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SPECIAL NOTICE TO INTENDING EMIGRANTS. I The UNITED STATES and CANADIAN EMI- ORATION and BANKING AGENCY furnish, FREE OF CHARGE, every information and advice, and procure through their Correspondents in Canada and the United States EMPLOYMENT ON ARRIVAL for Mechanics, Clerks, Drapers, Agriculturists, and others able to pay their own fares. Circulars, &c., free on persona! application, or forwarded by post ou receipt of two stamps.—Messrs. REED and KEIM, 36, Finsbury- circus, London, E C. TEN THOUSAND AGENTS WANTED. Liberal Commission. THE UNIVERSAL INDUSTRIAL FIRE IN- SUKANCE COMPANY (Limited) want agents in _t_ SUKANCE COMPANY (Limited) want agents in i every town and village I.J. England, Scotland, and Wales. All descriptions of property iusured by weekly payments of rd. and upwards. APPLICATIONS for AGENCIES are specially invited from all who have great influence with the working and industrial classes, trom INDUSTRIAL LIFti AGENTS, foremen of factories, members of the Odd FeJlows: Foresters, and all other Clubs, members of friendly societies, and working men in general. Address, Secretary, Universal Industrial Fire In- surance Company (Limited), 26, Finsbury-place, Lon- don, E.O. FOR COUGHS, COLDS, ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS, J' and NEURALGIA, the great REMEDY of the day is Dr. J. OOLLIS BROWNE'S CHLORUDYNE a few doses will cure all incipient cases. Cau tion. The extra- ordinary medical reports 0.0. the efticacyof Chlorodyne renders it of vital importance that the public should obtain the genuine, which is now sold under the protec- tion of Government authorising a stamp bearing the words, "Dr. J. Collia Browne's Chlorodyne," without which none is genuine. See decision of Vice-Chancellor Sir W. Page Wood, the "Times," July 16, 1864. Sold in bottles. Is. l £ d., 2s. 9d., and 4s. 6d., by all Chemists. Sole Manufacturer, J. T. Davenport, 33, Great Russell- street, London, W.C. DR. J. COLLIS BROWNE'S CHLORODYNE.—The Right Hon. Earl Russell communicated to the College ot Physicians and J. T. Davenport that he had received information to the effect that the only remedy of any service in cholera was Chlorodyne.—See "Lancet," December 31st, 1864. DR. J. COLLIS BROWNE'S CHLORODYNE.- Extract from "Medical Times, January 12th, 1866.—Is prescribed by scores of orthodox practitioners. Of course it would not he thus singularly popular did it not Supply a want and fill a place. From Lord FraDcis Conyngham,Mount Charles, Donegal, December 11th, 1868. Lord Francis Conyngham, who this time last year bought some of Dr. J. Collis Browne's Chlorodyne from Mr. Davenport, and has founl it a most wonderful Medicine, will be glad to have half-a-dozen bottles sent at once to the above address. Sole manufacturer, J. T. Davenport, 33. Great Russell-street, Bloomsbury. B t N K 0 S PATENT IMPERIAL PAPER BLUE, JL For Laundry and Household purposes. This Blue needs no recommendation it will recom- mend itself. Every Lady who has used it is charmed with its cleanliness, simplicity, and cheapness. Sold in Penny Packets. And is far Cheaper than any other Blue. Samples sent out to the Trade gratis on application. BINKO'S BAKING POWDER, Liebig's Principle. Penny Packets, and 6d. and Is. Canisters. A "DINKO'S Patent IMPERIAL JD PHCENIX POWDER. Muslins, y&s £ or any other Fabrics, being dipped in a. solution of this powder will not yS§S:-i^tatrfFire> thereby preventing danger to life. U In Canisters. 6d. and Is. each. XX H. BOCK-BINKO, 3, CITY GARDENS, LONDON, N. AVOID BANKRUPTCY.