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MESSES. R. W. HARRIS AND TAYLOR'S NOTICES. MESSRS. H. W. HARRIS & TAYLOR, AUCTIONEERS, APPRAISERS, ARCHITECTS, SURVEYORS, HOUSE, ESTATE, AND GENERAL AGENTS, NEW AUCTION M A It T, COURT STREET, "MEH.TH.YR, 1)EG to inform the Public that all matters cn- RI ¿ trusted to their care will be punctually, promptly, and arefnlly attended to. Plans, Elevations, and Specifications Prepared. Works in nil Branches of the Building Trade Measured I and Valued.—QUANTISES TAKEN OUT FOR ESTI- MATES, &c. Messrs. HARRIS & TAYLOR announce that they hold PERIODICAL SALES BY AUCTION at the above Wart, where Articles of Furniture and other Goods m or next Sale, may now be received. 7184 TOWN OF MERTHYR TYDFIIJ. TO DRAPERS AND OTHERS. ,1"0 BE LET or Sold, all those convenient and 1 well adapted PREMISES, No. 9. HIGH STR^T, 1 OBI MORLAIS, WIKTRTE TYDFIL, late in the occupation DAVID HART. and For particulars ss to rent &c., apply to Messrs I TAYLOH, A\ ctioneers, &c., Court Street, Merthyr ly October 28tli, 1S75. TOWN OF CARDIFF. DESIRABLE INVESTMENT. TO BE T SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MESSRS. H. W. RAHRIS & TAYLOR, At the QUEEN'S HOTEL, CARDIFF, ON MONDAY, the 10th day of jA>TA £ Y'„BLT to Three o'clock in the Afternoon J such conditions of Sale as shall be then PR0 /I.P ;N THE LOT 1.—All that ONE-THIRD PART or S IALE W WE Ueversion of, and in the Loudoun Hotel, ana adjoining numbered 170, 171. 172, 17A 1 /4. 1'^ the occupation of Mrs. tinstone, Mr. I F „ND AL'0ther Shriebcr, Mr. I'evcy, Mr. Matthews, Mr. TONES andla .ottie^, situate in Bute Road AI so of and in Two H ,YJI]'IARNS and the Loudoun Hotel, in the occupation of M stable, another; ALSO of and in Two Houses Yard and .TAUT^ situate in Fredcrica Street, Numbered 3-3 au I 3 occupation of Mr. l'arsors and another; Also House and Premises, situate in Charles Street • a "Warehouse, situate IN Bute Load aforesaid, NQW RN "ine occupation of .Tames Ayre, all situate in TBO iown o Cardiff aforesaid.. „ „„„,I TO VPARS The Tenant for Life of the Premises is 110*LLG? £ ^()YAND' The above Premises produce an annual ren > T|10 upwards, and are held under leaser, some of terms ot' 99 years, and others 999 years Q„„TH\H Pro- Lux 2.-A POLICY ot ASSURANCE in the' Scotti.U^iro^ vincial Insurance Company, for tlio sum of £ » ,]farly of a Gentleman now aged 32, subject to the halt yearly premium of £ 5 12s. id. ol,ri PTF.WS. For further particulars app lyto Mc^srs SDioNS Court Solicitors, Merthyr Tydtil or to the AUCTIONEERS, Court Street, Mertliyr Tydfil. TWAI Tipcembcr Auction Mart, Court Street, Mertliyi Ty 14th, lt>75. — BRIERY HILL, EBBW VALE. SALE OF VALUhBLE LEASEHOLD PROPERTY. '1' 0 PI, SOLD B Y A U C T ION, BY MESSRS. H. W. HARRIS & TAYLOR, On WEDNESDAY, the 12th day of JANUARY, 1&76» A T the HEOL-Y-MWYN BEIEKV "ILL, .A_ EBBW VALE, at Six o'clock in the Evuiiiig^subjcct TO such conditions of Sale as shall be lienPR°R|"C0(L:.VL?T T All that capital and well built M1 SSL AO L oiJNlx HOUSE, mlh large Shop adjoining", and now Grocery and Provision Store, together with a goo J03ta1le and Coach-house, now in the occupation of Mr. Oeo>ge J-h. The 1 reraises ar* mo3t substantially JUilt. and in an excellent state of repair. The Shop is very spacious, well adapted for business purposes on an extensive scale, and offeis an investment to the capitalist not often met with. The Tenure is leasehold, ior the term of 7O years from the 25th day of March, 1845, at a moderate yearly ground rent. Further particulars may toe obtained upon APPLICATION to the AUCTIONEERS, Court Street, Mertliyr -JJDFLL, or to ME,«rs BIMOKS and PLEWS, Solicitors, Mertliyr lydhl. Auction Mart, Court Street, Merthyr Tydfil, December 14th, 1S75. 