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business jptesis- ACCTDKNTS TO LIFE & LIMB, RAILWAY ACCIDENTS, EMPLOYEES' LIABILITY. ISSUBED AGAINST BY THE RAILWAY PASSENGERS' ASSURANCE COMPANY, Established 1849. Capital, = £ 1,000,000. compensation Paid, £ 3,600,000. (H, Cornhill, London. A. VIAN, Sec. AGENT: MRS. E. ISSARD, Aberystwyth SUN fy •. > v>. N ''X, Sum insured in 1895, ^390,775.000. Fro all particulars apply to ithe following AGENTS— ABERYSTWYTH MR. HUGH HUGHES. Aberay-on Mr H. Howell. Barmou;h Mr K. I\ Anderson. Mr R L. Jones, Mount Place Dnlo-ell.-v Mr Thomas P. Jonea-Parry jjulgen.y Mr John Richards. Llandyt>-il Mr John D. Themas Llanon Mr John Thomas. Lampet Mr William Davies. Llanybyther Mr David Ihomas. Sa nan Mr David E. Thomas. Talsarn Mr Davies Llewelyn. "RASi^I.^TTES, MML CARTS, TRIUY^JjR ,nyoLKS. BATH CHAIHS, BABY'S CHAIRS, FOR SALE OR HIRE BY THE HOUR, DAY WEEK OR MONTH. FIREWORKS. FOR TERMS. &C., APPLY TO, W, I. ROWLAND, 9, PIER STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. THE MOST NUTRITIOUS COCOA. E P P S S GRATEFUL-COMFORTING. Li %w O O O O A WITH FULL NATURAL FLAVOUR. The BEST VALLTJE in the Trade. Every machine warranted for one year. 1896 LADIES' Safeties, fitted with Woodley de uel.aWe pneumatic tyres(guarante.ed),gear case, dressguards brakes,etc., complete £ k 15s. l«9(i 'JENTS' Safeties, fitted with Woodley d, t-vrhable pneumatic tyres (guaranteed), etc.. £8 15s. IMMEDIATE DELIVERY GUARANTEED. Don't be p«rsunded top .y X20 for a machine when you can obtain a genuine one (made of the flues, materials and best workmanship) )or less than half the usual price direct from our factory. Finest and most extensive selection of new and secondhand machine* in I he world About 1( 00 always IDI stock. Second- hand solid tyred safeties from 15s; cu,hion data from 30s. pneumatic ditto Irom 80s. TamnK bells valists »nd all necessary fittings for cycles at ^b "t half the usual prices. Repairs done on the premises at thV lowest rutrs. Country orders promptly attended to. PDWAUDES & FLEXMAX, 3 & 20, Blirktris.sRoad, London E a Hours -9 a.m. till 9 p «. The oldest established house in the trade. Makes Boots and Ha rnes nn.f.^rproof as a duck' GOLD MEDAL 19 Exhibition Highestg I^JULin .Tin. St.. 2.. 66 H BFL ■■ BSH HIH of all Bootmakers, MPMlvSwII B Saddlers, Meichan CLOTHING TO MEASURE. INSTALMENT TERMS. Apply for Patterns of the Celebrated BANNOCKBUliN & HAR EtI i' TWEEDS SUITS ritom 40s. TRAVELLERS CAN CALL. McPHEKSON AND Co., DRAPERS, VAENOR STREET. J. G. WILLIAMS, COACHBUILDER, THE CORNER OF PORTLAND LANE AND QUEEN'S ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH. PRIVATE ADDRIESS- 13, Baker Street. T. KENYON PARDOE, COMMISSION AGENT, 1, MARKET STREET (1ST FLOOR), ABER- YSTWYTH. REPRESENTING THE WICKLESS OIL LAMP & GAS ECONOMISES SYNDICATE, LTD., LONDON. No Smoke-no Smell-no Wick-no Glass—no Globe—Cle a uliness-Healihiness-Econcmy. Instantaneous production of a brilliant, beautiful, white gas light. PATENT "GLORIA" WICKLESS OIL LAMP. 140 candle power and 80 candle power. Cost of light one-seventh of a penny per hour and one-ninth of a penny per hour respectively. R. E. JAMES, SWANSEA, for Patent Ameriean Cooking and Heating Stoves. Clean! Efficient!! Economical! Used and Recom- mended by the Medical Profession. Even Temperature Thorough Ventilation DAIRY OUTFIT COMPANY, LIMITED, LONDON. NATIVE GUANO COMPANY, LIMITED, LONDON. JAMES CUNLFFE, MANCHESTER FOR