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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

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R. C. LEAOH, BILL FOSTER, AND TOWN CRIER, 63, CARDIFF STREET, ABBRDARB. All Orders promptly attended to. 7344 MERTHYR TYDFIL UNION. TO CARPENTERS AND BUILDERS. THE GUARDIANS of the above Union are pre- -A pared to receive TENDERS for the Erection of it Bole OW DAY ROOM. Flan and specification of the same can be seen with Mr. John Williams, Architect, Morgan Town, Merthyr Tydfil, who will furnish all particulars. The Guardians do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any Tender. Tenders to be sent to me on or before 10 a.m. on Saturday, January 29th, 1876. By order, FRANK JAMES, Clerk. High Street, Merthyr, January 10th, 1876. 7393 23, IRONMONGER LANE, LONDON. (THE OLD HOUSK.) JOHNSTON'S CORN FLOUR IS THE BEST. TO OBTAIN THE BEST JL ASK FOR JOHNSTON'S CORN FLOUR. It is rich in flesh-forming and heat-giving properties, and .hen boiled with milk affords complete and perfect uonrish- ttwrnt tor children and persons of weak digestion. It is de- ceits for Puddings, Custards, Blancmange, tt. 7373 MERTHYR AND DOWLAIS STATIONS. jQMNIBUSES MERTHYR AIm DOWLAIS as under:- a.m. a.m. p.m. p.m. p.m ■Leave Merthyr 8-55 11-15 12-0 4-55 6-55 Arrive at Merthyr 10-0 12-30 2-40 6-40 10-0 „ FARES: Merthyr to Dowlais Station 9d. Dowlais to Merthyr 6d. 7M6 TYDYIL SCHOOL, MERTHYR TYDFIL. HEAD MASTER JOHN J. COPLAND, M.A., (Successor to the late EVAN WILLIAMS, M.A.,) tJNIVERSITY GRADUATE AND CLASSICAL PRIZEMAN. IN this School Boys will be prepared for the JL Universities. the Public Schools, and the various Public Examinations.—Mr COPLAND has successfully prepared Pupils for the London Matriculation for the College of Surgeons, the Law, the Oxford and Cambridge Local, Ac. Private Lessons given at periods suitable to the convenience of Pupils. The School re-commences after the Christmas Vacation on Monday, January 24th, 1876. Mrs. Copland's LADIES' SCHOOL re-commenoes on the nine date. 7368 I DANCING CLASSES. MRS. COPLAND, TYDFIL SCHOOL, MERTHYR TYDFIL, RESPECTFULLY announces that she has just formed a Series of DANCING CX.ASSKS which meet formed a Series of DANCING Cessna which meet •rcry Thursday Evening. The class for Young Pupils will be from Five to Seven o'clock and lot Young Ladies and Gentlemen, from Eight to Ten o elock. An Adult Class as may be arranged. These classes will be conducted by Madame Eyre, pupil of Monsieur Coulon, Monsieur Ellis, and Madame Rae, (of London.) dtc., &c. Per quarter, payable in advance. It is desirable tliat intending Pupils, or others who may Wish to join these Classes, should send in their names to Mrs. COPLAND, on or before Thursday next, in order that the Accessary arrangements may be completed as soon as possible, 7310 MX. EDWARD LAWRANCE, Professor of Music (of the Conservatorium of Music, Leipzig, and Organist of St. David's Church, Merthyr, <t-c), BEGS to announce that he has restlmed his Pro- fessional Duties at Merthyr, and TrSITS ABERDA.KE AND -VOCXTAI.Y ASK ON TUESDAYS AND FRIDAYS. Mr. Edward Lawrance can always receive additional Pupils. Terms for Pianoforte, Singing, Harmonium, and Harmony Lessons, Ac., Ac. may be known on application at MB. E. LAWRANCE'S RESIDEKOB, 7335 t, COURTLAND TERRACE, MERTHYR. FREE EMIGRATION TO QUEENSLAND. FREE Passages are granted by the Government to Female Domestic Servants of all kinds, who are Suite free to engage with whom the/ please at the best wages bey can get. Wages .