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THOMAS TOWN BRICK WOEKS. IMPORTANT TO BUILDERS, CONTRACTORS, AND OTHERS. IMMENSE saving by the use of BRICK as a material for Building, in preference to Stone-effecting a saving' JL of 25 per cent. at the present reduced prices, which are as,follows:- Good Building Bricks 20s. per 1000. J Fire, prime quality, ditto 30s. per 1000. The abov* prices, for Cash only, and a considerable per centage allowed on larere quantities. Merthyr, May 26tfty 1860. > II „ M "Y, li dSEECE-A-IP iEZXCTTZR/SIOlsr JJbm b FROM rfetfagjll MERTHYB, & ABERNANT (fob ABERDARE), TO ILFEACOMBE.K On the far-famed Coast of Devon, BY the South Wales and Yale of Neath Railways to Swansea, thence by the regular Passenger Steamers Prince of Wales," commanded by William Pockett, and Lord Beresford," commanded by Henry Pock ett, on 8aturdat, August 18th, 1860 (wind and weather permitting), giving Excursionists about Five Hours at llfracombe! The Traia will leave Merthyr at 6.0 a.m., and Abernant (for Aberdare) at 6.15 a.m., and will^mye in Swansea about 7.30 a.m. v The "Prince of Wales" and "Lord Beresford" Steamers will leave the Half-Tide Basin, South Docks, SWait^s, aet, at 8.0 a.m., or immediately after the arrival of the Train from Merthyr and Abernant, and they will rqfcurn „ from llfracombe at 3.30 p.m., arriving in Swansea in time for Passengers to return by Special Train for Merthyr Jrtfd Abernant (for Aberdare.) Fares From Merthyr to llfracombe and back 5s. Od. From Abernant (for Aberdare) to llfracombe and back 5s. Od. Tickets may be had of the Vale of Neath Railway Station Masters at Merthyr and Abernant (for Aberdare.) An early application is necessary, as the number of Passengers is limited. The Royal Glamorgan Militia Artillery Band will be in attendance. ■■ VALE OF NEATH AND SOUTH WALES RAILWAYS? -triEIIIR/ID CHEAP BXOUBSIO^ ) AIPIN SATURDAY, AUGUST 11th, 1860, a TRAIN will leave MERTHYR at 6.15 p.m., calling at Abernant* W and Hirwain, for Swansea, Llanelly, Pembrey, Ferry Side, Carmarthen Junction, St. Clears, Wbitland, Narberth Road, Clarteston Road, Haverfordwest, and New Milford (Milford Haven), returning from New Milford at 3.0 p.m., on Monday, August 13th. U- For Fares and other particulars, see handbills. TWFlT igTH O-LJLIvIOE/GAlNr A V <StBS& OR IERTHTR TYDFIL YOLPHTEER RIFLE CORPS. GRAND OPEN AIR FETE 'IN THE PARK, NEAR THE LAMB & FLAG INN, GLYN NEATH, ON THURSDAY, AUGUST 16TH, 1860S^ THE 12th Glamorgan Volunteer Rifle Corps will hold a GRAND FETE, as above, under the Patronage of several of the VOLUNTEER RIFLE CORPS of the COUNTIES of GLAMORGAN and MONMOUTH, who will appear in their FULL DRESS UNIFORM, attended by their respective BANDS. Arrangements are made with the South Wales and Vale of Neath Railway Companies ior CHEAP SPECIAL TRXINS on the occasion. ~s Tickets ofAd mission to the Park, 2s. each, including Railway Fare to-and-from Swansea,>Lh»»aial^t, Port lYdbot, and BrKoft Ferry, on the South Wales line, and all Stations on the Vale of Neath line. y f mr For full particulars, see future announcements. H By order of the Committee. I • t H. H. MALLETT, Hoi. Sec. 4" .J v LOOK TO THE CONDITION OF YOUR «. W HORSES AND CATTLE. mtii p* Tj^VERY owner of Horses and Cattle ^nif I J!i should use E. R. GAY'S CONDITION U ■ y POWDERS in all cases of loss of appetite, vital energy, indigestion, tfc., t?c. It im- proves the digestive functions, impairs new to old, debilitated, or sick Horses, fC