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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

6 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



MR. H. W. HARRIS'S ANNOUNCEMENTS H. W. HAEBIS, Auctioneer, Appraiser, House, Estate, and general Agent, BEGS to inform the Public that all matters 0 entrusted to his care will be punctually and carefully attended to. Rents collected. Fy# and Life Policies effected on advantag«ous^e™s. Offices :—Mr Rees Thomas's, IJjgff-streety| Merthyr, opposite Cloth Hall. "ANGEL HOTEL," MERT TO BE LET, with immediate possession ATT, that -well-established INN, called the "ANGEL HOTEL/' situate in High-street, Merthyr Tydfil, with Stables, Yard, Brew-house, and every convenience for carrying on and ex- tensive business, being in the most eligible part of the town, and centrally situate between the Taff Vale and Vale of Neath Railways. Satis- factory reasons can be given for the present pro- prietor leaving. Stock, Fixtures, and Furniture to be taken at a valuation. For further particulars, apply to the tenant, Mr. S. P. THOMAS; or to Mr. H. W. HARRIS, Auctioneer, Merthyr. e Auctioneer's Office, 143, High-street, Mertliyll. LORD B A GTTK IN 3S\ MERTHYR. REES GABE announces to his Commercial Friends and the Public that tlie above Inn. has every convenience for their accommodation, >&nd the Goods supplied are all of the very best qUHorse and Trap kept for Hire on reasonable /I h J&fhis, and Orders for them by post promptly ^✓iittended to. ~~i APE R H A N G- I N G- S. A Large STOCK of PAPER HANGINGS to X/V be SOLD OFF at the TELEGRAPH Office, ./High-street (opposite the Market House, Mer- thyr.) Persons intending to Decorate their j) Houses are solicited to inspect the Patterns and (y ./Trices, which cannot fail of giving satisfaction. Mefthyr to Tredegar THti Public are informed that THOMAS GIBBON, the Mail Carrier between the above places, is permitted to CARRY PAR- CELS, and which he engages to deliver with the greatest care and punctuality. He leaves the Coach and Horses, Merthyr, at 6 o'clock in p. the morning, and the Cambrian Inn, Tredegar, 1 v at 12 o'clock, arriving at Merthvr at a quarter J Ky past 1. Parcels left at either of these places, or jS in any house on the road, will be taken care of 1 and properly delivered. 1 and properly delivered. MERTHYR & ABERGAVENNY ROYAL MAIL. v 1 ^t^ &t Eight o'Clock j tredegar, at I Quarter-past A Nine; and arrives in Abergavenny at HjrW-past A V Eleven, in time for the Twelve o'clock Third Y Class* Tram to Hereford, Shrewsbury, Chester and ) Llv^rpoo arriving at the latter place at Eight I S »> t-ioeK the same Evening. X ON ITS RETURN, the Mail leaves the Angel Hotel, Abergavenny, at Half-past One o'Clock in the Afternoon, (after the arrival of the Liver- pool Train) and arrives in Merthyr at a Quarter past Five, in time for the Vale of Neath, and Taff "V ale Trains. Prichard's Aromatic Steel Pills ARE unrivalled for restoring vigour to debili- tated constitutions, in boxes, Js. ljd., 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., and Us.