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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

1 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



INCOME WITHOUT RISK. PERSONS having a little time to spare are apprised P that the EAST INDIA TEA COMPANY continue to appoint Agents for tne sale of their celebrated Teas in any town and village in the kingdom. These Teas are packed to suit all purchasers in leaden canisters from one once to one pound. Application to be addressed to the Company at their offices, 9, Great St. Helen, Bishopsgate London. ESTABLISHED UPWARDS OF' 30 YEARS. TEETH. MR. H. M. JONES, Surgeon Dentist, M.C.D.E. No. 1, Nelson-Place, Swansea, attends Car- marthen on the first Monday in every month, at Mr. J. Wansbrough's, No. 40, King-street. Mr. Jones will attend (private apartments) at the Castle Hotel, Haver- fordwest, on the Tuesday; Commercial Hotel, Pater, on Thursday; and Lion Hotel, Pembroke, on Friday. Mr Jones will also for the future attend, in the second week in the month, on Monday, at the Rutzen Arms Hotel, Narberth; and on Tuesday and Wednesday, at Mr Jenkins, Bank House, Tenby and on Thursday and Friday, at the Nelson Hotel, Milford. A "acancy for a young gentleman as an Articled Pupil. No. 1, Nelson-place, Swansea NOW SOLD, at a Reduction of Twenty per cent, the ORIGINAL FOOD FOR CATTLE, invaluable in promoting the condition of Horses and battle.—(See testimonials. Invented by Fawcett, and as manufactured him for 'Thor!ey.' Trial Cases, at 10s and 20s each, forwarded on receipt of Post Office Order. Carriage paid for 40s cwt. casks, contoining 450 feeds; and 46s cwt. cases containing 450 leeds in Packages. THE ROYAL PATENT CAKE FOR CATTLE will be found superior to Oil Cake, or any other material for feeding and fattening Stock. Two Tons equal to three of Lin- teed. Cake, and its nutrative value as compared with the best Hay, is us eight to one.-New Analysis and Testimonials, Price £12 lUs per ton, Free to Rail in Manchester. Trial Cases, containing Il cwt, including case, forwarded on receipt of Post Office Order for 20s. ManufacturersAmrnoniacal Guano, Phosphated Guano, Superphosphate of Lime, Vitriolized Peruvian Guano. Sole Inventors, Patentees, and Manufacturers, Messrs Thos. lletigan and Company, Albert Works, Strange- ways, Offices, Albert Buildings, Corporation-street, Manchester. Influential applications for Agencies, from unrepre- sented districts will be entertained, and liberal terms accorded. I STEAM COMMUNICATION WITH THE SOUTH OF IRELAND, Tit New Milford (Milford Haven)$Waterfordand Cork, DAILY SEBvrCE-SUNDAYS EXCEPTED. THE Waterford and Milford Haven Steam Ship Company's Vessels, and the Cork and Milford Haven steam ships, will lail as under (wind and weather permitting). WATERFORD & MILFORD HAVEN. From Waterford, 3.15 p.m, I From New Milford,7.15 p.m.,on arrival of the train from Cork, arival of the 9.30 a m. express Limerick, &c, so as to enable I and 6.0 a.m. third class trains, passengers to proceed by the so as to enable passengers to 2.45 express train, reaching proceed by the 6 a.m. train to London about 11 a.m. Limerick, Cork, &e. CORK AND MILFORD HAVEN. The Cork Steamers will sail I From New Milford on Tues- from the Railway Pier Passage, days, Thursdays, and Saturdays an Mondays, Wednesdays, and at 7.15, p m., on the arrival of Fridays on the arrival of the the 9.30 train from Paddington. Cork train at 4, p.m. j Arrangements are made by which the Cork and Passage Rail- Way Company convey the through-passengers without any addi- tional charge between Cork and Passage, Eat further particulars apply at any of the Railway Stations, Or of Messrs Ford and Jackson, 36, Cannon-street, City, London, and Railway Station, New Milford, also Bradshaws Railway Guide and Time Table, STEAM COMMUNICATION BETWEEN LIVERPOOL, MILFORD, SWANSEA, & BRISTOL For the Month of NOVEMBER, 1859. The Liverpool and Bristol Channel Steam Navigation Company'* Steam Ships SOVEREIGN, NEW S.S., CAPT. W. J. BECKETT MONTAGU, NEW S.S., CAPT. WM. CLARKE. J BKITON FERRY, CAPT. R. BARRETT. P EMERALD, CAPT. G. H. TALLAN. Tfee above or some other suitable Vessel, is intended to sail with *»o«ds and Passengers, (unless prevented by any unforeseen Recurrence) as follows, with or without pilots, and liberty to tow 'teoels- From Liverpool to Milford and Bristol. Landing passengers for Swansea at the Mumbles, (weather permitting.) Saturday 5 6 even Saturday 19 5 even Saturday 12 .10 night | Saturday 26 10 night Mi/ford jor Bristol. Landing Passengers for Swansea at the Mumbles (weather permitting) Sunday 6 .12 noon Sunday 20 .11 morn Sunday 13 4 after Sunday 2' after From Swansea to Liverpool, (calling at Milford.) Thursday 3 .10 morn Thursday 17 Wednesday 9 3 £ after Wednesday 23 3 £ after Thursday, Dec. 1 84 morn. From Bristol to Swansea and Liverpool. (Calling at Milford.) Tuesday 1 9 night Tuesday 15 .8J night Tuesday 8 4 after Tuesday 22 4 after Tuesday 29 8 even. Milford for Liverpool. Thursday 3 4 after Thursday 17 3 after Wednesday 9 9 night Wednesday 23 9 night Thursday, Dec. 1 2 after. N.B.—The SOVEREIGN will call off Tenby for Passengers, when a sufficient number offers. The Screw Steamer GIPSY is intended to ply on the Gilford Haven, in connection with the above Steamers, carrying Goods and Passengers to and from Pembroke-dock, Haverford- west and the adjacent Towns. FARES:— Cabin. Deck. Milford to or from Liverpool. 13s Od 5s 6d Milford to or from Bristol. 8a 6d as Od Milford to or from Swansea (Mumbles) 5s Od Od. „ NOTICE.—Return Tickets available (or Two this 8te&mer, may be had from the undermentioned Agents, or the r• i £ 0 Ws Milford to Liverpool V Milford to Bristol (with the option of Landing at j £ q i38 Swansea returning nw„ te* Passengers are requested to take charge 0 forjt« Luggage, as the Ship is not responsible in any way for its tasengers are anded and embarked at MUford jweather per- mitting) free of charge in the Steam Tender Gipsy. NOTICE.