—The Plain Guide, by post, three stamps. An entire release obtained lor debtors in town or country without publicity. Address, "Confidence," Post-office, Exmouth-street, Farringdon- road. London. BREECH-LOADEKS, Central Fire, £1212s; Pin JL) Cartridge, dElO 10. A large Assortment by best London Makers, at greatly reduced prices. Guns of every description of property taken in exchange or bought for Cash. A descriptive catalogue and price list forwarded on receipt of three stamps, E. WHISTLER, 11, Strand London. FARMERS OF ENGLAND, read the MAGNET, the Largest and Best Agricultural and Family Gazette, And the Best London Newspaper. Especially devoted to Agriculture and the interest of the Land the MAGNET is published every Monday Evening, after the close of the London Corn and Cattle Markets, price Fourpence Halfpenny only. Office: 19, Exeter-street, Strand London, W.C. WASTE PAPER DESTROYED; made into pulp 't' immediately, at the Paper Mills, Bow Bridge, Bow, E., if written waste paper only. Can be destroyed jr the presence of any person sent with them. Write to Lloyd's Paper Mills, Bow-bridge, Bow, London, E. Twelve Shillings per cwt. given for Old Account Books, Old Letters, Old Envelopes, Old Written Paper of any kind, at Lloyd's Paper Mills, Bow-bridge, Bow, London, E. Sent for to auy London Railway Station; must be directed to the Railway Terminus in London, to be left till called for,—not directed to the Mills. PRINTERS.—Go direct to the Paper Mills. Double- Crown. 16 to 24 lbs. per Ream Demy, 13 to 24 lbs. per Ream, at 4d. per lb. Other sizes and weights to order. Forwarded to any London Station free if paid for on order. Lloyd's Paper Mills, Bow, London, E. LIVER PILLS WITHOUT MERCURY. ONLY two Medicines really act upon the Liver, one is Mercury or Blue Pill, the other Dandelion. Thousands of Constitutions have been destroyed by Mercury, Blue Pill, or Calomel. The only safe remedy :s Dr. King's Dandelion and Quinine Liver Pills, which act very gently on the Liver, giving immediate relief in all cases of Bile, Indigestion. Sick Headache, Loss of Appetite, Giddiness, Spasms, Heartburn, Flatu- jy, Nervousness, Gout, a-.d all disorders of thestomach and bowels. Manufactured by J. Rorke, 47, Mortimer- c-veet, London, W., and sold all over the wovld by every respectable Chemist and Medicine Vendor, in boxes at Is. l £ d., 2s. íIfI 4s. 6d., and lIs. each. "VTERVOUS DEBILITY.-GRATIS, a MEDICAL -LI WORK. uhowing sufferers how they may be cured without the aid of quacks. Free on receipt of Postage Stamp. Address, Secretary, Institute of Anatomy, Bir- mingham. [5766 HALSE ON MEDICAL GALVANISM.—Paralysis M Rheumatism, Loss of Muscular Power in any part, Debility, Sleeplessness, Indigestion, Asthma, Sciatica, Nervousness, Tic, &c. See Mr. Halse's Pamphlet on Galvanism for the particulars of the most extraordinary cures by means ef "Halse's Galvanic Apparatus, "after all Medicines and other Galvanic Machines have been tried in vain. It also contains Mr Halse's Letters on Medical Galvanism, 52 pages. Sent two stamps to Mr. W. H. Halse, Warwick Lodge, 40, Addison-road, Kensington, London, for it. [6146 A SAFE, CERTAIN, AND SPEEDY CURE FOR PILES AND GRAVEL. GEORGE'S PILE AND GRAVEL PILLS. I A NEW VEGETABLE REMEDY. Sold in Boxes, Is. l £ d. and 2s. 9d. each by Post, Is. 4d. and 3s each. Proprietor J. E. GEORGE, M.R.P.S., Hirwain, Glamorganshire. Each Box is protected by the Government Stamp. Send a Stamped Envelope for a List of important Testimonials. DO YOU SUFFER FROM—Pain in the bowels— flatulency—colic—griping—looseness alternating with costiveness—a sense of weight in the back, loins, or bottom of the belly —pains in the thighs, sometimes shooting down to the calf of the leg and foot darting pains in the regions of the heart, liver, and kidneys -pain in the stomach, giddiness, &c. ? All these are but symptoms or signs that the sufferer is a victim to one or both of those maladies which afnictat least three- fourths of the adult population of this country, viz., PILE and GRAVEL. A SAFE, CERTAIN, AND SPEEDY CURE for these maladies has been discovered in the medicinal properties of these Pills. They may be taken with perfect safety at all times, without danger from wet or cold. They need only a fair trial to convince the most sceptical of their efficacy. THOUSANDS HAVE BEEN CURED BY THEM. In order to suit all who may be suffering from one or both of these maladies, the proprietor prepares his NEW VEGETABLE REMEDY in the following forms:- No. 1, George's Pile and Gravel Pills. No. 2, George's Gravel Pills. No. 3. George's Pills for the Piles. WHOLESALE AGENTS.