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THO^VCJLS TOWIT BBIOE ■WORKS. -/V IMPORTANT TO UILDERS, CONTRACTORS, AND OTHEliS. TWHBKSE wiinr by the uMTof BRICK as a-material for Building, in preference to Stone—effecting a saving 1 JL of 25 per cent, sit the present reduced prices, which are as follows:— CtamiBaildinj; Bricks .y. 20s. per J000. j Fire, prime quality, ditto 30s. per 1000. The above prices, tor Cash ofnly, and a considerable per centage allowed on large quantities. i » im 'v.. T° C0ln)m0Br 0F CATTLE. "TpVERY owner of Horses and Cattle '^m^W '■■ fjm JEi should use £ R. GAY'S CONDITION UM t PQWpERS in all cases of loss of appetite, vital indigestion, &,c. It im- IL c lon proves;the digestive functions,'imparts new _r vigotin to old, debilitated, or sick Horses, and enables them to perform double the laboar withDUt being distressed. Want pf condition in a Horse is generally indicated by the roughness of the coat vrhifth the above Powders will speedily remedy. One trial will be enough to prove that it is the best preparation increasing the appetite, purifying the blood, giving a fine coat, and preventing all diseases incidental to Jlorses and Cattle at Spring ana Fall. The Powder being an Indian produce, is prepared from the recipe of one of the principal Veterinary Surgeons in England, and has been used for many years in several of the largest livery stables in London. Prepared only by Jt. R. QAY, Dispensing Chemist, 55, High-street, Merthyr Tydfil, in packets at Is. 6d. each, AOENTSr—Abeydare: Mr. W. J* Thomas? Chemist, Commercial-street; Pontvpridd, Mr. R. Smyth, Chemist Z "« Agentsin course cff- appointmentthrou^out South Wales, who will be announced in future advertisements Carriage paid ^all p^s ofliouth Wales on Qpters for 12s. and upwards. i EANLINESS, LIGHT- NESS, ELEGANCE, AND DURABILITY. .«| IRON BEDSTEADS IN GREAT VARIETY. FjTl THOMAS begs to aimou^l^ejharffio w ready for inspection a large Stock at such prices •db »s will defy donrsetraon, having regard to quality. ^'T.aiso, invites inspection of his Stock ofToot, Hip, Reclining, Slipper, and Shower Baths, and Loysell's Patent Hydrostatic toffee and Tea Urns, in Tin and Bronze, at exceedingly low prices. —— —Obterve the~Address Opposite the Bush Motel, Hiqh Street, Merthyr. via ORTA^E^m. I^flGRANTS. ?OX JNN, CambriaiK/Mstraliaff7?bd^&gpican House, 14, KALE STREET, DALE-STREET (within two _w^1lln^te8, walk of the J&chanjik Railway ^(rkm, and in J.'jse proximity to all the Docks) LIVEKPOOT, "THOM4.S LLOYD, Proprietor. qrU Xr -i requiring correct informatioiprelpnve to Time of Sailing, Provisions required— in short, anything con *rc"" "ith Emigrating to Australia, America, or other parts, and who do not wish to be detained in Liverpool "full requested to communicate with THOMAS LLOYD, as above.-Well-Alred Beds on Reasonable Terms 'asirable Storage for Passengers' Luggage, free of Charge. H (No Connection with Mr. Lloyd, of Union Street. jieTerencei may be made to Messrs. Davies, and Phillips, Grocers, Victoria-street; Mr. Wm. Gould, Tydfil's Well Mr Thoma SJfijfc Globe Inn; Mr. Morgan Williams, Registrar of Marriages, Merthyr R. Thomas, Esq., the Wern llev Thomas Pric Aberdare; Mr. Thomas Havard, and Mr. Daniel Davies, Auctioneer, Dowlais. /■ ————————-j—————a————» I". HI. MLIIIUUB^W\0^h. W. EVANS, '"aaintwi.i Tanner, Bridge Street, Merthwr; A Q .