THE NEW PATENT ACME BEER BARREL TILTBB, A Revolution in Tilting. SAVES TIME SAVES LABOUR!! Samples of all on view at the above Address ghtstas Ifotias. ABERYSTWYTH BAZAAR, 8, GREAT DARKGATE STREET. Christmas Show NOW ON. INTERESTING ATTRACTIONS Li-Hung-Chang I" Relating his experience in Europe and the United States during his recent 0 visit at 6.30 p.m. each evening. LATEST NOVELTIES SUITABLE FOR PRESENTS From the London and Continental Markets. Christmas and New Year Cards, ENGLISH MADE, HAND-PAINTED & MODERATE IN PRICE. bat t A largo Tro ,u- o. Walking Sk Vletv n* vvaiKing, ^r Of ning and Crying Dolls, £ Aa, £ G?rls of all Ages, \v„ -v 10,000 EXAMPLES OF QUAINT AND '1;1 BEAUTIFUL AND USEFUL ARTICLES, GARNERED FROM THE WESTERN AND EASTERN WORLDS. THE SHOW ROOMS are brilliantly illuminated by ELctric LidJt, and have be-n specially fitted up for the display of well-nigh every conceivable variety OF FANCY WARE CHRISTMAS CRACKERS. SMOKER'S REQUISITES OF EVERY DESCRLPTfON. CALL AND JUDGE FOR YOURSELVES. NOTE THE ADDRESS— J. E. & L. A. WARD, 8, GREAT DARKGATE STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. WORTH A GUINEA A BOX. REECHAM'S FOB ALL PILLS BILIOUS AND NERVOUS DISORDERS, SUCH AS Sick Headache, Weak Stomach, IMPAIRED DIGESTION, Constipation, Liver Complaint, AND FEMALE AILMENTS. LARGEST SALE IN THE WORLD. In Boxes, old., 13^ aRd 25. gd. each. PJEECHAM'S TOOTH PASTE. —EFFICACIOUS—ECONOMICAL.— CLEANSES THE TEETH- -PERFUMES THE BREATH. c, In collapsible Tubes, One Shilling each. Prepared only by the Proprietor, Thomas BEECHAM, St Helen's Lancashire, and sold Everywhere. This Ointment Is confidently recommended as an old, tried, & successful remedy for Eczema, Scrofula, Glandular Swellings, Ringworm, Old Wounds, Ulcer* 1,1 11 Legs, Scald Heads, Blotches the Face and Body, St. Wll7liuRn?BffAnthony's Fire, Burns, Cfail- blains, Bruises, Piles, Fistula, Rheumatism, Bunions, &c. It will soon heal up the most obstin* ate Eruptions of the Skin of every kind. No family should be without it. Please note the Trade Mark Label jn each Pot. Sold by all Chemists, in potli1 only, price 7id, Is. 1 £ & 2s 9d each. For Scrofula, Eczema, Ulcerated i W'yV Legs, Erysipelas, Fistula, Glan- dnlar Swellings, &c. They may be taken by persons of either sex, are Tonic and Invigorating, and acting on the secretions, they are a truly valuable Blood Purifier, and may be used in con- junction with the NO NAME" I. OINTMENT in any of the above Diseases. Sold in boxes by all Chemists, price 71d., le. Id. and 2s 9d. SOLE VP" PBIETOR J. WBITEHOUSL, 194, Doriteod, .BiiwiflghMa, JttWir ftatias. ROYAL COLLEGE OF MUSIC, SOUTH KENSINGTON, LONDON, S.W. 4t ———— Incorporated by Royal Charter, 1883. President: H.R.H. The PRINCE OF WALES, E.G. Director: C. HUBERT H. PARRY, Esq., M.A., Doc., D.C.L. Hon. Secretary: CHARLES MORLEY, Esq., M.P. FRUE OPEN SCHOLARSHIPS. I Twelve FREE OPEN SCHOLARSHIPS will be competed for in February, 1897, as follows: 2 Composition I 1 Violin 1 Pianoforte 1 Viola or Double BasB 4 Singing 1 Violoncello 1 Organ I 1 Hautboy.or Bassoon provided that satisfactory candidates present them- selves. The Scholarships are for three years, of the ap- proximate value of X40 per annum, and are intended to confer a complete musical education. In some special cases grants towards maintenance are added. Preliminary Examinations will be held on Wednes- day, Febrnary 3rd, in various local centres through- out the United