7316 NOTTING HILL, LONDON. SALE OF VALUABLE LEASEHOLD PROPERTY. TO HE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MESSRS. H. W. HARRIS & TAYLOR, On FRIDAY, the 21st day of JANUARY, 11576, A T the LONDON TAYEKIN, Bishopgatc Street, R\ LONDON, at Four o'clock in the Afternoon (under a power of Sale), and subject to such conditions of Sale as shall be then produced :— LOT 1.—All that substantial and well built DWELLING HOUSE and Premises, situate in Trever'on Street, Ludbrook Grove lioad, Netting Hill, numbered 67, producing a rental of £ 34 per annum, now in the occupation of Air Turner. LOT 2.—All that substantial and well built DWELLING HOUSE and Premises adjoining Lot 1, and Numbered L9, now in the occupation ot' Mr. Pratt, producing a rental of £30 per annum. LOT 3.—All that substantial and well built DWELLING HOUSE and Premises adjoining Lot 2, and Numbered 61, now in the occupation of FTLR. Wright, producing a rental of JE34 per annum. ilie whole of the Premises are held under separate Leases for terms of 99 years, from t'ie 2oth day of March, 18G1, at an annual ground rent of £7 10s. each. For further particulars apply to Messrs SHARP and ULLATIIORNE, NO. 1, Field Court, Gray's Inn, London Messrs SIMONS and PLTAVS, Solicitors, Mertliyr Tydfil or to he AUCTIONEERS, Court Street, M rthyr Tydfil. 7315 NFIELD- GLENFIELD. THE QUEEN'S LAUNDRESS SA%YS THIS STARCH IS THE BEST SHE EVER USED. Q-LENFIELD. Q. L E N FI B?L D ON JUST RECEIVED FROM LONDON, New and exceedingly tine ,0 PIANOFORTES AND HARMONIUMS By the bost Makers. MR. EDWARD LAWRANCE, -DBOrasSOB. of «^<STS3K«iJL .JR Music, Leipzig;, AI"|,P0RODNA,H1I<,HLY advantageous terms, Mertliyr, has IALWAW on BALE, on niD HAKMONIUMS, exceedingly Fine PIANOIOKIL M EDWARD but by the best Makers °NL-VI W 71S7 LAWRANCB, 2, Courtland lerrace, Mertliyr. PEOPLE'S EDITION. IMPORTANT MEDICAL WORKS. BY DR. HENRY SMITH. Twenty-first Thousand. By post, two stamps in envelope. GUIDE TO HEALTH •. or, ADVICE and INSTRUCTIONS for the Cure of ^.JSES! LY HENKY SMITH, M.D., of tbe Umveisity of Jena, Author of tin "Volunteer's Manual," &c. TREAT. GUIDE TO HEALTH is a Alcdical ork on ment, by Medicines only, ef Ntrvous, Mental A Lebility, Lowness of Spirits, Indigestion, Dimness OI Want of Energy, Irritability, Deafness. Epilepsy, 4-^ biiKine irom loss of nerve power, which, if ne^lec.ed, cm premature decline. Gives INSTRUCTIONS by which Thousands have been restored to health. Illustrated with cases and testimonials fiom grateful patient-, YI.II means OF curs used in each case. Atso ADVICE TO YOUNG MEJ* ON SUBJ LICTS OF VITAL lMPOl.TANCE, The Pamphlet will be lient free by post, to any address, on receipt of two penny stanuns. Third thousand. By post, seven stamps in envelope. WOMAN. Subjects treated Girlhood, Maiden- hood, Courtship, Marriage, Motherhood, Female Education, Female Health, Female Hygiene, Domestic Medicint, &c., &C. K.U.—A Spccial Edition, BEAUTIFULLY ILLUSIHATED BY EKOBATINOS ON WOOD, cloth gilt, One Shilling. NOTICE.—The above medical woiks will be sent direst from the Author in au Envelope on reccipt of the amount in stamps. Address Dr HENRY SMITH, 8, Burton Crcscent, London, WC CONSULT A LONDON PHYSICIAN BY LETTER WITHOUT FEE. DR. H. SMITH, the Eminent Specialist for tho cure of all debilitating and contagious diseases, will for the benefit of country patients who cannot consult him personally, on receiving description of their case, send his opinion, with advice and directions for the most successful restoration to health and vigour. 