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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

4 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



I MltvH. W. HARRIS'S A NNO-UNCEMENTS H. W. HARRIS, r Auctioneer, Appraiser, House, Estate, and general Agent, BEGS to Inform the Public that all matters entrusted to his care •will be punctually and carefully attended to. Rents collect Fire and Life Policies effected on advanjaffeous tftrns3 Offices :^rMr Rees ThoHigA-swet, Merthyr, opposite ClothJHuT V II ANGEL, HOTEL," MERTHYR. T 0 BE LET, with immediate possession j| ALL that well-established INN, called the "ANGEL HOTEL," situate in High-street, Merthyr Tydfil, with Stables, Yard, Brew-house, and every convenience for carrying on and ex- tensive business, being in the most eligible part of the town, and centrally situate between the Taff Vale and Vale of Neath Railways. Satis- factory reasons can be given for the present Go- prietor leaving. Stock, Fixtures, and Furnityreto be tiVeVat a valuation. lif y For further particul^»<^applyrto tl e t/narfft, Mr. S. P. Thomas^dt to Mr. Hf)W. Harris, Auctioneer, Merthyr. < Auctioneer's Office, 143, High-s e, Merthyr. Notice to Debtors & Creditors. ALL persons indebted to Mr. LEWIS WIL- LIAMS, late of Magor, near Newport, Monmouthshire, Hay Merchant, &c., are re- 3nested to pay the amount of their respective ebts to the undersigned; and all persons having Any claims or demand against the said Lewis « Williams are requested also to send in the parti- rl culars to the undersigned, at the CROWN INN, 1/Newport, at which place I shall attend to receive the same, on WEDNESDAY, the 25th day of ,XJuly, 1860. H. W. HARRIS, Accountant, &c., 143, High-street, Merthyr. J^—^—i&LAm* i— ■ PAPER HANGINGS. •T JC Large STOCK of PAPER HANGINGS to Kfl. be SOLD OFF at the TELEGRAPH Officc, High-stroet (opposite the Market House, Mer- thyr.) Persons intending to Decorate their — Houses are solicited to inspect the Patterns and Prices, which cannot fail of giving satisfaction; Merthyr to Tredegar THE Public are informed that THOMAS GIBBON, the Mail Carrier between the above places, is permitted to CARRY PAR- CELS, and wbich he engages to deliver with ^rne greatest care and punctuality. He leaves the Coach and Horses, Merthyr, at 6 o'clock in the morning, and the Cambrian Inn. Tredegar, Oat 12 o'clock, arriving at Merthyr at a quarter past 1. Parcels left at either of these places, or in any house on the road, will be taken care of and properly delivered. -.r.v MERTHYR & ABERGAVENNY ROYAL MAIL. rjpHE above the Castle Hotel, Merthyr, every Mornjng (Sun- -^ftt^Kg^TVedegar, at a Quarter-past l^Nine; and arrives in Abergavenny at Hrlf-past ;j Eleven, in time for the Twelve o'clock Third v CIa% Train to Heref ord, Shrewsbury, Chest or and Lirarpoo arriving at the latter place at Eight o t,iouK the same Evening. ON ITS RETURN, the Mail leaves the Angel Hotel, Abergavenny, at Half-past One o'clock in the Afternoon, (after the arrival of the Liver- pool Train); and arrives in Merthyr at a Quarter past Five. In time for the Vale of Neath, and Tail 1i ale Trains. To Carpenters, Builders, &o. The Cardiff Depot of Prepared Joiners' Work, the Canal Wharf East, Cardiff (near the South Wales Railway Station.) JAMES and PRICE have always ori hand a large Stock of the following named GoodsSkirfings, Mouldings, Archi- traves, Cornices, Sash Bars, Door Jambs, Angle Beads, Doors, and Sashes. Per foot. A\-inch Doors, 4-panelled square, \s framed at Cd. I fi-inch Doors, moulded both sides. „ lOd. I lj-inch Bead, But and Square „ 6id. 2-inch 6-panel Doors, moulded both sides. „ 10d. lj-inch Sashes and Frames Deal Casings, Baltic Sunk Sills and Axle Pullies, prepared to hang double „ did. 1 J-inch do., as above, primed, and glazed with Crown Glass 132d. 7-inch TorUs