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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

1 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



MR. H. W. HARRIS'S j A :N :N O IT isr (J E m ENTS n. W. BABE IS, Auctioneer, Appraiser, Home, Rotate, and j Cteneral A govt, BEGS to inform the Public that all rentiers entrusted to'Ms' care will be punctually aYid arefully attended to.1 Retft* collected. Fire,, I and Life Policies-effeoted.on ..advantaaaons Offices Mr. Bees Thomas's, MigJ^reet/1 Merthvr, opposite Cloth H all. LOED E.AGL AN IJTN, j MEM THY JR. T5 EES^JaBE announces to his Commercial -Jl\)Jpfiends and the Public, that the above -Inn h^every,i|on'venience fcyxtheir accotomodntion, .^md the QoMs suppljj^daro all of the very best cpiali/1 4J •^ITor^and kept for Hire on reawnn-ble. ter ns, anjpdrders for them by post promptly ') att lee rAPEB G I A Faroe STOCK of PAFIJR'H A j$h m*#? be SOLD OFF at the TBiiEftHitPHjbffiee* High-street (opposite the- Karket HMiCf Mer- *jyr.) PersonR intending- to Decorate their Houses are solicited to inspect the Patterr-s and. Prices, which cannot fail ot giving satisfaction; NOTICE. To AIr. WILLIAM RIDLBH late J? ail- way Contractor or Navvy, on the Merthyr and Brecon Mail-way, or to whom it may concern. WH DREAR the SAID WIM-IAM EI»I-KR ■was indebted to me, i-he ftnderslgnc! -.1 ■was indebted to TDe, i-he ftnderslgnc! -.1 the sum of £ 7 17s. for Board mid,Lodging, and whereas the said William <*?!■:• er has le> in my possession several Navigators' .Tools. whieh he left in the presence of who rr- pro\e that the same belonged to mm. Now this is to give NoH/:c. that unl^ the said William Hidler, or some person authorise; by him, shall pay nte tbe flbnve sum. I shud, in oiie Month from the date hereof, Sell the ^I.UU Xby Public Auction to defray the above sum, and swh other expenses as shall be incurred thereby, and shall return the overplus (if any) to liira or 1 such other person authorised to receive the .same. /Dated this 24th ?!?y of J uly, I860. WILLIAM ARTHUR, Victualler, Gwaelod-y-G«rt,h Inn, Mertbyr Tydfil. Witness—EI-LEN JAMES. MerfhyrtoTrodegar nptflE Public are informed that THOMAs >f GIBBON, the Mail Carrier between the above places, is permitted to CARRY PAR- rtCELS, and which he engages to de/ber-with "thev^reatest care and punctuality. He leaves Coach and Hotncs, MeHhyr, at 6 o'clock in the morning, and the Cambrian Inn, Tredegar, at 12 o'clock, arriving at Tu evtnyr at a quarter past 1. Parcels left at either of these places, or in any house on the road, will be taken care of and properly delivered. MERTHYR & ROYAl. MAIL. W HTHB above I -&- Mail leaves L 1 ■# the Cattle HoW^ Merthyr, every 1 .v/'V* \f*s Morning (Sun- •»« days excepted), at Eight o'CIu* k Tr< gar, at a Quarter-past Nine and arrives in Abergavenny at FIsdi-past ^Eleven, in time for the' Twelve o'clock Third /Cla-,&Train to 3 ereford, Shrewsbury, Chester end. JLIwrjwo arriving at the 'utter place a I £ ight O"T JOCK-the SAME Evening. ON ITS RETURN, the J>iail leaves the Angel. Hotel, Abergavenny, at Hall-wast One o'Clock in the After/oou, (aftsr the arrival of the Liver- nool Train); and arrives in Merthyr at a Quarter p £ st Five, in time for the Yale of Neath, and T:¡,jf l alp Train"e Friehard's Aromatic Steel Pills ARE unrivalled-for restoring vigour to debili- tated constitutions, in boxes, Is. lad., 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., and lis.—Prepared by WM. PRICHARD, Apothecary, 65, Charing Cross; and of all medicine vendors. Belper, May 4, 1860. Mr. Prichard. Srn,-I have enclosed S3 postage stamps, ple!lse to forward one box of Aromatic Steel 1 ills, sit g3. 9d. per box.—P.S. I receive n-^re oenefit /from their use than all other medicines I hr. v-e ever taken for twenty years, first one tning and then another, but more particu.arly quinine and iron in its various form., as well as ^jsono^ drugs I know not or.