Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

3 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



SUMMER GOODSJ_SUMMER/G/)ODS! E. MEREDITH, WATERLOO Ho 52, SIGS STREET, MEETS BEGS respectfully to announce to the inhabitants of Merthyr his re rn ro e ondo other Markets -D with a large Stock of NEW and FASHIONABLE GOODS itable f coining Season. N.B.—E. M. calls particular attention to the HAT and CAP DEPARTMENT. THOMAS TOWH BBICK "J^OIRIECS. IMPOETANT TO BTJILDEH.S, CONIEACTOE^RALJRJOTI^LES. IMMENSE saving by the use of BRICK as a material for Building, iprefe ene o ne-effecting a saving -L of 25 per cent. at the present reduced prices, w are a £ (fy>\lo\xp(— Good Building Bricks 20s. per 1000. 1 Fire, prijire qualit/k aittai/r 30s. per 1000. The above prices, for Cash only, and a considerable p cen age w on large quantities. Merthyr, May 26th, 1860. X GREAT SALE OF DRAPERY GOODS, fij AT THE CXIOTJEI >MART, HIGH STREET, PMVIAIS. V "W. J". HAS great pleasure in inY6rming the inhabitants of Dowlais and/iSurrj^n^itfaJRghbQji'f'fiood that he has BOUGHT THE STOGK OF MR. R. LLOYD, AT A (^SIlfef&B^ L^OUNT OFF COST PRICE, the benefit of which will be entirely given the Purchaser Batgams TOll bed, sp the Stock must be cleared out, in order to make room for the New Goods. Th^remiseyjjraftow oym. W. J. L. hopes that by strict attention to business, s^Hfng Goods ^an MalJ^jfrofits, to merit a'large shaire. of Public patronage, and begs to assure them that nothing snail be wandn^Gn hi^part in order to please Customers. N.B.—A respectable Youth tcanted as an Apprentice. High-street, Dowlais, June 5th, 1860. LOOK TO THE CONDITION OF YOUR « IBP HORSES AND CATTLE. TT^VERY owner of Horses and Cattle nWW |7ff Ju should use E. R. GAY'S CONDITION POWDERS^in aM cases of loss of appetite, and enables them to perforjj^cotuble the labour without being distressed. Want of condition in a^Horg^s generally indicated by the,roughness of the'coat, which the above Powders will speedily remedy. One triaj/willlbe hpough^u prove that it is the best preparation for increasing the appetite, purifying the blood, givin/fa finfLcoaf, (m!l preventing all diseases incidental to Horses and Cattle at Spring and Fall. The Pow^r beiag EW fouflan produce, is prepared from the recipe oi one of the principal Veterinary Surgeons in Engtofid, ipyl Us beeja^used for many years in several of the largest livery stables in London. J? r\ Prepare<fonly by E. R. GAT, Dispensin^Chemist, oHf Hi^FI-streef, Merthyr Tydfil, in packets at Is. 6d. each, with full directions for use. s' AGENTS Akerdare: Mr. W. J. Thomas, Chemist, ommercial-street; Pontypridd, Mr. R. Smyth, Chemist. er Agent/in cbnrsa of appointment throughout South Wales, who will be announced in future advertisements. ;tjarriage paid to all parts of South Wales on Orders for 12s. and upwards. LIG-UT- NESS, ELXFNCE, D 4 D AB,1-1,hl IR N BE TEADS IN -qEA VA.ITIETY. G L T THOMAS bega to announce that he has now ready for inspection a large Stock at such prices • as will defy competition, having regard to quality. T, T. also invites inspection of his Stock of Foot, Hip, Reclining, Slipper, and Shower Baths, and Loysell's Patent Hydrostatic Cofiee and Tea Urns, in Tin and Bronze, at exceedingly low prices. Observe the Address :-Opposite the Bush Hotel, High Street, Merthyr. J# £ K IMPORTANT TO EMIGRANTS. OLD FOX INN, Cambrian, Australian, and American House, 14, KALE (within tw*. roinuffsj WILK of the Exchange Railway Station, and in v-Iose proximity t^lUhe^Dockpf LIVERPOOL.— THOMAS IXCFYD, Proprietor. „ F\ VF Parties requ&insr correct information relative to Time of Sailing KProvisos r^ed-bCshovt, anything con nected with Emigrating to Australia, America, or other part-?, ami who Jm nrfwisn to he detained in Liverpool are respectfull requested to communicate with THOMAS LLOYD, as above^A^Wl-'Jyred Reels on Reasonable Terms -D17 and desirable Storage for Passengers' Luggage, free of Charge. V> (iVo Connection with Mr. Lloj/J. of Union StreetS Eeferences may be made to Messrs. Davies, and Phillips, Groocua, Victoria-street; Mr. Wm.