Kingdom, and the t final competition will take place at the College on.ior. about ^February 27th. All persons desirous of competing must apply on the official forms, which may be obtained from the College, Prince Consort Road, South Kensington, Loudon, S.W. No such application can be entertained if received after January 4th. FRANK POWNALL, Registrar. ABERAYRON URBAN COUNCIL. THE INFECTIOUS DISEASE (NOTIFICATION) ACT, 1889 (52 and 53 VICT. CHAP. 72). ]Vj OTICE is hereby given that at a meeti of Aber -Li ayron Urban Council, held on the 23rd day of- December, 1896, it was resolved that the Infectious Disease (Notification) Act, 1889," should be adopted in the Aberayron Urban District, and that the said Act should come into operation in the said District on the 25th day of January, 1897. By order. B. C. JONES, Clerk to the said Council. Aberayron, 23rd December, 1896. PHILLIPS' HALL, ABER xy:'«puoJop SVU) GRAND CONCERT ON CHRISTMAS NIGHT, SPECIAL ENGAGEMENT OF MISS CLARA ALDERSLEY, BRISTOL, MADAME FISHER, LONDON, MR. W. TREVOR EVANS. MORRISTON. And well-known Local Artistes. V 1° Particulars see Posters. EISTEDD FOjd ATB^RY^TWYT H, NADOLIU, 1896. Dymunir hysbysi y bydd yr Eisteddfod uchod yn cael ei GOHIRIO HYD Ionawr 27ain, 1897. Enwau yr Ymgeiswyr a'rCyfansoddiadau i fod i mewn ar neu cyn yr 20fed o Ionawr. CHARLES BENSON, Ysgrifenydd. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF WALES, ABERYSTWYTH. EXTENSION OF ADDITIONAL BUILDINGS. The Building Committee are prepared to receive TENDERS for the ERECTION of the SUPER. STRUCTURE of the CENTRAL BLOCK of the College Buildings. Persons willing to Tender for these works are requested to send their names to me, together with a deposit of £ 1 Its, on or before the 21st next, when copies of the bills of quantities will be sent them. This deposit will be returned on receipt of a booa- fide tender. The plans may be seen at my Offices, Kensington, and at the College, Aberystwytb, on and after Mon- day, the 28th day of December next. Tenders on forms supplied to be sent to me, Charles F. Ferguson, at my offices, on or before if o'clock on Tuesday, the 12th day of January next. The Committee do not bind themselves to aocept the lowest or any tender. CHARLES F. FERGUSON, Architect, 42, Clareville-grove, South Kensington, S.W. T. E. MOKGAN, Resident Architect, 12, Baker-street, Aberystwyth. ROYAL PIER PAVILION, ABER- YSTWYTH. GRAND CONCERT WILL BE GIVEN ON CHRISTMAS EVENING, DECEMBER 29TH, 1896, WBXN THE ABERYSTWYTH UNITED BRASS BAND, THE CELEBRATED SOPRANO— MISS LIZZIE AUSTIN, R.A.M., OF DOWLAIS. THE RHEIDOL UNITED JUVENILE CHOIR, And Several well-known ARTISTES will take part. CHAIRMAN-ALDERMAN PETER JONES, J.P. For Full Partioalara see Posters. == JOHN LLOYD, TOWN CRIER, 18, SKINNER STREET, ABERYSfrWYTBk BILLPOSTING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. Permanent Stations in the beat parti 01 the Town' COWTBACTe kadi. A ilmcatijm Itotiqs ABERYSTWYTH COUNTY SCHOOL. HEAD MASTER: MR DAVID SAMUEL, M.A., (Cantab), Late Foandatiou Scholar, Exhibitioner and Prize- man of Clare College, Cambridge; 20th Wrangler, 1879, and formerly Open Scholar, U.C.W. ASSISTANT MASTERS: MR W. P. FULLER, M.A., (London), Classical Honours in B.A. Exam.; 6th on List in M.A. Exam.; formerly Open Scholar, U.C.W. MR THOMAS OWENS, Late Headmaster of the Aberystwyth Commercial and Grammar School, and formerly Senior Scholar, U.C.W. Forms of application for admission, and