—Yours respeeJuuy, V;> HARKISON, Colourman, near Swmley \VEI., Belper, Derbyshire. AITGTTST, 1860. Steam Communication between Cork, Car- diff, and JSeirvort. « MHE CORK STT.AM 'SHIP 1 1 P COMPANY'S Screw Steamer JifattrL "PRElfSSJ'SCHER ABLER," Tff&VTii. 1,000 Tons, Captain BVUNB ■4gyDODO," 1,000 Tons, Canfiini CKOVT, or "BITTERN," 800 Tons Capt.HOTXAND, are intended to ply as under, and afford conveyance for t asseng. re, Goods', and Cattle, at very moucrato rate.. FROM CAP HI PI" AND I^V/PCRT. Newport, Satiuday 4 i ,^5 a.ra. -carfilt, g«»rd»J ™; ■ » oaru.n, CORK.—-J^or Newport, Wednesday, » ;■ Ncwt^ort. Wedne.-f-.aj, • • -^r' ,1 » Cardiff. Wedne«('a\, • • <1 Newport, W .i < ■' >-• •" To CORK, Best Cr.b'n, l'S.ou. _cc.s, No Steward's Iloi'es, Carriages, Live St;>c.<, ma ( Sliiptneiit sliauld J before tbe advertised time of bhxrUng. For Freight or Passage, appjy at ttteco r O'iii-e, Cork j or to Messrs. \)wea and P Ship i":vokei'», Cardi#; c.r, Jw. if Jfflwor^ ,A "(I-ITST, CAllirrFF AND BlilSTOL. ri ..m't 'am N'\vi —l .1 tration CompiU»y'§ 1 as;- rj £ >iL *sk$S Said-'g -t< ,VT "JHNKY > JONES." J) AVTD i )A VIBS, # 4«' 1» J! < •nnr'ander, is nuei:ie<i to. > px bet cf 1 CARDIFF fliid BRYSTOL, *.th p^7r!f:'(L.:3ljnndK- during the ensuing moui a, as PROla CAJsHiri'- Aug. %r^av.- la- 1 1 w.r'->e<-dav 4 n-?B. *«•••••• „ 2 Thmsilav4fn.W. 7, V 8 u 3 Friday. 5| p.m. '■>" 6 Monday (4 a.m. i. i()4 n l0. 8 Wednesday a.e:. 9 lhui~- 1 it a re. 10 Friday ..8^ tt.m. 1» ^1 13 Monday 12A p.m. 14 KS. 15 Wednesday 2J 16 T.iur- 5 ,f ri 17 Friday 5* -,n I', y 18 Saturday.. a.m. Il8 }> '■ 20 Monday sji 21 1 22 Wednesday 8 a.m. 7 s iiU'1-1^* 24 Friday 9 .p.m.'vrj Saturday •• i'r' 27 Monday l-J p.m. 28 Tuesday !>,tn' 23 Wednesday 8 p.r/H0 Thirsdny.. •> 80 Thursday.. 8f Friday G/t a.ra 31 Friday 4^ p.m.! front Cardiff, )7th and. 18tlj. a To-and-fro from Bristol. 2nd, 3rd, "Ota and 31st. from io. <:oiijuiiction with the 3 Is!, 4r.h, and &0ti* Fares :-After Cabin, 1 C-K —Further inform.ution to hei^tr, c., miy be obtained by applving nt il;s on Bute Docks, f ardia'- 0. tn Jo'-m J leie'1, (jer. • street jixtdl, j.s.iii-stret-.t, fh^st ■ E, J. THOMAS, 0»»e: d SupRrintmdHut. ..■ I II • If MERTHYE TYDFIL LOCAL BOA 10 OF HEALTH. JJkf^ontractcrg, Hauliers, & others. rHE above Board are prepare, to rt^ceive Tenders tor doing the Tean, Work of the above I^ict. T^Work^ be; (Tone pursuant to tne Ttens of Specificatl&n, which may be seen at t^eT^oflBi^h^ori ALFRED TAYLOR, C.E. W Tf-Tiders to be sent mJmthe ffl*deisig!l pit or Wore kTSGvMjtiitK, 1860. 'ra^^Board 'fa not. bind thems^J^?s to /jRJdept the^jj^t wr ill T Clerk. ]IT 'list 21,(i, 6,. P U B LTO N E T tTevoby give Notice to^adestjjbii-iid others that I will not hold myseU rfiion^le for I- any Debts that my. Wife, ANNN$i.v'i?|e>, may contract after this date, and all partif^-are there*, fbre cautioned against giving her '•gootj^on credit. e dit. .• SlMlTEL A Dowlais,,27th Jul^ieeo. I- ME. T6N, i-,T PRICE, Wholesale. I actor, 26, WellitigHn-strcM^M^rthvr. Home-curcd WeKh Bacon If quality at the lowest m^rkp»jjfice9. s PBIME WEL24 BY AS a .bi STORES :—Bapk o rince in FEEE PASSAG^ AUSTRALIA. Wanted-immediaetly, for South, Am- u ^CiTRONG, fifeglthy Men, who JJ X t:re(fec'cnalome4 to Farming cJ-!ydHt. pullpits'. Servant Maids of r-OOU char^H- ftrw^ied free of^htrge The forfcviriJ5"dasSSsiarefjnost in demand 30lock Jjrivers, Herdsmen, a %j4^^eelwi^'lw»lV^oi^ Smiths, Carpentej^^t^ers^iffubppA Apply personally for'fcpplfmtio* twym, pro- dding a character, to Mr Go vern- ment Emigration Agent, Ci., ed gpr. 'LOYERIDGE'S H HE IX MA TIC PILLS, FOR THH CTJKB OF. RHEUJUTISH—ACUTE, CHROMIC. AND Mxjscm,AS PAINS LF RAITOACK; PAIKS ANP (RN^FGFSSA I;< TFJS HHAD; OOSTIVKKESS, ABISIN^IWM'INDT0*^TION Prepared by T. J^VBmiiar^M/igmer of the Pharmaceutical Society of Gr ritain. LIST OF AaENTS:~fr>»^^gar, Mr. Ciosswell; Aberdare, Mr. Evans; Newbridge and Treforest, Mr. Bassett; Hirwaun, Mr. Sinis; Dowlais, "Mr. Lewis; Brvnmawr, Mr. Jones; Neath, Mr. ITibbert; Aberdare, Mr. Orchard, MiH-street; Rhvmney, Mr. Dixon, chemist.