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TO TRADESPEOPLE AND OTHERS. I HEREBY GIVE NOTICE, that I will not be answer- able for any Debt or Debts contracted by my Wife, from and after the date hereof annexed. STEPHEN GRIFFITHS, Shipwright. Front Cottage, Pembroke Dock, January 14th, 1853. To Farmers, Builders, Shopkeepers, &c., AC IMPORTANT SALE Of Farm and Furnishing Ironmongery, Agriculture Implements, Chain Cables, Anchors, Ship and other Castings, and all the Costly Machinery and Patterns, lately in use at the extensive Establishment of MIl THOMAS LLOYD. Ironmonger, cardigan. WHO is retiring from Business, As the whole of the above valuable Stock will be disposed of without any delay at considerably REDUCED PRICES, Pur- chases may be effected on more advantageous terms than are likely to present themselves again for many years. ALSO FOR SALE, All that Extensive and Compact PREMISES, situate in MOULDAN, on which the above MANUFACTORY has been carried on, having a river frontage, in excellent re pair, and particularly adapted to the Business of a gene- ral merchant, inalster and public brewer. For further particulars apply to Mr THOMAS LLOYD, Cardigan. SPECIAL NOTICE. TO SECURE THE ADVANTAGE OF THIS YEAR'S ENTRY, PROPOSALS MUST BE LODGED AT THE HEAD-OFFICE, OR AT ANY OF THE SOCIETY'S AGENCIES, ON OR BEFORE 1st MARCH. SCOTTISH EQUITABLE LIFE ASSURANCE s SOCIETY. INCORPORATED BY SPECIAL ACT OP PATIAMENT, 10 VICT., C. 35. EDINBURGH 26, ST. ANDRREW SQUAR LONDON 126, BISHOPSGATE STREEE The SUMS ASSURED exceed £3,780,000 The ANNUAL REVENUE exceeds 140.000 And the ACCUMULUTED FUND 690,000 LARGE ADDITIONS have been mode to POLI CIES. For example, a Policy for jgl,000, dated 1st March 1832, becoming a Claim after payment of the Premium in the premium year, would receive ,fJ,5J4, and Policies of later date in proportion. The next Triennial Allocation takes place on 1st March 1853, when an additional Bonus will be dtclared. ROBT. CHRISTIE, Manager. AGENTS )— PEMBROKB J. R. BRYANT, Surgeon Haverfordwest Philip Ellis, Merchant Swansea. Wm. Penrose, Assay Office OLD PARR INTRODUCED TO KING CHARLES S e the Life and Times of Old Parr. who lifpd to be e 152 ^ears of age containing Remark* on Disease, tteatth, and the means qf Prqlon.png Life, 32 pages, with engrav- I)# 9F ings, anecdotes, poetry, &c., may be had gratis of all agents. AS A FAMILY MEiDICINE PARR'S LIFE PILLS STAND UNRIVALLED IN EXCELLENCE 4NB IN PUBLIC ESTIMATION. THJ? fiue balsamic and invigorating powers of this Ityedicine j$truly wonderful; a trial of a single dose will carry a conviction that they afeell that is necessary to invigorate the feeble, restore the invalid to health and do good in all cases. The heads Qf Fami ies should always have them in the house, aa they may, with the greatest confidence, be resorted to at any time or in atty case. TO LADIES. PA^R S LIFE PILLS are especially efficacious, ip all the variety of admen's incidental to the Pair Sex. Ladies even of the most delicate constitutions will find them particu- larly benehcial both b fore and after confinement; and for general use in Schools they cannot be too strongly recom- mended- They mildly and speedily remove all Skip Erup- tions, Sallowness ol Complexion, Nervous Irritability, Sicjc He^d-ache, Depression of Spirits, Irregularity, or General Derangement pi the System From Mr. John Heaton, Agent, W«, 7, Briggate Leeds. DEAR Sms, some time since forwarded you a Testi- moqial as to the elhcaoy of PAKR'S LIFE PL».Ls in this e g poqrhood. 