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THE DUKE OF NEWCASTLE AND HIR HEIRS. The birth of a son and heir to the Earl and Countess of Lincoln, and also heir presumptive to the dukedom was celebrated^ by rejoicings at Clumber-park 3 week, by a soiree given by the noble grandsire to all his employes in the neighbourhood, and their wives and children, within the park. About 250 partook of the repast, consisting of roast and boiled bpU I™ cakes, tea, and coffee. Lord Edward Clinton attended and was enthusiastically cheered on proposing "The Queen and on responding to the toast of the family. His lordship won the hearts of all present by his affable manners and admirable speeches. The company seoa- rated at nine o clock having greatly enjoyed their en- tertainment and with earnest wishes for the restora- tionto health of their noble and much beloved em- ployer. On Monday a deputation attended at Clum- ber to present an address recently adopted at meeting of the inhabitants at Worksop Tht rif i tio» waj headed by the Bev. J. The address, which was exquisitely illuminated on vellum in the style of the 15th century, and enclosed in a pollard oak casket, was strongly expressive of the sympathy of the inhabitants on amount of the lone nthe duke has been J- fiicted. It concluded asi follows: "Moved by senti- ments of the highest esteem of your Grace's ra fr character and of affectionate rogard for yoar soc ll and moral worth, we shall not cease to prav that if may please the Giver of all Good to restore yh to per- fect health, and that you may be permitted for many years to assist, by your great talents and matured judgment, m promoting the prosperity,of this neigh- bourhood and of the people at large in whose interests you have already sacrificed so much." Lord ? Clinton, in reply to the address, espied hfilt deeply grateful to them and the subscribers totWd- dress On the occasion of his father's return To Clumber nothing could exceed the earnest interest wS ,e.vldenCG(| by the whole population. He hoped the time would come (although at present it seemed hoping against hope) when his father would be able to give expressions to his feeling of gratitude and regard for this unusual display of kindness. It was not only most gratifying to him, but to every member of his family. His lordship then invited the deDiitaf-ion to a lunch, which was of a most rechercli6 chara^or and was presided over by his lordship. Before leaving Clumber Lord Edward presented each of the deputa- tion with a beautiful photograph of the noble duke

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