any further information, may be had from SAMUEL EVANS, Clerk to the Local Governing Body. 6, Portland Street, Aberystwyth. ABERYSTWYTH GRAMMAR SCHOOL (FOUNDED 1812). HEADMASTER R. A. POPE, M.A., Formerly Scholar of Sidney Sussex College, Cam- bridge, and lately Assistant Master at Shrewsbury School. Boys can enter from 7 years of age. ESTABLISHED 1846. WVAN SIMON, «iTjyiiRAL TAILf) R WOOLLEN DH-TPBR, &C., POST OFFICE, LLANBAD Every description of Vjj clothing) on the m1 Bk>EEL,HES AN MOURN All Prices cha are the io>. 1T1.u.tities and first-rate workmanship AGENT FuR ANDERSON'S ARMY & ADMIRALTY WATERPROOF. J D APHAEL'S Almanac for 1897. Contains hints LA; to F irmers & Gardeners, Birthday Information for every day. When to buy, sell, speculate, &c. 128 pages. Price 6d. Fonlsham, 4, Pilgrim St. London, E.C., and local Bookstalls and Booksellers. MODERN AND ANTIQUE FURNITURE DEPOT. HUGH C. RICHARDS CABINET MAKER, UPHOLSTERER, UNDERTAKER, AND ANTIQUE CARVER, No 2, LITTLE DARKGATE STREET, AND PORTLAND LANE, ABERYSTWYTH. p a —Jobbing of all kinds. Old Oak Furniture Altered and Carved. ISAAC AND GEORGE LLOYD COACH BUILDERS ALFRED PLACE, ABERYSTWYTH CEYLON TEA STORES, 3, NORTH PARADE, ABERYSTWYTH 8. EVANS, TEA DfiALift AND FAMILY GROCER, FLOU & PROVISION DEALER. SPORTS AND SADDLERY MANUFACTORY. LAWTJ TENNIS, Golf, Fishing and all Spoiiing IRpnnisities. Alo Bags, Portmanteaus, Gladstone Bags, and a first class stock of Saddlery Goods, at the old shop— TRRRRMFS & OWEN, SADDLERS, GREAT DARKGAI'S STREET, ABERYSTWTTH. DAVID JONES, PRACTICAL TAILOR BREECHES MAKER, LADIES' RIDING HABITS A JACKETS LIVERY, &O,F 5, CHALYBEATE, TERRACE ABERYSTWYTH. SUITS MADE TO ORDER FROM 50s. BEST WORKMANSHIP. NEWEST STYLES MESSRS MURPHY & ROWLEY SURGEON DENTISTS, ABERYSTWYTH, Established 1857, rr>T?NFR, o* TERRACE ROAD AND CORPORA- CUKJXXiiJi TION STREET. lIB TJOWLST visits the following places twice a month, Towyn, Machynlleth, Lampeter, and Aber- ayron. THE ABERYSTWYTH & DISTRICT BILL POSTING CO. ARE IN A POSITION TO GIVE THE GREATEST POSSIBLE PUBLICITY TO ANY POSTERS PLACED IN THEIR, BANDS, Having a large number of new Hoaioings jllst. erected in the principal and best horonehfares in Aberystwyth, Penparke, Llanbadarn Borth Llanfihangel, and all surrounding dibtnets. See list of Stations, with Dimensions. Exceditiona Posting on Reasonable Terms. Contract Work a speciality. A HEBR PAREE7.ER, Hill Crest, Llanbadaru Road, Abfrystwyth, SSMMIUC Director* „ I Iteinm Itotias. I CHRISTMAS, NEW YEAR CARDS & CALENDARS OF BRITISH MANUFACTURE, These Cards will be found both Better and Cheaper than those of foreign make, while purchasers will have the satisfaction of knowing they are supporting British labour. SPECIALITY IN LOCAL VIEW CARDS FOR THE SEASON. A LARGE VARIETY OF FANCY GOODS SUITABLE FOR PRESENTS. The Shilling Packet, extra special, 30 really good cards Is., or post free, t s. 2d, E. R. GYDE, 22 & 24, PIER STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. I OCEAN VIEW PRIVATE HOTEL AND BOARDING HOUSE, 3, VICTORIA MARINE TERRACE, ABERYSTWYTH, Faain, the Sea and best part of the Town. Handsomely famished throughoBt. Hi?h#ct References. i Good Cuisine and Attendance. Terms from 2 guineas. Mrs KEN IT, Prcpn< tre>-8 COOPERS-' HOTEL, NORTHOATE STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. ROBERTS' CELEBRATED ALES. t c ON DRAUGHT AND IN BOTTLE. AT T,rt Pins. Firks. Kila. 41 gallons. 9 gallons. 