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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

1 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



MB. IT. W. lIAR, BIS'S -A, "N KOTT]NTC"KMNTR _;10 H. W. HAEEIS, Auctioneer, Appraiser, House, Estate, and General Agent, EOS to inform the Public that, an mattery > entrusted to liis care will Tie punctually and carefully attended to. Rents collected. Fire c -rpfiillv yn and Lite Policies effected on advantageous term?. $i-Oftices :—Mr Bees Thomas's, High-street, ^^Merthyr, opposite Cloth Hall. MOUNT PLEASANT, TROEDYEITTW. TO BE LET, THAT compact mid g-enteel COTTAGE BFSIDFNCE, with an excellent, piece of Garden Ground. now in the occupation of Mr. ✓) Gabriel Williams.—For particulars ot rent, &c., apply to Mr. H. W. HARRIS, House Agent, 1/143, High-stree^ Merfhyr. "ANG-EL HOTEL," MERTHYR. TO BE LET. with immediate possession* A JL ihat well-established INN, called the jf\ A VO$T; HOTEL," situate in High-street. JVTerthyr Tydfil, witty Stnhlee. Yard, Brew-hollse: ami every convenience for carrying on and ex- STcanve burin era, .beinr in the most ohVible pnH of the town, and centrally situate between the OTaff Vale and Vale ot Neath Railways. Satis- factory reasons can he given for the present pro- prietor leaving. Fixtures, and Furniture to he taken at a valuation. For further particulars, anplv to the tenant, Mr. p" P. THOMAS or to Mr. H. W. HARRIS, Auctioneer. Merthyr. Auctioneer's Office, 143, High-street, Mcrfhvr. Notice to Debtors & Creditors. ALL persons indebted to Mr. LEW 1S WIL- LIAMS, hite of Magor, near Newport. Monmouthshire, Hay Merchant, fee., are re- quested to pay the amount of their respective debts to the undersigned and all persons having 1 any claims or demand arrainst the said Lewis X^Williams are requested also to send in the parti- eulars to the undersigned, at, the CMWN INN, r Newport, at which place T shall attend to receive t the same, on WEDNESDAY, the 25th day of JULY. 1860. H. W. HARRIS, Accountant, &c., 143, High-street, Mcrthyr. TREDEGAR rro BUTLTH. JBTICHARD JONES'S SPRING VAN starts from ^redea-ar every Tuesday morning, at Five o'clock, Brynmawr at Six o'clock, for Builjh ar.d Llaudrindod, returning to Tredegar Friday, starting from the King's Head, lulth, nt Six o'clock. It also runs from Tre- degar to Merthyr every Saturday and Monday. Merthyr to Tredegar THE Public are informed that THOMAS GIBBON, the Mail Carrier between the above places, is permitted to CARRY PAR- CELS, and which lie engages to deliver with ./the greatest care and punctuality. He leaves the Coach and Horses, Merthyr, at 6 o'clock in /7 thejrforning, and the Cambrian Inn, Tredegar, ,V ti&Z o'clock, arriving at Merthyr at a quarter past J. Parcels left at either of these places, or in any house on the road, will be taken care of and properly delivered. MERTHYR & ABERGAVENNY ROYAL MAIL. VR.#■ TN.?.ABOTE v* 1 JL Mail leaves the Castle Hotel, Merthyr, every f r Morning (Sun- « days excepted), (j at, Eight o'Cloel Ti d „ar, at a Quarter-past Nine; and arrives in Abergavenny at H,?W-past Eleven, in time for the Twelve o'clock 'JmJ Ctass Train to H ereiord, Shrewsbury, Chester and Livcrpoo arriving at-the. latter place at .Sight o CJOCK fho same Evening. ON IT:- RETURN, tlie Mail leaves the Angel Hotel, Abergavenny, at Half-past One o'CIock in the Afternoon, (after the arrival of the Liver- pool Train); and arrives in Merthyr at a Quarter past Five, in time for the Vale of Neath, and Tail ale Trains. To Carpenters, Builders, &e. The Cardiff Depot of Prepared Joiners' Work, the Canal Wharf ErMt" Cardiff .if (near the South Wales Railway Station.) JAMES and PRICE Lave always on hand a large Stock of' the folio-wing named GoodsSkirtings, Mouldings, Archi- traves, Cornices, Sash Bars, Door Jambs, Angle Beads, Doors, and Sashes. Per foot. H—inch Doors, 4-panelled square, framed at 6d. 2-inch Doors, moulded both sides. „ Ind. t lj-ineh Eead, But and Square (Ud. l/( 2pinch 6-panel Doors, moulded both sides „ 10d. li-inch Sashes and Frames, Deal Casings, Baltic Sunk Sills and Axle Pullies, prepared to hang double „ 9Jd. 1-J-inch do., as above, primed, and glazed with Crown Glass 13'd. 7-inch Torus Skirting, lis. per 100 feet run. LOVERII) GE'S RHEUMATIC PILLS. THE numerous Testimonials received during the past two years have fully proved and j ustify the Proprietor in recommending them to the Public as the best Remedy for the following Diseases: — EHEUMATISM—ACUTE, CHRONIC, AND MUSCULAR PAIKS IN TTTE HACK PAINS AKD GIKDTRJSSS IN TKE BEAD; BILIOUS COMPLAINTS COSTIYENESS, AlilsiNG FROM IXMGESTIOH A'.nong those recently received, are the ibi- lowir.G: — y'' H'gh-strect, Merthyr, Oct. 7, 1859. Sin,—For fifteen weeks 1 suffered fi-orn such violent pain and giddiness in my head that I could not. sleep night nor dny^ and at. times hetrfnne aluiost distracted and delirious from the r /Severe pain. I tried almost, every remedy— ap- S plied leeches and blisters, but coitiil ohtain no relief until f look your Rheumatic Pills, which gave me aimost immediate relief, and. in a lew wtelcs restored me to my usual good haalt.ii. Yours, sec., MARY •KKAI.AJT, Confectioner. Mr. Lovoridge. Cffiii Rose Row, Tredegar. Sir,—Mvstomach and head had been had for many years, and I had tried almost (vrrytliing until j took your excellent Pills, which have quite cured me. Yon-s, &p., DANIEL LITIWAR.III, Mr. Love;id,re. Founder. Ynysvielin, Cwm Tail. June 0, 1P[íO: Sir,—1 had been bad for three years with pains in Well and several oflicr places, but. did not obtain any relief until 1 look your jRhtinnnlic Pills, and I have now the pleasure of informing you that I am quite recovered. Yours, &c., Mr. Loveridge. DAKIEL BEYAN. Club Houses, Glebeland, Merthyr, June 26, 1859. Sir,—My little givi, nine years old, bad been a great suEerer from pains in her chest and through her limbs; but 1 am slad to-inform you she is now quite tfelb after taking your valuable Pills. V( (US, &C., DAVID GRIPMTHS. JÚST or AGENTS Tredegar, Mr. Ciosswellj Aberdare, Mr. Neworidgc and 'iVeforest, Mr. Bassett: Hirwaxvn, Mr. Sims; Cardiif, Mr, Evans; I>owlais, Mr. Tewis; Swansea, "vir. Glover;"Bryniuawr,Inr..Tones; Neath, Mr.Hih- bert; Abermttan, i'ir. Charles; Ahcrdrire, Mr. Orchard, Mill-street; Abensychan, Mr. Martin. —Wholesstle Agents, Messrs. Barclay and Sou. Lonion. LORD RAGLAN IBN, MERTHYR. T> EES GABE announces to hj^Commercial JLT) Friends and the Public TT^Hxthe njfove IM/ has every convenience for TH^ACCJMR^DATWRA, and the Goods supplied AJJI^ILL TJ^TER/BEST quality. S Horse and Trap KAF4T foi/fflire Ion seasonable ort terms, and Order or them) by URN promptly attended to. K NOTICE. THIS is to give Notice that I, JAMES i, FLATTCHER, Mason, of No. 38, Yew- street Club Houses, Troedvrhiw, near Merthyr Tydfil, will not be responsiblejfef any debt that may be contracted by RA^WIFE, MAIWIARET FLATTCHEH, from T^HJA^FATE JUN^.24^, THA^OF JAM En TUATJYZFLER. Witness—BENJAMIN HA'REW^IX CEPN SCHOOL, CLASSICAL & MATHEMATICAL. THIS Institution, established twenty-three years ago, is conducted by the Lev. OWEN EVANS, who begs to inform the Public, that, owing to extensive alterations he has made in his house to meet their demands, he will shortly be enabled to receive an'increased number of Boar- ders, who will be treated with as much kindness as will be consistent with their improvement. The duties of this InstitutionVwill be resumed on the 16th day of JULY. 0. E. with pleasure and confldenpe^Fefers to his numerous old pupils as TOX-^naracter and proficiency. TEEMA-L Per QUARTER^- Boarders .LL £ 6 0^-<R Day Boarders^RT. Y3.TX 0 Day PUPIBK.^ .<1..U.. \>A 3 0 Use OF^TTE Glaues (EKTRA)^X\ 0 5 0 Pretty tube rffTnigbty power, ty Charmer of my leisure hour"— A. Broseley. THE far-famed BROSELEY^FFIAZFID TO- BACCO PIPES, of OJ» £ mal/?fuality, are manufactured by EDWT uN, Broseley, GENTL^M^W^ Y3I MTEML^LOKHIG-, See TB«M7 and try FTIEII/^SOLD in cases from one gross upwards. NO MORE SICKLY OR, ILL-CONDITIONED HOBSES OR OTHER CATTLE. EAEEY'S HOESE. Am) CATTLE IMPROVING- FQ&U restores the efficiency, igour, endtmtffce, and muscle^F ill- conditioned or APPARF^FF}7 HO^S, cows, bullocks, calves, sfeeop, AJ/LJ/PIGSV^/TN a short time it, improvptfxlicir (F^EOFFAN^AND value by 20 to 30 percent. /FIARI Y k/Co., 77, Regent's Quadrantv^Kondon. NLN t in»'at3s., at 6s., at lis.; in casks/W about 4M) fjp fas, 50s., of about 1000 feeds, £ 5, beiilg 1 JD/T1 R feed. Forwarded on receipt of post-office orders. The casks free of carriage. AGENTS :—Merthyr, Mr. W. Stephens, che- mist, High-street; Aberdare, Mr. W. J. Thomas, chemist; Neath, Mr. A. Hayman; Ebbw Vale, B. A. George, chemist; Pontypool, T. Rode- rick, chemist. DU BAEEY'S EEVALENTA AEA- BIC.A CHOCOLATE POWT)EE contains the greatest amount, of easily assimilated nourishment for strengthening delicate persons, children and infantsi with weak stomach, chest, or nerves, and, at threepence per meal, aliords a delicious breakfast, lunch,, or supper. It is the best dietetic homcepathic PREMUTATION, and may be eaten either alone or mixetT with Du Barry's llr Revalenta Arabica FOOF}^Admirably adapted to rear infants with. LRFI,ins atJls. 