and, enables them to perform double the labour without beiifeaistressed. Want of condition in a Horse is generally indicated by thoroughness of the coat, >*hich the above Powde»will speedily remedy. One trial will be enough to prove that it is the best preparation r for increasing the appetite, purifying the blood, giving a fine coat, and preventing all diseases incidental to Horses and Cattle at Spring and tall. The Powder being an Indian produce, is prepared from the recipe of one of the principal Veterinary Surgeons in England, and has been used for many years in several of the largest liverv stables in London. Prepared only by E. R. GAT, Dispensing Chemist, 35, High-street, Merthyr Tydfil, in packets at Is. 6d. each, with full directions for use. AGENTS :-Aberdare: Mr. W. J. Thomas, Chemist, Commercial-street; Pontypridd, Mr. R. Smyth, Chemist. et Agents in course of appointment throughout South Wales, who will be announced in future advertisements. Carriage paid to all parts of South Wales on Orders for 12s. and upwards. t CLEANLINESS, LIGHT- NESS, ELEGANCE, BEDSTEADS IN GREAT VARIETY. T THOMAS begs to announce that lie has now ready for inspection a large Stock at such prices • as will defy competition, having regard to quality. T. T. also invites inspection of his Stock of Foot, Hip, Recliningj Slipper, and Shower Baths, and Loysell's Patent Hydrostatic Coffee and Tea Urns, in Tin and Bronze, at exceedingly low prices. Observe the Address :-Opposite the Bush Hotel, High, Street, Merthyr. COMPOKT IN WRITING! NO\BN CAN TELL THE great superiomf of the TELEGRAPH PEN, sola at the/TELEVRAPH Office. It is adapted for every hand, fi an amalgamation of the best metals, and being anti-corrosive, will last twice as long, and' ^write immeasikabl^operior to any of the Pens usually r sold. A trial lVvited^Bold at 3d. per dozen, or 2s. per gross box. A IMPORTANT NOTICE. GLENFIELD PATENT STARCH, Is the only Starch used in Her Majesty's Laundry, A ND as some unprincipled parties are now making \rJ\. and offering for sale an imitation of the GLEN- ^TIELD STARCH, we hereby caution all our customers f to be careful, when purchasing, to see that the word GUnfield is on each packet, to copy which is felony, WoTHZMPooN and Co., Glasgow and London. THE SUFFERERS OF MERTHYR AXD THEIR CURB BY PTJLVERMACHER'S PATENT MdilYAHllkAHTI-RHEUlATIC CHAIK X I \BASDS. RNPULVERMACHER informs those invalids whoWnrtiladie^ artNconsidered beyond the aicTHi medical skilly th*t he has ^pointed Mr. T. LOVE^ RIDGE, ChenMqtL Mfflhyr Tydfil, to be especial Agent for the sale of |fee8A#singular VOLTAIC CHAINS. Mr. LOVERIDGI give applicants every informa- tion respecting their curative powers, and the proper method of au.f.uih «lem, so as to ensure imme- diate and certain success. Nearly every form of disease Is permanently and magically cured by wearing one over th part affected. In all those cases where medicine or ordinary appliances prove futile, the Chains act like a ycharm. f For miles round many sufferers have already been marvellously relieved-the maladies cured, principally onsist of paralysis, epilepsy, spasms, rheumatism, gout, lumhago, sciatica, rigidity, stiff joints, urethral disor- 0 de hysteria, loss of voice, hypochondria, deafness, lumhago, sciatica, rigidity, stiff joints, urethral disor- der^ hysteria, loss of voice, hypochondria, deafness, f docility, constipation, and palsy. And the alleviation m neuralgia, tic doloreux, head, ear, face, and tooth /ache, is so astonishing, and effected so instantaneously, f that sufferers may test the influence of the Chain before- hand at the After seeing and feeling the phenomena produced, the sufferer may still further be astonished and convinced by perusing the extracts taken from upwards of 100 medical, scientific, clerical, and philosophical works, referring to the efficacy of this new discovery.