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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

3 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



TOWIST EBICK WOBKS. IMPORTANT TO BUILDERS, CONTRACTORS, AND IMMENSE saving by the use of BRICK as a material for Building, in preference to^on^-peaHfetin^v saving of 25 per cent, at the present reduced prices, which are as folloj^s:— ij Good Building Bricks 20s. per 1000. I Fire, prime quality, ditt s. per 1000. The above prices, for Cash only, and a considerable per centage allowed on large quantities. Merthyr, May 26th, 1860. SUMMER GOODS! SUIMER^OO/CS! T E. MEBEDITH, WATERLOO Hou 52, HIGH STREET, ME R T H YJT L, BEGS respectfully to announce to the inhabitants of Merthyr his return from thflLomron and other Markets with a large Stock of NEW and FASHIONABLE GOODS smtable for th!j moling Season. N.B.—E. M. calls particular attention to the HAT and CAP DEPARjJmENT. G 0 D S GREAT SALE OF IJEAPERFG^ODS, AT THE V CLOTH MART. HIGH STREET, W. CT./APFFIWIS /C ,-I W HAS great pleasure in informing the inhabitannvf Dowlais- and surrpfmding jfcTafiWlurhoofl that he has BOUGHT THE STOCK OF MR. R. LLOYJ>, AT A OFF COST PRICE, the benefit of which will be entirely given the Purchaser. Bargains will be offer^yas the Stock must be cleared out, in order to make room for the New Goods. The premises are now open. y W. J. L. hopes that by strict attention to business, selling Goods at small profits, to'raterit large share of Public patronage, and begs to assure them that nothing shall be wanting on his part in order to please Customers. N.B.-A respectable Youth wanted as an Apprentice. High-street, Dowlais, June 5th, 1860. LOOK TO THE CONDITION OF YOUR HORSES AND CATTLE. TjWERY owner of Horses and Cattle JCJ should use E. R. GAY'S CONDITION EVERY owner of Horses and ttle POWDERS in all amof loss of petite, vital energg, indigestion,^$c., SmT It im- proves the digestive functions, i^ma^^ew anri enables them to perfoj^a dobbLPth^ labour without being distressed. Want of condition in a Hone is genl&llyindicated by the roughness of the-coat which the above Powders will speedily remedy. One triaL^ill b«ymougfi to prove that it Is the best preparation for increasing the appetite, purifying the llood, givinam finatfdvfo Mid preventing all diseases incidental to Horses and Cattle at Spring and Fall. The Powdqjrbeing \%Vln(Man produce, is prepared from the recipe of one of the principal Veterinary Surgeons in England, and has bafen/sed for many years in several of the largest livery stables in London. ^Prepared only by E. R. GAT, Dispensing Chemist, 55, High-sU-eet, Merthyr Tydfil, in packets at Is. 6d. each With full directions for use. ÅGENTS Aberdare: Mr. W. J. Thomas, Chemist, Commercial-street; Pontypridd, Mr. R. Smyth, Chemist. er Agents in course of appointment throughout South Wales, who will be announced in future advertisements Carriage paid to all parts of South Wales on Orders for 12s. and upwards. CLEANLINESS, LIGHT- NESS, ELE NCE, D \X D ABI Y. -1)- EADS t IN V IETY. T THOMAS begs to announce that he has now ready for inspection a large Stock at such prices • as wjll defy competition, havingregard to quality. T. T. also invites inspection of his Stock of Foot, Kip, Reclining, Slipper, and Shower Baths, and Loysell'd Patent Hydrostatic Coffee and Tea Urns, in Tin and Bronze, at exceedingly low prices. Observe the Address :-Opposite the Bush Hotel, High Street, Merthyr. t WHEN YOU JJL GLENFIELD P^MTVfW'ARC^ BEE THAT^«JsTO J/f As inferior kinds are often substjtytec^-WoTHERSPooN and Co., Glasgow <wd Eondon. COMFORT ITT WRITING! KO PEN CAN TELIrl TIlE'great superiority of the £ BII PE?