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FOR SALE, OX HIGHLY ADVANTAGEOUS TEEilki, SOME NEW AND VERY "BEAUTIFUL PI.A NOFO I?TES Enquire at the Residence of I MP. EPWiED LAW3 A F C 1". T, r.<.or:r of Music and Organist of St. David's Cu-rch. ADDRESS lC.;3 2. COCRTLASD TERRACE, MERTHYR. POPLAR COTTAGE, MERTHYR, TO LZ-]T. TO LET (with possession on the 31st October next). the above Detached Private House,. situate MU Jackson's Bridge. It contains four bed-rooms, four rooms on the ground floor, and kitchen underneath. There is adjoining a large enclosed garden, with a ware- house and stable, and it is in every respect a most desirable residence Jo:- a. respectable private family. Apply to Mr H. Griffiths, senior, butcher, Victoria- Street. Merthyr Tydfil. 59(30 QASSELL'S PURE Uncoloured TEAS & CASSELUS COFFEES. CASSELL'S ORIENTAL COFFEE consists of a selection of the finest- srrowths of East Inch. In tht process of roasting- and zrindiny the t'uu ? ron^i and rice aroma are preserved. sen l^riuir i. equnl to the Coffee so much prized in ORIENTAL v. "J.\rXE.IKS, T E PERFECTION of COFFEE. Price 2s. per lb. CASSELL'S COFFEES are also supplied at Is. Is. -2d., 1«. 4d U. 6d„ Is. 3d., ar-1.1 10v' V»r lb., in Canis- ters and air-tight Packages from on'- mu; ■ e to one pound, by Agents, Grocers, Chemists, Confectioners, &c., throughout the kingdom. CA.SSELL'S PURE UN COLOURED TEAS. CASSELL'S TEAS are pure and free from any facing powder or other injurious matter, tho Green as well as he Bl.iok is the natural colour of the leaf, it has not therefor te bright green hue of ordinary Green Teas, which ar» faced Dy thc Chinese with mincral powder or or her colour- ing matter to cive them appearance. By the use or CAFS1SLL'j TBAS real purity and uniform good quality are at aU times ensured. CASSELL'S PrsE UYCOIORSBD TEA. 3g.,r! 'd. and 2A. 8d. per lb. CASSELL'3 PUKE UYCOLOCABN TKA. qualities, 38., 3s. 6d. and 4s. per lb, in Packets C oi. to 31b. Sold by Agentn, Chemist*, fe., ih-'stcghiut tit, kingdom. AGEXCY.—To place CASKEI.L'S well-known TEAS AITD COFFEES within Lhe reach 01 every family in the kingdom, Agents are required in every neighbour- hood not yet fully supplied. For terms, apply tv CASSELL, SKUll, & Co 80, Fenchurch Street, LùnJ.on. C049 —< —i "ANCHOR" LIXE. AXal' 'K L:NE' ): it TO .r. X E Y 0 R The Steamers of this Une Ihw despatched from GLASGOW FOR NEW-YORK EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY, (Calling at Moville, Lough Foyle, to Embark Passengers.; FARES: SAXOOX CABIN, 12, 13, 14, AND 15 GUINEAS. ISTKRYIDIAIB, EIGHT GurxEAS. ).ORK, 8tieraqe- Six Guineas. } more 4 Quebec Passengers Booked at Lowest Fares to all parts of the United States and Canada. For fnrt.j: particulars apply to HENDERSON BROTHERS, 30, Foyle-street, Londonderry or 49, Cnion-street, GiMgow: or to J. MORGAN, SON, and Co., Cardiff; J. T. MORGAN, 19, Glebeland, Merthyr TyÜrE; Qr to G. 15ULOW, li, Well-street, Dcwlais, To prevent di3anpo!ntment, intending Passengers '\re re commended ;0 obtain Passage Tickets from Local Agents of the" Anchor Line bdore leaving home. CARDIFF TO NEW YORK. 1 « DIRECT STEAM COMMTJNI- 1 j CATION BETWEEN THE BRISTOL CHANNEL! AND THE CNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND CANADA. The SOUTH WALES ATLANTIC STEAMSHIP CIV- PANY'S New, first-ciass, full-powered, Clyde built Steamships, GLAMORGAN", 2,500 Tons, 500 h.p.; PEMBROKE. 2,5o0 Tons, 500 h.p. CARMARTHEN, 3,000 Tons, »>u0 ilop.1; or ether First-clas3 Steamers, will sail regularly between c. DIFF and NEW YORK, These Suamihips are built expressly for the Trade. ard fitted np with all the latest imprrvements for the comforc sou con- vsnience of Cabin and Storage Passenger Steerage Passen- gers provided with mattresses. A atewariless carried for the female Emigrants. The S. ri. PEMBROKE will sail about the 25th C; r-ctr/C-ur. For further particulars apply to W. J. Pre=veil. 1, Castle- street, Merthyr or to) E. G. Price. or Isa-c Thomas, 24, Seymour-street, Aberdare: or to Mr. H. A. Lewis, Postmaster, Ebbw Yale; or:1t the Company's Office, 1, Dock Chambers, Carairf. C051 "ALLAN" LOYAL MAIL LINE SHORTEST SEA PASSAGE FFIBI T0 CANADA, AND THE UNITED STATES.