6d.; lib., "s.; 21b., 5s. 9d.; 51BJ>F2S.; 121BL 266. The 121b. free of CARRIAGJ^JN receioj o\J(5ost-ofiicj>»0rder. BAUIIY DUJBARRY and lja/f71, Rem^fft-street, Londom^*RA MJ^jlieHudtlirouglujjHjrocers and A<IFC,NTS -d r W^rTbomas, J. Jones, T. Evans; Aberpfaveni P. Watkins; Bryn- mawr, O. Meredith I^HBBW Vale, B. A. George, chemist; MerthyjpfMrs. M. W. White, E. R. Gay, T. Loveridg'e, Davies and Phillips, grocers, T. W. Goodfellow, grocer, T. H. Williams, grocer; Pontypridd, C. Bassett; Tredegar, C. Peaty; Ebbw Vale, T. V. Lewis. RENRI'S HOESE & CATTLE FEED. HENRI'S PATENT CATTLE FEED is the .H most perfect preparation of the day for HORSES, COWS, CALVES, or SHEEP, as hundreds of Testimonials certify. Price 42s. per cwt.—UENRI'S PIG MEAL, 24s. per cwt. HF.rjRI'S PATENT MEDICATED HORSE FEED, administered nightly, W81 quickly re- store Horses that are sick feed, into splendid and heal (by C^BFTUION, without inter- fering with their DAI^'WORK^ In stables where this is used, SWOLLPRFTEGS-^JR*ACJW1EEISK-OR sur- feit never apppafT Box»JT CGHFAIM»J? 56 feeds, 12S. i is th illy one patented (1855) andissfflJ, wi/LI A^uaranteed ANALYSTS, hy HENRI'} TAT/>KT CATTLE FEED COM- P\NY, Steam MWS, UTILL, the sole manufac- turers, to iviio o their duly appointed Agents, orders must be given, and Pose Office Orders made payable. London Depot, 40, lfiiig tV dlunn-streeL Mcrthyr and Aberdare, THOMAS LOVKRIUGE, Merthyr. The Greatest Boon of the Ago! TEA DOUBT-ED IN BTJIENG-TII REDUCED HALF IN PEICE Sea Sickness and the ill effects of Drink prevented and Health insured, by using MAG-NTTM. PROMOTUM. on THE .Lv.A i NBIA'-I TEA IKPEOYER.—Tea, which N- alone is simply a refreshing beverage, by tlie admixture of this INVALUAH TJ^OMPO ON », is made so strengthening ANDNTFWITKMS, so bene- ficial to the nerves, that IKFC-migrant or fajnily should be without it. It effectually prejf^nts SEAXICKNEGSIF^TYID not only imparts a AM strength to the Ten, it -,is to show no trace of ifj^presasce, 'Jut, ;U/UIG as a tonic on the STC^RMH, strep: GR IrnWhole system, rendering it equ|flly rabie to the man of business or pleasure's to the most delicate ieiiivle. One Penny Vv&ot will IP.ST a week in most families, and save half FHO Tea. Sold in packets at J<1., {J«., 6.L, and. Is. each, with iuli directions lor DM by various trades- men in Pembroke, Swansea, CARDIFF Newport. Gloucester, Bath, Bri.UoJ, Liverpool, and Lon- don. • Wholesale orders to be addressed to Mr. WILLRAM Glebeland, Merthyr; Druggist, Pontypridd; Mr. DAVIS, Druggist, Cwmavon; or to Mr. GKOKG E MAOOS, Sole"Agent to the Manufacturers, It', Deausireet, Portland-square, Bristol, SPONGING, HIP, SHOWER, & EVERY DESCRIPTION OF BATH, MAY B EAT W. T; OR K X T HI S73 FUENISHIN"Gr AND ESTABLISHMENT. I HO.IT B IF:, D -FTAI?S -Ci AT VARIETY. Agent for Price?# Patent Case-Hdfden^gafe, Jbhieh is undoubtedly the only one capable of resisting the accomplished Burglar, approved by the late disastrous trial at Marnxley, sfretivecn Price's and hliltier's Sajcs.—TICE JBamnion Advertiser, May 5, 1860. ) 147, HIGH STREET, OPPOSITE ANGEL HOTEL. "YN NAWDD DUW A'I DANGNEF." "Y GWIE YN EEBYN Y BYD." A DUW A PlIOD DAIONI." EISTEDDFOD mmwmjMmisM mm: ABEE^AE, AM ALB FI 1861. Testyn y GADAIR,—AWDI. D CYJlnLxj" Gwobr 15 Gini. S] R JS Tlws 5 „ PrifDestyn RHYDDINIJHOT^— '^FLITHAWD'AJWANES Swydd Forcanwg, ei Bynodion, ei Phorth- laddoedd, ei Mynyddau, Mwnau, ei AFAYDI^IVT asnach yn gyffreditiol". -Gwobr 20 Gini. Ccir H^I!>V«AFL pellach etto vn ol Haw. T. J. JONES (Cynonwyson), Cofnodydd. Ystafell Cymreigyddion y C Coeb," Mehefin y 25ain, 1860. 3stotic5~ OF ::RJE.MOv -AIl. WATCHMAKER, JEWJPRFLKR, & S^KVEEBMITH, RJ OIIN LJBWIS, ES PECTFULLY informs his KIPD^PATWHISTAFN]LLLI^IKI^LIC generally that he has REMOYRD from Morgan-street to his JJITFJW Premjses^N N-STRKBT, near the Bank, which he has just Opened with an entMy NevjhStock of GKMTI and Silver Watches, Jewellery, Plate, &c., which will be offered at GRESJTFY reduced ARICEP.V^ » J. L. returns his SINPERO thanks for PASTJT^ours, and begs to solicit a continuance of the same. Repairs done on the premisprf\) experienced Workmen, at low charges. WEDDING MINas AT SEDUCED PBICES. T7~'R BESIDEWT DENTIST, HI. GIT STREET (opposite the We^fifrEngland Bank), MERTHYR, INVITES the Public, and especially those affiled VMTL4ECAVED or defective Teeth, to an exami- nation of the durable and elegant ARTIFICIAL JiIi^WTI'ETH^NANU^LCL:UL'ED by him on the premises in Iligh-street. They arc njjrf&CT itKtW?!' memblaiilce to nature, never wear out or cor- rode, and answer in every respect, tJ#epur}ios(/<J[ naTural Tpdth. Reference is kindly PERMITT^LO a large JMMBK^/UIE most respectable persons in the neigh- bourhood who have patronizpdTiim. Rees's Essence for the Toothache, whiclyjimluces an instan'sneous cure, is sold in bottles at 6d. and Is. each. f Rees's Tonic Astringent Mouth Lotion.