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MB. H. W. HARRIS'S A NN OTJNCEMENT8 H. W. HAEEIS, Auctioneer, Appraiser, House, Estate, and 'general Agent, BEGS to inform the Public that all matters entrusted to his care will be punctuality??^ carefully attended to. Rents collector Fire and Life Policies effected on advantageous terms. Offices :—Mr Rees Merthyr, opposite Cloth Hall. ol' OsL&JLy/ TO BE LET, S A Genteel RESIDENCE, situate in Churcb- ./jl street, Thomas Town, TVTertbyr adapted for a respectable family** *^3^ annum.—Apply to Mr. H. W- fioneer, 143, High-street, Merthyr^ COURTLAFD TERRACE. TO LIST, [f "VT"0 4 HOUSE in the above IN particulars of rent^ aPPly '05*F'ES Smith or to Mr. H. W. Ha^u^SJ]l Amu#neer,, &c., 143, High-Street, Mcjtfyr. i NOTICE. ALL Persons having any claim on the Estate of GEORGE HEPPELL, late of Ply- mouth Iron Works, Merthyr, Deceased, afe requested to forward the particulars thereof to the undersigned, so that they may be examined and discharged. S H. W. HARRTS, Auctioneer/Kc.. y 143, High-stre^T June 3rd, 1860. f 3, SOMERSET PLACE, MEEKIYE. Mr. IT. W. HARRIS BEGS to announce that the remaining and important portion of the BQ^fKii, PIC- TURES, PAINTINGS, PIANO k, HOUSE- HOLD FURNITURE, will JjB dW»os?ecVpf on FRIDAY, the 15th iflstantya^ltaj^mi^, and the whole will be sold wiUroufKSm'e^/ Sale to commence at/Two o'q^cl^jfreciseiy. ALBERT STREET, MERTHYR. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, (Under a Power of Sale in a Mortgage Deed), By Mr. H. W. HARRIS, At the GREYHOUND AND RAILWAY HOTEL, MERTHYR TYDFIL, on TUESDAY, the 19th day of JUNE, 18G0, at Seven o'clock in the Evening (subject to such conditions of sale as shall be then produced), ALL those EIGHT DWELLING HOUSES and CELLARS situate in Albert-street, and in the rear of the English Independent Chapel, numbered respectively 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, and 28, and now in the occupation of Thomas Richards, Thomas Davies, Mrs. Lewis, and others, as tenants thereof. They produce a rental of jE47 9s. per annum, and are held under lease for a terutoLR9 years from the 1st day of May, 184^^submit to a ground rent of £ 5 19s. < £ Yt For further particulars, apjJy t\Mjassr £ jje. H. and F. JAMES, Solicitory'MftftWV OB/TO the Auctioneer, 143, High-sto^et, Mirfljjp'ry' Auctioneer's Office, Jmie 4th,^5o(Lr 200 WORKMEN'S COTTAGES WANTED At Mountain Ash, in the Parishes of Llan- iconno and Aberdare. MESSRS. NIXON & CO. are prepared te grant BUILDING LE.UBES for 200 WORKMEN'S COTTAGES on tfieiAand, near Navigation and Deep Duffrvh C^Jicri«(, at moderate ground rents. Tjjfc built, will be taken by thenyio^a jferiryw years, at a fair rental. A l Building materials cam Jflk^b tiffined from them, if desired, atreasonaMepficos, and Money will be Ydvanced by/MessrslTNflxon and Co., on mortgage of the said Cottages, at the rate of 5 per cent, per annum, 7 For full particulars, apply to Messrs. NixoN & Co., at Navigation Colliery, or at their Offices at Cardiff; or to Messrs. IIOLLIER & HOKTON, Solicitors, Aberdare and Mountain Ash. Cardiff, March 29th, 1860. TREDEGAR TO BUILTH. I> ICHARD JONES'S SPB^QYAN starts V from Tredegar every Tiiesda^V^rmng, at Five o'clock, Brynmawr/at £ *x o'c^ck, for Builth and Llandrindod/retijrnijp t Tredegir every Friday, startina^rooa Wft -Is Head, Builth, at Six o'clo^K. lllflsC yuns from Tre- degar to Merthyr cry Sat^jway and Monday. Dowlais to Llanwrtyd and Aber- v ystwith. JAMES MORGAN'S THREE-HORSE SPRING "VAN leaves the Antelope Inn, Dowlais, at Six o'clock every Monday morning, passing Pontmorlais, Merthyr, and Llandovery, to Llanwrtyd, where it arrives at SeveTt o'clock the same evening; starts from Lbi^Pdovery on Tuesday morning, for Abeam-on ,ihd AMryst- with; starts from the Liplfe JBl^cnLiojff Aber- ystwith, on its return jojwueyl evM/AVwinesday atternoon, passing tlufGugb Ata»afrmi, Llando- very, and Llanwitv^leav^Vk\Pe]j^ter place on (™rs,ay cveninaret Seven 6'nloc#, and arriving at Merthyr anoW)owlais oi^'FjH'tlay evening, in time for the Trains to Swansea and Cardiff, and the Omnibuses to Bryumaw, Ebbw Vale, and ircdegar. Fare from Dowlais to Llanwrtyd, 5s. Merthyr to Tredegar THE Public are informed that THOMAS GIBBON, the Mail CarterAa^Ween the above places, is permittejJAolCAllff^ PAR- CELS, and which he epgagcs«> u/Tiver with the greatest care anil/fnni^Valft^r He leaves the Coach and Hop^41eifflj"r/iit 6 o'clock in the morning, and 4fue bi iin, Tredegar, at 12 o'clock, arriving at^vlemiyr at a