> sold at the Tr.LEORAPH/OmcjL adapted for every hand, is an amalgamation ofi|th« best metal-, and being anti-corro-sive.]W»™wie« as long, and write immeasurably superior to JuiVArWtie Pens usually soldV, *&. trial invited. Sold at^ld. per dozen, or 2s. per gross box. NO MCfklS* FILLS NOR ANY OTHER E MEDICINE OR NERYO^SNE&glr INDIGESTION, CONSTIPATION^. ^pent free by post for two stamps, the Invalid's Guide, 64 pages, THE NATURAL^ESWTFlE W OF PERFECT HEALTH to the ifiost e*feebieU, by a pleasant and natural means, which remoVea inaigestioofconstipation, diarrhoea, torpidity otfiyie\jjfer,lpersj*fing headaches, nervousness, biliousness despoi(ta*fcy, low spirits, cough, asthma, incipient nsump on, debility, dropsy, spleen, &c. London Mann Nephews, Booksellers, 39, Cornhill. Prichard's Dandelion, Camomile, Rhu- barb, & Ginger Pills HAVE long been before the Public. All persons, therefore, who have not already tested them should not delay giving them a trial, to prove their qualities for the cure of Indigestion, and all Bilious disorders. Prepared by W. PttrcHARD, apothecary, 65, Charing Cross, London. In bottles affts. lid.^s. 9d., 4s. 6d., and lis. jT To Mr. T. EeesjTOieniist, Mlrthyr. Sir,—I fool it a duty to tip ProocK^K of Prichard's Bands lion. Chamomile, and Ehv^arb Pills, a^well asJptliose of the public who may suffer from indigestioiAor biliDiis headaches to offer my testimony—based c(k Arterienqe-^o their value cs a remedy for stomach comp!ainV|/Vid diyrasca arising from constipation. I have no hesitation in atatfis; that whether as an aperient OT as a meiliemlylapted fdv indigestion, th»se Pills cannot be surpassed; w^/st they have this advantage also that they can be taken Without fe%r of inconvenience o r injury by persons whose occupation exposes them to every kind, of unfavourable weather. I have always recommended these Pills when occasion offered, and in every instance they have given satisfaction.—Your's obediently, MATHEW THOMAS, Brewer. Merthyr Tydfd, May 17th, 1860. To be had through all Medicine Vendors. N.B.—If taken according to the directions given with each packet, these Pills never fail in producing the effect desired. THE SUFFERERS OF MERTHYR AND THEIR CURR BY PULVERMACHER'S PATENT GALVANIC ANTI-RHEUMATIC CHAP BANDS. MR. PULVERMACHER informs those invalids whose maladies are considered beyond the aid ol medical skill, that he has appointed Mr. T. LOVE- RIDGE, Chemist, Merthyr Tydfil, to be especial Agent for the sale of these singular VOLTAIC CHAINS, Mr. LOVERIDGE will give applicants every informa- tion respecting their curative powers^ and the proper method of administering them, so^KS to ensure imme- diate and certain success. Nearij^verv iijrm of disease is permanently and magicallj^ffred bv wising one over the part affected. In aiyinose ca^s wfijtteMedicine or ordinary appliancespjj^e futile,*th; CfTamsaet like a For miles 1 already'ibeen marvellously relieved—the/yak^ie^ Sured, principally consist of paralysis, epilepsy spasms, Rheumatism, gout, lumbago, sciatica, rigidityf'stiffi^oints, urethral disor- ders, hysteria, loss of voicg^hypochondria, deafness, debility, constipation, and palsy. And the alleviation of neuralgia, tic doloreux, head, ear, face, and tooth ache, is so astonishing, and effected so instantaneously, that sufferers may test the influence of the Chain before- hand at the depot. After seeing and feeling the phenomena produced, the sufferer mav still further be astonished and convinced by perusing the extracts taken from upwards of 100 medical, scientific, clerical, and philosophical works, referring to the efficacv of this new discovery.