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BRECONSHIRE. BRECON INFIRMARY.—Sept. 8, 1846. ——— IN. OUT. Patients remaining last Week 5 51 Admitted since 0 15 5 66 Cured and Relieved. 0 12 Dead. 0 0 Remaining u 5 54 Physician for the ensuing week Dr> Lucas. Surgeon,&c Mr.Batt. The Duke and Duchess of Beaufort and Lady Blanche Somerset arrived at Llangattock Park, the noble duke's seat near Crickhowell, on Saturday last. CLERICAL PREFERMENT.—The Rev. John Jones, to the Rectory of Llanthetty, Brecknockshire. THUNDER STORM.—On Sunday last Brecon was visited by one of the most terrific storms ever remembered by any of its oldest inhabitants. It caused great apprehen- sions to many, thinking the last awful day had appeared. It poured down torrents of rain, so that the streets were in many parts knee-deep. The thunder was really awful for about two hours, shaking the foundations of many houses. It is said that a horse was struck dead by the forked lightning, besides doing considerable damage to trees. THE RADNORSHIRE BOROUGHS.—Richard. Price, Esq. in an affecting and grateful address, announces his re- tirement from the representation of these Boroughs at the next election.—When it is recollected that the hon. gentleman has faithfully and consistently served his con- stituents and the country for the long period of fifty years, having first been elected for the Borough of Radnor in 1796, it must be allowed that his plea for retirement is not an unreasonable one, though we are sure there is not a single elector who does not esteem the venerable member for his private worth, whatever difference of opinion there must necessarily be on the merits of his public votes. By a large majority, however, as testified by his re-electiou on all occasions, the latter were always approved of.—Mr. Whittaker having withdrawn from the contest, Sir Thomas Frankland Lewis, of Harpton Court, near Kington, is now the only candidate. -Hereford Journal. FAIRS.— Builth August Fair, or feast," as it has been termed from ancient times, held on Monday week, turned out one of the best that has taken place in that town for many years the demand for cattle of every description was very great, and the prices paid were consequently high. All the animals offered were cleared away at an early hour; the farmers seemed remarkably well satislied with the day's business; and no anxiety appeared to prevail with regard to tariffs" or free trade. The demand may in a great measure be attributed to the ready sale for fat stock found at the iron works, and the quantity of grass and other fodder this season. At Bristol, on Tuesday the 1st instant, the market was exceedingly well supplied, there being no less than 1000 head offered for sale, and these were eagerly bought up at good prices. Every thing in the shape of poor stock sold well. There were a few fat beasts on sale, which realized 56s. per cwt. The supply of Sheep was large. about 2500 being penned. A great portion of those met with a ready sale, at advanced prices. The increase in price must chiefly be attributed to the abundance of keep which there is at the present time in the country.—There were but few Pigs on sale, and those fetched high prices, as much as 10s. and 10s. Gd. a score being paid for them. —The quantity of wool pitched was less thaa usual, and fewer sales were effected, which is chiefly to be attri- buted to the large sales of colonial wool, which are just about to commence. There appeared to be less dispo- sition on the part of the manufacturers to buy than at the late fairs, and prices were evidently lower than at the last March fair, but were about the same as have been obtained for the last three weeks. The demand for the finer description of wools was very limited.—In the lea- thpr fair prices were kept up, and the trade exhibited a healthy aspect Monmouth Fair was held on Fiiday the 4th, and was unusually brisk. A large quantity of stock was exposed for sale, and, in many instances, eagerly bought at an increased scale of prices, and sur- passing the customary averages. Fat cattle readily sold at about 6d. per lb.; sheep, 6M. to 7d.; stock sheep were especially high, as wpre pigs of every description. Some of the latter, for feeding, realized upwards of 8d. per lb. in many instances.




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