL VALUER ltlttn COMMISSION AGENT, &c., fpENAU FARM, BOW STREET, NEAR ABERYSTWYTH. I condncts all kinds of Property Sales o ,ons) and begs to annouce that his next °f Horses, Cattle and other Live Stock, -p| ■' W^1 take place V,L2,3O PilS1' MONDAY IN EACH MONTH, Early entries respectfully solicited aAuctioneer as above, as they may ^SEAA1- "55^Cattle^bought and sold on commission. CARDIGANSHIRE. ftrfi Viona^y Auction, in July, 1885 (unless pre- aj/^ing. Vni ,poaecl of by Private Contract) the in ir il0 FARMS and SHEEPWALKS, ushin 0f 7^ Parish of Llanganfelen, and in the ^aelan and Maesmawr— A R P containing ..218 1 29 2i? 11 $>A ACH, „ 7 1 5 ^0'3Cr'iS, an^ -<1. MI:. 1'0 SHOPKEEPERS AND OTHERS. ystwvt^ Auctioneer and Vainer, Aber- a lawe„„ received from a Liverpool mer. C^^SignDient of New and Old Prime t he Corn I? A wiU Sel1 on Monday P?r bona-fi^ ??rlk? £ A? w- E- accepts no goods %kteat reserve' W wiU sold witbout MARKET DRAYTON, SALOP. GREAT ANNUAL WOOL SALE, TUESDAY, 23RD JUNE, 1885. MESSRS GREEN & PEAROE will hold their Annual Sale as above, when upwards of 16,000 FLEECES will be Pitched. Luncheon at 11, and Sale at half-past 12 o'clock. SCALE OF CHARGES FOR ADVERTISEMENTS. ADVERTISERS AND THE PUBLIC are respectfully informed that Advertisements are inserted in the Aberystwyth Observer at the following rates :— Parliamentary Notices and Addresses, and Pros- pectuses of Public Companies, &c., 9d per line per insertion. Public Notices, Legal Advertisements, &c., Cd per line per insertion. Notices of Municipal and School Board Elections, &c., 4d. per line per insertion. Sales by Auction — Properties, 4d. per line Miscellaneous, 3d. per line per insertion. Announcements of Charitable and Religious Insti- tutions, Sermons, Literary and Competitive Meetings, Dramatic and Musical Entertainments, Lectures and Public Services, Anniversaries, Dinners, &c., 3d. per line per insertion. BUSINESS ADVERTISEMENTS. 1 insertion 1/3 per inch. 13 insertions 1/- per insertion. 26 „ -19 52 -/6 Across two columns, double the above rates. ADVERTISEMENTS in manuscript may be calculated at seven words to a line. and ten lines to an inch. On charging advertisements, however, the lines are not counted, but the advertisements, including large lines and dashes, are measured, and the space occupied charged for at the rate of ten lines to the inch. PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. Prepaid Advertisements of the classes specified below will be charged according to the subjoined scale Apartments Wanted Business to be Sold Apartments to be Let Partnerships Wanted Situations Wanted Money Wanted Situations Vacant Articles Lost Houses to be Let Articles Found Sales by Private Contract Miscellaneous Wants Miscellaneous Sales, &c. Lines. Words. In £ rtion.' Insertions. Insertions. 3 21 Is. Od. 2s. Od. 3s. Od. 4 28 Is. 3d. 2s. Gd. 3s. 9d. 4 23 Is. 3d. 2s. 6d. 3s. 9d. 5 35 Is. 6d. 3s. Od. 4s. 6d. 6 42 Is. 9d. 3s. Gd. 5s. 3d. 7 49 2s. Od. 4s. Od. 6s. Od. This scale applies only to consecutive insertions of PREPAID Advertisements. If not prepaid these Ad- vertisements will be charged according to the PUBLIC NOTICE SCALE. J. RICHARDS & Co., TAILORS, DRAPERS, AND GENERAL OUTFITTERS, 4, MARKET-STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. LIVERY OF EVERY DESCRIPTION MADE ON THE PREMISES. I ■V FREDERICK HOFFMAN, PORK BUTCHER, 3, MARY STREET, ABERYSTWYTH, T3EGS to announce to the Visitors and Inhabitants generally -» that he has commenced the. above business in all its branches at the above address, and trusts by strict and per- sonal attention to all orders entrusted to him to merit theic patronage and support. Fresh Home-made Sausages and Pork Pies daily. Home-cured Hams and Bacon. 