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TO LADIES AND GENTLEMEN IN SEARCH OF A CABINET, UPHOLSTERING, AND BEDDING MANUFACTORY. 3D T. 3D HI A. IR, T Of 9, Pontmorlais, and 50, Glebeland, Merthyr, invites attention to his Articles of Cabinet and other work, which wiU be found equal to the best productions emanating from any expensive London Credit Firm. HAM'S SYSTEM OF BUSINESS. Firstly. Quality and Fashion, in every description secondly, legitimate economy in prices, giving the public the fu"b,e^ of large and extensive transactions thirdly, the marking of all Goods in plain figures fourthly, the taking in exchange Goods of any commodity. Personal superintendence, with a rapid business conducted on the Cash principle, enables him to quote the following Moderate Charges „ £ 1. d. £ s. d. & s- d. Drawint Room Suits 12 12 0 Full-size Feather" Bed, Bolster, MUlpuff Bed full size and best "MaVineany Loo Tables 2 2 0 and two pillows J> 6 0 quality 0 1 51W ■»*-— 4 0 ■ ■■' ?«>• S S 1 0 Ppmbroke Tables 12 6 Circular front marble Washstand X 15 0 price rhltookeTables.. 0 Painted or Polished Wash- MUlpuff from l^d, per lb. SU Wtedsor Chaiii. 0 18 0 Stand and Table (pair) 0 15 6 Stair rods (per dozen) 0 2 6 n(W, «nnallv cheati and competition and contradiction defied. The trade and country dealers supplied at Wh Jesa^e PUces iAv her^ economy andP style are equally an object with ladies and gentlemen, they should favour DAVID HART with a trial Order.-Observe the addressStar Cabinet Works, 9, Pontmorlais. Merthyr Second-hand Depot, 10. CrHkeUmd, N.B.—Ord»r» for Goods must be accompanied by a Merthyr reference or a remittance, 6035