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CARDIFF AND BRISTOL. APRIL, 1871. arJlHE CARDIFF and PORTISHEAD TlUHh X STEAM-SHIP CO.'s STEAMERS, TAFF," G. DANDO, Master; WYE," J• LLOYD, Master; "DART," JOHN WEBBER, Master; or other suitable Vessels, unless pre- sented by any unforeseen occurrence, are intended to SAIL during the Month of APRIL, 1871, with Passengers, Live Stock, and Merchandise. CARDIFF to BRISTOL. Calling off Portishead. 1 Saturday noon n. 12 0 3 Monday after. 2 0 4 Tuesday after. 3 0 5 Wednesday after. 4 0 6 Thursday after. 4 15 8 Saturday after. 5 30 10 Monday n. after. 7 0 11 Tuesday mora. 8 30 12 Wednesday. morn. 9 0 13 Thursday morn. 9 15 BRISTOL (Bathurst Basin) to CARDIFF. Calling off Portishead. 1 Saturday after. 3 30 3 Monday after. 4 30 4 Tuesday after. 5 30 5 Wednesday after. 6 30 6 Thursday. after. 6 30 8 Saturday .To-and-fro. morn. 8 0 10 Monday .To-and-fro. morn. 9 0 11 Tuesday morn. 10 30 12 Wednesday morn. 11 15 13 Thursday noon 12 0 tar It being intended to sail punctually at the times stated, no Goods will be received for shipment at Bathurst Basin later than one hour previous. After Cabin, 2s. 6d.; Fore Cabin, Is. 6d. To-and-Fro same day or next (provided a To-and-Fro Ticket be taken), After Cabin, 3s. 6d.; Fore Cabin, 2s. To-and-Fro Tickets will also be issued on Saturday, available for the Return Trip on Monday. Mr. JOHN THOMAS, 211 Packet Office, Bute Docks, Cardiff. STEAM BETWEEN CARDIFF, BELFAST, GREENOCK, AND GLASGOW. HE Screw Steam Ships PRINCESS I JL ALEXANDRA, Captain Lancey; ANTONA, Captain Mills CLUTHA, Captain Huckman AILSA, Captain Fry, are intended to Sail with Goods and Passengers from East Bute Dock Basin (unless prevented by cir- cumstances), as follows:— CARDIFF TO GLASGOW, GLASGOW TO CARDIFF, Via Belfast. Vi& Belfast. Monday, April 3.4 p.m. I Saturday, April 1.2 p.m. Monday, 10.8 p.m. Saturday, 8.2 p.m. Monday, 17.4 p.m. Saturday, 15.2 p.m. Monday, 24.8 p.m. Saturday, 22 2 p.m. Monday, May 1.2 p.m. Saturday, 29.2 p.m. FROM BELFAST TO CARDIFF. ^londay, April 3.11 a.m. I Monday, April 17.11 a.m. Monday, 10. 1 p.m. j Monday, 24. 1p.m. With liberty to tow and assist Vessels. ^weB Belfast, Cabin, 17s. 6d.; Deck, 10s. Greenock Glasgow, Cabin, 20s.; Deck, 12s. 6d. Goods to be alongside in time for shipment Three Hours before advertised time of sailing. p Applv in Glasgow to William Sloan and Co.; Vireenock, to William Lindsay and Co.; Swansea, to f1- Jones and Brother; Belfast, to Robert Henderson ^d Son; Bristol, to Mark Whitwill and Son; and in Cardiff, to G. F. WEBB and CO., Bute Dock Bonded Warehouse. AT)ril 1871. T4426 CORK, CARDIFF, AND NEWPORT. THIRST-CLASS PASSENGER Jr STEAMERS leave CORK for CAR- iv^ D1FF, with Goods and Passengers, Every WEDNESDAY, calling at Milford, re- mrnmg direct Every FRIDAY. fiveiy WEDNESDAY!"604 Every M0NDAY' retuming Fares-Cabin, 17s. 6d.; Deck, 7a. Cabin Return Ticket, available for one month, £ 1 7s. For further particulars see small bills. AGENTS: CARDIFF—Mr. E. C. DOWNING, Shipbroker, Bute Docks, NEWPORT-Messrs. MADDOCKS and HALL, Dock- street. [19 STEAM COMMUNICATION WITH THE SOUTH OF IRELAND. Via New Milford, Milford Haven, and Waterford. DAILY SERVICE (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED). "V FT1HE MILFORD HAVEN and WATER- JL FORD STEAMSHIP COMPANY'S KOYAI, MAIL STEAMERS will sail (weather permitting) 1 ^rom ^ew Gilford at From Waterford at 4.0 *•*0 a.m., on arrival of the p.m., on arrival of the Train *•50 p.m. Train, so as to from Cork, Limerick, See., *nable passengers to pro- so as to enable passengers «eed by the 10.20 a.m. Train to proceed by the 2.0 a.m. *° Limerick, Cork, &c. Train reaching London at 11.15 a.m. 11.15 a.m. fjJ^or further particulars apply at any of the Railway stations, or to Messrs. JACKSON and CO., 18021 New Milford, South Wales. NOTICE. STEAM COMMUNICATION BETWEEN BRISTOL AND ANTWERP. THE Bristol General Steam Navigation Company's Screw Steamer CALYPSO is placed on the |»He between BRISTOL and ANTWERP, and makes passages each way at intervals of about twenty-one <lays. For freight and other particulars apply at the Offices of the Company, 32 Prince-street, Bristol; or to Mr. J. Best, 49, Quai du Rhin, Antwerp. [6156 J. M. HAIME, COAL MERCHANT. s. d. ^ge Steam Coal, Smokeless 13 6 per ton. Large House Coal 12 6 „ ^hrough-and-ThrOugh Coal 11 6 » ^ut Steam Coal 11 6 „ Sciall Steam Coal 8 6 „ Piths'Coal, No. 3. Vein. 8 6 Large Lantwit Red Ash House Coal 13 6 „ Delivered in any quantity at the shortest notice. OFFICE—BRITANNIA BUILDINGS, BUTE DOCKS. [5576 WILLIAM ELLIS, (J 0AL MERCHANT, 17, CROCKHERBTOWN, CARDIFF. ALL ORDERS PROMPTLY EXECUTED. [5577 "WORTH KNOWING GEORGE NAISH, HZ' WHARTON-STREET, CARDIFF TS the OLDEST-ESTABLISHED PUBLIC BILL-' J- POSTER, who rents the largest number and best Private bill-posting stations in the town and neighbour- ed. N.B.