—The landing or embarkation of Goods or Passengers At Milford. by whatever conveyance, or whether at the expense Of the Steamer or otherwise, is at the risk of the Passengers and vwners of the Goods respectively. T. Apply to Fitzsimons, Applebee, & Co., 14, Water-street, Liver- Pool; G. H. Evans, Bristol; CharlesLamb, Swansea; John Ken Worthy & Co., Manchester.. Notxce.—No goods will be delivered until the freight has been Ol,id; and no goods for shipment will be received without a ship- ping note, giving full particulars of their address, &c., so as to correctly entered upon the vessel's manifest. Goods landed at Milford must be removed the day after their arrival, or will be stored, if necessary, on board the hulk Guardian, which is the point of arrival and departure of the tamers. Storage will be charged upon all goods allowed to Remain in the hulk more than five days. R. D. IlORE. AnENT MILFORD. Y'to "Y"'OI .T C1 STEEL V n o • VX7"ILLETS AND LOWE'S warranted Good Stee VV pens.—The Public are respectfully requested to by them and judge for themselves. Universal Pen, for every style of writing. Superior Pen, for general purposes. Extra Ground Fine Points, suitable for posting, of ••dies' writing. Schoo' Pen, for general school use. Bank Pen, suitable tor strong writing. Public Pen, adapted for all hands. Commercial Pen, suitable for entry desk. Correspondence Pen. for current or ladies hand. Soear Point Pen, strong business Pen. Old English Pen, made as originally, of tne very De lbetal, highly recommeiided. Eagle Pen, or small Barrel Pen, for commercial pur- IW |, To be had of J. Potter, Haverfordwest, and ot all sta- tioners. Office or Magnum Bonum Pen, suitable for every description of writing. DRAWING PENCILS. Willets and Lowe's Id., 2d., and 3d., Pencils will giv )tirfaction to lovers of a really good Pencil. GLENFIELD 'All ThM i* the 40? ONLY STARCH used in HER MAJESTY'S LAUNDRY. h ■■ £ a > THIS VhEW IS UPON EACH PACKET. WHEN YOU ASK FOR GLENFIELD PATENT STARCH, SEE THAT YOU GET IT, as inferior kinds are often substituted. 9TJIEBSPOON & Co., Glasgow & Lond—. Sold by III ftocers, PWWN*, CHEAP PERIODICALS. HpHE London Journal, Cassell's Paper, Reynolds' Miscellany, Family Herald, and Welcome Guest, may be had I. every TUESDAY morning, instead of on Thursday, as formerly, at Jane Potter's Wholesale and Retail Printing and Stationery Establishment, High-street, Haverfordwest. CHEAP NEWSPAPERS. PHE News of the World, Lloyd's Weekly Newspaper, the Weekly Times, the Illustrated London News, the ? Illustrated Times, &c, may be had at Jane Potter's, High street, Haverfordwest INDIA & OTHER ALE, PORTER, &C. GEORGE N. HASSELL, Having been appointed by Messrs. NORTON, BROTHERS, Agent for the Sale of their Ale and Porter, in HAVERFORDWEST AND ITS NEIGHBOURHOOD, BEGS to inform the Public, that he is now in a position to supply them with Sparkling October Brewings, second to none in the Kingdom, in quantities of Nine Gallons and upwards, and at a very considerable reduc- tion from the prices usually charged. Cambrian Place, Haverfordwest, 8tli February, 1859. PICTURE FRAMES! PICTURE FRAMES! PICTURE FRAMES! WINDOW CORNICES! WINDOW CORNICES! WINDOW CORNICES! LOOKING GLASSES! LOOKING GLASSES LOOKING GLASSES! Console, Pier, and every variety of Ornamental Gilt Tables, Manufactured by J. W -A- n IIZ AT HIS RESIDENCE No. 3, HIGH STREET, HAVERFORDWEST. N.B.—AH kinds of Gilt Furniture Re-gilt equal to new, at less than London Prices; Old Pictures cleaned, relieved, and restorsd upon the most modern and approved principles; Stains of all descriptions taken fom Prints without damage to the Engravings. Ladies' Needlework most tastefully mounted. A large assortment of Engra- vings, framed and unframed, always in stock. Gentlemen waited upon at their own residences, and estimates given All letters to be adddressed to J. Warr, High-street, near St Mary's Church, Haverfordwest. BRADFORD HOUSE, MARKET-STREET, HAVERFORDWEST. HARRIES & EVANS Respectfully inform the Inhabitants generally of Haverfordwest and its neighbourhood that their NEW PREMISES ARE NOW OPENED, with an entire NEW STOCK OF GENERAL DRAPERY, AND FASHIONABLE WINTER ATTIRE, Straw Millinery, and Fancy Bonnets, Mantles, Shawls, Silks, Dresses, Prints, Hosiery, Cloves, Ribbons, Flowers, Dress Caps, Head Dresses, &c, &c, &c. H. and E. are inspired with confidence to hope for support from the advantages they possess, they having just returned from the Markets with a succession of LEA DING NOVELTIES, having purchased for Cash, and intend to sell for Small Profits and READY MONEY, thus giving the Public an advantage of the large Profit which must be realized by a Credit Trade, and they beg to assure the inhabitants of Haverfordwest and its vicinity that no effort shall be wanting on their part to make their establishment worthy of patronage. Every article of Family Mourning. FUNERALS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. Widows' Caps, Bonnets, and Mantles. SHOW ROOM FOR MILLINERY AND MANTLES. Harries and Evans would especially direct attention to their Stock of Woollen Cloths and Fancy Trouserings, Hats, Caps, &c. Jl A V E R FORD WEST. A GRAND VOCAL & INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT, WILL BE GIVEN AT THE SHIRE HALL, HAVERFORDWEST) ON TUESDAY, THE 15th DAY OF NOVEMBER, 1859, The proceeds of which are to be applied in liquidation of the debt consequent on the recent Enclosure o Saint Thomas Church Yard. THE PERFORMANCE WILL BE GIVEN ENTIRELY BY THE RIBBON FAMILY WHO HAVE KINDLY TENDERED THEIR GRATUITOUS SERVICES. The following well-known performers will take part in the Concert:—MR GEORGE RIBBON, Professor of Music Hereford, and his Son; Ma JAMES RIBBON, Organist to Her Majecty's Dockyard, and Family; Mr FREDERICK RIBBON, Professor of Music, Pembroke-dock, and Family; MR EDWARD RIBBON, Band Master to the Royal Pem- broke Artillery, and his Sons; and MR WILLIAM RIBBON, Organist of St John's Church, Pembroke-dock. PROGRAMME: PART FIRST. l.-OVERTURE-L'ltaliani in Algieri Rossini. 2.-S0NG-" The Witch-Elm Tree," Miss Emma Ribbon, being her first appearance in public (words by Herbert Fry) Stephen Glover. 3—SOLO—VIOLIN—(with Piano accompaniment)-Selection of Welch Airs, Mr E. Ribbon Arranged by E Ribbon. 