£25 to .£50 a-year all found. Free Passages given to Agricultural Labourers, whether Uarritd or single. Wages jE30 to 450 a-year with board and lodging. Assisted Passages to Mechanics on payment of A4. Wages as under:- blacksmiths 12s to 14s a day. Shipwrights 10s to 12s a day. Carpenters.. 12s „ 14s „ Tailors 9s „ 10s „ Shoemakers.. 9s „ 10s „ I Miners. 10s „ £ 1 it The above need not want work a single hour after landing. Apply personally or by letter to AGEXT-GENERAL FOR QUEENSLAND, 32, Charing Cross, London, S.W.; or to W. J. Presswell, Thomas Town, Merthyr Tydfll; E. E. Unrgess, 36, Victoria Street, Merthyr, South Wales T. Foley, Foley's Hotel, .Ne-ith, and J. C. Manning, Western Mail Office, Cattle Street, Swansea. 7339 "FOR THE BLOOD IS THE LIFE. Deuteronomy, chap, xii., verse 23. CLARKE'S WORLD FAMED BLOOD MIXTURE. Trade Mark, Blood Mixture." THE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER AND RESTORER. SKIN DISEASES, Eruptions, Blotches, Ulceratfed Sore Legs, Old Sores, Glandular Swellings, Cancerous Ulcers, Spots, Pimples, Pustules, Boils, Carbuncles Ringworms, Scald Heads, Sore Eyes, Erysipelas Itch' Scurfs, DUeoiourations of the Skin, Humour's and Diseases of the Skin of whatever name or nature art literally carried owt of the system in a short time by the use of this wor!d-fnrr.-d Medicine. THOUSANDS OF TESTIMONIALS FROM ALL PARTS IMPORTANT ADVICE TO ALL.-Cleanse the vitiated blood whenever you find its impurities bursting through the skin m pimples, eruptions, or sores; cleanse it when you find it obstructed and sluggish in the veins cleanse it when it is foul, and your feelings will tell you when. Keep the blood pure, and the health of the system will follow. As this mixture is pleasant to the taste, and war. ranted free from anything injurious to the most deli- cate constitution of either sex, the Proprietor solicits sufferers to give it a trial to test its value. CLARKE'S WORLD-FAMED BLOOD MIX. TURE is sold in Bottles. 2s 6d each, and in cases, containing six times the quantity, lis each-ilufficient to effect a permanent cure in the great majority of long- .anding caseil.-BY ALL CHEMISTS and PATENT MEDI- CINE VENDORS throughout the United Kingdom and the world, or sent to any address on receipt of 30 or 132 stamps by the Proprietor, F F. J. CLARKE, Chemist, Apoth -aries' Ha!l, Lincoln. Wholesale: All Patent Mei! mine Houses. LONDON DEPOT; 150, 9J '"OKI) STREET. 7371 LOCAL AUEN-I".i Mr L. P. Jones, Ebbw Va!<\ Mr W. J. While, 128, High street, Merthyr. Mr Rees Thomas, 143, Hi.a-street, Merthyr. Mr T. W. Evans, Corom, rcial.street, Aberdare HOLLOWAYMNTMENL Certain Cure for Bronchitis, Sore Throat, Diphtheria, Asthma, &c. FIR curing sere throat, diphtheria, b onchitis, aathma. tigh t ness of the chest, and pain in thes c-which instant treat- ment alone prevents degenerating 1111., more serious maladies this Ointment has the same powers < vcr chest complaints as a blister possesses, without causing [tain or debility. Old Mtlimatie invalids will derive marveL, us ease from the use of this Ointment, which has brought roi :id many such sufferers, and re-estabhahed health after every 0, tier means had sigually Wled. Bad Legs, Bad Breads, Old Sores, and Ulcers. By rubbing the Ointment round the tratcs to the tissues beneath, and exeicises a wond^rfni rS^.r on all the blood