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EPITOME OF NEWS. -+-- Another duel among Wurzburg students has bad a fatal termination. A candidate of medicine, who had Just passed his anal examination, was shot dead by a young' Jurist. The employers of labour in the iron and coal ^stricts of South Wales are alarmed at the dimensions ^aieh have been reached by the emigration of labourers to f-i&erica, and of which a scarcity of labour is almost certain .0 be the result. Information has been received by the police •hat some miscreant had made an attempt to upset the wains on the Great "Western Railway by breaking one of the Pitches on the junction line crossing Old Oak-common, Shepherd's-bush, and placing' obstructions across the A reward of £ 50 is offered for the discovery of the Perpetrators. The valley of Brohl, one of the most charming Realities on the Bhine, was last week ravaged by a terrible storm. A waterspout burst over Niederbreisig, at one of extremities, and instantly converted all the water-courses torrents, which swept everything before them, crops, lTeea, cattle, and houses. The inhabitants having been left ^e3titute by this visitation, a public subscription has been °Pened for them, until Government can adopt measures of -elief. The death of Sir "William Johnston ia an- jounced. He was the eighth baronet, and a worthy rspre- 9eUtative of a very ancient family. v A grand temperance gala, organised by the Macaater and Slorecambe total abstinence societies, was at Morecambe, the othor day. Special trains raa from jj* Parts of Yorkshire, Lancashire, Cumberland, and West- Ireland, bringing upwards of 10,000 visitors. In an action for breach of contract at Leeds, in Jhich a verdict was given for the plaintiff, it was found that »oe agreement between the parties was unstamped. T-Iie Penalty of £10 Is. was demanded by the court, and was of ?°orse paid before the document could be received' in evi- nce. As his lordship remarked, to save a penny stamp, 'ae plaintiff had to pay a fine of £ 10 Is. Sunday wag the twenty-first anniversary of the Jjhrthday of his Royal Highness Prince Alfred Ernest Albert, "Windsor, the bells of St. George's Chapel and St, Jehu's j-'fturch rang merrily in the morning in honour of the Prince attaining his majority, though the usual Royal salutes were deferred, as is customary on the occasion of a Royal birthday on a Sunday, till Monday. In London the usual de- monstrations of flags from the Admiralty, St. Martin's ^tturch, &c.. were made, as is customary on a Royal birth- day. K During the past week the -visitors to the South ^eusington Museum have been as followsOn Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday, free days, open from ten a.m. to, 10,572; on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, days (admission to the public, 6d.), open from ten r-Oi- till six p.m., 1,676. Total, 12,248: from the opening of 'ae Museum, 5,454,835. A party of excursionists visited the Scotch «-Ul of Morven, on Tuesday, the 1st instant, and during ijteir stay on the top—about half an hour—snow fell heavily, weather at the time being bitterly cold, with a strong Northerly wind The usual tabular statement, showing the Position of the Wesleyan Methodist body, was read on at the annual conference, at Birmingham. The l°tal number of members is 330,827, of whom nineteen are °? probation. There is a decrease of 2,832 at the mission stations. An inquest was recently held at East Co was. Isle ?! Wight, on the body of a boy, aged twelve years, named Urry, who had, contrary to the strict injunctions of his Merits, gone to amuse himself with others in a dangerous Jfcrfc'of the river Medina. He got out of his depth, and **8 in the water half an hour before the body was -re- vered. Dr. Jeans was called in, but could not restore ^huution. The jury returned a verdict of Accidentally downed." The population of the United Kingdom is esti- ^ated at the General Register Office at 29,773,234 in the ^ddle of the year 1865. Seven years have now elapsed since the capture Lucknow. The second distribution of prize money is bounced to take place on the 21st of this month. T We are happy to hear that the daughter of ■^dy Wiltshire, who met with so serious an. accident a since, is progressing towards recovery. The report of a serious illness of M. Lamar- says La Presse, has been circulated by some of the ^mais. We are requested to declare the rumour to be Without foundation. jJThe visit of ITubar Pasha, the Egyptian roister, to Paris, is understood to be for the purpose of a loan of £ 3,000,000 on the private property of Viceroy. (.^he British duty last year on servants was T~U.487 3S. 4d., and on carriages £ 358,976 10s. 7d. The duty State carriages last year amounted to £ 129,236 14s. 5Jd. The temperance fete held at Broadlands, the of Lord Palmerston, on the Queen's coronation day, ^aJised a net profit of £ 53. This money is to be spent in Wrocating temperance principles in the neighbourhood of %)adlands. A gentleman of Lincoln's-inn, Mr. Fraser-Mac- Itteea, Q.C., is about to visit the Continent, to inquire into report upon the practice as bu m»macBS in France, ^°igium, and Germany. The Manchester volunteers were reviewed on the racecourse on Saturday, but the weather was most un- |ayourable, and sadly marred-what was expected to be a "rilliant spectacle. Lady Walter Scott gave birth to a daughter on Saturday, at the Duke of Buccleuch's residence in Belgrave- Square. Her ladyship and infant are going on favourably. By a recent Act of Parliament the office of Reorder of Falmouth is abolished, and the Borough Court ls to be discontinued. All the prisoners are to be removed to Cornwall County Prison. The recorder is to receive his Salary for life, or until the receipt of another appointment, "he Act is to take effect on the 1st of Janu&ry. The Empress Charlotte of Mexico is ex- pected in Europe, the reason assigned for her visit being serious state of health of her father, King Leopold. From a recently issued public document, it ap- pears that the declared value of beer and ale exported in the Srst'six,months of the present year,was £ 1,210,156, being a great increase on the corresponding period of the preceding Year, when the value was £ 940,247. The trial of the Russian who attempted to assassi- nate M de Balsch at the Russian Embassy will come before "ke assize court during the third week of this month, A telegram received at the Foreign-office in Lon- don, gives us the welcome information that