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r *T tlaúígntton. TBS CARDIFF ANI) BRISTOL Strain Jf||j||^ ^iuftcts P R r N (J E OF WALES MATTHBW JONES, Commander; LADY CHARLOTTE, HENRY JEFFERY, Commander; A RE INTENDED to SAIL during the week as follows il (from the BUTE SHIP DOCK) Prince of Walet— Mondays, i Lady Charlotte Monday, Wednesdays, & Fridays.— Wednesdays, and Fridays, Lady Charlotte Tuesdays, I Prince of Wales—Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. ( Thursdays, and Saturdays, From CAKDlFF. } From BitISTOL. Nov., 1843. > Nov., 1845. 10, Monday 12-^ after ( 10, Monday 3 after 11, Tuesday 2 after > 11, Tuesday 31 after 12, Wednesday 2 £ after } 12, Wednesday*. 8 morn 13, Thursday. Softer S 13, Thursday.. 5gmorn 14, Friday, 4 after ? 14, Friday, 5* morn 16, Saturday. 5 morn j 16,Satutday.6tnorn Long Passage. Carriages and horses to be alongside Cne hour previous toTimeofSaiting. REDUCED FARES :—After Cabin, 4s.; Fore Cabin, 2s. Children uuder Twelve years of agi-, Maii-price; Dogs, Is. each. A Female Steward attends on Hoard i.oth Packets. Refreshments may be had on board on moderate terms. Four-wheel Carriage 2h.; ditto Phaeton or Gin, 10s. fid. j Two#wh,.d, drawn by one horse aud driver, 15s.; Horse and Hider, After Cabin, 9s; Horse and Rider, Fore Cabin, 7.. 6d.; Cattle and Horses, Gs. each; Sheep, Pig., and Calves, Is. each. Carriages, Horses, Cattle, and Goods, will be subject to Landing 'and Wharfages at lit* ■' Bilte Docks." •,« Six Accoun able for any Good* without Shipping Notes, Freighters arc requested to order all Goods intended for j the P'flNCIi OF WALKS, to be sent to So. U, Quay.street, or to Hobert Chaplin, Cumberland 15-<sin Locks; and for the LADY CHVltLOTTK, try CI are-street Hall, M arsh-slrcet, mad Bull Wharf, Kedclitf-street, Bristol. Goods will ba hauled trom the Warehouses to the Packets at the expense of the 0<>m]»aoies. Merthyr, Sewbriihje, Aberdare, Cowbridge, Bridgend, Ll,mtriucTie. and Giierphiiiy. — Goods iorwarJed to thc," Places in Spring Waggon* au.i Lock-up Cana! Boats im- inediatrly on arrival, unless ordered by any particular conveyance, in wbich case they will be deposited in the Steam Packet Warehouse till calied for.—Freight to be paid on delivery. Goods, Packages, Parcel*, &c., forwarded to ail parts of the Kingdom without delay, when sentto either of th; ir Steam Packet Offices in Cardiff or Bristol. Further information as to Freight,win be rcadityobtained by applying to the Agents—Mr. Woodman, Agent at the Packet OlRce, on the Wharf, Cardiff; or to Mr. G. C. GLASSON, Agent, No. 12, Quay-nreet, Bristol, for the PlUNGE OF WALES Packet, and of Mr. T. JOIIS, at the Packet Office, on the Wharf, Cardiff; or to Mr. W. H. OWEN, 29, Avon Crescent, Hotwella, Bristol, for the LADY CHARI.OI'TK Packet. NO T ICE. -The Proprietor" of above the Steam Packets give Notice, that they will not U9 accountable for any Passenger's Luggage, nor will they be answerable for any Goods, Packages, or Parcels (if lost or damaged by Fire, Leakage, or otherwise) unless Hooked at either of their Offices at Cardiff or Bristol, if above the value of 40s., unless entered at its value, and Curiage in proportiou paid for the same, at the time of Booking.—Goods consigned to order, or not taken away before Six o'clock in the evening of the day of landing, will be warehoused at the risk and expense of the consignees. All Goods to be considered as liens, not only for freight and charges due thereon, but also for all previously unsatisfied Freight and Charge* dlle by consignees to the Proprietors of the said Packets, Disputed weights or measurement, claim. for Iou or damage, &c., cannot be allowed, unles3 a wriuen notice of the same be sent to the Office on the day of.!elivery &alejs bv Auction. GLAMORGANSHIRE. Capital Investments in Landed and Mineral Property, MESSRS. ADAM MURRAY & SON ARE INSTRUCTED TO gjiaaa llJ 5.:l dl fJJ:fj u} t:! CD li7 [J IN LOTS, At the 1V1 VCKWOHTH ARM? INN, in the Borough and Sea- port Town of SWANSEA, on THURSDAY, the 13th day of NOVEMBER, 1845, at 12 o'clock at noon precisely, (and following Day), CAPITAL FREEHOLD & COPYHOLD ESTAfES and FREEHOLD MINERAL PROPERTY, con- sisting of upwards of 20 FARMS and MESSUAGES, containing nearly 1000 Acres of Arable & Meadow Land, and the COAL and MINERALS under the same and other Lands to the extent of about *2000 Acres, situate in the parishes of Llansarnlet, Swansea, St. John-juxta- Swansea, Llangevelach, Llanguiek, Llandilo-Talybont, Loughor, Ilstone, and Llamhidian, in the county of Glamorgan; also LEASE HOLD HO USES & WHARFS at and near Swansea. Some of the Coal is of as good quality for Steam-packet purposes as any in the Kingdom, and the situation commands an excellent outlet to the sea for exportation. The South Wales, Welsh Midland, and Swansea Vale Railways will pass through parts of the property, and will increase the facilities for bringing the Coal to market. A portion of the Coal in Llangevelach and St. Johns has been leased at Sleeping Re,nts and Royalties to most respectable Tenants. The Estates will he Sold subject to such Conditions as shall lie pro- duced at the time of Sale. Printed particulars may be had at the Offices of Messrs. Llewellyn and Randall, Solicitors, Neath Messrs. Row. land, Hacon, and Rowland, Solicitors, 38, Threadneedle- street, London; Messrs. Adam Murray and Son. 35, Craven-Street, Strand at the Inns at Bristol & Swansea, and at the Commercial Rooms at Liverpool, Newcastle- upon-Tyne, Manchester, and Glasgow. BRECONSHIRE. VALUABLE FARM\G STOCK for SALE. To ba SOLD by AUCTION, BY WILLIAM JONES, At LLANTHETTY HALL, seven miles from Brecon, und six from Crickhowell, on THUUSEAY, the 13th day of NOVEMBER inst., the property of Mrs. OVERTON, who is declining her Farming Establishment CONSISTING of 5 Cows of the jure Hereford breed, 3 Guernsey do. all in Calf, 5 two-year old Guernsey and other Heifers also in Calf, G Yearling Cattle, 3 Calves, 1 superior Bull Calf got by Mr. Downes's cele- brated Bull out of a high-bred Hereford Cow—(this pro- mising Calf is well worthy the attention of breeders); 3 capital Cart Mares, excellent workers, 2 two-year old Cart Colts, 1 two-year old Nag Filly, 1 three-year old Hack, nearly thorough-bred, of very superior action, 2 grey Saddle Mures, temperate to ride and drive, and excellent Ladies' Hacks, 1 yearling half-bred Colt, 3 yearling handsome Mountain Ponies, 2 Sucking Colts, and 3 Pony Mares in foal; 80 Fat Wethers, 100 Breeding Ewes, and 60 Lambs the remainder are Stock Sheep from two to three years old, sound and healthy, (the §.heep will be put up in convenient lots to suit purchasers); 1 excellent Breeding Sow 1 broad-wheeled Cart, Ploughs, Harrows, &c. &c. The Sale will commence at Eleven o'clock, A.M., pre-I cisely.—Four Months' Credit will be given on approved Bills. Saiportaat Sale of PUIlE HE RE FORDS, POWERFUL CART HORSES, SHEEP, Hllili PONIES, IMPLEMENTS OF HUSBANDRY. DAIRY AND BREWING UTENSILS. as is s æ-:c By W Jones, At G WAR-Y-LLAN, in the Parish cf LLANFIHAKGEL NANTYBRANK, Fight Miles from BRECON, on FRIOAY. the 11TH day of NOVEMBER instant, rr H E PROPERTY OF MRS. VILl.IAM •>, retir- JL ing from business, consisting of 15 Cows in-calf, 3 threo-yeiirs old Heifers in calf, 6 two-years old Steers iu high condiii-m, 12 Yearling Cattle, 14 Calves, I three- years old Bull (descended from the celebrated Stock of Mr. Williams, Newton,) 1 Bull Calf (from the well- known Stock of Mr. Williams, Abercundrig;) 600 SH EEP, consisting of Fat Wethers, young healthy store Ewes, Stock Sheep and Lambs, several inferior Moun- tain Itams, (the whole in convenient lots;) \oung Cart .Horses and their Gearing, *2 Nag Horses, 1 Yeatlmg •Coif, 9 Mountain Ponies of superior strength and symmetry; 11 strong Store Pigs, and 2 Sows in-pig; a ilarge quantity of Potatoes, 1 Field of turnips, 1 Ton of Prime Family Cheese and 6 Tubs of Butter; 2 Waggons (nearly lIew,) 2 new Carts. 