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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

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TO CONTRACTORS. TO BE LET, bv Tender, the forming nnd < BallMtinjr of a New Piece of Road, t" continue Morlafg-street, Dowlaig, down into Walter-street, and from thence to Ballaclava-street. For a view of the Plan, Section, and Specification, and for further information. apply to Mr DAVIS, at nrrntirion. MerthyT Tydfil. The work is required to be proceeded with forthwith. The lowest Tender, will not necessarily be accepted. APARTMENTS TO LET. TO BE LET, at Ofn, near Merthyr, a Parlour and Bedroom, well furnished, suitable for a .'insla A pply to A. B.C., Post-office, Cefncoed, near Merthvr Tydfil. BILL-POSTING IN MESTHY 11 CHRISTOPHER PULMAN, BILL-POSTER & J TOWN* CRIER. 17. Victoi ia-street, Merthyr, Undertakes Bill-postinp and Distributing throughout the town and neighbourhood. 4905 All Order* by Post or carefvlly attended to. MR. EDWARD LAWRANCE. PrnfpMor of 1.1 Music CnnservatoHum of MnMc, LMpzie and Organist of St. David's Church. Merthyr. bops to announce that hft is prepared to receive additional Pupils for Pianoforte, ITarmoninm. Sitijfinff. Harmony Lesions, «c. and also to accept Professional Engagements for Concerts dnrinp: the present Sr»ai^n. Aberdare and Cefn. visited every we*k, For terms apply at 2, Conrtland Terrace, Merthyr, 4!W3 PONTYPufnD UN IO j NURSE WANTED. THE GUARDIANS of this Union will, at their Meeting: on the 27th tl.iv of ]Wart.'h instant, prooced r» the election of a NURSE for this Union Workhouse. Salary jelS per annum, with Board, Washinsr, and Lodftinir in the Houne- Candidates Hiugt be single women, or widow* irithout encumbrance, between the of 25 atid 45 years, and competent to di*ehnr?o the duties of the Office as prescribed by the Orders of the Local Govern- meBt Board. A preference will be given to candidates who understand midtvifarv. Applie«tions, in the handwriting1 of the candidates (stating aire, past and present en!?airement, with recent testimonials as to character and compctencv,) to he for- warded to me or before Tuesday, the 26th day of March fustant. j By Order of the Board. E. C. SPIl'KETT, Clerk. Pontypridd rnion, 4th, March, 1872. MB. THOMAS B. HEPPELL, MINING NGINMER, SURVEYOR, ES7'ATE AGENT, die. oFncM -— 48, GLEBKLAND STREET, MERTHYR TYDFIL. BRYNHYFRYD HOUSE, CEFN, NEAR MEETHI.V, MISS BROAD, of Bath, assisted by her sister, MIM KATE BROAD, receives Yonnsr Ladies to Board and Educate. The Misses B from their long experience in Tuition in England, France, and Germany, can offer the advantages of a thorough sound English education. combined with Frtncli, German, Music, Sing- ling, Drawing, and Dancing. Great at'ention paid to the home comforts and health ot the Pupils. Private Leksons given in any ot the Accom- ptiohtaentt. Terms on application. 4038 FOR SALE, ON HJGnLY ADVANTAGEOUS TEEilS, SOME NEW AND VERY BEAUTIFUL PIA NOFORTES Enquire at the Residence of MR. EDWARD LAWRANCE, Tin irn*r ef Ifttric and Organist of St. David't Church. ABDKKSS 4908 5, COURTLAND TERRACE, MERTHYR. i FOR SALE, A GOOD SECOND-HAND SAFE; outside measurement, i feet wide and deep, and 2 feet G inches high. Apply to FAKRANT FROST, Msrthyr Tydtll. N I N E H O Uil'S \1 O V EMENT. MERTHYR AND DOWLAIS. AT an Adjourned MEETING held at the OWAIN" GLVNDWR, on the 5th instant, the Em- ployers of Labour in the Building Trade, met t., consider the distrihution of the 5.t hours for the six days of the week A communication was received from the Men. signed by their Chairman and Secretary. The said com- munication contained a protest against the detailed arrangeme-ts determined upen by the Employers. After a full discussion