quarter past 1. Parcels leit at cither of these places, or in any house on the road, will be taken care of and properly delivered. Merthyr & ABERGAVESTNY ROYAL MAIL. vr h* HP HE above \J. Mail leaves JF?)t the Castle Hotel, e, yi every >. ^wi'ing (Sun- yflays Ae»KSptcd), at Eight o'Clock Tredegm/St K QAKrter-past ^ine; and arrives in Abea^aveniw at LMti-past Eleven, in time for tha^^el^cla^k Tlnrd Cla^ Tram to H ereford^li^vsmirv^Jhester and J-*very>oo arriving at the i/ittci^iface at Eight 0 ^IUCK the same Evening. ON ITS RETURN, the Mfffl leaves the Angel Hotel, Abergavennv, at HaH-past One o Oloclc 111 the Afternoon, (after the arrival of the Liver- pool Train) and arrives in Merthyr at a Quarter Past Five. in time for the Vale of Neath, and aff "V ale Trains. To Carpenters, Builders, Ssq. Cardiff Depofof Prepared Joiners' Work, the Canal Wharf East, Cardiff (near the South Wales Railway Station.) TAMES and PEIOE have always on hand a large Stock ot- the following amed Goods :—Skirtings, Jffouidings, Archi- raves, Cornices, Sash Bara^ocAl/ambs, Angle °ads, Doors, and SasliesuT ft I/ n Per foot. i4"jncn Doors, 4-paa?lled tonaref framed at 6d. ^-inch Doors, niojHldSdfgath s^fes. KM. ^4-inch Bead, Wit and «(ju;u^ „ 6^d. 'eh C-patitd Doors, lnpidded noth sides „ lOd. />nc?' Sashes and Frames, Deal Casings, Baltic Sunk Sills and Axle l'u] iics prepared to hang oouhle „ Qid. a-ineh do., as above, primed, and glazed with Crown Glass „ 13 £ d. -inch Torus Skirting, lis. per 100 feet run. ABERDARE. To Hay, Corn, Flour, & General Merchants. TO BE LET for a term, or SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, ALL those well-establishedPREMISES now occupied by Mr. WM. TODD, situate in Queen-street, Aberdare, consisting of a Dwelling House and Appurtenances, together with large and weil-arrane Store Rooms for trading in Hay, Corn, Florffr, and General Goods The Stores are 51 FCPF by 23 feet in the clear, comprising two lo\storey RAMS, with office and loft over the>RI<»le, BE BLEW wtt.h every con- venience for CAJ^NG In AHJJXTEASVE business. There is A^O a LARG^KOOTNYWITLX loft above, 30 feet BJJIFZO IEETFVO^TRUCT^Q so as to permit the erection of a SFF^AM-^YWER Flour Mill, the advantages of whiclHire iwalculable, there being no Corn or Grist Mill YTYHIIHTWELVE miles of the district, which comonses about 40,000 inha- bitants. Stabling, 32 feet by 12 feet, including room for Steam Engine for Chaffing Hay and Crushing Oats, Beans, Malt, See., the Coal Tor which may be had for a mere nothing. The whole of the premises are of recent erection, and held under lease for 99 years, 96 of which are unexpired. They are immediately -opposite the Taff Vale Railway Station, being sepatated therefroin only by a road, and within 400 yards of the Vale of Neath Railway Station, and connected with the agricultural districts of Herefordshire by Rail- ways. For particulars, and to view, apply on the spot. May 30th, 1860. NO MORE SICKLY OR ILL-CONDITIONED HOBSES OR OTHER CATTLE. RAEEY'S HORSE AND CATTLE IMPROVING FOOD restores the efficiency, vigour, endurance, and muscle of ill- conditioned or apparentlvjromout horses, cows, bullocks, calves, SHEEPJ^ND^FIGS. In a short time it improves theijittppeltrance and value by 20 to 30 per cent. JF^REY|'K CC^, 77, Regent's Quadrant, Londoir IWMI^ITS^, at6s., at lis.; in casks of alu/ut 450 i'EC*lsy#Us., of about 1000 feeds, £ 5, U«FNG-J JAVF)cryreeD. Forwarded on receipt OF</F)OST-OFT«ROTD«"S. The casks free of carriage. FJ AGENTS MeruiyT, Mr. W. Stephens, che- mist, High-street; Aberdare, Mr. W.J. Thomas, chemist; Neath, Mr. A. Hayman; Ebbw Vale, B. A. George, chemist; Pontypool, T. Rode- rick, chemist. D~ XTBARRY'S REVALENTA ARA- EICA CHOCOLATE POWDER contains the greatest amount of easily assimilated nourishment for strengthpninanaelicate persons, children and infants wj«n weimstomach, chest, or nerves, and, at thr^fpeiyw pw mpal, affords a delicious breakfast,ylunch, < suu^r. It is the best dietetic lion^epathic prepalration, and may be eaten either aione (wj^ixeo^with Du Barry's Revalenta Awdaiq^fo»n7 JJHmirably adapted to rear infan*Swith.iJIn tin<^it Is. Cd.; lib., 3s. 21b.; 5s. 9d.; 51b., 128^2^ 26s. The 121b. free of carriage on ^reipt of post-office order. BARRY Du BARRY and Co., 77, Regent-street, London, and may be had through all Grocers and Chemists. AGENTS :—Abcrdnre, W. J. Thomas, J. Jones, T. Evans; Abergavenny, J. P. Watkins; Bryn- mawr, O. Meredith; Ebbw Vale, 15. A. George, chemist; Merthyr, Mrs. M. W. White, E. R. Gay, T. Loveridge, Davies and Phillips, grocers, T. W. Goodfellow, grocer; Pontypridd, C. Bassett; Tredegar, C. Peaty. HENRI'S HORSE & CATTLE FEED. HENRI'S PATENT CATTLE FEED is the most perfect preparation of the day for HORSES, COWS, CALVES, or SHEEP, as hundreds of Testimonials certify. Price 42s. per cwt.