7191 fcAddrcss.fDr. n. SMITII, S, Burton Crescent, London, W.C WHY GO TO BRISTOL AND PAY MORE ? THE "TELEGRAPH" STEAM PRINTING AND PUBLISHING OFFICES, 50, HIGH STREET, OPPOSITE THE! MARKET-SQUARE) MERTHYR TYDFIL. RETAIL STATIONERY WAREHOUSE, 49A, HIGH STREET. P. WILLIAMS ANNOUNCES that having every facility, which Steam Machinery and A the Employment of the most Competent Workmen can render, for the execution of Printing Orders, he respectfully solicits a continuance of public patronage. His Charges for Posters, Bill Heads, Circulars, and every kind of Printing Work, are as Moderate as any in the district, and at least ten per cent. lower than the usual Bristol prices. For Expedition in the execution of Printing AVork; the Teuegkaph^ Printing ESTABLISH- MENT will bear favourable comparison with any Printing Office either in Bristol or the Principality whilst for COLOUR PRINTING, Cards, Printed Headings, and work requiring special care and taste, the resources of tho Establishment—embracing as it does, an assortment of almost every kind of Plain and Fancy Type, and the engagement of a numerous staff of efficient Compositors-ensure these desirable advantages. TO THE TRADE. Printing, Binding, Ruling, Paging, and Perforating for the Trade. At the TELEGRAPH Printing Office, Mcrthyr Tydfil. GOOD Workmanship—Moderate Charges—and Promptitud in the Execu- tion of Orders—have been the prominent features in the business operations of this Establishment for the last Twenty Years. Goods of the value of JE2, and upwards, delivered Carriage Free at all Railway Stations in South Wales. SOLE AGENT IN MERTHYR FOR THE EUREKA INKS. GENERAL STATIONERY. NO Person studying economy will buy WRITING PAPER by tho quire. The Wholesale Purchaser buys his Reams by weight, and so does overy Retail Purchaser who appreciates the maxim that a Penny saved is a penny earned." t PLAYING CARDS At various prices from Tenpence to Half-a-Crown per pack. GROCERS' SHOP BOOKS Of every thickness, plain and interleaved, supplied at per gross or per dozen, at as cheap a rate as any House in the Kingdom. For the execution of every description PLAIN AND COLOURED LETTER-PRESS PRINTING, By Powerful Machinery, driven by Steam Power, the TELEGRAPH Office possesses facilities unequalled in the District, and can undertake the delivery of work in quantities at the very shortest notice. CIRCULARS, CARDS, _h CHEQUE BOOKS, CONDITIONS OF SALE, CATALOGUES, CLUB HULES, pOSTERS, HAND BILLS, PAMPHLETS, AND EVERY DESCRIPTION OF A LETTER-PRESS PRINTING, AT THE TELEGRAPH OFFICE ACCOUNT BOOKS TO ANY PATTERN, IN EVERY STYLE OF BINDING, Manufactured on the Premises AT THE TI'-BEORAPH OI HCji.. j FORMS RULED & PRINTED TO ANY PATTERN FOIt COLLIERIES, IROWORKS, MERCHANTS, „ > j TRADESMEN, AT THE TELEGRAPH OFFICE. THE BINDING DEPARTMENT TTAS CAREFUL ATTENTION, and every meats is adopted to secure f-| Elegance and Durability in the work produced. ACCH)U^VIJCTO K S Ruled to pattern, and bound in every form of binding; paged and indexed. CHEQUE BOOKS Of every description supplied, Numbered and Perforated. TO WHOLESALE CUSTOMERS. PENS Ink Envelopes, Paper, Penholders and Pens, and Slate Pencils, InJtod to Shifers for Sale, and to HawkoB, at Wholsale Pnces, THE "TELEGRAPH" PEN Has been a public favourite for the last twenty years. It is still unrivalled as a pen for common use, and No pen ran te :iVy ki "/of pei, SSSratf.SSStS thT nearest approach to' the QuiU. Sold at 3d. per dozen, or 2s. per gross. COLOUR BOXES (ENGLISH AND FOREIGN), From 6d. to 3s. each. These Colour Boxes, as supplied at the TELEGRAPH Office, obtained the Prize of the Society of Arts, and are specially recom- mended by that Society for general use. WRITING PAPER An excellent quality can always be had at the TELEGRAPH Office, at Is. per lb., and Envelopes at from 4d. to 6d. per 100. Those who purchase under this system save fully 50 per cent. THE TRAVELLING DRAPERS' POCKET LEDGERS Are made in all sizes, paged, and indexed, if desired. They are strongly bound, and calculated to bear "knocking about." CUTITETA I Are informed that for Mourning Stationery and Memorial Cards, the assortment at the TELEGRAPH Office will be found ample. THE ADDRESS THE "TELEGRAPH" PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT, ■ 49a, and 50, High Street Merthyr Tydfil, 7192 NOTICES. B S T A B L I K 13 1868. H. W. Gr RIF FIT ES, SURGEON DENTIST, 3, VICTORIA STREET, M E It T II Y n TYDFIL. ARTIFICIAL TEETH WITH ALL THE LATEST IMPROVEMENTS. P A I N L R S S E X T R A O T IONS. AND ALL OTHER TAT, OPERATIONS. CONSULTATION FREE. 7212 FURTHER REDUCTION IN PRICE. Gr -1\ S COKE OF EXCELLENT QUALITY FOR DOMESTIC PURPOSES IS NOW OIKT SAL en At tho Gas Works, Picton Street, MertLyr Tydfil, iu l{irge or sma]1 quailtities> at 6s. 8d. PER TON, or 4d. PER CWT Gas Offices, Mertliyr Tydfil, 13th August, 18o>. 