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listened to by P.C. Davies, who subsequently issued a snmmons to the whole of the parties concerned—for re- sult vide "drunkards' list" of to-day. Complainant alleged that her opponents had beaten her" over right P.O. Davies.-The latter was consequently calied in corroboration. He, however, emphatically stated that complainant was the terror of the whole place, keeping the neighbourhood inja state of constant excitement and alurm.-HIs Worship, in order to put a stop to such scenes for the future, ordered both parties to be bound over in £ 10 to keep the peace for six months. WEDNESDAY,—{Before A. De Rutzen, E. Davies and J. Probert, Esgrs.) DRUNKARDS.—Elias Jones, alias Elias o'r North," a perfectly incorrigible customer, was charged with drunken and riotous conduct in Glebeland-street, on the 20th inst. P.C. Cole proved finding him challenging the landlord of the Red Cow Inn to fight. This was about the 30th appearance of the fellow. Their Wor- ships, who considered him a perfect'pest to the locality, inflicted a fine of E2 and the costs upon him. In de- fault of payment he was committed to Swansea gaol for two months with hard labour. — Margaret Leary, married, was charged with lying drunk and incapable in High-street the same night. P.C. Allison gave evi- dence. Discharged with a caution. James Gaynor, navvy, for a similar offence in South-street, Dowlais, the previous night, was, upon the evidence of P.C. Davies. fined 5s and the costs. ASSAULTING THE POLICE.—John Davies, squeezer- man, and Margaret Bo wen, an unfortunate, stood in the dock charged the former with assaulting, and the latter with resisting P.C. Evans in the execution of his duty, «n the 20th inst. The officer had found Davies stripped drunk, and fighting with another individual, and upon being taken into custody prisoner became very violent, and Bowen took Evans by the coat tails and endea- voured to draw him away from his prisoner. Davies was sentenced to one month's hard labour, while Bowen had the option of paying 10s fine and costs, or go to gaol for fourteen days with hard labour. A BLACKGUARD.—Patrick Mackay, labourer, a stal- wart repulsive-looking individual, was brought up in custody charged with having assaulted Mrs Elizabeth Griffiths, the landlady of the Cardiff Arms, at Cae- draw. The fellow now affected to have forgotten every- thing that had occurred.-Fined £ 1 and the costs, and in default of payment committed to Swansea gaol for one month with hard labour. A BRACE OF IMPOSTORS.—Thomas Henderson and Thomas Taylor, described as sailors, were placed in the dock charged with begging alms in High-street on the previous night. P.C. Coles proved finding the men in the Post Office asking for coppers. Both were very drunk and abusive.—Mr B. R. Williams, tailor and draper, John-street, proved seeing the prisoners at his door. The tallest (Henderson) appeared to-have lost both arms. Witness subsequently saw them in High- fltreet, when his arms appeared all right. The Bench were determined that scoundrels like the defendants should not be allowed to impose upon the public of this town with impunity. Each would have to go to gaol for one month with hard labour. REFUSING TO QUIT.-Thomas Jones, haulier, was summoned for violent and quarrelsome behaviour in the Rising Sun Inn, at Tirphil, which house he had re- fused to quit when requested so to do by the landlord. Fined 15s and the costs, or fourteen days' hard labour in the alternative. A DISHONEST LODGER. -Ann Dunford, married, was brought up OD remand charged with stealing a silver pencil case, the property of Thomas Bradley, baller, 67, High-street, Dowlais.-Prisoner now pleaded guilty, and was sentenced to fourteen days impri- sonment with hard labour. BOARD OF HEALTH PROSECUTIONS.— Mr Williams, clerk to the Local Board, appeared in support of sum- monses against the following cottage proprietors, who had disobeyed the notice given them by the Board to provide proper accommodation and drainage for the premises owned by them William Hallesy, Jeremiah Williams, Edward Lewis, Richard MiJward, Richard Price, Thomas Price, William Jones (Plough, Peny- darran), James Thomas, David Jones, and William Jones {assitant overseer). In the majority of the cases the defendants either personally, or by some representa- tive, appeared and admitted the facts. The excuse al- most invariably set up was the difficulty of obtaining men to carry out the work.—Mr Plews appeared for the last named defendant, and strove hard to bring about an arrangement which would render the making of a magisterial order unnecessary.—The Bench, however, could not see any difference in the cases. Each defen- dant would have to carry out the necessary works in a fortnight, Thomas Price, being an exception, he being allowèd a month-and pay the costs of the order.—— William John, late Merthyr Tavern, and David Evans, Elizabeth-street, Dowlais, were summoned to shew cause why a penalty should be inflicted upon them for disobedience of the Justices' order which had been made upon them requiring them to provide closet accommo- dation and drainage for premises.—Mrs John, who ap- peared for her husband, assured the Bench that in her case the works were proceeding. Defendant Evans was fined Is for every day (Sept. 22nd, until Oct. 18th) that he had made default. ASSAULT. Mary Regan, married, was summoned for having assaulted Elizabeth Dwyer, single, on the 6th inst., at Quarry-row, and was fined 10s and the costs, or fourteen days' hard labour in the alternative. ADJOURNED AFFILIATION CASE.—O'BRIEN V. REES. —Mr Plews for complainant and Mr. Smith (Smith, Lewis, and Jones,) for defendant.—In this case, which had stood adjourned for some length of time for decision upon the preliminary point as to whether sufficient evidence of non-access on the part of com- plainant's husband had been proved, to justify the ad- mission of the evidence of complainant herself, Mr. de Rutzen said In the matter of a married woman living apart from her husband in this town, who applied for an order of affiliation against a man, also resident in this town, I adjourned the case, not because I enter- tained any doubt at the time. but out of respect to the learned advocates who appeared on either side, and the number of cases they quoted. I have referred to those cases, and I am decidedly of opinion that there is no ground whatever for allowing the wife to be called to prove non-access on thelpart of the husband, and as it is impossible to proceed any further without the evidence of the wife, the summons must be dismissed. MURDEROUS ASSAULT.—Elias Jenkins, painter, sur- rendered to his bail, charged with maliciously wounding John Thomas, collier.—Mr. Lewis (Smith, Lewis, and Jones ) appeared for the prosecution, and Mr. Plews the defence.-The evidence went to show that the prosecutor and an unfortunate, named Edmunds, had entered the prisoner's house on the 18th inst., and had ordered some faggots." The one supplied to Thomas was accidently upset, whereupon prisoner ordered him out. A scuffle ensued between them, the result of which was that the former was pushed out and the door shut in his face. He remained outside for about ten minutes, at the expiration of which the prisoner came out, holding an axe behind his back, which he struck prosecutor with upon the head, bringing him senseless and bleeding to the ground. Dr. Crockett was at once sent for, but, fortunately, the man's injuries did not prove so serious as anticipated. He was taken home by some of the by-standers, and the police communicated with. The prisoner, who was arrested next day by P.S. Jennings, admitted having struck his opponent in the manner stated. Notwithstanding the very able and ingenious defence set up by Mr. Plews, the Bench determined to commit the prisoner for trial at the next assizes. ROBBERY FROM THE PERSON.—Margaret Edwards, married, was charged with stealing a purse, and 5s. 6d., the property of George Davies, puddler, Dowlais.- She pleaded guilty, and was sentenced to 14 days' imprison- ment with hard labour.




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