—Price 5s., 10s. 6d., 15s., ISS., 22s.—Visit the depot and read the documents from parties cured.—J. L Pulvermacher and Co., 73, Oxford-street, London. Agent for CARDIFF, Mr. JOY, Chemist, &c., Duke- street: BRLDGEND, Mr. JOHN PRICE, Chemist, &c.; NEATH, Mr. HUTCHINS, Chemist, &c. MERTHYR: MR. T. LOVERIDGE, CHEMIST, &c. |# BISHOP'S (CELEBRATED BRITISH WINES rpHE GRE EN GINGER WINE manufactured by I BISHOP and SONS, may with safety be recom- mended as the best of its kind; many eminent men mended as the best of its kind; many eminent men have borne testimony to its excellence and purity. One writing-says, The Green Ginger' in your wine ren- ders it an excellent anti-spasmodic and an agreeable aiiti-carminative; in cases of leuco-phlemacy it will prove serviceable; it is a very jraod stomachic, and its taste i? most palatable." Jr Green Ginger Jr Gooseberry Orange Tonic y\ 4 iRaisin Port f l^ VAasPberry Sherry S € VI Ra/Currant Orange f L Brack Tent f H fy ^^rape AGENTS for this DistrictK-Mertpyr, Messrs. Thomas Stephens, T. Loveridge, T. tkes^M. Thomas, druggists, J.-Porter, confectioner, and T. W. Goodfellow, grocer; Cefn, Thomas Evans; Aberdare, Abel Dance, Mill- street, Chadwick Orchard; A'oeraman, Charles, and Thomas Thomas, grocer; Mountain Ash, Goulstone, druggist; Pontypridd, Charles Bassett, and Robert Smyth; flirwain, Sims; Dowlais, D. Lewis, druggist; Hhymney, W. Williams, Stamp Office; Pontlottyn, W. Williams, grocer; Tredegar, Thos. Price, Circle; Ebbw Vale, Thomas Thomas, PhiUips, John Edwards Beaufort, Philip Williams, Miss Andrews; Brynmawr, A. Jones, chemist, and John Judd, grocer; Nantyglo, Benjamin Lewis; Blaina, William Davies. Sole Wholesale Agents :—Messrs. Longman, Leonard, and Robinson, Bristol. PAINLESS TOOTH B EXTRACTION BR. GAY, DENTIST, b? x.sipiyi^Spte that lie • has perfected an APPA- RATUS for the above purpcac, and bg^onsulted daily at 55, High-street, Me^hyr ^flppi^feeine Market- square.) jr Decayed Teeth and Stumps exft'acj/u without the least pain .-Scating and Cleaning, [,s. J^xopping, 2s. 6d.; Artificial Teeth supplied. These excellent Mineral Teeth are perfect in their resemblance to nature, amLare of everlasting wear. *■ E. R. Gay's Tooth Essence, for the IMMEDIATE RELIEF of Tooth-ache.—In Butt'cs, 6d., and Is. each. E. R Gay's Quinine Dentifrice, for Beautifying and Preserving the Teeth, Strengthenius: the Gums, &c.— n Boxes Is. each. PERFECT HEALTH WITHOUT PHYSIC OR EXPENSE. DU BARRY'S DELICIOUS HEALTH RESTORING FOOD THE REVA- LENTA ARABICA,. at a cost of about a penny per meal, speedily cures constipation, dyspepsia (indigestion), nervousness, flatulency, distension, phlegm, biliousness liver complaints, Listeria, neuralgia, sleeplessness, acidity, congestion, blood to the bead, liaadaclies, loss of memory, indecision, nervous fancies, palpitation, heart- burn, eruptions, impurities, fevers, irritability, low spi- rits, diarrhcea, dysentery, noises in the head and ears, debility, diabetes, pains between the shoulders, cramps, spasms, nausea and sickness, sinking fits, colds, catarrhs, cough, asthma, bronchitis, consumption, debility, gout, rheumatism, hemorrhoids, also children's complaints, and saves fifty times its cost in medicine. It does not interfere with a liberal diet, but imparts a healthy relish for lunch and dinner, and restores the faculty ot diges- ion and nervous and muscular energy to the most enfeebled. We extract a few out of many thousand cures :-Cnre No. 1771. Lord Stuart de Decies of miuiyyeiu's' dyspepsia. Cura Ko. 49,832. Fifty years' indescribable yifony from dyspepsia nervousness, asthma, cough, cons^aHocJ fiatvilency, spasms sickness and vomiting, have beearrcmovMlNby Du Barry's ex eellent Food.