flowing to, and returning from th J- J part. The inflammation diminishes, the* &bi £ £ lTed tatolerable, the matter thicker, and a cure is goon SrpJrS" I. all long-standing cases Hollowaj s Pills should •ken, *s they will thoroughly expel aU depraved humours yflTH tut DOdy• Gout, Rheumatism, Stiff Joints. Goat and Rheumatism arise from inflammation in the parts affected. To effect a permanent cure, adopt a cooling diet drink plenty of water, take six of Holloway's Pills night and morning, and rub this Ointment most effectually twice a-day into tb; suffering parts; when used simultaneously, they drive all inflammation and depression from the system, anbdue and remove all enlargement of the joints, and leave the sinews and muscles lax and unccmtracted. rvT'i!?r^un*m»n*-Pills are sold at Professor Holleway's Establishment. 33, Oxiord-street, Loudon also by nearly Wnj/f ij^hle Vendor of Medicine throughout the Civilised Boxes'„nt Is. l^d., 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., lis., 22s., •nd 33s. each. The smallest Pot of Ointment contains one ounce and the smallest Box cf Pills four dozen. Full printed directions are affixed to each Pot and Box, and can be had m any language, even in Turkish, Arabie Armenian, Persian, or Chinese. 7372 86 & 87, HIGH STREET, MERTHYR TYDFIL. M. W-. ROBERTS, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL IRON1 IM: O N G- B R, WHILST thanking hi« numerous Patrons for their kind favours during the past, respectfully inri them to an inspection of his NEW STOCK, composing a large assortment of FURNISHING AND OTHER IRONMONGERY. U- Sptcial attention is 1 nnted to hI. Stock of GROCERS' TEA CANISTERS, SCALES, &c., at prices which will compare favourably with those charged by Bristol Houses. The attention of CARPENTERS and JOINERS is invited to a large assortment of Planes, Saws, Edged, and Joiners' Tools of the best Makers. BUILDERS SUPPLIED AT WHOLESALE PRICES. Deakr in Oils, Colours, Roofing Felt, and Vulcanized India Rubber Goods. PLUMBERS', BELL-HANGING, & GENERAL TIN-PLATE WORK EXECUTED BY COMPETENT WORKMEN. 7362 WHY GO TO BRISTOL AND PAY MORE ? THE "TELEGRAPH" STEAM PRINTING AND PUBLISHING OFFICES, 50, HIGH STREET, OPPOSITE THE MARKET SQUARE) MERTHYR TYDFIL. RETAIL STATIONERY WAREHOUSE, 40i, HIGH STREET. P. WILLIAMS ANNOUNCES that having every facility, which Steam Machinery and the Employment of the most Competent Workmen can render, for the execution of Printing Orders, he respectfully solicits a continuance of public patronage. His Charges for Posters, Bill Heads, Circulars, and every kind of Printing Work, are as Moderate as any in the district, and at least ten per cent, lower than the usual Bristol prices. For Expedition in the execution of Printing Work, the TELEGRAPH PRINTING ESTABLISH- MENT will bear favourable comparison with any Printing Office either in Bristol or the Principality; whilst for UOLOUR PRINTING, Cards, Printed Headings, and work requiring special care and taste, the resources of the Establishment—embracing as it does, an assortment of almost every kind of Plain and Fancy Type, and the engagement of a numerous staff of efficient Compositors—ensure these desirable advantages. TO THE TRADE. Printing, Binding, Ruling, Paging, and Perforating for the Trade. At the TELEGRAPH Printing Office, Merthyr Tydfil. GOOD Workmanship—Moderate Charges—and Promptitud in the Execu- tion of Orders—have been the prominent features in the business operations of this Establishment for the last rwenty Years. Goods of the value of JE2, and upwards, delivered Carriage Free at all Railway Stations in South Wales. SOLE AGENT IN MERTHYR FOR THE EUREKA INKS. GENERAL STATIONERY. NO Person studying economy will buy WRITING PAPER by the quire. The Wholesale Purchaser buys his Reams by weight, and so does Ivery Retail Purchaser who appreciates the maxim that a Penny saved is a penny earned." .