—All work entrusted to him fromother *°wHS by post or rail will be speedily and aithfuUy Routed. 16 55 It is well known that the Chinese face tea with bllQeral powder, to hide the defects of worthless *^een leaves. This enables them to pass off the interior "orts as the best. HORNIMAN'S PORE TEA jN Richness, Strength, and Flavour, is unequalled. Sold in Packets. I *iorniman's Tea has for 30 years been supplied j. ?e from the usual facing powder, consequently it is bable in quality, and truly cheap. Sold only in Packets genuine are signed H. and F. J. HORNIMAN and Co., London, Original Importers of the Pure Tea. Sold by Chemists, Confectioners, &c., in every town. AGENTS IN THIS DISTRICT. ^DIFF—Williams,35, St. Chepstow—Griffiths. Mary-st. & 11, Bute-st. Merthyr—Stephens. Kernick, 23, Duke-st. Mountain Ash-White. James, 281, Bute-st. Neath-Hutchins. Howell, 255, Bute-st. Newport—Edmunds. Joy, 17, Duke-st. Phillips. Treherne, Chemist „ Cherry. &rin —Ferris and Co. Pontypool—Wood. a8end—Williams, Post Pontypridd—James. Cotok Office. Rhymne.v—Da vies. bridge—Thomas, High- f.isca —Taylor. 0atl. street Usk—Edwards. afon—Thomas Yorath [6003 §usint[s8 ^ddrmijs. WILLIAM E. VAUGHAN'S STEAM DYEING AND SCOURING WORKS, 248, BUTE-STREET, AND 77, CROCKHERB- TOWN, CARDIFF. 52, COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT. AND 87, HIGH-STREET, MERIHYR. BED and Window Curtains, Shawio. Mantles, Dresses, Table Covers, Feathers, Gentlemen's Clothes, &c., Cleaned or Dyed. AGENTS: Aberdare-Mrs. Dance, confectioner, Commercial-street Bridgend—Mrs. Thomas, grocer, Nolton-street. Cowbridge—Mrs. Stibbs, confectioner, Ivor House. 136 THE "CITY TEA" CARDIFF DEPOT. JOHN THOMAS, ARCADE WINE AND SPIRIT VAULTS, C H U R C H-S T R E E T, CARDIFF, BEGS to return his sincere thanks to the Inhabitants of Cardiff and its Neighbourhood for the liberal support they have bestowed upon him since he commenced business in the Tea Trade, and trusts that by still offering those fine blended TEAS at such LOW PRICES to merit their patronage and support. AGENT for JOHN THOMPSON and SON, India Pale and Strong Ale Brewers, Burton-on-Trent; and Messrs. D'Arcy and Co., Brewers, Dublin. [5103 GEORGE REID, DEALER IN CUMBERLAND HAMS AND BACON, BEGS to inform the public generally of Cardiff that he continues to supply the above prime quality goods at 3, PATRICK-STREET, BUTE-ROAD, CARDIFF. Agent for the Weekly Liverpool Mercury." [6058 WILLIAM HOULT, FAMILY GROCER, 17, CHURCH-STREET, CARDIFF, SOLE AGENT in this district for the TEA FOR THE PERIOD. IN packets at 2s. 4d. per lb. The best tea (at the price) ever sold. [5870 CHAPMAN'S ENTIRE WHEATEN FLOUR, 3s. 8D. PER SCORE. SOLD BY J. AND C. SANKEY, CARDIFF. [6077 As a proof of our assertion we challenge a comparison by analysis between our SEMOLINA and the so-called PEARLINA. M>A Y A B'S SEMOLINA .iVJL 3; is solely the heart of the very best Wheat. j, A Y A R'S SEMOLINA c* is richer than any other farinaceous food g- in Azotic matter, indispensable in the muscular formation of the body. Ma A Y A R'S SEMOLINA. ° Highly recommended by the 5? faculty for Children and Invalids. MB A Y A R'S SEMOLINA m is extremely nourishing and easily digested. A Y A R' S S E M O L I N A £ makes delicious g Puddings, Custards and Pastry MAY A R'S SEMOLINA m 5. unequalled for thickening g- Soups, Beef Tea and Gruels. Mg A Y A R'S SEMOLIN is the greatest delicacy for Breakfast and Supper. g A Y A R'S SEMOLINA. C Is very economical. May be used with or without Milk. Z Recipes on each Package. > 6d. lb. in Packet, 8d. in Canister. Sold by all Chemists, Grocers, &c. HOMINY. MA Y A R' S HOMINY, produced from the best Indian Maize, without any adulteration obtained by grinding, is far superior to the Maize Corn Flour already introduced in thiscountry, which is only Starch obtained by a process of washing, which deteriorates entirely the qualify, and is sold at a very high price. Sold by all Chemists, Grocers, and Corn Dealers. Wholesale at MAYAR'S,36, MABK-LANE, LONDON, K.C. A Wholesale Ageat wanted in every Town. [5942 BASS & CO.'s PALE AND MILD ALES, AND GUINNESS'S EXTRA DOUBLE STOUT OF THE NEW BREWINGS, MAY now be had in Prime Condition in Casks and Bottles, of FULTON, DUNLOP, & CO. f4955 DINNEFORD'S FLUID MAGNESIA. FOR Thirty Years the Medical Profession have ap- proved of this pure solution as the best remedy for ACIDITY OF THE STOMACH, HEARTBURN, HEADACHE. GOUT, and INDIGESTION and as a mild aperient for delicate constitutions, espe- cially adapted for Ladies, Children, and Infants. When combined with the ACIDULATED LEMON SYRUP, forms a most agreeable effervescing draught, in which its aperient and cooling qualities are much increased. In warm seasons and warm climates this simple pre- paration, when taken REGULARLY, has been found highly beneficial. DINNEFORD AND CO.. CHEMISTS, &c., 172, NEW BOND-STREET, LONDON. Sold by all respectable Chemists throughout the World. CAUTION.