—Shortest Route to the Went. The superb Steam- ships of this Line now TIlt: direct every Tuesday anel Thursùay from LIVERPOOL to QUEBEC, forwarding Passengers to NEW YOKK and BOSTON, and to ALL CITIES and TOWNS in CANADA and the UNITED STATK-V FROM LIVERPOOL TO QUEBEC. Canadian, Tuesday, 28 Manitoban, Tuesday, Nov. i Polynesian, Thursday 30 The Mail Steamships for HALiVAx, NoRFon, and BALTI- MORE, sail as fellows :— Forwarding Passengers by Rail to all parts of tho Middle Western, South Western and Southern Stat. Nestorian, Taesdry, Nov. 4. Cabin Passage to Halifax, Por;l?nd Quebec, Boston, New York. Norfolk. Ba.1timore, or Philadelphia, £ 18 IS". or £ 15 153. according to accommodation, including Provisions bilt not wines or liquors, wbich can be obtained cr, board. R." .n Tickets at reduced Rates. A limited n: -i'v vi intermediate passengers taken i.:1 earh Steamer, ..t 1:) Os, iucladlng Beds, Bedding, and all necessary utensils, dining apart from steerage. Applications for berths to f')e made in advunce. Steerage Passage to St. John, Halifax, Portland, Quebec, Boston, New York, Norfolk, or Baltimore, £ 0 Gs, including a plentiful supply of cooked provisions. Steerag8 stewardesses are carried by this line to attend to the wants of female passenger* and children. Baggage takønfrom the Ocean Stea11t,hip. to the SaiUcay Cars Fret of Expense. • m* Any information required concerning Canada, can be obtained from Mr. Duon, n. Adam Street, AL.c¡!pLi, London. Agent for the Canadian Government. Pamphlets on Canada euppUect gratis by our agents. SAOF-IEST lrucn; to SAN FRAVIO /'), oia th\oJ UNION PACIFIC RAILROAD. THKOUGU TR.-„-H issued on tho most fftvourttbletermt. For Fre..f Passage, apply to ALLAN a;"ts & CO., Alexandra Buildings, James Street, Lh _pool. alld C7, irylo Street, Londonderry. or to Ma. JOHN COPELAND, 1-24, High Street, Merthyr and Mr. J. T. MORGAN, 19, Glebeland-street, Merthyr. COMPANY'S SPECIAL NOTICE TO EMKJRA-ITS. We advise Passengers to obtain their Tickets from our Agents \tefore leaving home. 6052 The best and Cheapest Route for Passengers from the West of England to the United States is by the GREAT WESTERN STEAM-SHIP "LINE „ BRISTOL AND NEW YORK. FIEST-CLASS^ICRE'\V;ESTE.\ MSHIPS of this Line are intended to SAIL as follows LADY LYEETT, 2,000 Tons SATURDAY, NOV. 1 ARKAGON, 1,500 Tons SATURDAY, Nov. 8 GREAT WESTERN. 2,000 .In November. CORNW ALL, L',u00 Tons (Building) Cabin Fare to New York, 13 Guineas.—Return Tickets, 20 Guineas. Intermediate 8 .j guineas S teerage 6 guineas; including fare from any Railway Station in the West of England and South Wales, to New York, Boston, or Philadelphia.—Mattresses provided. The Vessels of this Line do not call at any Irish port, but proceed direct from Bristol to New York. Passengers may be booked through to all parts of the United States and Canada on very moddate terms. To secure berth, 4c., >pply to MARK NVHITWILL aud SON, Grove, Queen-sqimre, Bristol, —or to -J. T, Morgan, 19, Glebeland-street, Merthyr Tydfil; John Morgan, Post-master, Pcutypool Ilarse and Brown Newport, Mon. G. F. Webb and Co., Cardiff; M. Joaes and Bros., Swansea; J. Callaway, Mountain Asa; C. F. Howard, Greenfield, Llanelly George F. Prk". Church- street, Pontypridd J. Corbet, 121, Vale terrace. Tr-egar j John R. Taylor, Post Office, Pontvmeistr Samuel Williams, 2, Windsor-terrace, Seath and John J. Chaiinder, Stationer, Llanelly House, Llanelly. Passengers are recommended to obtain their Tickets from Qur Agents beiore leaving home. fJ¡j5! EMPLOYMENT IN AMERICA. 