—Price 58., 10s. 6d., 15s., 18s., 22s.—Visit the depdt and read the documents from parties cured.—J. L Pulvermacher and Co., 73, Oxford-street, London. Agent for CARDIFF, Mr. Joy. Chemist, &c., Duke- street: BRIDGEND, Mr. JOHN PRICE, Chemist, &c.; NEATH, Mr. HUTCHINS, Chemist, &c. MERTHYR: MR. T. LOVERIDGE, CHEMIST, &c. < Licensed Agent for America and Aus- tralia. DAVID DAVJCS, UNlOjy STREE/d\ LI VJ £ & £ QQjL Five miriu^alk^l^BWc^J^ Good accommoda &jn forl^vell^^itl^rioith^t y Boat oj^wasonaolvtermsf PEEE ^V/S lV»6aGE^ THE above s to inform mose-fyio wish to Emi- JL grate under his auspieesyttiat it is necessary for their protection that they should write to him previous to leaving their homes, stating the time of their depar- ture and the route of their travel, in order that he may meet them on their arrival in Liverpool, to conduct them to his Establishment, as many are led astray and taken to other houses by designing and interested par- ties, where they are imposed upon to the greatest extent. AA ■ Jmmcmiwmmmimu mui A d PATENT. E^CHJW ADelieiou^T prepay' on^br PufUIin^, fim^nrds Blaiic-Mangr, Cake^f &c., p#6ieVed tarthe\>st Arrowroot, and v ) en yT.^iy hailed wiVh inilk, is Llie most light and v holeynae diet^isc chilAjen and inva- lids; and served wit^/jelly and. fliflk oj/V eam, is the most wholesome tyfi inexpensive ^ressart ror dinnei' or supper. X BAKBO PUDDING, (From recipes on packages.)— Newly fo«K. table spoontuls of th^Flour, or three mid' 8 .ounces to one quart of rrrffk; boii three minutes, stirring it briskly -y allow it to cool, and then thoroughly ■jmx it with two eggs, well beaten with three table ^BMjnfuls of sugar. Flavour to taste, and bake for half an Bfcur i» an oven. FRU^(PIE#—Bake or stew the fruit with sugar, put it into a pWdish, then pour over it Corn Flour boiled with milk, irNthe proportion ofTour ounces of the EJour to one quart of milk, then brown it before the fire, or in the oven. The Lancet states:—" This is superior to anything oi the kind known." Obtain it where inferior articles are not substituted. Sold in 4, 8, and 16 oz. packets, at 2d., 4d., and fckl each. PAISLEY; 77a, Market-street, Manchester; 11, Temple-lane, Dublin, 23, Ironmonger-lane, London. THOMAS LOVERIDGE, Sole Wholesale and Retail Agent lor Merthyr and the DfeighbouihootU S^L/%HA^ & FREDK. WARE, T^LOlia &/WOOLLEN DRAPERS, < \&p/Park-street, BRISTOL. jfust Published, price Sixpence. THE COMMERCIAL ROOM, and the BOTTLE, JL by JOHN BURNS, C in ercial Traveller. The one happy ni in tfreYlorrmfercial Room, is fully equal to anything in or 'Our Mess.—Cambnafn. v y- Published yR BCA WELL, 335, Strand, W.C., and. maybe had tI Booksellers. TO BUILDIN CONTRACTORS. TENDERS are required tor tife ERECTION of a BAPTIST CHAPEL atlMurpif FERR& Plans and specifications may be s&an, antrall othepparticulars obtained, at the Offiee o^^ryWM,LrAM/GRiFFiTHs, Architect, &c., AberdKre, on n Tifter/fhe 8th instant. Endorsed Tenders Jo the Vfecrctary/^IVTr. D. JONES, Neath-road, Brkim Fe/ftp,B»t laj^r than the 22ad inst. The Committee io not vjnd th^niselves to accept the lowest or either Tender. MORTGAGE. P rt Id ND other Sums, to be dt'OUU} ^Lyi\j&Sck- ADVANCED on FREEHOLD or^A«EW3LIL^ECURITY,-Apply to Mr. W. P.