«T»*^ONTrNUES to produce the Best ^*ffier fajd Wear. When you pm-chM/youjp^Bocks^lia sec that the leather is of Evw^fs MefthyWaiuarage 3 > ''i ^A-PPrent*ce wanted to the Curriery B 1 vilffl IflSU. AA r 1 i,:o- EHYMNEY. >J- ——- IE2- JL ItsT 3d Xj X UsT ID I XI O IN". y, •; (Lote of Plymouth Surgery, Merthyr), -iCTirf-jl>.EG.S to inform the inhabitants of Rhympty and surrounding neighbourhood that he hasiroimenced .vyi.IwisiBess as a CHEMIST and DRUGGUJ^in the fcre- near the Church (lately occup* y MnWillmm ,r'. Davies, Grocer), with an extensivaerock of Imilrs <-md T. 'Chemicals of superior qualitj^and bongj^ by Tstfijirf .attention and moderate charges, to me^tMirVatijflragve and support. r* Physicians' Prescriptions and FamiljjRpnles afccu- "rttely dispensed. Oils, Paints, Colours, and Varnish^: Tootl, Hair, JTiul, and Paint Brushes; Patent Medicines and Per- jury, See., &c. « Teeth carefully extracted. f Sw GOAMAP IN PENYDAPEEN YAI'H, I MERlHYR TYDFIL. "VrtTGH MORGAN .•eep^tfully inflo S' c XX that he has opened the &bove Y^U or tb up efthe best HOUSE COAL, whic^ivill re n the Yard at 7s. lOd. per t<m,oyt £ ^fl.^jVr diilt/The quality of this Coal is not 4urpas:-ed by aiirin the district. All orders promptly attended to, ma full weight ^^pg<teed' VALE OF NEATH AND SOU WALES RAILWAYS. x ^CLIEAP x >VN SATURDAY, irfhY ^RAIN will VA^save MERTH¥R at 6.15 q|.m., timing at Abcr- nant and Hirwain, for Swansea} Llaneliy, Pembrey, Ferry Side, Carmarthen .JunctiSn^st. Clears, Whit- land, Narberth Road, Clarbeston Koad, Haverfordwest, and New Milford (MiUord Haven), returning from New Milford at 3.0 p.m., on Monday, July 30th. DST For Fares and other particulars, see handbills. HEALTHFUL EXERCISE. "VXTILLIAM WALTERS respectfu?j^morMs the yy pu]jijc that he has just taken tiro fiVS^^O URT TAVERN, near the Court Bou^ffflfirTn^ together with the TENUIS COURT attac)<&L ^opemen desi- rous of having a game at tha^icnWenU^nii healthful exercise of Ball Playing wiJJ'Tiave evWy attention, and the use of the excellent Barfl Court ana Ball on terms that cannot fail to give satisfaction. The utmost order will always be preserved, so that Gentlemen may amuse themselves without the fear of objectionable interference, or anything that may detract from their pleasure. AT) //A f PATl/NHTu X L, CORN^fl A)im. A Delicious preparation for Puddings, Custards Blanc-Mange, Cakes, &c., preferred to the best Arrowroot, and when simply boiled with milk, is the most light and wholesome diet for children and inva- lids; and served with jelly and milk or cream, is the most wholesome and inexpensive dessert fer dinner or. supper. >BAXED PUDDING, (From recipes on packages.)— Nearly four table spoonfuls of the Flour, or three and a half ounces to one quart of milk; boil three minutes, stirling it briskly; allow it to cool, and then thoroughly mix it with two eggs, well beaten with three table spoonfuls of sugar. Flavour to taste, and bake for hall an hour in an oven. FRUIT PIE.Bake or stew the fruit with sugar, put it into a pie dish, then pour over it Corn Flour boiled with milk, in the proportion of four ounces of the Flour to one quart of milk, then brown it before the fire, or in the