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jIIiiCELLA NEOLS. A stcamar has sailed •■j a ertUe to connect Alex- xanJ~ '.ml Brmdi.ii. Fev"" in Memphis has HHK$; abated. The Carlists continue destroying the railway sta' tions. The Baptist Union concluded its sittings at X utting. ham List week. The crop of potatoes proves abundant all over Swit- zerland. A _„iuer at Willow Bank Coll iery has been killed by exclusion, resulting from his use of the naked The Liberal press of Vienna, speak of the Empe ror's reply to the Pope as a proud epoch for Germany. The Austrian Finance Minister has declined to as- sist the Stock Exchange in obtaining money. Mr. H. W. Ripley has issued his address to the elec- I tors of Bradford. The 27th of November has been appointed as a day of national thanksgiving by President Gr': 't. The expenses of the successful candidate at Dun- dee amount to £1,137. The whole of Cheapside is to be fitted with the pr, tent Catoptric lamps. The Te'cyraph presume. uat tn 3 project of a Royal Restoration in France has failed. The Suez Canal Commissioners have adopted a coda of working rules. An early-risers' cricket club has been started at Brighton. The Conservatives of Liverpool claim a gain of Co.? on the recent municipal revision. The Bishop of.Licuneld has presided at a conferenci of the clergy and laity held at Shrewsbury. The Rev. Hugh Stowell Brown has boor ap- pointed vice-president of the Baptist Union. Pleuro-pneumonia is reported to have broken out on a farm near Preston. The Paris Figaro believes that the Right will pro- pose the immediate convocation cf the Assembly. One of the Peninsula. and Oriental steamers, the Gaconda, struck on a rock and has becomc disa-> ¡ bled, at the entrance to Galle Harbour. It was stated at an in that on. mid" ■wife had assisted at the birth of IZ,000 babies. That number would average one a day for 41 years. Admiial Lobo has been superseded in the command of the Spanish Mediterranean squadron. lie is to be tried by court martial. L'i)1'd1'e mentions a report that :L John Leinoinne is about to retire from the Dtuata in consequence of differences with the conductors of that journal. The church of Xotre Dame at Geneva is not to be handed over to the Old Catholics. Rioting would have taken place had the rumour been true. Peter Smith, a plasterer,has been found dead at Barns- ley. He had been kicked by some men with whom he had been drinking. ''Brown Bess," a gun well known in the days of our childhood, is being sent out in large numbers for iihe use of our faithful allies the Fantees. j X A railway accident has taken place near Barnsley. A coal train came into collision with a goods' train, and a number of wagons were smashed. The Catholic Bishops are reported to have adopted a resolution to uphold with their utmost power the principle of denominational education. The departure of Sir Henry Storks for Vienna will cause a vacancy for Ripon. Brigadier-General Adye succeeds Sir Henry as surveyor general of ord- nance. Two French editors, M. Herve, of the Paris Jour- nal, and M. About, of the nineteenth Ctniury, have been tined 2001. each for their recent duel. Mr. Clare Reed, M.P., thinks the Government ehould extend a. new Order in Council to Ireland, in I view of the loss occasioned by the importation of pleuro-pneumonia. It is stated that the trades unionists of Bradford have determined to bring forward a candidate at the next general election, provided they can raise a Burn of il,0u0. The grocers of Birmingham have held a meeting I to consider the pr"gent acth-u ut the authorities in ttrictly applying the Adulteration Act. For prison olfences there were last year 81 inflictions of corporal punishment, e gainst J3 iu the 1,reccÜiug year, 117 in lö7()-1. 78 in lo-J^-70, and 13 in litis-'J. The consumption of foreign potatoes is very large. This year the value was Jbl,S56,555, and last year ,JE-ioi!,o4'J as imported. i''r<n the otScial tables published it ap- pears that ill the year ended the 31st of March last the Excise Duty on spirits was, in gross, £14,:W5,û:20, and net, £13,ï49,J.1i 8s. liel. Messrs. Forrest, the well-known builders of life- Doats, have constructed for the Government a nomber of large surf-boacs to be sent out with the Ashan- tee expedition. TL; estimates of the ILaJian. IJinisier of Tinance, I t9S amended, shew a deticit on the year of nearly 110 •million francs, but it is_ explained that the net deii- cit is much kss. 5. Major Leader, a Carlist volunteer, recently lac- in Cork with a view to enlist nidi in the I'oreign Legion. The Mayor presided, the meeting •was very stormy. The Bishop of Manchester has been coming down rtipon the dergywlw are guilty of matrimony on a etipend. 2so doubt the Roman Catholics will use ins arguments in favour of celibacy. 