<<^Ro(ctH«p6J Sgiffltor, Merthyr Tydfil. v ABERDARiy^mJRIAL^OARD. A fTTHE above Board are desirrais of <^aceivingJ^Hprs vJL forNbe GRASS now a^nvin^atlthe Sem^py. The Hay, ^hen made, to iMrrenyjyeftfrom tne GroHid. Tenders to re deliverejj^to me*aiw bwre 10 o'clock on'TuESDAY, the 7tWnstantIV. u A yf. ROBINSON SMITH, Clerk. Burial Board Offices, Canon-streetf Aberdare. HOME MISSIONS. ENGLISH WESLEYAN CHAPEL, MERTHYR TYDFIL. THE ANNUAL SERMONS will be preached in the WESLEYAN CHARfwi; PONTMORLAIS, on SUN- DAY, AUGUST 501^1660. That in the Morning, at -half-past Ten, byMfTWILLIAMS, of iUierdare; and in the Ev.ening atSfx o'clods, by Rej^pEOROE CART- W-RIGHT, Of ede p The PUBLIC Gbe held on TUESDAY sEvej^mg^v^ugutt fj1" A^rcsses on the Spiritual jTsetuotion of\km irome Imputation," will be delivered by tfivRev. J1, w. Hi^l, Rev. G. CARTWRIGHT, Mr. P. CR.o"oone Missionary, and other Ministers and Friends.. The Chair will be taken at Seven o'clock by Mr. T. WILLIAMS. A Collection will be made at the close of each Service in aid of the Fund for the support of a Home Missionary for this neighbourhood. ¥OTIOB TO NEWS AGENTS AND BOOKSELLERS 0 A^l^OTIlER/RSpXJO^TON AT THE WELL- EBLIS I ENT OF JOSE ORINI WSrfoleshl^i' e W^gent, 15, St. ]pary-street\oppunte the Queen's Hotel, ci All London Daily and Weekly Newspapers, and Periodicals, forwarded punctually on the day of publi- cation, on the lowest terms. N.B.—Carriage tree to Merthyr, Aberdare, and all the Stations on the TafF Vale line, of daily papers. "140 CICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, oe rKflAT by Indenture dated the Twenty-first day of I July, One Thousand Eiaht Hundred and Sixty, made between JABEZ FOWLER, ofJPredegar, in the county of Monmouth, Tailor and Djruper, of the first>fart, CHARLKS WATHEN, o^fne City^k Bristoly^V hole- sale Clothier, of the secc*^>art, and^ps sevejjjif persons whose names and sei0s are thtoMinto subscribed and affixed, being resarctively AfedjjJfs oijjne said Jabez Fowler, of the Jnird part, said Jj/kz Fowler con- veyed and as&j^ned all ws rHr and BCTsonal Estate and Effects whatsoever and wnEresoevpi'liito the said Charles WathenJns heirs, executors, adamiistrators, and assigns, in trusrf'or all the Creditors, the said Jabez Fowler; and that euch Indenture was executed by the said Jabez Fowler and Charles Wathen respectively, on the said Twenty-first day of July, One Thousand Eight Hun- dred and Sixty, and the several executions thereof by the said Jabez Fowler and Charles Wathen were attested by GEORG e LEY KING, of the City of Bristol, Solicitor. The fteed now lies for execution by the Creditors at the Offices vf Messieurs KING and PLUMMER, Soli- citors, 5, Exchange Buildings East, Bristol. — W. EVANS. Tanner, Bridge Street, Merthyr,^0^ CONTINUES to produce the Best Leatli^y^or4V'<5*k and Wear. When you purchase><»t!r Book y d Shoes, see that the leather is of Evan^Mcijfeli^ 'aQiag An Apprentice wanted to t u,iery fcusi 1UIYMN E FBA3TJCLIU DIXOU, (Late of Plymouth Surgery, 7-thyi-), it BEGS to inform the inhabit^ffts of Rhymney and surroundingneighbourhoputhat he hfecommeatsed business as a CHEMIST a>«CDRU^K3dST, in tb^pre- miscs near the Church 0#rfely occupied by Mr^O;illiam Pavies, Grocer), withim extensi^elStoc i at Jo rug* and Chemicals of supecjw qua^TV, and 1 01ytf, by strict attention and modCTate charg^k to pieri Their patronsge and support. \X\ Physicians' Prescriptions Aid EKmily Recipes accu- rately dispensed. 