—Maria Jolly, of Tjrin, —Cv/o No. 53,816 Field Marshal the Duke of yiuskow,\f dyspasia, constipa tion, nervousness and liver aSmplaints, \\ichytiad resisted al baths and medical treatrynit.—Qme No.I21. Miss Eliza beth Jacobs, of e ,vt r o m cXc i von s iV; '1 i acs tion, gathering's lo\y spirits, and ncrvoow fancli^taE^ff?-iSfdr54,816. From tiie ltev. James T. Campl^l, Sydersroke lie^io'ry, near Faniham, Norfolk, 5th December, 1859. in all cases of indi- gestion, and particvilarly when the liv is more than usually affected, I consider Du Barry's Uev;nenta Arabioa Food the best of all remedies. It regulates the bjlc, and makes it flow in cases which would not admit of mercury in any shape. In short, a healthy flow of bile is one of its earliest and best symp- toms.—Similar testimonials from Dr. Ure; Dr. Harvey; Dr. Bright; Dr. Campbell; and many thousand other respectable parties who can be referred to. Sold in canisters at Is. l|d.; lib., 2s. Dd.; 21b., 4s. 6d. BIb., 22s.; 241b., 40s. super refined quality, 51b., 22s. 101b., 33s. The 101b., 121b., and 241b. Canisters car- riage free, on receipt of post-office order, by BAKBY Da BARRY & Co., 77, Regent-street, London; Fort num, Mason and Co., 182, Piccadilly, and all grocers and chemists. AGENTS :-Aberdarc, Messrs. D. R. Evans, H. J. Thomas, John Jones; Brynmawr, Mr. O. Meredith; Merthyr. Mrs. M. W. White, Mr. T. Loveridge, Mr W. Stephens, Mr. E. Gav; Tredegar, Mr. Peaty • Ebbw "V ale, T. V. Lewis. MR. MORGAK^EIJIBJL D(5CTOR, MAY be CONSUL^Ef™W aWlY on all DIS- EASES, at J^^ard^"tr^f7|Merthyr Tydfil. PAPER HANGINGS. A Large STOCK of PAP3BU S^»INGS to be SOLD OFF/at FILE T^legeaph Office, High-street_ (opporffe |AeVM&ket House, Merthyr.) Persons inten^fiyfttoT^«*rate their Houses are solicited to inspecting Pfljfternirand Prices, which cannot fail of giving satisfaction, To Volunteer Rifle Cor Cricketers Publicans, AN^OTBERS. TO BE SOLD,—ASHERJ^^efllknmjr^MARQUEE, 60 feet long by 26 J€et Vjd^^&pply to JAMES ASHER, New Castle-s^e<VT^»mj(s Town, Merthyr; or at the Office of this^raperM May 23rd, 1860. v f JOHN PRIOE^ Auctioneer, Appraiser, and AccfuntaripfHouse, Estate, and General Jfyentr FIBE AND LIFE POLKtfBS —ACCOUNTS AND B^NT#lC(^LEpTED. 4, Polar-place, TJr^degar^Xpril^l860. D. E. JONETYC S Practical Clock & a r, Near the Savings'Jfani, jfyw\ajd. Watches and Clocks, and ie le of every des- cription, repaired on me oremises. JOHN GABE, Builder, Contractor, Architect, Appraiser, Valuer, fl THOMAS TOWNY^EJWK^. Plans, Specifications^jrfm fiitin^tes, the shortest Experienced Workmen in eiery^anch of Building Trade constantly employed. Tailor by Appointment to the 12th Glamorganshire or Merthyr Tydfil Rifle Vamntaars. RHYS T. TAILOR & WOOLLEN DITA^ER, Ship-styeet, Brehpn. Orders by Post or otherwise promptly attended to. W. EVANS Tanner, Bridge Stre Y" CONTINUES to produce ti^^eslAathe/for Work and Wear. When y0« puf<Lase yo*<f Boots and Slioes, see that the leather is of Merthyr Tannage An Apprentice wanted to the Curnery Business. IMPORTANT NOTICE. GLEETPIELD PATJ^T\^TARCH, Is the only Starch usejf in^Herwfojesty's Laurmry, jr r AND as some unprinoiMftd\j»ties\j(tnow making and offering for sjife iqjfcmti^of the GLEN- FIELD STARCH, we fiereby fiautiojrall our customers to be careful, when purchasing, m see that the word Glenfield is on each packet, to c y which is felony. WOTHERSPOON and Co., Glasgow and London. MERTHYR TYDFIL UNION. RELIEVING OFFICER WANTED. 