oven. The Lancet states:—" This is superior to anything of the kind known." Obtain it where inferior articles are not substituted. Sold in 4, 8, and 16 oz. packets, at 2d., 4d., and 8d v each. — PAISLEY; 77a, Market-street, Manchester; 11, Temple-lane, Dublin; 23, Ironmonger-lane, London. THOMAS LOVERIDGE. Sole Wholesale and Retail Agent for Merthyr and the Yeighbdiittiood. COMFORT ITT WRITINO«r NO £ EN CAN TELL <\ V THE great superiority of the TELF^graAP^lVpWlfi/ sold at the TELEGKAPH OtjimT ffljs AMOVED for every hand, is an amalgamation Tti- 'the Qet idftals and being anti-eorro-sive, will last tffiict asf%»Ouid' write immeasurably superior, to any of the iWf usually sold. A trial invited. SoliPat J3d. per dozen, or '2s. per gross box. IMPORTANT NOTJRAG, GLEiSTFlELD PjEq?EN& S^AECH, J« the only Starch used*i>n Mefr J&ajesags Laundry, AND as some unprincipled parties. aj^Wv>w^^ and offering for sale an imitatioif^f tlie' G\EXtz FIELD STARCH, we hereby cautia*^ll^fr(Vi^t(\ to be careful, when pu £ chasing^fa see ^vtt (Jlenfield is on each packet, to copy wliicljs fliwayA* WOXHERSPOON and Co., Glasgow and Londou. WHEN TOtr ASK FOR GLENFIELD ^ATPEH1!1 SEE THAT YOTT GET ITJT As inferior kinds are often substituted<TTr\p and Co., Glasgow and LondonTj Jyr Licensed Agent for America and Aus- r tralia. KMM DAYID DAVIES, 29, UXION STREET, irffTlTOOL Five minutes' walk fi^f^iiivaii- lie ad LandU&. Good accommodation for Traveller^, ivitmut Board, on reasonah/K tcrm^. fy A V PEEE STOEE THI? above begs to inform thos.e wfw T^SV Emi- £ rate"-under his auspices, that it i/iiectessary for fcdirbrotecticFa that they should writ (/to Jiim previous fc lefwin^their homes, stating the time of their depar- tore an#The(r*>ute of. their travel, in order that h<? may N^eet tnwn Cfn their arrival in Liverpool, to conduct tntetn to his ^ftablishment, as many are led astray and takert^o other houses by designing and interested par- ties, wh<h<$thev are imposed upon to the greatest cxtcnf EH. GAY, DENTIST, BEES^TO • has perfected an ELE0TK^C2^L iffl'Pa., RATUS for the above purpose, and jnay ?<'< daily at 55, Higli-street, Merthyr (opposite tt!Ofi^ket4 square.) NJ Decayed Teeth and Stiimps extracted without tli^ least pain.—Scaling and Cleaning, 5s.; Stopping, 2s. 6d.; Artificial Teeth supplied. These excellent Mineral Teeth are perfect in their resemblance to nature, and are of everlasting wear. E. R. Gay's Tooth Essence, for the ISRA F.DRAT R RELIEF of Tooth-ache.—In Bottles, Gd., aud Is. each. E. R. Gay's Quinine Dentifrice, for Beautifying and Preserving the Teeth, Strengthening the Gun;s, Sic.— n Boxes Is. each. THE SUFFERERS OF MERTHYR AND THKIK CtJItI? BY J PULVERMACHEB'S PATRW y VGALVASIC AKTI-EUEMM/MM x BHDS. /V MR. PULVERMACH F.R INFI/M^JIOS^NRVALI(!S whose maladies are considored ne^iid/PLc aid oi medical skill, that he has anfrointed JvIi^r.Wj Vli- RIDGE, Chemist, Merthyr Tjfitfi!; to LejSpecial/-gent for the sale of these singiffar VTOLTAlC CHAINS. | Mr. LOVERIDGE will give applicants every informa- tion respecting their curative pow .is and the proper method of J em, so as to ensure irv>'i<'e- dij^e and certain success. Nearly every form of disease is permanently and magically cured by wearing'age orver the Mrt frftected. In all those canes