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LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. LITTLE HAVEN.—On Monday morning last a fine American ship (the James Alexander) brought up in Goultrop Roads in a distressed condition. On Wednes- day a powerful tug came to her assistance, and on Thurs- day towed her to Liverpool, whither she was bound. TBMPERANCE LECTURES.—On Monday and Tuesday evenings last the Rev T. J. Messer delivered two tem- perance lectures at the Market-hall. The chair was occupied on the former evening by Mr George Phillips, and on the latter by Mr T. Williams. PUBLIC DISCUSSION.—Mr T. D. Mathias, formerly a Baptist Minister at Bethlehem, and now of North Parade Chapel, Halifax, has bad a discussion with an infidel, in the Odd Fellows' Hall in that town, lasting over five nights. WESLEYAN CHAPEL.—We have been requested to state that this Chapel will not be re-opened on Sunday next, a* was announced last Sunday, and that the services on that day will be held at the Market Hall. The trustees have determined to keep it closed for at least one week longer. HAVERFORDWEST PETTY SESSIONS.—These sessions were held on Wednesday, at the Town-hall, before the Mayor, Captain Butler, and Summers Harford, Esq. Edwin Hallet, Thomas Dickenson, and William Thomp- son, three tramps, were charged with stealing a piece of cloth, the property of Messrs Carter and Davies They pleaded guilty, and were sentenced to one months' im- prisonment with hard labour. •THE MILFORD HAVEN ANGLO-BRAZILIAN MAIL PACKET LINE.-The Shipping Gazette, in announcing the departure of the Portugal' which sailed from Milford Haven on the 2nd instant for Lisbon, says 4 she had a full cargo brought by the South Wales Railway, in fact more than she could take, and two very heavy mails. Although the route is a new one, and the company has been but recently formed, the speculation seems to bid fair to succeed.' SPITTAL WESLEYAN MISSIONS.—A meeting, in con- nection with the above society, was held in this village on Monday evening last, over which Mr John Brown, of Market-street, in this town, presided. After the meeting had been opened in the usual manner, Mr G, Hackleton, High-street, Haverfordwest, read the report, and addresses were delivered by the chairman, the Revs. Joseph Watson, and J, Povab, and by Messrs William Phillips, Gwynne Harries, James Phillips, and W. P. Ormond. RAILWAY TRAFFIC.—A steady continuous increase marks the weekly receipts of the South Wales Railway. Its receipts last week were £ 7005 4s 3d against j66539 10s for the corresponding week of 1858. In the Bristol and Exeter thd increase is X417 in the Great Western, £ 1,387 and in the Midland, £ 2,324. The South Devon, owing to the stoppage by the late storm, haa decreased £ 354. The London and North Western, it will interest local shareholders to observe, has ad- vanced its receipts to £ 78,647, or an increase of £8,238 over the corresponding week of last year. MODEL TEETOTALER.—At the Petty Sessions on Wednesday, Thomas Walters, junior, of the Jolly Sailor Inn, Saint Martin's, was charged with keeping his house open at one o'clock on the morning of Sunday, the 30th ult. Fined 5s and costs, to be paid in a fortnight, and in default to be imprisoned in the House of Correction for 21 days. The curious part of this case is that the defendant ia a pledged teetotaler, and occasionally holds forth. His nephew is, in fact, the landlord of the house, but being under age the license was taken out in the uncle's name, and he was now fined for the reason stated. MILPORD HAVEN RAILWAY AND DOCKS.—It will be seen from a parliamentary notice in another column that application is to be made in the ensuing session for power to construct a railway and docks at Milford -the former to run from the terminus of the 4 Milford Junction Rail- way below Priory Pill, to Newton Noyes, on the southern point of which a pier is to be erected, to extend 220 yards into the harbour. It is further intended to improve and deepen Castle Pill for a distance of 240 yards from its mouth, and to construct near the mouth of the Pill docks and a tidal basin. A portion of Milford Haven lying adjacent to the intended pier, dock, and basin, is also to be dredged, deepened, and improved. SIERRA LEONE.—An interesting address was delivered by the Rev John Trotter, in the Moravian Chapel, in this town, on Monday evening, on the occasion of the Union Missionary Prayer Meeting. He has just returned from Sierra Leone, where' he has been engaged in missionary labours for the last two or three years, in connection with Lady Huntingdon's Society. The account he gave of the past history, present condition, requirements, and future prospects of the mission in that colony, was deeply in- teresting and affecting. He stated that two-thirds of the white population had been cut off by the ravages of yel- low fever, in the early part of this year, showing the necessity of employing nativeagcncy, as soon as possible, for the purpose of evangelizing and civilizing that part of the African continent. The rev. gentleman's address was enlivened by graphic details of the language, man- ners, and customs of the black population. He was lis- tened to with great attention and pleasure, by a large J auditory, composed of members of almost all the religious 1 denominations in the town. An impromptu collection, I s made at the doors, realized the sum of £2. ] CONCERT BY THE RIBBON FAMILY.—We desire to draw particular attention to the fact that the concert to be given by the Ribbon Family, takes place on Tuesday next, the 15th instant, at the Sbire Hall. The circum- stances which have occasioned the concert are briefly these :-the enclosure of Saint Thomas Church-Yard—a work which everybody admits to have been a very great public improvement-cost some £ 28 or so more than was contributed in subscriptions. It is to liquidate this debt that the Ribbon Family-so favourably known to the public for many years, from the able manner in which they have sustained their profession-have generously come forward and volunteered a concert. So noble a motive deserves of itself a most hearty response on the part of the public; and when we state, in addition to this, that the programme promises a most rich and classic selection, we hope that enough is shewn to induce an overflowing audience. Without unduly anticipating the interest which may attach to any particular piece, we may make bold to state, with reference to the Quartette to be performed by Mr G. Ribbon, Mr J. Ribbon, Air E. Ribbon, and Mr F. Ribbon (all brothers), that there is probably hardly another family in the kingdom that could supply a similar combination for the performance of such a piece. On every account we sincerely wish that the concert may be a great success. CHAUGE OF ASSAULT.—At an adjourned Petty Sessions on Thursday, before eight magistrates, William Richards, waterman, was charged with assaulting Mr Thomas Bourke, a travelling hawker. The complainant, it seems, took the Market-hall from the Town Treasurer, for a series of nights, for the purpose of auctioning goods, hut the Mayor having previously premised the Halt to the Temperance Society for two nights, which it was found would clash with his, he consented to forego his right on Monday and Tuesday, the nights of the lectures, and take two other evenings instead. He attended one of the lectures, having previously had something to drink, but still being able to conduct himself property, and his statement was th it wi.ile he was in the room the defendant came up, caught hold of him roughly by the collar, and dragged him dowr. over the stairs. For the defence it was net denied that the plaintiff had been col- lared and put out, bnt it was contended, and several witnesses were called to substantiate the statement, that the complainant, by nods and winks to two drunken men M no were present, and were in hia employ, was inciting them to disturb the meeting; that it was there- fore necessary to expel him to preserve order, and that no unnecessary violence was used. The witnesses J'or the complainant maintained there had been unnecessary violence, and this was the issue. Ultimate] v the case was dismissed with costs. Mr John appeared for the plaintiff..Ihe magistrates nrescnt. were O. E. Davies, Esq., Mayor, Dr. Rowe, the Rev. James Philipps, Cant. Butler, William Owen, Esq., William Rees, Esq.. Dr. Geo. Phillips? aud Summers Harford, Esq. ¡