72U A GOOD PIANOFORTE MAY BE HIRED From JE2 2s. Od. PER QUARTER, ON THE THEEE YE AES SYSTEM. THOMPSON AND S H A CK ELL, 101, OXFORD STREET, SWANSEA. AND AT CARDIFF, DEbi?dpt^ S the —lled Second* -Yhe Pianos supplied by Thomson anci Scbaokell nre varrantC, PriCe* SPACIOUS show.rooMS AT 101, OXFORD STREET, SWANSEA, AND QUEEN STREET CARDIFF, Containing without exception the finest Stock of Pianofortes, Harmoniums, and American Organs iu South Wales. WIN T E R S fj-2 w ROOMS. L, im: orriq anchor house T>EGS to announce that his SHOW ROOMS for a WINTER FASHIONS ARE NOW .OPEN. The Leading Novell all Departinentg_ Anchor House, Merthyr Tydfil, October, ^o. 7264 ALLSOPP'S BITTER OR MILD ALE. OCTOBER BREWINGS IN FIRST-RATE CONDITION. MESSRS. SAMUEL ALLSOPP & SONS rjpAKK the opportunity — lhcit GENUINE ALES, in MR, JOHN DAVIES, CROWN HOTEL, HIGH STREET, MERTHYR, AI ltilii f UL.L1O WING PRICES- IN CASKS of 18 Gallons at 21s., 24s., 27s., 30s., 33s., 36s. and 4Ss. Guinness's Extra Stout, and Allsopp's East India Mild and Pale Ales in Bottles. DELIVERED FREE By ALLSOr-p,s CARTS. 7199 The Cheapest Furniture Warehouse in Merthyr is at 6 if 7, Victoria Stree MONEY SAVED IS MONEY GAINED. THE 15 PER CENT. REDUCTION Had. up to the Public if they purchase at MOSES GOODMAN'S FUMUTUKE ESTABLISHMENT, 6 & J, VlCTQUIA-STKEET. MERTHYR TYDFIL. WORKMEN and TRADESMEN will thus secure substantial A nf Furniture, will fully compensate for the recent REDUCTJ OiTIN°WAGES' reSp°CfS pUr° The Furniture offered is large, magnificent, and well assorted c xi p which he confidently offers, both in respect of Quality and Price t« ° very best Manufacture in the Trade Settles Jjcnclics, Tuble.s, &c., suitable for Publicans, to be Sold n 1U °T e]s™hcTt- ntlier Article? too numerous to mention, equally cheap and all m,.n JT iap •' a!so a number of Emigrants' Boxes. Libewwe description -HI. G. pledges himself that all Goods sold acd Second-Hand FURNITURE of erery T,,Zl«.vi»t ti.I,<l»p«. o It r P,,m"ai' 01 best, he same —Two PIANOS for Kale, m good order. A laree strift f tnay c',n arid tLey will have the utmost value for MQN EY QK COL„ « "« «- PIANOFORTES, HARMONIUMS, AND ALL :MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. I7- OEIIJxlVL soisT 29, VICTORIA STREET MERTHYR TYDEIT BEG respectfully to inform the inhabitants of Mer'thvr T »\ pared to supply the above ARTICLES at a S .d ^ghbourhood, that they are now pre- in TUNING and RENOVATING the same. P a11 Partles- They have had £ reat experience Pianofortes by Messrs Collard and Collard, Broadwnnr) TT„ Tr.. T, n ,1V other BEST English and Fareign Makers.-HarmoriS '^lnson,' Kl" maD'' Brl™s"1,e;ld' R^Ph AIllson' and u"IllluI"Uins by Alexandre, Cc.sanni, and other makers. Second-hand Pianofortes and Harmoniums always for Sale. Pianofortes on the One, Two, and Three Years' System. Harmoniums at Monthly Payments. Agents for Arthur Allison's, Dawe's, and Mamsden's Patent Melody and Pedal Substitute Organs. PIANOFORTES from 15 Guineas I HARMONIUMS from 4 Guineas. ALL OTHER INSTRUMENTS ON fHE SAME SCALE. Music SUPPLIED AT HALF-PRICE. LESSONS GIVEN ON THE PIANOFORTE. TERMS MODERATE. 