—London Barclay, Sutton, Newbery, Drew Barron, Sanger, kc. Bristol: Pearce, Collins, and Roper. Sold by all respectable Chemists. [5380 Just Published, post free for Two Stamps. TO THE NERVOUS AND DEBILITATED.—A New Medical Work by Dr. Barnes, who has for 20 years given his exclusive attention to the treatment and cure of Nervous and Physical Debility, Loss of Appetite, Pains in the Back, Dimness of Sight, Lassitude, Indiges- tion, and numerous other ailments, which, if neglected, result in consumption, insanity, or an early death. His t Medical Work is illustrated with numerous cases and testimonials from patients, showing the way by which 1 they were restored to health and vigour it is a true guide 1 to those who require a speedy cure. To all this Book is f invaluable. Sent post free on receipt of two stamps.— t Address Dr. Barnes, 30, Thornliill-crescent, London, N. < I OLD PAPERS AND PARCHMENTS. Owing to an unusual demand, Chas. rl. Jefferies and Sons, Wholesale Stationers, Canynge Buildings, Bristol, are pre- pared to give a very high price for any sort of old papers for re-manufacture into paper. Upon receipt of instruc- tions sent to "Waste Department," one of the packers will attend with bags, and to remove-the same, or bags will be forwarded by rail to any place irrespective of dis- tance. Their present nrices will be found much in excess -If that usually given by the dealers and others. 5070 A FORTUNE FOR A TRIFLE, £ 25,000 for £ 1. Full particulars of this most advantageous money c speculation, guaranteed by Government, will be tent s Free on application, enclosing a stamped directed enve- E lope, to John Foster, Esq., 8, Oraig's-court, Oharinsr-cr< ss, C London, S.W. [6221 11 PURE AERATED WATERS. |^<ODA, Potass, Seltzer, Lemon- Corks Branded, R.Ellis and Son, Ruthin," and every label bears their trade mark. Sold everywhere, and Wholesale of R. Ellis and Son, Ruthin, North Wales. [6155 SPECIAL FAMILY MEDICINES AND HOUSEHOLD REQUISITES, Prepared and Sold by S. P. K E K N I C K, At his Dispensing Establishment, 28, DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF. THE most careful attention is paid to the compound- JL ing Physicians' Prescriptions; none but the purest drugs are employed, and these are carefully tested before being used in Medicines. KERNICK'S VEGETABLE PILLS. Thebestknown remedy for head-aches, stomach complaints, and habitual costiveness, easy to swallow, being very small, require no confinement indoors, and have a strengthen- ing tendency. Sold in boxes, 74d,, 13b<1, and 2s. 9d. each. The Aperient Pills may also be had in boxes at Id., 2d., 3d. and 6d. each. Saiine Bitters, or Natural Restorative, for indigestion, wind in the stomach, and general consti- tutional weakness. Sold in bottles at Is. 6d. each. Kernick's celebrated Anti-Cholera Mixture, for all cases of bowel complaint, and for arresting the premonitory symptoms of that formidable disease, such as pains, sickness of stomach, relaxation of the bowels and spasms. Sold in bottles at. Is. lAd. and 2s. 9d. each. Kernick's Cough Mixture, a pleasant, efficacious, and safe medicine for family use a few doses being gene- rally sufficient to remove coughs, colds, shortness of breath, asthmatic affections, Sec. Sold in bottles at 7!(!. and Is. l^d. each. Kernick's Vegetable Worm Lozenges, prepared from the seed of the wormwood plant. These lozenges are the most efficacious remedy ever introduced for worms. Being innocent in their character, they may be taken bv children of all degrees and conditions with perfect safety. They are most useful for children )f delicate stomachs and pale completions. Sold in boxes at 71d. and Is. lsd. each. The Worm Seed Lozenges may also be had at Id., 2d., and 3d. each. The Dunraven Bouquet, a choice perfume for the handkerchief, Is. per bottle, or three bottles for 2s. 6d. A large Assortment of Perfumery from the most ap- proved manufacturers. A great variety of Fancy Soaps. The Family Brown Windsor, also Glycerine, Almond, Curd, and other Soaps at lOd. per