the Employers were convinced, that the interest of their Customers 'the general public), would be seriously affected by the time proposed by the Men, and it would be found so inconvenient, and give such general dissatisfaction, that it world be practically inoperative They therefore trust that the Workmen will see the wisdom of not resisting their proposals, which have been framed not more in the interest of Employers than in that of their Workmen and Customers. Therefore a Resolution was passed confirmatory of the detailed arrangements determined upon on the 20th ult. Signed on behalf of the Meeting, L. R LUMLEY, Chairman. March 5th, 1S72. MUSIC—INSTRUMENTAL & VOCAL. MISS CROOK, No. 17, New Castle Street, Merthyr Tydfil, RESPECTFULLY announces that she con- tinues to give Private Lessons on the PIANO- FORTE and HARMONIUM, and also teaches the rudiments and practice of Music in Vocal Score. -For terms. Ac-, apply at the above Address. MISS CROOK'S pupils are informed that her Profes- sional Duties were Resumed, after the Christinas Vacation, on MOXBAY, JAXCARY 16th, 1S72. 4fl4c TEMPERANCE HALL, MERTHYR. FRIDAY EVENING (THfS EVENING), MARCH 8th, 1872. A LECTURE will be delivered at the above Hall, on "THE FUTURE REPUBLIC," by the Rev. J. K. APPLFBEE, of London. Doors Open at Half-past Seven o'clock, and the chair to be ta'en at EigHt o'clock precisely. Prices of Admission, Front Scats, Gd.; Back Seats, 3d.: and Gallery. 2d. The Public are invited to attend, and to judge for themselves after havis» g heard the arguments on this question. SCHOLASTIC. BELLE VUE VILLA, CEFN. MISS "SADLER RECEIVES Young Ladies to Board and Educatc on the following' terms (inclusiv?) per annum Pupils above 15 years Junior Pupils 27 Little Boys underS years 24 Subjects; — Thorough English, Music, French, Drawing, and Dancing. Music Vaster Mr. EDWAKD LAWS AIRES. French and Drawing do Monsieur GAMBIRB. MEBTHYBrTYDFIL LOCAL BOARD OF HEALTH. WANTED, for the DOWLAIS DISTRICT, an Active INSPECTOR of Roarlg, Pavements, Nuisances, Scavengers. Hauliers, Water Supply, Works in progress, buildings, and lamps. He will have to keep the time of the Maions, Laborers, and Horses employed, and act under the direction of the Surveyor to the Board. Applications, in the applicants' own handwriting, stating age, previous employment, and salary re- quired, accompanied by testimonials, to be left at my office not later than Saturday, 16th March, 1872. Particulars of the duties may be known on ap- plication to the Board's Surveyor. THOMAS WILLIAMS, Merthyr Tydfil, CLERK. Feb. 29, 1872. WHY GO TO BRISTOL, AND PAY MOREP TIIE "TELEGRAPH" STEAM PRINTING & PUBLISHING OFFICES, 50, HIGH STREET, (OPPOSITE THE JYIARKET S<Si"U"^VE.E,) MERTHYB TYDFIL. RETAIL STATIONERY WAREHOUSE, 49A, HIGH-STREET, P. Williams ANNOUNCES that having every facility, which Steam Machinery and the Employment of the most Competent Workmen can render, for the execution of Printing Orders, he respectfully solicits a con- tinuance of public patronage. His Charges for Testers. Bill Heads, Circulars, and every kind of I rin ting \v ork are ai Moderate as any in the district, and at least ten per cent, lower than the usual Bristol prices. For the Expedition in the »secution of Printing Work, the Tkt.FP,RAT-IT Vrintt™ ESTABLISHMENT will bear favourable comparison with any Printing Office either in Bristol or the Principality whilst for Colour PRINTING, Cards I nntcd Headings, and work requiring fpecial care and taste, the resources of the Establishment—embracing as it does, an assortment of almost every kind of Mainland Fancy Type, and the engagement of a numerous staff of eflicient Compositors-ensure these desirable advantages. DAY BOOKS AND CASH BOOKS Of every sire, binding, and