where meTiiine 1 Qr ordinary apafifinces prove futile, the Chains act lil^L charm. A For -miles ljflund many sufferers have already beers narvellol^ly relieved-the mali'dies cured, principally onsist of paralysis, epilepsy, snasais, rheumatism, goat, lumbago, sciatica, rigidity, stiff joints, urethral disor- ders^ hysteria, loss of voice, hypochondria, deafness, debility, constipation, and palsy. And the alleviation of neuralgia, tic doloreux, head, ear, face, and tooth ache, is so astonishing, and effected so instantaneously, that sufferers may test the influence of the Chain before- hand at the dep6t. After seeii.g and feeling the phenomena produced, the sufferer may still further be astonished and convinced by perusing- the extracts taken from upvzards of 1C0 medical, scientific, clerical, and philosophical works, referring to the efficacy of this new discovery.—Price 5s., 10s. 6d., 15s., 18s., 22s.—Visit the depot and read the documents from parties cured.—J. L Pulvermacher and Co., 73, Oxford-street, London. Agent for CARDIFF, Mr. JOY, Chemist, See., Duke- street BRIDGEND, Mr. JOHN PRICE, Chemiet, &E.; NEATH, Mr. HUTCIIINS, Chemist, «o. MERTHYR: MR. T. LOVERIDGE, CHEMIST, &c, MB. TITUS JONES'S NOTICES. CEFNCOEDYCYMMER, NEAB MEBTHYR TO BE LET, with immediate possession, THAT well-krown HOUSE, called the "CEFN i- HOTEL," near the Cemetery. The H which is recently built, possesses every convenmif(5e 4>r aflarge trade. There are St'ble ard Coacl^fouse, Iwitlf/Tie necessary outhouses, and there isjrftachejJ^ Ury large well-fenced Garden, with trellisj/fsuininSr hbuSBS^oroa- mental plants and evergre^*R, anmjJhe Whale we'l adapted for an extensive j»ff-door summer tiMe. The Stock and Furniture may be taken aj^valuation. The cause for letting the house is inconsequence of the death of the late Mrs Asprey. For particulars, apply to Mr. D. ASPREY, China Warehouse, High-street, Merthyr; or to Mr. TITUS JONES, Auctioneer. No. 1, Castle-street, Merthyr. t MR. DANIEL DAVIES'S NOTICES Mr. DANIEL DA VIES, Auctioneer, Appraiser, and General Commission Agent, RESPECTFULLY reiuj*f? his sincere thanks to his numerous I'riend^md SiAifcorter- for the Patron- age he_ has receiveiLror lafPtEight Years, and begs to solicit a continuimce of ttSr suojpert. Offices, Ivor^wee^fc^-mniSjyBnd Albion Inn, High Street, Mertpifr. 1 fr Personal'frttendanM givfium Merthyr, every THURS- DAY. Rents collectiR. JPire and Life Policies effected on advantageous Terin^^V Dowlais, June 2nd,*1859. MONEY ADVANCED^ ON FREEHOLD & by the Perpetual Investoeip^MdMnS^uilding Society, London, 40 be reMfa?(^jnSmmen)Bwithin 15 years, at 5 per ceJtt. peA^lu*fcs4Va*rca.tion to be made to Mr. DANIEL <^viro,|»n>iSMieer, &c., 19, Ivor-street, Dowlais, AgentTsi^MWrtfyiiPistrict. TO PARTIES ABOUT TO FURNISH. S' TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE COJ^AgVby Mr. DANIEL DAVIES,—A few E^t-dayvlLOCKS, in mahogany cases, quite neWj/vruL waA-arite^ good time-keepers. Prices trom £ 4jto £ 5»3Kh.\jr 19, Ivor-street, Dowlais, June 28th, 1 —1 A. jr MR. T. H. EVANS'S NOTICES^ THOMAS H. EVAiy Auctioneer Sf Valuery^X 9, BUTE STREET, A^X^J^B, B W Agent for the Consols" ImHl^e|^ociltiojr^dn- nection with Government S^urittr NEARLY half the Premiums paid h*rf!ijear to year &re entirely at the will of the Insured, jyid can be withdrawn at any moment.