lb., or Is. 6d. per 21bs., very superior. Cod Liver Oil, the newest importations. Wholesale and Retail Agent to the Habana Company for the sale of their choice Cigars. S. P. KERNICK, 28, DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF. Established 1790. ) 4198 THE SUFFERER'S BEST FRIEND. HOLLOWAY'S PILLS. ALL DISORDERS AFFECTING THE LIVER, STOMACH, AND BOWELS. THESE PILLS can be confidently recommended as JL the most simple and certain remedy for indiges- tion, flatulency, acidity, heartburn, colic, constipation, and all the many maladies resulting from disordered stomach or bowels. In all diseases it is of primary im- portance to set the stomach right. These Pills are puri- fiers, alteratives and strengtheners of the stomach. They may be taken under any circumstances. Though powerfully tonic and satisfactorily aperient, they are mild in their, operation, and beneficial to the whole system. WEAKNESS AND DEBILITY, NERVOUS IRRI- TABILITY. The wholesome effect exercised by these admirable Pills over the blood and fluids generally is like a charm in dispelling low spirits, and restoring cheerfulness. Their general aperient qualities well fit them for a do- mestic medicine, particularly for females of all ages and periods of life. They never betray any disagreeable irritating qualities; they quickly eject all impurities from the system, !\ud regulate every function of the body, giving wonderful tone and energy to weak and de- bilitated persons, while they brace and strengthen the nervous svstem in a most extraordinary manner. TO REGAIN HEALTH, STRENGTH, AND VIGOUR. Whenever persons find themselves in that state termed a little out of health," and there are so many causes at work to shorten life, it is necessary that Holloway's Pills, the tiuest purifier of the blood ever known, should be at once taken, as they not only rid both solids and fluids of allmoruid matters, but regulate all disordered actions, and strengthen the frame in a most extraordi- narv manner. OLD COUGHS, COLDS, AND ASTHMATICAL AFFECTIONS. These Pills, assisted in their action by rubbing Hollo- way's Ointment very effectually twice a day upon the throat &ud chest, and keeping those parts covered with the preparation, will be found the most effective remedy for asthma, coughs, colds, bronchitis, and influenza. These remedies tranquilize the hurried breathing, soothe the irritated air-tube and assist in dislodging the phlegm which stops up the air-passages. This treatment has proved wonderfully efficient in not only curing old settled coughs and colds, but asthma of many years' standing, and even when patients who were in so bad a state as not able to lie down on their beds lest they be choked by phlegm. DERANGEM liNT &. DISTENSION OF THE BOWELS. FLATULENCY, DIARRHCEA, AND DYSENTERY. Any symptoms of the above complaints should be im- mediately met by appropriate doses of these Pills, according to the printed directions: delay may be followed by disastrous consequences. These Fills are a certain remedy for all the ailments of the alimentary canal, they secure the tbo ough digestion of the food and act most kindly on the stomach, liver, bowels, and kid- neys. As a household medicine they are unrivalled, and should always be at hand. VERY IM PORT A NT. OF COSTIVENESS BEWARE. Rarely but little notice is taken of costiveness, yet, at certain periods it is a sure sign that danger is near. All who are seized with apoplexy and paralysis, have pre. viously suffered from costiveness. In the former case, the blood flies to the head, a small vein is ruptured on the brain, and we know the rest. Let wives counsel their husbands, and husbands their wives, never to go to bed a second night, if the bowels have not been properly moved during the day, particularly if they feel heavv and drowsy. A few gentle doses of these fine Pills wiil regulate the circulation of the blood, and remove all dangerous symptoms. ——— Holloway's Pills are the best remedy known in the 'j world for the following diseases:— Ague |Female Irregula- Sore Throats Asthma rities Stone and Gravel