thickness, always in stock and Purchasers will find them as cheap as can reasonably by desired. TO THE TRADE. Printing, Binding, Ruling, Paging, and Perforating for tho Trade. zn C5 At the TELEORATH Printing Office, Merthyr Tydfil. Good WcrimandMr- Moderate < har-es- and TroinptitiKle in the Fxecntion of Orders-have been the promir.en features in the business operations of this Establishment for the last Twenty Years. Goods of the value of f 2, and upwsrds, delivered Carriage Free at all railway stations in SOLE AGE N T IN MERTHYR FOR THE EUREKA INKS THE BINDING DEPARTMENT HAS CAREFUL ATTENTION, and every means is adopted to aacure Elegance and Durability in th work produced. ACCOUNT BOOKS Puled to pattern, and bound in every form of binding; paged and indexed. GROCERS' SHOP BOOKS of every thickness, plain and interleaved, supplied at per gross or per dozen, at as cheap a rate as any rcspectablc House in the Kingdom. THE GROCERS' GUINEA and HALF-GUINEA SHOP LEDGERS Either Single er double Entry, are manufactured on the Premises, and are unsurpassed, at the price, in respect of size • .or quality. For good value they are especially commended. CHEQUE BOOKS Of every description supplied, Numbered and Perforated A P HANGINGS .or To be Sold Clieap at the TELEGRAPH Office. THE HALF-CROWN INSTRUMENT CASE, Recommended for use in Drawing Classes, is (be Cheapest in the Market, and is of wide-spread reputation. It canne be surpassed at the price. Inks, Inkstands Glass and Pewter', Scaling Wax, Quills, Brushes, Combs, Quill Toothpicks, Black Lead Pencils, Coloured Pencils, Drawing Pencils, Drawing Iiooks, Blotting Paper and Blotting Tads, Dice and Dice Cups, Drauyht- Men and Draught-Boards, Chess, Music Paper, Violin and Harp Strings, always in Stock, and supplied at the very lowettprices. THE TRAVELLING DRAPERS' POCKET LEDGERS Are made In all sizes, paged, and indexed, if desired. They are strongly bound, and calculated to bear knocking about." 9 GENERAL STATIONERY NO Person studying economy will buy WRITING PAPER by the quire. The Wholesale Purchaser buys h Reams by weight, and so does every Retail Purchaser who appreciates the maxim that a "Penny saved is a penny earned." WRITING PAPER excellent quality can always be had at the TFLErutArn Office, at Is. per lb., and Envelopes at from 4d. to Gd. pe JOO. Those who ptirchase under this system cave fully 50 per cent. SUNDAY SCHOOLS w, ILL find at the Retail Stationery "Warehouse of the TELEGRAPH Office, a large number of Bibles and Testament *» (both English and Welsh-, in plain and elegant bindings: also a varied assortment of Reward Books, and Picture Reward Cards. There are likewise en sale Sunday School Instruction Books, of various kinds and prices. -r- -r- -=- I 1:8 au rnerø Are informed that for Mourning Stationery and Memorial Cards, the assortment at the TELEGRAPH Office will be found ample. SCHOOLMASTERS & HEADS OF FAMILIES ARK R^peRTIULLY Invited to the STOCK SCHOOL BOOKS AND SG,HOOL APPARATUS at the TELEOIUPH Oflie*. ar« Primers, Heading Easies, >pellin^ Hooka, Granun&r* t,Histories, Arithimtie Books, Geographies, and Dictionaries also Slates, Exercise Books, and Copies, the latter ruled o any pattern, with or witheut headings] ana adapted for the teaching of round, small, large,or angular Jiands. TO WHOLESALE CUSTOMERS. PEXS Ink Envelope*, Paper, School Of Fate, Dream Books, Table Books, Valentines, Penholders and Pens, and Slate TtfECils, suppntrt to Shopkeepers for SuM, and to Hawkers, at Wholesale Prices. PLAYING CARDS At various prices fiOta Tin pence te Half-a-Crown per pack. THE ADDRESS "TELEGRAPH" PRINTING AND STATIONERY ESTABLISHMENT, '-4' ,4Qn r>fi J-hVh Street. Merthyr Tydfil. 4933,


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