•• -5 PLAYING CARDS At various prices from Tenpence to Half-a-Crown per pack. GROCERY SHOP BOOKS Of every thickness, plain and interleaved, supplied at per gross or per dozen, at as cheap a rate as any House in the Kingdom. For the execution of every description PLAIN AND COLOURED LETTER-PRESS PRINTING, By Powerful Machinery, driven by Steam Power, the TELEGRAPH Office possesses facilities unequalled in the District, and can undertake the delivery of work in quantities at the very shortest notice. QIRCULARS, U CARDS, CHEQUE BOOKS, QONDITIONS OF SALE, CATALOGUES, CLUB RULES, pOSTERS, HAND BILLS, PAMPHLETS; A ND EVERY DESCRIPTION OF LETTER-PRESS PRINTING, AT THE TELEGRAPH OFFICE ACCOUNT BOOKS TO ANY PATTERN, IN EVERY STYLE OF BINDING, Manufactured on the Premises AT THE TELEGRAPH OFFICE. FORMS RULED & PRINTED TO ANY PATTERN FOR COLLIERIES, U IROWORKS, MERCHANTS, TRADESMEN, AT THE TELEGRAPH OFFICE* .■ II. ■ — • ■- -FI1 — —II » I II THE BINDING DEPARTMENT AS CAREFUL ATTENTION, and every means is adopted to secure JM Elegance and Durability in the work produced. ACCOUNT BOOKS Ruled to pattern, and bound in every form of binding; paged and indexed, CHEQUE BOOKS Of every description supplied, Numbered and Perforated. TO WHOLESALE CUSTOMERS. PENS, Ink, Envelopes, Paper, Penholders and Pens, and Slate Pencils, supplied to Shepkeepers lor Sale, and to Hawkers, at Wholsale Prices, THE "TELEGRAPH" PEN Has been a public favourite for the last twenty years. It is still unrivalled as a pen for common use, and "No pen can tell" its njanv merits. It is anti-corrosive, and is therefore more durable than any other kind of pen, whilst for ease in writing it is the nearest approach to the Quill. Sold at 3d. per dozen, or 2s. per gross. COLOUR BOXES (ENGLISH AND FOREIGN), From 6d. to 3s. each. These Colour Boxes, as supplied at the TELEGRAPH Office, obtained the Prize of the Society of Arts, and are specially recom- mended by that Society for general use. WRITING PAPER An excellent quality can always be had at the TELEGRAPH Office, at Is. pel. lb., and Envelopes at from 4d. to 6d. per 100. Those who purchase under this system save fully 50 per cent. THE TRAVELLING DRAPERS' POCKET LEDGERS Are made in all sizes, paged, and indexed, if desired. They are strongly bound, and calculated to bear "knocking about." I !? OttTmcg Are informed that for Mourning Stationery and Memorial Cards, the assortment at the TELEGRAPH Office will be found ample. THE ADDRESS THE "TELEGRAPH" PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT, 49a, and 50, High Street, Merthyr Tydfil, 7333 ■ Ill l«*^l I—fMPPW*1 ■ THE UsTZEW IT 13 AR, 1876. J w. "G U n N FAMILY GROCER, CORN, FLOUR, AND PROVISION MERCHANT. PRIME STILTON, CHEDDER, DOUBLE GLO'STER, AND IC A PRIZE AMERICAN CHEESE. WILTSHIRE SMOKED HAMS AND BACON. OX TONGUES IN PICKLE & SMOKE DRIED AND ALL DELICACIES FOR THE BREAKFAST TABLE. =- A. GILBETS WINES AND SPIRITS. AGENT BASS & Co'S PALE AND BURTON ALES. (GUINNESS'S DUBLIN STOUT. In Casks and Bottles, all in prime condition for Christmas. TRY J. W. GKLTNJSTS SELF RAISING FLOUR. SEE TESTIMONIAL FROM ED. DAVIES, Esq., SURGEON, COURT SOUSE. Flour, Corn, and all goods delivered Free per own Vans to any part of the Neighbourhood. TLTXB-AA all prices are calculated to give every advantage to the buyer, immediate cash payments are necessary J. W. 