11HE Guardians will, on SATURDAY, Jb*TE 23rd, at 11.15 a.m., elect a RELIEVING flfFFICER for the District of Merthyr Tydfil (LowerSalary £ 90 per annum. mf He must reside in the towivol hyr, d also speak Welsh and English, giwe semfM, aafi perform the duties as laid down by^i^Pwr LafTktard, and devote his whole time. H Applications, statingyfige, reeand present 10 occupation, accompanko by testim^mials, to be sent to me not later than 12^.m. FRXDAy, the 22nd JUNE, 1860. Duties to commence forthwith: Candidates must attend, but no expenses will be allowed. By order, FRANK JAMES, Clerk. High-street, Merthyr, June 2nd, 1860. BUGS DISAPPEAR LIKE MAGIC! AFTER using Harper Twelvetrees' Bug Des- troyer, which kills them by millions, and utterly destroys the element in which they breed. None can possibly exist after a single dressing. Sold in packets at 3d., 6d.,jftd Is.; and bottles 6d. and Is. each, by all Agentsjfcr Hanger Twelvetrees' Soap Powder. Post free iovjrn. V\ A PENN PAC oil HARPER TWEJJ^TRKIS' JOISONED WHEAT will kill hundreds «fVnic\a/fid sparrows on the spot. No risk noi/t'ialife, fror to cats or dogs. Crops mawe entirRfc7 pro^fcted by scattering this poisoned wlieajr over see«rbe<M Sold at Id., 2d., Gd., and Is. Agentswanted. < Patentee, Harper Twelvetrees, Bromley-by-Bow, T oiidon, E. Sold by R. Thomas, T. Rees, and E. R. Gay, drug- gists, Merthyr; 3; James, chemist, Dowlais. Licensed Agent for America and Aus- tralia. RR/R D AVIDIA VIES, 29, V:U0N LWERPOOL Five mi fr Birken- ea -I Good accommodation f<r\ft"s £ with or roithout Board, o/ rea £ m\bleKerms. FBEE ST RE UGCAEE. — rriHE above begs to iniornvniose who wish to Emi- X grate under his auspices, that it is necessary for iheir protection that they should write to him previous to leaving their homes, stating the time ot their depar- ture and the route of their travel, in order that he may meet them on their arrival in Liverpool, to conduct them to his Establishment, as many are led astray and taken to other houses by designing and interested par- ties, where they are imposed upon to the greatest extent. 4v0 &.roz P. PATENT CORN A Delicious preparation P^Wrngs, Custards Blanc-MangynCal^^ j&krved to the best Arrowroot, and ynww singly bodid with milk, is the most light and who'esoiu<Wlie(Vror children and inva- lids; and served with jelly nj)R milk or cream, is the most wholesome and inexpensive dessert for dinner or supper. BAKED PUDDING, (From recipes on packages.)— Nearly four table spoonfuls of the Flour, or three and a halt ounces to one quart of milk; boil three minutes, stirring it briskly; allow it to cool, and then thoroughly mix it with two eggs, well beaten with three talkie spoonfuls of sugar. Flavour to taste, and bake fcr hall an hour in an oven. FRUIT PIE.—Bake or stew the fruit with sugar, put it into a pie dish, then pour over it Corn Flour boded with milk, in the proportion ofibur ounces of the Flour to one quart of milk, then brown it before the fire, or in the oven. The lancet states:—" This is superior to anything of the kind known." Obtain it where inferior articles are not substituted. Sold in 4, 8, and 16 oz. packets, at 2d., 4d., and 8d each. PAISLEY; 77a, Market-street, Manchester; 11, Temple-lane, Dublin, 23, Ironmonger-lane, London. THOMAS LOVERIDGE, Sole Wholesale and Retail Agentjfor Merthyr and the Weighbouriiooil. MR. DANIEL DAVIES'S NOTICES Mr. DANIEL DAYim Auctioneer, Appraiser, and