1 aip happy to be able «f«w to iqforin you that my opiniQh of their excellence continues unaltered, and the unvarying testimony of my customers assures me that thev are a great boon to the working clasaea their use having, in a great number of oaqes, which have come under my Moh. e, been attended by the most beneficial results i I the removal or abatement of thp most distressing maladies, in many instances amougst persons whose circumstances rendered }t utterly iifypossible for tbeip to ayail theipselve* of medical treatment,' «nd iq matiy others wher.f iqeriieal treatment bad been resorted to without avail. It is always satisfactory to know that wK#t ope is the meaas of intro- ducing or aircuHUiitg is likely to serve the desired purpose; and there is no medicine I s«tf with greater satisniolion or confidence, ou account of their excellence and efficacy in all respeots, than PARR'S LtFE PILLS. I nia, dear Sirs. Yonrs faithlolly, Messr*. Roberts and Co. JOHN HBATON. T. ROBERTS & Co., Crane Court, Fleet-street, London, sole Proprietors. Sold by E. Bdward»,67, St. Paul's Churchyard Barclay and Sons, Parringdon-street; Sutionand Co., Bow Churcb- yawl. London aad by moat respectable dealers in medicine, Priee Is. ljd., 2». M., and in family packets, lis. each | Directum ziven with each 1!91, DIOCESE OF ST. DAVID'S. o R DIN A T ION. NOTICE IS HERRIiY GIVEN. HP HAT the LORD BISHOP of ST. DAVID'S in- 1. tends to hold a GENERAL ORDINATIt)N, in 1 lie PARISH CHURCH OF ABEIIGWILLI, on SUN- DAY, the 20th day of FEBRUARY next. CANDIDATES for ORDERS are requested to forward to me, the undersigned, their Ordination Papers, with the postage pre-paid, 011 or before Tuesday, the 8th day of February next, (after which no papers can be received), and to appear at Abergwili Palace for Examination on Tu sday, the 15th day of February next. By desire of the Bishop, VALENTINE DAVIS, N.P. Dy. Registrar. Registry, Carmarthen, 5th Jan., 1853. hIt the County Court of Pembrokeshire, at Pembroke, the 13th day of December, 1852. IN the Matter of WILLPAM DAVIES, of the White Lion Public House, King-street, Pembroke Dock, in the County of Pembroke, Licensed Victualler, and Boot and Shoemaker, all Insolvent. This being the sitting appointed by John Johnes, Esq, Judge of the said Court, authorized to Act under a Petition of Insolvency presented by the said Insolvent, William Davies, for the first examination of the said Insolvent, and he having come before the Court, and being sworn and examined, touching his debts, estate, effects it is ordered that this sitting be adjourned until the Twenty Fourth day January instant, at Ten o'clock in the Forenoon, at the County Conrt House, in Pembroke and that the shid Insol- vent be then and there further examined, touching his debtf, estate, and effects, with permission for the said Insolvent to amend his Schedule generally, and that such, his amended Schedule, and all papers be filed fourteen- days before the said 24th day of January next, and that right of opposition be allowed to his creditors. Dated this 13th day of December, 1852. By order of the Court, WALTER LLOYD, Clerk of the Court. AUTUMN FOGS, DAMP AIR, CONSUMPTION LET ALL WHO ARE AFFLICTED WITH COUGHS, COLDS ASTHMA. HOARSENESS LOSS OF VOICE, AND TIGHT NESS OF THE CHEST, TRY WOOLLEY'S PI^CTQRALF C-ANDY, a sljortpersen f verance in the use of which i$almost certain to resnK in a complete cure. Common coughs, where no physical disorganization exists, and sore throats, inimedi- ately yield to its healing influence. It strengthens the long* to resist the effects of sudden changes in the air, and it healthily brace$and invigorates the chest. It is eminently nseful to the aged and all who have weak lunes should keep a constant supply. Persons of the ino4t dehcate con- titution may resort to these lozenges with perfect safety, as experience has prpved that their ipflueijoe ii uniformly salqtary. The Proprietot has pleasure in submitting the Following most satisfactory testimonials selected from a great many. Plymouth Foundry, Plymouth, Devon, Maroh 22, I&50. SIR,—I think it a dutr I owe to yourself and the public to inform