0 ALLSOPP'S I jgOTTLED BEER & STOUTS, PTS. t PTS. BITTER BEER, per Doz. 4s 6d 2s 3d DINNER DITTO 3s 6d STOUT DITTO 2s 3d ROBERTS' NOTED K AND BITTER BEERS. Choice WINES & SPIRITS, CrGARS of the best brand. BANK VAULTS, NEW STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. THOMAS DAVIES, PROPRIETOR. WILLIAM JULIAN, FAMILY GROCER AND ITALIAN WAREHOUSEMAN, BAKER AND CONFECTIONER, Maker of the Celebrated Brown Bread made from Wheat Meal, North Parade and Corner of Mary Street, ABERYSTWYTH. CENTENARY CELEBRATION OF THE WELSH SUNDAY SCHOOLS, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 17TH, 1885. PROGRAMMES of MEETINGS at, ABERYST- JL WYTH, Price ONE PENNY, to be had of the SECRETARY, THOS. OWENS, Commercial and Gram- mar School, Aberystwyth. ABERYSTWYTH OBSERVER, SPLENDID ADVERTISING MEDIUM. luMic Xottrrs. CARDIGANSHIRE. MIDSUMMER QUARTER SESSIONS, 18S5. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the next General Quarter Sessions of the Peace will be held and kept at the Town Hajj, in the town of Lampeter, in and for the said county, on Tuesday, the 30th day of June instant, at Eleven o'clock in the forenoon, at which time and place the Court will pro- ceed to the adoption of the provisions of the several Acts of Parliament relating to the assessment, appli- cation, and management of the County and Police Rates, and will pass all Bills examined and approved of by the Finance Committee, after which all other lee County Business will be proceeded with. And Notice is hereby also given, that after the disposal of the county business the court will proceed with the other business of the Sessions, in the follow- ing order :-Firstly, Trials of Prisoners; secondly, Trials of Traverses; and thirdly, Hearing of Common Motions and Appeals. And Notice is hereby also given, that all Appeals and Traverses to be tried at these Sessions, must be entered with the Clerk of the Peace at the opening of the Court, and allSGrand and Petit Jurors, Bailiffs of Hundreds, and persons bound by recognizance, must attend and answer to their names, and the several Magistrates of the said County are requested to cause all depositions taken before them, relating to Felonies and Misdemeanours, to be prosecuted at the said Sessions, to be transmittel to the Clerk of the Peace on or before the 23rd day of June instant, and in all cases arising subsequently imaiediately after being taken. And Notice is hereby also given that all persons haviug any claim againso the County must send in their Accounts to the Clerk of the Peace's Office, at Aherystwyth, on or before the Thursday three weeks prior to the Sessions, and must attend before the Finance Committee of Magistrates on the following day, at the Town Hall, Lampeter, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, for the purpose of having their claims audited, if required, otherwise they will not be paid. Dated this 9th day of June, 1SS5. F. R. ROBERTS, Clerk of the Peace. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. SUMMER EXCURSION AND TOURIST ARRANGEMENTS, 18 8 5. 1ST, 2ND, & 3RD CLASS TOURIST TICKETS, Available for Two Calendar Months, renewable up to 31st December, are issued from 1st May to 31st October. RESIDENTIAL TICKETS. For the convenience of persons residing with their families at the seaside, arrangements have been made for the issue of Monthly Tickets (not trans- ferable) available for any number of journeys during the month, to any ONE member of a family, provided they are holders of not less than three TourL-t Tickets. SPECIAL TICKETS AT REDUCED FARES Are also issued between Local Stations to Tourists, and for Fishing, Pic-nic, and other Parties. Tourist Programmes, the Company's Official Guide Book, aDd particulars of Trains, Fares, &c., may be obtained at any of the Company's Stations or Book- ing Offices, or on applic ition to the undersigned. J. CONACHER, Secretary. Company's Offices, Oswestry. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. ON MONDAY, JUNE 22ND, Cheap D.iy Excur- sion Bookings to TOWYN, ABERDOVEY, BORTH, and ABERYSTWYTH, at Reduced Fares, from PWLLHELI, &o. Tickets, Bills, and every in. formation to be had at the Stations. J. CONACHER, Oswestry, June, 18S5. Secretary. HANDEL BI-CENTENARY FESTIVAL. INVENTIONS EXHIBITIONS. ON THURSDAY, June 18th. there will be Cheap Excursion Bookings to LONDON for nine days. Leaving Aberystwyth at 8 a.m.; Pwllheli, 6 30 a.m. fare, 18s Gd. ON SATURDAY, June 20tli, there will be Cheap Excursion Bookings to LIVERPOOL, returning on the Monday following. By trains leaving Aber- ystwyth at 8 a.m., and Pwllheli at 6.30 a.m. Fares, from Aberystwyth 8s., from Pwllheli 9s. j JGMIGRATION TO NEW SOUTH WALES. The Agent-General for the Colony will provide approved applicants with passages to Sydney in first- approved applicants with passages to Sydney in first- class steam ships, on payment of the undermentioned REDUCED RATES Married Conple not exceeding 40 years, X6. Single Men not exceeding 35 years, J24. Single Women do. do. 42. Children of 3 and under 14 years £1; under 3 years free. Farmers, Agricultural and Railway Labourers, Vine Dressers, and Female Domestics, are much required. Further information may be obtained from The Emigration Department, New South Wales Govern- ment Offices, 5, Westminster Chambers, S.W.; or of the LooalAgeut:—JOHN MORGAN, 1, Norbh Parade, Aberystwyth. BUMMER FASHIONS. C. M. WILLIAMS IS NOW SHOWING THE J^ATEST OVELTIES IN DRESS MATERIALS. BL&CK and Coloured Cashmeres, Brooche Satins, Ottoman Silks, New Millinery Materials, Straw and Chip Hats and Bonnets, Aigrettes, Tufts Feathers, Flowers, Spanish and Blonde Laces, Fringes, Grimps, Ornaments, Hosiery, Gloves, Rib- bons, Laco Collarettes aud Squares, Frillings, Col- lars and Cuffs, Silk Umbrellas and Sunshades, &c. New Woollen Cloths for Gentlemen's Suits and Lacies' Jaakets, Men's and Boy's Hard and Soft Felt Hats in Newest Shapes, Welsh Shirting Flannels, Shirts, Collars, Ties, Scarfs, Cuffs, &c. Noted Housa for Stylish Habs and Bonnets, Trimmed and Untrimmed. Special attention paid to Mourning Orders. A Visit of Inspection will oblige. C. M. WILLIAMS, JJEAPEEY AND H/r ILLINEBY ESTABLISHMENT, 10, PIER STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. # ESTABLISHED 30 YEARS D. THOMAS & SON Watchmakers, Jewellers &c GREAT DARKGATE ST., ABERYSTWYTH. OBSERVER PRINTING WORKS NORTH PARADE, ABERYSTWYTH. IStrucatioin 'J '-J'r' ABERYSTWYTH GRAMMAR SCHOOL, (Founded in 1812). Trustees:—The Rev. Chancellor PHILLIPS, Sir PRYSE PRYSE, VAUGHAN DAVIES, Esq., Col. WILLIAMS, Rev. J. PUGH, and T. W. BONSALL, Esq. HEAD MASTER: Mr EDWARD JONES (in special honours of the University of London). BOYS prepared for the universities, professional examinations, and for commercial life. Particulars may be had on application to the Head Master, who receives a limited number of Boarders at Jasper House. Next term begins May 4th. LADIES' COLLEGIATE SCHOOL, ABERYSTWYTH, CONDUCTED BY MRS AND MISS RUSH, the latter of whom has taken 1st Class University Honours. The work is directed, aad the higher classes are taught, by Mr RUSH, B.A.; and Papil3 are prepared for the University Colleges of Wales, for the Oxford and Cambridge Local, and for other public Examinations. Reference to Canon Robson, Birkenhead Rev T. C. Edwards, M.A., Principal of University College, Aberystwytb, and others. Day Pupils received. Terms very moderate. Mr RusH is open to a few school or private teach. ing engagements, or he would form Evening Classes. LLEDROD AND YSTRAD MEIJRLG GRAMMAR SCHOOLS (UNITED). HEAD MASTER The REV. JOHN JONES, M.A. (formerly Scholar of Jes. Coll., Oxon.). SECOND MASTER W. H. HUNT, ESQ., B. A., Open Foundation Scholar of St. Catharine's College, Cambridge,—16th Senior Optimo in the Mathematical Tripos,- Goldsmiths' Exhibitioner and. Honours-man and Prizeman ot the London University. ISSH"* There are about Ten Scholarships of the value of X15 per annum tenable at the school. For particulars, &?.. apply to the Head Master, Ystra.d Meurig School, R.S.O. ABERYSTWYTH HIGH SCHOOL, CAERLEON HOUSE. PRINCIPAL.