Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

10 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



MEKTITFIT POLICE COURT. SATTTBDAY.—(Before J. C. Fowler, Esq.) AN IMPUDSKT TUIEP. Thomas Gibbon, jockle seller, was charged as follows:—John Williams, moulder, said: I live at Mount-street, jrrawen Terrace, Merthyr. On Thursday even- ng last I went to the Lamb public-house in the Grlebeland, and had on my feet a pair of quarter boots. I went to sleep there. "When I awoke I Found that my boots: had been taken off my feet. These are the boots produced. I did not see the {irisoner there.—Jeremiah Brien said: I am a abourer. I was in the Lamb on Thursday evening and saw the prosecutor there sleeping. I also saw the prisoner and another man with a blue Guernsey smock on, unlacing prosecutor's boots. I told them to let him alone. They said, If you don't say anything it will be all right." I went out and left them in the room. I after. wards saw the prisoner and the other boy out- side. They ran away. The other boy had something under his smock. They ran down th e street together. They did not come out through 'the front door. I suppose they must have come out through the back window.—Mrs. Goodman said: I am wife of Joseph Goodman, pawn- broker. I received these boots in pledge from & person who gave his name Thomas Evans. He had a blue Guernsey smock on. He was about the size of the prisoner. The boots are worth 58. now to sell.—P.C. Evan Bees said: Yesterday morning I took prisoner in custody. I told him, You are charged together with another boy with stealing a pair of boots from the Lamb off a man's feet while he was asleep." He said, I was not near the Lamb yesterday." I said, I was told you were." He said, Well, I did not see or touch th6 boots." I received the boots from last witness.—Mr. Fowler said this was a very bad case; the next thing he should expect from prisoner was to find him charged with house-breaking or something similar, for any person committing such an impudent robbery as this he (Mr. Fowler) considered capable of committing any offence, and in order to put a stop to such proceedings as these the sentence upon the prisoner (who having previously pleaded guilty) would be a heavy one—namely, four calendar months with hard labour in Cardiff house of correction. JUVENILE OfPBNDBB. — Mary Davies, aged nine years, was charged with stealing 40lbs of coal, the property of the Dowlais company.— P.S. Hodgson said: On Wednesday evening he saw thj prisoner at Dowlais taking some of the coal off the trams. When she saw hira she threw the coal down and ran away.—Mr. Fowler said he did not wish to commit the prisoner to gaol on account of her age; but if her father (who was in court) was agreeable to pay 10s. fine including the costs he had the option of doing so, instead of having his daughter sent to prison. The father consented to pay the fine, and the prisoner was then liberated. ASSAULT.—Mary Burke was summoned for as- saulting Mr. Ewan-Ferguson at Merthyr, on the 18th inst.—Complainant said he went to the de- fendant's house to look for some money. Some words ensued, whereupon defendant went to the firegrate and caught in a nob of coal, which she threw at complainant, striking him over the eye to the hooe.- Fined 10s. and lis. 6d. costs; in default of payment, she was committed to Cardiff house of correction for fourteen days. FELONY. — Sarahr Davies, singlewoman, for- merly residing at the Holly Bush, High-street, Merthyr, was charged with stealing a gold keeper ring at Merthyr, Julv 25th. No prosecutor appearing she was discharged. BASTARDY.—Rees Davies, of Fochrhyw, was adjudged to be the father of an illegitimate child by Fanny Jones, and ordered to pay 2s. 6d. a week for the-first six weeks from the birth, Is. 6d. a week after, 5s. for the midwife, and 143.. 6d. costs. CHABLES FotFLKBS was committed to Cardiff Gaol for 14 days with hard labour, for deserting his wife and family, in consequence of which they became chargeable to the parish. MONDAY.—(Before J. a. FOtoler, and D. Evans, Esqrs.) AsSA ULT.- William Morgan was charged with assaulting Richard Jones, (Balaclava)-Com. §lainant said: between 12 and 1 o'clock cn unday morning, the defendant came to my house and commenced blackguarding me, and wanted me to fight him. When he came in, my wife got the poker; I rose and took it from her; he then struck me twice I went for the police.- P.S. Evan Sees said: I went to this row on Saturday night, accompanied bv complainant; when we got there, defendant jumped at oom- plainant and struck him three or four blows with his fist, and said, "Now Dick. I'll give it thee or thou shalt give it me;" complainant told me to take him into custody; he was not very drunk.