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EPITOME OF NEWS. --1-- It appears that in the year ending March last, the revenue from penny stamps was £519,2885s. 3d., and the net produce, £ 560,259 18s. 6d. Mr. J. S. Mill, M.P., has been made a Doctor Of Philesophy by the University of Vienna, on the occasion Of its celebrating rtsSQftth anniversary. Collectors of "sensation" relics have actually clipped away portions of the door-steps of Dr. Pritcnara s residence. A Yankee, in the indefinite region known as "oat West," has been serving whiskey to his customers in. an old gun-barrel, instead of a glass. His wholesale licence otd/afflows him to sell by the barrel." Constance Kent still remains in the Wilts County Prison, at 'Fisherton, Salisbury, no communication having been received of her ultimate fate. Her demeanour is still calm and collected, and it is not true that she has signified any intention of making a further confession. We hear that the Rev. Arthur Wagner has been, and still is, supporting out of his own purse the families of the men who were sent to prison for their brutal attack on him in the streets of Brighton. A forthcoming journey of Garibaldi to Rheinfelden, in Switzerland, having been announced in the French press, the General, in a letter to Karl Blind, has Contradicted the news as being devoid of foundation. The second railway compensation case respecting St. John's-wood Railway has been heard at the SheriffV Court, Red Lion-square, "Thomas v. The Metro- politan and Notting-hill Hallway. The claimant is a cow- ieeper at St. John's-wood, and claimed u large sum. After along inquiry the amount awarded was £ 1,500. The "limited liability" fever seems to be ex- tending to the West-end clubs. The United Arts Club, in Hanover-square, takes the initiative, and some other older establishments; also proprietary clubs are, it is said, about to follow the example. The totals of Duties paid during the year ending on the '31st of March last, in the undermentioned categories, were asfoUowsOn spirits, £ 10,610,066 13s. 10d., Of which £ 463,335 9s. '6f d. was expended in the collecting; on railways, £ 439,000 15s. 3d. on patent medicines, £ 55,333 Qs. 4jd; and on xacehorses, 17,746 4s. The death of Mr. William Whitham, of Huddersfield, inventor of several improvements in steam and hydraulic engines, especially in the latter as,applied to dining purposes, is recorded. On Saturday night, the Scarborough express train ran into an engine, which was on the wrong line, at Malton. The engine was smashed, but the passengers escaped, and were sent on, the up-line being clear. The General Credit and Finance Company have notified that on the 15th instant, a payment of 2s. per share, free of income-tax, will be made on account oi dividend for the current year, being at the rate of 5 per cent, per annum for the six months. The traffic receipts of railways in the United Kingdom amounted for the past week on 12,079 miles, to £ 753,782; and for the corresponding week of last year, 11.660 miles, to 2721,432, showing an increase of 419 miles, and of £32,350. A telegraphic dispatch from Florence state that an extremely full municipal council have confirmed, by a unanimous vote, the concession for the enlargement of Florence as recommended in the report of the former Minister, Peruzzi, and embodied in the contract of the Ganfaloniere with Messrs. A1 fieri, Carmichael, Cresswell, and Breda. On Saturday the whole of the shipwrights, numbering nearly 200 man, employed in the yards which line the banks of the river Wear, near Sunderiand, turned out on strike." The strike is promoted by the Ship- wrights' Union, and the question in dispute is one of time. The operatives of Preston are still strongly in favour of emigration. A party of eight left the town last week for America, and. in a few days they will be followed by more. Amongst the bulk of thosa remaining there is a complaint of irregular work, poor wages, and uncertain prospects. The Advertiser has reason to believe that the alleged large concessions which were said to have been offered by Austria to Prussia, in the question of the Duchies, have no foundation in fact. A notice appears in the Dublin Gazette to the affect that his Exoellenoy the Lord Lieutenant has offered a reward of £100 to any person who shall within six; months give such information as shall lead to the arrest of the per- petrators of the murder of Thomas Devlin, bailiff, county Meath. The Lord Bishop of Manchester has just consecrated a beautiful new church at the village of Weaste, near Eccles. The building is from the designs of Mr. Geo. Gilbert Scott, R.A., and will cost about £ 11,000. Lady Theresa Lewis, widow of Sir Cornewall -Lewis, has returned to Kent-house from a visit to Here- ford and into Radnorshire for the purpose of seeing the testimonials placed in those localities to the memory of her distinguished husband. Her ladyship expressed herselt well ^satisfied and greatly gratified at these marks of respect to his memory. On Saturday Colonel M'Murdo reviewed o,OOU Cheshire volunteers,-ain& am administrative battalion from- Kinishire, on the Roodee, at Chester. In addition to the ordinary evolutions, the troops engaged in a sham fight, in the course of which t'hevolunteersngineersthrew a. pontoon btidge across the River Dee. Crinoline has claimed another victim, but not in the ordinary way. A young wt^an nam goh/ Scott, about 25 years -of age, residing^ ^eek-street,^Soho, London, was going downstairs to the kitchen, when her foot caught in hear crinoline, and she was precipitated from the top to the bottom of the ;stair, headforemost. Sheiell on tier head and broke her neck. Death w«.s, ot course, instantaneous. t „ On Sunday evening the Benedictine mission in