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.il. %nMic lottos- NO. 1, TERRACE ROAD. PRELIMINARY NOTICE. •m *"T? T T GRIFFITHS has received instructions M from E»q., to «II bj Awtte, at the Commercial Hotel the leasehold building. site situate at the corner of Terrace road and R"!™? Terrace, and opposite the Railway Station, a frontage of 18 feet in Terrace Road, Terrace of 36 feet. Arrangements have been made with the Town Council for the for 75 years, at an annual payment of .£314s 3d. Im- mediate possession can be obtained. LOOK OUT FOR THE FIRST APPEARANCE OF Miss MAY JOHN, .L-IL -JL- R.A..M., AT A GRAND CONCERT TO BE HELD AT THK Royal Pier Pavilion ON NEW YEAR'S NIGHT, 1897. NORWICH UNION FIRE INSURANCE SOCIETY. FOUNDED 1797. HEAD OFFICE Surrey Street, Norwich. LONDON OFFICES 50, Fleet Street, E.C. 10, King William Street, E.C., 195, Piccadilly, W., and No. 1, Victoria Street, S.W. TO E RATES of the Society are exceedingly moder- ate, and the injured are free from liability. This office is distinguished for prompt and liberal 0 "'g settlement of claims, JELL,600,000 having been already paid for losses by fire. Total amount insured exceeds £ 330,000,000. Losses caused by Lightening or Gas covered. AGENTS in all principal towns, from whom PROS, pectuses and information as to mode of effecting In. surances may be obtained. LOCAL AGENTS. Aberystwyth.Mr Joseph Davies, solicitor, County Court Office. Capel Bangor MR W.H Morgan. Llandyssul and District. MR John Jones. Norwich, Dec. 25th, 189O. GYDE, ~j PIER STREET, FOR ALL THE NEWEST STYLES IN PHOTOGRAPHS. BASSINETTES, MAIL OABTS, TRICYCLKS, ATH CHAIH8, BABY'S CHAIKB, FoR SALE 0B HIRE BT TB» HOUR, DAY WEEK OR MONTH. FI R E WORKS. FOE TEBM8 &CI) APPT"7^ W. I. ROWLAND, 9, PIER STREET, ABIBTSTWTTH. EDVMDLS Tl>e V A LU b; in the Trade.. 1 ftOr i ,EJ,*rT "hine waiwted to* 0118 WondleV 1896 LADIES' Safeties, fitted »'th 1896 GENTS* SafetieXfirt«a ft. detachable pneumatic tyres (Suara"f!6D aKTEED. Don't h MEDUTE DELIVERY GUABA obtain a P*rsuaded to p .v £ i0 materials and best MTRHINET1 M°H9T "tensive di,t0 from 80s>; T am pneumatic ditto fltiings for cycle* at ,1Vls' valis' 3, »nd all nece* _° y„e Qn the premjse8 at ut half the usual price?. Dromptly attended to. Vnmi L?WF81 rnt"«- Country ORDERS p LACK(RIARS Road, London p 3 & FLEXMAN, 3 k ~h' 0ide«t established house •E. Hours -9 a,ro. till 9 p.m- ga in the traae. in the trade. CLOTHING TO MEASURE. INSTALM^{TEKM^iebrated BANNOCKBURN & IIARAIS' TWEEDS SUITS rjaom 408. TRAVELLERS CAN OALL. McPHERSON AND Co., DRAPERS, V AENOB STREET. T. KENYON PARDOE, COMMISSION AGENT, 1 MARKET STREET (1ST FLOOR), ABER- YSTWYTH. REPRESENTING THE WICKLESS OIL LAMP & GAS ECONOMISER SYNDICATE, LTD., LONDON. No Smoke-no Smell-no Wick-no Glass-no Globe-Cleo nliness-Healthiness-Econcmy. Instantaneous production of a brilliant, beautiful, white gas light. P-KTENT "GLORIA" WICKLESS OIL LAMP. 140 candle power and 80 candle power. Dost of light one-seventh of a. penny per hour and one-ninth of a penny per hour respectirely. R. E. JAMES, SWANSEA, r„„ r, American Cooking and Heating Stoves. DIBMI I VffioientI! Economical! Used and Recom- °,ean 1 minded by the Medical Profession. Even Temperature! Thorough Ventilation!! DAIRY OUTFIT COMPANY, LIMITED, LONDON. NATIVE GUANO COMPANY, LIMITED, LONDON. JAMES CUNLFFE, MANCHESTER FOR THE NEW PATENT ACME BEER BARBEL TILTEB. A Revulntion in Tilting. SAVES TIME! SAVES LABOUR!! JSNAPLM OF ALL on view at the aboY. Adtasi fublu