—HENRI'S PIG MEAL, 24s. -per cwt. HENRI'S PATENT MEDICATED HORSE FEED, administered mghtlf\will quickly re- store Horses that areynck OXVOFF their feed, into splendid and lfealtluf^ COPATION^^VITHOUT inter- fering with their Jriily WOA.^TI stables where this is used, swoUpn le'S'sVer.Vped heels, or sur- feit never APPEAR. jffmtaining 56 feeds, 12 s. N HENRI'S FEEI>4s IBe only one patented (1855) and issold, with tfguarantced ANALYSTS, by HENRI'S PATENT CATTLB FEED COM- PANY, Steam Mills, HULL, the sole manufac- turers, to whom or their duly appointed Agents, orders must be given, and Post Office Orders made payable. London Depot, 40, Khuj William-street. Merthyr and Aberdare, THOMAS LOVERIDGE, Merthyr. The Greatest Boon of the Age! TEA DOUBLED IN STRENGTH REDUCED HALF IN PI!ICE I Sea Sickness and the ilol effects of Drink prevented and Health insured, by using MAGNUM PROMOTUM, OR THE INDIAN TEA IMPROVER.—Tea, which alone is simply a refreshing beverage, by the admixture of this INVALUABLE COMPOUND, is made so strengthening- and nutritions, so bene- ficial to the nerves, that no emigrant or family should be without it. It effectually prevents sea sickness, and not only imparts a rich taste and more strength to the Tea, which it so resembles as to show no trace of its presence, bI acting as a tonic on the stomach, strengthens whole system, rendering it equally /^IR^LYIJ to the man of business or pleasura^ AS^.TO THE^^NOST delicate female. L^, female.. One Penny Packet WI as week 1Il most families, and WIL^AV(\LSTTJF t1 Tea. Sold in packofs at 6d., and Is. each, with fuli (IH^NOLPSJKIR Y?E, by various trades- men IA LV-jyfroke, SHUCEA. Cardiflj Newport, Glouccsier/Bath, WIJ^L, Liverpool, and Lon- don, Wholesale orders to be. addressed to Mr. WILLIAM" WILLIAMS, Glebeland, Merthyr; Mr. BASSETT, Druggist, Pontypridd; Mr. DAVIS, Druggist, Cwmavon; or to Mr. GEORGE MAGGS, Sole Agent to the Manufacturers, 12, Deansrreet, Portland-square, Bristol. A FRIENDLY BIT OF CHIT-CHAT XJL between Mrs. SCRUBWELL and Mrs1. THRIFTY, about" HARPER TWELVE- TREES' SOAP POWDER." SCRUEWELL. But do .you mean to say that you have washed all that lot of clothes before breakfast this morning ? THRIFTY. Oh yes, it's easy enough now to get rid of all the slap-dash, steam, and dribbling slops on a washing day in good time. I can always make quick work of MY washing by using "Harper Twelvetress' Soap Powder," and it makes the clothes beautifully clean and white too, I can assure you. JRMER*FR boil them 20 minutes, and hang TL^M upM\dry. I have never used anything AFUALT^T, an<LI have tried all sorts of THING-N my t\ne./IN fact, one reason why I HKIF 1"Hjaiier \J?lvetrees' Soap Powder" over /mhev W^GANNVPOWDERS is, be- cause it is soft AN^JSUOLLIEJR to the hands, AND makes such A fine NICJJ^AMR. Besides, T never rub our clothes, and Y<^ know how b^ack my Jim's shirts get at the Foundiy. Patentee: IL'.rperTwelvetrees, "Hie Works," Three Mills-lane, Bvomley-hy-Bow, London. Sold by E. R. <; -v. T. Bees, and R. Thomas, druggists, Merthyr Tydfil, and by grocers and druggists everywhere, in Id. packets, aatl 6d. and Is. canisters. SPONGING, HIP, SHOWER, & EVERY DESCRIPTION OF BATH, MAY BE O B TA/NE DAT -w-. T. RUBNISHIHG AND GBJSEKAL JLIOLAONGEHY ESTABLISHMENT. IROIST BBDSTEAIl/lN^GM#T VARIETY. Agent for Price's' Patent Case- Ti/rtleneSkMife, ymich, is undoubtedly the only one capable of resisting the accomplished liurgl/r, af\zfmicd m the late disastrous trial at Barnsley, between Price's and Milner's Safe/.—fix Iwrnsla/f Advertiser, May 5,18G0. 147, HIGH STREET, OPPOSITE ANGEL HOTEL. T. REES, IR, IE S 13D El IN" T DBUTIST, HIGH STREET (opposite the West of England Banh), MERTHYR, INVITES the Public, and especially those afflicted with decayed or defective Teeth, to an exami- nation of the durable and elegant Artificial Mineral Teeth, manufactured by him on the premises in High-street. They are perfect in their resemMjrfice to nature, never wear out or cor- rode, and answer in every respect the purpose O^naturaJ'TQ^b. Reference is kindly permitted to a large numbej^f t^* most respectable persons in the neigh- bourhood who have patronized him. V J Rees's Essence for the Toothache, which/f)roduc\j^ atymstaoisneous cure, is sold in bottles^ at 6d. and Is. each. y i L Bees's Tonic Astringent Mouth Lojnon.