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EPITOME OF NEWiJ. --+- A Portuguese, of the name of Mori, has just been received into the Infirmary at Greenwich Royal Hospital, when, upon searching him, upwards of zCl,000 were found upon him, the scrapings together of forty-nine years. It is a pleasant thing to hear that the Coventry ribbon trade is again flourishing. The turn of things has been brought about by the reproduction of an article called" lutes," which is in great fashion and demand in Paris, and a little in London.. Certainly on such a lute the praise of Lord Leigh, who stood so staunchly by the ribbon men," should be sung. The odd appearance of a carriage in the shape of a boot being drawn along the Boulevards ha3 created a sensation. The object is to advertise a Balmoral boot, and must be confessed to be a good plan, as it is thoroughly done, and very neat The Parisians are begining to be a little more wide awake to the benefits of advertising. It is stated upon good authority that there is no foundation for the rumour now in circulation that the Great Eastern is to be sold by auction. On the other hand, it is correct that the directors have determined not to send "her to sea again this year. Nothing as regards the future duty and:destination of the vessel will be done or decided upon until the shareholders are called together at an early day, when a full statement of affairs will be laid before them. A preliminary meeting, convened by the Lord Provost of Glasgow, has been held in the Council Chambers there, to consider the propriety of convening a public meeting of the inhabitants, with a view to the erection of a suitable memorial to Lord C!yde in his native city. The Lord Provost preeided. On the occasion of settling the affairs of a deceased member of the Benazet family, it has transpired that the average clear profits of their contract for the gaming houses of Baden is 1,200,OOOf. per annum. The gaming houses at Aix- les-Bains, suppressed in 1857 by Count Cavour, gave M. Bias, the contractor, a clear annual profit of 1,000,000f. The Duchess of Gordon has just presented two hundred copies of the Scriptures to two hundred Highland navvies. The Rev. Frederick William Faber, D.D., Superior of the London Oratory, died last week, after a long and painful illness. He was born in 1813, and was the nephew of the celebrated George Stanley Faber, author of works on prophecy. The telegraphic communication between Mes- sina and Calabria having been last year interrupted by the break- ing of the cable, a new one has been sank outside the straits, where it is considered safer, and has now been in operation since the 1st September. At the return match between the Liverpool and. foutbport and Rochdale Rifle Clubs, at the Rochdale Range, the Liverpool and Southport gentlemen beat their opponents by four, An accident, which might have been fatal, occurred at Birmingham last week, through a spirited pony taking fright at the noise of a street organ. It may be said, people should not drive such spirited ponies; but it may more reasonably be said, that organ grinding should be prevented, which at once annoys the cultivated human and the spirited equine animal. Mr. Peacock, who has been upwards of forty years a member of the London Court of Common Council, and twenty- six years deputy of the Ward of Fdrringdon, died last week at the advanced age of eighty-five. The late Mr. Cockerell has been interred in St. Paul's Cathedral, where the service was chorally rendered, the bulk of it being taken by the venerable dean. Though not one of the foremost architects of his day, Mr. Cockerell was a man who had well earned the honour that has been paid to his re- The Bishop of Chichester has addressed a letter to the two archdeacons of his diocese, the Rev. Dr. W. B. Otter, of Lewes, and the Rev, James Garbett, M.A., cf Chichester. in which he desires them to make known to the rural deans and clergy his wish that, at the earliest opportunity, they will, in an appropriate manner. humbly thank God for his Divine bounty in the late plentiful harvest. Mr. Boame, a v-estryman of St. Martin's-in-the- Fields, in consequence of a recent trial, moved "That the insurances over which the vestry have control be removed from the Sun Fire Insurance-office, and that the vestry do recommend the trustees of the parochial estates and the chu-chwardens to do the same." After some discussion the motion was carried by 12 to 4. An application was made, the other day, at the Worship-street Police-court, revealing the details of a new swihdle. A man calls at the house of a well-known amateur bird-fancier, and, in the absence of the husband, offers the lady of the house two rare and beautiful foreign birds, for which he receives in exchange other birds and cash. The foreign birds turn out to be English greenfinches, with handsome tails fixed on by means of sealing-wax. A Valuable Parish.