11ajur Thomas Bott hail pleaded guilty to assault- ing a constable employed by the Metropolitan Board "of Works. He was ailuweLi to pay Jto to tÚe Folio ()1:f;ce anù £ 10 to the Dispensary .1.t Maidstone. The miners in the Nuneaton district, upwards of 'in number, have agreed to cease work immediate v, as the masters insist on 21 ewt. t the ton, and tne price for raising the coal to be oo. od. instead of JIIo t5^d. per ton. In consequence of the deficiency displayed by the engbeer students at the late examination at Chatham their lordships will withhold certificates in future un- less 50 per cent. of the total marks are obtained. The O'Connor Don, M.P., has been speaking on Home Rule at Roscommon. He doubted tiiac an Lrish House of Lords and a Democratic Irish Huuce of Commons would work together. Mr. Braasey, M.P., speaking at a Science and Art Meeting at Wolverton, deplored the separation between masters and men. lie offered a itlluo pre- mium for the best form of stovea suitable for cot- tagers. The Edinburgh Town Council, beset with a multi- tude of rival schemes for an improved water supply, "has resolved to take a plebucite of the ratepayer* by At the Devon Quarter Sessions a woman stated to be the wife of an officer in the Indian jaiiny, was sentenced to nine months imprisonment for victi- miaing Torquay tradesmen. His sfraca the Duke of Marlborough has been in Hull on a visit to Earle's Ship Bunding Company, to I examine the lines and plans of the steam yacht which Mr. Reed has in preparation for him. The conferring of degrees in Queen's University took place in St. Patrick's Hall, Dublin Castle. The proceedings were Listless and unenergetic compared with former times. • Some sensation was caused at Berlin the other,day by a furious article in the Catholic organ, inciting its friends to violence and war. Scandalous denun- ciations are heaped upon Bishop Keinkens, and some of his frienda are apprehensive about his personal safety. Miss Chessar, a well-known lecturer on physiology and hygiene, and Mrs. Herbert Cowell, sister of Mrs. Garrett-Anderson, are to be put in nomination as candidates for the representation of Marylebone in the London School Board. Navigating Sub-Lieutenant Renwick appears to have made good his escape. The escape or rescue soems to have been adroitly planned and executed, from the fact that an eih0y, resigned to deceive the sentry as to Renwick's absence, wa.s found in his cabin, and indicated con" leTable premeditation. The show of chrysanthemums this season at the Temple Gardens, under the superintendence of Mr.Newton, the Lead gardener, will be the finest for some years past..The public accommodation, under the sanction of the benchers, will bo the sama as provided on the last occasion. The committee of the Sunday School Union have just issued a circular invitation to alL the schools affi- liated to its membership, calling upon them to unite for special prayer for the Sunday schools throughout the world. By the death of the Rev. Samusl Herrick Macau- Joy, for 35 years rector of Hodnet, Salop, the living has become vacant. It is in the gift of Mr. Heber Percy, and is valued at £ 1,»S4. The deceased clergyman was brother-in-law to Bishop Heber, he having married in li-il Mary, the only sister of the go -d bishop of Calcutta, alter the death of her first husbu id, the Rev. Charts Cowper Cholmondely. A CASE FOR MR. PLIMSOLL.—An applica- tion has been made to the magistrates at Carnarvon to fix a day for holding a Board of Trade inquiry into the circumstances of the loss off Bardsey Island of -the schooner Nancy, of and from Carnarvon, Hugh Jones, master. It was stated that tne vessel was ninety .years-old. Her deck was not caulked. When seas •were shipped water^ran between her timbers upon a cargoof lime stowed in the hold. The slacking of the lime was su intolerable that the crew scuttled the vessel and abandoned her. The magistrates ap- pointed an early ùay for the inquiry M. E. AUC.—M. Ranc, the Communist, recently j condemned to death, ia the son of a solicitor of Poi- tiers. At the college of that town he joiaed the young students who hailed the revival of liberty, a.nd tvere preparing to fight for it. He was banished to Algiers for being mixed up in plots, but returned to France a.t all amnesty. On the 4th of September, 1870, he rushed with eagerness into the new move- ment, aad was appointed to take possession of the suspicious and aristccratic 9th Mairie, which i e held until the 14th of October. lIe then lett ..a board the Jean tart balloon, and safely arrived a.t Tours. He there met M. Gambetta, whom he had Indirectly introduced to public life by proposing him as counsel for the defence in th > L'audm sub- Bcription case (iSoi'b TUe Dictator appointed him "M chief of the suioty ponce, and much obloquy rests on M. Ranc for having harboured, as alleged, in that capacity the lowest b 'h characters in that line, and giren the best berths to his unworthy favourites. The six counts preferred against him imply compli- city with the criminal d of tie Communt, and, If uncoIltradiitt4, \nr« sure 39 Júm tho q" -JuS Vv illiam Thompjraii, a miner, has been committed for trial, at the Manchester Police-court, for the wil- ful murder