—Twt excellent preparation has been proved, by experience, to be of the greatest benefit fofthe ofy^mngy gums, tender or relaxed gums; and as a general lotion for rendering the mouth sweeWncLwmifbi-table, it will be found one of the most pleasant ever employed. To persons *'ing Artificial Teeth it is invaluable. Rees's Tooth Powder preve s and remove the formation of tartar, imparts to the Teeth pearly whiteness, gives a delightf jl fragrance to the breath, and entirely prevents the injuriou effects of acid and steel medicines upon the enamel. S. OF A NEW LIBRARY, READING ROOM, & PHILOSOPHIC INSTITUTION. MERTHYR TYDFIL. THE Managing Committee of the Merthyr Library respectfully beg leave to invite the attention of their Fellow-Townsmen, and of the Gentlemen connected witti this town and neighbourhood, to a project which they have for some time past had in contemplation. Literary Institutions are natural developments of the march of civilization; and are both the products and instruments of sound social progress. Among these Public Libraries necessarily occupy a prominent position. Such Jjr-tit .tions naturally attract to themselves the most brilliant intelligence, and the more cultivated minds of their respective localities. The members therefore, from the superiority ofiUeir mental and moral characters, and from the greater soundness, variety, nd extent of their information, naturally become the leaders of thought in their several circles; and in an age whose every movement :md agency tends to widen the area of political power, and when dangers, from crude views and iil-ciip ested knowledge, increase in proportion to the exteution of popular influence, it become s the bou nden duty of wise and thoughtful men to increase the number of such influential and beaeficial agents to aid and encourage all Institutions that have for their object, to purity aud elevate the minds of the people at large; to rentier the best Works in every department of Science aud Art easily accessible to all classes of the community; and to diffuse a knowledge of the most substantial, instructive, and healthy literature, of past and present times, among the teeming masses of populous localities. Actuated by these motives, aud with the assistance of the Ironmasters and their Fellow- Townsmen, a few zealous peisons founded the MERTHYR LIBRARY in the winter of 1816 from that time forth tIn Institution has not only maintained its ground, but has also been steadily pro- gressive and self-supporting; its regular members now exceed one hundred and twenty; the shelves contain upwards of two thousand volumes of the most approved Works in Science, Art, History, Poetry, Fiction, and General Literature; these are all rendered accesible to the humblest readers at a charge of only Eighteenpence ,per Quarter, or rather less than Three-half-pence per week; and the Comufittee have the satisfaction to observe that the value of the Institution is so far appreciated, that fro u twenty-five to t.Hlrty volumes are taken out nightly. The leading News- papers of the day and several of the most aoprovedvwcekly and monthly periodicals are regularly laid upon the Reading Room table. But the usefulness of the Institution is limited by the wfriit of space. Deterred by the failure of more ambitious projects, the original promoters coutented/tlieafselves with renting a comparatively small room. This has now proved inadequate to the rpquirqpents ot^uie Institution, and of their nightly crowds of readers; their book-cases, which occupy allWie ajfnlable space, are insufficient to contain the books already in tiie Library, aud wMch ai^^lKftddp increasing in number; for the same reason, they are unable to use a Set of Gl»Ms,Vafi^TelQKope, a very godtl Microscope, and other instruments, the use of which tfrey liajre acqi\Ad bj^the amalgamation with them of the George-town Philosophical Society, fthiu ;ed/inWPfcii2 lindjff iey are unable to display their Maps, among which are Ordnance Maps ot the J^f^teyr 13iltrictjffeologic«lly coloured, and a very hand- some Map of America^ recently present^y-J'HOI^ifs I^CLCONER, ESQ. They have therefore resolved to appeal'to their Fdfow-Townsmen to assist them in erecting a suitable building for this purpose; and bavinfructifijfa the talents given to them on a former occa- sion, they are encouraged by the success ot their < t stewardship to expect a liberal amount of public support. They calculate that