GenialXCpmmisswfl Agent, RESPECTFULLY returns HI^INCA^TH ank/to his numerous Friends and SI^pportfiVJor TH^R Patron- age he has received for the^last E^^YEAI^I and begs to solicit a continuance oftfreir snptprt. Offices, Ivor Street, DCwlais, Alhion Inn, High Street, Merthyr. Personal attendance given in Merthyf, every THURS- DAY. Rents collected. Fire and Life Policies effected on advantageous Terms. Dowlais, June 2nd, 1859. MONEY ADVANCED ON FREEHOLD & LEASFIIMRFJK VFIOPERTY, by the Perpetual Investn<fnt,"fLarB^Cnd Building Society, London, to be repjpia ients within 15 years, at 5 per cent. yit annura.^Rpplication to be made to Mr. DANIEL DAVIEF, auctioneer, &c., 19, Ivor-street, Dowlais, Agent for Merthyr District. DOWLAIS IRON WORKS. CAPITAL INVESTMENT IN FREEHOLD & LEASEHOLD PROPERTIES. Mr. DANIEL DA VIES Is favoured with instructions by the Proprietor, Mr. GEORGE TISSINGTON, who has left the neighbour- hood, to offer for SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION, at the PATRIOT INN, High-street, Dowlais, on MONDAY, the 2nd day of JULY, 1860, at Seven o'clock p.m. precisely (subject to such conditions of sale as will be then and there produced), LOT I — A those NINE substantial and well-built J\. FREEHOLD HOUSES, with Gardens and Premises, and a Piece of Building Ground large enough to build seven or eight houses more, containing in all about 1316 superficial yards, with iron ore under the same. This valuable Property is situate at Pantywaun, in the parish of Gelligaer, and very con- venient to the Dowlais and Rhvamey Iron Works, as well as to Yochrhiw and Cwmbaapo(4L Pits, arnLfn close proximity to the intended RJ«^MN*| Extenaftn Rail- way, and is surrounded byytfie coalwid up works ot the said Companies. THEXF il a*F\bflndaH(6e of spring and soft water ALWAYS^N th| spd|. TTFC present low rentals are £ 54 per/GINUM, Ukd 4L >fie taxes on the said Property are 39s. PLRJIIMUM.Y^RHEY are now in the occupation or Messrs. tlenry'Marsham, Samuel Hodges, John L. Jones, and otriers, and are alwavs well tenanted. LOT 2.-All those TWO com odious HOUSES, with Gardens and Premises attached, situate at the top of Dowlais, and on the left hand side of the turnpike road leading from Merthyr to Abergavenny, nearly opposite Mr. John Jones's shop, and being the very top houses on that side of the road. The premises are held under a lease from the Dowlais Company for 99 years with three lives, 88 of which, or thereabouts, are unexpired, sub- ject to A ground rent of 21s. 6d. per annum, now in the occupation of Messrs. David Williams and John Grif- fiths, and are always well tenanted. The present low rentals are jgl5 12s. per annum. LOT 3.-All those FOUR HOUSES, with Gardens and Premises, situate in the Bute Court, Horse-street, Dowlais, being numbered 1, 2, 3, and 4, held under a lease for 99 years, 57 of which, or thereabouts, are unexpired, subject to a nominal ground rent of 20s. per AHNUM. The present rentals are £ 20 16s. per annum, and they are now in the occupation of Messrs. David Howell, John Nicholas, and others. As this lot stands within two minutes' walk of the Dowlais Old Works, the houses are always well tenanted. The Auctioneer most respectfully begs to call the attention of Capitalists to the above sale, as the several lots are very conveniently situated, and always com- mand good tenants. He has also to inform the Public that one-half of the purchase money may remain on each lot as mortgage, at 5 per cent. per annum, if desired. R The tenants will show the respective lots; and fur- ther particulars may be obtained of the Auctioneer. 