of his wife, on the 4th inst. Sir John Campbell Lees, lately a judge in the West Indies, died suddenly at Victoria Station on Friday. A landslip has taken place at Whitby. Mr. Gerald Massey has arrived at New York. The Duke of Edinburgh has visited Sebastopol. A girl 13 years of age has drowned herself at Read- ing, from some unknown cause. The Newcastle coal owners have refused a request of their men for an advance of 20 per emit. Land in Texas is said to be so rich that thirty crops of corn have not weakened its fertility. Yates, who attempted to "h"ot an Admiralty sur- veyor, at Greenwich, is declared to be of unsound mind. Th 'r<-iDds r.f fish have been poisoned above Maid- stone Loch. Refuse is supposed to be the cause. The Economist thinks the Bank rate of discount ought to be raised at once to 7 per cent. The .Leeds Wesleyan Missionary Society have just collected i.1,077 at their annual meetings. The first Egyptian Budget ever published shews £ 10,100,000 receipts, and £ 1),040,000 expenditure. It is probable that an examination for the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich, will be held in May next. A man named O'Farrell has killed a fellow labourer at Dublin by striking him on the head with a pickaxe. Mrs. Ball, of Dublin, has bequeathed £ 0,200 for founding a Protestant church. Thomas Crossling, of negro minstrel celebrity, is dead. He died at the Parish Hospital, Liverpool. An American doctor professes to have discovered a cure for the habit of opium eating. A servant girl; near Chesterfield has been wounded by the discharge of a gun left on the kitchen dresser. Mrs. Lankford ha.- been awarded £ 000 damages for injuries received a tthe Granton station. The deatn is announced of Signor Noe, constructor of the Cavour Canal. Linmetsburgh is said to be the smallest incorpo- rated town in Iowa. Its population nUIulJers 01l1y 171. Last year the license duty <m pawnbrokers rea- lised J::J5,160, Three persons in custody at South Shields charged with themurderof an Irishman named O'Hara, who was found dead in a yard behind the house they occupied. It is shewn by the finance accounts just issued that in the year ended the 31st ilarch, the inhabited house duty amounted to £ 1,243,818 UJs. 3d. A factory known as Chapel Mill, in Manches- ter-street, Oldham, has been destroyed by fire. The damage will be about £ 12,000. Great dissatisfaction is expressed in India at the Salt Bill. Government has been memorialised on the subject in a petition of great length. A sea captain, who was a passenger on board the Missouri, attributes the wreck to the carelessness of the officers. Benjamin Calvert, a private in the Royal Marines at Portsmouth, has been sentenced tO,18 months' im- prisünUlent for insulting his sergeant-major. The King of Italy will be present at the inaugura- tion of the Cavour monument, which takes place at the beginning of November. Daniel Green, a liveryman of the City of London, has been sent to gaol for two months for assaulting a railway police officer at Hounslow. There was a large assemblage of clergy at Ely to celebrate the twelve hundreth anniversary of the foundation ot the cathedral of that city. A telegram from Singapore, dated the 17th, re- ports that the cable between Singapore and Hong Kong has been repaired. A lire was discovered on Saturday at the Man- ion House Station of the Underground Railway. It was caused by the overheating of a flue, and uid ■ Arable damage. Alfred Lawson, a cotton waste dealer at Bolton, lias ueell sentenced to two months' imprisonment fur lutving obtained, by fa18e jjretences, a quantity of rags from another waste dealer in the same town. There has been a large increase in the export of printed books in the last three years. In nine months IIf 1S71 the value was in the like period of 1872 J;;G28,GOö; and in the last nine months, £ 000,852. A Naples paper mentions an important discovery made at Pompeii. It appears that they have disin- terred the shop of a tanner, with instruments of trade exactly similar to those now used by Italian tradesmen. A notorious fellow, named Robert Thomas, has been attempting to bite and stab the police in public court at Carnarvon. As it was unly the police he got off with eight months' imprisonment. A labour question meeting has been held at Leeds. Alderman Carter, M.P., said it was a fallacy that the working men were waiting their earnings. Tue colliers were improving ill every respect. The Saturday Hecteio says that the Pope's letter is eminuntly characteristic of the aged and YeneraGle writer, credulous and enthusiastic, blinded by the prejudice-, of a clique, lull of love and spite, of blessing and of cursing. Tnj deatn is announced of Mr. Edward Buckland, "ec, nd son of the late Dean of Westminster and only brother uf :\Ir. Frank buckland, the naturalist. He heki a position in the Treasury. "the London correspondent of the Manchester Gaar- t.'mn hears that in view of electoral reform being taken up ,"t" a rdIying cry for tile next general election, an