lloiuea. ELEMEWARY^ ACT, 1870. Sections IX., XLIX., LI. FINAL NOTICE C. B. F. OP CARDIGAN. SCHOOL DISTRICT OF HENLLYS. CONTRIBUTORY DISTRICT. WHFRKAB the Education Department, in pursuance of the Elementary EducationAot, 1870, did, on the 25th day of October, 189F, publish a Not oe ef their decision as to the Public School Acoommodation re- quired for the above district: And whereas no public inquiry has been directed to be held, and more than a month has elapsed since publication of the said Notice, Now, therefore, the Lords of the Committee of Council on Education HEREBY GIVE FINAL NOTICES AS FOLLOWS: I The School District is the Parish of HENLLYS. t TT TF IA nronosed to make the District contribute to the maintenance of a School in the Sohool Board District of CEULAN-Y-M AESMAWR, in respect of the number of children named in the Second Schedule to this Notice. III. The School named in the First Schedule to this Notice is ooasidered to be available for the District. TV Additional Pablio Sohool accommodation of the amount and description mentioned in the Seoond Schedule to this Notiee appears to be required for the District. V Th#ir Lordships hereby direct that the Publio School accommodation mentioned m the said Second Schedule be supplied within a period not ezoeeding three months from the date of the pub- lication of this Notice.. VT TF the expiration of such period the Publio Sohool acoommodation mentioned in the said Second Schedule has not been supplied or is not in conrse of being supplied with dne despatch, their Lordships will issue such further orders as may be deemed necessary. SCHEDULE I. I No of Children accommodated. Name and Description. Situation. No of Children accommodated. Boys. Girls Infants TOTAL School without the District, but partly available for it- A — Existing Cyfoeth-y-brenin (U.D.) Borth Beard School 50 50 TOTAL .J 50 SCHEDULE II. | Amount and Deacriptton ef Situation. Particulars. accommodation required. Accommodation is required for — The proposed contribution is in respect of the cost of 22 Children in respect of maintenance of 22 children. whose maintenance the School District of Henliys is to be made contributory. 4- G. W. KEKEWICH, Secretary. EDUCATION DEPARTMENT, 16^ day of December, 1896. Nouce No 157U6 N°"tHE AB7fflRtSTWYTH UNION. ELEMENTAK^EDUCATION ACT, 1870. Sections IX., XLIX., LI. FINAL NOTICE B.C.F. SCHOOL;BOABD DISTRICT OF CEULAN.Y-MAESMAWR. C0DNTR OR CAHRAGAN- WITH CONTRIBUTORY DISTWCT OF HENLLYS. lrt Z*YSU th8 ?E"°o'iSonbi18TO' ia«0n Council on Edncation HEREBY oivE FINAL NOTICE AS FOLLOWS «• Tb. S.bool HEM'S, "iSSSta 11 • IT i» propo.ED j CEULAN-Y-MAESMA WTT, in reVS'S" t? 5° tbe School second Schedule to this Notioe. Pe0t of tha namber of in. '»* K°a',• u ■»•"«"<>* to b. „« Dibtrict. a-hool accommodation of the amount and desorinti™, —«4- j !V. Additional this Notioe appears to be required for the District ned ,n tn« Seoond Schedule d|reot that the Public Sohool accommodation me'ntm„«J *1. -A Tb'"s.»»d ^si "id,u''p,,iod °°l — vi. K .tz "»•?■ J- Steb^bip'wU'^°y^E"^tor^ No. of Children accommodated. and Description. Situation. — oy8, Girls. Infants TOTAL. -■ m DISSL'"MLE« Existing Talybont Board School J57 go 217 TOTAL I 217 SCHEDULE A. 7 Amount and Description ef Situation. 1 Particulars. accommodation required. A990^°^atl0n.i8 reqnired 'or oft22bchildren!0 M8pect o{ of it Children in respect of !