Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

1 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



Sales bs Euctton* ABERGELDIE HOUSE, VIOTORIATERRACE, ABERYSTWYTH. High-Class Sale of elegant Household Effects, com- prising complete suite of Drawing Rooms, Sitting Rooms and Dining Rooms and Bedroom Furniture, Quilts, Counterpanes, Blankets, Sheets, Breakfast, Sinner and Dessert Services, Antique China Tea Services, Wine and Spirit Decanters, Cat Glass, Silver and Electro-Plated Goods. Cutlery, Over- mantel Mirrors, Gilt Pier Glasses, and Carpets, Hearth Rugs, &c. ME. EDWARD ELLIS has been favoured with instructions from Mrs Julian, who is giving up in lodging-house keeping, to Sell by Public Auction, ON TUESDAY, JANUARY 31st, 1888, ILmd following days, the whele of the valuable and Costly Household Furniture and other effects, com- prising contents of five Reception Rooms, all fiir- nished with every necessary requisite, 18 Bedrooms *»mpletely furnished. Seven months' credit on all purchases of .£5, or 7d itt £ for cash. Full particulars next week. P. & W. GORNALL, PLUMBERS, GASFITTERS, PAINTERS. PAPERHANGERS, AND GENERAL HOUSE DECORATORS. All Sizes of IRON and LEAD PIPES, PAINTS, VARNISHES, BRUSHES, &c. EARTHEN CLOSETS, FROM 2a 9d EACH. A LARGE STOCK OF PAPERHANGINGS To select from. N.B.—P. & W. G. have just received a Consign- ment of IRON BEDSTEADS from one of the Largest Manufacturers in the World From 10s 6d each. MATTRESSES from 8s 6d each 3, NORTH PARADE, ABERYSTWYTH. NOTICE TO VISITORS AND OTHERS T. GRIFFITHS, t ION TEA WAREHOUSE, Opposite, the GogarJdan Arms and Lion Hotel, Aberystwyth, TEA AND COFFEE JQEALER, AND PROVISION MERCHANT. ALWAYS. IN STOCK:— REAL WILTSHIRE SMOKED BACON AND HAMS, (Branded CHAS. HARRIS &Co., Calne) AND HOME-CURED. FRESH BUTTER AND EGGS IN DAILY. WM. ROWLANDS & SON, CABINET MAKERS, UPHOLSTERERS. POLISHERS AND UNDERTAKERS, I JjESPECTFULLY announce that they hav REMOVED their Business from Bridge-stree to the commodious premises adjoining the Victoria Hotel, in BAKER STREET, where they hope by ) let attention to Business to merit a continuance 101 the favours hitherto bestowed upon them. REES REES, BILL-POSTER, &c., LITTLE DARKGATE STREET, ABERYSTWYTH, J) EGS to inform the Public that he leases the most r-.„j Prominent Posting Stations in Aberystwyth, enj for Town and Country strictly attended to. ?? t° ^n^orrti the Public that he is a Mem- ""Q United Kingdom Bill Posters Association. THE JUBILEE TEA STORES A.. MORGAN AND SON, 6, MARKET STREET, ABERYSTWYTH TEA & COFFEE MERCHANTS, NOTED FOR HOME CURED, SMOKED, & WILTSHIRE BACON AT LOW PRICES. Ctood Strong Flavoured Tea from Is 8d. Choice of Christmas Fruit. Wholesale Egg merchants, hberal prices given. Dealers in English t>aily Unions. Fresh Butter and Eggs in OVER ONE THOUSAND TESTIMONALS have been received from Medical Men. COLEMAN'S LIEBIG'S EXTRACT OF MEAT & MALT WINE Is a Delicious Beverage and Tonio T, ^ine, Liebig's Extract of Meat and Extract of'S Nutritious, Strengthening, Stimulating, Flesh-form' *ng, and Health-restoring; suitable for the Robust in §»?SS8|S°TALI<I- y the Medical Faculty. Important unsolicited Testimonial From E. HOPKINS, Esq., L.R.C.P., L.F.P.S. d' A8c°n N., Birmingham, Dec. 17th, 1886. of von? ^eg to acknowledge receipt of sample you snnf xt*act °f Meat and Malt Wine," also one Twentv ^ack- I have now Quite and i anci as a flesh-forminer, to none agent, I consider it second t e g equally usefnl in all forms of debility. Yours faithfully, Coleman & Co. ^^c^J'r S ^Sine Vente?iS^' Merchants, and paten* 2s9d aSdI ?d each. nit6d Kin^on> B^tles Ask for Coleman's Liebig's