about £ 600 will suffice for the erection of a building suitable for a Library and Reading Room, :1;1d to form the nucleus of a Museum; and they propose to raise that amount by means of a JOINT STOCK COMPANY, under the LIMITED LIABILITY ACT, in Shares of -11 each. They believe that the credit of Merthyr itself is involved in this proposal. A far more ambitious project might justifiably clairn encouragement from the wealthy inhabitants of so large, populous, and important a place as this; and when several of the neighbouring towns, especially Keath, Swansea, and Carmarthen, already have noble Institutions of this kind, they ieel assured that this appeal will elicit a prompt and a hearty response from the people of Merthyr. The Committee have much pleasure' in announcing that H. A. HRUCB, Esq., the McmbeMor the Borough, authorised them to put tfown his name for £ 50; liberal promises have been neceived from other persons; and the Committee'themselves will promote the object to the full extent of their several abilities: JOHN GRIFFITH, President. TIIOS. STEPHENS, Hon. &ec. JggT Applications for Shares to be made to the Honorary Secretary. FRINTING BY STEAM POWEB WHY GO TO BRISTOL AND PAY MORE! P. WILLIAMS, RESPECTFULLY informs the Public that he possesses every facility (which perfect machinery and Steam power can yield) for executing Orders to any extent in Printing, on the Shortest Notice, and at the Lowest Rate of Charges. Bill Heads, Invoices, Letter and Kote Headings, Circulars, Business and Visiting Cards, Auc- tioneers', Agents', and General Trade Announcements, in the best Style, and executed with an Expedition that cannot be surpassed in any Establishment out of London. Prices of' Posters, printed on Good Paper. Double Crown (30 in. by 20) foi'lOO 17s. Od. For 200 27s. Od. For 300 35s. 0d- Do. do. folio Long (SO by 10) „ 300 13s. Od. £ 00 His. Od. 1,000 21s.to2os; Royal (24 by 20) „ 100 10s. 0d. „ 200 25s. Od. „ 300 32s. 0d- Demy (23 by 18) „ „ 14s. 0d. „ „ 22s. Od. „ „ 29s. 0d. Crown (20 by 15) 30s. (3d. 16s. Od. „ 21s. 0d- Demy folio (18 by 11) „ 8s. 0d. „ 13s. Od. „ „ 17s. Od. Crown do. (15 by 10.) „ 7s. Od. i" „ 10s. pd. „ „ 13s. Oil- Foolscap do. (H by 8à). (is. Od. „ „ 9s. Od. „ lis. Gd. Demy 4to. (11 by 9). „ 4 s. 6d. „ 500 9s. Cd. 1,000 14s. Gd. Crown 4to. (10 by 7j) „ 4s. Od. „ „ 8s. Od. „ „ 12s. 0d- Demy Octavo (9 by 51) 1000 7s. Gd. „ 3,000 18s. Od. „ 5,000 25s. 0d■ Crown do. (7^ by 5) 2000 10s. Od. „ 5,000 20s. 0d. ,,10,000 30s. 0d. Demy 12mo. (74 by 4J) „ 5000 L5s. 10,000 25s. Od. „ 20,000 40s. 0d. Coloured Papes/or Coloured Inks, charged extra. Invoice lleadsi:dn. Goo&s^rriting Paper. Foolscap Quarto (8J -by 6i).. for 100 -Is. 6d/; For 500 10s. 6d. For 1,000 14s. 0d. P)st 6mo. (9 by 5) 1000 lis. Od. „ 3,000 30s. Od. 5,000 42s. Od. Foolscap do. (& bv ti) „ li)-. Oil. „ 24s. 0d. „ 34s. 0d. Do. Omo. (5* by 4i) „ „ ,&s. 0d- „ „ •• 20s. Od. „ „ 30s. Oil. Circulars, Crream Laid Paper, Fly Leaf. Note size, for lOQ^from 3s. 6d.; 200, 6s.; 500, 12s. 6d. Card^ from 10s. per 1,000. TEA PAPERS PRINTED AT Is. PER 1,000, IF THREE REAMS ARE ORDERED. PRINTING and BINDING done foj^the TRADE. Account-BooV* of all Sizes and Patterns, made in a &jif>erikr at the Shortest Notice.—' Every style of Binding done at the Cheapest Kate of Purees, cofestcnt 'vvjjH' elegance and durability. Paper Ruled by Machine to any Form.—School Bjps, WritfiHand Glplicrina Copies, Pocket and Office Ledgers, Metallic Books, etc,, etc., always 011 hanJL^HRcAd^vs, Magazines, and all other Publications, including Newspapers and Chyp WoclWlfc, smjuflied regularly. standard MUSIC supplitfno the Public a^Vholcsale Prices. THE LARGEST ASSORTMENT Oa/PAPER HAHGIHGS IN Comprising the most Elegant ;md Ricit Designs, together with those of the Cheapest Description. Carriage Paid to any place within the delivery of the South Wales, Vale of Neath, Taff Vale, and Loop Line of Railways, and also to all parts ot the Iron Districts of Monmouthshire, on Orders of 20s. a?id upwards. 