19, Ivor-street, Dowlais, June 14, 1860. MR. T. H. EVANS'S ^OTICES' THOMAS H. v S, AuctioneerjfValvar, 1/ 9, BUTE S ET,A SALE Room in (^RDIFFTSTRL^, opposite the Town Clock, where Goods £ |FNJJE removed for Con- venience of Sale. BGGF" No warehouse-room charged. TO BE LET, IMMEDIATELY, A Good HOUSE and Sll(YAsituat«^ in Com- mercial-street, ABEJRAAB^MEXT/UOOR to the Welsh Harp Inn, suitab forlBlSraf Grocers, &c having a large Oven inJfje AacE) of THE premises.-For further particulars or JFR viewHthFpmriises. apnlv to Mr THOMAS H EVANA^AUCTI^ERZD Valuer, 9, Bute! street, Aberdare. CAPITAL INVESTMENT. TO BE SOLD, THAT well-known PUBLIC HOUTFFT called the i. "YNYSLWRN INN," together wilk the HOUSE adjoining situate in Lower d-st t, Aberdare. The Public-house contains<|rr%*kitc]^n, front and back parlours, cellar, s I bo, a commo- dious brewhouse, and SMILE, Iwitn eyrensive back premises. 1 in The above excellent PRCMWSJUAN; IJ^LD under a lease of 99 years, 94 of which aremiexpired, at the yearly ground rent ot X3 6s. 8d. JR For further particulars, applyAo Mr. THOMAS H. EVANS, Auctioneer, 9, Bute-street; or to WALTER HOLLIER, LISQ., Solicitor, Cardiff-street, Aberdare. "N WMWCAM—W—BA PUBLIC NOTICE. FOUND, on the premises flf tj(E PARLLWIE^ Inn, Merthyr, about a fortnight^[g(V ^TRAVGREV- HOUND BITCH, of tan COLOJ^M3AIX ANSWEr to the name of Fiy." THYOWIR> ifty LFEA her on giving proof of ownership^ and pe Expenses incurred, by applying- at JNIC above HINF if she is not applied for on or before the 14th of JURFY next, she will be sold, without further notice, to recover the expenses Merthyr, June 17th, 1860. WANTED TO E n IN GtAiMOEGANS^TEA A Free, Double-Licensed PUPLLH/HQIUSE. I- coming not to exceed £ 0(0^ ROVIIITORE required. Also, a small GROCERS Y, with full particulars, to D., at the Office oFtkis PKPY. V. R. FOURTH HOMMODIHSHIRE RIFLE CORPS. MONSTER PICNIC AT CAEIIPHILLY CASTLE. THE Officers and Members SRFthe above Corps have made arrangements for,And purpose holding a TV,,AMID THE ancient/and far-famed Huins of CAERPHILLY CASTLE/on THURSDAY, tile 5th day of J UKY next, in Aid or tlit BPND\ i UN&Z on which occasion^tliey invite TH^O-OPLBATVNI find presence of the Rifle Corps of MonmpathshircVi«(rtVe adjoining co un- ties, and their Friends and VablieWo^ierally. A Train will LEAVFE RhymriUrNt 9.S/ a.m. (the usual time), retuming/by Special 'JJraiii i/om Caerphilly at B.IO p.M to tireet at liengWd Station tlie last Train for Merthyr Tydfil and other places/ The Rhymney Railway Couinfoy have agreed to convey L^sitors to the Picnic, T/ and from all Stations on their line, at Reduced Fares. Tickets^ Admission to the Castle and Grounds, Is. each. accommodation of Visitors starting from the Rhytnney and Pontlottyn Stations, Tickets will be issued lanveiillg them to and fro, at One Shilling each. Tickets may be obtained of the Honorary Secretaries and at the principal Inns at Tredegar; at the Royal Arms, Castle, and Cyclops Inns, Rhymney; Castle and Bush Hotels, Merthyr; the Crown and White Lion Hotels, Pontypool; Bush Hotel, Nantyglo the Griffin and Mitre, Brynmawr; the Blaina Inn, Rolling Mill, and Castle, Blaina; Mr. George Sage, Beaufort; the Bush Hotel, Dowlais; at Mr. Hale's, the Rhymney Stores, Cardiff; and at the Hoel-y-moen and Wine Vaults, Ebbw Vale. Refreshments will be provided at reasonable rates. All applications for Tickets to be made on or before the 30th instant. HORACE SHEPABD, ) Hon. CHARLES RICE HARRIS, ( Sees. Tredegar, June Kth, I860. Tredegar, June Mth, 1860. WANTED immediatrfy^^roo\j2(X)K. A good character indirtfenaabkilp^pgOT to Mrs. J. D. THOMAS, Gwaelo^^GartrifcMeiJjfyrA ANTED,—-A Young Lady as an i! to the Millinery^ Also, a respM*atJ^iwhtn to the Drapery trade.