Extract of Meat and If Iv • see you get it **teditecUnntldif'Dnl5y }n gettiD^ the WiDe' Sample J •, ? Manufactures who will forward Dozen on receiPfc of 33 stamps. » Eai* „ 30s. COLEMAN & rv?LE • m.anufact^Rebs and 3 T' St- George's, Norwich, w London Street, London, E.C. §nh\\{ JJottws. ABERYSTWYTH FIRE BRIGADE. A PUBLIC BALL, in aid of the FUNDS OF THE ABOVE BRIGADE, will be held in the OLD ASSEMBLY ROOMS, ABERYSTWYTH, ON THURSDAY, the 26th DAY OF JANUARY, 1888. STEWARDS -J. D. PERROTT, Esq. Dr. ETHE. W. HUGHES-JONES, Esq. A. J. HUGHES, Esq., Town Clerk. E. JONES WILLIAMS, Esq. J. R. REES, Esq. COMMITTEE D. C. ROBERTS, Esq., Mayor. GEORGE DAVIS. O. L. ROBERTS. R. GEDDES SMITH. D. C. DAVIES. R. PRICE. R. MATHIAS. Tickets, to include Supper, Gentlemen, 10s 6d; Ladies, 7s 6d. Dancing to commence at 9 p.m. Tickets may be had of members of the committee D. C. ROBERTS, ) Hon. R. GEDDES SMITH, j Sees. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS, PANTOMINES. ON SATURDAY, JANUARY 21st, 1888, CHEAP ONE DAY and THREE DAYS EXCURSION TICKETS will be issued from Cambrian Stations to BIRMINGHAM From Aberystwyth, Machynlleth, Cemmes Road and intermediate Stations by 8.0 a.m. and 12.40 p.m. trains from Aberystwyth from Llanbrynmair, Caer- sws, and intermediate Stations by 9.36 a.m. train from Llanbrynmair; from Llanidloes, Newtown, Forden, and intermediate Stations by 6.55 a.m. aad 2.10 p.m. trains from Llanidloes. Day Trip Tickets are only issued by the earlier trains NAMED. Day Trip passengers return from Birmingham New-street at 12.5 midnight on date of issue of ticket. Three Days' passengers return from Birmingham at 11.20 a.m. on JANUARY 23rd or 24th. LIVERPOOL. "Forty Thieves," at the Royal Alexandra Theatre, Morning Performance at 2 p.m., Evening at 7 p.m. "Blue Beard," at the Prince of Wales Theatre, Morn- ing Perfo rmance at 2 p.m., Evening at 7 p.m. MANCHESTER. Beauty and the Beast," at the Princes Theatre, Morning Performance at 2 p.m., Evening at 7 p.m. Old Mother Goose" and The Sleeping Beauty," at the Royal Theatre, Morning Performance at 2 p.m., Evening at 7 p.m. Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, Grand Stand, Man- chester Racecourse, 2.30 p.m., and 7.30 p.m. Salvation Army Demonstration, Free Trade Hall, Manchester, Jan. 20th and 31st. ON SATURDAY, JANUARY 28TH, 1888, CHEAP DAY TRIP TICKETS. Also THREE DAYS' TICKETS will be issued to LIVERPOOL AND MANCHESTER, AS UNDER: THIRD CLASS FAltES THERE AND BACK. PROM. Time of DAY TRIP, Starting to THREE DAYS. Liverpool or To To M'chest'r Liverpool M'chest'r a.m. Barmouth 7 49 5s. 7s 7s Dolgelley 7 25 7 Penmaenpool 7 30 ) 4s 6d Cs 6d 7s Arthog 7 45 > B'rmouth J'ncti'n 7 55 ) 5s. 6s 6d 7s Llwyngwril 8 7 ") Towyn 8 20 > 5s. 7s 7s Aberdovey 8 27 ) Aberystwyth 8 0 il Bow Street 8 12 Llanfihangel 8 17 5s 8s 8s Borth 8 24 Ynyslas 8 30 |J Glandovey 8 45 11 Machynlleth 9 10 I Cemmes Road 9 22 II Llanbrynmair 9 36 >- 5s 7s 7s Carno 9 55 Pontdolgoch 10 6 Caersws 10 11 J First Class Tickets issued at double the Third Class Fares. Children under Three years of age, Free above Three and under Twelve, Half-price. Passengers must change at Oswestry into S pecial Train, which will leave Oswestry (Cambrian) at 12 noon, thus giving time for refreshments. ARRANGEMENTS FOR RETURN: Passengers holding Day Trip Tickets, return from Liverpool (Lime Street) at 11.45 p.m., and Man- chester (London Road) at 12.0 midnight on date of issue of the Ticket. Passengers holding Three Days'Tickets return from Liverpool (Lime-street) at 12.0 noon, and Man- chester (London Road) at 11.45 a.m. on January 30th or 31st. For full particulars see Company's