BiliousCompIaintsjFits Secondary Symp- Blotches on the Gout toms skin Head-ache Tic-Douloureux Bowel Complaints jlndigestion Tumours Colics Inflammation Ulcers Constipation of the Jaundice Venereal Affec- Bowels Liver Complaints tions Consumption Lumbago Worms of all Debility Piles kinds Dropsy Rheumatism Weakness from Dysentery hetention of Urine whatever cause, Erysipelas Scrofula,or King's &c., &c. Fever of all kinds Evil Sold at the Establishment of PROFESSOR HOLLOWAY, 533, Oxford-street (late 244, Strand, near Temple Bar), London also by all respectable Druggists and Dealers in Medicines throughout the civilized world, at the following prices Is. Hd., 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., Us., 22s., and 33s. each Box. There is a considerable saving by taking the larger sizes. N.B.—Directions for the guidance of patients in every disorder are affixed to each Box. [4823 (j K K A V K S' .S CANADIAN SPEEDY RELIEF. A CERTAIN and safe remedy for Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis, Sore Throat, Headache, Rheumatism. Neuralgia, Sick Headache, Cramps and Pains in the Stomach, Diarrhoea, Dysentry, Cholera Morbus, Chil blains, Ringworms, Whitlows and Boils, Sprains and Bruises, Toothache, Pains in the Back and Loinf, Lumbago. The Proprietor has been urged to introduce this truly valuable medicine to the public by many friends whe have experienced much benefit from its use. He feels certain that it only requires publicity to ensure immense success. This preparation, as a remedy for local pains, stands unequalled amidst the many pain-destroying medicines of the present day. Its action is simple and powerful. When externally applied its effects upon the capil- laries is salutary, while it gives life and energy to the whole circulation, expelling the pain, and giving vigour and health to the entire constitution. It is safe and simple, and may be taken internally in most cases, as it materially assists its operation externally. The Canadian Speedy Relief only needs to be used by one person in a neighbourhood to make it a general favourite with all, and its result will be the means of working its own way throughout the civilised world. It can be lecominended to shipmasters and emigrants visiting tropical climates, where they are exposed to miasmatic influences. No person going anywhere to the south should be without it. Full Directions accompany each Bottle. Put up in Bottles at Is. l £ d., 2s. 9d., and 4s. 6d. Sold by all respectable Chemists and Druggists throughout Great Britain. Sole Proprietor and Manufacturer, EDWIN T. G REA V E S, CHEMIST AND DRUGGIST, BUTE DOCKS, CARDIFF. For Tesiimonials see hand-bills. [3297 SAFEGUARD TO THE LUNGS. DA VIES'13 (Cwmavon) TMPROVED BALSAM OF ICELAND MOSS is pronounced to be an invaluable remedy for ;hose complaints which are most prevalent during the vinter months, viz.—Influenza, coughs, colds, asthma, wheezing of the chest, difficulty of breathing, hoarse- less, loss of voice, spitting of blood, &c., &c. Con- ramptive patients will find the Balsam, if taken in ;ime, very etncacious in staying the progress of that most listressing and painful malady being agreeable to the >alate, children will take it readily. Important testi- nonials round each bottle. Sold in bottles at Is. l^d. and !s. 9d. each. Prepared and sold by the sole proprietor, THOMAS HOWELL, PHARMACEUTICAL CHEMIST, BUTE-STREET, CARDIFF, j And may be had of all respectable Chemists. ] f5998 j GLENFIETTD STARCH H is the only kind used in ] T Her Majesty's Laundry. HOSE Ladies who have not yet used the Glenfieid 1 Starch are respectfully solicited to give it a trial, and i :arefully follow out the directions printed on every pack- ige. It is rather more difficult to make than other f Starches, but when this is overcome they will say, like the c Queen's Laundress, that it is the finest Starch they ever J Bed. [4100 1 -i: MARSH'S FUNERAL EST A I: ffe \> iONTl 18, CAROLINE-STREET, CA^IFI TT[ UNDRKDS of Persons car i-tify that fl. MARSH'S FUNERAL HNG ESTABLISHMENT is unrivalled i i< I. nfor Moderate Charges, combined with CO; >erior make and finish and being undei urn inciediate superintendence of the Proprietor, t r, rieralg a?e conducted in a superior manner. 