*hose maintenance the School District of^ Henliys is to be made contributory. whoae maintenance the Sohoel District of Henliys is to be made contributory. G. W. KEKEWICH, Secretary. EDUCATION DEPARTMENT, 16th day of December, 1896. Notice No. 15,795. „TTAM THE ABERYSTWYTH UNION, Makes Boots and j CEYLON TEA STORES, vel^ U ^OBTH PARADE, ABBEYS TWYTH ■MIvS «0UD WEDAL ^^J'Exhibitio^Higbwt S. EVANS, RNKLLLLI TINS2D., W. 2E- 6D T»4 PEALED AJFP FAMILY OEOOBE, FLOU ULUM I PPOTJSIONDBALEB, "J wcatwn tiotif4s ABERYSTWYTH COUNTY SCHOOL. HEAD MASTER: MR DAVID SAMUEL, M.A., (Cantab), Late Foundation Scholar, Exhibitioner and Prize- man of Clare College, Cambridge; 20th Wrangler, 1879, and* formerly Open Soholllf,C.W. ASSISTANT MASTERS: MR W. P. FULLER, M.A., (London), Classical Honours in B.A. Exam.; 6th on List in M.A. Exam.; formerly Open Scholar, U.C.W. MR THOMAS OWENS, Late Headmaster of the Aberystwyth Commercial and Grammtr School, and formerly Senior Scholar, U.C.W. Mr DEWI ELLIS, B.Sc. (London) Forms of application for admission, and any farther information, may be had from SAMUEL EVANS, Clerk to the Local Governing Body. 6, Portland Street, Aberystwyth. 'ABERYSTWYTH GRAMMAR SCHOOL (founded 1812). HEADMASTXB R. A. POPE, M.A., Formerly Scholar of Sidney Sussex College, Cam- bridge, and lately Assistant Master at Shrewsbury School. Boys can enter from 7 years of age. ESTABLISHED 1846. EVAN SIMON, GENERAL TAILOR, WOOLLEN DRAPER, &0. POST OFFICE, LLANBADARN FAWR. Every description of Gentlemen's Clothing, on the most reasonable terms. BttEELTHES AND LIVERIES OF ALL KINDS. MOURNING SUITS, &c., &c. All Prices charged are the lowest possible for good' qualities and first-rate workmanship. AGENT FuR ANDERSON'S ARMY & ADMIRALTY WATERPROOF. IAPHARL'S Almemm for 1897. Contains hints t to Farmers & Gardeners, Birthday Information for every day. When to bay, sell, speculate, &c. 128 pages. Price 6d. Fonlsham, 4, Pilgrirp St. London, E.e., and local Bookstalls and Booksellers. MODERN AND ANTIQUE FURNITURE DEPOT. HUGH C. RICHARDS CABINET MAKER, UPHOLSTERER, UNDERTAKER, AND ANTIQUE CARVER, No 2, LITTLE DARKGATE STREET, AND PORTLAND LANE, ABERYSTWYTH. p.S.-Jobbing of all kinds. Old Oak Furniture Altered and Carved. ISAAC AND GEORGE LLOYD COACHBUILDERS ALFRED PLACE, ABERYSTWYTH THF. MOST NUTRITIOUS COCOA. E P P S'S GRATEFUL-COMFORTING. co. CO A \WMTMW- NATURAL FLAVOUR. SPORTS AND SADDLERY MANUFACTORY. LAWN TENNIS, Golf, Fishing and all Sporting K^nfiiities Also Bags, Portmanteaus, Gladstone Bags, and a first olass stock of Saddlery Goods, at the old shop- HUGHES 4 OWEN, SADDLERS, GBIAT DARMATi STBBKT, ABERYSTWYTH. JOHN LLOYD, TOWN CRIER, 18, SKINNER STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. BILLPOSTING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. Permanent Stations in the best part. of the Town CONTRACTS HADB. MESSRS MURPHY & ROWLEY BURGEON DENTISTS, ABERYSTWYTH, ( Established 1857, CCRUFW OT TERRACE ROAD AND CORPOHA- CORNER o» ^"gjN STREET. MR -ROWI.IT visits the following places twioea monthj^Towyn, Machynlleth, Lgmpoter, and Aber- ayron. _&-< THE ABERYSTWYTH & DISTRICT BILL POSTING CO. ARB IN A POSITION TO THE GREATEST POSSIBLE PUBLICITY TO ANY POSTERS PLACBD KT THEIR^BAJDS, Having a large number of new Hoai g j erected in the principal and best horonghfares in Aberystwyth, Penparko, ■> Borth, Llanfihangel, and allsnrroundiug dibtricts. See list of Stations, with Dimensions. Expeditious Pasting on Reasonable Terms. Contract Work a speolality. A,1 PLT- HERB. PAREEZER, min creet, Llanbadarn R,"d, jibsfY-AwYth, I lasiiwss