important conference on the subject of redistribu- tion of seats is shortly to be beld in London. The Bombay Gazette understands that the Govern- mellt of India has asked the Government uf Hum- bay to lay before it its suggestions on a point of con- siderable importance, namely, the best means of en- couraging and insuring the study of Persian and Arabic by civil and military officers employed in the political service. Twelve laymen of position have been appointed on the Catholic Lniversity Board in Ireland. Two Jesuits are appointed deans of collegiate houses and tutors of the L"ui versity. The LTniversity is to be considered in future the supreme seat of education in Ireland, and by Papal authority will confer the usual academic degrees. Mrs. McLeod, the wife of a military surgeon at1 Car- lisle, has been accidentally poisoned by an over-dose of morphia. She had been nursing a sick child, and cts imable to sleep from restlessness. Her hushallJ gave her doses of morphia to procure sleep, which at first produced no effect. Suddenly her condition became so alarming that he sent for other advice, but the C:1se proved fatal. A law has just come into force in the United States, providing that when cattle, sheep, or other animals, are conveyed in vessels or cars, they shall not be kept in confinement for more than 2d hours, at the end of which time they shall be released for live hours *or rest, food, and water. The expense is wade a nen on the animals, and the infraction of the law is punishable by fine. This is the most effectual way to check cattle disease. In the seventh annual report of the Manchester and Salford Trades Council, which has just been issued, allusion is made to the effect of the recent ad- vance in the wages of persons employed in manufac- turing and agriculture. Except in the case of miners, the advance that has taken place has not, it is said, iujproved the social position of the operatives to any appreciable extent, the increase in wages being only equivalent to the enhanced cost of living. Mr. Calvert, who lately broke down seriously ill during the first performance of Shakespere's Henry V., at the Prince of Wales's Theatre, has now so far recovered that he has been able to address the audience, acknowledging the sympathy and kindness which had been shewn him. The Hpeciator, referring to Mr. Bright's recent let- ter, thinks its language hardly sounds hopeful for a statesman entering upon office. He that putteth on his ar.nour with as weary an air as if he were taking it orf, is making almost too great a sacritice uf private to public good." The Emperor of Germany had an exceedingly warm reception at Vienna, intensified, it is said, by his letter to the Pope. The alliance of the three Emperors and the King of Italy, it is believed, would secure the peace of Europe. We ceitainly hope they ,.U try. 1 he French papers complain of the limited number ol journals allowed to be sold in the railway stations and on the lines. Only^leven papers are allowed, and many of the best journals are excluded. Figaro, w11ÍL:h is one of tLose on1ÍtteLl, attriGutes the selection to •'error, malice, or madness." The UruniJ, Arrow says Captain his Royal Highness Prince Arthur, ltilie Brigade, will assume the duties of origade-major to the he Infantry Brigade at Alder- shot from the 15th inst., in place of Capta'n Robin- son, 2nd Battalion Rifle Brigade, ordered to proceed with his battalion to the West Coast of Africa. The Examiner says that already there are ap- parently authentic rumours that next Session we are to have an El- entary Education Act Amendment Bill which will -o.isfy the iNational Education League and the Nonconformists and that if Mr. 1 orster will nut agree to a sufficiently liberal measure, a better man-a rising politician who stands high in favour with all Radicals- is to take his place." At the resumed inquest on Friday on the body of a child, to which a young woman gave birth in a. plan'ition near St. Agnes, three weeks since, the mother of the infant gave evidence to the effect that, dreading her father's anger, she left her home, and being unable to obtain admission at any house on her way to the Truro Union she went into the plantation, and there fainted, knowing nothing of what subse- quently occurred until some hours after, when she awoke and found a dead body lying at her feet. The jury exonerated the mother from criminal responsi- bility. PARLIAMENTARY PAPERS.