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DENTAL SURGERY. ARTIFICIAL TEETH and PAINLESS DEN- TISTR Y, as shewn and Specially Commended in Class 17, INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION. At tendance in the Principality for the last 30 Years MR. LEWIN MOSELY, DENTIST, 30, BERNERS-STREET, LONDON ESTABLISHED 1820. APPOINTMENTS FOR 1862. MONMOUTH.—Every fourth THURSDAY, at Mr. J. Powell's, Plumber, Monnow-street. Next Visit, Thurs- day, October 9. ABERGAVENNY.—Every ALTERNATE TUESDAY, at Mr. Harris', saddler, next door to the Angel Hotel. Next Visit Tuesday, October 7, and Tuesday Oct. 12. NEWPORT.—Every fourth THURSDAY, at the King's Head Hotel. Next visit Thursday, Oct., 23. HEREFORD—Every ALTERNATE WEDNESDAY, at Mr Webster's Surveyor, St. Owen's street. Next visit Wednesday, October 8, and Wednesday, October 22. CHEPSTOW.—By appointment, at the George Hotel. Private Rooms at all the Hotels. Attendance from 10 to 5 IMPORTANT NOTICE. Mr. Mosely, Dentist, begs to direct attention to a New and Patented improvement in the manufacture of Artificial Teeth, Palates, &c., which supersedes all impure Metals and soft or absorbing agents, hitherto the fruitful cause of so many evils to the mouth and gums. A portion of this great improvement consists of a gum-colored enamelled base for the Artificial Teeth, which presents a uniformly eaiooth and highly polished surface, preventing any lodg- ment of food between interstices, thus avoiding the con- sequent unpleasant secretions, causing foulness of breath, &c. Additional Teeth can be added when required (thus saving great expense to the Patient) without extracting roots or fangs, and as the whole is moulded in a soft state, all inequalities of the gums or roots of teeth are care- fully protected, and insures a perfect system of painless Dentistry. Neither metals, wires, or unsightly ligatures are required, but a perfectly complete adhesion secured by Mr. MOSELY'S PATENTED SUCTION PALATE, No. 764, Aug.. 1855. *#*Decayed and Tender Teeth permanently restored to use, preventing the necessity of Extraction. Constant Attendance at Town Residence, No. 30, Berners-street, Oxford-street, W., where Patients and let- ters will meet with immediate attention. Consultations and every information, Free. Charges unusually Moderate. > vsse*# T)RAYER BOOKS, BIBLES 1 & CHURCH SERVICES in Roan, Calf, Velvet, Morocco, an<^ -Antique Bindings, with or g £ gwithout cases, rims, and clasps. anrt New Works procured from the London Publishers every Thurs- day morning, at J. H. Clarks' Post Office, U sk. T. EVANS, M Boot, Shoe, and Gaiter Manufac- BP turer, and Currier, \yjf 16, Crossst. and Sydenham House- HigTT street, Abergavenny, HRMft Bfl^rS to call the attention of the mH PH Public to the LARGE STO CE! HiifD if BOOTS and SHOES of every tmBN •description he has constantly on HI hand.. -Mi| RIFLE GAITERS made from the |m|HI primest Cowhide, oil the most JKEffl Reasonable Terms, Suitable for Shooting or Walking purposes. TO EVERY ONE possessing a GARDEN.-The COTTAGERS' KCTCHEN, FRUIT, AND FLOWER GARDEN. Price only One Stilling; or post lree for 14 stamps. Sold by J. H. CLARK, Bookseller, Usk. TO PARISH OFFICERS.—Surveyors' and Over- seers' Rate and Check Books, in accordance with the Act, may be had of J. H. CLARK, Bookseller, Usk. IMPORTANT TO ADVERTISERS.—The « USK ORSERVER has the LARGEST CIRCULATION in the COUNTY OF MONMOUTH of any Newspaper published. Being issued in the centre of the County, and widely cir. culated in both the AGRICULTURAL andMisERAL Districts, it is decidedly the best medium for Auctioneers, Soli- citors, Tradesmen and others to make their Notices known to the Inhabitants of Usk, Abergavenny, Ponty- pool, Caerleon, Blaenavon, Raglan and the surrounding Parishes. THE CHAMPION LIVER & STOMACH PILLS. These Pills are compounded from the recipe of one of the most eminent Physicians of the day; are pre- pared by an able and experienced chemist, and are ac- kowledged by the Faculty to be the most valuable medi- dine for all disorders of the stomach and derangements of the liver, ever prepared. Try a box, numerous testimonials have been given of their efficacy. Sold in boxes, Is. lid. each, by Messrs. Barclay ana Sons, wholesale agents, London by J. H. Clark, Book- seller, Usk; Thomas Roderick, Druggist, Pontypool; and all Medicine venders. TESTIMONIAL. Gwehelog, December, 1959. Sm,—After suffering for several years from acute pains in my side, back, chest, and stomach, and after calling in Beveral medical men and trying every remedy, I still suf- fered severely from the complaints. At length I was in- duced to try the CHAMPION LIVER AND STOMACH PILLS," sold by you. The first box gave me great relief. I then purchased a second box, its contents completely eradicated the disease, and I am now in perfect health. Having received so much benefit from these pills myself, I think I am only doing a service to the public in recommending them. JOHN ROBERTS. To Mr. CLARK, Bookseller, Usk. SCHOOL BOOKS. Guy's, Mavor's, Butter's S New London, Universal, and other Spelling Books. Arithmetics — Dictionaries — Catechisms — Histories -— Copy and Cyphering Books of every description and price. Sold by J. H. CLARK, Usk. BRUSHES and COMBS, and other articles for the Toilet, of the best shapes and manufacture, at J. H. CLARK'S, Woodbank House, Bridge-st., Usk. CHURCH SERVICES and PRAYER BOOKS, in Plain and Elegant Bindings, in great variety, *t J. H. CLARK'S, Bridge-street, Usk. DAILY PAPERS, AT THREE O'CLOCK, on the Day of Publication, at CLARK'S, USK.