—See that Dinneford and Co." is on each bottle, and red label over the cork, and use DINNEFORD'S FRICTION GLOVES and BELTS. f5935 BY ROYAL APPOINTMENT TO TO THE HER MAJESTY, AJFLTFC, PR™CE ^ALESV By Special Warrant, ggcggejfc By Specia^Warrant, 27th December, 1865. 10th February, 1866 DAY, SON, AND HEWITT, Original and Sole Proprietors of the STOCK-BREEDERS' MEDICINE CHEST, FOR Disorders in HORSES, CATTLE, CALVEK, SHEEP, and LAMBS. Patronised by the prin- cipal Horse Proprietors and Agriculturists of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. CAUTION.—The first Animal Medicines known to the world as DAY'S," and in such universal repute under that title, are ours, as a Bill in Chancery wo recently filed, has established and no one, as was then shown, knows anything of our discovery. THE CHEST CONTAINS:- Half a dozen CHEMICAL EXTRACT," the External Pain-stopper. Very valuable in bad cases of Ewes Lambing, in Inflamed Udders of Cows and Ewes, and all Wounds and Sores. 15s. One dozen GASEOUS FLUID," the Internal Pain- stopper in cases of Colic, Flux, Colds and Chills, and -Diarrhoea in Calves, Sheep, and Lambs, &c. 20s. One dozen "RED DRENCHES," the Balmy Aperient JfL1leirn°iV,s. *?eat and Inflammation in Ewes or Cows giving and Lambing, and for nicely cleanf- rirwo5 matter from the bowels. 13s. °"e ?™e„n PASTE BALLS," for Mares after oaliu0 and restoring appetite and condition. 7s. 6d. Price, of Chest complete, with "Shilling Book on Farrier) carriage paid. Either prepara- tion may be had separately. TESTIMONIALS. Day, Son, and Hewitts «The 'Gaseous' Fluid" Six-Guinea ( js the best corrective of BREEDERS MEDICINE Scour m Sheep I have ever CHEST" is the handiest and tned.-T. Rigby, Lecture completest we know Of-Ill on Summer Grazing of fact, it lets a farmer see a Sheep. whole Pharmacy not ex- My Shepherd declares actly in a nutshsll. but m a the Chemical Extract,' in neat little box."—"Mark Ewes Lambing, to be worth Lane Express,"—16th Dec., a guinea a bottle." — H. 1367 Woods, Lecture on Breed- ing and Management of Sheep. ADDRESS-DAY, SON, AND HEWITT, 22, DORSET-STREET, BAKER-STREET, LONDON W BRANCH DEPOT AT WANTAGE, BERKS. [5943 guaincss THE NEW MODEL COTTAGE PIANOFORTE BY D'ALMAINE AND CO., LONDON. Avery handsome Instrument,7 Octaves,full Fretwork, Ivory Fronted, and Registered Keys. Carved Pilasters, &c., &c. 27 Guineas in Rosewood. 30 Guineas in Finest Walnut. Warranted the best in the Trade. Professional Testimonials respecting the PIANO- FORTES of D'ALMAINE and CO., with a few of the Signatures "We, the undersigned, Members of the Musical Pro- fession,' having carefully examined the Pianofortes, manufactured by Messrs. I>'Almaine and Co., have great pleasure in bearing testimony to their merits and capa- bilities. It appears to us impossible to produce Instru- ments of the same size, possessing a richer and finer Tone, more elastic touch, or more equal Temperament; while the elegance of their Construction renders them a handsome ornament for the Library, Boudoir, or Draw. ing-room. SIGNED J. L. Abel G. F. Kiallmark F. Benedict T. Knowles H. R. Bishop (Knight) Wilhelm Kuhe J. Blewitt Edward Land S. Brizzi G. Lanza Theodore Buckley Alexander Lee F. Chatterton A. Leffler J. B. Chatterton E. J. Loder T. P. Chipp H. Macco J. E. Cronin H. S. May P. Delavanti C. Minasi C. Desanges W. H. Montgomery H. Devall S. Nelson Henry Distin T J. Nicholls Theodore Distin G. A. Osborne Alexander Esain Henri Panofka John Fawcett Robert Panorama George Field Henry Phillips E. J. Fitzwilliam John Parry Kathleen Fitzwilliam F. Praegar W. Forde J. Rafter G. A. Franks W. Rea I. J. Fraser H. Redl H. J. Gauntlett, Mus. Doc. Tommasso Rovedino M. Geary Sims Reeves George Genge E. F. Rimbault, LL. D. Ad. Gollmick G. H. Rodwell Stephen Glover A R. Reingale J. W. Glover F. Roeckel F. J. Griffiths F. Romer William Griffiths E. J. Russell W. Guernsey John Sewell E. Harrison A. Sedgwick D. Howell C. M. Sola J. Harroway Emerick Szekely H. F. Hasse J. Templeton J. L. Hatton John Thomas Catherine Hayes. F. Weber H. F. Hemy H. Westrop Henry Hayward J. Waddington W. H. Holmes T. H. Wright J. L. Hopkins, Mus. Bac. C. C. Wigley F. B. Jewson. &c., &c., &c. Designs and observations on the manufacture, choice, purchase, and preservation of the Pianofortes to be had gratis upon application at D'ALMAINE and Co.'S Royal Pianoforte Works, Walmer-road, Notting-hill, Lon- don, W. [5410 STUART HALL MUSIC WAREHOUSE. THOMPSON AND SHACKELL 2, STUART HALL, CARDIFF, AND GUILDHALL SQUARE, CARMARTHEN. pIANOFORTES BY ALL THE BEST MAKERS. PIANOFORTES for Sale and