1 Gambo, Ploughs, II arrows Rollers, Heel-Rakes, Pikles, Turnip Drill and Hoe, Winnowing Machine, with a large qnantity of small Implements; Dairy (j temnls, an excellent Double Cheese Press, Cheese Vats, Coolers, Milk Leads, Butter Tubs, Scales, &c. &c. Brewing Vat, Coolers, Hogsheads and Casks of various sizes, Pails, &c., &c., &c. The Auctioneer begs to assure his Friends, that this :Stoek will not be found inferior to but few in this county, and has a claim to public attention. An early attendance is solicited, as the whole will be sold in one day. Sale 10 commeuce precisely at J 1 o'clock.. Six Months' Credit will be given on approved Security, Beile-Yue, Brecou, 1st Nov., TO JUDGES OF FINE TEAS. HS3TRY WEBBSIK, CABDIFF&SIEBTBYfi CUTAKDIAN OFFICE AGENT FOR THE SALE OF THE ASAN TEA COMPANY'S RARE AND PECULIARLY FINE TEAS, REQUESTS the faYour of an Order from Connoisseurs, and those desirous of obtaining a really exquisitely flavoured Tea. After once partaking of the highly exhilarating and aromatic Asam Tea, but few can persuade themselves to use any other, especially as it is found not to he injurious to the nerves; and as the Asam Tea has been proved to produce at least six, and in most cases eight good cups of Tea, where the same quantity of Chinese would produce only four cups of inferior .Ilavour-both luxury and economy combine to recommend the Asam Teas. NAHOOLEAH PEKOE 5 0 I MAZENGA GREEN TEA 6 0 CHERIDOR SOUCHONG 6 0 | THOURA GREEN TEA 7 0 These Teas can only be obtained in one pound, half-pound, and quarter-pound sealed packets, with the Company' Address and Arms on the Envelope. Manv are selling spurious imitations of the Company's Teas, but none are genuine unless having their Seal and Address, No. 11, CROOKED LANE, KING WILLIAM STREET, on them. SOLE AUTHORISED AGENTS. For SWANSEA Miss Arnold, Confectioner, Cross-Street. For MERTHYR Mrs. Ann Williams, Confectioner, High-Street. For NEWPORT Mr. M. Evans, Bookseller, 35, High-Street. er AGENTS WANTED FOR SOME OF THE LARGE TOWNS IN ENGLAND AND WALES. WEST OF ENGLAND TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT, AXD GEKTLEMENS WAREHOUSE M. go, IliaaTIHI-iTliET, <g @ RIII IP F. W. LEWIS, IN respectfully soliciting a renewal of those favours which, in his department, it has always been hitherto his study to deserve, begs to thank his numerous Friends and the Public for their support, and to assure them that the same promptitude in the execution of orders—the moderate price, and the elegance and preci- sion which have hitherto distinguished his House, shall be strictly attended to. His standing and character in Cardiff, for success in the introduction to his Friends of the most chaste and fashionable styles in the Cutting Depart- ment, (lie having joined a Society in London, and receives the Paris Fashions twice monthly), enables him to defy competition in that line, and will afford a guarantee to such as may favour him with a trial, that these essentials to a comfortable and fashionable fit, and at his hitherto moderate prices, will be still successfully maintained. He has now to announce that he has just received a new and elegant assortment of "WXNTEXt GOODS, of which he respectfully solicits an INSPECTION. These consist of best WEST of ENGLAND CLOTHS, BUCK- SKINS, KERSEYMERES, SCOTCH TWEEDS, WATERPROOF BEAVERS, of attractive variety, with the newest and most engaging patterns of DARK FANCY W AISTCOATINGS, both Foreign and English. Goods made up by W, L. may be rendered Waterproof, if required garments not originally Waterproof, may be made so without any injury to their appeatance. To the above, W. Ltjwts particularly and confidently request the attentions of a discerning Public. N.B.—BEST VELVET AND PARIS HATS. Cardiff, Oct. 23d, 1845. ALBION HOUSE, S,a, S5F5P. T. HERNE, IN returning his moRt grateful thanks for the very liberal support he has received since commencing Business in the above Establishment, begs leave most respectfully to inform the Inhabitants of CARDIFF and its Vicinity, hat he has just returned from the London, Manchester, and Glasgow Markets, where he has purchased a splendid Assortment of WINTER GOODS, &c., consisting of Woollen Cloths, Pilots and Flushings, Woollen Cords, jjerseymeres, Plushes, Buckskins, Waistboatings, Velveteens, Moleskins, Cotton Cords, Peplareens, (Hack and /-< loured Satinette, Figured Gros de Naples, Lama and Cashmere Dresses, Tyrolean Robes, Spauish Cloths, Austrian Do., Shaded Merinoes, Royal Plaida, Ottoman Dresses. N.B.—A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF GENTLEMEN'S FANCY SAfIN HANDKERCHIEFS AND SCARFS. Cardiff, Oct. 30th, 1845. Hoticeg, Iron Foundry.