—This excellent preparation has been proved, by experience, to be of the greatest benefit for the cure of spung-y gums, tender or relaxed gums; and as a general lotion for rendering the mouth sweet and comfortable, it will be found one of the most pleasant ever ciuployed. Ton ersons wearing Artificial Teeth it is invaluable. Rees's Tooth Poicdei prevents and removes the ibrmrdlon of tartar, imparts to the Teeth pearly whiteness, givesadeiigislf.IL fragrance to the breath, and entirely prevents the injuriou effects of acid and steel medicines upon the enamel. TTIE NATURAL WIlTBS OF IF RAHCE. THE recent Reduction of Duties on Foreign Wines having placed good and wholesome Wines, at a moderate price, within the reach of all classes, T IL. CD YBBIDGB, HIGH STREET, lUFSTBlJl, Begs respectfully to inform the inhabitants of Merthyr and neighbourhood, that he has just received a large STOCK of well-selected PIlEifCH, GERMAN, SPANISH, aud PORTUGUESE WINES, which lie feels confident will give satisfaction to those who may favour him with their patronage. FRENCH WINES. SPANISH WINES. Per dozen Quarts. Per dozen Quarts. Claret VA&.JM., 36s. Sherries 24s., 28s., 80s., 48s. Chablis 2f}<,30s., y6s. Marsala. 2-ls. Roussillon .-X28S., 30; 34s. PORTUGUESE WINES. Old French Port YC. 34s., 3tis. PCKTER, 3Gs., 48s., 60s. Spa?kling Burgundy 48s/ S JX&O Old 72s. Champagne Y/T..WOS^, 60S„^ An original GA<e, CONT^FVIG J^DOZZN Eifft BODIES of French Wines, composed of the following different sorts,kfr 24s. Aarriaae free '.—Y' >Cle.ret,. H 7 I old French Port. Chablis. Y/ I Sparkling Burgundy. Roussillon. CS | Champagae.. Orders for these CAJ^RWHIEH will give parties an opportunity of trying' these French Wines are respectfully solicited. PROS I? EOT US OF A NEW LIBRARY, READING ROOM, & PHILOSOHIIC INSTITUTION. M E 2 T E Y R TYDFIL. rip IIE Managing Con of the V;-RT!IYR Library respectfully beg leave to! nvite the attention _L of their .Fellow-Townsmen, and of t'ae (Sentlemen connected with this town and neighbourhood, to a project which they have for some tiaie psst had in contemplation. Literary Institutions arc natural develop IN cuts of the march of civilization and are both the produtts and instruments of sound social progress. AII;ong these Public Libraries necessarily, occupy a prominent position. Such Institutions naturally attract to themselves the most brilliant intelligence, and the more cultivated minds of their respective localities. The members therefore, from the superiority of their mev.tai and moral characters, and from the greater soundness, variety, nd extent of their information, naturally become the leaders of thought in their several circles; and i»X an asre .who*e every movement and agency tends to widen the cvea 01 political power, anu when dangers, from crude views and ili-uigested k.iowlsdgc, increase in proportion to the extention of popular influence, it become •• the boanden duty of wise arid thoughtful men to increase the number ot such influential and beuefim! AEWTS: to aid and encourage all Institutions that have for their object, to purity :md elevate the minds of the people at large; to render the best Works in every department of S.-ience and Art easily accessible to all classes of the community; and to diiiuse A knowledge of the most substantial, instructive, and healthy literature, of past and present times, among the t eming masses of populous localities. Actuated by these motives, and with the assistance of the Ironmasters and their Fellow- Townsmen, a FEW acalous PS^SCAS founded the MFRTHYR LIBRAIJ." in the winter of 184G from that time forth th Institution his not only Its ground, but has ALSO been steadily pro- gressive and self-supporting; its regular MEINJJJW^UOW exceed one hundred and twenty; the shelves contain upwards of two thousand v of the most approved Works in Science, Art, History, Poetry, Fiction, and GENERAL THESE are all rendered aeeesible to the humblest readers at A charge of only Eigh ..EEP^SNCEI, per QJarter, OR ratherjeas than Three-half-pence per week; and lhe Committee HAV-^TFE<SATISFNC^N ta observe thptr*f!le valeo of the Institution is so far appreciated, that iro N TWEJTF^FIVE .VM^LREN out nightly. _THE leading News- papers of the day and oflthe RIMROVED JJJEFLAV and monthly periodicals are regularly laid upon the READINSJ^J&OM 'TAJJREL Eut the USEIY*«ISS, of the LUSOSITIOEIIS VMTFCA BY the want of space. Iieterred by the failure of more ambitious projects, the OFFTYIIRA! PRFLL'PF'RA couteute T themsoives with renting a comparatively small room. THIS has now proved. IAIUJWFUATE TO the REQUIREMENTS ot tlie