1 Oils, Paints, Colours, and Varnishes; Tootli, Hair, Nail, and Paint Brushes; Patent Medicines and Per- lumery, &c., &c. Teeth carcfully extracted. i TO M A S O jN^S TIT ANTED immediately,— JffllTY good WALL- W T5RS, to build in the Tjxa tiel affllBridges onifie Wlntrope and Riec,,iion t'eai li^ick Border Union Railway^/ A Six Shillnigs and R^pence/flei'ldly of ten Jfours will be given to goocl^WorloneAqn *^he Tun^l, and Six Shillings per dayTor outmie Application/c be made tolMr. Joseph RTTSON, Glyn- Neath J. CnuLSoi^?.I3ritony&ry Docks; or the Foreman on the Works. Also, a good FOREMAN/WANTED, for Tunnel Masonry..r WILLIAM RITSON, Contractor. Dated 9tli July, 1800. HEALTHFUL EXERpIS^ WILLIAM WALTERS ieg»<?ctfullJjnform3 the Public that ha ] s thaJJAjLL C<XUllT TAVERN, near the Couj^^ IMer*nyry(f^edur with the 'TENNIS Couj^ ^Grent^fheu cles;- rous of having a at ifilt ii^occn^m-i healthful exercise of Ball^^rnyiug trllmve eve^attfiition, and The use of the excellent Ball tirt Ll Ball on terms that cannot fail to give satisfactiojar The utmost order will always be preserved, so that Gentlemen may amuse themselves without the fear of objectionable i^teiference, or anything that may detract trom their pi o,. ure. EN YOU AMK FOR D PATENT STARCH V THAT YOU GET IT, As infffriorKtnfis are often substituted.—WOTHERSPOON apd Co., Glasgow antpLondon. PA JL TOOTJER ION! ER. IJA to intimate that he • has perfected wi^liECTI'.ICAL APPA- RATUS for the above ■fturjose, and may be consulted daily at 55, High-street, Merthyr (opposite the Market- square.) Decayed Teeth and Stumps extracted without the least pain.—Scaling and Cleaning, bs.. Stopping, 2s. 6d. Artificial Teeth suppiiHd. These excellent Mineral Tee lb are perfect in their resemblance to nature, and are of everlasting wear. E. R. Gay's Tooth Essence, for the IMMEDTATE relief of Tooth-ache.—In Bottles, Gd., and Is. each. E. R, Gay's Quinine Dentifrice, for Beautifying and Preserving the Teeth, Strengthening the Gurus, &c.— II Boxes Is. each. MR. TITUS JONES'S NOTICES. CEFNCOEDYCYMMER, NEAB MEBTHYB TO BE LET, with immediate popMP&ion, THAT well-known HOUSE the "CEFN HOTEL," near the CeweMfry. Trie House, which is recently built, posses§P»*'0very CONVENIENT for a large trade. There are StaDle AND Coacl^housf/ \VJA the necessary outhouses, and F»!R<^1S| ATRAPHEDSRFERY large well-fenced Garden, with tAlisedfcuimner houses, op>a- mental plants and everer^lns, land the WHEFE^WELL adapted lor an extensive (mt-doof summejjtf?F(Te. The Stock and Furniture maypetnjf/etrEt a valuation. The cause for letting the HOJ^B^TS in consequence of the death of the late Mrs- Asprey. For particulars, apply to Mr. D, ASPREY, China Warehouse, High-street, Merthyr; or to Mr. TITUS JONES, Auctioneer. No. 1, Castle-street, Merthyr. MR. DANIEL DAVIES'S NOTICES Mr. DANIEL DAYIES, Auctioneer, Appraiser, and General Commission Agent, RESPECTFULLY returns his SM«^FE thanks to his numerous Friends and SUPJY»^ER.> for the Patron- age he has received for TH^JINST Ninfe*4S^ars, and begs to solicit a continuance oUmeir sunporl. MONEY ADVANCED on J%HE|I[)LD ScJJftSE- Land and BuiWlng SOCIFF^|DOII,^TRFWE repaid by instalments within 15 YEAR^^SJ^ICATFOIX' for adyances to be made to the Local Agent, D/Dayies, ^ITHAP"per- sonally, or by letter, PRE-PAID, Fire & Life Policies c ed on advantageous terms. Rents and Book Debts collected. T* Offices, 19, Ivor-street, Dowlais, August 1st, 1860. TO PARTIES ABOUTJftdjETJRNISJff. TO BE SOLD BY PM^ATE |C(WTR^<<FF^BY Mr. DANIEL DAVIE>^A IEW HIGH^HFY CLOCKS, in mahogany cas uitewarranted good time-keepers. ^RCES from MI t J0oeach. 