4 FANTASIA, BARITONE CONCERTINA—Miss Ellen Ribbon Arranged by t. Ribbon. 5.—SONG—" Ever of thee," Miss Emma Ribbon. Foley Hall. 6.—QUARTETTO—(Opera First, No. 5)-First Violin, Mr G. Ribbon; Second Violin, Mr J. Ribbon; Tenor, Mr E. Ribbon; Violoncello, Mr F. Ribbon. Haydn. AN I NT E R V A L OF TEN MINUTES. PART SECOND. 7.—QUARTETTO—Mr F. Ribbon, Mr W. Ribbon, Miss Jennette and Ellen Ribbon. Arranged by F. Ribbon. Evangeline," Miss Emma Ribbon BlocAley. 9.-DuE'IT-CoaNETs-Mr E. Ribbon and Son Bellini. IO.-SOLO-PIANO- Miss Jennette Ribbon Brindley Richards. H.—SoNG—" I love the merry Sunshine," Miss Emma Ribbon Stephen Glover. 12.-QUADRILLE, in which the whole of the families will take part E. Ribbon. FINALE-GOD SAVE THE QUEEN. ADMISSION:—Reserved Seats, 2s 6d; Second Seats, Is 6d; Promenade, Is; Children and Schools, Half-price. Doors open at Half past Seven, to commence at Eight o'clock precisely. Tickets to be had of Mrs Potter, High street; of Mr Perkins, Market-street; and at the Telegraph Office. F. B. SANGUIN ETTI, 52, REGENT STREET, & T63, FENCHURCH STREET, & 57, WIND STREET, SWANSEA. ARMY AND NAVY CLOTHIER, TAKES the opportunity of drawing attention to the perfection to which he has now brought the con- struction of that most difficult article of dress—TROUSERS. The material has been expressly manufactured for him, and it possesses such elasticity that, cut on his peculiar plan, neither Braces or Straps are requisite, and the Trousers consequently combine with the most fashionable and elegant style the greatest possible comfort to the wearer. The style of his COATS are so well known throughout the different kingdoms as to need no comment. The materials used are of first-class-being soley West of England and Scotch TO SPORTING GENTLEMEN. F. B. S. begs to mention that for the Leather Department he has secured the services of MR. NICHOLL the eminent maker of the prepared Leather Shooting Coats, Hunting Breeches, &c., late of Pall Mall and Lombard-street, who received Prince Albert's Certificate Medal and Report of the Royal Commission of the Great Exhibition of 1851 The Leather used for hunting and for other garments is manufactured only by him, and the qualities are in every respect unsurpassed. The Waterproof Leather Shooting Gaiters and Leggings, also Waterproof Leather Driving and Shooting Gloves and Gauntlets, have received the highest patronage, and maintained an unrivalled position amongst art manufac- turers for more than 40 years It is almost unnecessary to say that for eveiy article made in F. B. Sanguinetti's establishment, none but the best and choicest materials are used,-that the Workmanship is of the highest class, and the Cutting per- formed by the best British and Foreign Artists, under F. B. Sanguinetti's immediate personal inspection. The business of the Swansea and City Branches will be conducted in the same vigorous manner that has been the characteristic of F. B. Sanguinetti's establishment at Regent-street. Orders for outfits to India and the Colonies executed and dispatched by the return mail. SHOOTING. Knicker Bockers- Hunting Breeches-Zouave Buskins—Napoleon Leggings—Prepared Leather Riding Trou- sers, and Shooting Jackets, partially or wholly waterproof unequalled and most invaluable for sporting purposes, for Cover Shooting, the Bush, and the Colonies. Also Ladies Fawp^hin Trousers, with or without Black Feet, for Riding or Hunting. Exhibited at the Great Exhibition of 1851. F. B. Samguinetti, 62, Regent-street. A. PRATT & SONS, SILVERSMITHS, JEWELLERS, WATCH AND CLOCK MAKERS, HIGH-STREET, HAVERFORDWEST, BEG to announce that they have just received from Messrs. Marten and Bishopp and other celebrated makers, a D large assortment of Silver Levers from £4 4s. to dei2 12s., and in Gold Cases from jElO 10s. to £ 70 also ex- cellently finished Vertical Watches in strong Silver Double Cases from JE2 15s. to £4 4s., 100 Second-hand Watches in Silver Cases from 10s. to £4 4s. English, French, and American Clocks from 6s. 6d. to £50. Wedding Rings of the finest 22 Carat Gold from 7s 6d. to 30s. Silver Plate consists of every desigit at the London prices from 7s. 6d. per oz. Electro Plate in endless variety Forks, Spoons, Tea and Coffee Services, Fish Knives and Forks, Epergnes. Corner Dishes, Cruet Frames, Chamber and Branch Candlesticks, Toast Racks, Cake and Card Baskets, Dish Covers, Wine Coolers, Toddy and Tea-kettles, Liquor Stands, Mustard Pots, Dessert Knives and Forks, Coasters, &c., &c, A. P. & SONS have the largest and best selected stock of Jewellery in the Principality, consisting of fine Gold Brooches, set with Carbuncles, Garnets,. Aqua Marines, Topazes, Cameos, &c., &c., Rings set with Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds, Pearls, Opals, Sapphires, Turquoises, &c., &c. Gold Guard and Albert Chains in choice and massive patterns. A very large stock of Scarf Pins in fine and bright Gold, Lockets, Studs, Sleeve Links, Collar Buttons, Vest do., Gold Pencil Cases, Ear Rings, Gold and Silver Bracelets, Necklets, Charms, &c. Spectacles and Eye-glasses from the best Opticians in Gold, Silver, Steel, and Tortoise Shell Frames Pebble Spectacles from 7s. 6d. per pair. Glass in an endless variety of patterns, consisting of Wine, Champagne, Hock, and Claret Glasses, Cut and Moulded Tumblers. Half-pint Moulded Tumblers 31d. each; Decanters in Cut-Glass Sets of Four from 14s. 6d. to 70s ■ Glass Trifle and other Dishes, Glass Chandeliers, Passage and Hall Lamps a large quantity of Plain and Colored Glass; Bedroom Water Bottles, and Tumblers from Is. to 5s. 6d. each; Dinner Caraffes and Tumblers-in Cut-Glass from 3s. 6d. to 10s. 6d. each Saltcellars from 9d. per pair to 10s. 6d. A magnificent display of Coalport China in Tea, Breakfast, Dinner, and Dessert Services best White and Gold Also a°very large assortment of fine Staffordshire Ware in Dinner, DesseH, Breakfast, and Chamber Services Dinner Services from £ 3 10s. to £ 35. Inderwick's celebrated Meerschaum Pipes mounted in Silver from 9s. to 60B. also his well-known Billiard Pipes in Morocco Cases from 10s. 6d. to 35s. Little's Fishing Rods and Tackle, Madle s