120s. a'ld upwards. TJSIJS^Office, Tydfil. -E- NOTICE OF JOHN/EKWIS, WATCHMAKER, JEWELLEG, & SILVERSMITH, D ESPECTFULLY informs his kiml^Patp«mrJin(lWe Public generally that he has REMOVED .tV reom Morgan-street to his Premi*^ LIIIF LT BEN-STREET, neai* the Bank, which he has just Opened with an entirelTi^Vew StocW<)f Gfold and S^ver Watches, Jeweliery, Plate, &c., which will he offered at greatly reduced prices. J. L. returns his sincere thanks for past fakirs, and begs to solicit a continuance of the same. Repairs done on the premises by experienced Workmen, at low charges. WEDDING RINGS AT SEDUCED PRICES. THOMAS PRICE, (Opposite the Vale of Neath Railway Station), MERTHYB, S RESPECTFULLY announces that the REMAyffKGl^ORjfoN of his SUMMER STOCK rtyT A\ yT MANTLES, SHAWLS, MUSLIN EO^sLPXNCY DRESSES, f TKIMMED BONNETg^ttcD&c/ WILL BE OFFKJRED AY GEEATLY EEDl^CED >3PJ^ICES! THE NATURAL WIITBS O^1 FH;AITCZI. THE recent Reduction of Duties on Foreign Wines having placed good and wholesome Wines at a moderate price, within the reach of all classes, T. Xj O "V" El JE& T^JD Gh E man STREET, MjrfiTHYR, Bigs respectfully to inform the inhabitants of Mertln>/and neighbourhood, that he has iust received a large STOCE. of well-selected FRENCH, GERMANVSPANSH, and PORTUGUESE WINES which he feels confident will give satisfaction to^cosemho ma^avour him with their patronage. FRENCH WINES. /P ANISH WINES. Per dozen Quarts. • IV Per dozen Quarts. Claret 24s., 285., 36L ^Sertfes 24s., 28s., 36s., 48s. Chablis 28sy/«0s.ft6lJ Marcsala 24s. Roussillon 28^, 30s., 6ls. f PORTUGUESE WINES. Old French Port Jgis., 3Gs. V >Porto 363., 48s 60s. Sparkling Burgundy 48s. J Ditto Old 72s. Champagne 40s., 50s., 60JK An original Case, containing a Dozen Pirn; Bottles of French Wines, composed of the following 'different sorts, for 24s., carriage free :— Claret. Old French Port. } Cliablis. Sparkling Burgundy. Roussillon. Champagne. Orders for these Cases, which will give parties an opportunity of trying these French Wines are respectfully solicited. IE. JOHN PRICE, OS^'holeaale Provision Factor, 'f 26, Wellington-street, Merthyr. Hometi^ured Welsh B<fcon (flthe b^t quality at the low«^t nyHklJpiij^s. PRIME W'EJ>(<FFJ3Y'RTHR, BY THE CASK, Alwa^<on sa]L fft prices. STORES Hancock's/Old Stores, High-street. MERTHYR TYDFIL UNION. Election of Public Vaccinators. THE Guardians will, on SATURDAY, JUNE 30th, 1860, at 11.15 a.nvf elect a PUBLIC VACCINATOR for each of tlielfollowing Dis- tricts, viz., the Dowlais district and t}*e Garth and Vaynor District. I F'orm of Vaccinatum Contract m^y be seen at my Office. The Vaccinator must /ISe dujy qualified as by Law required./ By order. FRANK JAMES, Clerk, r Higli-street, Merthyr, June 9th, 18G0. JUNE, 1860. Steam Communication between Corle, Car. diff, and Newport. J „ nnHE CORK STEAM SHIP l «x 1 COMPANY'S Screw Steamer "PREUS8ISCHER ADLliR," jt t'4 /yijOOO Tons, Captain BYRNE; DODO," 1,000 Tons, Captain CROFT, or "BITTERN," 800 Tons, Capt. HOLLAND, are intended to ply as unùer, and afford conveyance for Passengers, Goods, and Cattle, at ver^fiiod|r|J6 rates. FROM Cahdii? vwfl Iw^VPORT. Newport, Saturday,>/une 2UA 4 a.m. Cardiff, Sat ur day jr. 9K 8 a.m. Newport, Saturday ..4. I6th.yf. 3 p.m. Cardiff, Satunjay .K 7^ a.m. Newport, Saturday h.. 30^fi 3 p.m. Y FROM/CO^.—F'or Cardiff, Werlnesday,Oth 4| p.m. Newport, Wednesday,yf .13t,h 9J a.m. Cardiff, Wednesday, /20th 4 p m. Newport, Wednesday, ..27th 9 a.m. To CORK, Best Cabin, 17s. 6d.~Deck, 7s. No Steward's Fee. Horses, Carriages, live Stock, and Goods for Shipment should be alongside ONE HOUR before the advertised time of Starting. For Freight or Passage, apply at the Company's Office, Cork; or to Messrs. Owen and Downing, Ship Brokers, Cardiff; or, Mr. J as. Maddocks., Newport. JUNE, 1860. CARDIFF AND BRISTOL. —ik -75k npHE Cardiff Steam Navi- 1k S'dion Company's Fast- Sailing Steamer "JENNY JON)• S," DAVID DAVIES, Commander, is intended to ply between CARDIFF and BRISTOL, with Passengers and iMecliandize, during the ensuing month, as under :— FROM BUTE DOCKS,IPR6J^VATIIITRST BA- CARDIFF. if BRISTOL. 1 Friday 2 py<V 2^iUii/ay.. 5 p.m. 4 Monday 4J WTmli jtTu^lay 7$aa.m. 5 Tuesday ojrown.y^Wednesday 8 «a.m. 6 Wednesday M 7^fmrsiiay. 8J a.m. 8 Friday .7 a4P-[ Spaturday.. 10 a.m. 11 Monday 3^ a.m. Yl Tuesday 12 noon 13 Wednesday 10^ a.m/14 Thursday.. 2 p.m. 1,3 Friday 1.-2"3 ]>.ffi.;10 Saturday.. 3J p.m. 18 Montfay 3 £ p.m. 19 Tuesday 6^ a.m. 20 Wednesday 5* a.m. 20 Wednesday 7 p.m. 21 Thursday.. 61 a.m.!2l Thursday 71 p.m. 2 22 Friday. 