—The following par- liamentary papers have been issued:—Returns of all taxes and imposts from which the Imperial revenue of the United Kingdom was raised in the year ending March 31, 1873 standing orders of the House of Commons, 1S73 return relating to highway and turn- pike roads return of orders made by Charity Com- missioners respecting Nonconformist endowments in the ten ye am ending March 31, 1873 general digest of endowed charities in the county of Northa-mpton general report of Captain Tyler on the railway acci- dent- of 7V72; report from the Select Committee on Public Departments (Pore^aM* &0.1 with the minute* of •fideno* The difficulty of obtaining pure water in some part. e 'wlford is very great, many of the wells being coveTsd with a solution of manure highly coloured awl very offensive." The duty last year on malsters produced £16,277. The cattle disease is making sad ravages near Ban. bury. Prince Bismarck is likely to return to the Presi- dency of the Prussian Ministry. The Duke of Cambridge had a field-day with the troops at Chatham on Saturday. A number of convents in Rome are coming under thè late ex-propriation laws. The Bank of Russia has raised its rate of discount to 7i per cent. Buliington has been selected as the military centre for ( 'xfordshire. :;1I1"e; the late heavy floods there has been capital sport with the rod on the Tweed and other rivers. Twenty-seven Catholic clergymen in the West of Ireland have joined the Home Rule Association. A tire broke out on Monday morning in Great Wind- ii.i11-stieet, Haymarket, in which a young man was tnifocated. Dr. Cryan was elected on Saturday Fellow of the King and Queen College of Physicians. be race for the championship of the German Ocean came off on Saturday at Saltburn. It was won by the 1; oicar men. The prize was 1:200. The Danish Budget having been rejected, the Par- liament has been dissolved, and the new elections will place on the 14th November. The ratepayers of Liverpool have had a public meet- ing to protest against the expenditure of £160,000 by the School Board. At an inquest on the body of a coal miner near Barnsley, a verdict of recklessness was returned Ilb"aillo t tile deceasel1. An Irish labourer, named Maguire, living near G iasgow, went home drunk on Saturday night, dragged hi" wife out of bed and kicked her so that she died. The hiring market at Reading took place on Satur- day. Labourers were engaged at 13s. without cottages. Carters from 13s. to 1.)10" with a bonus of £2 at Mieliaehnas. Michaelmas. '1 he steamship Beulah, of North Shields, has foun- dered on a sunken rock near Gibraltar. The captain and crew were saved. Three medical students barely escaped getting a month's hard labour for rowdyism on Saturday at Dublin. Marshal MacMahon received, at the Elysee, the King ;■ nd Queen of the Belgians, who arrived in Paris on Aionimy. The guard of a goods train fell on Saturday between the platform and a moving train at Dublin. His hand and foot were much lacerated. The take of mackerel, on the coast of Mayo on Saturday was enormous, some nets had to be left in the water. The Amnesty meeting passed off quietly. The Mayor of Manchester has appointed Wednes- day, the 12th November, for the Manchester School Board eledioll, More than a ton of buckshot is being daily made up into cartridges at the Woolwich Arsenal, as a part 01 the ammunition for the Ashantee expedition. :lr, James Trail!, who for many years discharged the duties of magistrate at Woolwich, has just died at Worthing. In the last nine months the importation of watches has increased. In nine months of 1S72 the value was £ 247,060, and this year .t:?S:130. At Bromley, Kent, the greater part of an inn has been destroyed by tire, caused through children playing with matches. The present price paid by the Government depart- ment Iur young horse" suitable for the royal horse artillery is £ 45. One cause for the present high price of butter is said tn be owing to the prevalence uf sure udder amongst iniich cows, The; cause is attributed to the variable- ness uf tile Weather. Australian hnuncesare flourishing. The Budget at Sydney shews a surplus for 1872 of 1:124,000, after pay- ing Deficiency Debt to the amount of 1:;)\)0,000. A feurphus is almost certain for 1873 of £6;)5,000. The Rev. E. Ferrier, Government chaplain, has re- ceived her Majesty's bounty of j;3 on behalf of the wife of Richard Harrison, who gave birth to three chil,lren a few weeks agu, in L'a"tletown, Isle of Man. A child, fifteen months old, was attacked the other day at Oldham by a bull terrier bitch, and fearfully laceiated about the face and tne lower parts of the bony. M. Grevy has published a pamphlet entitled the -.Necessary Government.He maintains that France ha" beeome it pure demociacy, ami tlwL any monarchical restoration must necessarily therefore fail to endure. in the last nine months the value of eggs imported was £ i,'Jo2,7(Jl, which was a large increase on the two former years. In 1872 the value was 1:1,4;¿ú,921, and in the previous year £ 068,482. The declared value of foreign poultry and game im- ported ill the last uine months was £ 135,211, which was a large increase on the previous) year. Ostend rabbits are included, and the importation is consider- able. James Williams, a mail-cart driver, has been thrown out of his mail-cart near Eardisley. He was dragged aiong the ground fur two alld a half miles, and when found was fearfully injured and quite dead. Dr. Whitmore, of Marylebone, believes that the in- crease of lung diseases is likely to be great during the coming