19, Ivor-street, Dowlais, FYNVE 28th, 1860. MR. T. H. EVANS'S NOTICES. THOMAS H. EVA S, N Auctioneer$JPal&sr, 9, BUTE Stbeb^ ABBMABEI Agent for the "CONSOL^INSURLFJISK AJBOCIAWON^N con- nection wj<CGov|1tamenl SecuritvV^ EARLY haifthe PREMITAS paffi FROM^E^R to year are entirely at the will W the IMJFRED, and can be withdrawn at any moment.—ForJKrther particulars, apply to T. H. EVANS. TOWN OF ABERDARE. To SCULPTORS, MASONS, BUILDERS, &c. TO LET, and immediate possession may be had, THE BUSINESS and PREMI^Sof Mr. WM. THOMAS, Sculptor, Commpmal-plQe, Aberdare. The Stock, which is reduced->obe FLAKEFL^T valuation. The above premises are suitfffile, witlia lirae altemion, for any other trade or BUSINESS, WFERE pVentra^ituation is an object. The premises are no\v MD UJRON lease, of which nine years AT^FMEXPIRGD, atlan ejcreedfngly low rental. This lease will be disnbsedlof^f desired.—For further particulars, a I to r. WOJIAS, on the pre- mises; or to Mr. T. H. EVANS, Auctioneer, Aberdare; or at the TELEGRAPH Office, Mert r. SALE BY MR. WIUMAM MORGAN. GARN FACH, N T Y G L O, MONMOTJTHSHIEE^ Sale of Valuable WORK HORSES and HARNESS. jlfr. WILLIAM MORGAN Respectfully announces to Contractors, Farmers, and others, that he has been commissioned by lie Pro- prietor, Mr. ROBERT LEWIS, whose Contract under the Blaina Company has expired, to SELL BY PUB- LIC AUCTION, at the GOLDENIION INN, Gain Fach, Nantyglo, on Tuesday^^Kgust 7tli, 1860, THE undermentioned valunfflfe STC) £ consisting of 14 young and powejml DRAUGFEJ HORSES^ from five years old, acjjidstomed t|(Ywonr at JUie Iron Works, and all in EJ^ellent woi-kiik/brdear Also 14 sets of Harness, soartTot whicivTsVieariy m/f, and all in excellent REPAH^L promiMng C4lt CVT Horse, bred from superior Stock. H 1 Three months' credit willj|S GIVAI^N approved secu- rity to purchasers to the amoiinj £ 5, or a discount of 6d. in the pound for prompt pafmeit. Refreshments on the table at Twelve o'clock, and the SAL<L» commence at One o'clock. ySihe Auc ioneer has much pleasure in inviting his Friends and the Public to this sale, as the excellent condition of the Horses, their adaptation for Contractors' work, and the fame of the owner for the possession of superior Horses, are such that no commendation appears to him necessary. He ventures to state that, taken altogether, these Horses cannot be excelled in the dis- trict, and only require to be seen to be approved of by every admirer of superior Stock. Gwernyblithe, Ystradfellte, Aug. 1st, 1860; GLEBELAND S^RXE T. TO y A HOUSE and 8H04\ NX>« Yxlebatand-street, IX Merthyr.—Apn^to MR'TTCMJ^/EVANF, 55, pto Castle-street, Meiitiyr. J TO LET, WITH" IMMEDIATE ?O^SSIOll\ A DWELLING HOUSE^TFOT 3,^«OMMET-N>R6CC Thomas Town, Merpdyr, well adaited MJ»^AI'CS- pectable family. A GQ^D^UPPLJT^TJF WATVJ»NTHE pre- mises.—For particujafs, appM\to MT. JOAFTSHAPTOS, No. 1, Somerset-pface. K \YR\ Merthyr, June 27th, I860. J TO BE LE?r~ And may be entered upon it)zll;- A PUBLIC HOUSE calledtHe" -L-I- situate llcrso-slreet^ifow-LAK. is JFO)L adapted for business, and a S/IFXHLE RFMCVN WIBKT SOON comnianrl in it r,n EXTENSIV^ND PRINTABLE \rad^T Com- -1 p r ing-in to Mr. JANKIW^TUOMAP, Pantyscallog, DOWIABT J YL TO SCHOOLMASTERS & OTHERS. TO BE LET, and may be entercdjp 4 SCROOL-RCCM, in Ijl- Mertl.yr.