loiiccs. WATERLOO HOTEL., THE PROMENADE, ABERYSTWYTH. FIRST CLASS PRIVATE, FAMILY, AND COMMERCIAL HOTEL. FACING THE SEA, AX!) IØ. BEST POSITION iM TOWN. 40 BED BOOMS. TERMS MODERATE A. E. 4 A. MORRIS, PROPKISTRXSSES. OCEAN VIEW PRIVATE HOTEL AND BOARDING HOUSE, 3, VICTORIA MARINE TERRACE, ABERYSTWYL'H, Faolng Ifce and best part of tbe Town. Handsomely furnished throughout. Hiehoet References (wgd Cuisine and Attendance. Terms from 2 guineas. Mrs KEN*IT, Pr prittreis COOPERS' HOTEL, NORTHGATE STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. ROBERTS' CELEBRATED ALES. ON DRAUGHT AND 19 BOTTLE. At-ea T Pins. Firks. Kill. 4i galloni. 9 gallons. 18 gallons. 1 ■ 1 Imp. Imp. XX 4s Od 9a Od 188 Od Pints. Pint. •AK 48 6d 9. Od 188 Od Roberta* Pal. Ale S. 6d 2a Qd tTT 61 6d 118 Od 21a Od Bass's „ 4s 3d 2s 6 6a 9d 13a 6d i7. Od Gninness'p Stout 4e 3d 28 6 6e 9d 138 6d 17, Od Roberta' Table Ale 2616 _& Ales marked are specially recommended for household use. ltartsUandnenneeWs Brandies; Special Scotch;—Roderick Dhu, Mountain Dew; and Dunvilles Irish, etc. M. MORGAN, Proprietor BILLIARD TABLE by Orme and Sons. w- T. H. JONES, WlSI AND SPIRIT MERCHANT, TERMINUS HOTEL, KARY rrafiBT (Opposite the Railway Station), ABSRTSTWTTB. MfLSOtfS CELKBRJTKD ALBS AND STOUT OK DRAUGHT AND IN BOTTLE. s. d. I s. d. ALLSOPP'S STOUT Imperial Pints 3 6 per dos. „ „ Half-pints 1 9 per doz. „ Dinner Ale Pints 3 0,, n „ Half-pints 16 „ M East India Pale Al^ Pints 4 0 „ „ v Half -pints 2 0,, JLlUopp's Ales and Stout, in 9,18 and 36 gallon casks at Wholesale Prioea. Martell's and HeAkeesy's Bmndise, Mountain Dew and Old Irish Whiskeys, Rum, Gin^ Wines, Ginger Brandy (Flying Dutchman brand), Aerated Waters, Ac., &0. -T E. SALMON, LISBURNE ARMS, NORTHGATE-STREET, ABEBYSTWYTH WHOliBSALB iBTAIL BOTTLING MBBOHANT. I— Jr — HOPKINS AND Co., FAMILY GROCERS, 4, GREAT DABKGATE STREET, ABEBYSTWYTH. A.SK FOR HUDDEN'S BEST SUPERFINE SHAGG TOBACCO. W. K. WHEATLEY & SONS, PIANO, ORGAN, AND GENERAL MUSIC DEALERS, 46. TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH. All kinds of Musical Instruments, Strings, and Fittings. ■ TUNING AND REPAIRING. ESTABLISHED 1851. Ii H E. WHEATLEY, PROPRIETOR. £ &iamri),&c PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. Prepaid Advertisements of the classes specific below will be charged according to the subjoined scale:- Apartments Wanted Businesses to be Sold. Apartments to be Let Partnerships Wanted Situations Wanted Money Wanted Situations Vacant Articles Lost Houses to be Let Articles Found Sales by Priavte Contract Miscellaneous Wants Miscellaneous Sales, &c. Words. One Three Six Insertion. Insertions. Insertions. 12 6d. I 18. Od. Is. 6d. i8 9d. Is. 6d. 2s. M. 24 2s. 0d. 2s. Od. 3s. Od. 30 Is. 3d. 2s. 6d. 3s. 9d. 1b. «d. 3s. Od. 4e. 6d. *1 la- 8s. 6d. 5s. 3d. 48 | 2s. Od. I 4s. Od. j 6s. #.J. This scale applies only to consecutive insertions ef PREPAID Advertisements. If not prepaid thesa PnbUc NoTioe Scale. be gharged according h the Public Notice Scale. EMPLOYMENT FOR THOSM OUT OF WORK GOOD FOOD GOOD CLOTHES | Are offered to active GOOD LODGINGS L 8n^ steady young AND MONET TO J between the 8PIND EVERT DAT J a?6 of 18 »*AiPhI {°I alLinformation to Reoruiting Serrean at Aberystwyth or Cardigan, or any SenreL te-Mnof th« A Mteer8* uA ?*he Advan Office °an had £ rea at an» *° VISITORS TO LONDON.-Oxford Private Hotel and Restaurant (home comforts, moderate prices) 77, Edgware-road, Marble-arch, W., only few minute, from Paddington, G. W. By, øtation. t, ,T0 FARMERS AND OTHERS. • Sweet and Sound, 40a. per ton. Fee*. wl-» aV^'iton- Free on rnil, Liverpool.