—Prepared by WM. PKTCHARD, Apothecary, 65, Charing Cross; and of all medicine vendors. Glasgow, July 23rd, 1860. To Mr. William Prichard. lISir,-A very delicate lady here having seen your advertisement in the North British Advertiser, was induced to try a small box of your Aromatic Steel Pills, which she procured ten days ago. I have great pleasure in saying that they have had a powerful effect in invigorating her system, t1 and she thinks that she has at last found out tt y something to do her good, as she has been an ^invalid for the last twelve years, and the greater part of that time under medical treatment. Will » you, therefore, have the goodness to send a larger box, and oblige Yours obediently, WM. MILLER. Mr. Anderson's Visit will positively terminate on Wednesday next, August '1st, at A p.m. CORNS! C O-R N S! COR N S NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC. FOB ONE WEEK ONLY. At 13, Church-street (opposite St. David's- terrace), Thomas Town, Merthyr. MR. J. F. ANDERSON, SURGEON-CHIROPODIST, LATE OF REGENT-STREET, LONDON, I) ESPECTFULLY intimates that he Extracts \> and effectually REMOVES CORNS, BUNIONS, CALLOSITIES, and DEFECTIVE TOE-NAILS, in Two Minutes, by a meth6d peculiar to himself, without inflicting- the slight- est pain, and allowed by the most eminent authorities to be superior to any system litherto adopted. Persons may witness the removal of their Own Corns, which is done partly by a chenncal process, causing the CorlL to he removed almost instantaneously from the foot. Lj Mr. ANDEKSOIM begs to state that he removes efective or the In-growing of the Great Toe Nails, without giving the least pain. n7 Mr. A. may be CONSULTED DAILY, from o v Twelve in the Morning-until Six o'clock in the /^Evening, at his residence, 13, Church-street, Merthyr. Ladies and Gentlemen attended at their resi- dences before Twelve o'clock, without extra charge. TERMS—5s. EACH CORN. Mr. A., who has no professional connection with any person whatever, begs ta submit the following o TESTIMONIALS From W. Morgan, Esq., J.P. Bodywysriad. Merthyr, July lVth, 1860. Mr. Anderson has manipulated skilfully on a callosity on my foot. He has a.'iveii ma entire satisfaction, and, I have no hesitation in re- commending his skill and science. ° W. MORGAN. From F. Allday, Eoq., Surgeon, Mer!Ivm July 17th, 18l,O. Mr. Anderson has extracted two corns tor me very skilfully, and without causing any pair. F. ALLDAY. Reference is kindly permitted to E. Davies, Esq., Surgeon, and ri. J. Dyke, Esq., Surgeon. From Mr. Thomas Rees, Chemist. Merthyr, July 16th, 1860. I have much pleasure in stating that Mr. Anderson extracted two corns of very long sending from my toe without the least pain, -° an. in-growing toe-nail, which had been of great inconvenience to me. THOMAS REES. Frcm Mr. W. Smyth, Chemist, High-street, Merthyr. Anderson has removed four corns for me a 'hout causing the least pain, and as tar as PPearance goes, with great success. Wr. SMYTH. rOn¡ Mr. Thomas Loveridge, Chemist. Merthyr. jYP July 16tb, 1800. JJJ Anderson has extracted two corns from ftL'eet with considerable skill, and freedom roin Pain. THOMAS LoVE RIDGE. A reduced charge madejor Servants. "'Ti/TRS. ROPER'S SCHOOIyfldll llropen on J^I MONDAY, the 30th ins^f Thomas- street, Thomas Town. />)^\f CAUTION! )rj1HIS is to give Notice tliat/Jjll persons, with or without Dogs, foiyra Trfsrfassing in search of Game, or for any 4uWose, on the Ysgubor Fawr and Pant^cyn^lni^Farms, Pen- derrin, or Cwmporth F^nvQYRinrofellte, will be prosecuted as the law direcig/ MR. JOHN PRICE, Wholesale Provisio^^Factor, 26, Wellington-strc^^Merthyr. 