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EPITOME OF NEWS. The Earl of Derby will be entertained by the Mayor of Liverpool at the Town-hall in that city on the 25 th last. Tom SCiner, the ex-Champion of the Prize-ring, has been fined C2 by the Beverley magistrates for ill-treat- ing a horse. The Act to amend the law relating to the duties on sugar, and the drawbacks thereon has now come into effect. The new duty on the importation of cane juice is now 8s. 2d. the cwt. Instead of a drawback on refined sugar of 12s. 10d. the cwt. allowed on exportation, the sum is now 12s. 4d. On Saturday morning a bricklayer, named Mason, employed at the mill of Messrs. Napier and Co., Preston, was engaged with other workmen in pulling down an old warehouse, when the foundation gave way, and one of the walls fell suddenly and buried him in the ruins. When got out shortly afterwards he was dead. An extensive bed of pure white marble, sus- ceptible of a lustrous polish, and said to be sufficient in quantity to supply the whole Mississippi valley, has been discovered in Sauk county, Wisconsin, United States. A congress, but such a one that will iiiot cause an alteration in the map of Europe, will shortly take place at Erfurt, the German gardeners being about to assemble under the patronage of St. Pomona. On Saturday a. blue book was published, from which it appears that the funds of savings banks and friendly societies amounts to £ 93,878,129. It is said that Hamburg sherry, which costs Sd. per bottle, is sold by hotel and refreshment keepers in London at 5s. per bottle. Mrs. Richard Burton sailed on Saturday, the 9th, in the mail steamer Oneida (Captain Woolcott), from Southampton, to join her husband, Captain Burton, the Eastern traveller, in the Brazils. Sir Morton Peto lately paid < £ 30,000 for some Jietroleum wells in America. It is said he would not now take £500,000 for them. It has been calculated that the number of separate estates in England at the present time is not more than one-third of the number existing a hundred years ago. We regret to have to report that a general lock-out of mill operatives is now prevailing in Chorley, re- sulting from a demand on the part of the operatives for an advance upon the present rate of wages paid to the strippers and grinders. At a meeting held on Friday at the Eagle Inn, the operatives resolved to ask for an advance of 3s. per week, or otherwise the rate of wages paid to the above class according to the standard list of Bolton. A meeting to denounce Sunday trains was held in Edinburgh last week, which was presided over by a baronet who regularly every Sunday drives into town from his seat, some five or six miles distant, in a carriage and pair, with coachman and footman, to attend church. The Dumfries, from Havre, the other day, brought to Southampton 1,115 baskets of grapes, which were immediately forwarded to London. Describing a. short visit to France, the Dean of Canterbury says-H At the little inn at Pontigny we had our first experience of the escargots,' or large yellow snails, which form a favourite article of diet through a consider- able part of France. We pronounced them not unpalatable, but certainly should not care to taste them again." A scene occurred, says the Alexandria Gazette (American paper), in a barber's shop at Washington, a day or two ago, between General Rosseau, member of Congress elect from Kentucky, and the barber, in which pistols were produced by both parties, but the interposition of others prevented their use. A letter from Tunis of the 7th ult., says:- cc Tne Bey is indefatigable in his duties. He judges causes every Saturday and Monday. On Saturday last he decided in three hours no less than 155 cases, which at one time it would have taken years to settle. What would West- minster say to that ?" A few nights back the bathing cabinet, re- cently constructed and furnished by the Empress Eugenie at Biarritz was completely devastated. Mirrors, hangings, furniture, everything was broken or torn. An investiga- tion has been set on foot to discover the malefactors. We have to record, says a local contemporary, the death, at West Horsley, near Guildford, of Mrs. Hannah Gander, who had attained the great age of ninety-six years, having been born in January, 1770-the year after those great militacryheroes, Wellington, Napeleon and Soult, first saw the light. She was much respected by a large circle of friends. The following order was issued from the Horse Guards on the 6th of August, 1860, and has recently been reprinted:—"By the regulation of the service a soldier is required to keep his cap on in the presence of a superior, but, as the contrary usage prevails in civil life, the General Commanding in Chief directs that, in a civil court, and be- fore a magistrate, a soldier not under arms shall remove his cap.