^Jould, Tydfil's Well; Mr. Thorn a Harries Globe Inn- Mr. Morgan Williams, Registrar of' Marriages, Merthyr E. Thomas, Esq., the Wern Rev. Thomas Priu Rose Cottage Aberdare Mr. Thomas Havard, and Mr. DMniel Daviss, Auctioneer, Dowlais. NO MORE PILLS NOR ANY OTHER MEDICINE FOE NERVOUSNESS, INDIGESTION, CONSTIPATION, &c, Se^fjxe^v/osfc for two stamps, the Invalid's Own >Gui/e\64/fages, THE NATURAL RESTORE/ (W MFTFECT HEALTH to the most enfeebled^ BYVJ^PLAOANT and natural means, which removes IJ^FJMSTIOTI, dons{\patiori, diarrhoea, torpicIKy of the LI^R, PSI^STW| headaches, nervousness, biliousness, despond EIREVJ^. low spirits, cough, asthma, incipient consumption/debility, dropsy, spleen, &c. London: Mann Nephews, Booksellers, Cornhill. Prichard's Dandelion, Camomile. Rhu- barb, & Ginger Pills HAVE long been before the Public. All persons, therefore, who have not already tested them should not delay giving them a trial, to prove their qualities for the cure of Indigestion, and all Bilious disorders. Prepared by W. PRICHARD, Apothecary, 65, Charing Cross, London. In bottles at Is. I I d., 2s. 9d., 4s. Gd., 2 and lis. To Mr. T. Rees. Chemist, Merthyr. I Sir,—I feel it a duty to the Proprietor of PrichrfVdVuandC lion. Chamomile, and Rhubarb Pills, as wettas to tl\Jse of the public who may miller from indigestion a^bjjlftus headiohos, to offer mv testimony—based on eiperitfice—to \heir value as p a remedy tor sfomach complaints, aofl diseases itoishag from constipation. I have no hesitation^ sta^iBj(thafc\j^neiher as an aperient or as a medicine ad^e^forVffsijre^txsn, these Pills cannot be surpassed; -whilst the} yfftve tWS acNantage also that they can be taken without fea^f ioPonvenie^ee or injury by persons whose occupation exposes tlJTn to every kind of unfavourable weather. 1 have always rarommended these Pills when occasion offered, and in every instance they have given satisfaction.—Youi's obediently, MATHEW THOMAS, Brewer. Merthyr Tydfil, May 17th, 1860. To be had through all Medicine Vendors. N.B.—If taken according to the directions given with each packet, these Pills never fail in producing the effect desired. 0 & Pozs, 0 Total.-Ilk A yTaM&.X*)H\ PATENT CORN FLOUR. A Delicious preparation for Puddings, Custards Blanc-Mange, Cakes, &c., preferred to the best Arrowroot, and when simply boiled with milk, is the most light and wliolesoiii4 diet for children and inva- lids; and served with jelly "and milk or cream, is the most wholesome and inexpensive dessert for dinner or supper. BAKED PUDDING, (F reci s on packages.)- Nearly four table spoojrffus of the Hour, or three and a half ounces to onidfuart Q^TAILK; poil THPEE minutes, stirring it brisk LY^ALLOW it to capl, ANLLTI^N thoroughly mix it with TLFIO eggs, Ivstell bAaten>(wth three table spoonfuls oi^ugar. HFlaVio«r toand bake for hall an hour in an oven. H FRUIT PIE.—Bake or S^W the fruit with sugar, put it into a pie dish, THEI^PPUR over it Corn Flour boiled with milk, in the proportion of four ounces of the Flour to one quart of milk, then brown it before the fire, or in the oven. The Lancet states:—" This is superior to anything of the kind known." Obtain it where inferior articles are not substituted. Sold in 4, 8, and 16 oz. packets, at 2d., 4d., and 8d each. PAISLEY; 77a, Market-street, Manchester; 11, Temple-lane, Dublin, 2:i, Ironmonger-lane, London. THOMAS LOVERIDGE, Sole Wholesale and Retail Agentjfor Merthyr and the OJeighbourhood. Licensed Agent for America and Aus- tralia. JCJTjk- DAVID DAVIES, Y, 29, "UNION STREET, ZIVEEPOOl five minutes' walk from Birken- head Landing. Good accommodation for TraveU/fn, ivith or without Board, on reasonable terms. FREE STORE OR GGAG "'s in 0 THE above be- Itli e wish to Emi- zJL grate under Alls au!|ic!0, tha^it is necessary for their protection that theyTliould/write to him previous to leaving their homes, statina^ie time, of their depar- ture and the route of their travel. in order that he may meet them on their arrival in Liverpool, to conduct them to his Establishment, as many are led astray and taken to other houses by designing and interested par- ties, where they are imposed upon to the greatest extent. PAINLESS TOOTH fflttltlli EXTRACTION BR. GAY, DENTIST, begs to intimate that ho » has perfected an ELECTRICAL APPA- RATUS for the above purpose^tmd may be consulted daily at 55, High-street, Mei^rr (opposite the Market- Decayed Teeth anilyffuninsl^Wi'actorf^without tlio least pain.