01,lle Home-cured Welsh Rjrflon oLJhe test quality at the lowjifmarkeCJricIa PRIME WE TI.. isic, Always on sale/ft sona zices. STORKS :—Back of ieet; Entrance in Chapel-street. FREE PASSAGE TO AUSTRALIA. Wanted immediately, for South Aus- ,f tralia, Q<TRONG, h^fikhy Men, who A Sl are accupfomLl to Farming pursuits. j^crvan IMajds of good cbaracteiytfrwaiSea hree of charge to the Sffip. XX Tti oll sses are most in demand:—Plou^hni^u Shopherds, Bullock Drivers, IIerdsme/<V a fewWhEeaWrights, Masons, Smiths, Carpenters, Saw^rsjrnd Copper Miners. Apply personally for application forms, pro- ducing a character, to Mr. E. DAVIES, Govern- ment Emigration Agent, Circle, Tredegar. i:' RHEUMATIC^ ILLS, FOR THE CJ^E Ol? RheumATISM-A^dte, Chron^; AND Pai»S I^TB|SlKAC»f Pains in/the Head Jnn.iws COSTIYKNESS, AWltelNG MWM INDIGESTION Prepared by T.«RovE/aDGE, Member of the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain., List OF Agents Tredegar, Mr. Crosswell; Aberdare, Mr. Evans Newbridge and Treforest, Mr. Bassett; Hirwaun, Mr. Sims; Dowlais, Mr. Lewis; Brvnmawr, Mr. Jones; Neath, Mr. Hibtfert; Aberdare, Mr. Orchard, Mill-street; Rhymnev, Mr. Dixon, chemist.—Wholesale Agents, Messrs. Barclay and Son. London. Pretty tube of mighty power, Charmer of my leisure hour"— V' A Broseley. THE far-famed BKOSELgf GLAZED TO- BACCO PIESS, of^orrainal/quality, are manufactured h/TDWJJrapt^reRN, Broseley, GENTLBj^N.—^taiemjyo intend smoking, "ASK FOJtf A MtOSELEY. See them, and try prein.—Sold in cases from one gross upwards. A FRIENDLY BIT OR CHIT-CHAT between Mrs. Scrubwell and Mrs. Thrifty, about "HARPER TWELVE- TREES' SOAP POWDER," Scrub well. But do you mean to say that you have washed all that lot of clothes before breakfast this morning 1 THRIFTY. Oh yes, it's easy^nougb now to get rid of all the slap-dash, st^am, and dribbling slops on a washing dav^m good time. I can always make quick wdrlt of MY washing by using 11 Harper ip Powder," and it makes the clotJn5s bej^tfcilly cjpafi and white too, I can assjj/e youj^ I«*nerpiy boil them 20 minutes, amr hang, t^m ujr to dry. I have never ustyj^iyiliirtff equalboit, and I have tried all sorts of tmngs in ray time. In fact, one reason why I lyce ''H'arper Twelvetrees' Soap Powder" over mhej ''AVashing Powders is, be- cause it is soft attfa emollient to the hands, and makes such a fine nice lather. Besides, I never rub our clothes, and you know how black my Jim's shirts get at the Foundry. Patentee: Harper Twelvetrees, u The Works," Three Mills-lane, Bromley-by-Bow, London. Sold by E. R. Gay, T Rees, and R. Thomas, druggists, Merthyr Tydfil, and by grocers and druggists everywhere, in Id. packets, and 6d. and Is. canisters. HENRI'S HORSE & CATTLE FEED. HENRI'S PATENT CATTLE FEED is the most perfect preparation of the day for HORSES, COWS, CALVES, or SHE CP, as hundreds of Testimonials certify. Price 42s. per cwt— HENRI'S PIG MEAL, 24s. per cwt. HENRI'S PATENT MEDICATED HORSE FEED, p.dministered nightly\^ul quickly re- store Horses that are sick MfofF their teed, into splendid and healthy condition, wjffViout inter- fering with their dai!v/m>rk. wifere this is used, ci^ke^Jheels^ir sur- feit never appeary/xio^, c< ntSlniii^Se feeds, ^HENRT'i^EED is Ijie inj^oi'ie patented il ENP (1855) and is sold, with a gua^fTteed ANALYSIS, by HENRYS PATENT Cattle FEED COM- PANY, Steam Mills, H/tfLL, the sole manufac- turers, to whom or th"ir duly appointed Agents, orders must be given, and Post Office Orders made payable. London JJepet, 40, King William-street. Merthyr and Aberdare, TIIOIJAS LOVERIDGE, Merthyr. The Greatest Boon of the Age! TEA DOUBLED IN STRENGTH REDUCED HALF IN PRICE Sea Sickness and the ill effects of Drink prevented and Health insured, by using MAGNUM PKOMOTTIM, or the INDIAN TEA IMPROVER.