—Wholesale Agente, Messrs. Barclay and Son. London. HEIN HI'S IIORSE& CATTLE FKED. HENRI'S PATENT CATTLE FEED is the most perfect preparation of the day for HORSES, COWS, CALVES, or J^IEEP,- as hundreds of Testimonials certify.Jt&ez 4Ss. per cwt—HENRI'S PIG MEA A;¡. per (""d: M EN RPS PATENT M^DJOAYlsD HORSE EF.ED, admiuistereditfghtly, will rtjikjkly sieve Horses tliat as^si,;k r-r ol^eit^ed^mto splendid and huffily ^ndi^n,^ithcu*inuter- fering with^tjreir dai'KOi-k/ fnjt«tsles where this is used, swollen les^f craplcejHiecls, or sur- feit never appear. Boxes, tfcirffaining 56 feeds, 1J ENRT'S FEED is ,,¡e only one patented (18o5) andissold, with a guaranteed ANALYSTS, hy FLENH'I'S PATKI, r CATTLE j-a Cosi- pir-'r, Steam Mill: IIvll, the sole manufac- turers, to whom or their duly appointcul Agents, orders raust be given, and Post Office Orders made payable. London Depot, -10, King William-street. Merthyr antf Aberdare, THOMAS LOVERII;GK, Mcrtbvr, jr Ti' -4 1; T: 71, his v bite swellinu^, t>< .« 1 a ■ V' ujU of I jf ^.ent is all that i.7 rieef :i.i to a cure. Piles and Piettuiu*. rn>p eun >> » h this Ointmer't offccts, in Lcal- inj_ 1 (1. s ( w. standing and which iiav>! re- a-i jti! riles. I-Wnlns, have been so con utiees and so 11 of01 01 thi-o).ahout the world, that, nllY effort n xi ite detailed statement of their r "tin >< fei would be vain. It is sufh- i 1 iinvti the Oiiun:;?nt has nevji* proved i J V U>U. it tt> 14 .i Of' v J* • The diseases ot 10 ci <"1 ddren are m<v5t sub",cot, such a i*< t J Uie head p + rashes, rumiv i-i", tes^sxu^s, Lc, •nt >x ekly relieves ov 'ns unguent. 1J n the inim'nf o<d r > s'n W « used iv the fJrifi p cnrv« ) Xibeumat!?.™ 1«» hrr-v s fvi Sealdrf 'r end soronippies uU"J v-;T ft- Pore-Inroads jr«(l^elic- .bi-'piK;Ku;lS;s Skin-diseasoa s" -dSarfd- wstuhis. Scurvy Gout o" v.y t "we!" Ou'uro 'is '1 i ll* 1 £ > :;W3 ji|() T- t..■ t'KO,/ ::«scii ^°1-1 il near- Tern B;u-), ao." w>v' 4 C/"ai. .o.e Ur:iu;gisls a-ui i• Ml u .i5«5r/»o (liroue'fioiit Ih • m lid. .L'd., it f V -11 1 ami 1 ) .,v- pvillST >>Y C,erc is .1 col- tbe1i-'Toi i-" usance of patient—Di ir f ( r0 ijox- II e«wy <!i «-t" 1 I T." EEES; K.3DS XIDIiUvrT1 DE35TTIST, ¡, HIGH STREET (opposite the West, of England, Bank), 'MERTHYR, I NVITES the i'u'.ilic, and ■especia'ly^NnQse, afflicted.with decayed or deveefive Teeth, to an e-yami- j.afcon. of the ourable.and elegant Artificial Mineral, Teeth, iuanui:ietured by hiia on the premises in Hiih « iecL.Tiiey av^jpAet irNtheir resemblance to nature never wear out or cor- ..roue, audan«v n- -_n v-rw r^ie^wTp-ivpose of rhtiiv^ r^eth. -.v Reference is kinoly perrarau .to ,a lajfck ighraber the m^st reso^cfaMe persons in the neigh- .bouriK)(m who nave patrojiiied r .Jie^s. 7J the, .jlo0/^iiu|nj^Eces an-instay i^uyous «ure, %gold in bottles at Gu. aud ls..i:acti/^ ReeWs 'Jvuii' A uringmt. Mouth Lmwn.tbSs excelhnt "ir».,r itiou has^proved, 1A' experience, to be of the grddfestijonpticFor th«^cm'<? ;of ■<pu. 1.1. :Ua- or relWfd «"Hms ;■and, as a general lotion for ren4win.#tCuio,utIi swee^^ftd condoitJb!. it \iH he foundWie 61 the u6os{ •pleasant ewr employed. To .fsons wearing ArtiQctal Tgetli if i«« v ses i "°oth Powdei prevents and rerppves, the fbri' r' iv na\ imparts to the ieeth ponrjy whiteness, gives a iltfiightf jl fragrance io the breath, and rntir^fv prevents the. injuriftu effects ot aoid and.steel medicines upon the enamci. T f'" ¡-¡-¡ 71 -7' J OI^' <1,E>W IS, WATCHSIAKH; JWWS]k,Bll, SZLVJiSRSMIT^J^ 'f TU'EDEC-All, EESPECTFXJLJ^formi hj/jluod Ps+rons and the Public genially that he has ■REMOVED' horn to^i^te^^remimi in Qo^bn-STRBTIT near 'the Bank,' whiehTBil hnp. just Op^feu vQh w1 ertfrvfrltew Stock of Cold and Silver Watches, Jewellery, Plate, &c., whicn will be otferc^.t fAea^ffelu ted prices. J. L. returns KB sinieretliaiits for tfsitfavours, and begs to solicit a continuance of the same. liepairsyttorfe on thef primates\ experienced Workmen, at low charges. WSmTNifclMS At- IfFDTICjiD PKICl,S. JP T."p" S ¡' OF A NEW MBBARY, HEADING- KOOM, <fe PHILOSOPHIO INSTITUTION. M E a T H Y II TYDFIL. -.9' THE Ms™aging Conmittee tho Ifferthyr Library respectfully be^ leave toi nvite the attention of th«r Feliow-Townsmcn, and of the Oe?itlemen connected witb this town and neighbourhood, to a project which they hai-e fbr sonW-time-past had in contemplation.