winter, unless the wealthy assist in providing fuel lor the poor. The Jardin d'Acclimatation, at Paris, has just re- ceived a considerable reinforcement of extremely rare auiwals frum Coromandel, Polynesia, aud South Ame- rica. Some hares from Patagonia are the size of an ordinary goat. A meeting was held at Swindon on Saturday to pro- n.ut>\ the Manchester and :Soutball1pton Railway scheme, which has been so long talked about. Sir Daniel Gooch, M.P., and Mr. Crawshay, M.P., took part in the proceedings. A verdict of wilful murder has been returned against J oh LI M'( Jarty, his married daughter, and a boy aged I 15, charged with the murder of Edward O'Hara, at :iouth Shields. It is calculated that there are about 3,000 Scotch- men in Dublin, and at a meeting the other night it was resolved to form a new Scotch association, a committee being appointed to prepare rules and report to a future meeting. At the meeting of the Suez Canal Commission on Saturday a large majority of delegates expressed a strong opinion in favour of Moorson's system of calcu- lating the gross tonnage of ships, but the discussion was adjourned to Wednesday at the request of the French delegates. An inquest was held at Liverpool, on Saturday, re- specting the death of a farm labourer, named Michael Lien nan, who died from injuries received during a fight at Hightown, on Sunday week. The jury re- turned a verdict of "Manslaughter" against a man named Crews, who is alleged to have kicked the de- ceased. According to the report issued by the Agricultural Department at Washington, the conditiun of the cotton crop was reduced during last month from 89 to 78i per cent, by the ravages of insects and bad weather, and a run of favourable weather for picking will be required to make the yield equal to that of last year. fcalurday's Paris papers publish the programme of the Right, and the declaration of the Right Centre, by ,¡[¡jch the alliance uf the two parties was brought about, These documents have not previously been made public. The programme declares in favour of hereditary Constitutional Monarchy, with ministerial responsibility guaranteeing all necessary liberties. 'the I'iimsoil inquiry into the loss of the steamer Walamo, of Hull, has concluded, after lasting fifteen days, The court decided that the ship, a staunch and valuable vessel, was lost through the cargo, partly armour plates, being improperly stowed, and that the belongings to the boats were in an improper condition. The court suspended the certificates of the master and mate fur six months. Father Hyacinthe preached at Geneva on Sunday to a large crowd, and maintained the right of the people to elect the cure. His installation and that of his two Old Catholic colleagues is postponed for a week. Sentence of interdict has been pronounced against them by Monsignor Mermillod, but they intend to hold public worship in a hall which they have purchased from the Freemasons. On the same day Air. liyacinthe's wife gave birth to a son. The Examiner says that General Riviere, in his re- port, has drawn up one of the "most terrible impeach- ments that can hang over a man. Military leaders have been condemned before. Mack was convicted for surrendering Ulm, Dupontwas sentenced to perpetual imprisonment for a similar act, Byng was shot, as V uitaire said, pour mcuuruycr Irs aulres but all tbe olfences and mistakes of the peccant generals put together are as nothing beside the charges adduced against Bazaine." On Saturday afternoon the foundation stone of ft new church was laid in Albion street, Miles Platting, by the Bishop of Manchester. The church is situated in be new parish of St. Luke, from which it takes its name, and which is part of the large and populous parish of Newton Heath, and contains a population of 7,000. The project for erecting this church has long been mooted, but from various causes its accom- plishment has been delayed. At last, through the liberality and personal exertions of Mr. Hugh Birley, M.P., the undertaking has been brought to its present stage, The site has been given by the Dean and Chap- ter, and the total cost of the building will be £6.400. JUDICIAL PENSIONS AND COMPENSATIONS. According to the Finance Accounts recently printed, the judicial pensions in Great Britain in the year ended the 31st of March last amounted to £47,763. and in Ireland £ 19,509. In the year ended the 31st of March last the compensation for officers in the ,0U1''r.?