vou of the great benefit I have <lerived from your Peotoral Candy. I haye been troubled with a severe cough for the last seven years, and although I have had the very best medical advice, I could obtain no permanent relief until I fortunately tried your Candy, and, after taking two small boxes, I find myself free from cough. You have my permission to give publicity tQ this statement. I am, Sir, yours, &c. To .Mr Woqlley. JQHN EDMOND MARE » Chatham, April 18th, 1850. DEAR SIR,—Mrs. Chiseman, of Garden Street, Rroinp- fon, has been pured of a cQagh of four yeari' standing, by taking one box of your Pectoral Candy, and is desirous of expressing her gratitude, in order that others similarly afflicted may obtain the same benefit. Please *epd me three dUljen. of the large bqxes for her brother to take out to the Mauritius with him next week. I can also add my testimony that, from the many cases I have seenef its decided efficacy, lam persuaded it stands upriyafled as a general cough medicine. Yours truly, '1 HTfifny WATTS, To Mr Woqlley. CheiqUt, Chatham. 1, Kirbev Street, Poplar, London, Sep. 30, 1851. Dear S|R,—I cannot speak too highly "of tile excellency of Woolley's Peet iral Candy." I have suffered frr years with a dreadful cough and diffionltr of breathiqg. In this distressing state, I was recommended to try Woolley's Pectoral Candy, the first box of which gave me great relief; the second box completely cared me. I have recommended them to many of n>y friends who weie similarly afflicted, wfap haft) all received the greatest relief from them. 1 am, Sir, yours obliged, OCTAVICS GLYN. Tp Dr Kernot, surgeon, ke., Crisp Street, POPII- lar New Town, London, Agent for the sale of Woollev's Pectoral Capdy. Redditch, Worcestershire, Maroh 17th 1851. Sla,-I have the pleasure oi informing you of the cure of a sfkter of mine of Asthma often years duration, by your Pectoral Candy. I am, yours trul y, JAMES Duumt-s, Temperance Hotel. N I coul,l tell you of another own; but the p.rson said he should write to you himself. T'us wa* the person who r'oommended it to my sistef. Maidstone. August 17th, 1852 S'R.-I hava much pleasure in informing you of the benefit I have received from Woolley's Peotoral Candy. have for manv years suffered from Cough and Asthma and I think I have tried nearly everything, such as Keat- ing's Cougb Losfenges, Locock's Wafer's, &c., &r. I h«ve also cp limited many eminent medical me#. Until 1 fortu- nately got a box of your "Candy," which did give and still continues to give me morp relief than any otller remedy I have ever tried. I am. Sir, yours respectfully, WlLUM BOQTES, Carpenter, Sandling Road, To the Proprietor of Woolley's Pectoral Candy. P.S.- You havtl mJ permission to ouake what use yoa; ke Qf this Testimonial. CAUTION.— A* a variety of Lozenges, Wafers, anil Tablets are adyertised, cpntaiojug ingredients of an inju- rious nature, the public are particularly requested to ask for WOOLLF.Y'S PECTORAL CANDY. Prepared by WOOLLEY. Chemist, Maidstone, atmi solt ia boxes at Is. 1 Jd aqd 2s. 9d. each. by all venders of inedi cine throughout the United Kingdom. SPECIAL AGENTS.— Lon dop, Barclay and Sons. 95, Fa ringdon Street; William Edwards. 07, Pauls Church yard William Sutton and Co.. 10, Bow Church-vaid. Haverfordwest .O. E. Davies Pembroke. Fredericx Biiggs Cardigan William Williams Tenby William Walkin^ton Carmarthen .Joltll I¡ite Narberth ..a.Griffiths and Nicholas I! &ad Nicbelas KERR X- STRANG, PERFUMERS & WIC-MAKERS, R 124, LEADENHALL-STREET, LONDON, RESPECTFULLY inform the Nobilirv anH Pot'c that l\« they have invrnte'i and brought to the greatest per- fection the following lealiing articles, be<:j,It'<: numerous others:—Their Ventilating Natural Curl; Ltdiesan J Gen- tlemen's PERUKES, either Crops or Full Dr<-s«, wfh Partings anu Crowns so natural as