Bills. J. CONACHER, OGCPP tfLW Passenger Superintendent's Office, Oswestry. GREAT ACCELERATION AND ADDITIONAL SAILINGS BETWEEN ABERDOVEY AND WATERFORD. ON AND AFTER MONDAY, 24TH OCTOBER, THE SWIFT AND POWERFUL SCREW STEAMER "MAGNETIC" Will commence to sail three times each way per week, carrying Passengers, Merchandise, and Live Stock, in connection with the Cambrian Railways, at low through rates from and to the principal English and Welsh towns. The "Magnetic" leaves Waterford on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; returning from Aberdovey on Tuesday, Thursday,and Sunday. For times, see sailing bills. PASSENGER FARES BETWEEN ABERDOVEY AND WATE RFORD Saloon-10s Single. Return Tickets available for one month, 15a. Second Cabin, 5s Single. Return Tickets available for one month, 9s. Children under three years of age, Frea; above three and under twelve, Half-price. Through Tickets are issued between Aberdovey and all parts of England and Wales. t The Passenger Accommodation on the" Magnetic is of a superior description, and jithe Vessel is fitted throughout with the Electric light. A Steward and Stewardess on board. Passengers may go on board or leave the Steamer j ^ovey any time after the arrival or before T? ar^u^e corresponding trains. FUll particulars may be obtained at any of the Company's Stations, or Booking Offices, or on appli- cation to the undersigned, n CONACHER, Secretary. Company s Offices, Oswestry. luftltc Nottreo. THE TABERNACLE CHAPEL, ABERYSTWYTH. A TEMPERANCE MEETING Will be held at the above chapel ON FRIDAY EVENING, JANUARY 27th, 1888, When addresses both in English and in Welsh will be delivered by the following gentlemen :— The Rev. J. G. DAVIES, of Aberystwyth, and H. J. WILLIAMS, Esq, (Plenydd). CHAIRMAN THE REV. T. LEVI. The meeting to commence at 7 p.m. Collection will be made in the course of the meeting towards the temperance cause. THE ABERYSTWYTH LITERARY SOCIETY. THE MEETINGS of this Society are held at the JL Old Assembly Rooms, Great Darkgate-street, every Friday evening, at Eight o'clock. Admission to any single meeting, Sixpence. Tickets for the Term, One Shilling. D. SAMUEL, M.A tt GEORGE DAVIS j Hon- Secs- AMENDED NOTICE TO MARINERS. ABERDOVEY HARBOUR. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that in connection with the Line of Steamers now running between Waterford and Aberdovey, a White Light flashing every 5 Seconds, will be exhibited occasionally from a structure which has been erected on Dovey Head, 117 feet above High Water of Ordinary Spring Tides. It will show North, round seaward to South, and will be visible in clear weather for a distance of 15 miles. To avoid the Patches when appoaching from the Southward, Vessels should not bring the light to bear to the North of East by North i North, and to avoid Sarn Bwch when approaching from the Northward, the Light should not be brought to bear to the South of South East i East. By Order, (Signed) J. CONACHER, Cambrian Railways Company, Secretary. Oswestry, September, 1887. ACCIDENTS ALL THE YEAR ROUND. PROVIDE AGAINST THEM BY POLICY OF THE RAILWAY "DASSENGERS' A SSURANCE QOMPANY, 64, CORNHILL, LONDON. Hon. EVELYN ASHLEY Chairman. Annual Income < £ 248,000. Invested Capital and Reserve Fund < £ 275,000. Compensation paid for 126,000 Accidents, £ 2,500,000. Moderate Premiums-Favourable Conditions.