0| p.m. |23 Saturday fj a.m. 25 Monday 1:11 a.m.i26 Tuesday ..12 noon 27 Wednesday 10| a.m.J'28 Thursday 2 p.m. 29 Friday 12| p.m.130 Saturday 3-j p.m. To-aud-Fro from Cardiff, 20th and 21st. a To-and-fro from Bristol, 5th and 6th. Fares After Cabin, 3s.; Fore Cabin, Is. 6d. -Further information as to freight, &c., may be obtained by applying at the Company's Office, Bute Docks, Cardiff: or to John Evered, Clare- street Hall, Marsh-street, Bristol. E. J. THOMAS, General Superintendent. I TO DRAPERS. TO BE DISPOSED OF, AN excellent Ready-M>rffey JBUSINESS in the above line, ip/Jrest situation in ar Dowiais. The premises are thafcanefeit and most convenient in the hb re a re- munerative bu ess sn do br the last 10 years. S«nsfaf*orJ%easons JKr its disposal, and any farther plhrtfcilars Vfll be given on M tM^- t0 EvjV* JONES, Draper, The above is an opporoinity that seldom occurs to any Young Man with a moderate capital. NOTICE. Vs —— x ON behalf of the AdministrfUoirt)f>theJEstate of the late JOHN GmFFITOB^CfTre- degar Iron Works, Irom*f|ng|i*we ^fve Notice to all persons havin^CllimMpajr the Estate of the deceased, to^fendL tlHsamirin to us on or before the 1st of at latest, as the Administrato CCO win then be closed, and no payrfJents will afterwards be made. Dated the 29th day of>May, 1860. C. HT and F. JAMES, Solicitors to the Administrators, Merthyr Tydfil. LOVERIDG E'S RHEUMATIC PILLS. THE numerous Testimonials received during the past two years have fully proved and justify the Proprietor in recommending- them to the Public as the best Remedy for the following Diseases: — RHEUMATISM—ACUTE, CHRONIC, AND MUSCULAR PAINS IN THE BACK PAINS AND GIDDINESS IN THE HEAD; BILIOUS COMPLAINTS; CoSTIVENESS, ARISING FROM INDIGESTION Among those recently received, are the fol- lowing H'gh-street, Merthyr, Oct. 7, 1859. SIR,-For fifteen weeks I suffered from such violent pain and giddiness in my head that I could not sleep night nor day, and at times became almost distracted and delirious from the severe pain. I tried almost ei, remedy-ap- plied leeches and blisters, b could obta!n no relief until I took your Rhaumatic Pills, which j gave me almost imrnediat relief*, and in a few weeks restored me to iny/isual good health. ■^urs, M A R yK *A LAV,^Confectioner. Mr. Loveridge. Cwm KMB RoA/Tredegar. Sir,—My stMnach .and head lia^been bad for many years, and I hU(Wtried almost everything until I toojf yo|»eic^|jnt Pnis, which have quite cure/me. Yours, &C:i9ANIEirEDWARDS, Mr. Loveridge. Founder. Ynysyfelin, C\v^i Taff, June 20, 1859. Sir,-I had been bacrfor three years with pains in my legs and back, and I had tried Taff's Well and several other places, but did not obtain any relief until I took your Rheumatic Pills and I nave now the pleasure of informing you that I am quite recovered. Yours, &c., Mr. Loveridge. DANIEL BEYAN. Club Houses, Glebeland, Merthyr, o- T.,r „ June 26, 1859. "ir> My little girl, nine years old, had been a great suflhrer from pains in her chest and through her limbs, but I am glad to inform you she is now quite well, after taking your valuable Pills. Yours, &c., DAVID GRIFFITHS. LIST OF AGENTS:—Tredegar, Mr. Crosswell; Aberdare, Mr. Evans: Newbridge and Treforest, Mr. Bassett; Hirwaun, Mr. Sims; Cardiff, Mr. Evans; Dowlais, Mr. Lewis; Swansea, Mr. Glover: 'Brynmawr, Mr.Jones; Neath, Mr. Hib- bert; Aberainan, Mr. Charles; Al>erdare, Mr. Orchard, Mill-street; Abersyclian, Mr. Martin. —Wholesale Agents, Messrs. Barclay and Son, London. D.AVl'D FKI&k, Auctioneer, Appraiser, Accomntant. Houjul Fire and Life i^vantageous Punctual atten^W&^Il meters entrusted Private Residence—38, Ttyrfmas-street, Merthyr Tydfil; Mr. ABEL S. JONES'S NOTICES. COMMERCIAL STREET, ABERDARE. 1% LONDON WAREHOUSE DE APEEY ESTABLISHMENT. TO BE LET BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, for a term ofyearo, A LL those large and commodious Premises A lar^e and commodious Premises JCX. adapted for an extensive Drapery business the property of Mr. Samuel Lewis Drap^rSS hi,m' Tn'comSS: f k T ere he has canied on the above trade for the last 12 years, ancl from which he retires to private life. .1? sfsrsi ? "°p' plete with the most modern and ani!li" ances, Show Room, Hat R<Ws^* 1 apPh" The dwelling paA e^SSB'|«E lour, kitchen, with ever^tl^r^iv^iS^ seven bedrooms, also warXusAnd oJhou^ Commercial-street iyftik the ViHrfWrTni roughfare for the largaM^-iAXiSpopJ: tomere, and the rafoiS^eribd are^entSly placed, and dire^ on £ vA\n road from the Taff Vale and Vale of Neat/ Railwav Stations ^°m fealf wLif hc^eds of passengers issue forth thrice a day. The whole1 of the premises are in perfect re- pair, and will be Let to respectable and trades- manlike parties only, at a rent quite moderate m comparison with the present rates chanred for premises in the same trade iu the same town. T^CAI- I'ARTICULA^, apply to ABEL S. fCTurnelr'TRt ]lis 0ffice. Commercial- street; or to Mr. S. LEWIS, the proprietor. June 13th, 1860. TOWN OF ABERDARE. Mr. ABEL S. JONES Will SELL BY AUCTION, on