—Town of Cardiff. TO BE LET, WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, A MOST DESIRABLE IRON FOUNDRY in SAINT MARY-STREET, in the Town of Cardiff, with a comfortable DWELLING.) tOUSE attached, lately built. The FoujUry is most conveniently situated, hav- ing the Main Street leading to the Canal on one side, and the River on the other, and is fitted with every re- quisite for carrying on an improving Business. A STEAM ENGINE of about ten-horse power has been lately erected on the Premises, and also a new Limekiln on the Yard adjoinmg the River. THREE COTTAGES belonging to the property, and fronting the Street, might, if desired, be taken with the Foundry. The Engine Boxes and other Dead.Stock to be taken at a valuation. Incomings from E300 to 1:400. Any Person accustomecKto the Foundry Business, and with a moderate capital, would find this a most advan- tageous opportunity of investment; and from the increas- ing trade of the Port of Cardiff, the proposed Line of the South Wales Railway passing within 100 yards of the Premises, together with the advantages of having Coal and Iron at moderate prices direct from the Works in the neighbourhood, a hapdsome return must be made. For further Particulars and for Terms, apply te Mr. THOMAS WILLIAMS, on the Premises, and to Mr. J. H. LANGLEY, Solieilor, Cardiff. Standard Life Assurance Company. 1825. Edinburgh; 3, George-street. Lonaon: 82, King William-Street. LONDON BOARD OF DIRECTORS. The Right Hoable. Lord Ernest Bruce, M.P. Sir James Eyre, M.D. Matthew Forster, Esq., M.P. Jam°s Gadesden, Esq. Wiltiain Haigh, Esq. Edward Thomas Whittaker. Esq. George Frederick Young, Esq. DIVISION OF PROFITS.-FINAL NOTICE. fFlilS is the Year in which the Third Division of the JL Company's Profits falls to be made. The necessary investigation is now in progress, and ail persons assuring before the 15th November next will share in the division PETER EVVAB1, Resident Secretary. 82, King William-Street, Oct. 15th, 1845. AGENTS. Cardiff-George Clinton, Architect, Windsor-plact. Monmouth— James G. George, Solicitor. Newport — E. E. Beckingham, West of England. Bank. CAUTION. VLL Persons advertising Succedaneum for Stopping Decayed Teeth, fraudulently attempt to imitate Mr. Clarke's original Succedaneum and if any Succe- daneum than Mr. Clarke's be purchased, it will be discovered useless. Mr. Clarke can say, without the slightest exaggeration, that he ha«*g0ld 3,000 bottles of Succedaneum within 16 months; und 2,800 individuals have been able to use it successfully and most of the other purchasers have been to Mr. Clarke, at his residence 61, Lower Grosvenor Street, London, to have their teeth stopped, without any further charge than the original cost of the Succedaneum, price 5s. Sold wholesale to all the chemists in town and country; and none is genuine unless had through Messrs. Barclay and Sons, wholesale Medicine Warehouse, 95, Farringdon Street; Edwards and Son, (>7, St. Paul's Church Yard Hanney and Co.. 63, Oxford Street; Colleck aud Mosely, 139, Upper Thames Streef, London; and other respectable wholesale Medicine Warehouses; or Mr. Clarke can send it by post to any part of the United Kingdom, on receiving a post office order. r FOR 3YOri'u\G DECAYED TEETH, howeve large the cavity. -Patronised by her Majesty the Queen Dowager, Her Royal Tiighrress the Duchess of Gloucester, His Urace the Duke ot Wellington, and the principal nobility. Mr CLARKE'S SUCCEDANEUM for shopping decayed teeth, is far superior to anything ever used before, as it is placed in the tooth without any pressure or pain, becomes as hard as the enamel tmme- diately after application, and remains firm in the tooth for life; not only rendering extraction unnecessary, but also making them again useful for niastication. All persons can use Mr. CLARKK'S fc>UCC^j()A- NEUM themselves with ease, as full directions are enclosed—price 5s. and sold by ati respectable Medicine Vendors in Town and Country and can be sent by post on receiving a post-office order. Prepared only by Mr. Clarke, Surgeon-Dentist, 61, Gro3veuor-street, Bond- street (removed from 53, Harley-street, Cavendish Square). LOSS OF TEKTH Mr. Clarke still continues to supply the loss of teeth, from one to a complete set, upon his beautiful system of Self-adhesion; which has procured him such universal approbation in some thousands of cases, and recommended by Sir James Clark, Bart., M.O.; and Dr. Locock, Physicians to Her Majesty, and