—Tea, WHICH alone is simply a refreshing hp. hge. by the admixture ot this Invalu^^e COMPOUND, is made so strengthening li iutrillous, so bene- ficial to the nerves, tha^io emigrant or family should be without (X H effectually pipwents s<A sickness, ajwT not only imparts a jrtch taste sum more simigth to tha Tea, whion it so^eapirroles ag/to show no trace of its preseras but, acting^as a tonic on the stomach* strenniheifi tlwr whole system, rendering it equally desfcra^e to the man of business or pleasure us the most delicate fcmnlc* a. One Pennv Packet/1 1f!st a week in most faSs, and will savThalf the Tea. Sold in packets at Id-, 3d., 6d., and Is. each, with full directions for usf, hy vanous trades- men in Pembroke, Swansea, Cardiff, Newport, Gloucester, Bath, Bristol, livcrpool, and Lon- don. Wholesale orders to be addressed to Mr. WILLIAM WILLIAMS, Glebeland, Aiertliyr; Mr. BASSETT, Druggist, Pontypridd; Mr. DAVIP, Druggist, Cwmavon; or to Mr. u?.orgb MAGGS, Sole Agent to the Manufacturers, 12, Deansireet, Portland-square, Bristol. xv" y > J I^E UIFLE COtt^SO THE Public are reij^fidly idSmed that a FETE, for the^BBNEFIT of the FUNDS ofit&J above Corps, under tljc mariMcement of a Committee of Ladies, wrl take place at a p resque spot on Yscybor fvtewmn Farm, Twynyrodin, Merthyr, ohIikhsbay next, augus the 3rd. TTtxnjvTT u The MERTH.YlSEIFLE CORPS (12 th Glamorgan), with their BAND, a^dthe JUVEii iLE CORPS, all nidyiLL cN^IFOliM, will attend. r. • » Snorts The An*LsenieiyBfo 'consist of Military Evolutions by both Corps, Dancioj, 11 1 Aunt Sally, commence at 4 p.m. T ff-n Admission, TMe Sliilfeg. Ticket to be had of the Members, of the Juvefli^iw.n^ormj^r. ^lildn^i under 12 j'ears of age will be admitted at ^a' Taromatic C Qj)d Xj I Y E ^,5 0(fc HE supeJiorit- Pure*Cod Liver Oil over all other remc^p. ^goatsThi tlib^treat- ment of CohsTNnptitXBi, Goacral Debility, and Scrofuloy^Anccti<5S^jiy^rrS)w long fully proved; only obiectiori to its more common use hp^iereto^ffle hee^jre ^sagreeaoie flavour and impurity ctuy-tiaMas'been it»o frequently sold: thi>^as at Irngtl^eM^yercome by im- parting to the pure oil R peasant bitter of the hop witlj/rfther ?^11i/h10^^C'S3'- 8 mcreasmS' I its strengthening qnali^esTs^id. rendering it more Prepared by Lon^/man, Leonard, and Robi^on, Whora^l|! Dydggists, Bristol; and sold by all Druggists, i^^M^s^One Shilling each._ C EI8TEDDfW0|B JSGOLION SABBOTHOLiBffitDB^Ya- nadolig. lebqJ & YN ycliwanegol at destynau neillduol yr TJndeb, rhoddir y Ddwy- Wobr ganly|ioi*^n agored i gysiadleuaeth yr holl fyd.. I'r Cor o ddim llai na 40 mewn rhif a gano yn oreu Rise up, arise," o S^Paul, gan Men- delsshon. Gwobr, £ 8. I'r C6r o'r un (aynnulleidfa a gano yn oreu yr "Anthem fuddugol yr Eip&mdfod 18o9. Gwobr £ 4. v a Bydd copiau oS^oi £ Tw.vcael gap Mrd. Jenlcin Howels, Aberdar; Morgan^Price, AB«aman^<D. Anthony, Bethel; a elflfo yr Ysgrif^nydd /V V Barn^r, Mr. R. LEWIS, Caerdvdd. W' J Rhaid i'r Corau anfoi-xu-henwau, yn ynghyd ag enw y Don franont ynf^vst^lT^ni cyn neu ar y 17ed o Ragfyr. I i* J II. MATTHEW, Tailor, &c.