7214 W. MEREDITH, CABINET MAKER, UPHOLSTERER, CARPET AND GENERAL HOUSE FURNISHER, &c., 125, HIGH STREET, AND 52, GLEBELAND STREET, MERTHYR, JgEGS TO INVITE THE ATTENTION OF PARTIES ABOUT FURNISHING TO INSPECT LARGE AND VARIED STOCK OF CABINET AND UPHOLSTERY FURNITURE, CAHPETS, CURTAIN MATERIALS, BRASS & IRON BKDSTEADS, &c. DINING & DRAWING-ROOM SUITES, IN MAHOGANY, OAK, WALNUT, &c., &c. BEDROOM SUITES IN MAHOGAEY, AMERICAN BIRCH, ENGLISH ASH, POLISHED PINE, JAPANNED WOODS, &c., &c., READY FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY. C A. IR, IP E T S. To this Department the attention of the public is particularly invited, the Stock consisting of upwards of 10,000 yards of BRUSSELS, TAPESTRY, KIDDERMINSTER, FELT, DUTCH, TWILL, and other makes, havihg been selected with great care and judgment from the Best Manufacturers, and amongst which will found some of the most elegant and uniqu* patterns, to be obtained only at this Establishment. The whole having been purchased on the most advantageous terms is marked at the lowest remunerative profit, and very considerably below present values. VELVET PILE, AXMINSTER, and TURKEY CARPETS supplied upon the shortest notice, at LONDON PRICES. BEDDI1TG. FEATHER BEDS, SPRING, HAIR, and other MATTRESSES manufactured upon the premises by experienced Workmen upon the shortest notice. AN IMMENSE STOCK OF PIER AND TOILET GLASSES IN GREAT VARIETY. FLOOR-CLOTHS, LINOLEUM, ETC., IN ALL WIDTHS. COCOA FIBRE, CHINA, AND MANILLA MATTIN S. &e. Residences, either large or small, completely Furnished in ft fvv hourw notice. l7203 NOTICES. R. c. LEACH. j BILL POSTER, AND TOWN CRIER, 63, CARDIFF STREET, ABERDARE. All Orders promptly attended to. 7219 ^EiffiYR ANDDOWLAIS STATIONS. | mNIB USES tween DOWLAIS as undera-ul- a-m. p. m. p.m. p.m Leave Merthyr 8.55 11-15 12-0 4-55 6-55 Arrive at Mcrthyr. 10-0 12-30 2-40 G-40 10-0 FARES: Merthvr to Dowlais Station 9d. Dowlais to Merthyr 6d. ('I. to Nlerthyr 7205 DR. IIUATKK'S Special Lectures to Youno- Men.on HEALTH, ITS RESTORATION, AND HAPPY MAURICES. When to marry, with advice to those who confemflito marnnep. pointing out certain impediments which rer.tler mar:i?d life unhappy, and directions for their speed.v rem vai. -n.mld be read by all who value health, strength, iind iVl ;i.i'ot)df and wish to attain a happy old affe. Post free on receipt of two stamps.—Address, SKCEETAIIT. institute of Anntomj, liirminsrham. 7311 "ANCHOR" LINE UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS. QL A S G O W TO NEW YORK X The Steamers of this Line are despatched from GLASGOW FOR NEW YORK I^VEKY SATURDAY, Caning at MOVH-LE, Lercn Foyi.E, to Embark Passengers F A RES: SALOOS C'AEXN, £ 13 J 3s" £ 14 14s., and Lie jrg It; IMMEDIATE, 7a 7a STEkKAGE Intermediate and Steerage Passengers Booked through to all parts of the United fctates and Canada. 718g Apply to HKKNEESOX KHOTHERS, Glasgow; or to J. MOR. GAV SON, snU CO,, faioill J. T. ilosoAN, 19, Glebtland Merthyr Tydfil; or te G. Laulow, 17, Well-street, I>owla;s. r u uvu r /GALVANIC CHAIN-BANDS BELTS, BAT- TiKIES, RECENTLY IMPROVED. Approved by the Acadcmy of Medicine of Paris, and other Midical Authorities in England and abroad. The remarkable efficacy of these self-applicable Voltaic arrangements :s so widely known that in contradistinction to those unprincipled advertisers who can only publish statements on thet Ole;; authority, Mr PULVERMACIIER pre- fcrs to submit the testimony of others, amongst whom are included many great scientific and medical autho- rities. liese unimpeachable tobtimoiiies in favour of the marvellous curat.powers of this Medico-Galvanic system being too numerous for insertion here, are compiled in the pamphlet, GALVANISM, NATURK'S CHIEF RESTOBEK OF IMPAIRED VITAL EMU.GY," sent po t free for3stamps. The mass of evidence therein is supplemented by the following paragraph recently found in the standard work p 70, 1*G7) of John King M.D., Clinical Professor of Obstetrics, at Cincinnati: 41 These Chainn are very useful in many Nervous Disorders Muscular Debility Aphonia Rheumatism Hemiplegia Epilepsy Dyspepsia Paralysis Torpid Liver Paralysis (Bladder) Central Paralysis Asthma Chorea Spinal Paralysis Amenorrboea Impotencj Neuralgia Dysmenorrhea Writer's Cramp Sciatica Spinal Iniration Hysterical Cramps Stiff Joints Nervous Debility and Contractions listeria