Skirting, lis. per 100 feet run. CORNS! CORNS! CORNS! NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC. -r- FOR ONE WEEK ONLY. At 13, Church-street (opposite St. David's- terrace), Thomas Town, Merthyr. MR. J. F. ANDERSON, SURGEON-CHIROPODIST, LATB OF REGENT-STREET, LONDON, RESPECTFULLY intimates that he Extracts R and effectually REMOVES CORNS, BUNIONS, CALLOSITIES, and DEFECTIVE TOE-NAILS, in Two Minutes, by a method peculiar to himself, without inflicting the slight- est pain, and allowed by the most eminent authorities to be superior to any system hitherto adopted. Persons may witness the removal of thtir own Corns, which is donepartly by a chemical protest, causing the Corn to he removed almost instantaneously from the foot. Mr. ANDERSON begs to state that he removes Defective or the In-growing of the Great Toe yT4a}.ls, without giving the least pain. V Mr. A. may be CONSULTED DAILY, from Ten in the Morning until Five o'clock in tlie ^Evening, at his residence, 13, Church-street, < Merthyr. Ladies and Gentlemen attended at their resi- dences before Ten o'clock and after Five, with- out extra charge. TERMS-58. EACH CORN. Mr. A., who has no professional connection with any person whatever, begs to submit the following TESTIMONIALS From W. Morgan, Esq., J.P. Bodywyitiad. Merthyr, July Ii th, 1860. Mr. Anderson has manipulated skilfully on a callosity on my foot. He has given me entire satisfaction, and; I have Hesitation in rc- commending his skill and science. W. MORGAN. Rob F. AIM.J, Mr. Anderson has extracted two corns for me very akilfully, and without causing any pain. 3 F. ALLDAY. Reference is kindly permitted to E. Davies, Esq., Surgeon, and T. J. Dyke, Esq., Surgeon. From Mr. Thomas Rees, Chemist. Merthyr, July 16th, 1860. I have much pleasure in stating that Mr. Anderson extracted two corns of very long- standing from my toe without the least pain, also an in-growing toe-nail, which had been of great inconvenience to me. THOMAS REES. Prom Mr. W. Smyth, Chemist, High-street, Merthyr. Mr. An 'erson has removed four corns for me without causing the least pain, and a-i far as fippearance goes, with great success. W. SMYTH. Prom Mr. Thomas Loveridge, Chemist, Merthyr. July 16th, 1860. Mr. Anderson lirs extracted two corns from my leaf with considerable skill and freedom from pain. THOMAS LOYBRIDGE. ^CTRSTROPERS th h, 1M MONDAY, the 38thj*- £ ah3UThomtft- street, Thomas Town^ ? I T U E T ION? MISS WIlJWPj'S SEMINARY FOR YOlQfG LADIES, 193, B UTE ROAD, CARDIFF. THE DUTIES of thtl SCHOOL^ will be RESUMED on WEDNESDAjpfine 25tli of^' JULY, 1860. 1/^ The several branches of >fsound. anil mseful Education, embra/ir\g EnglisliVadTjrenph Languages, D«twin^,J^inn«g, 8ca^are conducted by expopitfriced Jieachtrs. I The T)oiiiesti are f the Jpoaidemis confided to Mrs. WXLITETT. J A Circular, with tertns for Bdarders and Day Pupils, will be forwarded on application. NEWTON HOUSE ACADEMY. Conducted try$Ir. A. CLJ&fLLlSIt. ys THE duties .o^AJ^^hotffl Aj|vB rj^om- menced, givlng^very faQilira tora<tnorough Commercial Educatio^x. Classical & Mathematical School, 2, SOMERSET-PLACE, Merjjty^L Conducted by the JO Ha WHO respectfully in%»rfis ^e^Pai^m of his Pupils and lire. Friers iprgeneral that the duties of the Selio^l will De^esumed on TUESDAY, the 24tli instant v The most satisfactory references given on application. -XU- TYDFlb^O^OOL, MERTHYR, Classical and Cpirpaa'ercia^Day and Eoardmg-Scho<fl, Head Master EVAN WjL^LIJtMS,\Ar^M. REFERENCES and a Prospecfc^, wilyfCrma. and Testimonials firom Mga^PrortORsors in the University of Gla^owwin^othofci, may be had on apjfication^/ K The Pupils wilf re-asseimWe jm MONDAY, 23rd July, 1860. CEPN SCHOOL, CLASSICAL & MATHEMATICAL. THIS Institution, establishiga twent,y.thre^- years ago, is conducted by the Re^OlVEN EVANS, who begs to in&fm the PWBie that, "owing to extensive alterations he Sas/hade in his house to meet their demands, hg wBl sliortty be enabled to receive ai^(nereas«G^imber ofBoar- ders, who will beJ*eate<Vwlth as\nuclUuridnes3 as will be consistent with tlidr imaro^rnentV* The duties of tin's Institmion mtfbe resumed on the 16th day of JULY. O. E. with pleaeure and confidence refers to his numerous old pupils ajr to chai'ac|gr arid proficiency. TEEMS Per Quarter, Boarders jE6 0 0 Day Boarders 2 10 0 Day Pupils 1 3 0 Use of the Globes (extra). 