-New Concessions. Prompt and Liberal Settlement of Claims. West-End Office :-8, Grand Hotel Buildings, W.C. Head Office :—64, Cornhill, London, E.C. W. J. VIAN, Secretary. TO VISITORS AND OTHERS C. M. WILLIAMS Wishes to draw the attention of Visitors and others to his Stock of Millinery, Straw Hats and Bonnets, Flowers, Feathers, Fancy Wings, Ribbons, Laces, Frillings, Silk Squares, Hosiery, Gloves, Silk Umbrellas, Sunshades, &c. Gents' Newest Shapes in Summer Hats and Caps Ties, Scarfs, Collars, Cuffs, &c. The well-known house for Real Welsh Flannels Whittles, and Shawls in all colours, warranted to wear and not to shrink. Every article marked at lowest Cash Price. C. M. WILLIAMS, 10, PIER STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. PHOTOGRAPHIC STUDIO, STATION ERY & FANCY GOODS DEPOT, CHELTENHAM HOUSE, PIER STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. E. R. GYDE BEGS to intimate to his many Customers that JD while devoting his entire time and energy to the production of HIGH CLASS PHOTOGRAPHY -both Portrait and Landscape-his Stationery and Fancy Goods business is now under efficient manage- ment, and in all departments will be found well stocked with carefully selected goods, from among which he would call special attention to The Shilling 5 quire packet of Highly-Glazed Note- Paper, the la. 6d. 5 quire packet of extra Superfine quality. The "Romanesque," having an agreeable finish Is. per quire. The Papyrus," rough finish, specially suited for broad nibbed Pens, Is. per 5 quire packet. Mourning Note-paper, all width borders. Correspondence, Cards and Envelopes, Is. and 6d. per box. A carefully selected stock of PRAYER & HYMN BOOKS, BIBLES, &c., in Padded and Limp Russian Morocco and Calf. ALBUMS, the newest designs in the Market in all varieties of Bindings. Amongst others specially worthy of mention is the GEM," which is un- doubtedly one of the finest ever published. ALBUM SCREENS, quite new, both in Cabinet and Carte do Visite, Hand-painted. Calf embossed and other varieties of leather. All prices. FRAMES—A beautiful assortment in all shades of plush—newest designs in oxydised metal- The Rotary Frame-The Swing Frame, &o. Glove and Handkerchief Boxes in separate cases, in embossed and Russia leather. PURSES. E. R. Gyde has for many years paid special attention to this item of his trade, and for a well assorted stock feels sure he is not to be sur- passed. REVISED PRICE LIST FOR PHOTOGRAPHS MAY BE HAD ON APPLICATION. A. PERRY, PAINTER, PLUMBER, GLAZIER, AND GENERAL HOUSE DECORATOR, 3, BREWER-STREET, AND 48, MOOR-STREET Estimates Given. Charges Moderate. PLEASE NOTE THE ADDRESS. I3tm ration. NID BYD, BYD HEB WYBODAETH." LADIES' COLLEGfATE SCHOOL, ABERYSTWYTH. PRINCIPAL Mrs RUSH. HEAD MASTER Mr RUSH, B.A. HEAD MISTRESS Miss RUSH, Holder of 1st class University Honours. THIS School offers the best kind of Intermediate -i- and High-school Education and pupils can be prepared for the University Local Examinations, for the University Colleges of Wales, for London Matri- culation, &o. Serious efforts are made to train for the duties of life; and some instruction in Cooking and other domestic matters will in future be given to those of the older boarders whose Parents desire it. Terms very moderate. YSTRAD MEURIG SCHOOL. THE School will re-open on TUFSDAY, January 31st. at Nine a.m. There are four Foundation Scholarships to be filled up and one Daniel William's. Apply to the Head Master. THE ABERYSTWYTH COMMERCIAL & GRAMMAR SCHOOL. HEAD MASTER MR THOMAS OWEN, C.M. (In Honours of the London University, and late Senior Scholar of the University College of Wales.) PUPILS are prepared for Commercial pursuits, the Civil Service, the Learned Professions, the Universities, and for the various Training and Theo- logical Colleges. LADIES' COLLEGE, GOAT STREET, HAVERFORDWEST, (ESTABLISHED 60 YEARS.) Labor Omnia Opera." PRINCIPALS: THE MISSES LLEWELLIN, WHO