Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

8 erthygl ar y dudalen hon

The American Conscript's Complaint.


The American Conscript's Complaint. Why must I be driven to slaughter on the cursed field of battle, i Very likely to be butchered therewith torments spared to cattle ? ii* T- By what law and for what reason must I life and limb surrender? Not because my country claims me from a foeman to defend her. Then a duty would demand self-sacrifice; but what occasion Subjects me to death and torture as the soldier of in- vasion ? *T • If the Sovereign People's will must send me to be slam and mangled, Tyrant worse ne'er spoke the word at which a crouching slave was strangled. Let me sleep with perfect limbs, my head snowed o'er with life's full winters I don't want a mass of iron to smash my shin-bones into splinters, Bullet crashing through my face to tear away old features, whether Under-jaw, or cheek entire, or eyes and nose perchance together. Jagged fragment of a shell to rip and tear up my abdomen e Is what I'll allow if I can help it for the whim of no man. What ? Must I lose arm or leg to serve the madness of my nation? And be forced to undergo the agony of amputation. Torniquet, and saw, and knife, and bullet-forceps for extraction T,, • > Looming clearly in my view, I d rather not go into action. u. 'a ■ Probably with shattered bones thence to be jolted m a wagon. T1i Yelling all the way so loud that it were well 1 had. a gag on. Crushed and writhing on the plain in carnage I object to welter, Ridden over by cavalry in charge, or flying neiter- sliColtBr n Lancer or dragoon upon the ground there stabbing me or slashing: On my wound or in my mouth a horse his hoot 01 iron dashing. Fever, too, and gangrene I regard with infinite aver- sion, I had sooner die at once, so let them shoot me for desertion! Health and home I'd fight to guard, and consequences little think on, Won't go South to bleed and rot by oraer of Dictator Lincoln.

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