0 5 0 MR. MORGAN, HgfuuLObonfbK, MAY be jtelYyTELY on all DISEASES^ at GWrden-street, Merthyr \y BUGS DISAPPEAR LIKE MAGIC! AFTER using Harper Twelvetrees' Bug Destroyer, which kills them by mil- lions, utterly destroys the element in which they breed. None can possibly exist after a single dressing. Sold in packets at 3d., 6d., and Is.; and bottles 6d. and Is. each, by all Agents for Harper Twelvetrees' Soap Powder. Post free for 7d. A PENNY PACB'ETOTV' HARPER TWEUTETiKBE^POI. SOX ED WHEAT vsiljrkillbMrjdwus^of mice and sparrows on th^pot. ilskyror danger to human life, nor tiacats cjjvlc^s. Jtropsmay be entirely protectee by^acattVine^his poisoned wheat over sepff bedsfj^Sola art Id,, 2d., 6d., and Is. Agents wanted. J Y Patentee, Harper Twcl^trees, Bromley-by- Bow, London, E. Sold by R. Thomas, T. Rees, and E. R. Gay, druggists, Merthyr; J. James, chf mist, Dowlais. HENRI'S HORSE & CATTLE FEED. HENRI'S PATENT CATTLE FRED is the most perfect preparation of the day for HORSES, COWS, CALVES, or SHEEP, as hundreds of Testimonials certifyy Price 42s. per cwt.—HENRI'S PIG MEAI^Ms. per cwt. HENRI'S PATENT MEPICATED house FEED, administered nigj*fiy, will <|rrTcUy re- stove Horses that are shjk of or\jffeir 1ml, into splendid and heallhyyWnditfW without inter- fering with their daj?y wank. Jn sables where this is used, swollen legs, «crackec^KecIs, or sur- feit never appeapT B«MCS, iniiig AU feeds, 12s. W) >\ HENRI'S^TEED is thproniy one patented (1855) and is sold, with a^Tiaranteed ANALYSIS, by HKKHI'S PATENT CATTLE Fkkd COM- PANY, Steam Mills, HULL, the sole manufac- turers, to whom or their duly appointed Agents, orders must be given, and Post Office Orders made payable. London Depot, 40, King Y/illiam-strcet, Merthyr and Aberdnre, THOMAS LOVERIDGE, Merthyr. The Greatest Boon of the Age! TEA DOUBLED IN STRENGTH KEDUCJED HALF IN PEICE Sea Sicltnc^s and the ill effects of Drink prevented and Health insured, by using MAGNUM" PKOM'OTWT OK THE INDIAN TEA Impeov^k^—Tea, which alone is simply a relreshkfg beverage, by tjie admixture ot this Invaluable Compp^T^d, is made so strengthening andjwitritiolsfso bene- ficial to the nerves/^that ndfewigrant or family should be without, H J It effcctuidjy prov^ftts sqa sickm»g^ and not oniy iuipa £ i#ra nch t, Lede strength to the Tea, which Til so reseinU^s as to show no trace of its presence, liut/fwling- as a tonic on the stomach, sti, gth s the whole system, reudering it equall^/flcsirable to the nian of business or pleasure as to the most • delicate female. One Penny Packet will last a week in most families, and will save half the Tea. Sold in pnekets at Id., 3d., fid., and Is. each, with full directions for use, by various trades- man in Pembroke, f'warssioa, Cardiff, Newport, Gloucester, Bath, Bristol, Liverpool, and Lon- don, Wholesale orders to be addressed to Mr. WILLIAM WIT-MAMS, Glebeland, Merthyr; Mr. BASSETT, Druggist, Pontypridd; Mr. DAVIS, Druggist, Cwraavon; or to Mr. GEOIUJE MA«os, Sole Agent to the Manufacturers, U, Deansireet, Portland-square, Bristol. C3-IEL- JK. DVC E/ SOUOOI^; ^I31i)RD^RE, > c i Conducted by J. G. IvEOKGA]Sr, >T Member of the. London University. EISTEDDFOD UiUiEn YSGOLIOfl SABSOTHOL Y .5EDYDDWYB, ABEIilJA (X, NAJDOJLIGr, I860. YN ychwanegol at destynau neillduol yr Undeb, rhoddir