are assisted by a stiff of Visiting Masters, and highly certificated resident English and Foreign Governesses including Higher Cambridge Local with Honours, ExhibitionerSand Gold Medalist, Intermediate Examinations Ireland, German Gover- ness Diplomerte Lehrerin French Master, Musical Governess Royal Academy of Music, Licentiate of Trinity College, London; Singing Mistress, Miss Llewellin, pupil of Madame Sainton Dolby. During the past three years the pupils of this College have been most successful in obtaining cer- tificates and honours in tie Oxford and Cambridge local examinations, senior and iuuior 1st class college of Preceptors, senior and junior Trinity College, Practical and Theoretical Kensington School of Art Certificates. 75 certificates gained. Prize Essays, &c. The health and comfort of the pupils receive the constant personal supervision of the Principals. Patrons: Lady Philipps, Picton Castle, Pembroke- shire, Sir Frederick Milner, B:rt., Bowen Rowlands, Esq., M.P., Q.C. ABERYSTWYTH GRAMMAR SCHOOL (Founded in 1812.) Trustees :-The Rev J. H. PROTHEROE, Sir PRYSE PRYSE, VAUGHAN DAVIES, Esq., Col. WILLIAMS, Rev J. PUGH, and T. W. BONSALL, Esq. Head Master EDWARD JONES (Jasper House)' n Mathematical Honours, Loudon. Second Master JAMES ALLAN, Esq., M.A., in Classical Honours, Aberdeen. French and German Lecturer Dr SCHOLLE. Mr WHEATLEY (Music). Sergeant DALLISON (Drill and Swimming). IN addition to the staff of Teachers on the Classical and the Modern sides of this School, the Head- Master has opened a JUNIOR DEPARTMENT for gentlemen's sons between the ages of seven and ten, under the superintendence of a Trained Elementary Teacher. For reports of Examiners, successes, &c., apply to the Head-Master. School re-opens on Tuesday, the 24th of January. Boarders return on the day previous. The Headmaster receives at 7, Laura-place, eighteen Boarders these will have the exclusive use of Laura Place Garden for Lawn Tennis, &c. THE OLD BANK SCHOOL ABERYSTWYTH MASTER: D. SAMUEL, M.A., LATE FOUNDATION SCHOLAR AND PRIZEMAN OF CLARE COLLEGE, CAMBRIDGE, AND WRANGLER, 1879. RECEIVES BOARDERS. School re-opens Tuesday, January 24th, 1888. TERMS ON APPLICATION. CAERLEON HOUSE. PRINCIPAL.—MISS TRUBSHAW, Asisted by Masters, and Resident Foreign and English Governesses. Pupils prepaed for the Oxford and Cambrid- e Looal examinations. For Terms, &c., apply to the Principal. The School year consists of three terms, beginning respectively January 20, April 30, September 20; but pupils can be received at any time during the terms. School re-opens January 17th. YSTWYTH HOUSE, 19, PORTLAND STREET, ABERYSTWYTH MISS EVANS' DAY Schools for Girls. Pupils prepared for Local Examinations. MISS EVANS (who has studied Art at South Kensington), also gives advanced lessons in Drawing and Painting. PRIVATE LESSONS IN MUSIC. Next Term commences January 24th. Terms on application. COALS. RHEIDOL COAL YARD. CAPT. DOUGHTON BEGS to announce that he has and intends to Keep a Constant Supply of the well-known SCOTCH COALS at very Low Prices for Cash. NEWPORT COALS always on hand also PETROLEUM OIL Private address, 45, North-Parade. HAIR DESTROYER.