^ Chancery amounted to £ 6,357 5s. 8d. The Rev. Thomas Thurlow, as keeper «r clerk of the Hanaper, has £4 628 and in addition JE398 10s. lid. compensation as late prothonotary, Court of Pleas, Durham and £ 7,352 14s. 6d. as Patentee of Bank- rupts, London. There are forty-eight persons re- ceiving annual compensations for the abolished Courts of Requests, amounting to £6,G43 9s. 4d.; one as much as £:),100 a year. The amount paid in the financial ysar ended the 31st of March as compensations to officers of the late Ecclesiastical Royal Peculiars, and other Testamentary. Courts in England and Ire* land (including JLT24 9s. paid in Ireland), was £75,830 Oli. lid. Twelve officers of the late Marshalsea Court recíÚ Yt in pension*$1,432 a yowv A woman nam..d Caroline Raeburn has been tried at Marylebone for attempting to drown herself. She had attempted to murder her children on several occasions and broken up her hushand's home fourteen times. General M'Clellan has arrived in England. The King of Italy has gone to Florence. A congress of scientific men has been opened in Rome. The Lord Chancellor will entertain the judges and Queen's Counsel at breakfast on Tuesday, No- vember 4th. A coal mine at Oldbury, which has been flooded for many years, is about to be re-opened. Lady Duke has placed a handsome stained glass window in Lanton Church, in memory of her late husband. The strike in the Levers' branch of the lace trade at Nottingham still continues. On Monday the name of Lord Hartington was al- lowed to stand at Dublin as a county elector. Boys at the Nautical College, South Shields, are to be taken in up to 13 years of age. Six convents in Rome are now in possession of the liquidators of Ecclesiastical property. Several severe gales have just passed over the United States doing considerable damage. A new narrow-gauge railway is being laid down for use at Woolwich Arsenal. The London School Board election is fixed for the 27th November. The Board will consist of 49 mem- bers. The ticket-of-leave sailor who escaped from the Guildhall has been recaptured. Two railway servants have been tried at the Sur- rey Sessions, and sent to prison for embezzlement. The Carlist chief Belcha, condemned to be shot, has escaped. The boys who robbed the missionary boxes at a chapel at Highgate have been sent to a reformatory. A bed of oysters, said to be several miles in extent, has just been discovered off Portland. A severe famine is threatened in Behar, India, owing to want of rain. Discoveries of ironstone have been made at Kir- ton, North Lincolnshire. Another inquiry has commenced at Hull into the loss of the steamer Brownlow from Hull to Cronstadt. The clergy and laity of Limerick have resolved to hold a monster Home Rule meeting on November 11. The Corporation of Limerick are thinking of selling the property of the Corporation to payoff mortgages. Mr. Butt, Q.C., Mr. P. Callan, M.P., and other Home Rule advocates, have addressed a crowded meeting at the Liverpool Circus. A young man, named Humble, clerk to the Leeds Town Council, has embezzled some £50, and given himself up to the police. The chief inspector of live stock for the colony of New South Wales is now in this country in search of professional informtion. The Sheffield steel manufacturers have decided to run their works only four days per week until the price of coal is reduced. Daniel Cochlin has been tried at the Surrey ses- sions for injuring a woman in a revolting manner. He was sentenced to five years' imprisonment. Two officers of the Royal Society for the Preven- tion of Cruelty to Annuals have been committed for trial at Doncaster on several charges of extortion. Three magnificent horses, of pure Arab race, sent by Abd-el-Kader as a present to the President of the French Republic have just arrived at Marseilles. L'Univers, the famous Ultramontane journal, re- ceives the news of the Comte de Chambord's con- cessions very churlishly. A man named Wigley, who was committed at the Kingston assizes for wife-murder, has died of para- lysis of the brain. The Glasgow News understands that Mr. Merry, M.P., has resolved to retire from the representa- tion of the Falkirk burghs at the ensuing general election. The superior of the monastery of the Bare-footed Carmelites at Alessandria has been assassinated. No traces of the murderer have been discovered. A man named George Fellow has been locked up by the London police for attempting to palm himself off as a detect! va. Mr. G. A. Macfarren's oratorio, "St. John the Baptist," has been rehearsed at Bristol. Its success is considered certain. The civic meeting, called the Oyster Feast, took place at Colchester on Monday. The mayor and Sir Edward Greathead were the chief speakers. The death of Bishop Keotfc at Fulda will occa- sion a new controversy between the secular and ec- clesiastical authorities. The Califomian portion of the North Pacific Rail- road is advancing rapidly towards completion. It is already in operation for a distance of 600 miles. Gloucester had its first Hospital Sunday on Sun- day last, when sermons were preached in all the places of worship in the city. About £300 was col- lected. A carrier's van-boy has been charged at the Lon- don Guildhall withfiring marbles out of a catapult and breaking the windows of several tradesmen. He was sent to prison for 21 days. The village of Dunmore, county of Galway, is threatened with destruction from the movement of the bog. At least two million cubic feet of bog stuff have been moved down the valley. A number of American seamen have been landed to protect