y Ddwy^ Wobr ganlynol yn agored i y gystadleuaetli yr hell fyd. I'r C6r o ddim llai na 40 wewn rhif a gano yn oreu "Rise up, fb/'i¡IJ," o St. Paul, gau Men- delsshon. Gwobr, £ 8. I'r C6r o'r un Gynnulleidfa a gano yn oreu yr "Anthem'' fw'dugol yr Eistcddfs^r 1^50. Gwobr £ 4. I) L, Bydd copiau o honi i'w cael gau Mrd. Jenkin Howels, Aberdar; Morgan Price^ftbeivftnlrU IT. Anthony, Bethel; a chan yr Ysgrifenydd. y' [I 1 Barnwr, Mr. R. LEWIS, Caerdvdd. O 7) Rhaid i'r Corau anfon eu henwau, yn ynghyd ag enw y Don fyddjprtt^lfcystadli ftiui cytiicu /w y 17ed o RAGFYR. « yr H. MATTHEW, Tailor, &c Mill-street., Aberdar, Ys^tenydd. YN NAWDD D'trw A'I DANGNEF." "Y GWIE YN EEBYN Y ,»YD.^ -A DUW A MOB DAIONI." "EISTEDDFOD GEREDLiETHOL DEHEIiAETH CM; ABERDAR, AM ALBAN H15EIN 18C1. aV/ Testyn y GADAIR,—AWDL AR GENEDL Y CYMRU".• t5wobv 15 Tlws 5 „ Prif Destyn Rhyddiaithol,—" Traithawdrar Hanes Swydd For^anwg, ei Hynodion, ei Phorth- laddoedd ei Mynyddau, M wnaUëei Afonydd a'i Masnach yn gyfiralino;Gwobr 20 Gini. Ceir Hysbysiad pellach etto yn ol Haw. T. J. JONES (Cynomvyson), Cofhodydd. Ystafell Cymreigyddion y Carw Cocli," Mehcfin y 25ain, 1860. — —— ■ — Hr- COPBLA2^D'S/W' FOR SUMMER COATS! v NOTICE OFREMOYAL. JOHN LEWIS', WATCHMAKER, Jeweller, & silversmi™: n v\ > i, .TREDEGAR, RESPECTFULLY informs his kii/d Patrons and the Public generally that he has @^iV10^ED from Morgan-street to his New Premises in QUEEN-STREET, near the Bank, wnich lie has just Opened with an entirely New Stock of Gold and Siivcr Watches, Jewellery, Plate, &e., which will be offered rt greatly reduced prices. J. L. returns his sincere thanks for past favours, and begs tc solicit a continuance of the same. Repairs done on the premises by experienced Workmen, at low charges. WEDDING RINGS AT BEDTTCED PEICE3. f T. REES, RBSIBEUT :DENT HIGII STREET1 (opposite the West of England Bank), MEBfTIIlrft), 0 INVITES the Public, and especially those afflicted with decayed or defective Teeth, K ah/exami- nation of the durable and elegant.' Artificial Mineral T<jeth, manufactured by JnraTon tiie premises in High-street. They fire perfect in their resemblance to nature, never weaE/Out or cor- rode, and answer in every respect the purpose of natural Teeth. Reference is kindly permitted to a large number of the most respectable persons in the neigh- bourhood who have patronized him. Rees's Essence for the Toothache, which produces an instantaneous cure, is sold in bottles at 6d. and Is. each. Rees's Tonic Astringent Mouth Lotion,-This excellent preparation has been proved, by experience, to be of the greatest benefit for the cure of spungy gums, tender or relaxed gums; and as a general lotion for rendering the mouth sweet and comfortable, ii will lie found one of the most pleasant ever employed. To persons wearing Artificial Teeth it is invaluable. Rees's Tooth Poivdet prefents and removes, the formation of tartar, imparts to the Teeth pearly whiteness, givcs a deiighfcfal fragrance: to the breath, and entirely prevents the injurioll effects of acid and steel medicines upon the enamel. PROSPECTUS OF A NEW LIBRARY, READING ROOM, & PHILOSOPHIC INSTITUTION. JtEETHYB TYDFIL. THE Managing of the MVrtliyr Library respect.fullv tear leave to? nvitein&Aftentjon of their Fellow-Townsmen. and.of the Gentlemen connected wit/i this town and neighbourhood, to a project which they have for some" time past had in "onternnlatior. Literary Institutions are natural developments of the march of civilization and arc both tlu products and instruments of sound social protfres;. these Public Libraries necessarily occupy a prominent position. Such Institutions naturally attract to themselves the most brilliant intelligence, and the more ^cultivated minds 01 their respective locrfities. The members therefore, from the superiority oi thefrjafeutal and