Constipation Loss of Smell listeria Constipation Loss of Smell IljEteric Paralysis Drat'ness (Nerv's) Loss of Taste, 6c.' For further information and price list apply to T L PUL VERM A C flER'S GALVANIC ESTABLISH- MENT, 194, REGENT STREET, LONDON, W. 7190 fMiNiENT p&), Sl 0/ GEORGE'8 Q 0 PILE & GfiAV £ L\\ | | PILLS. | | O I FROPBIBTOK, P \j.E.GE0KQE,M.E.P.s/ | 5 \?C. H1BWAIN, Wheatf jo* knTe inffcrMI taddupttred far yettft and tried Reatedles tn VRln, be aasnretf ihtrti la ■tin a wfe and ipe«iii cure for jtm at a tna'l (OH by Mint G ORGE'S PILE AND GRAVEL J 7.L8, which are now rscognlsed by all a« bei ag the 1 Medicine yet diaoovered for FII-K AND GH.' r, I as well M for the following pains, wbicb, In r-; r nine 0Mu out of every Bandied, are caased by n vai&tol HaladlM>— PFCLF* I. THFI BAOK. FLATUUEKOY, ORIPINQ, COL.IO, ASK H OF W«IQHT IN THE BACK AND UHKC, .to » dAiNg IN THE REGION OF THE HEAW7, UVER. AND KIDNEYS, CONSTIPATION. MTN8 IN THE THIGHS. 80METIMES SHORTLPIQ DOWN TO THI CALP OP THE LEO AND FOOT, SUPPRESSION AND RETENTION OF U":NE. PAINS IN THE STOMACH. AND ALL LIVER COMPLAINTS. £ boanndt bm IIMD awed by thwe PUll. and many woo hlld ben p*oawa**d ha»« beee thotoufhlj rettnrsd to bby tbalr one. ONB BOX WILL oonaCE TBB lIDaT SCEPTICAL OT THMS KTFICACT. M orAer ttuMM mat be infixing from OVtt or hCTR <\l Putt UtUuHet, 8/w Propruior prepartt shif Ttctldbl* Hmedy lit M toUovtni form. I H«.l.—9*ORO»,B PILE AND GRAVEL PLLLB. 50. 2.—QKOBSB'B ORAVEL FILLS. lqo,&BORGB'$ PLLLIB PO]l TBIII PILKS, Imfrtanl T*4timeni*U wW kefcntmltd to any ndrfrew to r«Mipt tf a at-1*I -loti.. 9oM te lei* l* reepeertL- Cberoisu. inn sot m FKVIOM « m Mnmni irAnr. rtOTl0M.—TU NFILM AND 0XATBL PILLS- we 00W469, &W H StatuMM* Bali. LONDON Barclay, Sutton, Newbery, Sanger Barren Squire, & Ct BRISTOL:-Collins and Roper, Pearce & Co., &c. Soils, and Co. ( lay. Dodd, ard rase i:.iime .md Ci- 7195 KERNICK^S VEGETABLE PILLS IF you suffer from Headaches, Bilious Complaints, i_ Indigestion, Costiveness, Rheumatism, or Tic-Doloreux. TRY KERNICK'S VEGETABLE PILLS. They are easy to swallow, being very small, require no con- finement in doors, strengthen the system, and have been tried by thousands, who pronounce them to be the best medi- cine In the world. Cefn, Merthyr, September 9th, 1869 "Dear Sir, — Daniel Humphreys, weaver, Ynysyfelin Factory, near this place, suffered from severe pains in the stomach for four cr five years, and had tried many things for it, but all to no purpose, until he happened to meet your agent in Merthyr the first ito pills he took did more good for him than all the others he had taken put together, and by the time he had taken the six pills lie felt totally free from pain and ever since—that is fo- the last five years -he keeps your pills in his house, and whenever he feels any similar symptoms he has only to take two of your pills and he is all right again and Mrs. Humphreys also, who usually suffered from flatulency, has found them the best remedy for an attack of that sort He wishes to send you this n thanks to your agent, who was so kind to him.—I remain ours obediently, ROBERT PRICE. Theusands of other Testimonials, equally gratifying might be published. "KERXICK'S PILLS" give energy to the system, need no special rules with regard to diet, and are universally declared to be the Best Medicine of the km ever discovered, PREPARED ONLY BY P. KERNICK, MANUFACTURING CHEMIST, DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF. Sold in Boxes at Is. lid. and 7id. Tly the appointed Agents and most respectable Chennste and Druggists, with directions for restoring and preserving health KERNICK'S VEGETAL LI WORM LOZENGES Are the most efficacious remedy ever introduced for Worms They may be taken by children of all ages with perfect safety and are also useful for children of delicous stomachs and pale complexions. SIR,-A woman gave two of the lozenges fcr five morn- ings, and by so doing the child got rid of no less than eighty worms.