Hire, on easy terms. PIANOFORTES specially adapted for extreme climates. PIANOFORTES (old) taken in exchange. PIANOFORTES on the Three Years' System. yjARMONIUMS BY ALL THE BEST MAKERS. HARMONIUMS for Churches and Chapels. HARMONIUMS for the Drawing-room, the School- room, or the Cottage. HARMONIUMS, warranted, from Five Guineas. HARMONIUMS supplied for monthly payments. THOMPSON and SHACKELL were the first to introduce the now celebrated THREE YEARS' SYSTEM into Wales, full particulars of which will be forwarded on inquiry. From their thorough knowledge of the Pianoforte business, they are enabled to select Instruments with special advantage to Purchasers ALL OF INFERIOR MAKE BEING ENTIRELY EXCLUDED FROM THEIR STOCK. DISCOUNT allowed on all CASH TRANSACTIONS Captains and Shippers supplied on liberal Terms. Illustrated Price List, post free, on application. Music Stools, English and German Concertinas Flutes Fifes, Cornets-a-piston and other Brass Instruments' Violins, Clarionets, Drums, Flageolets, Organinutes Metallophons, &c., &c. VIOLIN STRINGS of superior quality. All kinds of Musical accessories. MUSIC HALF-PRICE, Postage free. THOMPSON AND SHACKELL, CARDIFF AND CARMARTHEN. [5802 FURNITURE, CARPETS, AND BEDDING CARRIAGE FREE. 30 per Cent. less than any other House. LEWIN CRAWCOUR, and CO., Cabinet Maaufac- turers, Carpet Warehousemen, Upholsterers, and Bedding Manufacturers, 73, 75, and 81, Brompton-road, London, established A.D. 1810. See our Illustrated Cata- logue 1870, edition carefully revised, containing nearly 600 designs drawn from our Stock (one of the largest in the Kingdom) with prices of every article, and complete esti- mates for entirely furnishing houses of any class in three days' notice if required, May be had gratis and post free on application. The following are fully described and designs of all the various articles shown in the Catalogue:— A six-roomed house furnished in a neat and genteel style £ 75 g Q Au eight-roomed house furnished in a gen- teel style J6118 2 3 A ten-roomed house furnished in a superior and elegant style jS205 4 9 A twelve-roomed house furnished in a very superior, elegant, and luxurious style for £ 362 5 1 50 drawing-room suites from 10 to 100 guineas. 50 dining-room suites from 15 to 100 guineas. Silver Fir Bedroom suites in immense variety, imi- tating the most admired woods, from ten guineas the suite. Pattern boards forwarded for selection. JN.B.— References to former customers if desired, and parties waited upon with patterns at their own residence in any part of the kingdom, by L. C. and Co.'s Manager, free. L6148 THOMAS JONES (Late James and Price), BUILDER AND MONUMENTAL MASON, PENARTH ROAD ENTRANCE, CARDIFF. HOUSE REPAIRS and ALTERATIONS promptly attended to. Inscriptions Engraved and Varnished. All kinds of Stone and Marble Work executed. Tombs, Crosses, and Headstones always in Stock to choose from. Designs and Estimates on application. 16093 roinr CARR, JAMES-STREET, BUTE DOCKS, CARDIFF, COAL AND PIT WOOD MERCHANT, IMPORTER OF FOREIGN AND OTHER ORES, NORWAY AND SWEDISH MINING TIMBER. [5905 J. HOWELLS, TIMBER MERCHANT. OAK GATES and HURDLES. Pitwood, Sleepers, and Wheelwrights'Timber always in stock. Yard.-West Bute Dock, Cardiff. cheapest yard Yard.-West Bute Dock, Cardiff. The cheapest yard in the Principality. 36 Colliery Drams for Sale. Gauge, -ft. 6m.; quite new. Price e2 10s. each. [6147 RELIEF FROM COUGft IN"TE^MINUTES HAYMAN'S BALSAM Of HOKEiS the most certain and speedy remedy for all Disorders of the Chest and Lungs. In Asthma and Consumption, Bronchitis, Coughs, Influenza, Difficult} of Bieathing, Spitting of Blood, Hooping COUKII, ^OA^^(•"ERS'S,^ ^OSS OF Voice, Sc., this Balsam gives instantaneous relief, and, if persevered with, effects a rapid cuie. It has now been tried for many years hag an esta- blished reputation, and byen benefitted by its use. IT HAS A MO.T EASANT TASTE. IMPORTANT TESTIMONIALS. BRONCHITIS-Lady Russell has found the Balsam a most effective remedy for Bronchitis, and always keeps it ready for use. Richard Gower Cwmafon, suffers much from Bronchitis, always finds relief from first teaspoonful, and keeps it in the house ready for an ASTHMA. — Mary Jenkins, Pontmorlais, Merthyr, afflicted with Asthma, cured with taking three bottles, and has been well ever since. William Davies, Ystaly- fera, bad for seven years with Asthma, bought a bottle of Mr. Weir, chemist; able to go to work after taking one bottle. „ • Prepared only by A. Haytnan, chemist, Neath. Sold in bottles, at Is. lid. and 2s. 9d. each, by all respectable chemists in Swansea, Cardiff, Abcrdare, Merthyr, Car- marthen, Haverfordwest, and the whole Principality. [5515 J}TT8«U|85 HITESTS. UNION ROAD NURSERY, CARDIFF. BULBS DIRECT FROM HOLLAND. W. TRESEDER HAS RECEIVED his FIRST CONSIGNMENTS of BULBS FOR EARLY BLOOMING, comprising HYACINTHS, TULIPS, CROCUSES, JONQUILS, NARCISSUS, &c., &c. For Size and Quality can be highly recommended, and at Reasonable Prices. 