18 gallons. XX 4s 6d 9a Od 18s Od p?nts. ^nt r •AK 4* 6d 98 Od 18s Od Roberts' Pale Ale 3a 6d 2a Qd E XXX 5s 6d lie Od 21a Od Bass's „ 4a 3d 2e 6 .B 6a 9d 13s 6d 27, Od Guianess's Stout 4e 3d 2s 6 £ 6. 9d lSa 6d 27. Od Roberts' Table Ale 2 6 16 i, r- -——————————————————————————————— 1 Ales marked are specially recommended for household use. j Kartell and Hennesay's Brandiei; Special Scotch ;—Ro 'erick Dhu, Mountain & Dew; and Duaville's Irish, 1 "1 M. MORGAN, Proorietor P BILLIARD TABLE by Orme and Sons. T. H. JONES, .Tt AND SPIRIT MBROEANT, ± "RMINUS HOTEL, « MARY Railway Station), ABERYSTWYTH. j a AUtSOPf'S CELflBRATED ALES AND STUt ON DRAUGHT AND IN BOTTLE. —- e. d. 1 e. d. ALLSOPP'S STOtIT Imperial Pints 3 6 per doi. „ „ Half-pints 1 d per do*. Dinner Ale „ Pints 3 0 „ „ Htlf-piuts 1 6 M „ East India Pale Ale Pints 4 0 "n Half-pints 2 0 „ Allsopp's Ales and Stout, in 9,18 and 36 gallon casks at Wholesale Pricee. Martell'sand Henhessy'a B ndi>, Mountain Dew and Old Irish Whiskeys, Rum, Giu, Wines, Ginger Brandy (Flying Dutchman brand), Aerated Waters, &c., &o. T. E. SALMON, 1618BURNE ARMS, NORTHGATE-STREET, ABERYSTWYTH WHOLESALB A RETAIL BOTTLING MERCHANT. — HOPKINS AND Co., FAMILY GROCERS, 4, GREAT DARKGATE STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. ASK FOR HUDDEN'S BEST SUPERFINE SHAGG TOBACCO. W/K. WHEATLEY & SONS, PIANO, ORGAN, AND GENERAL MUSIC DEALERS, 46, TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH. All kinds of Musical Instruments, Strings, and Fittings. TUNING AND REPAIRING. ESTABLISHED 1851. H* E. WHE ATLEY, PROPRIETOR. 7 Sfttaiitrd, PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. Prepaid Advertisements of the classes specifie below will be charged according to the subjoined scale:— Apartments Wanted Businesses to be Sold. Apartments to be Let Partnerships Wanted Situations Wanted Money Wanted Situations Vacant Articles Lost Houses to be Let Articles Found Sales by Priavte Contract Miscellaneous Wants Miscellaneous Sales, &c. Words. One Three Six on, Insertion. Insertions. Insertions. Hf 6<L Is. Od. Is. 6d. 18 9d. Is. 6d. 2a. 3d. 24 2s. Od. 2e. Od. so. tel. 30 Is. 3d. j 2s. 6d. 3a. tel. 36 Is. Cd. 3s. Od. 4s. 6d. 42 Is. 9d. 3s. 6d. 5s. 3d. 48 2s. Od. I 4s. Od. i 6s. This scale applies only to consecutive insertions of PREPAID Advertisements. If not prepaid these Advertisements will be charged according to the Public Notice Scale. EMPLOYMENT FOR THOSE OUT OF WORK. GOOD FOOD • GOOD CLOTHKS ( Are offered to active GOOD LODGINGS V ?j?d steady young • AND MONEY TO | Men between the SPEND EVERT DAT J &S>E AND Apply for all information to Recruiting Sergean at Aberystwyth or Cardigan, or any Sergeaa Instructor of Volunteers. A Pamphlet The Advan tages of the Army," can be had free at any Po Umce. TO LET.—The Pier Hotel, Aberystwyth. Full _A particulars from D. M. Davies, New Street, or Morgan & Co. ISITORS TO LONDON.—Oxford Private Hotel •_ and Restaurant (home comforts, moderate prices) 77, Edgware-road, Marble-arch, W., only few minutes from Paddington, G.W.Ry, station. TO FARMERS AND OTHERS. Pig Meal, Swset and Sound, 40s. per ton. Feed. nig Meal, 50a. per ton. Free on rail, LirerpooL— White & Co., 16, Goree Piazzas, Liverpool. OLD OAK FURNITURE.— Wanted, a large quantity of Old Chests, Bedsteads, Dressers, &c.-Apply H. C. RICHARDS, Antique Carver, 2, Little Darkgate street. WANTED, all kinds of game, Rabbits, also Turkeys, Geese, Ducks, and Fowls. Highest prices given.