celebrated Bows and Arrows, Targets and Stands, Belte, Guards, Gloves, and Quivers, &c., at the maker's prices. Chimney Ornaments of the newest designs from Is. each to 12 guineas, Stereoscopes, and all the newest Slides for do.. Table Cutlery of every description, Pocket Knives, Pruning Do., Razors, Scissors, &c., &c. Hair, Clothes, Nail, Tooth, and Shaving Brushes, Back Combs, Side and Dressing Do., in Tortoise Shell, Buffalo Horn, &c. &c. Barometers, Thermometers, Telescopes, &c. Jet Bracelets, Brooches, Necklets, Crosses, Charms, Studs, &c., &c. Lady's Companions, Card Cases, Fans, Purses, &c. Work Boxes, Drawing Cases, Writing Desks, Card Boxes, Tea Caddies, Envelope Cases, Inkstands, &c., &c. in Rosewood, and beautifully inlaid Papier Machie. Papier Machie Trays in sets of three from 22s. to £ 10 10s. Ivory and Bone Chess and Draftmen, Do. Boards in Leather, Papier Mache, and Wood. Tylor's celebrated Belmontine Lamps at the maker's prices,—the most economical Lamp ever invented. A few Moderator Lamps to be sold at less than half price. Clocks, Watches, and Jewellery properly repaired on the premises. N.B.-Any quantity of Class, China, and Plate lent on hire at the shortest notice. Will the Public be persuaded to consult their own interests ? JF so they should try the Teas of The East India Tea Company," the only importers and dealers in the kingdom, and which upon trial will be found far better and cheaper than any Teas offered to the Public, Constant supplies loose, and in 2oz., 4oz., half pound, and four-pound packets at 3s. 4d., 3s. 8d., 4s., 4s. 4d., and 4s. 8d., per pound; received by their agent T. D. Meyler, Tea Dealer, High-street, Haverfordwest, where also may be had Sugars and Groceries of every descrip- tion. Fine Foreign Cigars in condition, always on Sale. FURNITURE. CARRIAGE PAID TO ANY RAILROAD STATION. PERSONS Furnishing are recommended to apply for JL the complete Furnishing Guide, illustrated Dy 300 engravings [forwarded gratis, post free). Details of every article required, and suited to all classes of society. The complete estimates will be found most useful. £ s. d. Estimate No. 1, a Four Roomed House 20 11 0 „ 2, a Six „ „ 67 17 0 „ 3, a light „ ,,134 10 0 „ 4, a Ten „ 164 3 6 P. & S. Beyfus, City Furniture Warehouse, Nos. 91. 93, & 95, City Road, London, E.C. To Mr Gwynne Harries, High-street, Haverfordwest DEAR SIR,— I WILL thank you to send me another Box of your invaluable Compound Colocynth Pills; having de- rived so much benefit from them myself, I have distri- buted many to my neighbours, all of whom have expe- rienced great relief from them. I really think they ought to have a place in the Medicine Chest of every Family. I am, dear Sir, yours truly, JAMES JACK, Manager. Barry Island Slate Works, March 21, 1859. Sold at the Manufactory, High street, Haverfordwest, by Gwynne Harries, in Boxes, at Is lid, and 2s 9d each, and may be had at any Medicine vendors. I L K S SILKS!! SILKS! s PATTERNS POST FREE. THE NEW AUTUMN STYLES IN Crossover and Checked Silks, X 1 5s 6d full dress. Sheherd's Check Silks, 41 Is Od. Striped, Checked, and Crossover Poult de Soies, jEt 7s 6d. Jasper Bars and Bayaders Glaces, £1 9s 6d. Rich Raised Satin Bars, «r ■ £1 Its 6d. Novelties in Spitalfields and French Silks, XI 15s 6d. Rich Brocaded French Silks, £ 1 19s 6d. Two-flounced Robes, 2! Guineas. Double-skirt Robes made up, 2! Guineas. 2 Rich Moire Antiques £ 3 3s Od Lindsey's, Mohairs, Dresses, Linens, and Fancy Goods IN GREAT VARIETY. PATTERNS POST-FREE. AMOTT BROTHERS, 61 and 62, St Paul's Churchyard, London. COAL! COAL!! COAL! GEORGE N. HASSELL, HAYING completed his arrangements with the Pro Jt__L prietors of the Gorwydd Colliery, is now in a posi tion to supply his Patrons with PURE RED ASH COAL, Possessing more bitumen (or oil) in its component parts and consequently more brilliant and enduring burning qua lities, than any other mineral deposit in the Coal fields o the South Wales basin. à considerable reduction per Ton to parties taking one or more Trucks. Coal Yard, Railway Station; Offices-9, Cambrian Place, Haverfordwest, where orders are requested to be sent. December 11, 1857. "C SALES 33 3T AU CT ION BY MR E. MORGAN DOUGLAS. rPH?TToS^TTH VVALES MONTHLY SALES BY L AUCTION of Fat Stock, Horses, Cattle, Sheep, and Pigs, during the Months of October and November, 1859, P ln towns of Llanellv, Swansea, Neath, Cardiff, and Newport, as follows THE OCTOBER SALES BY AUCTION. SWANSEA, Third Monthly Sale, on Wednesday, October 5, in the Cattle Market. NEATH, Third ditto, Wednesday, 12, in the Cattle Market. CARDIFF, Third ditto, Thursday, 13, in the Canton Market. LLANELLY, Thirteen ditto, Tuesday, 18, in Llanelly Park. NEWPORT, Fifth ditto, Wednesday, 26, in the Cattle Market. THE NOVEMBER SALES BY AUCTION. SWANSEA, Fourth Monthly Sale, on Wednesday, Novem- ber 2, in the Cattle Market. NEATH, Fourth ditto, Wednesday, 9, in the Cattle Market. LLANELLY, Fourteenth ditto, Tuesday, 15, in Llanelly Park. CARDIFF, Fourth ditto, Thursday, 24, in the Canton Market. NEWPORT, Sixth ditto, Wednesday. 30, in the Cattle Market. Owners of Stocks for these Sales by Auction are re- quested to make their entries One week previous to each Sale, to Mr E. Morgan Douglas, Auctioneer, Market Street, Llanelly. Special facilities will be offered by the South Wales Railway Company for the Conveyance of Stock, and for the accommodation of all parties attending these Sales. Sales to commence at Eleven for Twelve o'clock pre- cisely. FHEAL.^SOK'ST NEW ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE CONTAINS DESIGNS AND PRICES OF 150 DIFFERENT ARTICLES OF BEDROOM FURNITURE AS WELL or "L'S* SJC | SECT FREE BY POST HEAL& SON BEDSTEAD BEDDING & BEDROOM FURNITURE MANUFACTURERS \^96TOTT £ NHAKl^COURir^ rqaq LONDON. TO BUILDERS, MASONS, &c. Sealyham Blue Metallic slate Quarry. WARRANTED to be as good in quality as any Slates W in Wales. Situated seven miles from Haverford- west, within a quarter of a mile from the Turnpike Road leading from Haverfordwest to Fishguard—good easy new road to come out to the Turnpike Road. Slates supplied at the quarry on the following prices:— Good Locals per 1,000 0 16 0 Best Dry Tiling 10 0 „ 24 by 14 per 1,200 7 10 0 „ 24 by 12 6 10 0 „ 22 by 11 5 10 0 „ 20 by 12 5 10 () 19 20 by 10 500 19 18 by 10. 