- Literary Institutions are natural developments of the; march of civilization; aud are both the products and instruments of soijfitf sqplal. progress. A, these Public Libraries necessarily occupy a prominent position. SRSh Institutions naturally attuict to tiieieseives.the most, bnllftmt,; intelligence,and the more.^ultivafcd jfcinds ol-their respective localities. The members from the superiority of their 'ih^ntai iifcd ny^al characters, and fro ai"the greater soundness, variety* t, nd extent of their iiiformationTSjaJuraily- become the leaders of thought bi thair.sereza/ riroies; air1 in -.1 ag v-V c every r evr->t/ wf agep,c^ tends^o widen the area of politic-.l- power, and when dangeis, iro u crude view> m r<iL-(iigE>sted' knowledge, increase in pioportion to the extention ofp lar u.Hi. n"<, it oocome*. flfen dftfy.oLwisa a"ad thou-^htiul men to increase thenumber ef«.»cbi P' it d beaeficnl a ts; to' ntl encourage ail* institutions, that have for their c to pm "f 1 ;evi'tø e pe le ac largeV to render the best Works in every department oi S;icuc" and Arc ej«^1?ccessible to an classe" of the community; and to diffuse a Ino-v (d,,p ot i'IC n"st substaptSfL instructive, aad healthy literature, of past and present times, Sut t fl e t 1 to > „ asfceyrf^oOulous loc&Iitijs'. »fc' fives, and wlwi' me assistoafeof the Ircninasters_ and their Pellow- Tow»MneT», 1 *j^Toi .srawas ti*! MfafftrHV' it Li niiAii" in the winter of 1840 from that titt'e tovth^ml Iu»tifutionAias n«t-"bft^^rtffataiaert its ground, but has also been steadiiy pro- gressive and scii-supportingf/it: rlg^trmembers now exceed one hundred and twinty; the shelves contain upwards of two tiwiwmd" volumes the most approved Works in Science, Art, History, Poetry," Fiction, and Qptttifel literature; these are all rendered accesible to the humblgsi readers at a charge of only Jfflf^itefnpenee per-Quarter, or rather less than Three-iialf-pencfll'&r week j and the Committee have the satisfaction" to observe that the yalae of the Institution am far appreciate!I, iliat from twenty-five to.thirty volumes 'ure taken out nightly. The leading News-/ papers of the day and several of the most approved weekly and monthly periodicals are r^gularfyA laid upon the Reading Room table. i>ut die usefulness or the lusti ution is limited by the want of space. Deterred by the failuri!-of more ambitious projects, the original promoters contented themselves with renting a comparatively smalProom. Tiu,» has now prov^d inadequate to the requiren.ents of the Institution, ana of their nightly crowds of readers; their book-eases, which occupy all the available space, are insufficient to contain the books already in the Li'n^y, and which are steadily increasing in number; for the srtine reason, 1. unable to use a sUtof Globes, a fine Telescope, a very good Microscope, and other instn, nt the use of -t.Jikih the^h^ve acquired by the amalgamation with them of the George-rown Philosophical Scroti, foundeir'<iii 1802- and they are unable t<v display their Maps, among winch are uiunance-^lap»*ot tiie.Inei-tliyiyj'istrict, ereologieslly coloured, and a very haad- bome^Map °i AineViCa, recen^^p:irfci|ted by THOWS^ FALCONBK, ESQ. I lLCv therefore resolv«L to ^ppefENlo the'r Fdjow-Townsnien to assist them in erecting a suitable builo/usr .or i. 11s purpose 7\nd hfyving fruetifiedtSe talents given to them on a former occa- sion, tuey are encouraged oy the suveeas of past stewardship to expect a liberal amount of puojc suppor. Tiiey calculate thai: iihcLt £ <330 wiii