—For further culars, apply to T. II. EVANS. TOWN OF ^BEIIDARE. To SCULPTORS, MASONG TO LET, and immediate possession^haffie, Siad, r*^HE BUSINESS and PREMljjMl^ot Mr.'Wyt. JL THOMAS, Sculptor, Com-1IIa^p> AHPNLNV^ The Stock, which is reduced^WTbe talti evaluation! nThe above premises are sujAflWe, wijii aTttl&heration' for any other trade or bfl^niess^a-liere a cejtfral situation is an object. The premises are/HOW yrtfTupon lease, of which nine years are Lu-,nexpi e( tecedingly low rental. This lease will be clis if desired.—For further particulars, apply to Mr. Tn )MAS, on the pre- mises; or to Mr. T. H. EVANS, Auctioneer, Aberdare- or at the TELEGRAPH Office, Merthyr. SALES BY MR. WALTER PERROTT. TEEDECriE IRON WOEKS, MONMOUTHSIIIRE. Important to Capitalists, Railway Contractors, Briclt, Tile, and Draining Pipe Makers, Limt Burners, and others, requiring a constant and plentiful supply of Water 101th Water Power, within 100 yards of the Site of the Merthyr, Tre- degar, and Abergavenny Railway Station. WALTER PERROTT Has received instructions to offer for SALE BY PUB- LIC AUCTION, at the CASTLE INN, TREDEGAR, 011 MONDAY EVENING, JULY 30th, 1860, at Five for Six o'clock, subject to the conditions then to be produced, rpHE following valuable PROPERTY (in one lot), A situate at Cwmnantybwch, h^fh# parish of Lan- gunider, in the county of Brpron, near the Tredegar and Sirhowy Iron Works, u in the occupation of Mr. Daniel Gwvnne and othar respecjfyle tenaa^ at the annuel value of aboutjgnO, whi* i/lkld turner a lease tor lives from His Cletle W43 for tlio remainder of twp^ives,|<igMFlApect^ely 40 and 49 years, renewable by the oL/f(?small heriot fee, subject to the ground rentjy fans annum. TWO LIMEKILNS, a*WaJ*!r Wheel about 8-horse 'power, Nev/ Brick Kiln, Drying Stoves, Clay Rolls and Cottage, together with alj/flie necessary requirements ibr the manufheture of l^fre and Common Bricks, Glazed Flooring Squares, Pantiles, and all, other purpose, where water power is required. Contiguous is the best Clay in the Kingdom for the above and other purposes, to be obtained at a nominal cost, samples of which wiii be produced on the dayM sale, and a practical man will attend to explaift its applicability to various purposes. T| Also NINE COTTAGES and STABLE jfSjQmin^hrf said property, which are a part and pareel ther§S(^ Limestone and Coal are to be obtained near the'pfe- mises, at moderate prices. X For further particulars, apply to Messrs. C. H. and F. JAMES, Solicitors, Merthyr; Mr. HARM-BY, Bank, ^'redegar; or the Auctioneer, Tredegar, S*AML,, CHAS., & FEEDITWAESV? TAILORS & WGOLIIL^F DRA Q 43, Parli-street, sJTriilor by Appointment ^cV4 Glamorganshire or Merthyr Tydfil mfii^vlmtee& S H: -Y S T~l<) TAILOR & WOOL-LE R Ship-street, Bwecons\ Orders by Post or otherwise promptly flWn^ed to. JOE5 GABE, Builder, Contractor, Architect, Avpnaisar, Valuer, £ {c., y f THOMAS TOWK, MERTH/ Plans, Specifications, and Estimatesy^n ifce stalest notice. n JC Experienced Workmen in every branch of -E^fffdrng Trade constar/Jy smploycd. D. E. JO^TES^ Practical Clock & Watch Makopj » Near the; Saxlrvys' Bank, Dowlaisy Watches and Clocks, and, JesveJlery or everQ da/- cription, repaired on the