Institution, and of their nightly crowds of readers; their IXIOV^BES, which occupy ail the available space, are insufficient to contam the books already in TLM^FBRARY, and which are steadily increasing in number; fertile same reason, thev are unabfe to a Set of Globes, a fine Telescope, a very cood Microscope, and other instruments, the use of wJ teh they have Required by the amalgamation 'with them of the George-iown Philosophical Wociciy, founded in 18o2; and they are unable to display their Maps, amon-Z which are Ordnance Maps of the Merthyr L'dstrict, geologically coloured, and a very hand- some Map of America, recently presented by THOMAK FALCONJSK, ESQ. They have therefore resoi\cd to appeal to their Fellow-Townsmen to assist, them in erecting a suitable buiidiuir for this purpose; and HAVING fru,tiffed the talents given to them on a former occa- sion, tiicy are encouraged by the, success of their past, stewardship to expect a lihcril amount. of public support. They calculate that about.€600 will suffice .'or the erection of a building-suitable for a Library and Reading Room, and 1O form the MICL-. II:, of a Museum and thev propose to raisi. ihat AMOUNT bv MEANS ot A .f orttx STOCK Oo5..i» N V. utder the LIMITED LIABIJ.II Y ACT, in Shares oi ,jjl CITCU. They OEIIUYO that the credit ei Mcrthyr iUelf is involved in -this proposal. A far more ambitious project might justifiably claim encouragement from the wealthy inhabitant* of so large, populous, and important a plase AS^HIS and wlitn several of the neighbouring towns, especially Neatn, Swansea, and Carmarthen, already have noble institutions of this kind, they feel assured that this appeal will elicit a prompt and a hearty response from tite people of Meithyr. The Committee have MUCH pleasure in anuounciug that H. A. BSU'OF, Esq., the Member for the Borough, authorised them to put down his name for JESQ, liberal promises itavebeen received from other persons; and the Committee themselves will promote the object to the full extent of their several abilities. JOHN GRIFFITH, President. THOS. STEPHENS, Hon. Sec- GGT/' Applications for Shares to be inside to the Honorary Secretary. AROMATIC COL LIV^IB OIL. ^T^TTE superiority of Pure Cod LIV^R<3IL all er remedial agents in the treat. MENT of Coneurcpt'-on, GER^NIL DE^JPTY, and^cerofulous Affections, has now been long fuby proved; the only oimj«fn>n KRKS mdre cjwrfmon use has heretofore been'the disagreeable flavour and impurity CT wf, BCJN t frecpi^rtfly sold; this has at length been overcome by im- parting to the pure oil feife pleasafly bitferorihe hop with other Tonic Aromatics, thus increasing its strengthening qualities, and reiiuerimpft more agreeable than most, other remedies. I Prepared by LONGMAN, LEONAiCp, ann ROBINSON, Wholesale Druggists, Bristol; and sold by all Druggists, in Eottles, One Shilling each. I COPEL -A-HSriD'S | S ATS! Mil. MORGAN, H^bal^ocmC MAY he CO]\\SUL^)^I%!#rV2^LY on all DlSEASESf At* i 3, Gj>»n]en-street. Mcrthyr df /A t T U I T 10 N. MISS WILLETT'R SEALTINK-PY FOR YOUNG LADIES. YOUNG LADIES, UK, BUTE ROAD, GAUD IFF. mi-IE DUTIES of thK SCHOOL wilJ/lJe X RESUMED on WEDNESDAY, the 4 tli of JtiIjY, ]8()0. The several bpmches of/a^sound^ffiiil useful Education, emwacing /tiieTlnglum and French I anguageSj^MusicyDrw ing,'Jaunting, &c., are conducted/fiy exptIice Tetters. 0 The Iwmestilicarc of E/Boarders is confided to Mrs. WiLLEflr. X A Circular, lisfor Boarders and Day Pupils, will be forvporded on application. GRAND PIGEON MATCH AT Mr. G. CULLI-MOR Talbot Inn, ji% Tredegar, on Tu DAY, JULY 17th, 1860. Zs Prize-A first-r e- relled Gun, valued at £ 5 Ss^fl/ JVop'of' a Sportsman. No. 11 bore, l^^ej Aor, i^iyards rise for single barrels; 19^<Trtto>trIWo^ffouhie ditto 100 ditto boundary, thre^jfeipds each. Tfatets, 5s. each. Barber supplies the Birds, and the Trap will be laid at Two o'clock precisely. TF YOU WISH TO RESTORE X YOUR HEALTH AND INVIGO- RATE YOUR SPIRITS, you cannot do better than take a trip to one or other of the Welsh Mineral Springs. Before you leave home, send tor a copy ot i rysp's Handbook to the Brecon- shire and Radnorshire Mineral Springs, which contains the History of Llandrindod, Llan- degley, L'anwrtyd, and, Builth Wells, with full directions for using the uxitcrs, by a tho- roughly qua ified Medica^/Centlejpan; topo- graphical, antiquarian, aim geological notes and exerpts from the -writings of/die most eminent authors; an Ilej^^ind^odJ^g-Iiimsr Direc- tory and dessrfptive j^urn^ fm»n nearly all the prinoinal^fow £ *Twit|i/n a cji>(!le of 50 miles. The reader 'will :T4> bud hr its pages much aniusin^and^teresiing rprfuing for odd leisure houi■rfall of whicly is^jefuculated to add to the enjoyment sma amLt^tueui of the visitor and tourist. How t btain d: —Send 24 penny stamps to Jo as PHYSE, Danidloes, Mont- gomery, and it will be sent post free to any address. jY.B.