5,000 Dwarf Trained and Standard FRUIT TREES, compriang Peach, Nectarine, Apricot, Plum, Pear, Apple Trees, &c. A very large Stock of FOREST TREES and SHRUBS for Sale, including all the recent introductions from Japan. 800,000 T-HORN QUICK for Sale at 5s. per 1,000 upwards. Planting done by Contract. Wedding and other Bouquets cut to order. Epergnes and Vases furnished for Dinner Table and other decorations. TOBACCO PAPER, for fumigating. GISHURST'S COMPOUND. Agent for W. and H. M. Goulding's HORTICUL- TURAL MANURES. Boxes, Is. each. 124 CHARLES ELLIS AND SON, SEEDSMEN, CORN, MEAL, AND CAKE MERCHANTS, 11, ANGEL-STREET, CARDIFF. AGENTS for the Western Counties Manure Company, A. and Thorley's Food for Cattle. Best English and American OilCake and Cotton Cake. Nitre of Soda, Guano, Dog Biscuits and Graves, Rock Salt, Heath Brooms, Sacks, and Bags. A BRANCH ESTABLISHMENT AT COWBRIDGE. Just discharged (ex Clara), Superphosphate, Dissolved Bone and Grass Manure. f5996 gBEDSI 'S BEDS SEEDS! THE CHEAPEST HOUSE IN CARDIFF FOR GARDEN SEEDS AND POTATOES IS F. CASE'S, ■» 23, HIGH-STREET, CARDIFF. 16092 SACKS FOR SA L'E. APPLY AT jolSEPH WALKER'S, QORN AND SEED MERCHANT* 2 WI SMITH-STREET, CARDIFF. -'A. [4894 t ESTABLISHED 1812. i' H. £ T. P S O C T O K, AGRICULTURAL CHEMISTS, »r.. CJFCE/HAY, BRISTOL, ORIGINAL MANUFACTURERS OF '.SPECIALLY r"«> » 1.; | PREPARED B OH* E MANURES, FOR r GRASJJS, CORN, ROOT, AND OTHER Ji CROPS; ALSO BONI: SUPERPHOSPHATE OF LIME. WORKS CATHAY, BRISTOL. AGENT. -MR. JOHN GARSED, THE MOORLANDS, COWBRIDGE. f5887 -4- ESTABLISHED 1842. |J. AND T. ROBINSON I Continue to Manufacture BONE MANURE FOR GRAIN AND ROOT CROPS, THE GRASSES, AND CLOVER; AZSO SUPER-PHOSP ATE OF LIME, ¥3ICH- in phospate ehiefly rendered soluble, and in a ■ V state of great perfection for maturing as well as starting the crop. These Manures are offered with every confidence, after years of practical experience by the Manufacturers. ALSO LINSEED AND COTTONSEED CAKE, Made from Seed as imported, without admixture. APPLY TO J. AND T. ROBINSON, ST. PHILIP'S MARSH, BRISTOL, At the DOCKS, GLOUCESTER; or to their Agents. [5931 J. B. LAWES, MANURE, AGRICULTURAL SEED, IMPLE- MENT, AND WOOL MERCHANT. OFFICES AND STORES WOMANBY-STREET, CARDIFF HEAD OFFICE J. B. LAWES, 59, MARK-LANE, LONDON, E.C. FEBRUARY, 1871. MESSRS. HALL and HANCORNE (agents to J. B. Lawes) respectfully intimate to Landed Pro- prietors and Agriculturists, that in consequence of the drought of last season, Clover Seed and Grasses have considerably advanced in price, and it is somewhat difficult to purchase at the present date genuine English Clovers and Foreign Italian Ryegrass, but having made heavy purchases in November last, prior to the great ad- vance in prices, they are enabled to offer a really genuine article (the growth of which has been thoroughly tested), at wholesale prices- The following seeds, which have been carefully selected, are now in stock :-Spring Vetches, Seed Oats and Barley, Broad-leaved English, Welsh true, Red and White Clovers, Cow-grass, Trefoil, Alsyke, Lucerne, San- foin, Rape, Perennial, Rye, and Natural Grasses, and Mustard for field culture, Mangold Wurtzel, Swede and field Turnips, Best Sicily Linseed for boiling. Linseed, decorticated and undecorticated Cotton Cakes of the best quality, and also Indian Corn and Meal. Agricultural Implements from Messrs. J. and F. Howard, R. Hornsby and Sons, Picksley, Sims, and Co., Ransomes, Sims, and Head, Ball and Sons, Samuelson and Co., Reading Iron Works Co., Richmond and Chandler, Garrett and Sons, and all the leading Agric-ul* tural Implement Manufacturers in the kingdom. Messrs. Hall and Hancorne have also in stock, ready for delivery, the following Manures:—LaweB' Patent Turnip Manure. Bone Superphosphate of Lime, Super- phosphate of Lime, Dissolved Bones, Wheat, Barley, Grass, and Mangold Manures, Concentrated ditto, genuine Peruvian Guano, Nitrate of Soda, and all Manures of agricultural value, which may also be ob- tained at our Stores at Cowbridge and Bridgend, and of the following agents: Mr Michael Spencer, West Aber- thaw Mr. J. Reynolds, maltster. Caerphilly; Mr. C. Seys, Graig Farm, Bassaleg. near Newport, Mon.; and Mr. Thomas Thomas, 132, High-street, Merthyr Tydfil. Messrs. Hall and Hancorne take this opportunity of expressing their thanks for the patronage they have re- ceived for the Dast year, and trust that by prompt atten- tion to all orders, they will merit a continuance of the same.. P.S.