numerous other Members of the Medical Profession, as being the most ingenious system of supplying artificial teeth hitherto invented They are so contrrvad as to adapt themselves over the most tender gums, or remain- ing stumps, without causing the least pain, rendering the operation of extraction quite unnecessary and in order that his system may be within the reach of the most economical, he will continue the same moderate charges. Mr. Clarke, Surgeon-Dentist, No, CI, Grosveuor-street, Bopd-street, Loudon,—At home frola eloyon till fOQf. ( Hoticcg. WANTED, a competent Manager, to Superintend TV the Erection and conduct of a Manufactory of Tin Plates on the Continent. Apply to T.H., Post Office, Swansea, with terms and references. lclqsoo TO BE LENT, in convenient Sums, on Freehold Security. Beiug Trust Money, it will not be dis- turbed, except on non-payment of Interest. Apply to the Proprietor of the CARDIFF & MfiitTiiYit (TUARDIAN. GLAMORGANSHIRE General Agricultural Society. The next ANNUAL MEETING will be held at the BKAR INN, at COWDRWGR, on TUESDAY, the 11th day-of NOVEMBER next, when the Committee are requested to attend at 11 o'clock in the morning, for the purpose of awarding the Premiums for Crops and the Improvement of Land, to Labourers and Servants, and for fixing the Premiuma for the ensuing year. EDW. BRADLEY, Secretary. Cowbridge, 22nd Oct., 1845. COD LIVED. OIL. A Natural remedy and certain cure for Gout, Rheu- J\_ matism, and Scrofula, Diseased Joints, Lumbago, Skin Di*ea-»"«, Spinal an s filetiidlitar Affection*, Scrofula Ulcers, Swr-llfil Li'gs, and all Ktemal Diseases, aiisitiK from ari impure ,«tat.» of the Bloo.t, or from Domestic Accidents as Strains Wounds, Scat i-, B iras. Chilblains, Chapped Hands, &c. &c. The folio ving Testimonials, with authenticated cases of extraordinary cure, are from the highest and most respectable a.uhorJt.v COD J.[Vg;! 01!, in rates of GOUT & RHEUMATISM. The diseues in which the Cod Liver Oil is a'tendfd with the most extraordinary results are the Oour and Rheumatism. It is rather a curious fact, and one that fully establishes the truth of what we have already stated, that some years ago. Cod Liver Oil was introduced into Manchester, by a celebrated (ierman practitioner, then on a visit to !)r. Kay, Physician '.0 the Manchester Infirmary, who was the iirst medical man who prescribed this remedy for the cure ol Gout and Rheumatism, in this country. Mr. Darby, Houcc-Surgeon an.J Apothecary to the same institution, gave the following account of an ex- traordinary cure :— A woman, who laboured under the most excrin iaiiug rheumatism, being advised to rub her joints with the oil, uftcr a lew weeks was restored to the use of her limbs and was cured." Kncouragt d by this extraordiuary cure, Or, Kay coniinued to pfesenbe it for other patients iu similar case< and with the same success. Dr. Uardsley also, when treating of chronic rheumatism observes,i: In instances, when every other means have fad *<l Cod Liver Oil has operated in a manner so decidedly benefi- cial as to excite astouishmeo! The circumstances under which this specific remedy is found most advantageous, are the following; 1st. In the chronic rheumatism 0: elderly persons, when the muscles and tendons have become rigid, and the joints nearly flexible, in i-onsequence of the disease having been brought on by exces- sive labour, hard fare, dampness, and cold. 211d. In women whose constitutions have bef!ii worn out by repeated rheumatic attacks, especially in the deciiue of life; St patients wno were unable either to preserve the body in an erect position, or sup- port its weight on the lower extremities, have recovered en- tirely by rubbing the oil on the affected parts. DR. BltKFIEI.irs OPINION, WITH CASKS OF CU!tR. Another cclebrate J Physician, Dr. Urefield, (ound the oil of the greatest benefit in cases where the Gout or Itheumatism appear to have seized upon the whole syøtelu, and when. as the. result of long suffering, the body is wasted, the process of nutrition very -low. there is want of sleep, loss of vital power., languid expression of the countenance, contraction of the mus- cles, &c. &c.; and mentions the following case of Mrs. Mearman, 30 years old, who had been confined to her bed or room, and