1 «T>ERSONS desiriner EMPLOY- -rLjlTTI^ -L MENT in the UNITED ST A1 Canada can learn, on Personal Ar1'itMn the rate of 'ft ages (which ij. < a:inu are "*wwilf#'iaSSB* very high Passage Fares, and other uueial Particulars. Pamphlets, uireulars jte., tree by post on receipt cftwostampa. CO'iS AMERICA AS IT IS. A volume of official information uoon every rart of THE UNITED STATES Wages, Ac., Price Sirrfe-V,°st iree Apply to too A KUJoI, United States and <una.liaa Emj. gration and Banking Agency, 36 Finsbury Circus, London. ALTI5ILI03" OF^DAYS OF SAILING. CORK, NEWPORT, AND CARDIFF. "r^IEST-CLASS PASSENGER JJ STEAMERS leave COBS for XEIVI'OKI and CAiDifF, with Goods and Passengers, every Monday, calling at MILFOKI'. returning from Xkhport every VV t-djesday, and rom CARXUFi every Thursday until further notice. Fares: — Cabin, i's. 8d.. Deck, /'s. Cabin Return Ticket, arailable for one moni,n, 7S_ yor particuijir« sc* sma1! Bills. Bills. Cardiff—Mr E. C. DOW-NIXG, Shipbroker, Bute Dock. Newport—Mr, JAMES MAI>DOCX:B. 6065 I ^«RK—CM 03 COA* SIR AIL PACKM COKJAFY, LIMITED, j SINGEE'S SEWING- MACHINES. NEW BRANCH OFFICE FOR MERTIIYR TYDFIL. THE SINGER MANUFACTURING COMPANY,! 1( ):3. OXFORD STRKET, SWANSEA, T> ESPECTFULLY intimate that. considering the importance of the town of Merthyr Tydfil as a centre of -i. 4.' traiie, and the lars-e nnd r.ipidly increasing dftnand for "Singer's Machine" in the district they have OPENED A BRANCH OF THEIR OWN under the management of Mr LUKE OWEN, at No. 1, VICTORIA STREET, MERTHYR TYDFIL, for the sale of their popular Machines, together with every requisite for their proper use. Mr LCKE OWEJC pur- poses waiting upon all interested in Sewing Machines forthwith. Intending purchasers will therefore do well to see him personally before settling the puzzling question. What Machine shall I buy?" All communications will receive prompt attention, addressed to THE SINGER MANUFACTURING COMPANY, No. 1, VICTORIA STREET, MERTHYR TYDFIL. Instructions on the Machine, together with Price Lis's and Samples of Work Free of Charge. 6020 lYDFIL SCHOOL, MKRTHYR I (Recently conducted by Mr. E. Williams, M.A. deceased). MR. J. J. COPLAND, M.A., REsPECTFrLL Y announces that he h;ts suc- ceeded as Principal of the above weli-known School, so successfully carried on for many years by the late Mr F. Williams, M.A. The long experience Mr COPLAND has obtained in Bath and elsewhere in important Classical and Com- mercial Schools, and the recommendations with which he i3 favoured, induce him to believe that in conducting the Tydfil School his experience and undivided atten- tion will ensure him the support and patronage of Heads of Families and Guardians. Mr COPLAXD has successfully prepared Pupils for Matriculation in the London and other Universities, for Professional and other Examinations, and the experi- ence he has had enables him to ensure for every Pupil placed under his care a sound Classical and Commercial Education, fitting the career in life intended in each case. The Domestic arrangements of the School are under the supervision of Mrs COPLAND. Boarders enjoy the most liberal treatment, and every care is exercised to provide all the comforts of Home The School was Re-opened on Monday, September 22nd, 1873. Terms, Prospectuses, &c., on application. 6008 PUBLIC NOTICE. THIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, that I will not hold <L myself responsible for any Debt that my wife, ELIZABETH WILLIAMS, now residing at the Neptune Inn, Dowlais, may contract in my name. as she is not authorized to obtain any goods on my credit. DAVID WILLIAMS, Keeper. No. 50, Branch End, near Middlesborough, October 10th, 1873. 6081 MER THY R T Y D F I L. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, TWELVE LEASEHOLD DWELLING-HOUSES and PREMISES, situate in GEORGE TOWN, in the occupation of Mrs Vickery, William Clark, John Edwards, and others, held for an unexpired term of lease 30 years. Ground rent £ 5 lis l°d. Also one Leasehold DWELLING-HOUSE and PREMISES, situate at CAEDBAW, in the occupation of Mrs Jenkins, held for an unexpired term of lease 52 years. Ground rent fl 4, 2d. Further particulars may be obtained of Mr JOHN Sevan, 10, Nantygwenith-street, Merthyr Tydfil. or of Mr EDWARD DAVID, Llandaff. 