—Scaling a/CQea|ii|i4j5s.j>|fU)pping, 2s. 6d.; Artificial Teeth sy^^edf^'MeTxafllent Mineral Teeth are perfect in their reseMalaiic^o nature, and are of ev^Iasttng wear. E. R. Say's Tooth Essence, for the IMMEDIATE RELIEF of Tooth-ache.-—In Bottles, 6d., and Is. each. E..R. Gay's Quinine Dentifrice, for Beautifying and Preserving the Teeth, Strengthening the Gums, &c,— n Boxes Is. each. THE SUFFERERS OF MERTHYR AND THSIB CURE DY PULVERMACHER'S PATENT GALVANIC ANT I-RHEUMATIC CHAIN BANDS. MR. PULVERMACHER informs those invalids whose maladies are considered beyond the aid oi medical skill, that he has appointed Mr. T. LOVE- RIDGE, Chemist, Merthyr Tydfil, to be especial Agent for the sale of these singular VOLTAIC CHAINS. Mr. LOVERIDGE will give applicants every informa- tion respecting their curative powers, and the proper method of administering them, so s to ensure imme- diate and certain success. J\eaH^every form of disease- is permanently and magicallyflCred by wearing one over' the part ailected. In all ose cases where medicine or ordinary appliances pr&^T futilaA the Chainlet like a charm. W For miles round orany sufferera^nav^^lready^beei. marvellously reliett^u—the maladies c^red, principally consist of paralyjjis, epilewsv, sp Amsyjmeumatism, gout, lumbago, sciatj<ra, rigiditjl^tiff' Wrns, urethral disor- ders, hystery*^ loss tJ^woice, l^pochondria, deafness, debility, constipation, jlid pal^y. And the alleviation of neuralgia, tic doloreux, Jb^ad, ear, face, and tooth ache, is so astonishing, and/ftected so instantaneously, that sufferers may test thelnfluence of the Chain before- hand at the depôt. After seeing and feeling the phenomena produced, the sufferer may still further be astonished and convinced by perusing the extracts taken from upwards of 100 medical, scientific, clerical, and philosophical works, referring to the efficacy of this new discovery.—Price &s., 10s. 6d., 15s., IBs., 22s.- Visit the depot and read the documents from parties cured.—J. L Pulvermacher and Co., 73, Oxford-street, London. Agent for CARDIFF, Mr. JOY, Chemist, &c., Duke- street; BRIDGEND, Mr. JOHN PRICE, Chemist, &c.; NEATH, Mr. HUTCHINS, Chemist, &c. » MERTHYR: [ MR. T, LOVERIDGE, CHEMIST, &C. COMFORT IN WRITING! NO PEN CAK^ELL/F THE'great superiority oU^ie 't^^LE^^APH PEN,' sold at the TELEO'RAJ'HyOfflre. It is adapted for every hand, is an MmdcaiMtimrof the best metals, and being a 11 ti-corr^sive,TtyillJjt&t twice as long, and write immeasurablj^superiOT^ranv of the Pens usually sold. A trial invited. Solicit 3d. per dozen, or 2s. per gross box. BLENHEIM HOUSE ACADEMY, LEA, GLOTTCESTEESHIBE. Distant from Gloucester ten miles; Ross,five. CONDUCTED BY Mr. IRVING, F.S.A., Licentiate of the Royal College of Preceptors, London. Terms Uncler 12 years of ajre, 22, and above, 25 Guineas per annum. No increase in the charge is made when Pupils are placed under 12, and con- tinue after that age. AT this Establishment, noted for salubrity of situa- tion, Young Gentlemen are prepared for the Learned Professions, Military, Naval, and Civil Services, the Oxford and Cambridge Middle Class Examinations, and Commercial pursuits. The course of instruction embraces the Greek and Latin Classes, French (which is taught generally, and without any charge, by a resi- dent Master, a native of France), G^man, Spanish, Mathematics, Music, Writing, Practical Land Survey- ing, Merchants' Accounts, &c., The system of tuition is calculated to injafre the pupil's rapid progress in his/studies. The prominence is given to religion whu»n its mportaare demands. Reports of conduct anjKprogMBsXftre iamed quarterly, and rewards periodtorfly ckst^jbuted^by which, and other means, a sraift ojMmtlafioyK excited, and the full powers of thryouthrik mfend are drawn into action, without any recourse to p, unishment. Parents may rely upon evety attention being paid to the health and comfort of their