—DANIEL MORGAN, Nelson," "W. Harris, of Cefncoed, miner's child, had got rid of 140 worms in a week,whilst taking a box of your worm lozenges, and she has improved wonderfully in health since."—JNO, PRICE, Cefn, Merthyr. A customer of mine, a short time ago, bought a box of your warm lozenges to try their effect on his child, who was very ill, The little boy god rid of forty large worms and so many small ones that they could not reckon them."—JAMES METRICK. From Mr. MORGAN, Pendarran.—"Send we 12 dozen of your valuable worm lozenges they are curing all the children in this neighbourhaod." TRKPAHES OKLY BT 7194 S. P. KERNICK, MANUFACTURING CHEMIST, DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF. old in Boxes at Is. lid. and 7id., by the appointed Agents and most respectable Chemists IUld Druggistl. NOTICES. THE MERTHYR AND POWLAli ING 80CIETr kIi ARE prepared to Lend, at the shortest notice, Sums of £ lOO TO £ 10.000. legal co'<s are es,or fr0m P^ate Individuals. The IS Sccureà hy the Re;:strar lindel, tl1(; FricEd;, Society's Acts- £ um« of^Irmrv a,n"0unce they are preuared to receive ratesof interest deposits, subject to the /oilwing four months,' and rlrc^rt 't&- tW0 months'cau at Fnr ™w;, .1 P coi,t. at six months call. a. s £ kty, srvfci&lS »«* DO YOU WANT MONEY ? F-> JJ?e Merthyr Tydfil and South Wa. -• Loan and upward? a"rith»°1^Pany.are now lendirl? Sums from £ 2 others FAm, shortest notice, to II usehoidors and Rules can £ f/PP^*tfoi.s for L.«ins, together wrh the Street or 19 n^, b? ^P^g at the Offices, 3S. Bethel j. o l_i Oynevor btreet. Ocoreetown, Merthyr Tydi' andeve-SS/SR°UUT BU,,LU'^ n L. J. DAVIES, I :a.;r. er. M°S.TO L?ENTLemen, clergymen, fa.,r.ors, Mr. F ai,d others, resident in town or eountrv above" private^? 15fpre'iared t0 ™a^*e advances from £ 10 and HAND' T? FOR I0TLS short periods, UPON ?\OTO of Livp A TVE R°IJC:ES- FURNITURE ;without removal ORPU^C^^) pav!h°,rPead. Stock, Plant, and any avaUable seeurirv £ 0 n«,l suit the convenience of borrowers. Interest from lities Kn\ iela-v> Law Co&ts. Life Insurance or forvaa- to Mr T VuBurJ'#rt'culirsil,plj personally or by letter npar v 117 Brixton Road London, 8 W r Kcnmagton Gate. 7245 TO D— FROM X,2 upwards—to Tradesmen, F:rrrcrs TAIT, 'Workmen, Arc., on personal security, Furniture hau' 11 10,val • Trade Stock, 1' nseasonable Goods, <tc. —1' °Ut arrantrcd fo suit the Borrower's convenien t \v. r ,f ce fees; distance no object; no genuine aj rU, 1 i APP!y persnnallv or bv letter, enelo4n; Qiiected envelope, to H. M. BEIRNSTEIN, 189 and street, Dowlais. MONEY MO In LY:! o' Z Y 7 jV/TONEY immediately advanced from £ 2 and upwards, on Personal Security, re-payable bv easv nstalments. No L'iils of Sale required, thus savir~ all extortionate charges. ° Apply to A. B J",COB AXD Sos, iC, Ilj;ll Street, LCiV;:¡iis, and at 3S. Wellington Street, Merthyr, [7/0f s° advanced on Deposits of Jewellery, Plato, Pianos, i:s. -=-=- STEAM PACKET COMMUNICATION BETWEEN CORK, NEWPORT, AIsD CARIilEF. i "|i"MRST-CLASS PASSEN&ER X* STEAMERS. The City of Cork Viifr-33^ Iv^. Steam Packet Co's Steamers will leave CORK, for SEWroi.1 and CAkoij-F evsrx MONDAY, returning to CORK from XIHVPOBT EVERY W ednesday, and for CARDIFF, EVERY Tiiosuir. 'iltrough rates for Goods and Cattle can be arranged on application, to the Company at C ,rk, or to their Agents. .0+ c. '] ¡. lares: — Cabin, £ l Is.; G.'iOiu Keiuru Ticket, av.I J f-,r fine mouth. including Steward's fecoJ, £ 1 lis. cd. 73" tt)rf\irtherparucu:.irtEeesmaUHiil=. A E., TS. 7224 ~,Aiii>iiF—Mr E. C. DOWNUG, Shipbroker. newpoiit—Mr, JAMES MADDOCK. "ORk.— i.'ity of Cork Steam Packet Co Limited, Penrose Q aay The Idarvellous Remedy for Coughs, Colds, HoMsea^qs Asthma, Bronchitis, Consumption, and all Ciiest Ailcotions Sold by all Chemists,in bottles, at Is ljd,2» 9d. 4s Cd i n Sent by the Proprietors upon receipt of stain .s.