400 91 18 by 9 3 10 0 „ 16 by 10 3 0 0 „ 16 by 8 „ 2 5 0 „ 14 by 8 „ 1 10 0 Apply to Mr. JOHN REES, Broadmoor, Wolfscastle. To Builders and Others. 'pHE BARRY ISLAND SLATE and SLAB COM- L PANY are prepared to SELL Slates and Slabs at the following Prices, Heliverable at the Quarry, situate between St. David's and Fishguard First Quality. Second Quality. Per Thousand ot 1260. 24 by 14 £ 8 8 0 X7 2 6 24 by 12 7 5 0 5 17 6 22 by 12 6 0 0 5 0 0 22 by 11 5 0 0 4 10 0 20 by 12 4 17 6 4 0 0 20 by 10 4 14 0 3 15 0 18 by 10 3 10 0 2 12 6 18 by 9 3 0 0 2 7 6 16 by 10 2 17 6 2 2 6 16 y 8 2 5 0 1 12 G 14 by H 16 0 1 2 0 14 by 7 14 0 1 0 0 13 by 7 I 0 0 0 15 6 12 by 7 0 18 0 0 14 0 Locals 0 14 to cover from 28 to 33 yards. Ditto 0 12 6 to cover from 25 to 28 yards. Superior Slabs for Tombs, Headstones, Cisterns, &c., from 30s., and upwards, per ton. Excellent Flooring Slabs, Sawn Edges and planed sur- face, 22s. 6d. and 25s. per ton. Mantlepieces, Window Sills, &c., tnade Apply tc Mr. J. JACK Porthg! PRINTING AND STATIONERY ESTABLISHMENT, HIGH STREET, HAVERFORDWEST. JANE P O T T E R, Begs to inform her Friends and the Public generally, that she has received her Annual Stock of POCKIijTL BOOKS. DIARIES, ALMANACKS. < £ c. PREPARATORY NOTICE. ST. MARY'S CHURCH BAZAAR. A BAZAAR will be held some time next Spring at Haverfordwest, on a large and magnificent scale; the pro- ceeds to go towards the contemplated Improvements in and around St Mary's Church. A LIST OF LADY PATRONESSES WILL SHORTLY APPEAR. Saver ford west. October 14, 1859. SOUTH WALES SADDLE AND HARNESS MANUFACTORY. ESTABLISHED FOR A CENTURY. T H O MAS B A K E R, SUCCESSOR TO THE LATE MR. C. GIBBS, RESPECTFULLY calls the attention of the Inhabitants of the County of Pembroke generally to his Large and and varied STOCK of Saddlery, Harness, Portmanteaus, Trunks, Hat Cases, Carpet Bags, Cricket Bats, Balls, Wickets, Leg Guards, &c. Brushes of all descriptions, and every article connected with the trade. T. B. would, at the same time, draw attention to the principles on which he conducts his business. He is desirous to retain the good opinion and confidence of his customers, so as to secure their patronage; and the means he adopts for this end are these-excellence of Material and Workmanship, chasteness of style, punctuality, and reasonableness of price. All who regard the health and comfort of their Horses will desire that their Stables shall be supplied with every requisite of good quality, and especially that their Saddles and Harness shall fit well; for then, and then only, can a groom or coachman be expected to take a pride and a pleasure in the faithful discharge of his duty to his employer, arid also to the animals entrusted to his care. He accordingly solicits an inspection of his Stock, which is well calculated to meet such wants. Js, All letters addressed—T. Baker, High-stree'pHaverfordwest. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. OPENING OF THE MEYRICK-STREET DRAPERY ESTABLISHMENT, ON TUESDAY, OCTOBER 25th. F. TREWENT, STANDARD HOUSE, r IE M lilR o K E-D O C K, 17 YER anxious to meet the growing wants of the age, has at a large outlay of capital, built and well stocked with li an immense assortment of BRITISH AND FOREIGN GOODS New and Commodious Premises, in Meyrick- street, where, by carrying out the successful design formerly adopted by him, i. e., vending the best Goods at the lowest remunerating profit, he hopes to merit a continuance of the kind patronage he has so long enjoyed, and for which he feels truly grateful. F. T. will not attempt to enumerate his recent purchases in London and the Factories, bat suffice it to say, his selections have all been made for Cash, with the greatest possible care, from the best houses in the kingdom, he therefore feels assured that he can successfully meet any honourable competition, and trusts his patrons will find his assortment worthy of their attention. The assortment of Plain Goods, for Family or Domestic purposes, will be found well arranged. Ladies' Robes and Dresses, of the first style of fashion. Silk and Stuff Goods in all their variety. Wollen Goods in all their varied assortment. Particular care has been taken with respect to fast colours and well-manufactured West of England Broad Cloths, Pilot Cloths, Beavers, Doeskins, &c. Manchester and Scotch Goods of every class. Millinery, Mantles, Shawls, Bonnets, Hats, Ribbons, Lace Goods, Umbrellas, Hosiery in all its branches, Haberdashery, Trimmings, Hats, Caps, Stays, Carpetings, Druggets. Baizes, Serges, Flannels, Quilts, Counterpanes, Hearth-rugs, &c. FRANCIS THE TV E N T, In order to celebrate the Opening of the Establishment, and willing to allow his customers a share of his profits, has resolved to GIVE AWAY PRIZES, (on the same plan as the Fine Arts Distribution,) X120 WORTH, IN FORTY LOTS, of Drapery and Mercery, of the value of X.3 each Lot, in the following manner:—Every Purchaser up to the day of Drawing, who shall purchase to the amount of Ten Shillings, shall for every such purchase be presented with a Ticket for a chance in the Distribution, which shall take place on the 31st day of December. Such Distri bution to be managed by two disinterested persons. AS USUAL-ONE PRICE AND NO ABATEMENT. OUTFITS TO ALL PARTS OF THE WORLD. NAVAL AND MILITARY UNIFORMS, LIVERIES, &c, AT THE SHORTEST NOTICE. Standard House, Pembroke-dock, October 20th, 1859. WINES FROM THE CAPE OF GOOD HOPE. MR. JOHN REES, NOTT SQUARE, CARMARTHEN, AGENT FOR W & A. GILBY, Importers direct from SOUTH tT AFRICA of the first growths only. PORT, SHERRY, MADEIRA, MARSALA, &C, all 20s per doz. BRANDY, U.Y. brand, 15s per gallon—30s per doz. Samples sent for six stamps, each securely packed and labelled. The following is an extract, from a report just issued, addressed to the Right Honourable the Lords Commis- sioners of her Majesty's Treasury by the Commissioners of her Majesty's Customs, dated 12th March, 1859:— The increase in