—ALEX. ROSS' DEPILA- -L-L TORY Removes Hair from the face neck, and arms; 3s 6d per bottle; sent by poit, secretly packed, for 54 stamps. Hair Dye, for light or dark colours, Cantharides, for growth of hair; Curling Fluid Bloom of roses, for giving beauty to the lips and cheeks; the Skin Tightener, for furrows; Liquid for black specks, each 3s 6d, sent by post for 54 stamps. Splints for crooked limbs, 21s; Medicine for obesity, 5s; Com- plexion Pills, lis 9d; Nose Machine for shapening the nose, 10s 6d Ear Machine for outstanding ears, 10s 6d; Tar Soap, the remedy for the skin, Is; Alex. Ross's Toilet Medicine," Is, all secretly packed far, Lambs' Conduit-strest, near Holborn, London, and all Chemists. RATE, CHEQUE, RECEIPT and other BOOKS, numbered and perforated, may be obtained at he" Observer Office, 1, North Parade. « I *Su*tur00 ]STotic £ 0. GOOD NEWS GOOD NEWS TO ALL AT THIS FESTIVE SEASON. ANOTHER BIG DROP IN THE PRICE OF MEAT AT FRED. BAKER'S 19, NORTH PARADE, ABERYSTWYTH, WHO IS NOW SELLING TO THE WORKING CLASSES 3LBS. OF PRIME BEEF FOR Is. An Early Inspection to his show of all kinds of Meat is most earnestly and respectfully invited, which includes Prime Hereford and Finest Welsh Beef, a Choice Lot of Fine Shropshire Down and Welsh Mountain Wether Sheep, a very select Lot of Bacon and Pork Pigs all the above Stock were bred and fed by the Principal Farmers of this and adjoining counties. Home-onred Hams and Bacon, Pork Pies and Sausage, Christmas Cakes, Mince Pies, &c., &c., all of the fiuest quality. PLEASE NOTE THE PRICES:- Prime Beef from 3d to 71d per lb. Finest Mutton from 5td to 7id per lb. Choice Pork from 4id to 61d per lb. Pork Sausage, 8d per lb. TERMS-CASH PAYMENTS. PLEASE OBSERVE THE ADDRESS— FRED. BAKER, 19, NORTH PARADE, ABERYSTWYTH. JOHN ELLIS, IRONMONGER, GUN AND LOCKSMITH, BELLHANGER, &c., 22, GREAT DARKGATE-STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. J. E. begs to draw the attention of his numerous < customers to his Stock of BREECH and MUZZLE LOADING GUNS and AMMUNITION. Curtis and Harvey's Gun Powder and Chilled Shot GREEN CARTRIDGES, 10/6 par 100; BLUE Do., 10/ BROWN Do., 9/6 per 100. POTATOES! POTATOES! POTATOES! 2s 6d per Cwt. for Cash, DELIVERED to any part of the Town also all sorts of other Vegetables and Fruit equally Cheap. Also a great variety of Wreaths and Crosses Metalic under glass shades Immortelles for coffins. New Feathers and Beds ,on Sale. Address-E. P. TAYLOR, Radnor House, Terrace Road, Aber- ystwyth. D. PHILLIPS, CORNER OF NORTH PARADE, & 3, MARY ST., ABERYSTWYTH, rEMPERANCE and Eating House. HORSES and CARRIAGES FOR HIRE by the day or hour Trips made to Devil's Bridge, Plynlimon, Llyfnant Valley, Monk's Cave, and other places of interest in the neighbourhood. Good horses steady drivers; and reasonable prices. ESTABLISHED 33 YEARS D. THOMAS & SON ^SHl Watchmakers, Jewellers,&c GREAT DARKGATE ST., ABERYSTWYTH. JOHN P. THOMAS, M.P.S., PHARMACEUTICAL AND DISPENSING CHEMIST, (BY EXAMINATION), 5, GREAT DARKGATE ST REET. CHRISTMAS FIRES. FOR A GOOD CHRISTMAS FIRE YOU MUST HAVE A CLEAN BURNING AND DURABLE COAL. THEREFORE GO TO R. ROWLAND JONES, COLLIE UY AGENT, FOR COPPICE COLLIERY BtST CANNOCK DEEP COAL has a little or no ash; once lighted, requires no further attention. SPLENDID COOKING COAL. HOLLY BUSH (Best Newport), RED ASH very economical. RUABON C. & C.'s QUICK COAL, ABERDARE SMOKELESS STEAM COAL, SMITH COAL, in trucks from 4 to 8 tons. Best American Lamp Oil, Portland Cement, Aber- ddaw and Cilyrychen Lime, Wolesale and Retail. Note the Address- LEWIS TERRACE COAL YARD AND WEIGH BRIDGE. R. E. JONES, HORSE & CARRIAGE PROPRIETOR, 19, MARY STREET, (Neall the Railway Station), ABERYSTWYTH. HORSES and Carriages for Hire by the day or -L-L hour; Conveyances to Devil's Bridge, Plyn. limon, and all places of interest in the neighbourhood on reasonable terms. GAME AND RABBITS. G. WILKINSON, NORTH PARADE, iS open to buy any quantity of GAME and R ABBITS. Best prices. A choice Selection of best Fruits and Vegetables. Also Mild Bloaters, Haddocks, and Kippers, always on hand. WHOLESALE EGG