—MISS TRUBSHAW, Assisted by Masters, and Resident Foreign and English Governesses. Pupils prepared for the Oxford and Cambridge JL- Local examinations. For Terms, &c., apply to the Principal. The School year consists of three terms, beginning respectively January 16, April 30, September 18; but pupils can be received at any time during the terms. OXFOliD HOUSE, 4, MARINE TERRACE, ABERYSTWYTH. (111 Union with Trinity College, London.) MRS and the MISSES MOUNTPORD, assisted by Masters and a Resident Foreign Governess, receive Twelve young Ladies to board and educate. Pupils prepared for the Oxford and Cambridge Local Examinations, and can be received at any time during the terms. Term commenced January 20th, 1885. Prospectus, &c., on application. Reference to the Rev Dickens Lewis, Shrewsbury the Rev J. Agar Beet, \vrjxhain, and many others. THE ABERYSTWYTH COMMERCIAL & GRAMMAR SCHOOL, QUEEN'S SQUARE HOUSE, QUE ROAD, Conducted by MR THOMAS OWENS, C.M., It honours of the London University, and late Senior Scholar of the University College of Wales. PUPILS Prepared for Ccmmereial Pursuits, the Civil Service, the learned Professions, the Uni- versities, and the various Training' and Theological Colleges. Special attention paid to English and Commercial Training at moderate charges. I For Terms, &c., apply to TL:3 Head Master. IStitgious £ fr!urf0, LLANBADARN EAWR CHURCH. ENGLISH-SEKYICE. AT 11.30 A. 21. On Sundays, Christmas day, Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, Ascension-day, SERVICE, WITH SERMON. Celebration of the Holy Communion on every Tnird Sunday in the month, and also on Christmas, Easter-day, and Whit-Sunday. HYMNS, ANCIENT AND MODERN. Offertory at each Service towards the Restoration Fund. Total Expenditure, about £ 7,000. Debt, about .£850. ST. MICHAEL'S PARISH CHURCH, ABERYSTWYTH. ORDER OF SERVICES. SUNDAY :— Full Service and Sermon at 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. Holy Communion, 1st Sunday in month, 11 a.m. > > 3rd at 8.30 a.m., WEEK DAYS :— Morning Prayer on Wednesday and Friday, and on Saints' Days and Holy-days, at 11a.M. HYMN BOOK—"Church Hymns," (S.P.C.K.) Holy Communion according to notice. ST. MARY'S (WELSH) CHURCH, (Leading out of Bridge Street), ,SUNDAY :— Welsh Service and Sermon at 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Holy Communion on the last Sunday in the month at 10a.m. or 13 p.m. according to notice. WEEK^ DAYS — English—Evening Prayer and Sermon, Wed nesday, at 7 p.m. Welsh—Evening Prayer and Sermon on Thursday at 7 p.m. Communicants' Meeting every Tuesday, at 7 p.m. OFFERTORY AFTER ALL THE SUNDAY SERVICES. SUNDAY SCHOOLS :— At the Boys National Schools, at 2.30 pm.—English, Girls' ditto ditto at 2.30 p.m.—Welsh. Ysgoldy at 2.30 p.m.— Mixed. Penyparke National School at 2.30 pm—Mixed (Service and Sermon at 3.30 p.m.) REV. CHANCELLOR PHILLIPS, M.A., Vicar. Mr EDWARD J. JONES, )«.