'G"UNN 67 & 68. HIGH STREET. MERTHYR. OPPOSITE THE POST OFFICE. 7360 X)^XXjXJ HALL, 3VCE^rT'Tq"VT?~ A SOIREE In Aid of the FUNDS of the 12TH GUJA JL. V.O., Will be held at the above Hall ON THURSDAY, JANUARY 27, 1876, UNDER the patronage of OOL. OLARK, LIEUT-COL. DAVID, MAJOR POWELL, and MAJOR CRESSWELL. By the kind permission of R. T. CRAWSttAT, Esq., the OYFARTHFA STRING BAND Under the leadership of Mr. G. C. BAWDBN, will attend. THE BAND OF THE CORPS, Under the leadership of Mr. WILLIAM CHIBM, will play Selections during the evening. Tea on the Tables from Five to Seven p. m. CONCERT OF VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL MUSIO FROM SEVEN TO NINE. Dancing to commence at Nine* SINGLE TICKETS, 2s. 6d. DOUBLE TICKETS, to admit Lady and Gentleman 4* f„ iln of Merthyr Telegraph Office Merthyr Express Office, G.W.R. Refreshment R^oms of MLrs FwJa^t and Frost, Mrs. Wilkins, Post Office, and the Member of the Corjk Refreshments will be provided during the evening at Moderate Charges. Volunteers are requested to appear in Uniform. 7397 A good CLOAK ROOM will be provided. to „ „DAVIES, Lieut.. __J^ UARY 1st, 1876. HON. SEO. The Cheapest Furniture Warehouse in Merthyr is at 6 t 7, Victoria Street. MONEY SAVED IS MONEY GAINED. THE 15 PER CENT. REDUCTION Mad* up to the Public if they purchase at MOSES GOODMAN'S FURNITURE ESTABLISHMENT, 6 & 7, VICTORIA-STREET, MERTHYR TYDFIL. WORKMEN and TRADESMEN will thus secure substantial advantages, which, as resDects the Durchase of Furniture, will fully compensate for the recent REDUCTION IN WAGES! resp6Ct8 Purcliase of The Furniture oftered is large, magnificent, and well assorted, and of the verr best Manufacture iR the Trade which he confidently offers, both m respect of Quality and Price, as unsurpassed in Merthyr or elsewhere. Settles, Benches, Tables, Ac., suitable for Publicans, to be Sold Cheap also a number of Emigrants' Boxes. Likewise other Articles too numerous to mention, equally cheap and all well made.—New and Second-Hand FURNITURE of every description.—M. G. pledges himself that all Goods sold by him are made on the premises, and of the best description. Parties leaving the neighbourhood, wishing to dispose of their Goods, may call, and ther will have th« ntmn.t he same.o PIANOS for Sale, i. good order. A large stock of IRON BEDSTEADS o?hind at the Old Prices MONEY LENT ON GOLD AND SILVER WATCHES, RINGS, ETC. 7341 REES THOMAS, CHEMIST, FAMILY WINE AND SPIRIT DEALER 143, HIGH STREET, MERTHYR, 1 T> ESPECTFULLY INVITES ATTENTION TO THE FOLLOWING LIST OF WINES AND SPIRITS^ SHERRY Is. 6d., 2s., 2s. 6d., 3s., 3s. 6d. and 4s. 6d. ner Bottle. PORT OR SHERRY, from the Wood I0s.l2s., 14s. and16s. £ ? GIN 2s. Id. and 2s. 6d. Per Bottle. 12s. and 14s. per Gallon RUM OR WHISKEY 2s. 2d., 2s. 7d. and 3s. Id. per Bottle. 12s. 1;5". and 18.. per Gallon DUNVILLE'S WHISKEY 3s. fid. per Bottle6 HOLLANDS 2si 8d. per Bottle. RUM SHRUB 2s. per Bottle. PEPPERMINT 2s. per Bottle. BRANDY, Pale or Brown, 2s. 3d., 2s. 8d. and 3s. Id. ner BofctU FRENCH 'BRANDY, F.l. or Bnmn, fc, 3,. Mr a, Do. do. 21s., 24s, aid 28s dct RECTIFIED SPIRITS OE WINE, 56 O.P., 4s. Id. ir Cttl& MOET AND CHANDON'S CHAMPAGNE 72s. per Dozefc^. 