MERCHANT. ABERYSTWYTH. W. JONES THOMAS, 6, MARKET STREET, AUCTIONEER, VALUER, PUBLIC ACCOUNT. ANT, AUDITOR, HOUSE, ESTATE & INSURANCE AGENT, MORTGAGE, STOCK & SHARE BROKER, AGENT for the Reliance Mutual Life Assurance Co., and the Manchester Fire Assurance Co. Sales conducted on moderate terms and prompt settlements made. Books opened, made up and audited. Houses and Estates managed. Mortgages and Insurances of every description effected at satis- factorily low rates. The purchase and sale of Stocks and Shares arranged for the usual Commission. WINDOW BILLS, This House to Let," may be obtained at the Observer Office, price one penny each. flmantrbt kt. "f" Since the reduction in the price of the Aberystwyth Observer" the circulation has increased very considerably, especially amongst the industrial classes. It is therefore an excellent medium of communication between those who require servants and those who want situations. BABBITS BABBITS RABBITS! WANTED 50,000 Couples weekly also all sorts Tv of Game, for which best prices will be given. Note the Address- E. P. TAYLOR, RADNOR HOUSE, TERRACii ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH, Late New Market Hall. XO LET, in Aberystwyth, a detached Villa with -α- good garden one minute from the sea. Also a small house suitable for private occupation or for letting furnished apartments, close to Victoria- terrace. Rents very moderate.—Apply to Mrs Meredith, Enfield House, Brynymor-terrace. WANTED, Cooks, and all classes of Servants, for good families. — Apply Mrs. No well, Registry Office, 18, Little Darkgate-street, Aberyst- wyth. No fee to servants. HOUSEKEEPER. — Wanted an experienced Housekeeper; good references; good wages. -Apply Mr P. Gornail, 3, North Parade. WANTED, a General Servant not nnoer twenty, for private family, with good reference.— Apply, Mrs Potter, Cefn, near Merthyr. ATTLE FENCING— ForSALE, 100 Iron CattT Hurdles, 6 ft. long, with 5 bars; quite new. Price 3s 4d each, carriage paid. Sketch sent.- STANBY & Co., Birmingham. £ 0 BE SOLD, by Private Treaty, ARVON HOUSE," Llanbadarn-road, containing nine rooms and conveniences.—Apply Mr E. O. Wynne. ABERYSTWY fH.—Private Lodgings, or Board and Lodgings, on moderate terms during the Winter, at P ynlimon House. Victoria Terrace, tin the best part of the town.-Apply to Mrs. Piercf. AGENTS wanted to push first-class Machinery Oils. Liberal Commission. — Box 31, Post Office, Liverpool. REGISTRY OFFICE FOR SERVANTS. \TR3. W. BUBB begs to inform the Gentry iVA and general Public that sbe has opened, a Registry Office for Servants at No. 4, Thespian- street. Every accommodation and home comforts for servants out of situations. Terms moderate. ARMY SERVICE. YOUNG MEN wishing to JOIN HER MAJES- TY'S AliMY can obtain all information as to the Conditions of Service and advantages of the Army, on Application at any Post Office. Great prospects of promotion are offered to eligible Young Men. Applications can be made, either personally or by letter, to the Officer commanding the Regimental District at BRECON, or to the nearest Volunteer Serjeant Instructor or other Recruiter. DIFFICULT LAMBING AND CALYING. DAY, SON, AND HEWITT'S "RED DRENCH" IS of universal fame for its quick and marvellous effects in preventing fever and inflammation in Ewes and Cows, it dosed a day or two before and just after parturition. The cleansing of the Ewe and the Cbw will be perfect, and their milk will be rendered pure, copious, and wholesome for 'i.heir offspring. 