0 v o UNIFORM PRICE is fixed, which is not the can 0 n aay other Establishments where extra charges ar-s made, and thus bereaved friends in the hourc t are often obliged to pay exorbitant bills, which ;■ .-u- he avoided by applying at MA iSH'S FUNERAL TARNISH- ING ESTABLISHMENT. Funeral, with hearse and coach, with pair of horses and hanging velvets to each, coffin covered with black cloth, richly naiied, lined with flannel, dress pall, hat- bands, and attendance, New Cemetery. £5 0 0 2nd Class, also olack cloth 4 o 0 3rd Class, with French polish and appen- r dages as above 3 0 0 4th Class, with hearse and coach, com- ptete 2 10 0 5th Class, Marsh's economic funeral car- riage, with pair of horses, hanging velvets to each, FreHch polished coffin, lined with flannel, dress pall, hatbands, and attendance 2 10 0 Ditto. 2nd Class, one horse 2 5 0 Ditto. 3rd Class, one horse 1 15 0 Walking funerals lower than any other house in town. Children's Carriage funerals from 10 0 Ditto Walking funerals from 0 7 0 Hearse for the conveyance of Corpse within three miles of the town, os for every extra mile, Is. Hearse, Miellibier, and Mouruing Coaches to all parts of the countrv. Observe:-18, CAROLINE-STREET, CARDIFF. [Gi33 Just Published, Post Free for Two Stamps. WONDERFUL MEDICAL DISCOVERY. tV SHOWING THE TRUE CAUSES OF NERVOUS, MENTAL, AND PHYSICAL DEBILITY, LOWNESS OF SPIRITS, INDIGESTION, WANT OF ENERGY, PREMATURE DECLINK, with plain directions for PE KFECT RESTORATION TO HEALTH AND VIGOUR IN A FEW DAYS. The most important fact that these alarming complaints may easily be removed WITHOUT MEDICINE is here clearly demonstrated, and the entirely new and highly successful treatment, as adopted by the Author, fully Acplained —by means of which EVERY ONE IS ENABLED TO CURE HIMSELF perfectly, and at the least possible cost. Sent free on receipt of two stamps, by W. HILL, Esq., M.A., Berkeley House, South- crescent. Russell-square, London, W.C THESK CURATIVE MEANS ARE SO EASY and SIMPLE in APPLICATION, THAT ALL CAN CURE THEMSELVES PRIVATELY, SUCCESS- FULLY, and at the SMALLEST COST IN A FEW DAYS. "The object of this extraordinary publication is to prove how nervousness and concomitant maladies can be effectually and successfully treated, and the most con- vincing proof of the efficacy of this, the greatest of human discoveries, is testified by the numerous cases of cures effected."—" Medical Record." [6004 Just published, free for two stamps. A GUIDE TO THE CURE OF NERVOUSNESS, by Henry Smith, M.D., of the University of Jena, author of the "Volunteer's Manual, &c. A new work on the wonderful power of Concentrated Medicines for the cure of Nervous, Mental, and Physical Debility, Lownessof Spirits, Indigestion, wantof energy, and premature Decline, with Instructions for perfect Restoration to Health and Vigour without the use of Galvanism. Electricity, &c. Illustrated with Cases and Testimonials. Gives Advice and Rules for Cure by the -use of the new Remedies. Free by post for two stamps on receipt of address. Address, Dr. Henry Smith, 8, Burton-crescent, London, W.C. 15683 j WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE. i I i M i Pronounced Be careful by Connoisseurs to ask for THE ONLY p[" LEA & PERKINS'" I ;■"GOOD SAUCE," j 1 SAUCE. j j: See name on wrapper, label, bottle, and stopper. Sold hy Crosse & Biackweli, London, t i; and by all dealers in Sauces. = BEWARE OF COUNTERFEtTS. • LEA & PERKINS, I WORCESTER. J ^om-noui Now in Domestic Use, is untqudllei for .Blanc- Mange, Custards, Puddings, Cakes, Soupsf &ee., and ts the most wholesome and easily digestible Food for Children and Invalids. DIRECTIONS FOR MAKING BLANC-MANGE. Take four ounces (or four full-sized tablc-spoomfula) oi the Flour, and one quart of milk, sweetened to the taste, then add a pinch of salt. Mix a portion ol tho milk (cold) with the Flour into a thin paste; then add the remainder