children, as the domestic arrangements are on the most liberal scale. The premises being only half a mile distant from the Mitchelriean Station of the Hereford, Ross, and Glou- cester Railway, are of easy access to pupils travelling by the South Wales line, or by way of Abergavenny and Hereford. A Prospectus and View of the House, with Inclusive Terms, if required, which are extremely moderate, will be forwarded on application to the Principal. The School will re-open the 18th JULY. NUMEROUS EEFERENCEP. Established by the present Principal 1838. ROYAL INSURANCE COMPANY. CAPITAL-Two MILLIONS STEELING. Total Annual Revenue exceeds £ 300,000.—Accu- mulated Funds in hand over £700,000. FIRE.—Nearly the Largest Company in the World. LIFE.-Large Bonus declared Y,2 per cent. per annum on tl-e Sum Assured.-Division of Profits every five years, to Policies then in existence two entire years. THE "TIMEs.The City Article of the 24th July, 1856, states that The transactions of the Royal Insu- rance Company appear to have been of a perfectly satis- factory character." Article in the "TIMES" of the 6th August, 1859.—At the Annual Meeting of the Royal Insurance Company yesterday, the Report for the year 1858 stated that the premiums received in the Fire department amounted to £ 196,148, showing an increase ov £ 66,088, or more than 50 net cent, in three years. PERCY Al/DOVE, Manager, &c. Midsummer, 1860. L OCAir AQiNm MERTHYR REwfDAVifts,\a^Vellington-street. Abergavenny. U.Jr. James Jones. Aberdare .V. »yf W- S. Ilampling. Cardiff .• K • • ■ \J- Williams. .i\y • •• • Jabez M. Haine. Llanelly A. ,) £ G. Boulter. Neath .^V J. Morgan. Pontypridd Wm. Davies. West oj England and South Wales District: Offices :-2, Broad Quay, Bristol. Local Board of' Consultation:- Philip W. S. Miles, Esquire, Chairman. .Geo. O. Edwards, Esq. I James Poole, Esq. VW. C. H. Miles, Esq. | Albany B. Savile, Esq. i Physician: Dr. Symonds. ■« Surgeon: Samuel H. Swayne, Esq. Bankers Sir William Miles, Bart., and Co. x District Manager Henry B. O. Savile, Esq. V. Mm R. FOURTH MONMOUTHSHIRE RIFLE CORPS MONSTER, PICNIC AT CAERPHILLY CASTLE. THE Officers and Members of the above Corps have made arrangements tor, and purpose holding a PICNIC amid the ancient and far-famed Ruins of CAERPHILLY CASTLE, on THURSDAY, the 5th day of J UL Y next, in Aid of the Band Fund, on which occasionally invite the co-operation and presence of the Rifle'Corps of Monmouthshire and the adjoining coun- ties, and their Friends and the Public generally. ■ A Train will leave Rhymney at 9.30 a.m. (the usual time), returning by Special Train from Caerphilly at 8.15 p.m., to meet at Hengosn "Station the last Train for Merthyr Tydfil and othe. aces. The Rhymney Railway/Company have agreed to convey Visitors to the Picnic, to and from all Stations oa their line, at Reducod'Fares. Tickets of Admisshm to the Castle and Grounds, Is. each. | And for the acc<(mifcodrfion of Vu^tors starting from ihe Rhymney ajfel PdntliftyA Stajffons, Tickets will be issued coriveyj/g thcrrtto "Ad trofat One Shilling each. Tickets nyiy be oMai^jkl It ttfe Honorary Secretaries and at the principifljlnns ^/Tredegar; at the Royal Arms, Castle, and Cyclops Inns, Rhymney; Castle and Bush Hotels, Merthyr; >ne Crown and White Lion Hotels, Pontypool; i?us« Hotel, Nantvglo the Griffin and Mitre, Brynmaw the Blaina Inn, Rolling Mill, and Castle, Blaina; Mr. George Sage, Beaufort; the Hush Hotel, Dowlais; at Mr. Hale's, the Rhymncy ^Stores, Cardiff; and at the Hoel-y-moen and Wine auJts, Ebbw Vale. Refreshments will be provided at reasonable rates. SJlit All applications for Tickets to be made on or before the 30th instant. HORACE SHEPARD, ) Hon. CHARLES RICE HARRIS, j Sees. Tredegar, June 16th, 1860. PERFECT HEALTH WITHOUT PHYSIC OR EXPENSE. BIT BARRY'S DELICIOUS HEALTH RESTORING EOOD THE REVA- LENTA ARABICA, at a cost of about a rnnnv per meal, speedily cures constipation, dyspepsia (ipli^Ftion), nervousness, flatulency, distension, phlegn^biliFusness liver complaints, histeria, neuralgia^XsIe^PlessnessV acidity, congestion, blood to the head, headachesJoss of memory, indecision, nervous fancies, jmlpitf^fSii, tieafre- burn, eruptions, impurities, tevers, irritability, row^m- 3 its, diarrhoea, dysentery, noises ijf the "teajjf anarears, debility, diabetes, pains between fiie shpuiVrcrV, (VaS)p.