London was closed with complme and ^y the snnerior who preached from the words, The darkness is passed, and the true light now shmeth. At of the service, Mr. Lyne announced that the building of the monastery at Norwich was stopped for want of funds. A diplomatic cortespondence haa been going on for the last,nine months between Austria and Prussia for 37 francs. The cause was that a Prussian soldier hau been taken ill and treated at an Austrian hospital, the ex- penses in his case being 37 francs. Last .year the dutycm ^air.P0W^3^M £ 1,027 12s. 7d and on armorial hearings to £ 61,560 19s. 6d. Diarine the past week twenty-seven wrecks have heen reported, taking a total for the present year of 1.266. T)r Livingstone, the celebrated African _explorer, is now a guest of ColoAel Webb, High Sheriff of Notting- hamshire, at Newstead Abbey. The Bath papers have made the most out of the nawine visit of Prince Napoleon t.o the town, even to the Emgth of telling us at whose shop the Prince purchased a travelling cap! Annordme to a Parliamentary blue-book just -issued, the Iconscience money paid into the Exchequer in the year ending March last amounted to £7,184. mu« Americans have been hunting1 up tho JElie Sherman, and find that he is a descen- genealogy of the Cromwell type, who emigrated to Ameri-er, in the troublesome times of Charles 1. A local contemporary says that:-At the exa- Dlination of one of the public seminaries in a burgh not fro)n'E-dinburgb, which came off last week, the son of Dr. -n years Of Pritchard. 9, lad elbout elevi, age, was called upon to recite before a public assembly the piece entitled "The Orphan Boy." This was cruel, if true. a f a ttiielite monk," says La Frwnce, writes ,f ^°ffiT^Tfhe has planted in the Tower of Babel, the ^of whfclfstinl>S a statue of Notre-dame des.Vio- iotos blessed by Pius IX. There was on the occasion a grand øeremony, attended by many Mussulmans." At a recent Lrauk, one fetchedr £ 29 another £ 33; a third,D £ 3810s.; and the fourth, Total £ 122 10s. One egg of the casarca or ruddy ir- i^ vL fofched £ 1 16s., which is rather remarkable, as lMn^scecimens of the bird are, comparatively speaking, m all ornithological collections. -„af income returned m New York tor a vear, but this was only for one year, the 1864 was e being apparently that of Mr. Astor, largest Steady ineo year. Some of this enormous Sg/plots of iand?nolycovered with streets and squares. A Pritchard case has tarne upgad of his own wife MId the Rusbandof a lady whom he wished to marry. ourae,of a trial in the Civil Court at :En the c Lancaster last week, involving a right of fishery in Coniston water, a curi0us document was tendered in evidence. It -cedigree, with the names and dates of his an Ja^« tracfd to the originalLe Fleming, who came over mvio Oneen of the Sandwich Islands at- + service at Christ Church, Clapham, on the tended Dm Hoapili, her chaplain, preaching m occasion of theThe church' £ ag densely eroded Bed cloth was laid down from the door at which cr.waea. to the pew m the central aisle which Queen Emma her The Eev. Bradley Abbott, incum- *"aa resCTveci service which was a choral one, carried cSonies used by the High Church Th?Bev. W. HoapiH took his text from Bom. vii. 24 A liberal collection was made. tt.i..jiti "RvftdslhA.w« a warehouseman, wbs Edward B^Liverpool magistrates, with having tS Ze tf Thomas Woods, as surety for a^man Newsham, jvh° had given the name to the excise officers; but afterwards Woods declined to be surety. Newsham, however, took Bradshaw to the office, and got him to represent himself as Woods, and sign the latter s name. The facts were admitted, and the prisoner was re. manded. The Corriere Siciliano of Palermo states that four prisoners who had a few days ago been delivered up to the turnkey of the prison of Vicari in order there to undergo the sentences to which they had been condemned, effected their escape that very night after strangling the turnkey. The most dangerous of these ruffians has since been re- captured the other three are still at large. Lieut.-Colonel Childs, R.A., under orders from the commandant at Woolwich, made the annual inspection of this corps on Saturday last at Wellington Barracks. The appearance of the men and their drills with heavy guns in battalion movements and the manual and platoon carbine exercises were very-good, and the inspecting officer expressed himself as well satisfied in every respect. The directors of the South Western Railway Company have resolved to recommend to the proprietors at the half-yearly general meeting on the 17th inst., that the dividend for the half-year ending 30th June, 1865, should be at the rate of 4J per cent, per annum on the ordinary capital stock of the company, being the same rate as was declared for the half-year ending.SOth June, 1864. The Winchester and Alton Railway is to be opened for traffic on the 1st of September. Some of the German journals state that petroleum has been discovered in Hanover, and that capital is being subscribed in England to work the wells. A New York paper says that a Mr. Talbot is producing a. "sensation" in Virginia city. by shooting apples off the head of Captain Clarkson. with a pistol, at a distance of 30 feet. A respectable man, about 45 years of age, was run over and killed in Molyneux-street, Marylebone, on Monday. From documents found on his person his name is believed to be Joseph Adams. The body was taken to Marylebone Workhouse. South Shields is be constituted a. separate port from North Shields. An official communication has been received by the authorities, intimating that it had been determined to grant an independent Custom House, and giving instructions for the necessary steps to be taken in regard to the boundaries of the new port. œ;