„ „ Major C. BASSETT LEWIS, J Chl3rehwardens. RHEIDOL COAL YARD. CAPTAIN DOUGHTON WISHES to announce that the schooner "Lady Bute" is now discharging a Cargo of Best SCOTCH COALS at low price as usual against cash. Private Address—45, NORTH PARADE. Notices to Quit, from Landlord to Tenant and from Tenant to Landlord are sold at the Observer Office 1 North Parade, at one penny each. &U0T!TE&$KATIES. ¡ I SCOTLAND HOUSE, i I GREAT HAMPTON STREET.; BIRMINGHAM. ¡ PEARCE BROTHERS, ¡ > THE OLD-ESTABLISHED | MANUFACTURERS | OF EVERY DESCRIPTION OF j HOUSEHOLD j FURNITURE. SPRING, HAIR and WOOL MATTRESSES, FEATHER, FLOCK AXD WOOL BEDS, I CARPET FACTORSj I AND COMPLETE j HOUSE FURNISHERS. I BEDROOM, DRAWING ROOM AND DINING ROOM SUITES. WOOD, BRASS & IRON BEDSTEADS IN GREAT VARIETY. Special Terms quoted, if necessary, to suit convenience of Customers. Letters addressed to the Firm receive prompt attention. BOOTS! BOOTS!! BOOTS! J. E. JONES, í FASHIONABLE BOOT AND SHOE MAKER, 6, NORTH PARADE, I ABERYSTWYTH, I I BEGS to thank the Nobility, Clergy, ¡ Gentry, asd Public generally for the generous support accorded him in the past, and trusts by strict attention to orders to merit a continuance of their support. ¡ I J. E. J. also desires to intimate that in ¡ order to compete successfully with the I the English makers he has erected RIVETTING MACHINES, ¡ AND I SEWING MACHINES. With the aid of this improved Machinery he is able to turn out Home-made BOOTS, SHOES, SLIPPERS, &c., at prices which will bear favourable comparison with those or English Manufacturers, with tha advantage that the Articles are made to measure, and of the best kind. J. E. J. also continues to devote the same attention to the HAND-SEWING DEPARTMENT, l For which his Establishment has so long been famous. PERFECT IN FIT. COMFORT IN WALKING. DURABILITY IN WEAR. The Best Bark-Tanned Leather only used. EVERY DESCRIPTION OF GOODS MADE TO ORDER ON THE PREMISES, Of the Best Material and Guaranteed Workmanships A VARIED STOCK OF LADIES', GENTLEMEN'S, AND CHILDREN'S BOOTS AND SHOES FOR WINTER AND SUMMER WEAR ON HAND. REPAIRS Of every description executed on tke shortest notice. SELLING OFF FOR ONE ( MONTH! I FOR CASH ONLY! CASH ONLY GREAT BARGAINS I rtc. A BERYST WYTH — APARTM KNTs!—SnSmiuep JGL ResidenQ e, PLYNLIKO-S HOUSE, No. 5, Victoria Terrace, facing- the sea, bast part or the terrace. Tetma moderate good coo_3i:g and attendance.— Apply to Mrs Piefcoe. 4 BERY-STWYTK.'—To fee Lef-, for Summer, 11 Months, within a short walking distance of;. this favorite Sea-side resort, a most neat little Far- nished Cottage, containing lour Bedrooms, Sittmg- room, Kitchen and SouJiery. Isrge F: nit and Kitchea Garden.—Rent aud farther pa.1tioute.r3 on applica- tion t.o Mr J. W. Rogers, uot:or.».er and Hoa& Agect, Aberystwyth. WANTED, to Rent or Parshase a I^eUing-house* with lour Bedrooms, and a harden. Pos- | session not required until September or October.— Address E.M., Observer Office. nro BE SOLD, a Farm of about 30 acres; good. i. Dwelling House, Orchard, Garden, and Out- building", 50 yards or so irom the Cambrian Railway, about live miles trom Ma-.hynUeth; fishing and shooting,—Apply Q.X., Observer Office. FOR SALE, one of the Handsomest Old Oak .LI Cabinets in the world, beautiiniiy carved all ,c over- also a very l'trge Arm Chair to match. A lot of Old 'china, over 200 years old, to be sold Cheap, Fine Old Swansea Bowl, 40s., warranted genuine, Square Marked Worcester Dish, 20s. About 59 other specimens. Also a large quantity of valuable old Oil- Paiutiugs ana Kugravings.—Mrs A. Eue, 14, Great- Darkgate-street, Aberystwyth. n ABB IT PEST.—For SALE, 1,000 yards of bea it Galvanized Wire Netting: 1J in. mesh, IS- gauge wire. 2 ft. wide. Price, 2|d a yard, ca.rriaga paid on 300 yards. Other sizos. No rubbish. Also 100 IRON SHEEP-FOLDING HURDLES, 5 bars with links complete, 2s 10d each, carriage paid. At Farm Requisites, cheap.— STANBY & Co., Livery Street, Birmingham. t B KRYSTWYTH.—To be LET, No 11, on thee ir\- MARIN K TERRA OB, adapted for Family Residence or first-class Lodging House, containing live Sitting Rooms, one good Housekeeper's Room, thirteen Bed I»oo?ns, and Kitchen Oilices. 