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POLITICAL GOSSIP. A SUM of two millions is about to be raised imme- diately for the Pope. Subscriptions are set on foot both in England and Ireland. T LORD CARLISLE has formally resigned the Lora- Lieutcnancy of Ireland, and Lord W odehollse has been appointed to fill. this important office. Lord W,ode- house has as yet made no arrangements with refe- rence to his household and staff. He will probably (says the Court Journal) retain all the late Vice- roy's entourage. The appointment; of Lord Wode- t. .11 VIA YMvnnlav. as Ladv Wodehouse is an Irish- woman bv birth, being the late Earl of Clare's eldest daughter. Lord Dafferin will (says the Observer) probably succeed Lord Wodehouse asUnder Secretary of State for India. Although no actual change ha« taken place, it is likely that Mr. Wood, who is attached to the suite of the Prince of Wales, will succeed Mr. Waldegrave Leslie, M.P., as Private Secretary to Sir George Grey. EARL RUSSELL is expected to visit Aberdeen in the second week in November, for the purpose of deliver- ing his inaugural address as rector of the University. The day fixed is the 11th of next month. MR. LAING has made a prophecy. It is to come off shortly." and is quite equal to anything of Dr. Cummmg's. He prophesies universal bankruptcy in Europe if they do not disarm, as the extra expense dnrinff the last ten vears in Europe and America has b^en nearly 000,000,000. LORD PALMEBSTON, in a letter to Lord Eitzhardin ge, declining an invitation to Berkeley Castle, says that had he been able to attend the opening of the Clifton Sncrontimi Bridge, he should have been most happy Ktzhardmge'a kindhcpiSlf. ties. THE Home Office has instituted inquiries as to the quantity of gunpowder in store m the several pities where it is kept to any large amount. It is remark- able that there is a provision respecting the quantity kept where the manufacture is conducted. There is also a limitation of the amount kept on hand by the licensed retailers of the article. There are also strin- gent regulations for the protection of the Government stores by sea and land. But it is m the large ware- houses of the manufacturers and wholesale dealers that the greatest quantities are to be found and it is to these that the new legislation on the subject will be specially directed. OF election intelligence we notice that Colonel Luke White, Lord Ananley's eldest son, proposes to offer himself for re-election for Kidderminster, the borough he now represents. Colonel White is the Irish Lord of the Treasury. Lord Otho Fitzgerald, third son of the Duke of Leinster, will succeed the Right Hon. Richard Moore O'Ferrall in the repre- sentation of the county Kildare. The right hon. member proposes retiring into private life at the ex- piration of this Parliament. And Captain the Mon. Charles White, of the Guards, second son of Baron (late Colonel Henry) White, will be the Liberal can- didate for the county of Dublin, in opposition to Colonel Taylour, the present popular Conservative member. The contest will be a severe one. Both sides have already commenced operations. THE Lord Chancellor and the commissioners ap- pointed by her Majesty havei formally^ prorogued the Imperial Parliament until Friday, the 11th of Novem- ber. There seems to be misapprehension in the public mind, and erroneous statements have appeared. in reference to the duration of the present parliament. It was "begun and holden on the 21st of May, 1859," and will not legally expire until the close of next year. The last was the sixth session, and, as parliament is septennial, "seven," cannot be holden. According to the usual practice, the dissolution will take place next spring, and the new parliament assemble in November following for a short time, and then adjourn to February or March for the transaction of general business. THE Conservatives claim a gain of_ five as the resuit of the revision of the list of voters in Wigan; but at Kidderminster the Parliamentary revision of voters has caused more interest among both political parties than any similar event since this borough has returned members to Parliament. Numerous objections were taken both by Liberals and Conservatives, and their investigation extended over seven days. Ine Liberals were represented by Mr. Rogers of Reading, assisted by Messrs. W. Talbot, W. H. Talbot, Corbet, and Hoi- loway; the Conservatives by Mr. Garold of Hereford, and Messrs. Crowther and Friend. The Liberal party sustained M of their objections, and made 7 new claims, all of which were admitted. The Conservatives sustained6 objections, and made 6 new claims, sus- taining the result giving a total majority to the Libera1*^ arty of 32. TH 7>erman journals, according to the biecle, are at th^yresent moment exercising their imagination in forming plans for the remodelling of the map of Europe. The following ingenious project for the foundation of German unity may be taken as a sample :—The King of Prussia would take the title of Emperor of Northern Germany, and Francis Joseph that of Emperor of Southern Germany. The former empire would especially include the Protestant por- tion of the country, comprising the present territory of Prussia, as well as the kingdoms of Saxony and Hanover, the duchies of Sohleswig, Holstein, Mecklen- burg Oldenburg, Brunswick, Nassau, Saxe-Coburg and'Saxe-Weimar, with the Electorate of Hesse. The second empire would embrace Catholic Germany, and consist of Austria Proper, Bahemia, the king- doms of Bavaria and Wurtemburg, and the duchies of Baden and Hesse-Darmstadt. The two emperors would each reside temporarily at Frankxort, and a single parliament, representing the whole of Germany, would be held in that city. If the male line of one of the emperors should become extinct, the chief of the other imperial house would become Emperor of the whole of Germany. It is of course understood that the consent of France to this project is to be obtained by the cession of the territory on the left bank of the Rhine; that of Italy by the cession of Veuetia; and that of Russia by the transfer of the Polish provinces which belong to Austria and Prussia. This plan is called in Germany Count do Bismarck's idea.




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