—A return just issued shows that the single parish of St. Pancras was assessed last year to the property-tax under schedule A, the schedule for the annual value of land (including the houses built upon it, the railways, &c.). at £ 3,798,521. Tlxe negroes of Jamaica have recently made a pleasing acknowledgment of their indebtedness to Lord Brougham for his services in the cause of freedom. They have ,.t forwarded to his lordship an address in which they convey their deep gratitude. The Americans have never got so far in the baby show line as the Britons, and particularly as the Bristolians, who have proposed a grand baby show of twins the time stated is the end of next year, so that there has been ample notice for preparation. The mayor of Salford, Mr. W. Pearson, has received a requisition signed by every member of the Conncil, except by two gentlemen who retire this year, requesting him to allow himself to be nominated for the coming year, to which he has" consented. An inquest was held at the Town of Ramsgate Tavern, Wapping, on Monday, before Mr. Humphreys, coroner for MMdIesex, on the body of James Mead, waterman, who had been run down and drowned, whilst in a small boat, by the Plover, steam vessel, belonging to the Waterman's Steam Packet Company. The jury returned a verdict of "Accidental death." Mr. Alderman Humphery, who has represented the Ward of Aldgate in the Court of Aldermen for many years, died on Monday. Several gentlemen have already been feeling their way to succeed him but there is a general impression in the ward that Mr. Andrew Lusk, late sheriff, and one of the cOlQttlon councilmen of the warJ, is so well qualified, from his commercial and social position, that the chances of any "stranger would be exceedingly remote. Two prizes of -1-25 each have been placed in the hands of the council of the Society of Arts by Mr. J. Bailey Denton, to which is added tho society's medal, to be offered for the most approved designs for cottages, with three bedrooms in each, to be built singly or in pairs, at a coat not exceeding £100 each They are offered, one for competition among the members of the Architectural Association, and the other to be open to the United Kingdom. The court-martial on Colonel Crawley, will, it is beHeved, cost the country little less than £ 50,000. A Solemn mass is to be celebrated in the Church of Saint-Jacques, at Ghent, as an act of reparation for the blasphemy and impiety uttered in the sittings of the Congress of Social Science, which has just been held at Ghent. The consumption of French wines in this country, as appears from an article in the Constitutionnel, has in no degree realised the expc ctations encouraged at the time of the alteration of the duties. A wheat-thrashing contest has taken place recently at Illinois for a prize of one hundred dollars. The winning machine thrashed at the rate of upwards of two bushels per minute. A rich coal mine has been recently discovered at Quimper, near Brest. Some engineers have been sent down there by the Minister of Public Works to examine it. Another has been lound in the Ardennes, which a Valenciennes paper thinks wiQ prove superior to any of the Belgian coal mines. Mr. Barge, one of the officials of the county prison at Dorchester, has a hen goldfinch, and for the last two years he has daily opened the door of her cage, and the bird in the winter has regularly left her home in the morning and re- torted to it at night, but in the summer the bird stops away for a long time. This summer it was absent for thirteen weeks. La^t week Mr. Barge saw the gcldfineh near his house feeding a young one. The cage was shut at the time, but on its being opened the old bird and her young one flew in. The late Mr. Ellice is stated to have died intestate, leaving only a memorandum desiring that he might be buried at the least possible expense near the place where be mfght happen to die; and no invitations to attend the funeral were issued except to those immediately connected with the family. The Rev. nenrv Ward Beecher was in London during last week after his continental trip, and is now we are told, in Scotland, but will take part in a public meeting in Exeter-hall shortly. A company is being formed with a capital of zEI20,000 to purchase the business of the well-known London Tavern, in Threadneedle-street. Dr. Fairbairn, at a lecture lately given at Liverpool, said he had ascertained that the tensile strain of iron was five times that of the best English oak. He ascertained also that seven times t!ie pressure that would crash wood was required to emsh iron. The Secretary of the Sun' Fire-office writes to the London papers stating that during the last forty years, in which ihey have discharged not less than 50,000 claims, they have only had occasion to