- Elizabeth Norby was called for the defence, and her evidence went so far as to attach great blame upon complainant and his wife, in consequence of which Mr. Fowler did not feel justified to inflict any fine upon prisoner.—He was then, together with Maria his wifa, charged with as- saulting P.S. Evan Rees.- Complainant said I had taken the prisoner William in custody on the above charge; he struggled and said, No bloody man shall take me to the station." I ordered P.C. Melhuish to lay hold of him with me; he had only his shirt on, and that was rotten and broke to pieces in the struggle; his wife then came up with another woman; they laid hold of him and Eushed me back, and said, "You shant take im." I §«id to them "let loose" many times they refused; I then drew my staff and said I would use violence if they did not; we struggled again the women then reeled back. Maria got a tin kettle full of ashes and struck me on the head the ashes went into my eyes and all over my face; I could not see; I told P.C. Melhuish to go to the station; the prisoner got away and ran into the house and locked the door; when Melhuish returned, I told prisoner to open the door; he said, I will not, and the first man that will come in, I will be the death of bim." He ran upstairs; we got in and followed him upstairs he had a poker in his hand he aimed a blow at me; the poker slipped and went down by my feet; I got hold of him; he was naked to the trousers. When we came out, he put his foot behind me and tripped me down and kicked me on the bead, which cut a gash; my blood ran fast; P.C. Moore came up, and we then got him and his wife to the station.—Mr. Fowler said that the prisoners had committed a very savage assault upon the police, for which they would be fined 9'2 each including coats, in default of pay- ment in a fortnight, to be committed to Cardiff house of correction with hard labour for 21 days each. UNLAWFUL WOUNDING,-Henry Davies was charged as followsJohn Bees said: I am a filler at Dowlais; between 2 and 3 o'clock on Sunday morning I was going home I heard a cry of murder on the street; I went towards it; when I went up, some man ran into my arms and said, "Save my life;" prisoner came up with a poker in his hand. I told him, You are no man to go and beat a person with a poker he said, Would you like to have a taste P" I said no, and if he gave it, it would cost him money he then struck me across the head with the poker, and made this hole in it; be also struck me on the back I dont feel much from it now; I did not see him touch the man before he came to me.—P.S. William Thomas said: I appre- hended the prisoner and told him he was charged with wounding John Rees on the head with a poker. He said, Well I did give him a small snip with it, but not half enough. I will give him a taste of it again when I catch him."—Convicted of a common assault, and fined £ 5 including costs. The fine was paid. ASSAULT.—Julia Beirnstein was summoned for assaulting David Edwards. It appeared that the complainant had thrown a stone at defendant, and struck her in the chest, in consequence of which she gave him a few smacks.—Case dis- missed. ASSAULTING P.C.—John Jones was charged with assaulting P.C. William Williams in the execution of his duty on Saturday night.—Com- plainant said he had been sent for to turn priso- ner out of a house in the Glebland, where he kept a noise; I requested him to go he refused and rose his fist and struck me in the mouth, and threw me down twice I then took him to the station.-Fined 10s., and 8s. costs. WILFUL DAMAGE.—Evan Lloyd of Rhyrnney was charged with wilfully breaking four squares of glass, value Is. 2d., property of Morgan Rees, at Merthyr, on Saturday night last.—No prose- cutor appearing, he was discharged. FELONY.—Elizabeth Joseph was charged with stealing three half crowns from the person of Benjamin Rogers, at Merthyr, July 28th.—No prosecutor appearing, she was discharged. This was also the special session day for trans- ferring licenses, and to appoint the time and place for holding the next general annual licens- ing meeting.—The following licenses were trans- ferred: the Vulcan and Friendship, Dowlais, from Jane Jenkins to William Jones; the Grey- hound, Dowlais, from John Jones to John Bow- cott; the Antelope, Caeharris, from John Bow- cott to Lewis Bowcott; the Rheola Arms, Cae. draw, from Ann Moss to William Sullivan the Neptune, Dowlais, from John Thomas to David Charles; and the Prince Albert, High-street, Dowlais, from Jane Thomas to Thomas Thomas. Wednesday the 5th of September, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, at the Merthyr police court, was appointed for holding the general annual licensing meeting for this division. WEDNESDAY.—(Before J. C. Fowler, Esq.) SURETIES.