—Buyers of Fleece Wools at highest market price. J [6057 gusin<|ss Addresses. ESTABLISHED 1806. DAVID THOMAS, (SUCCESSOR to GEORGK FARMER), GUN MAKER, 3, BROAD-STREET, CARDIFF. THE latest improvements in Breech-loading Guns, both pin and central fire. Loaded Cartridges always on hand. Snider Rifles, Boxer Cartridges. Also every accessory for the Sportsman. D. T. also begs to inform the Nobility and Gentry that he has now on hand a well-selected Stock of London- made Hickory, Salmon, and Trout Rods, Fishing Stockings, Landing Nets, Panniers also Fishing Tackle of every description, and respectfully solicits the favour of their kind patronage. 16120 DAVID LANSLEY TAKES this opportunity of informing the Ladies and Gentlemen of Cardiff and neighbourhood that he has taken the premises called GAINOR'S YARD, opposite the Royal Hotel, St. Mary-street.where he intends carrying on the business of COACH MAKER, for many years suc- cessfully carried on by Mr. Gainor, who hag kindly pro- mised private attention; and he trusts, by employing clever workmen, and strict attention to despatch, with moderate charges, to merit a share of the patronage so libe- rally bestowed on his predecessor. Carriage making and repairing in all its branches. THE QUEEN'S HOTEL STABLES CARRIED ON AS USUAL. 16019 WINBY BROTHERS, ATLAS ENGINEERING WORKS, CARDIFF, MANUFACTURERS. STEAM ENGINES AND BOILERS, LOCOMOTIVE, MARINE ENGINE CRANKED SHAFTS, SCREW SHAFTS, CONNECTING AND PISTON RODS AXLES, HEAVY FORGINGS FOR ROLLING MILLS AND OTHER PURPOSES SUPPLIED FROM THE STEAM HAMMER, SMITHED, ROUGH TURNED, OR FINISHED COMPLETE, READY FOR USE. LOCOMOTIVE ENGINE TENDER, CARRIAGE, WAGON, CONTRACTORS, OR COLLIERY WHEELS AND AXLES. COLLIERY PLANT AND MACHINERY, PIT SHEAVES, TURNED AND BORED. ROLLING AND BLOWING MILLS. SINGLE AND DOUBLE ACTION STEAM HAMMERS TO TWELVE TONS. WROUGHT AND CAST IRON GIRDERS, ROOFS, TANKS, AND TURNTABLES, CRABS, HOISTS, See. ALL KINDS OF HEAVY AND LIGHT, IRON, BRASS, AND STEEL CASTINGS. SCREW PROPELLERS, SCREW SHAFTS CASED WITH GJJN METAL, AND EVERY DESCRIPTION OF FORGE, FOUNDRY & GENERAL ENGINEERING WORK. [4652 [ F. W. JOY, j PHARMACEUTICAL CHEMIST, DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF. [5465 jg G. M O S E L E Y, CHEMIST AND DRUGGIST (BY EXAMINATION), 37, CAROLINE-STREET, CARDIFF..6076 ELECTRICITY IS LIFE. PULVERMACHER'S PATENT GALVANIC CHAIN-BANDS, BELTS, AND POCKET BATTERIES. THESE highly improved Inventions render Elec- tricity perfectly self-applicable, in a mild con- tinuous form, and extremely efficacious, no shock or unpleasant sensation being experienced, whereby it be. comes a true fountain of health and vigour, speedily soothing agonizing pains, reanimating torpid limbs, reyiving the sluggish functions of life, and imparting renewed energy and vitality to constitutions enfeebled by various influences. The daily increasing numberof cures effected by PULVERMACHER'S MEDICO-GAL. VANIC SYSTEM is so extensive and varied that it forcibly points to this invention as the embryo of a universal remedy. The following Testimony signed by the 61ite of the English medical faculty has been received We, the undersigned, have much pleasure in testify- ing that Mr. J. L. Pulvermacher's recent improvements in his Voltaic Batteries and Galvanic Appliances for Medical Purposes are of great importance to Scientific Medicine, and that he is entitled to the consideration and support of everyone disposed to further the advance. ment of real and useful progress. Dated this 9th day of March, 1866. "Sir CHARLES LOCOCK, Bart., M.D., F.R.C.P. "Sir WM. FERGUSSON, Bart., F.R.S. "EDWD. H. SIEVEKING, M.D., F.R.C.P. Sir J. RANALD MARTIN, F.R.C.S." Also recommended by J. RUSSELL REYNOLDS, M.D., F.R.C.P C. B. RADCLIFFE, M.D., F.R.C.P., F.R.S. A. CLARK, M.D., F.R.C.P. &c., &c., icc. Pulvermacher's System is also approved of by an official Report of the Academie de Medicine, Paris; Royal Society of London Royal College of Physicians, London and the Imperial Faculty of Vienna: and its curative virtues are confirmed by thousands of private testimonials of cures effected.-(See pamphlet gratis.) These facts appeal to the good sense of every sufferer to,. avail himself of this scientific and curative progress, to which the inventor has devoted a lifetime of study and labour, as an ardent disciple of that great benefactor of mankind, the late illustrious electrician, Michael Faraday. PULVERMACHER'S MEDICO-GALVANIC CHAINS are exceedingly effective without the aid of medicine, restriction of diet, or the least deravgemertt of the patient's habits and daily occupations, in the follow- ing maladies :-Rheumatism, Gout, Sciatica, Lumbago, Neuralgia, Head and Toothache, Liver Complaints, Tic Doloreux, Indigestion, Deafoess, Spasms, Female Complaints, Constipation, Cramp. Sluggish Circulation, Urinary Disorders, Paralysis, Epilepsy, Nervous De. bility, Functional Disorders, &c., Sec. The