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THE COURT. THE QUEEN remained at Balmoral during the past week. Her Majesty is living in comparative seclusion at her Highland residence. At the latter end of the week the Prince and Princess of Prussia arrived at the castle, and were affectionately greeted by her Majesty. THE Prince and Princess of Wales arrived at Marl- borough-house on Saturday from Scotland. In passing through Edinburgh, their Royal Highnesses dined with the Lord Provost, at his residence in George- square. The preparations made by his lordship for the reception of his Royal guests were on a scale of great magnitude and magnificence. The nurseries at Inverleith-row were liberallv laid under contribution to supply choice evergreens, flowers, and hot-house plants for the embellishment of the various apart- ments. Painters and decorators took possession of the establishment, and lavished their ingenuity in novel and effective designs. Mirrors were employed without limitation to magnify and reproduce the splendours of the rooms, and illuminated stained-glass windows were introduced to heighten the effect of the decorations. The dining-room on the ground floor was most mag- nificently fitted up. One of the windows overlooking the meadows was taken out, and an arbour of beau- tiful plants was formed outside which stretched into a vista, the end of which seemed an immeasurable distance away. Long waving palm branches were in- geniously arranged so as to produce a most striking effect; rare tropical plants of the most luxurious foliage, intertwined with delicate-tinted flowers, were disposed in the most artistic fashion; mirrors were placed so as to reproduce the flowers and the plants, and magnify the vista till the eye lost itself in a dim maze of foliage, and the effects of the whole were heightened and magnified by a blaze of light. Towards the upper end of the room, a combina- tion of heather and flowers was wrought into an ingenious device, in the centre of which was placed a small fountain of clear water. Tke furnishings of the dinner table were of the most sumptuous and costly description, and the general arrangement of the room was most elegant. On the decorations of the drawing- room neither labour nor money was spared, and the effect was strikingly magnificent. Adjoining the drawing-room was a boudoir for the Princess, which was most tastefully designed. The roof was concealed by a white lace canopy of fine wavy outline, and the walls were covered with white muslin. The furnish- ings were extremely elegant, and the whole of the interior fittings realised the idea of a magnificent Oriental tent. ON Sunday morning the Prince and Princess of Wales attended Divine Service in the Chapel Royal, St. James's. The sermon was preached by the Rev. Mr. Garden, sub-dean. The anthem was, "Sing we merrily unto God"—Crotch. Captain Grey and the Hon. Mrs. W. Grey were in attendance on their Royal Highnesses. The Duke of Cambridge was also present at the service. CAPTAIN GREY has relieved Lieutenant-Colonel Keppel in his duties as the Equerry in Waiting to the Prince of Wales. PRINCE ALFRED will, it is expected, shortly take his departure from Balmoral, to take a course of instruc- tion in Edinburgh, where his Royal Highness will at- tend the lectures of celebrated professors. The Prince will reside in Holyrood Palace.




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