—A cheaper Edition may also be had, price Is. (id., copies of which are on sale at the Ti;LE<jKAJ'H Office, Merthyr. JULY, 1860. Steam Communication between Cork, Car- diff. and Newport. ? RJPHE COKK STEAM SHIP 4L Jf^. COMPANY'S Scrcw Steamer "PREUSS1SCHER ADLEIl," 1,000 Tons, Captain EVESB Tons. Captain CROFT, or BITTERN' 800 Tens, Capt. HOLLAND, are intended fo ply as under, and afford conveyanc^M- Pasjonqrers, Goods, and Cattle, at very^Odcrpie rates. FROM CakdiffxtS D IWJORT. Cardiff, Satui day ..yT.. J.J. 7 a.m. Cardiff, Saturchiv^/fi 14M.. P-m« "js FB^i c'Jkic.ot Cardiff, Wednesday?. J ifin. 4 p.m. Cardiff, Wednesd«<1 Mrh 8 a.m. Newport, Wednesday, JH8ih. 3.J p.m. Cardiff, Wedne;day .2;5,11 8 a.m. To corK, BosVvabin, 17s. 6d.—Deck, 7s. No Steward's Fee. Horses, Carriages, Live Stock, and Goods for Shipment should be alongside OJVE HOUR before the advertised time of Starting. For Freight or Passage, apply at the Company" Office Cork; or to M essrs. Owen and Downing Shi]) brokers, Car.lLff; or, UTr. Jas. Maddockt, "•'ewport. JULY, ISoO. CARDIFF AND BRISTOL. —- rpIIF. Cardiff Steam Navi- J- gatiou Company's Fust- \K Sailing Steamer JENNY 1>AVJI) DAVIES, Commauder, is intended to ply between. CARDIFF and BKilsTOL, with Passengers and Mechandize, during the ensuing month, as under:— FKOil BnTE I!OCK.S,|FIU)>T^^TIIT]HST nA- CAI.DTFF. r, RurSTOI.. Jnly. Y. 2 '"fondav Si- po*3 TofiRday G £ a.m. 4 Wednesday 5 JCm.l 5 TfiiL-sda 7,'a'a.m. 5 Thursday.. ^p.m.l^'riWiv^ r. Ma a.m. 0 Friday .j/O Mn.1 7 Satfota • 9 a.m. f> Monday 7^ a ill. 10 Tu^ilay 10' a m. II Wednesday 8J sy4.|l2 JrhursdaV.. 11-2 a.m. 13 Fiidav 10A a.mJ^lSaturday.. 2 p.m. 13 Mondav 2 pj*ft7 Tuesday 5 p.m. 18 Wednesday 4s<fjuJ 18 Wednesday 6 p.m. 1!) Thursday 5* n.m.liO Tliursday 0[i.m. 2<i IVi<lay • 5.) p.m. 121 Saturday ».} a.m. 23 Monday 7\ p.m. >24 Tuesday 10 J a.m. 25 Wednesday 5) a.m..20 Thursday 12 noon 27 Friday .1 10$a.r.?.j28 Satin day p.m. •30 Monday 2* p.m.131 Tuesday p.m. To-anii-F-o from Cardiff, 18th and Inth. aTo-and-tro from Bristol, 5th and Sth.. To-and-tro from Bristol, in conjunction with the ELY, 2nd, 3rd, 7th, 20th, 21-t, -'3rd, and 24th. FaresAfter Cabin, 3s.; Fore Cabin; Is. 6d. Further inioi-mafion as to freight, &c., may be olpained oy appiviuc: at. the Company's ufiice, Bute Docks, Cardiff or to .J oln Kvered, Clare- s'aeat Hall, Mstreet, Bristol. E. J. AS, General Superintendent. I TO COLLIERY PROPRIETORS' TO BE SOTjTlf'a Rahain, ANEW FLAT-W^REJSQWEJ^IO^^DS JN length. 3;|- IP<MESARII1OJBY t- 16T<RE in thick- ness.—Applwfcer MR. (FIS. HUTiyrfeR, Account- ant, 5, ProetTect-p]ace. ^wahsefT Dated July 4tb, 18OTR MR. JOITJN PRICJip Wholesale TROVIS^ERN Factor, 26, TVeiling I onp&tfreet, Merthyr. HONIE-('I!RE'T^^T)BAC D f al i ty at J pit LSH U TY THE CASK, Always on sale^mreasonabie prices. STORKS Back of High-street; Entrance in Clial)el-street. TO DRAPERS. TO BE DISPOSED OF,, AN excellent Readv-Money^BtfsiNESSin. the above line, in tji«nhest yfttuation in Dowlais. The premise e T^ LAR^JFET and mpet convenient in THE^»F!TGHBOUR^8#A, WHEJP^SRE- munerative tasitfess HA^IEENTIONE^JFT.helast 10 years, ^ATISFAITFJRY r/asonsfotFits disposal, and any further PIFTTICIJM-S^ILL be given on application to MS: E.TONES, Draper, Merthyr. SJ The above is an opfwftunity tliafseldom occurs to any Young Man with a moderate capital. Prichard's AromaticSteel PiUs ARE successful in all CAS^EENFEEUED health, where the vital fitful 111, oine dete- riorated, and -ted and weak- ened..Preparedly PWHAEI), Apothe- cary, 65, CHAML^ boxes at Is. L|d., 2s. 9d., 4s. €U., AN<IAL?F To be had of Messrs. Smyth, and Rees, ckgriists, Merthyr; James, chemist, Dowlfns; Thomas, cliemist, Aberdare; and by order of all medicine vendors. A FRIENDLY BIT OF CHIT-0 RAT XA. between Mrs. SCKUBWELL and Mrs. THRIFTY, about "HARPER TWELVE- TREES' SOAP POWDER." Sc RUN WELL. But do you mean to sav that you have washed all that lot of clothes before breakfast this morning- ? THRIFTY. Oh yes, IF/EAS^ENOUGH now to get. rid of all the slap^eKish, AWFAM, and dribbling slops on a washimrdayitfLrood tjjne. I can always make ojrftk -NTOFK V! M^WASHINSR by using Harnj^r Twelvetrecs' So Powder," and it makes the CLOBWLVS h utif v clean and white too, I cKn AMITE you. Mnerely boil them 20 MINIMS, andjtan; TH^FN up to dry. I have never used ANYTHING txfiial to it, and I have tried ail sorts of thingpfin my time. In fact, one reason why I UJRE "Harper Twelvetrees' Soap Powder" OVE^THER Washing Powders is, be- cause it is soft and emollient to the hands, and makes such a fine nice lather. Besides, I never rub our clothes, and you know how black my Jim's shirts get at the Foundry. Patentee Harper Twelvetrees, "The Works," Three Mills-lane, Bromley-by-Bow, London. Sold by E. R. Gay, T. Bees, and R. Thomas, druggists, Merthyr Tydfil, and by grocers and druggists everywhere, in Id. packets, and 6d. and Is. canisters. { k\ rffSlk 4TS ,A :■ HOLLOWAY'S PILLS. THE WONDER OF THE WORLD !