Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

13 erthygl ar y dudalen hon




Rhestrau Manwl, Canlyniadau a Chanllawiau

'J THE PRIZES WON AT WIMBLVWM. 8 The first prize competed for at ath| Prinee of Wales's Prise, -2100 in pla °r f^y» and I ^100 added by the association in .ef?h> only open to winners of silver ^mbl6dra .a 10* y medals, and won since last, T, „]m „ r n St^*geY Challenge. Vase, firat a 45 points.^ ^The$}peted for> 7 ehota%t 500 yards, At its close Lieutenant Chap- e PPen *° North Yorkshire, stood first, with a man, or the 1/ 1 a sc°r,e ° £ .;2^r of the St. George's Challenge Yase was ,t I- ,0 Sapraan, 12th North Yorkshire, who also wins o flirt iev7ei anel cross of St. George, and six dragon Sreigns, with 25 points. Second prize of £ 5 and AVer jewel, Private R. Ford, 12th Surrey, 24 points. 7 Third prize of < £ 4 and bronze cross, Private Eadoliffe, 2nd (South) Middlesex, 24 ooints. The Alexandra Prize is divided into 90 prizes, 45 at 200, and 45 at 900 yards. The principal winners at 200 yards, 5 shots, were First prize of .£20, Private Taylor, 8th Derby, 19 points, 20 being the highest possible score; Sergeant Girdwood, 3rd Ayrshire, second prize of =615, with 18 points; Private Yorston, 2nd Edinburgh, third prize of .£15, with 18 points; fourth prize of .£10, Major Bridgman, West Middlesex, 18 points. At the 500 yards' range the highest score made was by Sergeant H. Smith, 15th Surrey. The Secretary of State for War's Prize, £50, given by the Marquis of Hartington, divided into 13 prizes, one of < £ 10, two of .£5, and 10 of .£3, distance, 600 yards, 5 shots, ended in a tie between Captain Pun- shion, 1st Newcastle, and Captain Astley, of the 39th Regiment, for first prize of .£10. The Duke of Cambridge's Prize of .£50, for breech- loaders, was won by Private Eadcliffa, of the 2nd Middlesex, who with a Westley. Richards made 25 points. For the Enfield Association Cup the highest score was made by Lieut. P. Cunliffe, 26th Cheshire, 34 points. At the Running Deer Range, for which a running man was substituted, no less than 538 shot were fired, and out of them only six bullseyes made (a circle of six inches near the position of the heart), of these two bullseyes were made by M. Von Hacht, of the Belgian Brigade. The Running Prize was a most interesting feature. offered by Earl Dacia, is one in which the competitor is allowed five minutes, in which he is to fire as many shots as he ean, but after each pair of shots he has to carry his rifle, ammunition, &c., round a post 50 yards off, loading when he likes, but not capping until he arrives at the firing point. Mr. Peterkin, who last year won this prize with a score of 47 against the Earl of Aberdeen, as second., with 46, made in his first essay this year 44. For the first stage of the Queen's Prize, 5 shots, at 500 yards, the highest scores made were—Captain Prentice (5th Middlesex), 19; Private J. B. Smith (1st Surrey, 18; Private Jennings (29th North Middlesex), 18 and ten others, each with 18 points. The principal winners of Albert Prizes were-at 200 yards, 5 shots, Lord Bury; and at the 500 yards range Private C. Ross (15th Middlesex), who each made the highest possible score of 20 points. The Prince of Wales paid a visit to the camp shortly after mid-day on Friday, and having partaken of re- freshment in Lord Eicho's tent, made a tour of the shooting points, at many of which he fired, without, however, showing himself any great adept at rifle shooting. The running deer appeared to afford the greatest amusement to his Royal Highness, who having made a shot which struck the forbidden haunch, had in condonation of the offence, to hand over the fine of one shilling, which he cheerfully paid. The Prince left the camp about seven o'clock. The great event of the day was the completion of the competition for the first stage of the Queen's Prize. The result was that Private James, of the 22nd Middle- sex (Queen's Westminsters), having made the highest score of 48 points, became the absolute winner of the silver medal, the < £ 50, and the match rifle and silver badge of the association. The official score shows the following to be entitled to enter the second stage for her Majesty's Prize:- Winners.—Fiest STAGE QUEEN'S PRIZE. Private James, 22nd Middlesex Silver medal, match rifle, National Rifle Association silver badge, and £50. Corporal Newlyn, 1st Herefordshire > 48 Winner of match rifle, National Rifle Association badge, and 25. Private King, 1st Gloucestershire 47 Sergeant Bacchus, 2nd Middlesex '43 Lance-Corporal Drewitt, 13th Surrey 46 Corporal Edwards, lltk Cornwall 46 Sergeant Lovatt, Sth Cheshire 46 Private Kidler, 1st Gloucestershire 46 Ensign Winn, lat A.B. North Yorkshire 46 Captain Sanderson, 14th Somersetshire. 46 # private Peake, 6th Lancashire 46 private Crawford, 4th Renfrewshire 45 Lieutenant Hodges, 3rd Dorsetshire 45 Private Aldridge, 4th Essex. 45 Sergeant Westlake, 18th Devon 45 Captain Burra, 29hh Kent 45 PrfvX w !Ler^ 3rd Wigtonshire 45 3rd Stirlingshire 44 Corporal Mendham, 14th Suffolk 44 Sergeant Green, 3rd Somersetshire 44 Sergeant Morrell, H. A. C. it 19th Middlesex' 44 ■ Bugler Alder, 22nd Surrev S& 22nd Mi<MleS;x 44 Palmer> 3<3th Staffordshire 44 Jrrivate Ingram, 1st Lanarkshire aa MnVsfc East Yoria»Ws 2 Private Grant, 1st Aberdeenshire Winners of match rifle Nati<Sli tva" a — 44 badge, and £ 5 atlonal Bifle Association Private Weir, 1st Surrey Private Cameron, 6fch Invpr^a0= ci, 44 Sergeant Hoare, 1st Brecon 44 Sergeant Bobson, 1st NeweaVtln — — 44 Private Pitts, 4th Somerset — 44 Private Waggett, 1st Sussex 44 Captain Suter, 1st Hereford ••. 43 Private Hay, 15th Middlesex 43 Sergeant Austin, 13th Gloucester'" "• 43 Private Clemetson, 14th Durham "• 43 Corporal Chapman, 3rd West Yorkshire 4o Colour-Sergeant Smith, 33rd Lancashiro f?. Sergeant Walker, 1st London •" 43 Private Kilgour Edinburgh 43 Sergeant Nicholls, 15th Middlesex Quartermaster Sergeant Larmer, 5th Surrev Ji Sergeant Bravington, 15th Surrey Sergeant Koe, 3rd Salop ] J* Private Pouncey, 11th Middlesex. To Colour-Sergeant Cortis, 11th Sussex Private Sharp, 1st Administrative Batt., Notts 43 Winners of National Bifle Association badge and £ 5. Private Sloper, 1st Somerset 43 Ensign Kolle, Oxford University 43 Xance-Gorporal Haward, 1st Sussex 43 Captain Brookes, 9th Leicester 43 Sergeant-Major Bobinson, 2nd Lincolnshire Art. 43 Captain Cummins, 80th Lancashire 43 Private Kalsail, 21st Lancashire 43




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