—By command, JAMES YORKE SCAIILETT, Adjutant- General." A Dorchester butcher, named John Sansom, was, on Saturday evening, fined 25 by the local magistrates for having putrid pork in his possession. He had bought the carcase of a diseased pig from a local butcher for 10s., and was in the act of rendering it into lard—which accord- ing to the wife's statement, Smsom's mother sells in the villages around the town-when the police entered the premises. At that time the stench from the pot of putrid matter was sickening. Madame de Kossuth, wife of the ex-Dictator of Hungary, has just died at Turin. Her maiden name was Meszlenyi de Meszlon. Her body has been transported according to her desire, to Genoa, to be deposited in the cemetery of Engish Protestants at San-Bendigo, near the body of her only daughter, who died three years ago. Madame de Kossuth was in her fifty-fifth year. Mr. John King Watts, a solioitor, was com- mitted for trial on Thursday by the Huntingdon magis- trates on a charge of fraudulently inducing Mrs. Harris, a client of his, to execute a mortgage on one of her estates, with. intent to deal with the mortgage as a valuable se- curity. Bail to the amount of £1,200 was demanded, but was not given. The story that Captain Robert Lincoln, son of the late President Lincoln, had gone to Paris to study the law is quite untrue. He is not, has not been, and is not ex- pected to be in Paris. He is studying for the bar at Chi- cago. Has there been any spurious yaung Lincoln at wort ? We suspect so. The IndSpendant of Constantina (Algeria) gives a long list of the forests which have been ravaged by fires in that province, nearly all of them forming part of concessions made to the French. It is stated that a marriage is approaching which will cause great interest in the fashionable and political world. It is that of the Lord President of the Council, Earl Granville, to Miss Castalia Campbell, sister of Mr. Walter Campbell of Islay, of Lady Mackenzie of Gairoch, and of Mrs. Davenport-Bromley. Master Oliver John Garret, a youth aged fifteen, eldest son of the Rev. John Garrett, rector of Christ Church, Manchester, won the first prize in two swimming races at the annual regatta held at Rhyl. The races were for 50 yards and 300 yards respectively, and the youth had to compete with men who had won prizes for swimming on previous occasions. Mr. Glutton, who was chosen as arbitrator in the compensation to be paid by the Metropolitan Railway Com- pany for the chapel of the Rev. Mr. Binney, Fish-street-hill, has Ordered that the company shall pay as compensation: For the chapel and schools, £10,000; for the freehold site, £ 28,000; besides a life annuity of zC500 as compensation to Mr. Binney. The deliveries of tea in London during the past week^were 1,132,8971b., which is an increase of 1,6071b. compared with the previous statement. Dr. Lankester, the coroner for Central Middle- sex, recently held an inquest at the Royal Free Hospital, Gray's-inn-road, respecting the death of John Patrick Bour- hilly, who was knocked down and killed by a train whilst at work in the tunnel of the Metropolitan Railway. After evidence had been given, the coroner remarking that the accident was the first of the kind which had happened on the line, a verdict of Accidental Death was returned. The Ladies' Medical College open a second session of medical study at three o'clock on October 2, at the Hanover-square Rooms, with an address by Dr. Ed- munds. This colle? e has been commenced at Fitzroy- square by the Female Medical Society, in order to promote the proper education of superior women for midwifery, and it already numbers some twenty lady students. There are probably few who will not be ready to help this movement, and to wish it God speed. The number of visitors at the South Kensing- ton Museum during the past week was as follows :-On Monday, Tuesday, and. Saturday, free days, open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., 11,981; on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, students' days, admission to the public, 6d., open from 10 a.m. till 6 p.m., 1.142-total, 13,123. From the opening of the museum, 5 534,190. At the Croydon Petty Sessions, a young man, named M'Intosh was tried for attempting to kiss a young lady named Sutton whilst passing under a tunnel on her way home in a South-Eastern Railway carriage. He was handed over to the police at the Croydon Station, and Miss Sutton was advised, as well as anxious for the protection of other ladies, to prosecute. The defendant through his so- licitor expressed great sorrow, and was fined in the amount of £5, and 13s. costs. The following is the latest bulletin of the cholera f m Marseilles:—On August 31st, 64 deaths; 35 from < ,iolera. On September 1, 44 deaths; 23 from cholera.. A conflagration which broke out at Quebec on the night of the 17th ult., and raged till the forenoon of the following day, destroyed almost the entire suburb of St. Eoch. Colonel Plunkett Burton, late of the Cold- stream Guards, died at his residence in Grosvenor-square on Sunday last, from rheumatism, which was first caused by Aposure while serving with his regiment in the Crimea. The deceased was the only son of Admiral Ryder Burton, K.H., and the Hon. Mrs. Burton, youngest daughter of the 13th Lord Dunsany. He leaves a widow and one child. I By an Act of the 27th George III., phea- sants are killed between the 10th of June andlst September, in Ireland; and, by a recent Act, they are not to be killed between the 1st February and the 1st of October. The suit of the Great Western Railroad of Canada against the Commercial Bank of Canada, involving £ 200,000, has been decided against the bank. An explosion @f fire-damp took place at Kirk- wood Colliery, near Coattridge, a few'days ago. There were thirteen men in the pit, one of whom was killed and several severely injured. The oxen that remain of those landed, last week from the Maas steamer, from Rotterdam, continue in a healthy state. The whole will be slaughtered and the meat sent to market before the expiration of the term of quaran- tine ordered.




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