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MESSRS. H. W. HARRIS AND TAILOR'S EOTICES. MESSRS. IT. W. HARRIS & TAYLOR, AUCTIONEERS, APPRAISERS, ARCHITECTS, SJRVEYORS, HOUSE. ESTATE, AND GENERAL AGENTS, NEW AUCTION MART, CoUJVf STvlEEV, MEE.THYR, Ir,"Ec, to, ir'o r,1 tVe Pr^'c tb:t all matters en- -9 > tTst to thei.T care will be pu-c;.ua,X p'o-u'iUy, aDd ate'ully aL„erd;d o. Plans. JBicva'ions, and Specifications Prepared. W^o"s ?n f>ll Branches o' t"e Euildng Trade Measured a,d Val,,e('Q(JAN'CIT ES TAKEN OUT FOB ESTI- 1 AT2-, &C. Messrs. HAT.E1S & TA"LOtt annource thai they bold PERIODICAL SALE" E- AUCTION r. the above Mart, where Articles of Fn^D'^iire and other Goods intended or next Sale, may how be received. 7383 GLENFIELD. GLEN FIELD. THE QUEEN'S LAUNDRESS SMYS THIS STARCH IS THE BEST SHE EVER USED. GLENFIELD. GLENFIELD 7374 MR. D iNlEL D 4 VIES' NOTICE. Established 2* Years. MR. DANIEL "DiVIES, AUCTIONEER AND CENERAL BUSINESS AGENT, 7334 19, IVOR STREET, DOWLAIS. ON S A. ZJ K • JUST EE CHIVED FROM LONDON, New and exceedingly tine PIANOFORTES AND HARMONIUMS By Jhe best Makers. MR. EDWARD LAWRANCE PROFESSOR of Music, (Conner vatorium of Music, Leipzig), and Organist of St. Davids Churcli, Mevthyr. has always on Sale, on highly advantageous terms, exceedingly Fine PIANOFORTES AND HARMONIUMS, but by the best Make-s o-?ly —Address, Mr. EDWAKD Lawkance, 2, Courtla"d Te. 'ace, Mevthyr. 7335 TYDYIL SCHOOL, MERTHYR TYPFIL- HEAD MASTER :— JOHN J. COPLAND, M.A., (Successor to the late EVAN WILLIAMS, M.A.,) UNIVERSITY GRADUATE AND CLASSICAL PRIZEMAN. IN this School Boys will be prepared for the Universities, the Public Schools, and the various Public Examinations.—Mr Co"LAND has successfully prepared Pupils for the London Matriculation for the College of Surgeons, the Law, the Oxford and Cambridge Local, Private Lessons given at periods suitable to the convenience of Pnpils. The School re-commences after the Christmas Vacation on Monday, January 24tli, 1S76. Mrs. Copland's LADIES' SCHOOL re-commenoes on the same date. 7368 DANCING CLASSES. MRS. COP LAND, TYDFIL SCHOOL, MERTHYR TYDFIL. RESPECTFULLY announces that she has just -Lt) formed a Series of DANCING CX.AKSES which meet every Thursday Evening. The class for Young fupils will be from Five to Seven o'clock and for Young Ladies and Gentlemen, from Eight to Ten o Ciock. An Adult Claps as may arranged. lhe»e classes will be conducted by Madame Eyre, pupil of Monsieur Coulon, Monsieur El)^, and Aiadame BM (of London,) <bc., &c. Terms-Halra Guinea per quarter, payable in advance. It is desirable that intending Pupils, oi oilers who may wish to join the.e Classes, should send in their naiaes to Mrs. COPLAND, on or before Thursday next, in order the necessary arrangements may be completed as soon as possiWg 7310 PEOPLE'S EDITION. IMPORTANT MEDICAL WORKS. BY Dr.. HENRY SMITH. Twenty-first Thousand. By post, two stamps in envelope. GUIDE TO HEALTH; or, ADVICE and INSTRUCTIONS for the Cure of Debilitating Diseases. By HEJNEY SMITH, M.D., of the University of Jena, Author of the Volunteer's Manual," &c. GUIDE TO HEALTH is a Nedical Work on the Treat- ment, by Medic'nes oi'y, of Nirvou'j, Me'ital and Physical Debility, Lowner:s of Spirts, Indigest'on, Dimness of Sighr, "Want of Energy, Irritabil'ly, Deafness, Epilepsy, &c., rc- fcuUing lrorn lo,s of nerve power, which, if neglected, end in pr<matnie