resist fifteen in a court of law, and in only four of these, including the late Croydon case, have they failed to establish the pleas which they have felt it their duty to place on the record. Messrs. Glass, Elliott, and Co., have received the contract to lay down the Atlantic Telegraph, and hope tof accomplish the feat next summer. At the meeting of the Commissioners of Sewers at the London Guildhall, under the presidency of Mr. Deputy De Jersey, Dr. Letheby, the medical officer, presented his report, from which it appeared that the markets and slaughter-houses had been duly inspected, and that the officers had condemned 1,0971b. of meat as unfit for human food. The price of lions at the present moment is £f10 a pair. This is the latest quotation at which a transaction was done of a pair sent from Clifton, born and bied on our soil therefore and real British liana. r" •• Mr John Webb, an old veteran, died in St. t Cross Hospital, near Winchester last week, at the age of nearly 100 years. He fought in the famous action with Count de Grasse, W^6n "Bold Rodney made the French to rue i The twelfth of April 'eighty two." £ The free Australian colonies threaten that s if transportation is resumed to Western AuStralia they will all ] pass laws for transporting their criminals to Great Britain. ( In speaking of the general aspect of the ( money market, the Economist says, The future is a bright one, and we are able to state on good authority that the Bank of France has, in a great degree, surmounted those difficulties which were a short time since the most discouraging part of our anticipations." Letters have lately been received from the Bishop of Orange river (Dr. Twells), announcing his safe arrival with his whole party at Cape Town, after an extremely good vovssre After the delay of a few days they intend to proceed by the Dane to Port Elizabeth on their way to their destination. Advices had reached them from Bloemfontein of a very satis- factory character for the prospects of the mission, and their arrival wa3 expected with mueh interest. The Rev. W. H. Charming, of Washington, delivered a lecture the other day, in the Manchester Corn Exchange, the purport of which may be gathered from its title A free united Republic." The lecturer predicted a speedy ter- mination of the American war, and the abolition of negro slavery. There was a large and enthusiastic audience. At Huddersfield, lust week, a man fell into a dye pan, which was full of boiling liquid. He died soon after being extricated. The Southampton papers record the death of Lieutenant Hast, R.N., for many years the commodore of the Royal West India Mail Company's fleet. The Boulogne passenger iron steam vessel, belonging to the General Steam Navigation Company, which was run down in the Thames last week by the Carron iron screw steamer, was named the Rhine, and not the Seine, as stated by mistake. She has been removed from the river bank, at East Greenwich, and towed to the factory of the Steam Navigation Company, at Deptford, to be completely repaired. A letter from Manilla says a small quantity of cigars were advertised by the Local Government for public sale Oil the 13th of July, but the sale was postponed sine die, in con- sequence of dispatches received in the meantime from the Spanish Government at Madrid, with orders to raise the price of cigars 20 per cent. Sarah Ann Lee, the young woman who was charged, on her own confession, with the murder of her ehild at Sheffield, in May, 1862, was again brought up at the police-court, Hull, and information having been obtained from Sheffield, .to the effect that there was no truth in her story, she was dis- charged from custody. The prisoner left the court with her sister. The extension of the system of blowing parcels of letters through pipes has commenced. In consequence of the uccess of the first experiment, Euston-square-station is to be oined to the General Post-office, and the Great Western will follow. The time between St. Martin's-le-Grand and the latter would be about three minutes. A dispatch from Memphis, published in the New York papers, says that a fearful riot has taken place in Mobile. A party of soldiers' wives, to the number of 600, paraded the city, with exciting mottoes on their banners, such as "Bread or Peace." The soldiers offered no opposition to the display but in some instances the citizens attempted to arrest "the progress of the procession. Intense excitement pre- vailed. The Warsaw Police Gazette publishes an ordinance. to the effect that in future every house from which a shot should be fired, or in which an attempt should be made on the life of a public officer, will be confiscated, and the inhabitants imprisoned and rendered responsible for the offence. Kochanski, a national gendarme, has been hung.



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