hot, with a piece of lemon peel or cinna- mon. Boil gently for eight to ten minutes, well stirring it all the time, and (after taking out the peel) pour it into a mould to cool. Serve with preserved fruit, jelly, &c. INFANTS' FOOD. Mix two full-sized tea-spoonfuls of the Flour with a little cold water into a paste. Add half a. pint of hot milk and water, sweeten to the taste, and boil for about live minutes. To be used warm. CUP-PUDDING FOR INFANTS. Mix a full-sized dessert-spoonful of the Flour with half a pint of milk, a lump of sugar, and a pinch ot salt. Boil for eight minutes (stirring it all the time), and then add one egg well beaten. Mix thoroughly and pour into a buttered cup, tie upin a cloth, and again boil fOl about ten minutes. Serve it hot. OTHER WAYS OF USING THE FLOUR. Prepared as ARROWROOT, it is excellent ior invalids. As GRUEL; prepare with milk in the ordinary way. For CHILDREN, this Flour makes most nutritious and economical food. For thickening Soups and GRAVDBS it is very good. For GRAVY JELLY, bo1 in water, mix with a little strong meat gravy, and put into a shape to eool. Retailed by Family Groeert and DruggitU Wholesale of the Manufacturers, J. & J. COLMAN, LONDON. LUXURIANT AND BEAUTIFUL HAIR.—Mrs. S. A. Allen's World's Hair Restorer or Dressing DElver fails to quickly restore grey or faded hair to its youthful colour and beauty, and with the first application a beautiful gloss and delightful fragrance is given to tlje hair. It stops the hair from falling off. It prevents baldness. It promotes luxuriant growth no other preparation will produce the same beneficial result. In large totttes, price Six shillings. Sold by chemists And perfumers everywhere. 266, High Holborn, London. For Children's Hair.—Mrs. Allen's Zylobalsamum far ex- cels any pomade or hair oil. and is a delightful Hail Dressing it is a distinct and separate preparation fronr the Restorer, and its use not required with it. Price of Zylobalsamum, three shillings. [5423 HENCEFORTH no one will doubt the valuable properties r i Du Barry's Health-restoring Revalenta Arabica Inva- lids and Infants' Food, since to the thousands of blessings it has already received from invalids whose position had been deemed hopeless, we may now add that of His Holiness the Pope, whose health has been perfectly re- stored by it after thirty years of unsuccessful medical treatment- We quote from the Gazette du Midi, July 25th Rome. July 21, I860.-The health of the Holy Father is excellent, especially since, abandoning all other remedies, he has confined himself entirely to Du Barry's Revalenta Arabica Food, of which he consumes a plateful at every meal. It has produced a surprisingly beneficial effect on his health, and his Holiness cannot praise this excellent food too highly." We extract a few out of more than 68,00<1 cures Cure, No. 58,216, oftheMarchioness of Brdlian, of seven years' liver complaint, wasting away, de- bility, nervousness, with a nervous palpitation all over, constant sleeplessness, and the most intolerable nervous agitation. Cure, No. 1,771, Lord Stuar'j de Decies, Lord-Lieutenant of Waterford, of many years' dys- pepsia..No. 49,832—" Fifty years' indescribable agony From dyspepsia, nervousness, asthma, cough, consti- pation, flatulency, spasms, sickness, and vomiting.—Maria Toly." Cure, No. 46,270. h Mr. James Roberts, timber mer- chant, of Frirnley, Surrey, of 30 years' diseasec (lungs, spit- ;ing of blood, liver derangement, and partial deafness, i [n tins at Is. 11 d; 1 lb., 2s. 9d.; 2'Ibli., 4s. 6d.; j lbs., Us.; 12 lbs., 22s; 24 lbs, 40s. Also, Du Barry's Revalenta Arabica Chocolate Irowder is jacked in tin canisters—For 12 cups at 2s.foli• 24 cups at 5s. 6d., for 48 cups at Gs., for 288 cups at 30s., ftor 576 cups it 55s. Being about one penny per cup. Tlie 30s. and (5s. tins are sent free of carnage in England on receipt of :tost Office Order.— Barry du Barry and CVp, No. 77. Jegent-street, London, and all Grocers and Ch emists.

ID¡lailioag iimt STaM^n.—April.







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