6:84 "FOR THE BLOOD IS THE LIFE.See Deuteronomy, chap. xii., verse 23. CLARKE' S WORLD FAMED BLOOD MIXTURE. Trade Mark,—"Blood Mixture." THE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER AND RESTORER. SKIN DISEASES, Eruptions, Blotches, Ulcerated Sore Legs, Old Sores, Glaudular Swe'dinss, Cancerous Ulcers. Spots, Pimples, Pustules, Boils, Carbuncles, Ringworms, Scald Heads, Sore Eyes, Erysipelas, I teh, Scurf*, Discolourations of the Skin, Humours an,1 Dis,ses of the Skin of whatever name or are lif.-r illy carried out of the system in a short time by the use of this world-tamed Medicine. THOUSANDS OF TESTIMONIALS FROM ALL PARTS IMPORTANT ADVICE TO ALL.-Cleanse the JL vitiated blood whenever you find its irnpnriti es bursting through the skiu ill pimples, eruptions, or sores cleanse it when you find it obstructed and sluggish in the veins cleanse it when it is foul, and your feelings will tell you when. Keep the blood pure, and the health of the system will follow. As thiw mixture is pleasant to the taste, and war- ranted free from anything injurious to the most deli- cate constitution of either sex, the Proprietor solidts gulferers to give it a trial to test its value. LARKF,") WORLD-FAMED BLOOD MIX- c TURK is sold in Bottles. 2s 3d each, and in, containing six times the quantity, lis each—sufficient, to effect a permanent cure in the great raajon'tv of long- standing cases.—BY ALL CHEMISTS and P vrEXT MEDI- CISE VENDORS throughout the United Iviugdom and the world. or sent to any address on receipt of 27 or 132 stamps, by the Proprietor, F. J. CLARKE, Chemist, Apothecaries' Hall, Lincoln. Wholesale: All Patant Medicine Houses GO >7 LONDON DEPOT: 150, OXYORD STREET. LOCAL AGENTS Mr L. P. Jones, Ebbw Vale. Mr W. J. While, 128, High street, Merthyr. BEajEngniEEBa PULVERMACHER'S Improved Patent GAL- VANIC CHAIN BANDS, BELTS, BATTERIES, and ACCESSORIES, from 2s. and upwards. Reliable evidence in proof of' the unrivalled efficacy of these appliances in Rheumatism, Gout, Neuralgia, Deafness. Head and Tooth Ache. Paralysis Liver Com- plaints, Cramps, Spasms, Nervous Debility, Functional Disorders, &c., is given in the pamphlet, Nature's Chief Restorer of Impaired Vital Energy," post free, price Gd or Medical Electricity its Use and Abuse," post free for three stamps. Apply at PULVERMACUER'S Galvanic Establishment, 194, Regent Street, London, W. or at Mr. Joy's, Gr Mr. Hayman's, Agents for Neath, where Pamphlet and full Price List can be obtained, post free. R05S pURNITURE U Warranted, packed and delivered C.VRHUGE FREE to any Railway Station in the Kingdom. R. COX & CO.'S CATALOGUE, Post Free. N Four-Roomed House furnished for £ io 0 0 Single Parlour, ditto 5 0 0 Drawing Room complete in Italian Walnut 18 5 0 T Dining Room, of Mahogany 15 0 0 Bed Room (10 Articles, 2 12 0 — A single article of Furniture at equally low prices". fi The advantages of COX & CO.'S system of business A gives the purchaser U GOODS OF THE BEST WORKMANSHIP AT THE LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES. RAH orders executed direct from the workshop, so that intermediate pro:its are avoided. •p c o x sTc o., FINSBURY SQUARE BUILDINGS CHISWELL STREET, LONDON. 5973 ECONOMY OF ~FITE K | THE "GALLOWAY" CONICAL TUBES are now being extensively introduced into existing Boilers, and effect a saving of from 15 to 25 per cent For i prices and particulars, apply to W. and J. GALLOWAY and SONS, Engineers and Boiler Makers, Knot .Mill Ironworks, Manchester. Upwards of 130.000 of these Tubes are now in use they strengthen the flues and improve the water circulation. TO STEAM BOILER USERS. SAYS 20 PER CENT. OF FUEL by fixin- "GALLOWAY" TUBES in BOILER FLUES'! Extracts from letters received. From EDyrYD RCTTERWORTH and SONS, Saddleworth. Since the alteration, the production of steam in the same boiler has not only been larger, but much more regular, and we can safely say with at least 20 per cent less fuel." From ROBT. OXTORT and SON, Hull.