only in the warm summer months experienced a slight alleviation of her sufferihgs :—Nearly the whole body was attacked, but principally the inferior extremities, back, and shoulders. Walking was entirely pf. vented by the unsup- portable pains, stiffness and swelling of the joints. This pa- tient was wasted, of a lileachy whiteness, and had lost all hope of relief, though originally of a strong and robust constitution, The use ot the Oi, daily, was soon followedby a beneficial result, aii.t afti. some time she was restored to a t>>ier*ble state of hhjuh. Tais person, after thi I, was three years from the t m.: be nrst Mot. her, perfectly healthy, well nourished, blo -milli, .1n,¡ -if robust appearance. COO LIV'liil aI'. iX OLD AGE & HHID MUSCLES. Men .i n) '.vomrn advanced in years, vhoie tibres ;,iav be supposed to have acq tired a decree 01 rigidity, fi:i surprism-: effects iioiu ihv use of th's rtui'-dy. Sonv w1:" have iieeu cripple- i\<r manv ye:irs, an;! i»<>; :o move irorti their seats, have, after <J lew wc.-k use of it. been ai>!e to go with the assisia u <• of a s iek and by a ion. cou'.iauancehave enjoyed the plea:.ill,; Natisfaetiou of tieinis irestort: i 1" the natural use of their lillAUs. which for a Ion; tilll'> before had been a burthen to theui. Dr. Percival, ot the Mauche>ter Infirmary, say-t: 1 have had the fullest evidence oi tbe successful use of Cod Liver tht, and have contested, t)y experiment, its value with other remedies; these trials always terminate in fAvour of the Oil ami patients who were under other treatineut, by confer- ring with their felio > -sufferers, we;e so sensible of making a slower progress towards recovery, as to require a change of one remedy for the other. Tbe above is only a aiiiat i portion of at., immense number of l'esllll.ouiai;¡ that have airt.ady been received in support of the extraordinary properties of this nutywondettutiSATUttAL REM liDV. Prospectuses containing additional evidence of the value of Cod Liver Oil in other Ilibeases, vitb general remarks on its natural and commercial history, its Physica- aud Chemical Properties, Action on the Human Kcon .my, &c.; also particular directions for its proper application, will tie, sc-.t to any address on the receipt of two postage stamps. CA UTION.—Each Genuine Bottle of the remedy has the signature of the only W liitOASTtLK »GiSNI'S, JONES, and Co., 201, Str-tud: all other sons are spurious. Sold wholesale by .Vlessrs. Barclay and So..s Sutton and C and Edwards iu.i Co London; aud retail in bottles at 2$. 9d. 4s. 6d.. aud 111. each, and by all respectable iVlcdicine Vendors, 1 ifcatltaag Hottceg. SOUTH W^LES^RAILWAY.—NOTICE is hereby given, that the SEALED CERTIFICATES of Shares in this Company are now Ready for Delivery, and will be issued to the proprietors on their forwarding to me the receipts which they hold for scrip certificates. By order, N. ARMSTRONG, Secretary. South Wales Railway Offices, 449, West Strand, London, Oct. 31, 1845. .I,. WORCESTER AN I) MERTHYR TYDVIL JUNCTION RAILWAY.—The Provisional Directors have the satisfaction of announcing to the Shareholders that the Parliamentary Plans and Surveys are nearly completed, and that every arrangement has been made for a strict compliance with the Standing Orders of Parliament before the 30th November. By order, w. BORROW, Secretary. 7, Walbrook, Oct. 31, 1845. The Ogmores & Garw Vales, & Port of Cardiff Union Railway. (PROVISION.4 LLY REGISTERED.) CAPITAL E360,000, in 18,000 SllARES of JE20 eacb. DEPOSIT, £ 2 2s. per SHARE. t PROVISIONAL COMMITTRE. Viscount Adare, M.P., Dunraven Park, Glamorganshire Viscount Ingestre, M.P., Brompton Park, and lngestre Park, Staffordshire The Honourable William Gore, Wilton Crescent Richard Price, Esq., M.P., Radnorshire Sir John Osborn, Bart., Fulham Sir George Prescott, Bart., Theobalds, Herts Henry A. Bruce, Esq., Duffryn House, Cardiff William Bradley, Esq., Manor Oaks, Sheffield Edward Cotton, Esq., Keppel-street, Russell-square Major Morse Cooper, Henley-on-Thames John Whittock Nicholl Carne, Esq., D.C.L., Dimland's House, Glamorganshire Richard Dutton, Esq., Herne Hill, CamberweU Captain Dawson, R.N., Barnes Rjv. H. R. Fowler. Manchester-square, London Rev. Thomas Gronow,* Brompton-square, and Court