effects of the application of Pulvermacher's Chains in any of the above disorders is immediately per- ceptible-the relief of pain instantaneous. PRICE LIST of PULVERMACHER'S GALVANIC CHAIN-BANDS, BELTS, and FLEXIBLE BAT- TEKICJO C. Broad Chain-Bands for Nervous Deafness, Head, looth, and Face Ache, and Noises in the Head 21s. and upwards. D. Broad Chains for Loss of Voice and other affections of the Throat, Asthma. Spinal Complaints 10s. 6d., 18s., 22s., and 40s. E. Broad Chain-Bands for Writer's Cramp, Trembling, Nervousness, &.c. 22s. to 30s., 40s., and 60s. F. Combined Bands for General Debility, Central Para- lysis, Epilepsy, and Functional Disorders 50s. to 60s. G. Chain Batteries for Extreme Nervous Debility, Para- lysis, and for restoring exhausted Vital Energy (to be used in conjunction with specially combined Bands) £ 3 10s. to 4 Guineas. H. A complete Set of Combined Electric Chain-Bands and Flexible Galvanic Belt, for restoring Vital Energy E5. I. High-Tension Flexible Chain Pocket Batteries, with a complete Set of Combined Bauds. Belts, and ac- cessories (for special cases) £ 10 and upwards. A. Narrow Chain-Bands for Sciatica, Rheumatic, Neu- ralgic, and Gouty Pains, Chronic Rheumatism, Local Paralysis, Cramp in the Extremities, accord- ing to Electric Power 18s., 22s., 40s., and upwards. B. Broad Chain-Bands or Belts, for Lumbago, Indiges- tion, Liver, Chest, and Nervous Complaints, &c., wearable as a Belt 22s. to 40s., and 55s. No Galvanic Bands or Belts are genuine but those bear- ing the fac-simile of J. L. Pulvermacher's signature on the label. CAUTION.—A Perpetual Injunction in Chancery, dated 18th August, 1869, was granted to J. L. Pulvermacher against Alfred Barrows, alias C. D. Hammond, alias Henry James, alias C. T. Raphey, their assistants, agents, and servants, restraining the said person or persons, under a penalty of £ 5,000, from deceitfully ad- vertising Belts, &c., delusively representing them as electric. This decree is printed in extenso in Pulver- macher's Pamphlet of Testimonials and Reports of Cures, containing likewise numerous extracts from many standard scientific works,—viz., Dr. Perlira's Materia- Medica," fourth edition Dr. Tanner's "Practiceof Medi- cine," eighth edition and Dr. Handfield Jones on Nervous and Functional Disorders," &c., sent post free on application to the Sole Inventor and Patentee, J. L. PULVERMACHER, J GALVANIC ESTABLISHMENT, 200, REGENT-STREET LONDON, W. 15M JHISITTQISB JPTOSQSS. DANIEL EVANS, TAILOR AND BREECHESMAKER. 3, HIGH-STREET, CARDIFF, Begs to call the attention of his Patrons to his well- selected STOCK FOR THE SEASON. THE SILURIAN WATERPROOF SUIT at 0£33s. 16196 JOHN NEWTON, TAILOR, AND WOOLLEN DRAPER, 13, CROCKHERBTOWN, CARDIFF, IN thanking his numerous friends for the increased patronage accorded him during the last six years, begs to invite an EARLY INSPECTION OF HIS SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS. 6103 S. PADY, TAILOR AND ROBEMAKER, 72, CROCKHERBTOWN, CARDIFF, IN thanking his numerous Patrons for their kind sup- M. port during the past thirteen years, and in anticipa- tion of an early season, begs to intimate that he is now prepared with all the leading Novelties of West of England and Scotch Manufacture for the Spring trade. r6105 THE MISSES PEDLER'S MILLINERY AND DRESS ESTABLISH- MENT, ST. JOHN-STREET, CARDIFF. BALL and EVENING DRESSES made to order in the newest designs, at the shortest possible notice. A NICE ASSORTMENT OF DRESS TRIMMINGS. A vacancy for an Indoor Apprentice. 127 MRS. BLENKINSOPP, (Late Gaisford, Church-street), 1. VICTORIA-PLACE, HAYES, FRENCH STAY AND CORSET MAKER, BEGS to thank the Ladies of Cardiff and the Neigh- bourhood for their liberal support during the last five years; and hopes, by strict and prompt attention to business, to merit a continuance of their patronage. All orders by post attendel to with dispatch. A large Stock of New Goods on hand. Note the Address—1, Victoria-place, Hayes, Cardiff. [6034 NOTICE OF REMOVAL. AL. BEARD, ART PHOTOGRAPHER, &c., begs to announce that he has REMOVED from 280^ BUSS,8 ROYAL ARCADE, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF, where he hopes, by moderate charges and strict atten- tion, to secure a continuance and extension of the patronage hitherto bestowed upon him. 16195 ART PHOTOGRAPHY. MR. E. P. LEE, PHOTOGRAPHER, 9, CROCKHERBTOWN, CARDIFF, HAS the honour to announce that he has OPENED a very Complete and Well-appointed SUITE OF ROOMS at the above address. The new premises are replete with every convenience and comfort for the accommodation of visitors. [4Q82 T-RELO-iJ"lSE-. B..OOT-F: fTIHE Prettiest and most Fashionable LADIES' JL WALKING BOOT in Europe. To be had only at OSBORNE HOUSE, DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF. PRICE, 12s. [6163 CHEAP andGOOD TRUNKSand PORTMANTEAUS AT J. H. CORING, 18, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF (Opposite the Queen's Hotel.) Established 30 years. N.B.