the export duty On Belgian rags will cease on the 1st of January, 1868, Wist Russia has reduced the duty on rags from the Polish frontier to thirty copecks. The sweeping of the streets of Paris has under- gone an entirely new arrangement. The whole cost will be ?bout £180000 a year. We hope the public will gain. Much -s wanted in the sweetening process in Paris. The Anglo-French Working Men's Exhi- bition at the Crystal Palace was formally opened last week by Mr. Herbert Maudslay. The proceedings were of a very Unpretentious character. A party of upwards of 300 school-children of both Saxes from Kensington were conducted through the State Apartments of Windsor Castle at one time. These juveniles were afterwards regaled with a substantial dinner under a COtnmodious tent in the Bachelor's Acre. A Mexican Bishop has arrived in Paris to con- sult an eminent oculist. He gives a very gloomy account 9* Maximilian's prospects; but we must expect that a Mexican Bishop, and above all, a sore-eyed on, would look On the dark side of everything that he has seen in the Emperor. Thechildren of St. Philip's Schools, above 8 years Of age, including those Sunday-school children who were aole to attend, spent Friday at Chiselhurst-common, going and returning in vans. The number of children was about 1,000. The districts of St. Philip's being very poor, the Schawls are mainly supported by benevolent persons who are IlncOSlected with them locally. A midnight meeting was recently held at knight abridge, when the unfortunate women of the neigh- bourhood were invited to meet some of the friends of this Movement. A good number responded to the appeax, of >? five were taken to a place of refuge tne same night. Others have applied since at the office and have been placed tn homes. Mr. J. E. Redmond, late M.P. for Wexford, ^Ud^the unsuccessful candidate at the late election, died Suddenly last week. At the Sheriffs' Court, Red Lion-square, in a railway compensation case, only "four" out of twenty- four special jurors attended, and a talcs was prayed. The answer was that the special jurymen were out of town. From a recently issued Parliamentary Volume, it appears that the expenditure of the public money 1n interest and management of the public debt, was in the year ending the 31st March last, £ 23,619,524 Is. lid; The funeral of the Dowager Countess of Shaftes- bury took place on Saturday at St. Giles's, Dorset. The Earl of Shaftesbury and other sons of the deceased countess attended the funeral, which was of a stiictly private character. The emigration from the port of Cork alone of sons whose destination is the United States has been scertained to be at present fully 1,000 per week. The veragt! number of transatlantic steamers calling at Queens- '•Owii for passengers is eight in a fortnight.. Viscountess Amberley has been safely delivered of a son and heir at Alderley-park. Both her ladyship and the infant are reported to be doing well. It appears from an official document that the excise duties on licences, including licences to kill and deal in game, amounted, in the year ending the 31st March last, to £ 2,150,809 18s. 8ld. The directors of Reuter's Telegram Company give notice of an issue of £ 35,000 in debentures for two and four years, at the following rates of nterest-two years at 5| per cent. per annum, and four years at 6 per cent. per annum. They are to range in sum3 of £20, £ 50, and £100, with interest coupons attached, payable in September and March. We have to record the death of Mr. John Donaldson, advocate, professor of the theory of music n j the University of Edinburgh. Accounts from every part of the country show that the alarm which the cattle plague is creating amongst the farmers, is spreading on all sides. The meetings which are taking place are too numerous even for recapitulation. Sir Benjamin Heywood, Bart., of Claremont, near Manchester, whose death has just been recorded, was in his seventy-third year. He belonged to an old Lanca- shire family, and was the well-known banker of Manchester. The marriage of Lady Louisa Cavendish, daughter of the Duke of Devonshire, with Captain the Hon. Francis Egerton, son of the first Earl of Ellesmere, will take place about the middle of next month. Telegrams from Dundee state that a severe gale was experienced along that coast on Saturday night, in which the schooner Novar, 93 tons, of Dundee, Sharpe master, foundered off Elbow End, near the mouth of the Tay. The crew, consisting of five men, are believed to be lost. Instead of the rebellion of the Taepings hav- ing been crushed, it appears to be growing more formidable than ever. In North China the rebels have become so threatening that the Imperial authorities of Pekin have ap- plied for the assistance of British military officers. William Fradeley, aged four years, son of John Fradeley, a boatman, residing at Stone, near Birmingham, and who was in charge of a boat located at Camp-hill Wharf, was playing with some other boys on the canal side, when he accidentally fell into the water. The father got him out as soon as possible, but he was quite dead. The late Mr. Thornton, the London millionaire, would not put any of his millions in joint-stock undertakings. He had made it all by running blockades in the old wars, and it is said that the only gambling he ever indulged in was to bet every new-married couple he could catch hold of £10,000 to, £10 that they woulol not be parents of twins the first year. He had thousands of bets, it is said, of this kind, and made money of his venture. The death of the Dowager Countess of Shaftesbury has thrown several noble families into mourning. Her Lady- ship was famed for her beauty, which descended to her two daughters, Lady Harriet Corry, and Lady Charlotte Lyster. For many years no ball-room was complete without the above ladies, who were the "observed of all observers." For many years Lady Shaftesbury lived in seclusion at Thomson's Villa, Richmond, the spot in which that poet wrote the Seasons," and was in her 91st year when she died. The trial of Mr. Robert Waters, Lord Shaftesbury's late steward, has been postponed till the October session of the Central Criminal Court. The applicatien for postponement was made by defendant's counsel. The people of Barcelona appear to be wild with affright at the approach of cho1p.r!1., and are leaving their town in large numbers. In Constantinople the disease is reported to be on the increase.





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