«, spasms, nausea and sickness, sinking fUeV^plds, catarrhs, cough, asthma, bronchitis, eonsumptioi^nebilfty, gout, rheumatism, hemorrhoids, also .children's complaints, and saves fifty times its cost in medicine. It does not jnterMre with a liberal diet, but imparts a Wealthy relish "for lunch and dinner, and restores the faculty of diges- ion and nervous and muscular energy to the most enfeebled. We extract a few out of many thousand cures:—Cure No. 1773. Lord Stuart de Dceies of many years' dyspepsia. Cura No. 49,832. Fifty years''mdcsoribabie agony from dyspepsia uner.yousness, asthma, cough, constipation, flatulency, spasms sicKtiess and vomiting, have been removed by Du Barry's ex oclfcnt Food,—Maria Jolly, of Lynn, Norfolk.—Cure No. 53,816 Field TWar^hal the Duke of Pluskow, of dyspepsia, constipa tion, nervousness and liver complaints, which had resisted al baths and vmedical treatment.—Cuie No. 47,121. Miss Eliza beth Jacobs, of extreme nervousness, indigestion, gatherings low spirits, and nervous fancies.—Cure No. 54,816. From the Hev, James T. Campbell, Syderstone Rectory, near Farnham, Norfolk, 5th December, 1859. Gentlemen, in all cases of indi- gestion, and particularly when the liver is more than usually affected, I consider Du Barry's Kevalenta Arabica Food the best of aU remedies. It regulates the bile, and makes it flow in cases which would not admit of mercury in any shape. In short, a healthy flow of bile is one of its earliest and best symp- toms.—Similar testimonials from Dr. Ure; Dr. Harvey; Dr, Bright; Dr. Campbell; and many thousand other respeetablo parties who can be referred to. Sold in canisters at Is. J!d. lib., 2s. 9d. 21b.,4s. 6d. 121b., 22s.; 241b., 40s.; super refined quality, 51b., 22s. 101b., 33s. The 101b., 121 b., and 24]b. Canisters car- riage free, on receipt of post-office order, by BARRY Du BARRY & Co., 77, Regent-street, London; Fort num, Mason and Co., 182, Piccadilly, and all grocers and chemists. AGENTS :—Aberdare, Messrs. D. R. Evans, H. J. Thomas, John Jones' Brynmawr, Mr. O. Meredith; Merthyr, Mrs. M. W. White, Mr. T. Loveridge, Mr, W. Stephens, Mr. E. Gay, Mr. T. H. Williams, grocer; Tredegar, Mr* Peaty; Ebbw Vale, T V. Lewis. MR. DANIEL DAVIES'S NOTICES Mr. DANIEL DAVIES, Auctioneer, Appraiser, and Genen&l Commission Agent, RESPECTFULLY returns Wsinire thanks,to his numerous Friends and$uppoi^ei»for tWPatron- age he has received for tbe last MgmYeays, and begs to solicit a continuance/n their sup0rt. Offices, Ivor Street^Dowlaii, land Albion Inn, High Street, Merthyr. X O S Personal attendance givenjn Meptnyr, every THURS- DAY. Rents collected. Fire anjr Life Policies effected on advantageous Terms. Dowlais, June 2nd, 1869. MONEY ON FREEHOLD & LEASEHQJB^^HOPEjMTY, by the Perpetual Investment^ IfSnJ,/ and Bmlding Society, London, to be repaid^lrejente/within 15 years, at 5 per cent. per^ranun|Lr^pfljmion to be made to Mr. DANIEL^ZfAViESjJuctjiimeer, &c., 19, Ivor-street, Dowlais, Agent for Merthyr District. TO PARTIES ABOUT TO FURNISH. TO BE SOLD BY PRI\%TTE CONf^AGT, by DANIEL DAVIES,—A fat J^t-d^«pLOp5S, in mahogany cases, quite neji^Cand^A^nMterfgood time-keepers. Prices from £ ftqy £ ^elcfff jS 19, Ivor-street, Dowlaj^fune DOWLAIS IRONWORKS. CAPITAL INVESTMENT IN FREEHOLD & LEASEHOLD PROPERTIES. Mr. DANIEL DAVIES Is favoured with instructions by the Proprietor, Mr. GEORGE TISSING-TOTT, who has left the neighbour- hood, to offer for SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION, at the PATRIOT INN, High-street, Dowlais, on MONDAY, the of JULY, 1860, at Seven o'clock p.m. precisely (subject,to such conditions of sale as will be then and there produced), t\OT I — A -kk those NINE substantial and well-built FREEHOLD HOUSES, with Gardens and Premises, and a Piece of Building Ground large enough to build seven or eight houses more, containing in all about 1316 superficial yards, with iron ore under the same. This valuable Property, is situate at Pantywaun, in the parish of Gelliga^^and very con- venient to the Dowlais and Rhyusmey Iron Works, as well as to Vochrhiw and Cwmbaj^oed Pits, and in close proximity to the intended IMfymneyl Extension Rail- way, and is surrounded by*tlie coal fad mine works ot the said Companies. TJi^re is/ a^Sbt^^lance ^fl^Tspring and soft water always on thl spqft. Thevplrcsent low rentals are £ 54 annate, Mid fell th^faxes on the said Property 24s. peiAptHnurA. >3'hey are now in the occupaXMjp of Messr%/Henry/Marsham, Samuel Hodges, JoM LJ Jones, and offlers, and are alwavs well tenante r I J LOT 2.