moral characters, and irom the greater soundness, variety, nd extent of their informati^, naturally become flic leaders of thought in their several circles; and in an age who<c every movement and agency tends to widen tiie area of political power, and when dangers, from crude vic ws'iuid iii-digested knowledge, increase in proportion to the extention of popular influence, it;». lh:j VounMen duty of wise nud tiioughi.ful men to increase the Ii umber of such influential and beaefidal ;iicnts^i to aid and encourage ail Institutions that have tor their object, to purify and elevate the nnnds of the people at large; to icuder the best Works in every department of Science and Art easily accessible to all classes of t. -.e community; and to diituse a knowledge ot the most substantial, instructive, and healthy literature, of past and present times, among the teeming trasses of populous localities. Actuated by thes^Nmotivcs, rand with the assistance of the Ironmasters and their Fellow- Townsmen, a few zealotx^DCisui* founded the Misktuyr LjjtKAji* in the winter of 1846 from that time forth th? Institution *as not only maii tainert its ground, hut has also been steadily pro- gressive and self-supportijiy;; its regular members now exceed one hundred and twenty; /tLe shelves contain upwards ot twcMhousand volumes• of the most ajtproved Works in Science, Art, History, Poetry, Fiction, and (iiraferal Literature; these are all rendered accesible to the humblcyl readers at a charge of only per Quarter, or rather less than Tiiree-hall-pence per week; and the Committee have the satisfaction to observe that ib". vslne of the Institution is so far appreciated, that from twenty-five to thirty vulrmes are taken out T'ightly. Tiie leading News- papers of the day and several of the most approved weekly and monthly periodicals arc regularly laid upon the Reading Room table. & But the usefulness of.theuos'ti utiou is limited by the want of space. Deterred by the failure of more ambitious projects, the .'original promoters contented with renting a comparatively small room. 'this has now proved inadequate to tiie requirements ot the Institution, and of their nightly crowds of readers; their book-cases, which occupy all the available space, are insufficient to contain the books already iu/thc Library, and which are steadily increasing iu number; tor the same reason, 'hey are unable,^) use a Set of Globes, a fine Telescope, a very good Microscope, and other instruments, the ma of vJileh they have acquired by the amalgamation with them of the George-town Philosophical Society, founded in 1802; and they are nimble to display their Maps, among which are OrJnance Maps of the Meithyr District, geologic^'iy coloured, and a very baud- some Map of America, recently presented by THOMAS FALCONER, ESQ. They I)ave therefore resolved to appeal to tlieir Fellow-Tc)>viisjinen to assist them in erecting a suitable building for thus purpose; and having fructified the tale HTM civen to them on a former occa- sion, they are encouraged by t he success of their past stewardship to expect a liberal amount of public support. They calculate that about £ 000 will suffice for tin? erection of a building suitable for a Library and Reading ll;;om, and to form the nucleus of a Museum and they propose to raise that amount by means of a JOINT STOCK Company, under the LIMITEU LIABILITY ACT, in Shares ot £ 1 each. They believe that the credit oi Merthyr itself L i'lv^lvrd in this proposal. A far more ambitious project might justifiably claim encouragement from the wealthy inhabitants of so large, populous, and iujportant a place an this- and when several of the neighbouring towns, especially Neath, Swansea, amy Carmarthen, already have noble Institutions oi this lund, they feel assured that this appeal will elicit prompt and a hearty response