^jfltfy to J.JI^ch^House, WANTED.—A strong, active YOUTlf, about 14 years of age, as an ABPRENTICE in a General Shop on the Hills. Alsoyfi YOL\\J WXN, about 18 years of age, accustomed,^ i J^se,\)iake Goods out, and to make himself gpderalk' us«ul.YEach must have a good recommenda^Ion.^AVlly Wtke TELEGRAPH Office, Merthyr. TV* X IMPORTANT TO TAILORS. WANTED immediately,fiist-ra> WORK- MEN, able to go tMbilrhY^ Varfches of the trade. They must be of/Cber fhaMbte^—Apply to J. L. JONES, Tailor, Draper, &«CVR»t Office, Pontlottyn Rhymney. O TO PUBLICANS. TO BE LET, and may beyaeredt^/vnediMtely, THE "ROLLING MiLL^^oubk-lieenspffl Public House, Nantygwenithf MefchynX Thjrabove Inn is well situated, and with^egard «^lre«n|bunt of busi- ness done in it, it will/be suAcilJt tjrstate that the present tenant has livwl there awwre twenty years.—For rent, &c., apply to Mrs. WAT«IIU £ Lamb and Flag Inn, Merthyr. TROEDYRHIW. TO LET, and may be entered uppfynrmhMq tjft/, A HOUSE and SHOP, with Fj^fmr«%sirbati^in the above improving district^j^^Quswpossesses every convenience for the reamremenrE|of srfamily.— Apply to Mrs. THOMAS, late Fox and-Counds, Cardiff Road, Troedyrhiw. TO LET, And may be entered upon immediately, A PUBLIC HOUSE called the "Kf RI>.ISHA>TD, situate in Well-street, Powlai^T lit gfcvell adapted f9r business, and a suitable person wouW^ifc command in it an extensive business. JptJe pr^iSp ait^ext door to the Bush Inn. Coming-in trifllng^-Apj«y at No. 5, East-street, Dowlais. TO BE LET, And may be entered upon zm tfi aly, A PUBLIC HOUSE calledtJi^«xA BJAL,' situate in Horse-street, /swell adapted for business, and a suitable perl^ wauld soon command in it an extensive and atofifiBble tnaifle. Com- ing-in trifling.-Apply t«r Mr> q^KujTTiioMAS, Pantyscallog, Dowlais. TO PUBLICANS AND OTHEJ^> TO BE LET, J THE MOUNTAIN ASH ARMS, Ktynjoutk-Arp^t.— Enquire of Mr. WILLIA»^IYILLTKM,yWhite Lion Inn, Merthyr. TO SCHOOLMASTERSOTH^S. > TO BE LET, and may be entered o^mm&MatJly, ASCHOOL-ROOM, in T^eWj.Xet| Merthyr.—Apply to MryBEiOiMNJEVANS, Timber Merchant, Merthyr. << PONTLOTTYN, RhymnmC TO LET, A HOUSE and SHOP, situate^ Vlxn^r If is in one of the best in Pont- lottyn, and is well adapted for^ffliej^a p^tpeiyw Grocer. The premises are recently>rectepka\J n^ssess every convenience for a familyr The aboVe will be Let on Lease, or Sold, if desired.—Apply r. WILLIAM BOSTON, Pontlottyn, Rhymney. TO DRAPERS. TO BE LET, and may be en e the 25 of July nextf 4*0 A SHOP and PREMISES/sittiate In Higl^treet, Merthyr, near Zoar ChgpaL niVflow in/he occu- pation of Mrs. Isaacs. ThtnShop^k mte^ronveniently for the business of a Drjttfcr, Lwri irgood^itutition, and the House is convenigjift for tne f3teuirej*(ents of a family. Rent moderate.—For particular, iipply to Mr, J. LLEWELLYN, Cefncoedycymmer. TO TALLOW CHANDLERS. TO BE LET, and may be rtely, AN excellent CHANDLERY, B^ANT com- plete, all in good wojKinf&>«ler, sftuate in Ivor- street, Dowlais. The aha/s rce ent; oppor- tunity for any active/nan onDUgftess desirous of realizing an extensive trad ply to Mr HENRY PROSSER, 19, Charlotte-street, Dowlais. T0~THE YOPBG LADIES JffJj £ RTPR WANTED, by THREEyTOHjKF MM,—A PARTNER EACH for^R ^&i^«WthjfVaynor. Those only that are good loafnng nVSapm/.—Apply, stating proper names and Mdres^h^letwf pre-paid, adaressed T. M. W., Pos^Offioe, Mbnfch^f Early applreations recSmnrended.