to defy dptection, and with or without their improved Metallic Sorincs Venti- s lating Fronts, Bandeaux Borders, Nattes, B mris a )a Heine, &c.; also, their instantaneous Liquid Hair Dye, the only dye that really answers for all colours, mid never fades nnr acquires that unnatura) red or purple tint common to all "ther dyes it is permanent, fref from smell, and perfectly harmless. Any ttdy or gentleman, sceptics) of its effects in dying any shade of rolcur, can have if applied, free of any charge, at KERR. and STRANG'S, 124, Leadenhall- streer. Sold wholesale anil retail, in cases at 7s. 6d., 15<> and 20s. Samples 3s. 6J„ sent to all p.irts on receipt of post office orders or stamps. "Throw physic to the d,)gq,- I'll none of it."—Shahpere. UNDER THE jlf AND TATRONAGE OP THE PRIKCIPAt THE ttCEEV NOBILITY. ROPER'S ROYAL BATH PLASTERS supersede-tho use of Inward Medicine lor Coughs, Asthma, Hoarse- ness, Indigestion, Palpitation of the Heart, Croup, Hooding Cough, Influenza, Chronic Strains, Bruises, Lumbago, Spi- nal and Rheumatic Affections, Diseases of the Cbest, and Local Pains. More Wonderful Cures, selected from many others too nnmerous to mention WONDERSVL EFFECTS ON ASTHMA OF TWENTY YKARII STANDING. Son 1 bury House, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire. Gentlemen,- Having been afflicted with an asthmatic cough far the last twenty years, and being within two fcours ride of London, I beg to inform you that I have during the last 15 yearsronsulted more than one of the first physicians of the day, and the only Kood I have received has been a temporary relief, after costing me pounds upon pounds. Since the commencement of the present month. I was advised to try one of Rooper's Royal Bath Plasters" for the chest, and so great has been the benefit already received, that I consider myself in duty bound to write you this testimonial. 1 have suffered so much of late, especially upon awaking in th, morning, that I have frequently been two hours in dressing while the perspiration has been running down my face the greatest part of the time. I now dress with ease in half an hour. Trusting yonr invaluable discovery will be made known throughout the country, for the benefit ot the afflicted public, 1 am, Gentlemen, yours greatly obliged, WILLIAM BLUNOY, M.C.P., aged 40 To Messrs. Roper and Son.—Dec. 20,18.51.. REMARKABLE CURE OF COLFJH ATTENDED WITH PAIN IN TIIB CHEST. Cross Keys Hotel, Hull, March 16, 1851. Dear Sirs,- J certainly should not have been able to spend the winter in this cold damp town, unless I had worn one of your Plasters. It relieved my cough in a few days after being applied, and soon caused the pain in my chest to cease. The Hoyal Bath Plasters are indeed an excellent remedy I shall not fail to recommend them toany of my friends who suffer from coughs, pains in the chest, or indigestion. And am, dear sirs, yonr's respectfully, S' JACKSON. NOTICE!- The wordsRoper's Royal Bath Plaster," en- graved on the Government Stamp, "nd the Proprietor's Autograph on the Back, thus ROBERT ROPER. These truly Invaluable Plasters are compot.nded on Medico-Chemical principles, from British herbs, and the Gums and Balsams of the Eastern clime- Whose shrubs yield balsam, and where flowers ard trees Uisrilsome genial balm for all disease. Prepared only by ROBERT ROPER & SON, Chemists Sheffield. Full-sijfed Plasters, Is. I jd. and for children, 9-3.1. each or direct by post, on receipt of Is. 4d. or Is. each.- For the use of Hospitals, Infirmaries, Dispensaries, Poor-Law Unions, the Medical Profession, Family use, and Charity purposes, &c.,—in Tin Cases, at 4s. 6d., Us., 22s., ,'53s. each case. Sold by most Patent Medicine Vendors in th-* United Kingdom. BEWARE OF IMITATIONS!—Be particular ir«ak lor ROPER'S PLASTER.

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