suffice for the ercction of a building suitable for a Library aud -heading c.v., aiuWp foilia the nucleus of a Museum; and they propose ta/ raise that amount oy laeans of N JOTKT^STOCE COSHMNT, under the LiMiraD. LiAurr.iTY ACTV in Shares ot if each. Tney believe that the credit of Mertlivr itself is involved in this proposal. A far more am oxtious project mjghf, justifiably claim euceura«*ement from the .wealthy inhabitants oi so hn-ge populous, and important a place as this; and when several otxthe-haigftbopriiig- towns, especinlly J.Nea 1 a, Swansea, and Carwnrtben, already have noble Institution oi tlfia kind, they feel assured that, tins appeal will elicit a prompt and a hearty response from the peo|>k of Merthyr. JJie Committee have much pleasure in announcing that E. A. BurCH. Esq., the Member for the Rorougn, authorised them to put down his name ibr liberal promises have been received from other persons; and the Committee themselves will promote the obieet to the lull extent of. then' several abilities; r V JOHN GRIFFITH, President. TUO-S. STEPHENS, Hon. See, SM^ Applications for.Shnrps to be made to the Honor.ny Secretary. PR!WTJN<5 BY STEAM POWERT, P It iI N T ¡¡ B V S IVi P 0 'lrJ R. fjj&UISTOL & PAY M0 EE N, — — — 1 \< Js' Is. WILLIAMS, RESPECTFULEY informs the f it he possesses ev^rv facility (which perfect machinery and Steam power c.Uifidid) «. i/sg Orders to any extent in Printing, ou the Shortest Notice, and at tno Lowest Ivm* of^ "9v ?:i i Heado, Invoi'->-s, ;•# Icings, i •«» and Visiting Can's, AUC- ?ii:d g jrv^ ounw^en^r, 1 11 n«. Style, and exceutou with an Expokfion t.?-;vl-c;ainot bg surp; -f ftftabJistna^iut out or Lonuon. Pi-u'-tfa printed on Go'-d Paper. Double fhw.i (30 in. by 20"i for l()/m. P.i. For 9.Q-') 37s. Od. For 000 \%g. 0d* Do. do. fo'l; Long (?:f) by 10) „ 300 13^. Od. „ .-00 16s. Od. „ L.flOO 2lsftoS}6s; l»jy»il.f*J4 by W lo«- 0d. '>0o gos.'Od. „ :JOO &is. «d? Demv (23 by IS) 1.. H, 32s. Od. „ „ SSs. 0d* c.wu-;g iHv 35) tOn. Gd. Ids. Od. „ yis. nd* Oor.-? folio (• y; V.rf;, }) ,ss. od. :••>• -id. „ m, »d* u-owii do. Lj? 7«?-.0d. „ 10s. «<l- „ „ l.Js. -Od- F-Oi^do -It! V v; fe. Od. „ „ S)s. Ou. „ „ Orb. Deu.v 4to. (, 1 l;v'0- d> 5t)0 !)-. 6d. -i,000 14s. fid-" Crown 4fo. (.0 y -is. 0d. V 8s. Od. „ 12* 0d- Demy Octa\«> (!) byo4). 1 «W d. « OtiO IBs. O-.i. „ 5,000 25s. 0d* Crown do. («.J, by /j) <N ) t° Od. 5,000 20s. 01. „ 1.0,<>>> '30s. Od. Demy 12iao. (?'-i by 4* «* Od. 10',00 .25s, Od. ,,20,000 40s. Od. Of1 <» Coloured inks, charge'] extra. x/y X •• 'Vv tiubico h^ds on <3:-od Trri Wv<j Paper. v Food' s" Quarto (&k hvWJ. ihvJjti 44Mid. F^. >m 10s. 0d. F:n- l!wft 14#- Cd< P )St Oiiio. {[> by 5). ,Jlw0 1&. 0>i. a,000 ?.0«. Od. „ g^iOirV. 42j.m. Foolscap do. (8-i by lil) I'H. 0d. ai- do. ?V. ii4s. 0d. Do. 9mo. (Si-by 44-) „ 8s. Od- 2%. Od. Tills. Odf 'J*rcvliirS; Laid ,Faper, 11 j tLeaf. Note SMC, ic,r 100, from 3s. Od.j £ 00, (is.; 500, 13a. Od. > NT rj "ds, iroai 10s. per 1,-000. Tk-a Vaj- i>kiN'kj/i; A,t IsN^-MH 1,000, ij? THUKK RkAMIS AIIB OKDEKBB. *4 • PJIINT^TG elÜ RINDING done tor the TRADE. Acoonnf.-R< tdi?> of all 8i»'"i ]'aitems, made in a Bupcrior ntixmer, Rt- the Shortest Notice.— Every style 01 i.miun^'io^e .1 lyJie.apest Rate of Piiees, eoujisteutwith oie^atice and durability. Pap. r Rujc:i u> iua»,iiinc r ■—School Books, "Writing an'l Cipbd'hiv, Covie.-i, Pocket and Cftice Ledcre" MttniUc « etc., always on hand.—Xlevicvu, Magaziaes, and all other Publications, deluding N« p.o and Cheap" Peiiodicnls. supplied rcgr urly. Standard Id tf$i c mmdiad vo the Public at Wholesale !*■> lo:s. s tun: HiA..F Q-FIS'E AS4sC)T:ir)' 1 fr'NT 03? PAI'SH B"A1S"GIB"GS IK"' x\ t x' C;.mpri ;'ng the iaosT. i2< r!n|t.