the railway across the Isthmus of Pana- ma, on account of some revolutionary disturbances in the vicinity. Richard Alfred Glover, charged with stealing 90U hogsheads of alejfrom the Burton Brewery Com- pany, has been discharged. The prosecution was stated to have been malicious. A special service has been held in St. Thomas's Church, Regent-street, in celebration of the Fes- tival of St., Luke, when Dr. Irons preached from the text, Physician, heal thyself." Twenty-four representatives of the colliers in all the districts of Scotland have addressed a note to the Earl of Shaftesbury with respect to his recent state- ment concerning them and their wages. The Right Hon. Russell Gurney, M.P., on Monday took his seat in the Lord Mayor's Court for the first time since his return from the United States in con- nection with the Geneva arbitration. Lord Airlie writes to the l'imlll to complain that his evidence before the Game Law Committee is in- correctly given in Mr. Beesly's article on "Culpable Luxury," in the Fortnightly Review. There is no truth in the announcement that the Vienna Exhibition will be prolonged to the 23rd of November. It will be definitively closed on Sun- day, the 2nd of November. The death ia announced of the celebrated Ita- lian sculptor Constantino Corti. The colossal statue of Lucifer, which was exhibited in London, was one of his most admired works. A letter from Brussels mentions that the Burgo- master of that city has refused to execute the de- crees of the Belgian Government for the expulsion of persons alleged to have been connected with the Com- mune in Paris. The Berlin correspondent of the Timet says that since the. battle of Sedan no incident has produced so powerful an impression upon the German imind all the correspondence between Emperor and Pope. The revising barrister at Falmouth has struck off a large number f of occupation claims, because there was no separate entrance for the claimants who rented portions of houses, and whom he held to be disqualified. At the inspection of a school in the neighbourhood of Plymouth, in writing out the Second Command- ment, a class of forty boys spelt the word jealous in eight-and-twenty different ways. The Japan Mail says:—"Negotiations are said to be on foot to obtain a concession from the Japanese Government for an ocean cable to conuect:the Pacific Coast of North America with Japan. It is stated that John Mitchell and Charles Kick- ham will be brought forward by the Nationalists for Tipperary county. Mr. W. F. Fitzgerald will be the Home Hule candidate for county Kerry. At the Sheffield Town Hall, a firm of provision dealers have been fined £10 and costs for selling adulterated lard, and other tradesmen were fined 40s. and costs for a similar offence. A dog stealer has been tried at the Middlesex Seli- sions and sentenced to eighteen months' imprison- ment for attacking the female servant of his prose- cutor in a case of "dog stealing for which he had six months' imprisonment. The Vienna correspondent of the Cologne: Gazettt states that all foreign Powers having diplomatic agents accredited to the Austrian Court have expressed regret at the unusual manner in which the Porte has thought good to make known her complaints against Austria. An unfenced mill lodge at Bury has been the death scene of 110 fewer than 50 persons. 1 he last victim was a boy who was drowned while batlnng;in tne lodge, and it was at the inquest on his body that the above fact was stated on official authority, ihe losi of life has now been considered sufficient to warrant something being done in the way of fencing the fatal pool, and a promise was given by one of the local improvement commissioners, who was on the jury, that the matter would be brought under notice. THE CONSERVATIVE CAJSOIPATJ: Foa EXETER ON THE LABOUR QUESTION.—Mr. J. 9. Johnson, one of the Conservative candidates for Exeter, speaking at a ploughing match dinner yesterday, referred at length to the labour question and kindred topics. He urged the importance of providing better cottages for the la- bourers, and remarked that recent events had brought them face to face with a great difficulty-namely, the scarcity of labour. He would not say anything in depreciation of those who endeavoured by artificial means to create a demand for higher wages, because. although they might be mistaken, they were actuated by benevolent and well-intentioned motives. The lawt of political economy Were inflexible, and any attempti to regulate them by artificial means must recoil upon those by whom the attempts were made. He denied that the recent rise in prices of coal and iron had pro duced any real prosperity. The only sound waj to promote the material prosperity of the countrj was by improving the condition of the agricultural la- bourer so as to enable him to bring to bear upon hit daily labour additiontd intelligence, which would in crease the value oi his labour, and entitle him t< higher "AI'" i



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