3s 61 per dozen for Ewes; 13s per dczen box for Cows. Should paining or heaving threaten violently, dose with the pain kiiling "GASTODYNE" at once, and stop it. Plice 3s 6d per bottle. DAY, SON, AND HEWITT'S "BROWN EXTRACT," SAID to be worth a guinea a bottle as a pain antidote for anointing the womb in drawing away a Lamb or Calf. It draws all inflamed poisons out upon the surfaae, hence prevents gangrene, and and is matchless for all wounds, sores, swollen and broken ndders in Cows and Ewes, and for sore paps. 30s per dozen i-dozen box, 7s 6d. DAY, SON, AND HEWITT'S "GASEOUS FLUID," DEADENS pain in an almost magic manner in Cows and Ewes where there is uneasiness, exhaustion, and danger after parturition; for it imparts great ease, and is always given after the Red Drench to calm the nerves and give strength. 20a per dozen in wooden boxes. CAUTION.—Beware of colourable imitations, and please note the name— DAY, SON, AND HEWITT, 22, DORSET STREET, LONDON, W. WORTH A GUINEA A BOX. BEECHAM'S PILLS ABE admitted by thousands to be worth a SuiKU A Box for bilious and nervous disorders, «uoh M wind and pain in the stomacb, stok headache, glddineu, tulneø and (welling after meals, dizziness and drowsinesa, cold ohilla, tmhing of heats, loss of appetite, shortness of brttth, co«t!r*- ness, scurvy, blotches on the skin, disturbed sleep, Mfhtfal oreams, and all nervous and trembling sensations, lie. Til ftrst dose will give release in twenty minutes. This is no flctiss, or they have done it in thousands of cases. Every mffuflr to earnestly invited to try one box of these Pills, and they will IN I acknowledged to oe WORTH A GUINEA A BOX. Per females of all ages these Pills are Invaluable, as a few doaes'of them carry off all gross humours, open all obstraetlra* and bring about all that is required. No female should be with- out them. There is no medicine to be found to equal BEECHAM'S PILLS for removing any obstruction or Irregu- larity of the system: If taken according to the to the directiwM riven with each box they will soon resto e femtdet wt all agM III soued and robust health. For a weak stomach, impaired digestion, and ak disorders go the liver, they act like "MAGIC," and a few doses will 118 found to work wonders upon tbe most important organs in the human machine. Tney strengthen the whole muscular system, restore the long lost complexion, bring back the keen edge of appetite, and arouse inf") action with the ROSEBUD or health, the whole physical em Try oT the human trame.—Theet MW "FACTS" admitted by thotfiandt, embracing all classes mt meiety, and one of the best guarantees to the nervous aal Sehilitated i., BEECHAM'S PILLS have the largest sale of aq pauent medicine in the world. BEECHAM'S MAGIO COUGH PILLS. Ara remedy for Coughs in general, asthma, difficulty It treathing, shortness Of breath, t ghtness and oppression of till thest, wheeling, see., these Pills stand unrivalled. Thsj speedily remove that sense of oppression and difficulty of breathing which nightly depiive the patient of rest Let any person give BHCHAX'S Cocea PILLI a trial, and the mmf violent cough will in a short time be removed. CAUTIO.. -Th. public an S^oested to notice that the woris "BKICKAM'S PIIAS, St Helens" are on the Sovermmem affixed to each box of the Pills. If mot on, they are tttttty. Prepared only and sold wholesale and retail by the proprietss^ T. BKBORAM, chemist, St Helens, Lancashire, In boxes at Is. 1| and 3s M. each. Sent post free from the propriatorf erlf stamps.—Sold by all druggists and patent Medicine Delists to the kill gdow. X.B>~YaU 4ireeteas aie given warn Mttt htt. THE ABERYSTWYTH OBSERVER AND MERIONETHSHIRE NEWS. FAMILY NEWSPAPER, AND AN EXCELLENT ADVERTISING MEDIUM FOR ALL CLASSES.. 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