Herbert, Glamorganshire William Gilbertson, Esq.,Baglan, Neath, Glamorganshire Captain Hewitt, Tyr Mab Ellis Glamorganshire John James, Esq., Brunswick-square John Ingles Jerdein, Esq., director of the Great Man- chester, Rugby, and Southampton Railway Richard Hartley Kennedy, Esq., Manchester-square, London Richard Keily, Esq., Cleveland-Row, St. James's Griffith Llewellyn, Esq., Baglau Hall, Neath, Glamorgan- shire James Morrison, Esq, St. Mary-at-Hill, London F. Meymott, Esq., Inner Temple Evan Prichard, Esq., Collena, Glamorganshire William S. Potter, Esq., Sussex Gardens, Hyde Park John Randall, Esq., Old Castle, Bridgend, Glamorgan- shire Richard Lewis Reece, Esq., Cardiff Major Jelf Sharpe, Twickenham Archibald Spens, Esq., Manor House, Inveresk Philip Vaughan, Esq., Brecon R. C. Nichol Carne, Esq., Dimland House, Glamorgan- shire (With power to add to their number.) MANAGING COMMITTER. Viscount Ingestrie (Chairman) Capt. Dawson (Vice-Chairman Viscount Adare James Morrison, Esq. Richard Dutton, Esq. William Gilbertson, E8q. Griffith Llewellyn, Esq. Dr. Nichol Carne Richard Lewis Reece, Esq. Richard Keily, Ksq. John Randall, Esq. W. S. Potter, Esq. Major Morse Cooper Richard Hartley Kennedy, R. C. Nichol Carne, Esq. Esq. (With power to add to their number.) STANDING COUNSEL-E. L. Richards, Esq. SOLICITOR. W. B. James, Esq., 5, Basinghall-street, London. BANKERS. Commercial Bank, London; Messrs. Weston and Young; Glamorganshire Banking Company, Neath and Swan- sea; Messrs. Towgood and Co., Cardiff; National Provincial Bank, Bridgend and Cardiff. CONSULTING ENGINEBR— ENGINEER—Charles E. Bernard, Esq. SECRETARY—W. D. Logie, Esq., pro tem. rTIHE Vales of the Ogwr (or Ogmore) Fawr and Ogwr 1 Fach, and of the Garvv, lying near and nearly parallel to each other, abound it, minerals of the most valuable description, but owing to their secluded. situation, and above all to the want of a cheap and easy communication with the sea, have been hitherto wholly neglected. In order to supply this deficiency, and to open to the various markets the vast resources which these vallies afford, the above connecting Lines of Railway have been projected, and by them communication with the Port of Cardiff, Port lalbot, Porthcawl, and every other Port in the Bristol Channel, will be effected. The length of the main line will be about 18 miles, and the branches up the three Vallies 16, making in the whole about 34 miles. The branches will commence from Blaenogwr, in the vale of Ogwr t awr; from Blaengarw, in that of the Garw, and from Blaenogwr, in the vale of the Ogwr Fach, and will concentrate near Bryn Cethin; from thence the main line, formed by this junction, will pass by Llanhar- ran, and join the South Wales Railway, near the Port of Cardiff. The whole district of country through which the lines will pass, has already been surveyed by highly competent parties, and affords gradients and levels of the most favourable kind. No heavy cutting, expensive bridges, or embankments will be required, so that the cheap exe- cution of the proposed lines is perfectly certain. There is, on the spot, abundance of stone and other materials, for the proper execution of the works. The project is supported by powerful local interest, and all the Land- owners who have yet been consulted have given their sanction and approval. The rising town of Bridgend, and its neighbourhood, will be greatly benefitted by the completioll of this under- taking, and a cheap and ready market afforded for their manufacturing and agricultural produce. It is intended to form a junction with the South Wales Railway near this town. The Vales present excellent sites for Iron-works; and the establishment of Collieries on a large scale will imme- diately succeed the formation of the road. Twenty-five miles of the line will pas.s through property abounding in Coal, Iron-Stone, Black-Band, and Lime-Stone, all which products have not at present the means of transit to any market whatever. It is confidently anticipated that the investment in this undertaking will give a handsome return to the Share- holders. No Subscriber will be answerable beyond the amount of his deposit until the Act is obtained, and then not be- yond the amount of his subscription. Until an Act of Parliament