-J eremiah Donovan, was summoned for threatening to do for Bridget his wife, who in consequence of that threat became, and was still, afraid of him. Ordered to be bound over to keep the,peace for six calendar months. ANN SULLIVAN one of the Shiny ladies," wag sent for a month's change of residence to Cardiff house of correction for riotous and indecent behaviour in Victoria Street, this morning. ABERDARE POLICE COURT. TUESDAY.—(BEFORE J. C. Fowler, Esq.) BENJAMIN ROBEBTS was summoned for passing through a turnpike gate at Aberdare on the fith of July without paying 4d. toll. Case dismissed on defendant agreeing to pay 4d. toll, and 3s. 6:1. costs of summons. ASSAULT.—Elizabeth Butler the wife of John Butler, miner, was charged with assaulting Margaretta Jones, wife of William Jones, at Aberdare, on July 25th.-Complainant said: I live at Aberaman. On Wednesday July 25th, defendant came to meet me on the road with a tin jack in her hand. She asked me, who tcld you it was 10s. a week my husband was getting ?" I said, "nobody told me." I went in next door where she lived and stopped there about half an hour. I went out to the pavement to go home. She laid hold of my throat, and then of my shoul- ders and shook me. My child was in my arms. She then struck me on my breast, and afterwnrds kicked me on my side.—Defendant in her defence said: She came to my door and challenged me, and asked me to give her free of the law.-Mrs. Baker was then called for defendant who said: Complainant asked Mrs. Butler to fight. Mrs. Butler did not strike her. Mr. Fowler in dismis- sing the summons, recommended them to go home and take a cup of tea together. SURETIES OF THE PEACE.—PhUlip Richards a labourer residing near Blaengwawr Brook was summoned for threatening to kill William Jones, a miner, on the 28th of July. Complainant said I am afraid of defendant. He has threatened to kill me, my wife, and children. Oil Saturday last he came opposite my door. He swore that he would do me a serious injury. He was druak. Next day he met me as I was going to the Sunday school, and wanted me to fight. He said, if I did not fight him he would knock my brains out. Bound over to keep the peace for six calendar months, and to pay 8B. 9d. costs. DAMAGING A WALL.—Walter Cole, collier, was ordered to pay Id. compensation, and 5s. 6d. costs, for damaging a wall belonging to David Davies, farmer, at Aberdare, July 26th. DAMAGING GRAss.-Catherine Edwards was ordered to pay one half-penny compensation, and 5s. 6d. costs for damage done by her to some grass belonging to David Davies, farmer, at Aber- dare July 27th. WAOES.—John Colston, painter, was sum- moned for the non-payment of wages due from him tc Thomas Jones, a journeyman painter. Ordfred to pay the amount due, and 9s. lid. cost. WAGES.:—The defendant in the last case was also summoned for the non-payment of £2 lis. for wages due from him to Morgan Lewis a journeyman painter. Ordered to pay the amount and 10s. 3d. costs. STEALING COAL.-Ann Saunders, and Mary Good man were charged with stealing 100 pounds of coal. of the value of 5d., the property of Richard Fotliergill, Esq., and others at Abernaat, July 28 th. No prosecutor appearing they were discharged. FELONY.—Margaret Lake, a single woman residing at Mill Street, was charged with stealing 4 sovereigns at Aberdare, on July 12.—Margaret Lewis said: I am the wife of John Lewis. We live in Mill Street. Last Thursday fortnight we had 1 sovereigns in a box upstairs. I saw them safe about eight in the morning. About ten that night I found the box broken and the money gone. A sister of the prisoner's lodged with us. Prisoner came there to sleep with her sister at times, she did not sleep there the night before the robbery. I left them in the house by themselves. Prisoner said she was going homo. Her sister said she was going to send her home and that she would come back directly, but she never returned, nor has she since been found. The magistrates said, the suspicion was not so strong against the prisoner as against the sister and ordered her to be discharged. ORDER OF REMOVAL.—Margaret Morgan, from parish of Aberdare, to the parish of Llanfihaugel Abercowin, Carmarthenshire. The following licenses were transferred, viz:— The Scales Arms, Cvrvnbach, from Thomas Jenkins to Daniel Meredith, the Colliers' Arms, Aberaman, from William French to William Walters, the Albion Inn, Aberaman Read, from Walter Hannah to Moses Thorn?.?,, the Wayne's Arms, Aberdare, from Thomas Cotton to David Jones, the Duffryn Arms, Mountain Ash, LSan- wonno from Christmas Evans to Morgan, and the Crown Inn, Ctrmbr.oh, from John Williams to Mary Williams. Tuesday the 4th day of September next was appointed for holding the general annual licensing meeting.



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