the Consumption of Colonial Wines (almest wholly from the Cape), while that of all others is falling off, was one of the topics to which we directed your Lordships' attention in our last Annual Report. Both importers and producers have gone to considerable expense in improving the growth of the Wine, and have rendered it a really sound, wholesome, and pleasant beverage. The total amount paid duty on for consump- tion last year was 729,252 gallons." Reports of the purity and excellence of our Wines, ex- tracted from the Lancet, Medical Times, &c, also a list of the Hospitals, Institutions, Asylums, &c, where our Cape Wines are solely used, sent free on application. W. & A. GILBY, Wine Importers and Distillers, 357, Oxford-street. London; 31, Upper Sackville-street, Dub- lin and 12, St Andrew-square, Edinburgh. Agent for South Wales-Mr John Rees, Nott-square. Carmarthen, where a large stock is kept, and samples can be tasted. Just Published, Tenth Edition, price Is. ON THE LOSS OF TEETH." AND as now restored by the New Patent Svstem of SELF ADHESION without SPRINGS, WIRES, or LIGATURES, and also without extracting any Teeth or roots, or any painful operation the result of 20 years practice by Thomas Howard, Surgeon Dentist to his grace the Archbishop of Canterbury. The invention is of im- portance to many persons and those interested in it, should read this Treatise. Published by Simpkin & Marshall, and sold by all Booksellers, or sent free by Post by Mr. Howard 17, George-street, Hanover Square Lon- don. A Book that will be read with pleasure and profit by all who are about to seek dental advice. And enanating from such quarters may be relied upon.,—' Blackwood's Ladies Magazine.' A very useful Treatise, upon a very important subject, by an experienced practical Dentist.—' The Critic.' A Book calculated to be of great service to all those who suffer from Dental imperfections, and we think it would be an act of kindness to present it to any friend who may require the aid of a Dentist.—' Cheltenham Journal' This Brochure is by an experienced Dentist; all would do well to avail themselves of the valuable information which this Book contains, and expecially that portion which relates to Artificial Teeth.—' Bath Herald' We think this work a very clever practical Brochure on the Teeth, and the author has our cordial wishes for the success he justly deserves.—' Cheltenham Chronicle, This useful and popular treatise on the Loss of Teeth, we can strongly recommend to our readers-the Author's remarks on Artificial teeth are especially deserving at- tention.—' Brighton Gazette. THORLEY'S FOOD FOR CATTLE. Important to every Man who keeps a Horse, Cow, Sheep, or Pig. 1 THORLEY'S FOOD FOR CATTLE, as used in Her X Majesty's Stables; His Royal Highness the Prince Consort's Farm, Windsor; throughout the Royal Military Stables of Prussia, by order of His Excellency Lieutenant- General Willissen. Head Master of the Horse; patronised by Son Excellence Le Ministre de Agriculture et de Commerce, Paris; and approved by the leading Nobility, Clergy, and Agriculturists of the day. For Horses it is indispensable in promoting and sustaining all the animal functious in health and vigour. For Milch Cows it is invaluable-increasing the quantity and improving the quality of milk. For Beasts nothing can compare with it for feeding quickly. For Sheep and Pigs its effects in one Month will exceed all expectation, as it fattens all kinds of atock quicker than any known diet. The first and onlv prize ever awarded for Food tor Cattle in a condensed state was given by the Cheshire Agricultural Society, in 1857, to Joseph Thorley, the inventor and sole proprietor of Thorley's Food for Cattle. The First Prize at Bingley Hall, Birmingham, Class 10, the property of the Right Houourable the liari of Aylesford, was fed with this food; also, the Second Prize, the property of His Royal Highness the Prince Consort. Cards of Commendation have also been awailed by the North Lanacshire Agricultural Society, and the Halifax and Calder Vale Agricultural Association, at their Meetings, held during the months of August a September, 1858, at Ulverstone andHaliwx. ine to going are but a few of the marks of approbation obtained by this valuable compound. For further information a pamphlet is sent post free on application, containing sixty-four pages of Testimonials, including Mr Brebner, Steward to his Royal Highness the Prince Consort; Mr James Fisher Farm Manager to Her Grace the Duchess of Atholl; Captain the Honourable Hugh Gough; Sir David Cunynghame, Bart; Sir John Cathcart, Bart; Sir John Ribton, Bart; Sir John Hesketh Lethbridge, Bart; Colonel Whyte; Colonel Ramsay; and some of the leading agriculturists of the day; together with some hundreds of the most startling facts ever recorded. Sold in cases containing 448 packages (each package one feed), with Joseph Thorlcy's signature, price 56s per case; and in cases containing the same quantity loose, with measure enclosed and signature burnt thereon, price 50s. Car- riage paid to any Railway Station in the United King- dom. Offices, 77, Newgate-street, London. Steam Mjll and Manufactory, Caledonian-road, within fiv walk of King's Cress Station. Post- be made payable to Joseph Th- St Martin's-le-Granr' For ,e— TEETH. MR. EDWARD KING, SURGEON DENTIST, at- tends HAVERFORDWEST the second Tuesday in each month, at the Mariner's Hotel. TENBY—The following Wednesday and Thursday, at Mrs Adams, High-street. CARMARTHEN—The following Friday and Saturday, at Mrs Lloyd, Queen street. Periodical attendance for the last twenty-three years. Residence—Watton, Brecon. DONALD DUNCAN'S PURE SCOTCH MALT WHISKIES are cheaper, more wholesome, and far superior to the FINEST FRENCH BRANDY. ROYAL BALMORAL, a very mild and mellow spirit, 15s per gallon. THE PRINCE'S Usquebaugh, a much admired and delicious spirit, 18s per gallon. DONALD DUNCAN'S CELEBRATED REGISTERED DD WHISKEY, of extraordinary quality and age, 20s per gallon. Two gallons of either of the above sent to any part, or Sample forwarded for twelve postage stamps. Orders from the country must contain a post -office order. 