—Apply ° E. P. TAYLOR, AEIUITEBEB, Radnor House, Terrace Road, Aberystwyth. FURNISHED HOUSES TO LET. few first-class Furnished Houses to Let.-Apply Ellis, Auction Mart, 28, Little Darkgate street. A BERYSTWYTH. To be sold by private treaty -OL. beveral Freehold Dwelling Houses, 10 rooms and upwards pleasantly situated, Immediate occnoation —A.nr1" Daniel, Auctioneers, L>OURNEMOUTH.—Intenmu< Visitors to Bourne U mouth, Boscombe, or District should ADVEB. TISE for APARTMENTS in the "Bournemouth Visitors' Directory," the Oldest Established Bourne* mouth newspaper. Wednesdays and Saturdays. Large circulation in Hants and Dorset. Twenty words—once, Is.; twice, Is 9d.; 3 times, 28 6d — Address, Directory Office, Bournemouth. FR? £ ?t< £ £ ,AND LEASEHOLD DWELLING HOUSEs for Sale by private treaty.—Apply to Edward Ellis, auctioneer, Aberystwyth. APARTMENTS WANTED.—The best way t^t your rooms and to seenre a constant succession of visitors, is to send a small advertisement to the East London Advertiser" (established over 30 years), and the "Essex Guardian (best family paper in South Essex), 20,000 readers weekly. Read by all the best people. Price for the two papers, 20 words 6d; 3 times, Is; 6 times, Is 9d; 13 times, 3s 3d.— Address, Publisher, 321, Mile End road, London, E. POOLE, PARKSTONE, WIMBORNE, NEW FOREST, and LYMINGTON.— Intending Visitors to this district should ADVERTISE for APARTMENTS in the "East Dorset Herald and South Hants Chronicle." Laige and increasing oir culation from Dorchester on the west to Southampton on the east, 4 editions. Thurdays, ld. The oharflfo for advertisements of 20 words, in all editions, is t Once, Is.; twice, Is 9d. j 3 times, 2s 6d.—Address, Herald Office, Poole. A PARTMENTS.—To all having apartments to A e not lose pounds by having your apartments empty when for Is or 3 weeks 2s you can have a 30 word advertisement in six newspapers circulating in du* triots which each year send thousands of visitors to Aberystwyth. Name of paperai-Leyton, Leytonstone. Weat Ham, Wanstead, Woodford and Forest Gate Manor Park, and Ilford Express and Independent. Address Publisher, Independent Office, Leytonstone. Essex. LONDON VISITORS REQUIRE APART. MENTS.—If you want to let your rooms an advertisement for insertion in the South Eastern Herald," the "Woolwich Herald," the "West Kent Argus," and the "Brockley News and New Cross Review." Advertisements appear in the four papers at one price-20 words, 6d. three insertions. Is. six insertions, Is. 9d.; thirteen insertions, 3s. 3d.; 2d. for each additional eight words for one insertion. Postal Order or Halfpenny Stamps. Over 50,000 readers in South London; Specimen oopy gratis. Head Office, 68, Greenwich Road, London, W. WILLIAM PROBIN RELIANCE HOUSE, (Opposite the Meat Market, and 15, PifteltNtt) WORKING WATCHMAKER, LAPIDARY, JJft JEWELLER. Purchaser of Brilliants, Old Gold and Sdffcr, Modern and Antique Plats. WM. ROWLANDS &. SON, CABINET MAKERS, UPHOLSTERER. POLISHERS AND UNDERTAKERS, RESPECTFULLY announce that they hare REMOVED their Business from Bidge Street to the commodious premises adjoining the Victor Hotel, in BAKER STREET, where they hope by strict attention to Business to merit a continaano the favours hitherto bestowed upon them. W. H. TRUSCOTT, WATCH AND CLOCK MAKER, LAPIDARY & OPTICIAN, f 37, TERRACE ROAD, Opposite the Post Offlot, A large assortment of Wedding, Diamond* sal Gt8 Rings. r T. GRIFFITHS, LION TEA WAREHOUSE ABERYSTWYTH. ROYAL