—Alrtfiise TWO mmodious HOUSES, with Gardens and Prenises attached, situate at the top of Dowlais, and on theTefj;4and side of the turnpike road leading from Merthyr to' Abergavenny, nearly opposite Mr. John Jones's shop, and being the very top houses on that side of the road. The premises are held under a lease from the Dowlais Company for 99 years with three lives, 88 of which, or thereabouts, are unexpired, sub- ject to a ground rent of 21s. 6d. per annum, now in the occupation of Messrs. David Williams and John Grif- fiths, and are always well tenanted. The present low rentals are jblo 12s. per annum. LOT 3.—All those FOUR HOUSES, with Gardens and Premises, situate in the Bute Court, Horse-street, Dowlais, being numbered 1, 2, 3, and 4, .held under a lease for 99 years, 57 of which, or thereabouts, are unexpired, subject to a nominal ground rent of 20s. per annum. The present rentals are JE20 16s. per annum, and they are now invfhe occupation of Messrs. David Howell, John1 Nicholas, und others. As this lot stands within two minutes' walKvrf the Dowlais Old Works, the houses are always well tSHjmted. The Auctioneer liiost, respefctfully begs to call the attention of Capitalists to the ak-ve sale, as the several lots are very conveniently situated, and always com- mand good tenants. He has also to inform the Public that one-half of the purchase money may remain on each lot as mortgage, at 5 per cent, per annum, if desired. The tenants will show the respective lots; and fur- ther particulars may be obtained of the Auctioneer. 19, Ivor-street, Dowlais, June 14,1860. MR. T. H. EVANS'S NOTICES. THOMAS H. EVANS, SAuctioneep*? Vtfhier, 9, BUTE^STREET, «LBEBD4JGRJ £ ALE Room^n ,Caw>M opposite the Town Cldck, where catftje removed for Con- venience of Sale. yr ] jjS§T* No warehouse-room charged. TO BE LET, IMMEDIATELY, A Good HOUS.& and SHOP/situate inx'Com- mercial-streeSAberdap<C Ticpat door to the Welsh Harp Int^. suTtdble^jdr B^erf, Grocers, &c.. having a large OvenJrAh^rback/Sf fc^premises.—For further particulars or tjj^fiejr Remises, apply to Mr. THOMAS H. EvAj^AuctTWyr aifci Valuer, 9, Bute- street, Aberdare. CAPITAL INVESTMENT. TO BE SOLD, THAT well-known PUBLIC HOU^E called the YNYSLWYD INN," togethejxtfithytlie HOUSjJ^ adjoining,_ situate in Lower WitW-stra^t, Aberd^e? The Public-house contains, Wtcheru/rront and back parlours, cellar, 4/veriil bAko^s, a^ommo- dious brewhouse, and/Stable, IwiifcT extjrffsive back premises. If The above excejjmt premis?3 are Md under a lease of 99 years, 94 of which are unexpired, at the yearly ground rent of £ 3 Gs. 8d. For further particulars, ap to Mr. THOMAS H. EVANS, Auctioneer, 9, Bute-street; or to WALTKR HOLLIER, Esq., Solicitor, Cardiff-street, Aberdare. ABERDARE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. T. H. EVANS, On the premises, near the Old Town HalL/On THURS- DAY, the 5th day of JULY, LroO, THE whole of the EFFECTS of tUMate Mr. Le95*8 GABRIEL, Butcher, Dece^ro, comprisina/^t,vo chests of drawers, one sofa, one/ndebtwd, twelv^thairs two elbow ditto,-(.lininff and afher felyb, seveafl looking glasses, clock, iron and ol^r bedsfaaasl waging stands, dressing tables, ^indstofie, uf^uUtrubk^chaff-cutter, saddle, and com»^ete/^et of gia harneis; also a young Mare, steady in harness an tip ride. The ButcheriA^cgnnect^ tope/Disposed of by Pri- vate ContracJ^/witW all Tools apu implements thereto belonging jtfhd if not P^pose^of by Private Contract, it will behold, together yfth the above, by Public Auction. The sale will commence at Two o'clock precisely. No