—" The saving in coal to us is pretty near one third. We shall have great pleasure in recommending them to others." From the SUIPSON MANUFACTORY, St. Petersbur"-h —" We hav; measured the quantity of water carefully, and made thiue trial?, and the result is, that the boiler one third more powerful than it was before putting in the Galloway Tubes." Further information can be obtained by application to W and J. GALLOWAY and SONS, Engineers, MAMCHISSTEB 0080 -=-=-=-==-==-=:=-=-=-=-=-===. ESTABLISHED FOURTEEN YEARS. DOWLAIS COAL. VALE OF NEATH STATION MERTHYR, RRAXCH YARDS: NEAR GOAT MILLS AND IVOR WORKS, DOWLAIS. JOHN MORGAN, COAL MERCHANT AND CONTRACTOR, returns his warmest thanks to his numerous friends and custonaer-s for their most cordial support and patronage, and trusts that by his promptness and attention to the coal trade, he will secure the same amount of success he has hitherto enjoyed. If you want good coal for steam and domestic pur- poses get the Dowlais Celebrated Rhas Las Coal. If you don't want your children and carpets burnt, get the Dowlais Coal, for it will not sparkle along the fio, )1: If you want durable smokeless.tho Dowlais Coal, the best ever offered for sale in the district. Ask for Dowlais Coal, and see that you get it, for there are inferior coals sold in the town and neighbour- hood. ° Orders may be left at 59, Tramroad Terrace, Merthyr, or at the various Yards. TER31,9 CASH MONTHLY. 6070 WILKINS AND BAILEY, COAL MERCHANTS, MERTHYR. HE PARTNERSHIP existing between CHARLES I WILKINS and ADAM BAILEY is this day DIS- SOLVED, Mr BAILEY selling out his interest in the concern, which henceforth will be carried on under the name of WILKINS k Co. Orders received in the yard or at the Post. office. The bpst description of Coal sold, including the finest Cyfartbfa Smokeless Four Feet, and the well known Bargoed Binding. The Firm will exercise the greatest care in seeing that not only the best Coals are supplied, but proper weight given. 6094 THE SWANSEA SHIPPING COMPANY, LIMITED. REGISTERED under the Companies' Acts, 1862 and 1867, by which the liability of each share- holder is limited to the amount of shares subscribed for. CAPITAL, £ 250,000, in 25,000 SHARES of JB10 EACH, With power to increase to £ 500,00' Payable £ 1 on application, X2 on allotment, Bl in six months from allotment, Bl in nine months, and fl in twelve months. It is not anticipated that any future Call on the Shareholders will be made, but should it prove other- wise, such shall not exceed £2 per Share, or be at less intervals than three months. DIRECTORS — THOMAS FORD, Esq., Mayor, Woodland Villa, Swansea. T. COPY, Esq. (Cory, Yeo, and Co.), Sketty House, Swansea. JOHN W ILLIAMS, Esq., Ty-ar-y-Graig, Swansea. J. Ll\ INGSTON, Esq. (Livingston, Richards, and Beaumont), Bryn-y-Coed, Swansea. J. E. Bt RGESS, Esq., South Hill Place, Swansea. WILLIAM H. TUCKER, Esq., Blairnant House, Swansea. With power to add to their number. BANKERS THE SWANSEA BANK (LIMITED). SOLICITORS Messrs BROWN AND COLLINS. AUDITORS;— Messrs BARNARD, THOMAS, CAWKER, & Co. SHARE BROKERS:— Messrs SIDNEY OLD, DOWN, & Co., Swansea. SECRETARIES JAMES HENRY BURGESS, Esq., GEORGE SHADDICK, Esq. PROSPECTUS. The Company is formed with the object of carrying on the business of shipowners and merchants, and for this purpose for purchasing from time to time, as may be deemed expedient by the Directors, sailing ships and (or) steamers of first-class construction, and of such description as shall be considered best calculated to work advantageously for the benefit of its shareholders, and with due regard to their