^ From Rev J. STONElIOl'SE, St. Saviour's Vla-.>.<re Nottingliam, AUGUST, I3'R° DEAR SIR,—I can strongiy recommend your e an invaluable Cough Kcmedy. 1 have given it a lait jn my own family, and have also supplied it to persons iu'^rin<T lrom Cough in my parish, and in every instance it lnu'^ven immediate relief. In some cases, alter passiug j1 ress uighlli, one or two doses of the i'sctoriye EL good eflect that persons have got a good night's 17,31L, a 1 the Cough has speeuily disappeared. 1 Mr. A. RULFE, St. Ann's Squ. re, "Manchester .1 ine is superior 10 any Mediciue r jiave ti e I 1 or ou^'is or Colds. PECTORIXE cures the worst forms of Coughs and Cu ^ECXoiilNE cures Hoarseness P^^TOKtJS^E gives immediate relief in Bronchitis p .CIORINE is the best Jledi jine iur Astlima P-tjCTOiilNE cures Whooping Cough •rlSuTOKlN K will cure a tiouolesome ticklinjr Couch 1 EuTORINE is invaluable ia the Eirly sumption x~ou~ PECTOKIJS'E relieves all Affections of the Chest, La. „n(i Throat. Prepared only by SMITII AND Ci. i. Manufacturing Chemists, Park Street, Lii.colu. V Vice Chancellor Sir C. liall granted a p3.-pe n junction, with costs, against F. Masou, Chemist, Kut- for u-ing the word l4ctomie." LOCAL AG SNTS Mr. L. P. Jones, Ebbw,Yale ,,rt Mr. W. J. Wniie, 12s, High-Straet, Merthv- ilr. Rees Thomas, 14J, iligh-Strest, jlert'u' T, W. Evans, Commercial-Street, -v> '• -ft ii'l-sc r?* ■, .*■ — ONLY two medicines really act upon the Lu ver one is Mercury or Blue Pill, the other Dan-V Men Thousands of constitutions have been destroyed bv -M-F* Blue Pill, or Calomel. The only remedy is —w it DR. KING'S DANDELION AND QUlViv LIVER PILLS. which act very gently on the Liver, giving immediate r8jd in all cases of Bile, Indigestion, Sick Headache L- of Appetite, Giddiness, Spasms, Heartburn, Flatulency,' Nervous- ness, Gout, and all disorders af the Stomach and 1,cr Soid by all clicmists and medicine vendors,in bexes at j Ud. 9d. 4s. tieL or for stamps from J. RoKKX, 47, )1, v r- street. Cavendish Square, London. W. s RELIEF TFIITTM C O LT"G1I IN TEN MINUTES- HAYMAN'S BALSAJI Of 110RESOUND fer _LJL Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, and all disorders cf the Chest and Lungs. It promotes expectoration abates fever and allays the cough. Agreeable to the pai'ate, it is admil mstered with ease and safety to CHIL-DKEN as well as ado It will be found to give instantaneous relief, and if vered in it will scarcely cvertail to ü;j ect a rapid cure. A ntror.TijiT testimonial. Amport Firs Andover May vyth, 1&09.-Sir,-I f^r some years had your Balsam of Horehound for Mrs'a <; ebster, and intended writing to t»H .1.' t'. she has derived She was considered consMiptive^b-u^r^ been pieased with it.-l Whole^le Agente^'V" tSUVT larger bottle:, London; Collins ci Roper Bris^ A°" i,arc^' & Sons Liverpool. P _to1 aml Lvaas' i Co., for^^e^l^bli^ar^r^ques^ed^to "f f ialirati°J "HAYSix's BuuM o?h, I10 tuat W" •vjras botUe. without which none genuine. 7^ THE SOUTH W ALBI IRONMONGERY WARESOCSE, HIGH STREET, (Opposite the Vale of Neath Railway Station), MERTHYR TYDFIL. W J A M j £ S PSOPEIETOB, THE SOUTH WAi-K.S luONMONGECY snop, I Oil FUliyliHING IKONMON LR1" r 1.11E SOUTH WALES ironmongery -=- SHOP, FOR 1HON BEDSTEADS IIESCJT-TH WALES IRONMONGERY feiiuP OILS1>ETROLEl; M' I>Ali-aari,i:'c. VEX zv^x N B OILS. THE SOUTH WALES 1RUs^dGS G _■ SHOP, FOR PARAFFIN A LENZOLlN t LAMFS rimE SOUTH WALES .R0N:»]0N!T SHOP, FOR HAYWOUD'S BEST Cu milE SOUTH WALES IRONMU-NGEPA' J- SHOP, FOE BRUSHES: SCRUBEING, 1» L.i C T, ,N LAUNDRY, AND BALUSTER. miiE SOUTH WALES IRONMuNGEur SHOP, FOR GRFENSLA U-i"3 PATENT SASH TOOLS, k i).. S. HTT^E SOUTH WALES IRONMONGERY -fi- SHOP, FOR CARPENDill's' a-d MASONS' IOOLS, kc. 1 HE SOUTH WALES IRONMONGERY b'HOP, FOR BUILDERS' AND GENERAL IRONMONGERY. r • OIE SOUTH WALES IRONsT^O-LtUr jj, SHOP FOR LUBUIGATING OiL' A 'j FRICTION and OTHER GREASE. WASTE, &c. 72e-