— White & Co.. 16, Goree Piazzas, Liverpool. 0LD OAK FURNITURE.— Wanted, a large a °L 01d Che8t^. Bedsteads, Dressera, F°;»7 t?p1Z 9- Richards, Antique Carver, 2, Little Darkgate street. FURNISHED HOUSES TO LET. Furnished Houses to Let.—Add1t Ellis, Auction Mart, 28, Little Darkgate street. ABERYSTWYTH. To be sold by private treaty A BERYSTWYTH. To be sold by private treaty Xi. several Freehold Dwelling Houses, 10 rooms „ n,p""dV ZToZ°.7 £ &,»rK ,oi M>redi" UOTENE^dtS^— tise s,PASmISTS Dstri& ,"°S'd AUV™" Wedneadaja .nd S.tardSJ, r? ?•5 twice' la 3 times, 2d «d.— Address, Directory Qffice, Bournemouth. /^D, leasehold DWELLING k^wo7rii<Mi *°ffc»ale by prirute treaty.—Apply to fcJdward bliis, auctioneer, Aberyatwytb. APARTMENTS WANTED—The be«t^ and to secure a constant succession of visitori, is to send a small advertisement to the East London Advertiser" (established over 30 years), and the Essex Guardian'' (best family paper in South Essex), 20,000 readers weekly. Read by all the bebt people. Prioe for the two papers, 20 words bd; 3 times, Is; 6 times, Is 9d; 13 times, 3a 3d.— Address, Publisher, 321, Mile End read, London, E. OOLE, PARKSTONE, WIMBORNE, NEW X. FOREST, and LYMINGiON.- Intending APA^IT M K K IA-«D,8TRAOT F,HOULD ADVERTISE for S m t,he.. Doraet Herald and TA1011^0 We and increasing cir lr.°™ Dorchester on the webt to Southampton ? £ .f ea'tlons- Thurdays, Id. The charm °n20 wordB» "» «11 editions, is: 3 "•2a M-Add«". Office, Poole. APARTMENTS.—To all having apartments to e not lose pounds by having yonr apartments empty when for Is or 3 weeks 2s you can have a 30 word advertisement in six newspapers circulating in Ifs. tricts which each year send thousands of visitors to Aberystwyth. Name of papersl- Ley ton. Leytonstons, West Ham, Wanstead, Woodford and Forest Gate A^?°R PF UV 1 IUord ExPreBB ftnd Independent. Actress Publisher, Independent Office, Leytonstone, LONDON VISITORS REQUIRE APART. MENTS.—If you want to let your rooms aextd an advertisement for insertion in the South Eaatera Herald," the "Woolwich Herald," the "West Kent Argos," and the Brockley News and New Cross Review." Advertisements appear in the four papers at one price-20 words, 6d. three insertions. Is.; six insertions, Is. 9d.; thirteen insertions, os. 3d.; 2d, for each additional eif?ht words for one usntion. Postal Order or Halfpenny Stamps. Over 50,000 readers in South London; SuWflMS. copy gratis.—Head Office, 68, Greenwich Road, LondoL, w. WILLIAM PROBIN BELJANOII HOUSE, (Opposite the Meat Market, and 15, Fior-strwt) WORKING WATCHMAKER, LAPIDABT, AND JKWELLEB. fmrohaser of Brilliants, Old Gold and Bllvwr, Modern and Antique Plate. -0 WM. ROWLANDS 8. SON, CABINET MAKERS, UPHOLSTER BRj? WLISHEBS AND UNDERTAKERS, "O ESPECTFULLT announce that they have R REMOVED their Business from Bidge Stretft to the commodious premises adjoining the Victor Hotel, in BAKER STREET, where they hope bt strict atteation to Business to merit a continwuio the favours hitherto bestowed upon them. W. H. TRUSCOTT, WATCU AND CLOCK MAKER, LAPIDARY A OPTICIAN, 37, TERRACE ROAD, Opposite the Post Ofles, A large assortment of Wedding, Diamond, sad QM Rings. J. G. WILLIAMS, OOACHBUILDEB, THE CORNER OF PORTLAND LAB. AMD QUEEN'S ROAD, ABKRTSTWTTB. PKIVATI A RUIRISS 18, Baker Stresfc, T. GRIFFITHS, Wt hlOV TEA WAREHQUSB^ ABERYSTWrrH. j:jj^M HOY AI 0tVfIA«