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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

4 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



-=- I THE 1TBW YBAB, 1876. —— -rt —RR T*T ntar> R» J. W. GUNN, FAMILY GROCER, CORN, FLOUR, AND PROVISION MERCHANT, IN issuing his New Year's Notice gratefully tenders his best thanks to his Customers for the liberal support he has received fur the past vear, ancl to assure the public that he mil continue to make the QUALITY and PRICE of all r-oods his chief study, particularly Teas and Coffees, which branch he gives special attention to. J, W. G. respectfully invites public attention to his choice STOCK of new Fancy and other Fruits. PRIME STILTON, CHEDDER, DOUBLE GLO'STER, AND PRIZE AMERICAN CHEESE. WILTSHIRE SMOKED HAMS AND BACON. OX TONGUES IN PIOKLE & SMOKE DRIED AND ALL DELICACIES FOR THE BREAKFAST TABLE. ( W. & A. GILBEY'S WINFS AND SPIRITS AGENT FOR| BASS & Co'S_BALE AND BURTON ALES. (GUINNLSS'S DUBLIN STOUT. In Casks and Bottks, all in prime condition for Christmas. SPECIALTIES FOR THE CHRISTMAS SEASON, J. vv. GUNN'S SELF RAISING FLOUR sa^e^e^r^n8^6^0^1!1108^^ can be used> as one-fourth the butter, &c., may be risk of failure amnio rli r ces' > ensured, and can be made with little trouble and no nsfc oi lauure, ample directions for use being given on every bag. SUPERFIN f, 3d. per lb. A TRIAL RESPECTFULLY SOLICITED. SEE TESTIMONIAL FROM ED. DAVIES, Esq., SURGEON, COURT HOUSE. A large assortment of now Dessert (Green and Dried) Fruits, which for quality and price cannot be surpassed. A choice Stock of Foreign Cigars, last year's importation, now in splendid condition. For New Year's Parties and Presentations J. attention to his Stock of French and Japanese Goods. Ü Flour, Corn, and all goods delivered Free per own Vans to any part of the Neighbourhood. TKMCS-AS all prices are calculated to give every advantage to the buyer, immediate cash payments are necessary J W G U N N 67 & 68, HIGH STREET, MERTHYR. OPPOSIT.i T.-1K I'0>T OFFICE. 7360 MER THY R S TEA M J 0 J N E. R: Y AND TURNING WORKS, 4> C^S'TXjI^ STKEET. ]\1 J±)RTIIYI^ JOHN WILLIAMS BEGS respectfully to announce that he is now prepared to exjcute WOOD TCJEJSTING IN ALL ITS BKANCHES; ALSO SAWING, TONGUING, GROOVING, REBBITING, AND BAND SAWING. The whole of the ■^chim.ry b«ng; driven by steam power, all orders can be executed with accuracy and despatch, aiu all commands will receive prompt attention. 7361 PHILLIPS'S GLASS .A X.!J OHIISLA. ROOMS, 120, HIGH STREET, MERTHYR TYDPIL. THE CAB ACCIDENT ON MONDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 13m, 1875. B. PLIILLIPS RESPECTFULLY announces that the Goods injured by the recent Cab Accident at his Shop, are now offeree t for Sale at a. mere nominal price, as compared with their original value ard as they must be Cleared Out within the next few Days. to make room for a New Christmas and New Year's Stock, an opportunity is offered to purchase useful and ornamental Goons at unprecedcnt«-dly Low Prices. I All Broken and Chipped Articles repaired in the most skilled and effectual manner, and Old Plate done un as New at Low Prices. 1 Immediate Inspection is necessary, to ensure the Bargains offered. 7320 FURTHER REDUCTION IN PEICE. Gr A. S OOKE OF EXCELLENT QUALITY FOR DOMESTIC PURPOSES IS NOW OZ £ T SA.JL.E At the Gas Works, Picton Street, Merthyr Tydfil, in large or small quantities, at 6s. 8d. PER TON, or 4d. PER CWT. Gas Offices, Merthyr Tydfil, 13th August, 1875. 7338 BUNCH OF GRAPES YARD ALE AND PORTER STORES, HIGH STREET, MERTHYR TYDFIL. W. MOSELEY, SUCCESSOR TO MESSRS. J. JONES AND Co. gOLICITS a continuance of the liberal support accorded to them in the Sale of their UNRIVALLED BOTTLED ALE AND STOUT, He calls Public attention to the fine quality of his ALLSOPP'S BRILLIANT ROTTrun ATT, GU IN NESS'S NOURISHING STOUT, which he delivers at following Prices •- BILLED ALLS and ALLSOPP'S INDIA PALE (bright as Sherrv) a_ i j GUINNESS'S STOUT (half a piut of which is equal to a large sandwich and a glass of wate n"' RT INMAN) 4s. per dozen. -L>r. He also delivers by Cart Messrs. Allsopp's Ales in kik, at 21s. 24s 27s 7 ?A ORDERS BY POST OR OTHERWISE PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. ARI THE TRADE SUPPLIED. 7o6> A GOOD PIANOFORTE MAY BE HIRED From £2 2s. OJ. PER QUARTER. oN THE THREE YEARS SYSTEM. THOMPSON AND SHACKELL, 101, OXFORD STREET, SWANSEA, AND AT CARDIFF, DESIRE to call special attention to the above notice, and would warn the public against the so-callel S.» i hand Pianofortes now so freely advertised at what is said to be less than half the original price Ouconcl- The Pianos supplied by Thompson and Schackell arc warranted, and by the best Makers only. SPACIOUS SHOW-ROOMS AT 101, OXFORD STREET, SWANSEA, AND QUEEN STREET, CARDIFF, Containing without exception the finest Stock of 'Pianofortes, Harmoniums, and American Organs in South Wales N.B.-The "Bute" Model Harmoniums, as supplied to the Marquis of Bute, pricG Twelve Puinn in kandsome Hosewood, is the very best small Harmonium manufactured. Harmoniums from Four Guineas 7339 B E E S THOMAS, CHEMIST, FAMILY WINE AND SPIRIT DEALER, 143, HIGH STREET, MEBTHYE, RE|JII?TTSF-LLY INVITES MENTION TO THE FOLLOWING LIST OF WINES AND ?ORT °0PR w' 6fi'n33-' 3s* 6d- and 0,1 Per Bott]e- PORT Ok SHERkY, from tbe Wood 10s., 12^ 14= ar,rl 1 r,« nor G-illon GIN 2s. Id. and 2s. 6d. Per Bott'e. 12s. and ilk' ^Gal id BUM CK WHISKEY 2,. 2d., 2s. 7d. and 3« Id ner io i n DUNVILLE'S W HISK ti Y 3s. 6d. per Bottle.' los' per GalIon* HOLLANDS 2s. 8d. per Bottle. RUM SHRUB 2s. per Büt.tlp. PEPPERMINT 2s. per Bottle. BRANDY, Pale or Brown, 2s. 3d., 2s. 8J. and 3s. Id. per P>nhh, EBENCH BRAN Pafeor Brown, 3a, 3*. Od 4S ancI 4 s. 6d. per Bottle. RECTIFIED SPIRITS OE WINE, 56 O.P., 4s*. Id per Bottl? MOET AND CHANDON-S CHAMPAGNE 72S. perDozen Q^RTS 7,^ ÁGENT FOR MESSRS. FELTOE & SONS' "SPECIALITE" SHERRY, AT 30S. PER DOZEN