—This -1 great Household Medicine ranks among the leading necessaries of life, as it is well known to the world that it cures many complaints other remedies cannot reach; this fact is as well estab- lished as that the sun lights the world. Bilious Affections. The quantity and quality of the bile are of vitai importance to health. Upon the liver, the gland which secretes thi fluid, the Pills operate^- specifically, infallibly rectifying its irregularities, and ciFoetually curing jaundie.e, bilious remit tants, all the varieties of UISEAJJ# gencral,ed by an unnatural condition of the/iTguu. ComplaintMPf F^rmles. > The functional io^uhirifie/ PECUJ^tr to the weaker R.ex, are Pain or INCONVI'IIIENA^IY tbe URIAOF 3<Hloway's Pills. They are the jHest sAfesj/mrdiciiie for the diseases INE^EI.TJ^HTO fe NAIE^F all ages. Hollowa/fs Pdlsfyre ly/bcxt remedy knovm in t-hxtcorld forthcjfiUoxnng diseases:— A CUE I IRI*O^U la- fecvo'.CDA, or Kind's Asthma ltJes KVlJ Bilious Coraplamlsmers of all kinds«ore Thconts Iitotciies ou the Fit. SIONE and Gravel Secondary Syrnp- .1'»wel Complanit>« HOWI-av.HO toms ColieR INDI^STIOA Tic-Douloureux Constipation of TB-CINILAMNIALIOU Tuitioars Bowels Jaundice Ulcers (Hons Consumption Liver Compfaii Venereal AFFCC- I'ebilii Y .a ro W orms of nil kinds Dropsy Pile: Weakness, IRON Dysentery Itheumatism whatever eaase lOrysypelas Ketenlvn ofUriae &E., &e. Sold at the Establishment of PROFESSOR llÛLLCWA Y, 214, Strand, (near Temple Bar), Loudon, and by all respectable Druggists and J)'»ai';rs IN Medicines throughout the civilized world, at the following s. ljd., 2s. 9d., 2 1 4s. 6d., lis., 22; and -i'iS. eacli Box. *Y: there is a .considerable saving by taking the larger sizes. it.B.—Directions for the guidance of patient in tvery disorder ura tlfized to each Bex ATR. DAVIT) PRICIEIS NOTICES, DAVID P RLf E, Auctioneer, Appraiser Jel^ountdht. House and LapecA n Fire and Life PoJk^^eH antageous PTERINS/ Punctjiafattendanfe to Iatteis entrusted xo hj/rtT Private Residence—38jThomas-street, isterth, fil. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, Bv 21fr. DVID PRICE, At No. 31, Upper Tbomas-s(<?eet, Thomas Town, IO^THYR' on 16th of JULY, I860, k rilHE following PfJRN*consisting of A sofa, mahog^fiy aiA<omei/chairs. large gilt frame chimnev^la^w rapfloffamv and other tables, weather gla^K, four-dost ann other bedsteads, two feather bpds and blisters, ma'tresses, carpets, mahogaifv and omierMLshing stands, mahogany commode, taroi* h*rds, copper coal box ana slop bucket,, Britaimia-metal tea and coffee pots, candlesticks, warming pan, and various other useful articles for housekeepine-. Sale to commence at 11 o'clock. No reserve. Auctioneer's Residence, 38. Thomas-street, Merthy#; ——————— MRS. ROPER's MoxDAYj^^h-asfef a^af; Thomas- street, Thoma^owTi. fL T Mr. AESL S. JOT&JS'S NOTICE. COMMERCIAL STREET, ABERDARE. LONDON WAREHOUSE DRAPERY ESTABLISHMENT. TO BE LET BY PRIVATE. OONTRACT, for a term of years, ALL those large and commodious Premises > adapted for an extensive Drapery business, the property of Mr. Samuel Lewis, Draper, and now occupied bv him, situate in Commercial- street, Aberdare, where he has carried on the above trade for the last 12 years, and from which lie retires to private life. The premises consist of a Fran hop, 30 feet by 21 feet, with Plate Glass Windows, and re- plete with the most mode xtures and appli- ances, Show Room, Hat BrtJom, Store Room, &c. The dwelling part of sitting rfma,par- lour, kitchen, witlj/everu<% other G^fn-enience, seven bedrooms^atso warehouse atfo outhouses. CommerciMF<gtreet, forma tj»c principal tho- roughfarefor the lar^landfctst-increasing popu- lation o^Tlie to^ i, andXaffords the very best tradij^g chattes or yJsitaig and casual cus- tomers, and tfc pi ?mfses aqvertised are centrally placed, and direct { on the main road from the Taff Vale and yi s of Neath Railway Stations, from each ofwHich hundreds of passengers issue forth thrice a day. The whole of the premises are in perfect re- pair, and will be Let to respectable and trades- manlike parties only, at a rent quite moderate in comparison with the present rates charged for