adaptability for the export and import trades of Swansea to and from all parts of the The directorate is composed of gentlemen of practical experience in shipping and commercial matters, who are and have been for many years intimately connected with the trade of the port, and who strongly recommend this company to the consideration of the public. The company will be worked on strictly economical principles, under the sole management of its directors. No arrangement has been made with the secretaries as to their remuneration, hut they are quite prepared to accept whatever sum the directors may consider fiur and reasonable. They are members of the firm of Messrs. Burgess, Shaddick, and Co., and are well known for their experience in shipping matters. The directors have gone very carefully into the pros- pects of this company, and judging therefrom, and also from the result of similar undertakings, are unanimously of opinion that dividends ol 10 percent, per annum, and upwards, may reasonably be expected, after deduct- ing a portion of the profits sufficient to form an adequate reserve fund for depreciation, &c. The ships of the cornpauy will be fully insured with first-class underwriters, until in the opinion of the directors the number of vessels is sufficient to enable them to become their own underwriters. In deciding on the issue being in £ 10 shares, instead of a larger sum, the directors have had in view the desira- bility of placing them, as far as possible, within reach of all classes of the community, thus enabling all to sup- port the undertaking, which it is calculated will prove conducive to the general prosperity of the port, and beneficial, directly and indirectly, to the whole of its traders. The accounts will be audited, and copies issued to the shareholders, and dividends declared half-yearly, -Provisional certificates will be issued in exchange for the banker's receipts, and on completion of the pay- ments. the shares will be transferred into the name of each applicant, free of stamp duty or other charges, and the share certificates of the Company will be obtained and forwarded in due course. In the event of no allotment being made to any applicart. the deposit paid will be returned forthwith without deduction should a smaller amount be allotted than applied for, the balance paid on application will be applied towards part payment of the amount payable on allotment. Upwards of £40,000 have already been promised. An early application for shares is therefore solicited. The Ar'icles of Association may be seen at the Offices of the Solicitors, Messrs Brown and Collins. Application, which must be accompanied by payment of fl on each share applied for, must be made on the next authorisod form, and can be forwarded either to the Bankers, or to the Solicitors, or to the Secretaries, Messrs Burgess, Shaddick, and Co., Swansea; Bute Docks, Cardiff; or 16, South Castle-street, Liverpool or to the Sharebrokers, Messrs Sidney Old, Down, and Co., Adelaide-street, Swansea. FORM OF APPLICATION FOR SHARES, (To be retained by either of the Company's Bankers). To THE DIRECTORS OF THE SWANSEA SHIPPING COMPANY (LIMITED). Gentlemen,—Having pai.i to your credit, at the Bank, the sum of £ I request that you will allot me, Shares in the above Company, and I hereby agree to accept such shares, or any less number you may allot me, on the conditions stated in the Prospectus, and subject to the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company. Name in full Address Profession or Business Date. Signature. Swansea, 16th October, 1873. 6098 THE ABERTHAW LIME & CEMENT Co., N E W P O R T, M 0 N., ARE prepared to supply Best Aberthaw (Blue Lias) Lump and Ground Lime. Best Cement and. Plaster of Paris in any quantities. WORKS-NEWPORT, MON. HEAD OFFICE 3, GLOUCESTER CHAMBERS SWANSEA. 6011



Friday, October 24, 1873.


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