^ill-street, Ab^et^sgN^dd. "i TX Ni. v FOR S U M S ISTOWCE^OF JE^^JSA-O^KET /OH N LE WIS, ^lhgT}2tULKER, JEWELLER, & SILVERSMITH, TREDEGAR, RESPEC ^F'uLLY informs his kind Patrons and the Public generally that he has REMOVED from Morgan-street to his New Premises in Queen-street, near the Bank, which he basjust Opened with an entirely New Stock of Gold a rut Silver Watches, Jewellery, Plate, &c., which will be offered at greatly reduced prices. J. L. returns his sincere thanks for past favours, and begs to solicit a continuance of the same. Repairs done on the premises by experienced Workmen, at low charges. WEDDING- RINGS AT REDUCED PRICES. «, t u E K S) HIGH STREET (opposite the West of England Bank), MERTHYR, INVITES the Public, and especially those afflicted with decayed or defective Teeth, to an exami- nation of the durable and elegant Artificial Mineral Teeth, manufactured by him on the premises in High-street. They are perfect in their resemblance to nature, never wear out or cor- rode, and answer in every respect the purpose of natural Teeth. Reference is kindly permitted to a large number of the most respectable persons in the neigh- bourhood who have patronized him. Rees's Essence for the Toothache, which produces an instaat aneouspjafe, is sold in Dottles at 6d. and Is. each. Rees's Tonic Astringent Mouth Lotion.—This excellent premiration Jms been proved, by experience, to be of the greatest benefit for the cure of spungy gunx$Ttendrr jyrelaxeiguras- and as a general lotion for rendering the mouth sweet and coinfbrtnb|^it will nHfoundpiire of the most pleasant ever employed. To > ersons wearing Artificial Teetlr^fns iiu>*kiabi«. Rees's Tooth Poicdei prevents and removes the fojjKtatiojuof mrtar^mparts to the Teeth pearly whiteness, gives a delightful fragrance to th^fercath, aftfnentirely prevents the mjuriou effects of acid and steel medicines upon the enamel* >J yS Ilæ 12 o SPBOT^S OF NEW LIBBARY, BEADING BOOM, & PIIILOSOPITlb^Un|p«C MERTHYR TYDFIL. 2) THE Managing Committee of the Merthyr Library respectfully bear leav^ioij^teAeafej^ffion ot their Fe'.law-Townsmen, r.nd of the Gentlemen connected with thistWn Mv^g^Mwrhooii, to a project which they have for some time past had in contemplation. ''J ( V. Literary Institutions are natural developments of the march of civilizatiofK: a^ both tic products and instruments ot sound social progress. Air,.ong- these Public LIAANEL ucpssaril^ occupy a prominent position. Snch institutions naturally attract to themselves tmJBos*wi!Jiant int/ilia'ence, and the more cultivated minds of their respective, localities. The momW^uitrefore, from the superiori ty of their mental and moral characters, and from the greater soundness, variety, nd extent of their information, naturally become the leaders of thought, in their several circles; and in an age who -e every movemenc and agency tends to widen the area ot political power, and when dangers, from crude views and ill-digested knowledge, increase in proportion, to the extention of popular influence, it become 'the bounden duty or wise and thoughtful men to iucfcpse the number of such influential and beaeficiai agents; to aid and encourage all Institutions r^iatluire for their, object, to parity and elevate the minds of the people at large; to render Yhe l(e'st Wofi^s in every department ot"Science and Art easily accessible to all classes of the communityan<l toxliiiure a knowledge of the most substantia!, instructive, and healthy literature, of past^anOreseut times, among- the fc-eimngr masses of populous localities. „ T V, -f" Actuated by the«c motives, and with the assistance of the Ironmasters aR^weir Fellow- Townsmen, a few