5, BURLEIGH STREET, STRAND, LONDON, W.C. THE LATE BISHOP OF SIERRA LEONE. A FEW of the early Friends and Schoolfellows of the lamented Bishop Bowen are desirous of endeavour- ing to perpetuate the memory of that excellent man by the erection of a Memorial Window in the Parish Church of 1 Saint Mary, Haverfordwest. In that sacred edifice the Bishop worshipped when a boy; and there he delivered an affecting farewell address, as he was about to depart to the scene of his episcopal labours. It is hoped that those who can appreciate the Christian heroism and abnegation of self which caused Dr Bowen to forego ease and affluence at home, in order that he might do his Master's work in the baneful climate of Sierra Leone, will lend their aid and influence to promote the erection of a durable record of a life laid down in the propagation of the Gospel. Subscriptions will be received by Messieurs Williams, Deacon, and Co., London; and by Messieurs Wilkins and Co, Haverfordwest, Bankers. A list of subscribers will shortlv be published. FISHGUARD. OLD CORK WHISKEY & FOREIGN WINE STORES, (ESTABLISHED 1820). GEOEGE BENNETT, WHOLESALE §• RETAIL WINE §• SPIRIT MERCHANT, BEGS most respectfully to return bis sincere thanks to the Gentry, Innkeepers, and others, for the very liberal support he has received from them since his commencement in the above business. He also wishes to acquaint them that he has made very ex- tensive purchases in the Wine and Spirit Market, and shall feel grateful for a continuance of their favours. H is Stock of OLD CORK WHISKEY, Brandy, Hollands, Lon- don and Bristol Gin, Old Jamaica Rnm, Port, Sherry, Marsala, &c, is extensive, and in quality and flavour cannot be surpassed. G. B. has just imported a quantity of MARTELL AND HENNESSY'S BRANDY, of the oldest marks, in hogsheads and quarter casks; also, a fine lot of MOIT'S CHAMPAGNE, in cases. CARRIAGE FREE on all Wines and Spirits to the Haverfordwest Railway Station, and to Milford, Solva, St David's, Dinas, Newport, Eglwyswrw, and Cardigan. DR. DE JONGH'S (Knight of the Order of Leopold of Belgium,) LIGHT BROWN COD LIVER OIL I Prescribed by the most eminent Medical Men throughout the world I as the safest, speedest, and most effectual remedy for CONSUMPTION, BRONCHITIS, ASTHMA, COUGHS, RHEUMATISM, GOUT, GENERAL, DEBILITY, DISEASES OF THE SKIN, RICKETS, INFANTILE WASTING, AND ALL SCROFULOUS AFFECTIONS Dr. de Jongh's Oil is the most efficacious, the most palatable and, from its rapid curative effects, unquestionably the mos economical of all kinds. Its immeasurable therapeutic superiority over every other variety Is established by innumerable spon- taneous testimonials from Physicians and Surgeons of European reputation. SELECT MEDICAL OPINIONS:— EDWIN LANKESTER, ESQ, X.D., F. R. S, Late Lecturer on the Practice of Physic at St George's Medical School, Superintendent of the Food Collection at the South Kensington Museum, &c, &c. I believe that the purity of this Oil is secured in its prepara- tion by the personal attention of so good a Chemist and intelli- gent a Physician as Dr de Jough, who has also written the best medical treatise on the Oil with which I am acquainted. Hence I should deem the Cod Liver Oil sold under his guarantee to be preferable to any other kind as regards genuineness and medi- cinal efficacy.' W. MURDOCH, ESQ, M.D, M.R.C.S, Medical Officer of Health, St Mary, Rotherhithe, &c, &c. I I entertain a high opinion of Dr de Jongh's valuable Oil, the results in my practice being much more satisfactory since I have administered it than they were when I used the preparations of Pale Oil usually sold by the druggists. I never could get two samples of them alike, whereas Dr de Jongh's Oil is always the same in taste, colour,, and other properties. My own onxioN IS, THAT IT IS THE BEST OlL SOLD.' WILLIAM BAYES, ESQ, H.D. L.R.C.P, Physician to the Bri^Mon 'Drde Jongh's Light-Brown I advantages over the other -1 j invariable strene,v efficacy. T I ef"- T. P. SMITH, GILDER, DECORATOR, & a., FROM MR. G. M E R R I C K's LONDON, Gilder to Her Majesty, BEGS to inform the Clergy, Gentry, and Inhabitants II generally of Haverfordwest and its vicinity that he has just commenced business in the above profession, and trusts that by moderate charges, superior workman- ship, and punctuality to orders, he may claim a share of their kind support and patronage. Mr Martin, Dew-street. Agent for Pembroke and Pembroke-Dock—Mr. Evan Davies, Bookseller. DENTAL SURGERY, W. J. EVANS, TREVANE HOUSE, NEAR TENBY CBrother to the late T. Evans) BEGS most respectfully to inform the Patients of the deceased, and the Inhabitants of Pembrokeshire generally, that he may be consulted relative to the above Profession at his residence, or at Tenby by appointment; also at the Dragon Hotel, Pembroke, the last Saturday, and at the Mariners' Hotel, Haverfordwest, the first Saturday, in every month. Trevane House, December 28th, 1858. Si PEMBROKE DOCK MARKET. Royal Dockyard, Pembroke-dock, 2nd November, 1859. PERSONS who may be willing to Rent the Tolls of the above Market will send in Sealed Tenders to the Captain Superintendent of this Dock Yard, on Mon- day, the 14th November, 1859, at 12 o'clock precisely, stating, in words at length, the sum for which they would Rent such Tolls for either one or two years, com- mencing on the 1st December next. The Lessee will be requested to produce two respon- sible persons who will become bound to the Crown in the amount of the Rent, for the due payment of the monthly instalments of Rent, and the performance of the stipula- tions required. The Captain Superintendent does not bind himself to accept the highest, or any Tender. The Lessee will be required to pay half the expense of Stamps on Agreement and Bond. Further particulars may be obtained at the Office of the Captain Superintendent. GEO. RAMSAY, Captain Superintendent, SPECIAL NOTICE. THE:STANDARD LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY, Constituted by Special Act of Parliament, ESTABLISHED 1825. Governor. His Grace the Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry. Deputy Governor. The Right Hon. the Eart of Elgin and Kincardine. DIVISION OF PROFITS. THE SIXTH DIVISION of the Company's Profits is ap- pointed to be made on the 15th November, 1860, and all Policies effected before 15th November, 1859, will par- ticipate in that Division. THE FUND TO BE DIVIDED will be the Profits which have arisen since 15th November, 1855. A POLICY EFFECTED BEFORE 15th NOVEMBER 1859 will rank, at the Division in 1860 as of Two Years' standing and secure One Year's additional Bonus, at all future Divisions, over Policies of a later date. PROGRESS OF THE COMPANY. Sums proposed for Assurance during the 8 year 1858 596,369 2 4 Sums Assured during the year 1858, ex- clusive of Annuity transactions 507,522 9 0 Corresponding Annual Premiums on New Policies 16,695 11 10 Annual Revenue (15th November 1858). 