-Agent for the Times" and all London and Provincial Newspapers and Periodicals. [6096 T. S. HUNTLEY, GENERAL AUCTIONEER AND VALUER, 36, BRITANNIA-BUILDINGS, AND 9, MOUNT STUART-SQUARE, CARDIFF. N.B.—All Sales entrusted to his care will be efficiently carried out with prompt settlements. T. S. H. undertakes to make cash advances upon Goods consigned for absolute sale. [6123 MR. RICHARD B. BOULTON, SURGEON DENTIST, CAMBRIAN-PLACE, CORNER OF CHARLES- STREET AND CROCKHERBTOWN. Entrance also in Charles-street. TEETH, the best that can be obtained, from to 25 Guineas the complete set. Twenty-two years' experience. Established 1852. Recommended by the principal Physicians and Surgeons in Cardiff and neighbourhood. No charge for consulta- tion. Attendance daily, from Ten till Four. SPECIAL NOTICE. PAINLESS EXTRACTION OF TEETH Daily prac- tised at the above address, by the aid of Nitrious Oxide Gas, which is guaranteed to give perfect freedom from all pain in the extraction of teeth, and is not in the least dangerous. 37 HEALTH RESTORED WITHOUT MEDICINE OR EXPENSE. DU BARRY'S delicious health-restoring Invalids' and Infauts' Food, THE REVALENTA ARABICA, saves fifty times its cost in other remedies, and restores perfect digestion, strong nerves, sound lungs, healthy liver, refreshing sleep, functional regularity, and energy to the most disordered or enfeebled,—removing speedily and effectually indigestion (dyspepsia), cough, asthma, consumption, habitual constipation, diarrhoea, all gas- tric derangements, hasmorrhoids, liver complaints, flatu- lency, nervousness, biliousness, fevers, sore throats, diphtheria, catarrhs, colds, influenza, noises in the head and ears, rheumatism, gout, impurities, eruptions, hys- teria, neuralgia, irritability, sleeplessness, acidity, pal- pitation, heartburn, headache, debility, dropsy, cramps, spasms, nausea and sickness even in pregnancy or at sea, sinking fits, bronchitis, scrofula, tightness of the chest, pains at the pit of the stomach and between the shoulders. It is the most digestible and nourishing of all foods, and suitable for invalids and infants in all complaints. IMPORTANT CAUTION.-Beware of the many un- savoury and more than sloppy imitat;ons to which, without authority, Baron Liebig's name is most auda- ciously attached. HENCEFORTH no one will doubt the valuable proper- ties of Du Barry's heal th-restoring Revalenta Arabica In- valids'and Infants' Food .tince to the thousands of blessings it has already received from invalids whose position had been deemed hopeless, we may now add that of his Holiness the Pope, whose health has been perfectly res- tored by it after thirty years of unsuccessful medical treatment, We quote from the Gazette du Midi, July 25th (Cure No. 68,413) Rome, July 21st, 1866.-The health of the Holy Father is excellent, especially since, abandoning all other remedies, he has confined himself entirely to Du Barry's Revalenta Arabica Food, of which he consumes a plateful at every meal. It has produced a surprisingly beneficial effect on his health, and his Holiness cannot praise this excellent food too highly." Cure No. 58,216, of the Marchioness de Brehan, of seven years' liver complaint, wasting away, debility, nervousness, irritability, with a nervous palpitation all over, bad digestion, constant sleeplessness, and the most intolerable nervous agitation.. Cure No. 71, of dyspepsia, from the Right Hon. the Lord Stuart de Decies, Lord-Lieutenant of the County of Waterford I have derived much benefit from your excellent Food,—STUABT DE DECIES, Dromana, Cappo- quin, County Waterford." Cure No. 49.832.-0f fifty years' indescribable agony from dyspepsia, nervousness, asthma, cough, constipa- c tion, flatulency, spasms, sickness, and vomiting. Maria Joly, of Lynn, Norfolk, Cure No. 47,121.—Miss Elizabeth Jacobs, of extreme nervousness, indigestion, gatherings, low spirits, and ner- vous fancies, Cure No. 56,814.—Mr, Samuel Laxton, Leicester, of two year's diarrhcea. The Food is sold in Canisters, at Is. lid.; 1 lb., 2s. 9d.; 2 lb., 4s. 6d.; 12 lb., 22s.; 24 lb., 40s. The 12 lb., and 24 lb. canisters, carriage-free on receipt of Post-Office Order.-Also Du BARRY'S REVALENTA ARABICA CHO- COLATE POWDER is packet in tin canisters. For 12 cups at 2s., for 24 cups at 3s. 6d., for 48 cups at 6s., for 288 cups at 30s., for 576 cups at 65S, Being about one penny per cup. The 30s. and 55s. tins are sent free of carriage in England on receipt of Post Office Order. BARRY Du BARRY and Co., 77, Regent-street, Lon- don J also at Fortnum and Mawnli,, and sola by all respectable Grocers and Chemist* [5141