7364 AGBNT FOR MESSRS. FELTOE & SONS' co SPECIALITE" SHERRY, AT 30s. PER DOZEN. BELLE VUE WINE AND SPIRIT VAULTS, HIGH-STREET, MERTHYR TYDFIL. HBNBY "WILLIAMS PROPRIETOR. WLNES* F D SPIRITS. .<I.d. OLD PORT, from to 'oodjth^ Wm. BRANDT' 4 4 4 for invalids •• 3 6 RTT^w^0 •M,m•year")Per Bottle 4 10 & 5 3 Very choice Old •• •• *.V. "CM (Jamaica) >> m Natural SHERRY, entirely free from spirit 2 6 Ditto, old. blended.. 3 6 Very choice Old Brown Sherry • • • • 3 6 WHISKEY, Irish, mild not fle'rV 2 10 CLARET—St Julien de Medoc, free from Ditto, ditto, old, blended' 3 4 *c"Ilty •' •• 1 | ALES AND PORTER EAST INDIA PALE ALE-Imperial I SAMSON-The strongest Ale on record. Per doz 7 6 pints. Perdozen 5 6 I Best Dublin Stout do 5 6 (Is 6d per doz charged for bottles-refunded when returned). N o STJUDAY BUSI NESS. 7368 WANTED a Steady Respectable Girl, as House and Parlour-Maid.-Apply to Mrs. T. J. P*ARCB Penylyyn, Cefn. Merthyr Tjdfll. Td9b TO SADDLERS. WANTED a steady young man as Journey- man State wage* required, and address to John W. James, sXer Chu^hTreet, LUnidloes, N. Wales. 7886 TO PUBLICANS^OTHERS. To LET (with immediate possession), the OLD "RTITP pnur T/*1 Pontinonjii, Merthyr.-— n quire of Mr R J CocHR-*JfK» Union Street, Merthyr Tydfll. 7»89 PRIVATE RESIDENCE AT DOWLAIS FOR SALE. FOR SALE, a DETACHED HOUSE at Pant, nnwiai* lately occupied by Eyan Jones. Con- tractor -I™I7TO Sir W. MOR«AN, MUlrose Villa, Cardiff ^'Mnl^AM. Mi^ Btreet, Taunton. 7324 PIANOFORTE & ORO-A-N INSTRUCTION MISS OR 0 0 K (Organist at Wesley Chapel), 17, NEW CASTM SIBMT, MMTHIR, ANNnnwrFS that her Pupils will Resume their IfcSSl Studies ou Monday, January 17th, 1876. Dowlais visited regularly. Vacancies for additional Pupils.-For terms, ttc., apply at the above Address. IMPORTANT NOTICE. THE SWANSEA ROYAL k SOUTH WALES UNION FRIENDLY SOCIETY. (KEGISTBRKD BY J* 'NDD PRATT, BSQ.) Chief Offices—41, WIND STREET, SWANSEA. HAVE Opened District Offices in Pontypridd and Aberdare, Mr D. O. THOMAS being appointed District Manaeer for Pontypridd, and Mr THOMAS MORGAW, 63, Bute Street: Aberdare, is appointed District Manager Jot that place. £ 900 paid in the District. 7370 r BILL-POSTING IN MERTHYR. CHRISTOPHER PULMAN, BILL-POSTEB & TOWN Merthyr, undertake! neigSbourifood. ibUtlnK throughout tow? »nd 73OO All Orders by Post or •Qurusise carefully attended to. TO PUBLICANS AND OTHERS. T^O BE LET, with immediate possession, the Do^1« Licensed Inn, called "THE BALANCE," Merthyr Tydfil. A suitable tenant could not fail to do a large and thriving trade, as its situation is excellent for BUHneM.—For particulars apply to Mr. D. DARBYSHIRK, Lord Raglan Inn, Aberdare. 7323 PUBLIC NOTICE. LYROTLCE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that I will not JL.1 hold myself responsible for any Debts that my Wife ELIZABETH DAVIES may contract in my name, nor Is any person Indebted to me to pay her the amounts due, otherwise they will be again recoverable. his DAVID DAVIES, Collier. *T mark. No. 10, Carno Row, Rhymney, Jan. 21st., 1876, 7399 TEMPERANCE HALL, MERTHYR TYDFIL. A Committee of Gentlemen have made arrangements with GEORGE DAWSON, ESQ., M.A., or BIRMINGHAM, TO DELIVER A LECTURE AT the TEMPERA* HALL, MEHTHYR TYDFIL, on MOWDAY EVENING, JANUARY 24th, 1876, On a Kecent Tour in the United States of America." The chair will