zealous peisons founded the Merth y r LruRAH- in the winter df 1816 from that time forth tlp Institution has not only mai' tainect its ground, but has also been steadily pro- gressive and self-supporting;: its regular meaabeis now exceed one hundred and twenty; the shelves contain upwards of two thousand- volumes of the most approved Wo*ks in Science, Art, History, Poetry, Fiction, and General Literature these are all rendered acw^ible to the humblest readers at a charge of only teen pence per Quarter, or rather less thairThree-lialf-pcnce per week; and the Committee have the satisfaction to observe that the valae o'f the Institution is so far appreciated, that from twenty-five to thirty volumes are taken out nightly. Tire leading News- papers of the day and several of the most approved weekly and monthly periodicals are-regularly laid upon the Reading Room tabie. • But the usefulness of the Insti-ution is limited by the wint of space. Deterred by tlie failure of more ambitious projects, the original promoters contented themselves with renting a comparatively small room. This has now proved inadequate co the requirements ot the lustitutidiu and of their nightly crowds of readers; their book-cases, which occupy ah the available soace, are Insufficient to contain the books already in the Library, and which are steadily increas^pg iflJnujCfop; for the same reason, they are uncble to use a Set of Globes, a fine Telescope, a very^wt JMcrosOTpe, and other instruments, the nse of which they have acquired by the amnlgni.iairon vvlAjL e u Qf the George-town i'hilosopbical !-ocicty, tounded in 1802: and they are uuab'c to fUsnlay me>r Maps, among whic h a'-e Ordnance Maps ot the Merthyr District, geologicully coloured, a Vlrf hand- some Map ot America, recently presenter- by Thomas Falconer, Esq. /• L They have therefore resolved to appeal to their Fel!ow-'fownsmen to assist thera^a erecting a suitable building for this purpose; and having fructified the talents given io them on a tovmer occa- sion, they are eaeouraged bv tin; success of^their past, stewardship to expect a libera amount of public support. They calcuMs that about £ G0!J will suffice tor the erection ot a buihhng suitable for a Library and Reading Room, and to form the nucleus of a Museuim. and they propose to raise that amount by means ot a Joint Stock Cowany, under the LMiteBnUability ACT, in Shares ol £ 1 ea^ii. They believe that the credit of Merthyr itself is invoivedJn th»« proposal. A far more ambitions project might justifiably claim encouragement from th(fVR-os>)thy>j^abitants of so large, populous, and important n place as this; and when several ot 1(/j|i^ai-nf^4owns, especially Neath, Swansea, and Carmarthen, already have noble Jnst.itutionoU ffiw*ii(l!, theyieel assured that, this appeal will elicit a prompt ami a hearty response from the peopSdHVg»thyr. The Committee have much pleasure in announcing that [1. A. Bnrcii, Esq./>heMember for the Borough, autiiorised them to put dowlI his name for £ 50 liberal promises have Bfen received from other persons; and the Committee themselves will promoto the object to the full extent ot their several abilities; ■ JOHN PKIFFITH, President. THO-S. STEPHENS, Hon: Sec. I Applications for Shares to be made to the Honorary Secretary. VQBAMMAI^ SOHIOOX^ s. ABERDARE, rx V Conducted by J. G. MORG^Jf, M.RG.P., /.I)1! Member of the London UniverSiiy^ I ^SPONGING, HIP, SHOWER, & EVERY^BESERI^FON OF BATH, B. MAY BE OBTAINED AT W. T; G-EIFFIT:a:S'S PUNISHING AND GENERAL IRONMONGERY ESTABLISHMENT, IRON BEDSTEADS IN GREAT VARIETY. A (JentfoT Price's Patent Case-Hardened Safe, which is undoubtedly the only one ap of resisting the accomplished Burglar, as proved by the late disastrous trial at Baypmey, between Price's and Mihier's Safes.