MONDAT- JULY the 9th, 1860, and following' days, com- mencing each day at Two o'clock, THE whole of the well-selected and useful STOCK of DRAPERY and other GOODS Jr°APKrtJ 0 Mu Commercial- street, Aberdare, whoirf retting fronfbusiness. The opportunity is no/offei^ffcto farafiies (which seldom occurs) of tfrnislW themselves with every useful artie^ Vhey kay Xuire in this department, at cojlVen*nt arm eoonomical prices inconceivably Wej^thtt thdsfwhich are geae- rallv chargedt The wholey6f th ock jfill be sold without any reserve. Working Classes especially invited to attend this sale. Auction and Insurance Offices, Commercial-street, June 12th, I860. TO PETER DUREIN. I The undersigned, hereby express my regret for having, through an «rror of my own, preferred a charge of Felop/ gainst you, which I admit to be wholly unfbun«d, and I Consent to give compensation tef the^infjiy sunned by you t0 the amou ..0S, which I charges.*8 yV™* Solicitor's Dated Jun th, I T MA VANS, w.. 0 Watchmaker, Aberdare. Witness—W. SIMONS, Solicitor, Merthyr. STOLEN OR STRAYED. T °r, the River Side, XJ Mill-street, Aberdare, qo SUNDAY last, the 10th instant, a PONY MARE, the proSferty of Mr. LEWIS LEWIS, Mill-sWt, Aber- dare. She is of bladf colcftiVxSboiir 11 hands high, with switch cutsqulfre, aKout 2ft. 6in. long. There is ajfiAt SQt of a Wound recently inflicted on her^lfind fcart heatyftie tail, and her age is rising five yarsll I Whoever/will gif% Wichl in formation as will lead to hef recoveryJf stMyed or if stolen, the punishment of the thief, jfrill be handsomely re- warded, on applicationp the Owner as above,or to the Police of Merthyr or Aberdare. TO BUILDERS & OTHERS. PERSOMg desirous of estimating for the ERECTION of a VILLA^at Aberaman, ia the parish of ^r^tip^fhe county of Gla- morgan, may la^p^t t^ltolans Ad specifications at the Office ofMr^JfiNRi J^9OLI^6R, Soli- citor, High-street; AlfcdtoL^g jj^hom sealed Tenders must/Ce aait Ik Wfaefirfe the 20th day of JUNEMK. R KJJ YR The esmnate m^stf ggntgfn the names of two responsible,persons wWare willing to become Sureties for the due completion of the Contract. The Proprietor odes not bind himself to accept the lowest or any Tender. Aberdare, 29th May, 1860. Prichard's Aromatic Steel Pills ARE successful in all case&arf ejrfeebled health, where the vital has \pdom4 dete- riorated, and physical enwrielwBsted^gnd weak- ened. Prepared hy/W. PRICSa^TO, Apothe- ened. Prepared hy/W. PRICSa^TO, Apothe- cary, 65, Cbaring/Crrts, Irrboift at Is. lid., 2s. 9d., 4s. 6dj/find lljBfc ^SoJKe|had of Messrs. Smyth, anditees, che^fsts/MerthJT; James, chemist, Dtfwlais; Thomas; chemist, Aberdare; and by order of all medicine vendors. MHH HOLLOWAY'S PILLS. THE WONDER OF THE WORLD!—This great Household Medicine ranks among the leading necessaries of life, as it is well known to the world that it cures many complaints other remedies cannot reach this fact is as well estab- lished as that the sun lights the world. Bilious Affections. The quantity and quality of the bile are of vital importance to health. Upon the liver, the arland which secretes this fluid, the Pills operate specifically, infallibly rectifying its irregularities, and effectually curing jaundice, bilious re mi ttants, and all the varieties of disease generated by an unnatural condition of the organ. Complaints of Females. The functional irregularities peculiar to the weaker sex, are invariably'corrected without pain or inconvenience by tuse of Holloway's Pills. They are the safest and st medicine for the diseases females all ages. Holloway's PiUts are tkar^es\ren&dy known in the worl br theftiluacinydiseases:— Ague Femjy^rreguJ*^ Scrofula, or Kiug's ,fgue Asthma Evil Bilious Cproplamts!ra^flp^jrif'l\n(lsScre Throats Blotches on the FM y Stone and Gravel Skin Secondary Syrnp- Bowel Complaints HeacUjrfebe 1 toms Colics Indigestion 3Nc-Douloureux Constipation of thcliifiarriination Tumours Bowels Jaundice Ulcers (tions Consumption Liver ComplaiL Venereal Affcc- Debility Lumbago AYorms ofallkindt Dropsy Tiles Weakness, from Dysentery Kheumatism whatever cause Erysypelas Retention of Urine &e., &c. Sold at the Establishment of PROFESSOR HOLLO WAY, 244, Strand, (uear Temple Bar). London, and by all respectable Druggists and Dealers in Medicines throughout the civilized world, at the following prices Hd., 2s. 9d.. 4s. 6d., lis., 22s., and 33s. each Box. There is a considerable saving by taking the larger sizes. N.B.—Directions for the guidance of patient ia every disorder are affixed to each Box.