premises. *<* JOHN PRICE, ecr. Appraiser, end Accoimtanif Jlause, Estate, and G-eneral Agen^ry^S^y FT "IE AND IIF S POLICISS EFFECT A?ri) BENTS coLisg^ED.rV 4, Polar-place, Tredegar, April, ISG0. J TO MASONS. WANTED immediately, K TIRTY good WALL-, EltS, to build in the 1 JU lei and Bridges oniift Whitrope and Riccartou Cv itracts, near Hjtwick Border Union Railway. Ou Six Shillings and Sixpence per day of tM^hour^V-iiJ* be given to good Workmen in the TwtfneL^ Shillings per day for outside work, T. U Jr Application to be made to Mr. J^e^ErnRiTso*JfiByn- Neith; Mr. J. COULSON, Britou-ferry J)oH^for*the Foreman on the Works. Also, a good FOREMAN WANTED, for Tunnel Masonry. WILLIAM RITSON, Contractor. Dated 9th July, 186(!! WANTED,—A few APPRENTIOI £ ^tiJpres^ and Mantle Making, where WJbriaVe/m opportunity of thoroughlv acquiring a^«<rwled^e of the business.—Apply to Miss WARDf»atU&rsyRobin- son's, 66, High-street, Merthyr. Q y/ PLO ANTED,—EMPLOYKEN^Jay a oung 3ftan 16 years of age, vei^st.roift, tmdjirell educated.— Apply to Mr. SAXBT^^j^Sik^p^reaegar. Y\TANTED,—A Young Lfidy as an AI^R^btTK^ T » to the Millinery. Also, a resnrotable/^oMQ to the Drapery trade.—Apply to J. Jo»ES, AaqhoV^louse, Merthyr. J\\ TO MILLINERS. WANTED immediately,—An expep^ncfi^Iyoun/ Lady in the above business>/»^li(/jai!0; be Jrole to serve inside the counter and spp«K Welsiff—Ayply to WILLIAM JARVIS, Draper, Aberdare. Y' To Parents and Guardians. WANTED,—A respectable and jrf^T^effljcatefiK' Youth as an APPRENTICI>^ft4^aa^ Trade.—Apply to Mr. EVAN Jo s Dra^(/M#(rkpt- square, Merthyr. • ST E GITEBELAND STREX^ TO BE LETyS n A HOUSE and SHOP, No.J fS, GJeb&and^h'eet, Merthyr.—Apply to MIVXTOHN 1. EV<^NS, 55, Castle-street, Merthyr. J TO LET, WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION/1^ f*V A DWELLING HOUSE, No. 3, S^rset-pmA/, Thomas Town, Merthyr, well adapted SlFSft refef pectable family. A good supply of/water on tha^re- mises.—For particulars, apply to Mr. JoH^StoA^|[)N, No. 1, Somerset-place. A \jr Merthyr, June 27th, 1860. J A TO BE LET, And may be entered upon immediaJmy, A PUBLIC HOUSE called the situate in Horse-street, Do^fais. Mis vwfi adapted for business, and a suitable perso*Kwyk^oon command in it an extensive andyffrofitabletr^de.y^Com- ing-in trifling.—Apply to Jflr. jMxiNTjpHoMAS, Pantyscallog, Dowlais. S\ %TO SCHOOLMASTERS & OTIMRS. iT-C BE L ET, and~may be entered o^mrnMiStelj/f A SCHOOL-ROOM, in Te^rmcSwfet, Merthyr.—Apply to Mr-^ENjjiMiV Timber Merchant, Merthyr. \f TO DRAPERS. TO BE LET, and may be entered on tfdrZbth of July next, z' A SHOP and PREMISES situate/in HigjAtseej;, Merthyr, near Zoar Chapel, aiu/now ii^hewam- pation of Mrs. Isaacs. The Shop y^fittedrcoMenffintly for the business of a Draper, is in/a ^offsiluaScn, and the House is convenient for tb eq ii nts a family. Rent moderate.—For particulars, amAv/l) Mr, J. LLEWELLYN, Cefncoedycymmer. » Just Published, price Sixpey/ee. THE COMMERCIAL ROOM, aaffth^OTlJO, by JOHN BURNS, ex-Commejiffal TraySler/ "The one happy night in theJ^iiM&lhil U6om, is fully equal to anything in 'Chajp<es.O'felRyJfor 'Our Mess.—Vambrian. YyV Published by HoT^ell audw9lLyK55, Strand, W.C., and may be had~hy ffrder of all Boafisellers. —



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