from the people of Merthyr. The Committee have much pleasure in announcing thai: II. ft. But-ck, EpII., the Member for the Borough, antiiorised them (o -put. down his name for £ 50; liberal promises have been received from other persons; and the Commjfcteryhem'seives will promote- the object to the lull extent of their several abilities: V JOHN GRIFFITH, Premier^ TiiOS. i'EP BEN d, Hon. Stc. IfiI" Applications for Shares to be made to the ilouorary Secretary. Wl L r. COX) LIYEB OI *T — f n J THE superiority of Pure Cod Liver Oil over all other remedial agents in tlW iijpdfr ment of Cot)?umption, General Debility, and Scrofulous Affections, has nowjfecen long fully proved; the only objection to its more common use has hd^tofbre ieeii tiie disa^rceable flavour and impurity of what has been too frequently sold this has at length been overcome by im- parting to the pure oil the pleasant bitter of the hop with other Tonic Aromatics, thus increasing its strengthening qualities, and rendering it more agreeable than most other readies. Prepared by LONGMAN, LEONARD, and ROBINSON, Wholesale Druggists, Bristol; and sold by all Druggists, in Bottles, One Shilling each. F, SPONGING, HIP, SHOWER, & EVERY DESCRIPT OF BATH, MAY BE OI5TAINE I) AT —^ A S VT. T; GBIFFITHS7SL'T FIJENISKIKG AND GENERAL IRONMONGERY ESTABLISHMENT. IRON BEDSTEADS IN GREAT VARIETY.. Agent for Price's Patent Case-Hardened Safr, which if undoubtedly the only one capable of resisting the accomplished Burglar, as proved by the late disastrous trial at Barnsley, bettceen Price's and Mihter's Safes.—See Barnsley Advertiser, May 5, 1860. 117, HIGH STREET, OPPOSITE ANGEL HOTEL. TF YOU WISH TO RESTORE -I YOUR HEALTH AND INVIGO- RATE YOUR SPIRITS, yon cannot do better than take a trip to one or other ot the Welsh IMineral Springs. Before you leave home, send ior a copy ot Pryse's Handbook to the Brecon- shire and Radnorshire Mineral Springs, which contains the History of Llandrindod, Llan- degley, JJamortyd, and Builth Wellx, with full directions for using the waters, by a tho- roughly qua!ified Medical Gentleman; topo- graphical, antiquarian, and geological/fiote^ and exerpts from the writings of/the most eminent authors an Hotel and Lodgi n evn o u|eJDipetr^~ tory; and descriptive journeys tw*n •fiewly all the principal towns wijHin a^suxw of 5*Tmilcs. The reader will also/find irVnts og@es much ) ahiusing and interesting rpa^ing far-odd leisure hours, all ot whion isx'ak'uVued/to add to the enjoyment and >(musenKnt if/the visitor and touflSt. How/to obtait}, it/h-Send 24 penny stamps to JOHN PRYSE anidloes, Mont- gomery, and it will be nt post free to any address. N.B.—A cheaper Edition may also be had, price Is. 6d., copies of which are on sale at the TELEGRAPH Office, Merthyr. LOVBRIDGE'S RHEUMATIC PILTS, FOR TAE CURE OF i RHEUMATISM—ACUTE, CHRONIC, AND MusCtTLAB PAINS IN THE BADK TRAINS AND GID-DIIL Res THE HEAD; BiLIOUS COMBI^INTS Y Y J £ AINS AND GIDDIKF.ES ur THK HEAD; ±$1LI0U8 COMBI^INTS Y Y ^OSTIVENESS, ABIBINO^FBOJI CN^JT^ES/FON Prepared by T. Loymin GEbej^f' the Pharmaceutical Soci^ry of GriatV3ritaiir LIST OP Arenm;—Tjpd^fcr, iVT^^rosswell; Aberdare, Mr.Evans; Ncvmtiage srfid Trcforest, Mr. Bassett; Ilirwaun, ^r. Sifnis; Dowlais, Mr. Lewis; Brynmawr, Jlr. Jpftes; Neath, Mr. Hibbert; Aberdare, Mr. Orofiard, Mill-street; Rhymney, Mr. Dixon, chemist.—Wholesale Agents, Messrs. Barclay and Son. London. "Pretty tube of mighty power, Charmer of my leisure liotiz"- ARroseley. TXONOITRABLE MENTMfc^^Ktn^de rl of the BltOSiiriar^jTAZED li&Z' BACCO PIPES at tb^lmiL £ ^ibiticu<f851 These Pipes, maaaptfZuped on each stem, h*. Broselo^ire strongly recommcn(ljg^7o CeemAii>rer private use. Hotel keepers v. ill finu tliejkiar superior to the ordinary clay pipes. Sold in cases fronfone gTOss upwards.

JULY, 1860.

JULY, 1860.I