premises in the same trade in the same town. For further particulars, apply to ABEL S. JOXES, Auctioneer, at his Office, Commercial- street; or to Mr. S. LEWIS, tlie proprietor. June 13th, 1860. FREE PASSAGE TO AUSTRALIA. Wanted immediately, for South Aus- tralia, u O TRONG, Wthy Men, who it _2l are accustom d to Farming pursuits,y/Bervan Maids of good characi^rforwardt j free of^aarge v^rae folirfVdHa classas are most in demand :-7?lou^menl SHepJjrfds, Bullock Drivers, H^rasmen, a few Wheelwrights, Masons, Smiths, Carpenters, ye Copper Miners. Apply personally Tor application forms, pro- ducing a character, to Mf. E. DAYIES, Govern- ment Emigration Agem, Circle, Tredegar. Insolvent to be heard at the County Court of Glamorganshire, kolden at Cardiff, in the .e( County, before John Maurice Herbert, Esq., the Judge of the said County Court, at thexozvn Hall at Cardiff aforesaid, on Friday, the Twenty-seventh day of July, 1860, at the hour of Ten in the Morning precisely. GEORGE HARMAN, a Pjagfmer for DEBBITF* the Gaol at Cardiff, IA^THE countv Q £ /Gl»- morgan, out of bu ine bef then o.2, Rutland-place, in FJ^IOWN^IOF SWANSEA, in the said county, SUP^WVAIWJ arehifect, house- builder, and cojrfriicidr,lana/ DURING the last six • months of hjfrresij&ice /at 3WJ, Rutland-place aforesaid^FAVING AYWORKS^K) aiid premises near the Red Lion, on tJit.T )J^TE|I n ou th Road at Swansea aforesaid, WHWE he carried on the said business of surveyorlnd architect, house-builder and contractor. HENRY MORRIS, Insolvent's Attorney. Pursuant to the several Acts for the Reliet of Insolvent Debtors in England.-On the 26th day of June?1860. THE County Court of Brecknockshire, holden at Brecknock, upon the due filing of the Schedule of DAVID MORGAN, sued as David Morgan, commonly called and known as, and sometimes using the name of David Thomas Morgan, lately and for five years last past and upwards, of Church-street, Twyncarno, Rhvmney Iron Works, in the parish of Bedwellty, in the county of Monmouth, market gardener, seeds- man, haulier, common carrier, butcher, confec- tioner, dealer in oils, colours, china, glass, hard and earthenware, potatoes, huckster, grocer, provision dealer, general dealer, shop and lodg- ing house keeper, now a Prisoner in the Gaol of Brecon, in the county of Brecknock, whose Estate and Effects have been vested in the Pro- visional Assignee by Order dulvmade in that behalf; and upon reference OFI^IE^Petition and Schedule of the said Prisoawfsr hearing- made to this Court by Order OT/ME Court for Relief of Insolvent Debtors pur^*fant to t £ ,e said Acts; it is ordered and npnjjfcJted THS^VJIE said Prisoner shall be brouglil^cp to be dSHt with apeording to the pronpimis of tkej sa« Actj^tfefore the Judge of e said ou Court Brecknock, in the couaty7 M tie TI^TOTY-FIRST day of J MRZ infmnt, t TBIJBFJUR of Ten in the morning precisely, of jwfich all Creditors and persons claiming to ^Creditors of the said Pri- soner, for the sumjjfFive Pounds or more, shall have Notice by vice of a copy of this Order, made within such time and in such manner as is prescribed by the Rule of Court in that bshalf. By the Court. TAKE NOTICE. 1. If any Creditor intends to oppose the said Prisoner's discharge, Notice of such intention must, be given to the said Prisoner in writing, which may be left at the Gaol, two clear days before the day of hearing above-mentioned, ex- clusive of Sunday, and exclusive both of the day of giving such Notics and of the said day of hearing. 2. The Petition and Schedule will be produced by tile PROPER Olficer for inspection and exami- nation at the Office of the Court in London, between the hoars of Ten and Three, on this Notice bfing exhibited; ani copies oi the Peti- tion and SCII3'SIE, or rue!) part thereof as shall be required, will be provided by the proper Officer according to the Act 1 and 2.Vict., c. 110, see. 105. V IN.L\—Entrance to the Office in Portugal- street, Lincoln's Ian Fields. 3. The duplicate of the Petition and Schedule, and all books, papers, and writings, filed there- with, wili be produced by the Clerk or Assistant Clerk ot the said Countv Court, for inspection and examination at the Office of the said County Conrt at Brecknock afores3id, nnd copies of the Petition AND Schedule, or such part thereof as SHALL be required will be provided according to Sec. 105. of the Act. FEW and COMPANY. No. 2, Henrietta- street, Coveiit Garden, Loudon, Agents for DAVID WILLIAM MORRIS, of Merthyr Tydfti, in the county of Gla- morgan, and of Cefncoedycymmer, in the county ot Brecon, Attorney of the Insolvent Debtors' Court, and Attorney for the said Insolvent in the matter OF this Petition.