-an 1 I • 1 "as, together wi*h tbese of the Cheapest I Carriage p.);,1 to any piece v/itbin tjie deliver < the Pouth >7 ales, Vale cf Neath,.Ta-Tyale, and Loop roe oi- Railways, and- also .to abfparts of 111'; tror; li is'.picts of M.cumdutbshb'c, on orders of j 20s. and upwards., u T £ !JjSJG-} £ .dJ>M'' Gjice, Merihyr Tydfil, GHiS, A., MMJ^SC^OOIi, v- A ^spBDAicE. ond UAod J. G. MORGAN, •«-■■■ >-■■■ K. ember of the Lotulon University. AROMATIC S?P JD XJ t, T IB O RIIR:: THE sn; priority of P11 r sfijOii vor Kt)ii^« v er all other remod'fil agents in the treat. inr nL ot Consumption^ffcjieral/ )eblny^S,!ld Scrofulous A^ectiooB, h^ now be^n .long fully proved; the onj^bjection fob s inoj^ommon use has heretofore been the disagreeable ftivoiftUnd impurityci^hat hru|Mp« a toe fjjefmently sold; this has at length been overetnnt! bydm-" t Bsrtinglftthe puro-lSu the j|%isant bif>i rot the hot) with other fonic Amimtkv,4ht« inofe«4ng/, Its^strengthening qualities, anaVend *nig it moinj ftgtee«bie thaajn6»t other taihadifis- "H_ Prepared by LokotiIAN, wv,qwi it». and FtoBiNSoN, Wholesale Druggists, Bristol; and-sold by all Druggists, in Bottles, One Sii'i Ikig tacit. SPONGING, HIP, SHOWER, & EVERYDESCRIPTIOi-Jj OF BATH, "-—— "TAY D'F- OBTAINED AT \"w. T <3r K -.U FlHiKISHING AND GENERAL IRONMONGERY ESTABLISHMENT. < I^OM>^5|TE;A^S IN GREAT V ARIETYt, Agent^f^F^e'sJlaibip (h^^HardcveA Safe, which is undoubtedly the only one capable of resistbig^iAtMomMisKed^irglar, as proved hj the late disastrous trial 'at Barndey, between Erice'mtm Mihpers Lafes.—Sze Barnstey Advertiser, May 5, |660. 14V#pH'STREET, OPPOSITE ANGjEL HOTEL.. I ■" -i 1 -1 »" u Jf J »"ii'4. .< 7. K- '■ X -f.rT-y FOE 8IJ 'A T-S W'O ,k""1 ft V, 111 "■ "'Tr- r-r-— ^^EDP-OI^I^Er^d; HOUSE, I, :t. í V- v. S E L LJjylT^ oVj^WKMER GOO DS. N^L LLOTD; BE(JSto State, t^T thewhWc-of his STOCK will to. £ &3>«t'«n IMMENSE REDUCTION consisting as belo^<M|islift Dresses, Muslin«, Balzarines, Bftlmeinp Robes, Fancy Duess. 'Materials, Fancy Re+fe Dresses, Challey Plaids, Shawls, Alantles, and/aekefs, In great vaariety., Straw Hats, Bonnets, and Capstan immense Stock of Paiasols,, Ribbons, Ffowers, Collars, and .Slee^fc_ w^B.-rs-An Immense STOCK,of REMNANTS will be sold at extraordinary low prices., J f\ "S^ Kfe™ Sale to commence next SATURDAY, and continue for 21 days. w 7T ——" V" v\ ID IE IDsT IB I Gr SC; NA^rt)NA> BISTEDDYO 1); GUST 7th, 8tb, Sth, and 10th, 1860, V^NI TI CHAIR WILL 1513 TKKEN AT TEN A.M. EACH; DAT- /dfy, KIN WILLIAMS WYISTN, BART., M.P., PRESIDENT. J mm CONCERTS AT a P.M., EACH mmm. aiiimes of Eisteddfod Meeting's and Concerts are now ready, and will be forwarded on recd t of Four Stamps, by Mr. E. WILLIAMS GEE, Honorary Secretary. v. HSIEBBPOD GmIoL BClRWESTQL, ABS8DAR. GYNHELIR TRYDEDD CYLCHvYYL CYMDKITUAS GERDDOROL DDIRWESTOL, ABELtDAR, ar y DYDB CVNTAF o FAWRTH, 1861, set Dydd Dewi Sant, pryd y gwobrwyir yr ymgeiswyr huddugol ar y testvpau canlynol. CERDDORIAETH. 5.—Am y Quartette goreu ar y £ 5. d. *1.—Am yr Anthem oreu ar y geiriau £ s. d. geu iiu yn lago 4edd bennod, 9fed yn Isq.ia 32 bsnnod, a'r adnpd flaenaf, adnod, ynghyd a'r tied adnod vh y 'Sect ° r'r f>5 bennod o'r un llyfr, yr adnod brnnod o'r nn llyfi-; flaenaf, ynghyd a'r rhan olaf o'r i.ii d.—Am y Don Gfynulleidfaol orcu ar .adnod, yn "Hwy a weÎèmc y oaesuv 7 a S, neu :?, yn llyfr S. ngoniant yr Argiwydd." S\0 0 ^Koboits. ,0 10 0 2.—Am yr Anthem orcu ar y geiriau 7.—4M y D6JI oreu at wasanaoth y y« Sahn. Ixi., y gyntaf yngh yd a'r ail Banii of Hope, a^anrhyw eiriau Cym- a'i olaf o nrlnodau .>/? 10 0 'reig 0 10 0 3.—Am y Gnnig-oreuary l-'enniU^r- ^X^^ARDDQNIAETH. westol sydd i'w.gaofod ar <.iid^kT>l o'r l.—^rfn y geiriau goreu yu Gvmraeg iuyfyrdodau Barddoaol, ij^m 1 a" arJ^Riies Josrph, i gyfausoddi (jratono Dewi •••/■ X: 1 10 bjXt&yut 3 3 0, 4.—Ant y Ganie>«feu aivT Fcrwill y Bryddest' oreu iir Gerdd- Dirwcstol sydd^w weleA yVy/iK- orion-n Oiiepddoriq*th Cymru 1 10 0 TiiYH TiiiajmtA PK ili yf 2&nin o. 3-jAiji y Gan oreu i'Bist.yll y Dar- GrphenlmpfT J..yTl 10 0 Awrdar, ar y doa Nos Calan 0 10 0 Llywydd yr EistejJdmd, M1*- Rossait «oi? (Asaph Glan Taf.) Beiniiai.l:—Y Gcriiuoriaetl^w'. Thomas DAYTBR (flew Rhondda), Pontypridd y FarJdon- 1, ^naeth, i'av«-h. R«>nEKT V,( 1m i gyd-teirrviftda ar Hhif Cj.itat o'r Fai'ddonhcth. /^vddhflwl gai«T Beirniaid i aital ygwolrnvyoi. o.