reserve. p JOHN PEICy Auctioneer, Appraiser, and JCcctmntant, T&fuse, -Estate, and G(m/ral JLacnt. y' FIRE AND LIFE POLipl^R ^icTE^^ACCOUNTS ANDBI!NTS |<|01^ECT^C 4, Polar-place, fredegar, PUBLIC NOTION. FOUND, on the premises 6f thp/Park Viewvfnn, Merthyr, about a fortnight Aistray GnlEY- HOUND BITCH, of tan coloupf Bn<L/ppfcars jganswer to the name of Fly." The/mvikr on giving proof of ownersbi aviAL Ing e expenses incurred, by applying at/the abcAelnn>rIf she is not applied for on or beforeThe 14th Of JWIY next, she will be sold, without further notice, to reaver the expenses. Merthyr, June 17th, 1860. IMPORTANT NOTICE, GLENFIELD PATENA\STAR0H, Is the only Starch used yt Hjr jkajesUfs Lauy\drjf, AND as some unpi incipL^l pait»s nVe making and offering for sale^fn^yiiflbwn yf the GLEN- FIELD STARCH, we hareby Smjion al^ur customers to be careful, when p*frchasing, to sc/ that the word Glen field is on each packet, to copy iniich is felony. WOTHERSPOON and Co., Glasgow and London. MR. MORGAN, HEEn^pt^ojrf MAY be CONSULTED PRWaTELV oil all DIS- EASES, at 23, Garden^elLMertHyF Tydfil. WANTED,—A Young Lady as aiu^rf'PRENTIpE to the Millinery. Also, ai*sjectaH^iMifn to ;he Drapery trade.—Apply to Jk<f^a§IAirchfrf'flouse, Merthyr. L\J 1/ IMPORTANT TO TAILORS. WANTED immediatelyfirst-rate WORK- MEN, able to go^mpurlfiill torches of the trade. They must be OMSobar wialacror.—Apply to J. L. JONES, Tailor, Dpdper, &cX"JH)Sj'vffice, Pontlottyn, Rhymney. L TO DR PIORS. A BUSINESS to be DISPOSED^E ft theifet situation in ABERAMAN. A^ood oppptupiry for a Young Man with a moderate><!aDitals iVMhinjOO com- mence business.—-Apply on/the payni es, irext door to Messrs. J. and W. Chemistt; pr to Mr. W. HARRIS, Draper, Mill-street, Abe ar TO LET, WITH IMMEDIACT possEssipif, A DWELLING HOUSE, No. 3^om^bt-placey Thomas Town, Merthyr, wejkada'pted ¥<* a re^« pectablefamily. A good supphfw Wat oee- mises.—For particulars, applv/to Mr. JOHS SHA^TON,, No. 1, Somerset-place. Merthyr, June 27th, 1^0. l/ TO PUBLICANS. TO BE LET, and may be entered immediately, THE ROLLING MILL," double/fceiAd Pytffic House, Nantygwenith, Merthvi^ The^libMre Inn is well situated, and with regard t^hl aimunyet busi- ness done in it, it will be sufficient-lto s»t/that the present tenant has lived there/&bo« twintjryears.—For A T.. 'i rent, &c., apply to Mrs. AT 'L^b and Flag Inn, Merthyr. J TO BE LETT And may be entered upon immedApfelyf A PUBLIC HOUSE called the^BLtfa BeiV' situate in Horse-street, I%mi&l 9 iswell adapted for business, and a suitaj)le pepgwl wouhrsoon command in it an extensive ancLffrofitan 1 e x*ide/ Com- ing-in trifling.—Apply toyMr-jJEKKiM/THOMAS, Pantyseallog, Dowlais. n y* TO PUBLICANS AND OTHERS.- TO BE LET,ySA D THE MOUNTAIN ASH Arms, JPlymcLthWjyjf— Enquire of Mr. WILLIAM/WHiLigtfSy^white Lion Inn, Merthyr. 15 TO SCHOOLMASTERS & OTE^BS.j^ TO BE LET, and may be entereda^itmidtutelyf A SCHOOL-ROOM, in Jp^^er^ceJJrfeet, Merthyr.—Apply to Mr BENflVMijj^yANs, Timber Merchant, Merth PONTLOTTYN, BHYMNET. r TO LET, A HOUSE and SHOP, situate as tt kT one of the best situations for bugjkiesl iiKPent-, lottyn, and is well adapted for either a^0ranerfflr|jrocpr The premises are recently erectedf mtJ^jpojaLss a^ery convenience for a family. Tlm/above ■mil be^et on Lease, or Sold, if desired. ply to MT'. WjLLiAM BOSTON, Pontlottyn, Rhymney. S TO DRAPERS. f TO BE LET, and may be entered on 25th of July next, /■ > A SHOP and PREMISES situate UTBMi-Str/R, Merthyr, near Zoar Chapel, andvrfo^l in We occu- pation of Mrs. Isaacs. The Shop iyntted wflvejoently tor the business of a Draper, i^n>^g(^.sMia/iron, and the House is convenient for the-1^qtlireme*ts at a family. Rent moderate.—For particulars,^appy Ao Mr, J. LLEWELLYN, Cefocoedycymmey. TO TALLOW CHANDLER^ TO BE LET, and may be entere^mtn^Matelwf AN excellent CHANDLERY, ratfh pLvKTy^oin- plete, all in good workingj^ei|Ktuite i* Ivor- street, Dowlais. The above offers an e^llejlf oppor- tunity for any active man jn business desirous of realizing an extensive trade.