275,980 8 9 Accumulated Fund, invested in Govern- ment Securities, in Land, Mortgages, &c, (at 15th November, 1859) .oo, 1,565,105 9 0 The Directors invite particular attention to the liberal terms and conditions of Assurance introduced by this Company into the practice of Life Assurance. SELECT ASSURANCES. The privileges of this class are-Perminion to travel and reside in any part of the world, free of extra premium; and the cancellation of all conditions under the Company's policies, which thus become unchallenge- able on any ground whatever except non-payment of the ordinary premium. Assurances of five years' standing are admissible to this elass. REVIVAL OF POLICIES. Policies not renewed within the days of grace do not become absolutely forfeited, but may be revived on cer- tain conditions, any time within thirteen months from the date of t'i e premium falling due. The regulations under this head are very favourable to the assured in other respects also, and are worthy of special attention. SURRENDER VALUES. Liberal allowances made for surrender of Assurances under the Profit Scheme, at any time after payment of one annual premium. LONDON, 82, KING WILLIAM STREET. Chairman of the Board. The Right Hon. tlie Earl of Aberdeen. Ordinary Directors. John Scott. Esq, 4, Hyde Park-street. Francis le Breton, Esq, 3 Crosby-square. Thos. H. Brooking, Esq, 14, New Broad-street. John Griilith Frith, Esq, Austin Friars. Charles Hemery, Esq, 2X, Threadneedle-street. Lieut-Col. James D. G. Tulloch. Alexander Gillespie, Esq, 3, Billiter Court. Will. Thos. Thomson, Manager. H. Jones Williams, Resident Secretary. London 82, King William-street. Edinburgh 3, George-street. Dublin 66, Upper Sackville-street. Further particulars may be obtained by addressing the Secretary in Edinburgh, in London, or in Dublin; or by application to any of the Agents in Scotland, England, or Ireland. AGENTS. Haverfordwest.Thomas Williams, Hill Lane. Carmarthen .Charles Brigstocke, Wine Merchant. Narberth .W. Qaarterman. THE FRIEND OF ALL! HOLLOWAY'S RILLS. Nervous Disorders. What is more frarful than a breaking down of the nervous sys- tem ? To be excitable or nervous in a small degree is most dis- tressing, for where can a remedy be found ? i here is one drink but little wine, beer, or spirits, or far better, none take no coffee,-weak tea being preferable get all the fresh air you can take three or four Pills every night; eat plenty of solids, avoiding the use of slops; and if these golden rules are followed. you will be happy in mind and strong in body, and forget vou have any nerves. Mothers and Daughters. If there is one thing more than another for which these Pills are so famous it is their purifying properties, especially their power ot cleansing the blood from all impurities, and removing dangerous and suspended secretions. Universally adorned as thS one grand remedy for female complaints, they nLer fa.L never weaken the system, and always bring about what is required. Sick Headaches and Want of Appetite These feelings which so sadden us most fluently arise from amnoyance* or trouble from obstructed perspiration, m from eating and drinking what is unfit for us, thus disordPrW^ liver and stomach. These organs must be regulated^if to be well. The Pills, if taken according to the MtatedTst?^ toons, will quickly restore* healthy action to bXuver and stomach, whence follow as a natural consequence a tite and a clear head. In the East and Wertlndies scMv a*™ other medicine is ever used for these disorders. y any How to be strong. Never let the bowels be either confined or undulv acted unn« It may appear singular that Holloway's Pills should te reS! mended for a run upon the bowels, many persons supposing tl £ t they would increase relaxation. This is a great mistake h«w ever, for these PiUs will immediately correct the liver aAd °to» every kind of bowel complaint. In warm climates thousands^? lives have been saved by the use of this medicine, whkh in cases gives tone and vigour to the whole organic system ho^var deranged, health and strength following a« a matter of course. The appetite too is wonderfully increased by the use of these Pills combined with the use of solid in preference to fluid diet! Animal food is better than broths and ste ws. By remo^ng acrid.* fermented, or other impure humours from the hver stoma^ or £ nts is CeaxUnPen0Pidy8Tn,tCry' difrrhcEa' and ether bowettm- f Th,e result is, that the disturbance is of,the bowels becomes regular. Nothing recting mcdicine.Xa n bowcls 80 quiekly as this fine cor- T Disorders of Kidneys. m diseases affecting tnese organs, whether they secrete too much or too little water, or whether they be afflicted with stone or gravel, or with aches and pains settled in the loins over the regions of the kidneys, these Pills should be taken according to the printed directions, and the Ointment should be well rubbed into the small ot the back at bed time. This tieatment will V5- almost immediate re:ief when all other means have failed For Stomachs out of Ordfr. No medicine will so effectually improve the tor as these Pills they remove all acidity, occasi< temperance or improper diet. They reach th it to a healthy action they are woncerfull- of spasm,—in fact they never fail in curir liver ant. stomach. Holloway's Hlh are '1 Afru-