1 or par- ticulars, apply to J. Bonsali, Esq., Fronfraith, Aber- ystwyth. TO BE LE on or before May 12th, the WELSH II \EP HOLEL, and BEACH HOUSE, adjoin- ing in Terrace-rcad together or sepia-ate. Best position iu Aberystwyth; .-ds.e to the sea.—Apply to Mr T. White, Egyptian H^use, 1 errace-road. qpO Let, with immediate possession, at moderata JL rent, the House and Shop, established in 1750, next door to the Old Black Lion Ian, Bridge-street. Aberystwyth. The premises are large, ia good order, and suitable for any business. Large warehouses at the back.—Apply Mrs Thomas, Bryn-awel, Aberystwyth. FOR Sale by private treaty, the Smack Dovey Packet," length 53 It. and 50 tons bartaen on. 7 ft. draft. She has been well kept and is well found, being now ready for sea. at Aberystwyth. She could be fitted out for a fishing trawler at a very small ex- pense, as a. set of trawling goar (47 feet beam) coulti be sold along with her if desirable.—Apply for prica and particulars to Captain Doaghton, North-parade, Aberystwyth. Z, CHALYBEATE TERRACE, ABERYSTWYTH". THIS House and Shop to be Let.—Apply to Mr John Thomas, draper. Great Darkgate-street. CARDIGANSHIRE. FARM TO LET. WLCriCRWYS, in ihe p irishes of Llanbadam O Fawr and Llanfihangel Croyddin, as presently occupied by Mr David James, and containing about 230 acres, will be LET from 2;?bh September next.. The Farm lies on each side of Road from Aber- ystwyth to Devil's Bridge, a.nd within two miles of fch« latter, and is all well enclosed. FOR particulars apply— Cro = swood Estate Ollie" Birchgrove, Aberystwyth. ARMY SERVICE. -T^OUNG MEN wishing to JOIN HER M A JESTY'S ¥ ARMY will, on application at any Post 0$ee in the United Kingdom, be sopplied, without charge,, with a Pamphlet containing detailed information K to the Conditions of Service and Advantages of Army, as to Pay, Deferred Pay. and Pensions. Great prospects of Promotion are offered to eligible Yotmg Men. Applications can be mule, either personally or letter, to the Officer coroasanaing the R^gimentaj District at Brecon, or to the nearest Volunteer Sergeant Infractor or other Recruiter. Recruits, if eligible, cm be enlisted for any arm et e the Regular Service they may sele ;t. G. WILKINSON, GAME DEALER, EGGMtfROHANT,SESD3M1KI FBUI L'ERER, &.c., NORTH PARADE, ABERYSTWYTH. SEEDS' SEEDS! "OTANTED to Sell a Large Quantity of NE\V l GARDEN and -FL -WHS SJmUS, ami several kinds of BEST EARLY POTATOES.—F^r Price List apply as above. PEDIGREE BERKSHIRE PIG— STUD BOAR, FINEST BLOOD IN ENGLAND, | ^7- ILL SERVE SOWS. 5> par APPLY TO | MR. J. ROBERTS, LION ROYAL HOTEL, ABERYSTWYTH. Young BOARS and Sews of this brsed may now be purchased cf Mr Roberts. I THE STANDARD LfFE ASSUKANCK [ COMPANY. I Established 1S25. Life Assnrauce in all its Branches.. ( Liberal terms and conditions. ¡ Invested Funds 500,000 I Annual Revenne. 870.000 I Bonus Distributed 3,500,000 DIVISION OF PKOFITS, 1885. The Company's affairs will be investigated at the close of the current year, aud Policies now effected will be entitled to share in the Surplus Funds. BRISTOL BRANCH PEŒIX HOUSE, QUEEN SQUARE. JOSEPH JULES, Local Secretary. Prospectus aad all other inform ttioa on i > > 1 :vho NEW SONG—PRICE 4S., J HIS FAVOURITE FLOWER, I BY 1 W. K. WHEAT LEY, I (Organist of St. Michael's, Aberystwyth,) HALF PRrcE a^D POST FREE FROM j WHEAT LEY & SONS'. I N.B.—PIANOS, HARMONIUMS, AMERICAN I ORGANS, MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS and MUSIG will bo Said at a GREAT REDUCTION (for Cash only), Sale Commencing MARCH Sud. Call early and. ecure genuine b >rgains. TO SUFFERERS F;?OM WrlN IN THE HEAD JL. JONES, Cn wch Coch, Aberystwyth, pre- • pares an Ointment whiok certuiuiy, safely, and speedily eradicates the abo'ie. Money returned! if not cured. J. L. J. will meet patients at an* places fixed upon by them, u convenience scuts.