—Apply to Mr HENRY PROSSEB, 19, Charlotte-street, Dowlais. MILLINERY & DRESS MAKING. THE MISSES ISABELLA and :yrfCE PJ«fcE<of 62, Church-street, Tredegar, tjifSk Ao afturn thanks to their numerous friendjnor tie p-ea^ncou- ragement and patronage they Jftvy^emive^jlmce their arrival from London, where tjley acqtirld J^cnowledge of the most approved Fashipfis Mthe tteapdn. APPEENJTCES Tredegar, Mon., June 26th, 1 0 PAPER HAN GI S. A Large STOCK of PAPERr^jf^OTGS to be SOLD OFF at/the [Iele^aph Office, High-street (opposite hHouse, Merthyr.) Personsinte din eat ir Houses are solicited to inspect e atsrices, which cannot fail of giving satisfaction. Pretty tube of mighty power^ Chariner of my leisure hou/ A BJroseley: THE far-famed BROSELEY O^Z £ D^OB^CO PIPES, of original qualitj^are^linuiajjrored by EDWIN SOUTHORN, Brosele^fSalop. I S GENTLEMEN.—Wlumyouin|6ndjamoking, ASK FOR/R See them, and tn^hem.-WoldVT chses from one gross upwards, V D. E. JON^Sy/(h Practical Clock & AH^R, Near the Sarin s Bafik, liauJmi/f Watches and Clocks, a ew Iy of every des- cription, repaired on the ises. JOHN GABE^Q Builder, Contractor, Architan, Jim&raisefi Valuer, 8{c*r I [J THOMAS TOWKymE^B^Yp. Plans, Specifications, ai^EstimatesyJo^^e shortest Experienced Workmen in every branch of Building Trade constantly employed. WHEN YOU ASK B GLENFIELD PATEWU^pr^BCH SEE THAT Y GPe JFT, As inferior kinds are often s Y.L- THERSPOOlq and Co., Glasgow w Lo o "thA Tailor by Appointment to ^tTie^th Gla^norganshiy^ or Merthyr Tydfil Rifle Volyfieert. RHYS T. TAILOR & WOOLEN ^^AP^R, Ship-street^rwwt) Orders by Post or otherwise pro tl attended to. W. EVANS, Tanner, Bridge Street, Mftriijjiy CONTINUES to produce the B^t LaatMr Wwork and Wear. When you suoots and Shoes, see that the leather is o^vane»Ji»Im«yr Tannage An Apprentice wante the Curri Business. ro Volunteer Bifle Corps. CRJ^TERS Publicans, and other > TO BE SOLD,—ASHER'S well-Wwt 60 feet long by 26 feet widp^-ApMir to/AMEB \.SHER, New Castle-street, rn^mas<To' Merthyr; ir at the Office of this Pape jj May 23rd, 1860. — TO THE YODHG LADIES/OF EHYMNElf. WANTED, by FOURrespeofabla^OUNGYJLFEN,— A PARTNER EAC^for |BWCaerj>!miy Pic- Nic. Those with red hairypock-marfed >pots, or the eyes or nose having an olgecjiftnable pfrn, need not apply.—Apply, stating nrfme&andladdrera (in confidence) by letter, pre-paid, dre A BZ., Post Office, Rhymney. 1 \X "All is llvt Guxd in t g icters." THE REV. J. R. MORGAN, ?".q,) Lianelly, will deliver his popular VJ/ff' | ^i^iOTURE, on t >e above STFCJECT, in MORIAH 1.^1 .VTVLAIS, on TUESDAY ■^ENING,. JUNAR 1.0, kfr the benefit of Beulah Chanel. Y I Lecture to teomjrfence at»ev«IO^elock p.m. TICKETS, 63. EAM. HEALTHFUL EXERCISER WILLIAFTT WALTERS respectfully informs the Public thalhe has just taken THA-^ALJLI COURT/^ TAVERN, near-tne Court HOUS^/MQ(FFIYR, together with the TENNIS COURT attached. Gentlemen desi- rous of having a game at the innoc|nrJlnd healthful exercise of Ball Playing wilLnave evwy WTENT^N, and the use of the excellent BalK COY/L\ arm BALL^IN terms that CANNOT FAIL to give sajtfsfaaiion. The utmost order WJH ALW^B bd pressed, so that Gentlemen may AMU/ themsfltes WITHOUT the fear of objectionable kiterfpfence, or thi hat may detract from their pleasure. NOTICE To the Lcad -rs of Choirs who intend Competing at the Cathays Park, Cardiff (Fete Ch petre.) THE Tramp Chorus" is to be lefL<mt, and only the •'Dawn of Day" and The Stfepkerd's Farewell" are to be for competition, whichfwe tiust, will render it within the reach of every Ch 1% The day for competition win be oil AICIJDA^.J ULY 23rd, 1860. Y\ 7 •Names of competitors be in lanli OXJAT before the 14th July, 1860, addressed ta\ Mrl RE ire LEWIS, 33, Adam-street, Cardiff/ K F. FA^K^A, J Hon* SecSl Young M-C. Christian Association. To the Guardians of the Merthyr v Tydfil Union. GENTLEMEN, F "OERMIT me to thank you nfost sincerely for the honour you have conferred<npon me by my appoint- ment to the office of Relieving Offi for the Merthyr Lower District. I will not fail ta do MY uUnost upon all occasions to fulfil the dmies QFT|h«OFFIC|f AWFULLY, and thus I trust to secure your apfl^fcaiion. 1/ I have the honyar to rAainjt Gentlemen, YCTO oledkint Servant, X 4JABMEL WILLIAMS. Merthyr, June 27th, 1860.