—Apply to M«rBaf^AMHNjgVAiss. Timber Merchant, Merthyr. K Jr TO DRAPERS. TO BE LET, and may be entered onffte^fiih cf July next, yr A SHOP and PREMISES SIFUNJ^N ii Merthyr. NEAR Zoar unapel, NT^QIN Wne ODEU- pation of Mrs. Isaacs. The FTTTE<^>NV^RENT!,Y FHT House* is COEVTAIE'IUOI^PE RE^^EMVNTOOI a Immiy. iieut nioiierate. —For UOTTICULNRSAAPJ.UR to Mr, j. iiLEWiiLLYN, Ctfi)c(,^fxv'cymmer. DEAN STREET, A BERDAPE- TO CxlPITALISTS. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT — FIVE s'Hperior COTTAGES, ADAPTORF*^JI,OI.EII'EN or Tradesmen, situate in the best PAJPRS theflAirishing town of Aberdare. These HOU^«WERO'BII;IT substantial manner by tho NI^NW^VIARLAFID H/NNG been erected only about yeaVs SIFM~}^E NY(N escut equal to new in every respect. *|TIEJ4IJRE ALLJ^USHCD in a superior manner both inside anJ oaf, AJRAORE at pre- sent occupied by recpeetable UDXVAX^R This eligible Property is buiit on the Maesydre Esfate, and produces e a yearly rental of C48 15s. The ground rent is X9 17s., but there is at present sufficient vacancy to build two additional houses fronting Dean-street, with others in the N-ar, if desired. For particulars, apply to Mr. WILLIAM PARRY, residaig in one of the HOUSES If desired, the present owner will allow half the Purchase Money to remain on the property as a mortgage. WANTED,—A few APPRJiltf^pitiKo the ThOss and Mantle Makin^'wl^Je Jnn?y 'will bffve an opportunity of thoroualifv acqujSg a knM^ledge of the business.—Aprily'To MisAwlwin, at/fflrs. Robin- son's, 66, High reet, Merthva, WANTED,—A respectable Youth aj*»!fiAl|pREN>, TICE to the Drapery TRADE^SROLJ^ OS^T Anchor House, Merthyr. TO mTLLINER^rfj WANTED immedia>«^j^Bl exp< rienced Young Lady in thejtmvji l/usines^ She must be able to serve inside tt^<*ovi^)er/ayl^pfkk Welsh.—Apply to WILLIAM JJDRTJRISLTOT^REJI^SCC., Aberdare. To ar s an uardians. WANTED,—A ytfemecffybN and^well-educated Youth as Rn^APl(MEmTIC^r to the Drapery Trade.—Apply to^tfr. ffljjCk J o^s, Draper, Market- square, MerthyfT n CEFNCOEDYMMER. TO BE LET, and entered upon the 1st oj Sep- tember next, AN excellent and NEW eiaJff^rooined HOUSE at the top of the Cefa, oj^the A-econ road. It is well adapted for bushmw^and as CTDwellin^House unsurpassed for famjJ<f^nv^iffli £ pVt the Qmu There is a superior GanJ^n and GLyilJ^ouse ajffiched. It has been latel>%aja<Pis no^inlo|e ocem*imon ot the Rev. Owen Eva1is7 who is abofflf to rempfe to his owa. house. Rent moderate.—For fuitherQifftieulars, apply to JOHN JONES, Penmoelart, the^*FNER or to the, Rev- £ HS EVANS, Cefn. Tailor by Appointment to the 12th Glamorganshire or Merthyr Tydfil Rifle Vol eeri. RHYS T. TAILOR & "TO(5LLBPU)^MR, SJpi^street^jBrkcpu Orders by Post or otherwis^rotnptly attended to. JOHN GABE, Builder, Contrfifrfor, Architect, Appraiser, Valuer, Sfe., yS I> THOMAS TOWN, MEQ^YB^. H "Plans, Specifications, and E^bmategL yie shmest Experienced Workmen"fn evefy tiraachfcf^uilding Trade constantly employed.If D. Practical Clock ^W^tch^Jfaker^ Near the Savings' Banky^ow^t^. *4 Watches and Clocks, and Jewellery on ewyjr des- cription, repaired on the prem^Me^y JOHN PRICE, Auctioneer, Appraiser, and Accounfmd, House, Estate, and General jhfvnt. I (A PIBE AUD LIFE POLICIES E^ECTE»^JICQ«!FTS AND BENTS CpMECTl!^ I 4, Polar-place, Tredegar,<April^l86(v f

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