shall be obtained, the affairs of this Company will be under the control of A Managing Committee, to whom power will be given to allot the Shares, and to apply the funds of the Company in payment of all the expenses incurred in He formation, and in the preparation of the-plans and sections to be lubmitted to Parliament. Power will be applied for in the Act to raise any addi. tional capital, to extend or abandon any part of the line, to make branch lines, or enter into any arrangements, by amalgamation or otherwise, with any other Company or Companies. And poweris hereby given to the rilgistered promoters to nomiuate the Managing Committee of the Company. In the allotment of Shares, a preference will be given to Landowners on the line, and to other partiea locally interested. Prospectuses and Maps may be had of, and applications for Shares may be addressed ill the form annexed to, W. B. James, Esq, Solicitor, 5, Basinghall-street, London. the temporary 08ces of the Company and at those of the under-mentioned Brokers but no applications for Shares will receive the attention of the Committee, unless accompanied by a reference to one or more of the Provi. sional Committee, or Sohcltor.- Loudon—Messrs. John Sheweil and Son, 25, Token- house Yard. Messrs. J. Peppercorae and Co., 2, Old Broad- Street. Liverpool—Messrs. Boultt and Co. Manchester Messrs. Houghland and Leese. Leeds—Messrs. John Young and Co. Bristol—Luke Arnold, Esq-i Messrs. Taite and Nash. Birmingham—Mr. Collis. SheIHeltl-Messrs. Bardwell and Sons. Glasgow—Messrs. Cockburn and Co. FORM OF APPLICATION FOR SHARES. To the Provisional Committee of the Ogmores and Garw Vales, aud port of Cardiff Union Railway. GENTLEMEN, I request that you will allot to me Shares of £ 20 each iu this Company, and I undertake to accept the same, and to pay the deposit thereon, ot upon any less number that may be allotted to me and I hereby undertake to execute the Parliamentary Contract aud Subscribers' Agreement whenttquired. Name (in fullf Residence Trade or Profession Reference with Address Date of Applicaiton, Worcester and Leominster Railway, Via BROMYARD, Communicating with the Great Eastern and Western Railway. AT a PUBLIC MEETING held at the FALCON HOTEL, in the Town of BROMYARD, on THURSDAY, the 23rd day of OCTOBER instant, JOHN BARNEBY, M.P., in the Chair, Moved by William Barneby, Esq., Clater Park; seconded by Peter Warburton, Esq., High Bailiff of Bromyard, and carried unaninously, 1st.—That this Meeting highly appreciates the liberal spirit in which the Great Eastern and Western Railway Company has responded to the appeal addressed to them, in a memorial signed by the most influential landed pro- prietots and others interested in this locality, by affording their prompt and zealous aid in forming and supporting a line of Railway from Leominster by this town to unite with the Great Eastern and Western Railway near the city of Worcester, but for which prompt response and aid this locality would have been deprived of all direct rail- way communication,—the Welsh Midland Company having, though memorialized, abandoned it, and the Great Western Company having declined to include it in any of their schemes; and that the warmest thanks of this Meeting be conveyed, through the Chairman, to the Great Eastern and Western Railway Company for the valuable accommodation which the proposed Worcester and Leominster Railway is calculated to afford to the town and district of Bromyard. Proposed by John Kempson, Esq.; seconded by William Eckley, Fsq., and carried unanimously, 2nd.—That this Meeting, comprising as it does a large body of the Landowners and Residents upon the intended Line of the Worcester and Leominster Railway, is re- solved to give its strenuous aid to the Directors of that Company in carrying the Bill through Parliament in the ensuing Session, and that a Local Committee be formed for that purpose, and that these Resolutions be pub- lished in the Hereford and Worcester papers. Moved by Joseph Stinton, Esq., and seconded by Henry Jaaee, Esq., Mayor of Leominster, 3rd. That tie thanks of this Meeting be given to the Chairman for his able conduct in the Chair. JOHN BARNEBY, Chairman. Bromyard, Oct. 23rd, 1845.

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