>. i,' Id teilyngdod. "Y cyfa.nsoddir.dau fcti<Mnpsri>l yn'eiiido v pwylfgor. V Tonaii i fou yn iiaw >r ^(.nydd or! ;i yr ilain o Rhagfvr, I860,- y Glelft y 14eg-o Iwnawr, isoi, »'r Anthemrni .>rbvuyr31ain o'r un mis. Y Farddoniaeta crbvn y 14eg o Icnaw, iBOI. Yr cinvan priodol dan sel at yr Ysgrit?nydd. ->r>wau yn Huig wrth y cyfansoddiadau. Os hydd rliai psrsonan yr, dcwls 1 hoddi rhyw le-tyuau ycbwaiiego! eJlan bydded iddynt, ;aifon cu gVTobiau yngbyd a'r tostvaau at yr Ysgrifenydd. Bydd y Giuuadaet.h a'r*Adroddiad"ii ail,11 yn bur fuan. RdCIIAHl) HOPKINS, O ik Oottagoj Aberdare, Ysg-rifenydS. Tno Groa' cst Boon of the Ago! POLniuEU IN S'inm:ÜJ-TE 1 EUDUCED v-v HAT.K IJS raicis! Sea Sififoiess and the ill effects of Jlrink presented and Health itwtr^ hy w-mjj j MAGNUM PEOIVIOTU.II. OR INDIAH TEA (-.IR:IOVFU. RVI. whiah alone is simplv a refreshing bevej^c. ic ndntfiture ot tbis: ijpirfTuA^F, is mtrae so'streagthpirtng and cuti'iiious, bencf^ ficia! to the nep«s, that no eujijjrint or tamfly should be vAfimiit it."<>« > It, ett'cpmailv jAv«Ptsaffsickucss, and.'not only marts'jiijri^ Ii ,find iv.oro strength to the' to, fbicW it »i<ros.nnbies r.s to iiiow 00 trace of i^prfs^fe,.but, acting },.< a tonin <MI the ptomricli,>iTOngthens the witolc svbiem, rendering ir^|ually desirable to tbe man of busiues§/OT pleasure as to the most delicate female. One Penny Packet will last a week in n,t female. 'li Savo, I"ilf ftimiiies, and wilt save halt tlu> Tea. s with feill directions tor use, by various'trruies- men in Pembroke, Swaasea, •r.diii"i mwoori,, Gloucester, Bath, Bristol, Livprj>oo" and Lon- d<hl„ Wholesale -orders to 6e addressed to JSr. I WxhLTAM ^.V* IT.TIL A MS, ."GICV^NT), MERT^RJ Mr. BAh3KTT; Driiceist, Pontypridd; M". DAVIS,Drutrgisf., CWMAVO: ov t, .\fr. GJ-OKOTV I MA««6, Sole .vgeii't to the Mantkctia-ers, lx, Dcaniirect, Portland-square, Bristol. I ¡ I. l' .¡. Pretty tube of mici.ty power, Chariaer of my l eisure hour"— T"| 6ft OUR A RLE MES*f?)W<-as made JLX of the BaOS.EjaTi' GLAZED TO- P. A COO PIPES at th^rcaVf;^fcitioa^?5l These T>ipes, man^^irwUbx^jidon eaV.ii sceia, ii. ajOTa^NVW-osftie^ire fitrongly reconimcudcjj/^o elnil•;inhaprivate use. Doccl will fhi^ ilitwlar superior to the yi-d'fin'-y fltty j^pes. ■*{ 1-. v from one'gross upwards —;rk —■ iLr!- t -— TFTIUS DI»|V^)PEAS, LIKE MAGIC i n FTE'RTKmff Harper Twejs otrees'Bu^ L'eslroycr, wuicn KiU^xh2m by rait- ho/is utterly destroys the e^mnt iVwhich they |jpgj'^e.lNOUe cau exist^^er a single F^key^at "d.,i^d^ and Is.; and 0 r;er: }**• annW:t-ach,^ «H Ageutofor Harper ■iwewetrees SH5np Pawder-1 ^Po^jrec for 7d. -H rjiPEU; >rw~F<TSFTBE-KS' POI. J-.i> WHEAT wi^yHiiil hundreds; of isiee .U'd siwirrows o». th^jjot.. No risk nor danger to bnratau lifq, nor t^xatf-.oi- dogs, ('rop^rpay lm .1. entire1.v protected by scatfering .tUfe-oisoned | wheat, over seed beds. •, Sold at, ldJ.i SI., Cd., a: r<-s rear :••• :v P; -;nr«fc, I, I e. c, Erpfl»ley-by- | li; iiond.m, E. i 1 f iSol: fay ;ii. -TkoairuS T. ifees, and E. B. -Gay, i j druggists, Merthyr; J. James, chemist, Dowlas.; ¡ .7 V""— JUI I.V :lTQ by AUCTION „ f, ByMr* BA VII> PR ICE, e» the prtn^ „« T^DATj ivavtT 1<(h> TTUITE IFURNT.-R HARA £ ?I3 SWOTWD^R^8^]^glasses, &DTS> actual attendance r^auested «M TIIA JOT* AM July SOfli, ,*M M.r. A-S3K, S.■ JOTIUS'S WOTICK. COMMERClAi-;STI43TO/ ASERDARIS: V .DltA:JlX1tI- R, ^^TBPLMIENTBAP ^to Wiir BT PRIVATE'cbx'TSact, for a term ofyearsy 4~TE- -THWE HN-ge XOTROWDIROR-^WN^ *-» ^uflptfld.JorJ4tfn r IN?*R&T^RIDTN>Y i)uoincflA^ the property of Mr. Samuel Lewis', Draper, and now occupied B/ him, SITUATE in Commercial- ST*EFT, ABEWAREY WHET'D HE.^ASR CARRIED OO above trade tor ttoe TEET 12IV«AI«J and from WHIW he retires 4A. PIRVATE, life.- R ,> Tho FX-OMIAMCOMM It "RPmlt StMPf «%^| ..hy;21.16etj "uitlt WatarGlass Windows, and re- Jiiete witli the most /T°DERN fixturelf and utmli. SHOW Kooryfiaf, TIJQ Moom FEE.