decline. tiives INSTRUCTIONS by which Thousands have been restored to health. Illustrated with cases ard testimonials f om grattnul patients, with means of cure used in each case. Also ADVICE TO YOUNG MEN ON t-UBOECTSOF VITAL IMPORTANCE The Pamphlet will be sent free by post, to any address, on receipt of two penny stamps. Third inousard. By post, seven stamps in envelope. WOMAN. Subjects treated C irlhood, Maiden- hood, Courtship, Marriage, Motherhood, Female Education, Female Health, Female Hygiene, Domestic Medicine, &c., Ax. N.ii.—A Special Edition, BEAUTIFULLY ILLUSI HATED BY ENGRAVINGS ON WOOD. Cloth gilt, One Shilling. NOTIcE-The above medical works will be sent direct from the Author i 1 an Envelope on receipt of the amount in stamps. Address Dr HENRY SMITH, S Burton Crescent, London, WC CONSULT A LONDON PHYSICIAN BY LETTER WITHOUT FEE. DR. H. SMITH, the Eminent Specialist for the cure of all debilitating and contagious diseases, will I., the benefit of country patients who cannot consult hiia personally, on receiving description of their case, send his opinion, with advice and directions for the most successful restoration to health and vigour. 7336 Address, Dr. H. SMITH, 8, Burton Crescent, London, W.0 KERNICK'S VEGETABLE PILLS IF you sufTer from Headaches, Bilious Complaints, Indigestion, Cov veress, Rheumatism, o> Tic-Doloreux. TRY KERN ICE'S VEGETA BLE PILLS. They are easy to swa"ow, be'rg very SUKUI, require no con- finement in doors, s^rer-then the sysL. m and have been tried by thousands, who pronource the 11 to be the best medi- cine in the world. ——— Cefn, Merthyr, September 9th, 1869 "Dear Sir, Daniel Humphreys, weave-, Ynysyfelin Factory, near this place, suffered fron sei c, a pai s in the stomach for four or five years, and had triad many things for it, but all to no purpose, until he happened to meet your agent in Merthyr the first two pills he took did more good for him than all the others he had taken put together, and by the time he had taken the six pills he felt totally free from pain and ever since-that is for the last five years -he keeps your pills in lri house, and whenever he feels any similar symptoms he has only to take two of your pills and he is all right again and Mrs, Humphreys also, who usually suffered from flatulency, has found them the best remedy for an attack of that sort He wishes to send you this n thanks to your agent, who was so kind to him -1 remain ours obediently, ROBERT PRICE. Thousands of other Testimonials, equally gratifying might be published. KERNICK'S PILLS" give energy to the system, need ro special rules with regard to diet, and are universally declared to be the Best Medicine of the kin ever discovered. PREPARED ONLY BY P. KERNICK, MANUFACTURING CHEMIST, I DUKE- STREET, CARDIFF. MANCHESTER HOUSE, MERTHYR. OOlsTTHSTTT-A-TIOlsr OF SALE FOR FOURTEEN DAYS LONGER! =- IN CONSEQUENCE OF THE UNPARALLELED OVERCROWDING Of my Premises during the last Fourteen days, many of my old Customers have hitherto failed to obtain the full advantages of the Sale. I have, therefore, determined to yield to the urgent request of many of them, and to prolong the same for ANOTHER FOURTEEN DAYS, from FEBRUARY 1ST TO FEBRUARY 15 TH, So that all parties may have a fair opportunity of securing some of the many GREA T BARGAINS Which I have still to offer. TBBXS 0ASB. BOOSS BA 0 II 9.30. r I am, your obedient Servant, JOHN JONES.