be taken at Eight o'clock by the Rev. JOHN Gaxav,vxTja, Rector of Merthyr. Tickets of Admission, to the Body of the Hall and Front Seats of the Gallery, la.; Under and Back of Gallery, M.. may be had at the Telegraph and Express Officcs, Miss Wilkins, Post-office, Mr. Lewis, Chemist, Georjretfwn, Mr. Jenkins, Post-office, and Mr. John Evans, Chemist, Dowlais. Mr. Dawson has not visited Merthyr for upwards of 15 rears, and the Committee hope that the public will appreciate the treat by a large and early attendance. 7101; COOK WANTED. I WANTED a Cook.-Apply to Mr. WILLIAM TT HARRIS, 144, High Street, Metliyr. 7402 FURNISHED APARTMENTS TO LET AT DOWLAIS. TO LET, a Furnished PARLOUR and BED- ROOM, suitable for a Married Couple, or Single Uentleman. The situation is agreeable.—Apply at 12, Spring Street, Dowlais. 7398 ESTABLISHED 1824. ALLIANCE ASSURANCE COMPANY. Capital £ 5,000,000 (with £ 550,000 paid up.) THE DIRECTORS of this Company are desirons of securing AGENTS la unrepresented Districts, and Invite applications from Gentlemen who can influence Business. For particulars as to Commission, &c., apply to the WELSH BRANCH OF THE COMPANY, High Street, WREXHAM. E. LLEWELYN LLOYD, 7400 Resident Secretary. MERTHYR TYDFIL PROPRIETARY GRAMMAR SCHOOL, COUBTLAND TERRACE, MERTHYR. Head Master DAVID FREW, Esq., B.A., London. PATRONS: The Right Hon. LORD ABERDARE His Honour JUDGE FALCONER WILLIAM SIMONS, Esq., Gwaunfarren; THOS. WILLIAMS, Esq., J.P., Gwaelodygarth; D. E. WILLIAMS, Esq., J.P., Hirwain. THIS School is intended to afford a high-class Liberal Education, calculated to fit boys for Pro- fessional and Mercantile Life, Competitive Examina- tions, or the Universities. The School will be divided into Lower and Upper Departments, the former being Elementary, and the latter divided into Modern and Classical; the Modern being designed with reference to the requirements of Pupils intended for Mercantile Life, or Competitive Examinations, and the Classical for those proceeding to the Universities. No pupil will be admitted under the age of Eight years, nor until he shall have passed an examination in reading, writing, the four first rules in arithmetic, and such other subjects as shall from time to time be required. The subjects taught will comprise- IN THE LOWER IN THE UPPER FORMS. FORMS. Reading. MODERN. CLASSICAL. Writing. English Literature. The same Arithmetic. Latin. with the Elemetary Mathematics. Modern Languages, addition History. Mathematics. of Greek. Geography. Geography. English Grammar. r Elementary Latin. French. Natural Scienca, Modern Languages, and Drawing will be taught throughout the School. The hours of work will be from 9 till 12.30 in the morning, and 2 to 4.30 in the afternoon, except Satur- day, which will be a whole holiday. The year will consist of three terms namely, from January to the middle of April; from the beginning of May till the end of July and from the beginning of September till C hristmas. The vacations will consist of a fortnight in April! one month at Midsummer; and a fortnight at Christmas. The Terms for tuition (including all the above sub- jects) will be-From eight to twelve years, eight guineas per annum; above twelve, ten guineas per annum. Applications for prospectuses and further information addressed to the Head Master, 13, Courtland-terrace, Merthyr or to the Secretary.Mr. J FERGUSSON, 14, New Castle-street, Merthyr, will receive prompt attention. 7403