-See Bar ashy Advertiser, May 5, 1860. y' 147, HIGH STREET, OPPOSITE ANGEL HOTE^^ m ~ul F o :e& i it nyc house, „ MERTHYR. ,±. SELLING OFF SUMMER qOO •i ^'0 H.. LLOYD BEGS to state that the whole of his STOCK will be SOLD at an IMIOIN'SE consisting- as below:—Muslin Dresses, Muslims, Balzarines, Bal^arine Robes. Fan^\T)res6 Materials, Fancy Robe Dresses, Chailev Plaids, Shawls, Mantles, and Jackets, in gréa vaa rs Straw Hats, Bonnets, and Caps, an immense Stock of Parasols, Ribbons, Flowers, Collars, am^ Sleeves. N.B.—An immense STOCK of REMNANTS will be sold at extraordinary low prices. BW Sale to commence next SATURDAY, and continue for 21 days. EISTEDDFOD GSBBSOEOLlilSWESTOL, ABERDAR. /^YNIIELIR TRYI^ET^ -CYLCHWYL CYMDEITHAS GERDDOROt DDIRWESTOL, \_y ABERDAR, ar y Dv d d CTNiXAi' o FAWRTH, 1861, sef Dydd Dewi Sant, pryd y arwobrwyir yr ymgeiswyr buddugol ar y ^t,ynaH«^anlynol. KM r x- CERDDORiABTff.* 5.—Am y Quartette goreu arx-X { £ s. d. v fv' £ geiriau yn Iago 4edd bennod, 9fe9\J^ 1;—Am yr Anthem oreu ar ^yeiaau ^i^-adnod, ynghyd a'r 6ed adnod yn y 5ed sJ r yn Isaia 32 bennod, a'r adnod bennod o'r un llyfr. ljN) ynghyd a'r rhan olaf o'r ail adnoy^nrV- 6.—Am y Don Gynulleidfaol oreu ar f dechreu ar Hwy' a welant ogonian v megur 7 a 3, neu 36, yn llyfr S. yr Arglwydd." «5 0 0 ftabwts 0 10 0 2.—Am yr Anthem oreu ar y geiriau 7.-Á,m y Dôn oreu at wasanaeth y yn Salm. lxi., y gyntaf ynghyd a'r ail ^J Bnnd of Hope, ar unrhyw eiriau Cym- a'r olaf o adnodau 2 10-^0 reig 010 0 3.—Amy Ganig oreu arv PennillDir- BARDDONIAETff. westol sydu i'w ganfod ar tudal. 81 o'r Jr LL l.&m y geiriau goreu yn Gvmraeg Mvfyrdodau Barddonol, gan Iago ah/^ ar Ifanes Joseph, i gyfansoddi Oratorio Dewj 1 V a^nynt a 3 0 4.—Am y Gsci^oreu ar v 2.—Am y Bryddest oreu ar Gerdd- # Dirwestol sydd iV weieel .Yn J\/ orjon 8 Cherddoriaeth Cymru 1 THYR TKLEGRAPH am yr^Kytlmo^ X. '3—Am y Gan oreu i liistvll y Dar-N^ j hon • •p^VL 0"xranJ Aberdar, ar y. don Nos Calan ? Llywydd yr EistefyR^r^ossE^^EYNON {Asaph Glan Taf.) /fS Beirniaid:—Y Gerddoriaeth, Mrf TfflfeA# DAVIES {Eos Rhondda), Pontypridd y Faradoi/- iaetPj Parch. ROBERT ELLIS (Cynddelw.) Y ddau i ^vd-feirniadu ar Rhif Cyntaf o'r Farddoniaeth. Bydd hawl gan y Beirniaid i a-yteJagagbrSfJftgiS;' fyttdttdynedod. Y cyfansoddiadau budduogol yn eiddo v pwvllgor. Y Ton^jr^M^Bllaw yr Ysgritenydd erbyn \7o Rliagfvr, 1860, y Glees erbvn y Meg o Ionawr, 18OT, a>»Anl^mau erbyn yr 31ain o'r un mis. Y r2r4('oniaeth erbyn y Meg o Ionawr, 1861. Yr en^u dl^ei at yr YTsgrifenydd. Ffug enwau yn u^.wrth y cyfansoddiadau. J r. j. Os bydd rhai personau yn dewilttEodp- rhyw destynau ychwanegol allan bvdded iddynt aiSSJ, eu gwobrau ynghyd a'r testynau at y* YSgrifenydd. Bydd y Ganiadaeth a'r Adroddiadau^allan^ yn bur fuan. *V/ RICHARD HOPKI1NS, Oak Cottage, Aberdare, Ysgfri^nydfl. t HEETHYB SUNDAY AND. .mi^ TOWN BAND (Leader, W. ( L AA IIIAS) will play from I st MjJialf-past Four o'clock, every a «ier permitting), at the Willows^rfear tlmfCI/al Sink. To be supported by tions. Collector, Mr. W.J^ffoMAQ^Cotnmi^afofi Agent, Bridge-street. J Q JULY, 1860.

JULY, 1860. \

AUGUST, 1860. V |