- roow-par- ii/filJtrtzJ] :fW' £ j\ti^^rivev.fence, SEVEN bedroom^also -ilgJ|ho\M and outhouses. M,.FHMELSRRWTR^\ principal tho- rpughfareipr T^E «R^ ACDJRI^tAincreasingpopu- %J^FIBRDS the very best ♦»DMG(R CHANCE^OR Wfiting and casual cus- TOWW, and the PREMIA aHverfised are centrally RON,N ROAD from THI Tsff V81E_A^ Neaffl IbiWbGPSKkttihaS from EACH OK which* hun4*ed> issue forth thrice a dav. LJ^LHOLE/SR^REMIS^TAHPTO PERFECT re- IFEL TO r«frfic«BTE and trades- manlike PARTIES only,,AT a rent quite MODERATE .IN.COAQPSUSPTVJVIOI XMi PRESENT RM^SI&ARISD for premises in tbe SJIME trade in the same town. For Hiriher PARTISIUTF, spply to ABBL S. JONBS, Auctioneer, at his Office, Commercial- "LI J. NAIII ~U: ii.'f/rutur -l'- • If ft 9T6 O A T7 0J I QIR T R./J/JXRZ t ,ffr.f. t f, /JPHI/J IAGTO GIW N^JDF X. or without Do^f, /lowad Ts^naasiniF in search of Game, rher rf)w, on the Ysarubor Fawr YM P^FCYNFGRFH Earns, Pen- TH-rritr; oi CWJIFIXIRTLI IWINIJ YGUMLFALHJ!. WLH-INT prosecuted fprthe law dbect^r "7 ;——" MILLMERY & JDHESSX^AKIKQ. THE Mimm isAmduflt' ii| jn,ixm PRICE, of (52, CS^-ST^,M^EOAK beg to return TBANK^O,^JFFCIR MTM^FONS friends for the great ENC^JWEMENL aadjpatronttee TH^'V have where THEY^^QUIRED ku JFLEDGE of the most approved Fashions ofTBe^Sfa|oii. APPBANTKFBS WANTZBt •. 1)866, ;"LV,T UL *V oj '.¡ Iff-ERTITY-R TYDFIL UNIONS. T6 the Mimbers of the Board, of X}nardians t GENTLEMEN, SHOULD it BE THE^MRTCFITIM^T TH«. to eflfect a divisian OTJTLIE^^U^L.BISTRTRT; of Llanfabon, LL an wonno,- A&FPARB-AL G«UYTE4ER, I TJFEG^O ofier myself as^A^ANDIFETE for TTIS^WER part of that DISTRICT/1^ IF I should IIMIT the H^IFF O^ECTTIIN^ THE majority of YO^UFFNIC& TFRUDC by an earnest attentionjxyfll the DI^ESWLA^FWIN then devolve upon me, to merit TLJ CM<SdeKce thus reposed tRme. I am, G^mleiuen, Your obedient Servant, ROBERT HUNTER, Licentiate of the Royal College of V' PiiysiciaiiH (Edin.); Member R OF the Koyai College of Sur- ffeons, Eugland < REGISTEPE^ — —— -ti. ^MQ Provincial G-rand ZTO&GE SK. W for the Sastern Divi- IN COL; CHAS. K. EE^EYS-TYNTE, Rt. Wvr. ritad Master. IVFOTICE ishercby^iven. that TL^R.CXT Pro- -L^L vincial Grand TO* tbisiProvinee will be heki at ABzRnl uiL. the Sth of AUIIUAT. K 7 > ^THE P. G. «T/S o'cloek in JTIW St-. -Uavid's. Jfodge, JCack-Lian HOTEHV Divine SCIT«E V ^JRER»^TDS .be PE.RIORM-D in X the Parisl^hurcb, *YI»J Mrnivn to be preajiied by the Provi. Graifit S^IAULAIN, Brotlwr E. D. BURKOWES, M.A., LL D. GEO. ALLEN, '• Prov. G. SECRETAJY. THE Banquet will take pia-e at thc BUirk Lion Hotel, at 4 o'elocl;, ,I!ID the P.G.M. will preside. Swansea, 20th July, 1850. To Carpenters, Builders, See. The Cardiff' Depart of1 Prepared. Joiners* Work, the Canal Whr-rf East, Cardiff- (near the, South Wales Railway Station.) •"|FA^WT58 AND-' PHTC/II JVTAGFF- QJJ «L hand -a KR|E-STR.FLK of the foUowmir named Goods SKFR;IN; .STOC^J^IGS. Archi- traves, Cornices, S ULI Ubqv JAINLIS. AN^LE Beads, DIIARS, AND £ ;IEAES.>^ V LJ-incb I >001-8; >qu\re, FRAMED 1.. #1 W/K M. 2-inoh Dook, N^LD^BOIJRFFL^R. „ LI-IACLI .BEADL^AI^IUVQUTFC. ,S 0JA. '2-inch G-MFTEL 3^P«,\J|<OUJDED both M JOd. L|-inch Sashes ANDJFFALIESN DEAL CasingE, Unltfu £ ASK..FIUS AND Axk Ptiliios, JIRAPW^ M MNJT tjouble L J-inch d»>, AS aboy,e,peiu#ML, and srhued withCm\rz,j» 7.a*ch,'i3«»B Rkiri;iag.T..FB..PER.J^ LEEIRAN; BRKJLIWD'S Bafcdoiion* ftihamoanile Hiiutarb. &, gar Pills, TMOE IMUGRSTI.V.I. AND ALL forms of Bilious and X <.O^U!.I;.IT-AC-RT UIIKI vegetable? FIIIFLILY spenents. ott.I'ularly %4LU,ISL^ frtt inactive bowels aad h~\ u .'N. lie3. ARDNFF FROM • D.RAPGENUJ,^ otUr ,H< LH lP\ct\orr^ being ccrt?.m and VITHOHT R<SK OR idv 0 EOAVEWICHCE. N j IN bott^s, Is. L' 'U.. IS. FA AND LT«.* PREPARE-! by ft. 1 V. aiJL. CHAJIAG CVPFSJ, LR.IION;. To be had of. :1." ,J ? R.S >HP. MISI^, >ICRIHYR; ,-L. — .^W;3IS RUO- V^DOL? ABSIUWE, -NT 1 OT ALI Mediciae M:>iHH' xnoi il,v, ■Z ^«IA->NO UI/RU ii .TI4 Y.